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  1. — Daddy shares daughter's secret
  2. — Daughter gets the best birthday present

— Daughter gets the best birthday present

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen

Author: JoeSmith1090

Published: 30 October 2018

  • Font:

The thought horrified her, she knew it was lewd and wrong in society’s eyes, but at the moment it was all that mattered. She found her father in his den reading a book before a crackling fire. She stood in the doorway and studied him. He had raised her by himself since her mother left them years ago. He had been mother, father and even her best friend for as long as she could remember. Now, tonight, was her time to thank him for being the best father in the world. Tonight, he would also become her first lover. No, not first, her ONLY lover. She had waited for this night for so many years.

Her trembling hand turned off the lights in the den leaving her father sitting in the glow of the firelight. Kicking off her shoes she walked on trembling legs towards him. He rose gracefully from the chair when he saw her move towards him. He knew that he had to let her make the first move. He had watched her grow from a beautiful, chubby child to this beautiful creature standing before him. He had lusted for her for years but he had waited, knowing she had to make the first move. It seemed his wait was finally over. Tonight, she would become his.

“Please,” she whispered in a voice that was barely heard.

“What?” He smiled his most charming smile and soothed a strand of hair from his daughter’s face.

“Touch me,” she begged.

“Where?” He was smiling.

She couldn’t say it. Even as badly as she wanted and needed his touch, she just couldn’t tell her father what she wanted. No, not wanted, but what she so desperately needed! She shook her head helplessly.

“Tell me what you want,” he said softly. “How can I help you if I don’t know what it is you want?”

“I want…” She swallowed hard. “I want…” But it was still impossible to utter the words to him.

Her breasts were tightly bound by the dress that she was wearing for her birthday. Her nipples showed clearly through the fabric as hard points. Her breasts were begging for his attention.

“Yes?” He smiled. “Tell me. Tell Daddy what you want.”

“I want you to touch my breasts,” she whispered so low that she wasn’t sure that he heard her. “Please, Daddy, please do it now.” She said a bit louder.

He didn’t smile anymore, his expression was almost grim. “How can I do that Sarah when you are dressed. Remove your dress please.”

She stared at him, unable to do what he asked. Unable to take the first solo step in realizing her fantasy.

“Come here, Sarah. I’ll help.” He held out his hands palms up towards her. Smiling, he waited for her.

She tentatively laid her trembling fingers in his warm palms. He tugged her closer to him. When she was almost in his arms he turned her so her back was facing him.

“Lean forward,” his said quietly. Sarah did as instructed and felt his hand tug the zipper down her back. The cool air on her exposed skin made her shiver.

“That’s right, Sarah. Shiver. Shiver for me. Just think, sweetheart, in a few minutes my hands will be on your breasts, just like you asked. I will have my fingers touching you at last. I will have you where I have wanted you for the past five years. You will be where you have wanted to be also.”

He slipped her dress to the floor. It pooled around her ankles leaving her standing there in nothing but a pair of white thong panties. The thong was in between her ass cheeks. Her heart shaped ass was perfect in every way. His fingertips lightly caressed one cheek, then the other. Her head rolled back and she moaned with anticipation. He caught his breath, filled with excitement.

“Sarah, turn around for me. Show Daddy what you have for him.”

Slowly, ever so slowly, she turned to face her father.

God, he marveled, she was perfect. From her beautiful face down to her small, perfect feet. His eyes took in every detail of her body. She was about 5’2” in height, 115 pounds of gorgeous flesh. Most people would say she was petite, but he thought she was remarkable. He knew the top of her head would be below his chin. Her mousy brown hair was long and full of body as it cascaded over her shoulders. Her breasts would fit into his large hands as if they had been created just for him. He could see the blue veins through her translucent flesh. And her nipples, God her nipples were so damn lovely. They were not large but they were hard little points just begging to be caressed and sucked. He felt his balls tighten at the image of his tongue tracing each nipple. Her hips were trim and her tummy was tight, not an ounce of extra fat on her body. His eyes moved to her pussy that was still covered in her panties. He could see the dark hair through the material of her panties. His imagination began to run wild at what was hidden from his feasting eyes. He groaned deep into his throat. His hands itched to grab her and fuck her now! He flexed his hands to relax them and took several cleansing breaths. For such a petite body she had some of the longest legs he had ever had the pleasure of studying. He could see the muscles in her thighs that all her sports activities had created throughout her teen years. She stood there, arms at her side while he studied her nearly nude body.

“Oh, Sarah.” He said in a hushed tone. “God, you are perfect. I have been dreaming of this since you turned thirteen. Now, tonight I can have you. Happy birthday, my dear Sarah. Happy eighteenth birthday, sweetheart.”

Sarah watched him, her breasts rising and falling with each breath she took. Her nipples were standing erect and hardening even more beneath his gaze. She followed his eyes as they swept down her body. She was proud of her trim figure but she wished her legs would stop trembling. She wanted this! She had often dreamed of giving her body completely to the only man she would ever love…her father. Now the time had finally arrived, she was nervous as hell.

“Lie down on your back on the rug,” he said. His hands pushed her shoulders. He sat down next to her and grabbed a bottle of wine he had been drinking earlier.

She stared at him as he poured the wine on her heated flesh. She gasp as it landed on her aroused nipples. He ran his finger around both nipples spreading the wine over her entire breast.

Instinctively, her body rose to meet his hands. “No, sweetheart. Lie still. Don’t move.”

“Why?” she whimpered, confused.

“Because I said so. Trust me on this, just do as I ask. You want this, don’t you, sweetheart? You want Daddy to give you your present don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy. Oh, God, yes! Please Daddy.”

“Okay, lie still and let me have my wine then.”

She watched as his dark haired head descended towards her chest. She could see the hint of silver at his temples as his head moved closer and closer to her breasts. She could feel his breath escape his nostrils as he reached her heated flesh. His warm tongue lapped at the spilled wine on her breasts. She groaned out loud. After what seemed like hours to her, he cupped her breasts with his hands, pushing them together and closer to his waiting mouth. He sucked one nipple, then the other, while increasing the force of his hands. The tugging sensation from his mouth on her nipple was almost painful.

Sarah moved her head from side to side with pure sexual excitement. She had never felt lips on her still sexually virgin body. She was probably the only eighteen-year-old virgin in her high school. She had never wanted the things that other girls wanted. All she had ever wanted was to please her daddy. She had saved her body for this night, for this one man…her daddy. She had been raised knowing that her daddy always loved her best. Now, here she was getting her sexual pleasure from him.

God, she was so aroused. The feel of his lips on her breasts was driving her mad. She involuntarily started moving her hips in response to her excitement. He put a hand on her hips. “No, not now. Keep still,” he said. He looked up from her breasts. Her skin was glowing and flushed with sexual excitement. He knew he could bring her to a climax within a few seconds.

He caught her left nipple between his index finger and thumb and began to pinch. At first, the pinch was light but then the pressure increased until it was painful and she gave a small cry.

“Hush!” he said smoothly. “Trust me, Sarah. You know I would never hurt you. Daddy loves you, sweetheart. This will be good for you. You know I would never hurt my baby girl. Don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”

Quickly he lowered his head and took the unattended nipple in his mouth. His teeth grazed lightly over the nipple while his fingers continued to punish the left. He suckled her right breast deeply into his mouth while he pinched and tugged at her left breast.

It was too much for her. She closed her eyes while lights exploded in her head. Her whole body exploded from the inside out. Tremors shook her body.

“Oh! Oh, God! Yes…yes! Yes...Daddy…yes! God, Yeeeeeeessssssssss!” she screamed loudly. Her brain was nearly over-loaded by the sensations that coursed through out her untried body.

Sweat poured from her body as she climaxed. Her body arched and bucked from the floor, his restraining hand was the only thing that kept her from coming completely off the floor.

“That’s it! Yes, Sarah. Do it! Yes, sweetheart! Cum for me! Cum long and hard! Yes! Yes! Cum for Daddy! Cum for your daddy! Yeeeesssss!” His voice rose with each word he spoke. He reached and pinched her nipple even harder causing another wave of shudders to ripple through his beautiful daughter!

A trickle of liquid escaped from her pussy wetting her panties. Her scent was surrounding them both. He had to taste her. He had to have his tongue inside her. God, how he wanted her. He had been dreaming of this for five long years. He had waited that long, he knew he could wait a little longer.

Sarah’s body was finally beginning to calm from her orgasm.

“God, Daddy! That was wonderful!” she panted.

His hands roamed over her aroused and flushed body making her shiver in anticipation yet again.

“Oh, sweetheart, we have just started. I have wanted you for so damn long. You have no idea what good things are in store for you,” he said.

His hand grabbed her panties and ripped them from her body. The sound of the material being ripped was loud in the quite room. He threw her panties away not caring where they landed. He focused on the treasure he had just revealed. He could see her pussy for the first time since she was a child. Her course curly hair surrounding her secret passage had been trimmed to emphasize her pussy. Her outer lips had been shaven cleanly. The image of his daughter shaving her pussy was almost enough to make him cum. His balls tightened painfully. He could smell her love juice that had leaked from her untried body. God, he wanted to fuck her pussy. He wanted to ram his cock into her; he wanted to feel his balls slap against her tight ass as he fucked her. He wanted to feel her pussy clench his cock in another climax while he fucked her and gave into the pleasure of cumming in his daughter.

He stood and slowly removed his clothes. She marveled at his body. He was a tall man of course most people were tall compared to her. She thought he must be about 6’2”, 200 pounds. He worked out regularly, he was fit but not to muscular. She loved the way his dark hair covering his chest tapered into a straight line towards his crotch. His dick jutted out of his pubic hair. She tentatively reached her trembling hand towards him.

“No, sweetheart. If you touch me now I will cum. I have other things that I have been dreaming of doing with and for you. First, I’m going to taste that sweet pussy of yours. I’m going to spread your legs wide and put my mouth on you. I’m going to make you cum and drink your juices from your hot pussy. Then you know what I am going to do to you, Sarah?”

Breathlessly she asked, “What? What are you going to do, Daddy?” The image of him doing just that was very arousing.

He grabbed his cock with his hand and as he moved his hand the entire length of his cock, precum oozed from the head. Watching his daughter, he groaned as her tongue licked her lips. “You want this? Sweetheart, do you want my cock?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, Daddy! I want to have your cock in my mouth.”

“Have you ever sucked a cock, Sarah?” he demanded.

“No! No, Daddy! I haven’t even seen one before. Daddy, I’m still a virgin!” she said.

“A Virgin? Ah, damn! Well, I had hoped that was the case! I wanted to be the one who would fuck you the first time. I wanted to be the first man to put a cock in your pussy. I wanted to be the one who would bring you into womanhood. In that case, I will teach you how to suck me. Yes, I would like to have your mouth on my cock.” He moved to a chair, sat and spread his legs wide. “Come here, Sarah. Kneel down between my legs.”

She knelt. Her eyes were fixed on the thick shaft in front of her. The purple swollen head with the tiny slit already had a bead of clear moisture on it. She had no idea how to start. His cock was beautiful to her feasting eyes.

“Help me, Daddy. Tell me what to do. I want to please you so much.”

“Lean forward,” he said quietly. “Lick the moisture from the tip and let your tongue go into the slit as you do.”

Sarah very slowly put the tip of her tongue on the straining cock before her, she lapped at the moisture. It tasted salty, but not bad. She remembered to flick her tongue at the slit. Her father gave a soft moan and his cock swelled even more.

“Go round the outside ridge, sweetheart. Lick it as if it was an ice cream cone. Wrap your fingers around the base so I can feel you grip me.” His daughter obeyed his command. His knuckles turned white frpm griping the arms of the chair. His body wanted to thrust upward forcing his swollen cock into her eager mouth.

“Oh, yes! God, yes! Take me into your beautiful mouth. Suck me! God! Yes! Suck my cock, sweetheart!”

Sarah took her fathers cock fully in her mouth. She found her rhythm with her hand as her mouth moved slowly, steadily up and down his cock. She felt his flesh throb inside her mouth. His hips rose to meet her mouth as his hands moved to her head pushing her mouth down further forcing her to take more of his cock into her mouth.

“Damn! Ah, damn! Your mouth feels so damn good, sweetheart! Yes! God…yes! More! Take all of my cock! Yes! Oh! Shit! Yes!” He watched his cock move in and out of his only daughter’s mouth, how her lips caressed his purple head. Her small hand continued to move up and down his shaft. Oh God, how he had dreamed of her doing this for years. He had been so tempted to take her before tonight but he had waited. It looked as if their wait was finally over. Her lips felt so damn good he did not know how much longer he could hold out. His body was screaming for release.

Sarah loved the feel of his cock in her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down, squeezed his cock with her hand. She took him deep until her nose pressed into his pubic hair. She inhaled his musky scent and groaned. She released his cock and licked from the head of his 8” cock to the base. When she reached the base she let her tongue lick one of his balls. She saw it contract and licked the other. He moaned deep in his chest and flexed his hips up. His hands were wrapped in her hair pulling her closer. She knew he was close to his release, she could feel it within her inexperienced body. Licking and squeezing his balls gently she enjoyed bringing him the pleasure he had brought to her.

“Stop! Oh, God, Stop!” He groaned as he pulled her head away from his straining cock. “No, sweetheart. Not this time, not for our first time. The first time I cum in you, it is going to be in your virgin pussy.” He pushed her down on the floor and spread her legs.

He parted her outer lips of her virgin pussy with his fingertips. He saw the light pink of her inner lips glistening with moisture of her pervious release. He licked her with long, sure strokes of his tongue. He had always enjoyed the taste of a warm pussy, but this pussy was the best he had ever tasted. Letting his tongue flick around the entrance of her inner passage he savored his daughter. He carefully held her lips open while he concentrated on arousing her clitoris with his tongue.

“Touch yourself, sweetheart,” he said tenderly. “Put your hands on your breasts, squeeze your nipples, pinch them like I did.”

Sarah was so excited, she didn't hesitate. She grabbed her nipples and pulled. Her hips rose to meet her father’s mouth. Her body could wait no longer. The feel of his tongue tasting her, while she watched, was too much for her. She came.

“God! Yes, Daddy! Yeeeeeesssssss!” She pinched and pulled at her nipples while her body exploded with another orgasm.

He spread his daughter’s pussy and drank her cum. He tongue went deep inside and gathered more of her essence. Licking deep inside her virgin walls he drank. He licked her until she was arching her hips; thrashing her head back and forth, screaming from the pleasure he was giving her.

“Oh, baby. You taste so good. Yes, cum for me. Cum in my mouth! Yes, sweetheart, yes! Yes!” He moved his tongue over her clitoris again and she screamed!

“Yes! God! Eat…me…DADDY! Yes! Eat…my… pussy! Yeeeeeesssssssssssss.” She could feel his tongue lapping at her. He inserted his thumb into the entrance of her vagina and let his other fingers beat out a rhythmic tattoo on the surrounding flesh. Her hips were bucking wildly with her release. Her legs closed tightly holding his hand prisoner within her body. He brought her to several more orgasms. He enjoyed every orgasm she had. His hand was covered with her cum. His face was wet from her cum. His tongue had savored her completely.

“Oh, sweetheart, that was wonderful. Damn, your pussy tastes so good! Are you ready for your special birthday present? Are you ready for me to fuck you?” He kissed her flat stomach and caressed her hips with his hands. She looked so small under his large hands.

“Yes! Yes, Daddy! Please! Pleeeaaaaassseee, fuck me!”

He moved up her body until his cock was at the springy curls covering her pussy. He grabbed his cock and rotated the head around her virgin hole gathering moisture to lubricate his cock. Instinctively, her lips tried to pull him inside her drenched pussy. He knew he was going to hurt her but there was no way around the pain.

“Sweetheart, you know this is going to hurt. I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do to prevent the pain. But I promise you, you will enjoy me being inside of you.”

“Oh, Daddy. I know it will hurt. Please, just fuck me. I need you inside of me now!”

He wanted to enter her slowly but he decided the fastest way was to just plunge deep. Holding her hips he thrust into her deeply. He felt the evidence of her virginity give away. He held himself still while her body tried to adjust to the invasion of his cock.”

“Oh, Daddy, it hurts!” she cried. Her body had become as stiff as a board under him. Tears leaked from her sparkling green eyes. She felt as if he had ripped her into. Her pussy was on fire from the pain of having his cock invade her.

“I know, baby. It will get better, I promise.” He kissed her tears from her cheeks. She felt so damn tight he did not know if he could stand it. His cock jumped, he wanted to pull his cock out and thrust back into her tight pussy. He wanted to fuck her hard. He felt her inner muscles clenching his cock. He groaned. He held himself still. Sweat popped out on his forehead as he fought not to move. He knew the pain had to be subsiding but he did not want to rush this beautiful experience. Not many men have had the pleasure of taking their daughter’s virginity. He wanted to treasure what she had just given him.

“Baby, is it better now?” he said into her mouth as he kissed her lightly.

“I don’t know, Daddy. How can I tell?”

He pulled his cock out a bit feeling her pussy hold him. Damn she was tight! He knew he had to get her to relax so she would enjoy this experience also. Licking his fingertips he forced his hands between their bodies and found her clit. Working his wet fingertips around and around her aroused clit. He kissed her neck taking gentle nips and leaving small bruises marking her creamy flesh. He slowly pushed his dick back inside of her hot cunt. In and out he gently moved. He could feel wetness inside her as his cock moved within. He flexed his hips and moved deeper. Her eyes were wide with excitement. He knew she was ready.

“Yes! Oh, Daddy! Yes! I feel so full!” she moaned. She raised her hips to meet his small thrust.

He knew she was ready for some serious fucking. He thrust his hips pushing his cock completely within her. He grabbed her ass in his hands to pull her closer with each thrust. His cock fucked her wet pussy. They moved with each other.

“Yes! Fuck me! Daddy, fuck me! Yes!” She moved her hips to accept his thrusting cock. She loved the friction she felt as he plunged into her waiting pussy.

He kissed her deeply. Their tongues matched each stroke of his cock sliding in and out of steaming pussy. He lips moved over her beautiful face, kissing her everywhere. He felt her hands grab his ass and pull him even deeper within her body. Her hips were moving fast begging for more. He responded to her body’s demands. He never wanted to leave her pussy but he wanted her to experience even more.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy!” she screamed.

Faster and faster he moved within her pussy. He felt his cock begging for release. He wanted to release his cum but he also wanted more for them. He pulled his cock out of her body, she moaned at the loss.


“Get on your hands and knees, sweetheart. I can get so much deeper that way.”

Sarah moved on all fours, her father moved behind her. His hands caressed her ass as he spread her pussy wide and thrust his cock deep. His cock was completely hidden from view. He pulled out almost complete and watched as he thrusts back into her. He saw her wetness paving the way for smooth, easy thrust. His balls slapped against her pussy as he fucked her. He reached around her body, one hand grabbed her left nipple while his other hand massaged her clit. He fucked her hard…he fucked her fast…he fucked her deep. She pushed her ass back begging for more. He offered, she accepted. He gave, she took.

“Oh, Goooddddd! Sweetheart, you feel so damn good! Yes! Move with me! Push that cute little ass to me! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, Sarah!”

“Yes Daddy! God! I’m cuuuummmmmmmming! Yes! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!” she screamed.

He pinched her nipple and her clit at the same time. He felt her cum again and again over his cock. He bent his head and bit her gently on the shoulder while she came. He pumped his hips faster and faster until he knew he could not wait any longer. He had to shoot his load in her pussy. He had to feel his cock explode in her. If he didn’t, he knew he would surely die.

“God, Sarah! I’m going to cum! Yeeesss! God, yes! I’m going to cum inside of your pussy! Yes! God, yes! Take it, baby! Take it all! Yes! Fuck, yeeeeessssss!” He rammed his cock as deep as he could go and let go of his release. His orgasm was the longest of his life. His cock was spurting and spurting inside of his daughter’s cunt. His hands were all over his daughter’s body as he shot his load in her drenched pussy. He felt her muscles grip his cock once more as she came again. He absorbed everything her body offered him. He held himself tight against her so none of his cum could escape her body. Moaning from the pleasure he had experienced he hugged her to his body.

He held her tight and rolled on his back. She was sprawled across his body with his softening cock inside her pussy. He kissed her shoulder while he caressed her sweat-covered body. He had never been happier in his life. He had never been this completely relaxed. God, he felt so drained.

“Oh, Daddy,” she moaned. “That was soooo beautiful and wonderful.” She kissed him deeply. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. Happy birthday, Sarah. I hope you enjoyed your present.” He smiled into her hair. His tongue traced her ear as his hands continued to move over her aroused flesh. He could not seem to stop touching her. He was afraid if he let her go that she would vanish.Photos http://uii.io/ftVR5x He had waited too long to have her to let her go. He continued to touch her body to assure that she was real, that she was here with him. But most of all, that she was HIS!

“Oh, Daddy. It was wonderful. Only one thing that could make it better.”

“What would that be, sweetheart.” He kissed her temple. Better? He didn’t know how it could possibly be any better.

“That we conceived a child tonight. If we did, then tonight would have been perfect.”

Pregnant?!!? Hell, he had not even thought of that. All he had thought about was being inside her. But the image of his daughter swollen with his child could not be erased from his mind. The thought of her growing round with a child they had created lingered in his mind. He cock started to swell within her pussy. His seed was leaking from her pussy as he caressed her clit. She clenched her pussy against his growing cock. She turned her head so she could capture his lips. They kissed while his hands roamed her body. His cock was fully aroused again in her pussy. His hands caressed her flat tummy. Pregnant? Oh, yeah! His daughter could give him a child. It would be a child created from the purest kind of love. Who knows, they may even have a girl. Well now, wouldn’t that be something special!

“Well, sweetheart, if not this birthday, I will try my best to have you ripe with my child by your next birthday.” He kissed her deeply and began to move his fully aroused cock in his daughter’s pussy. They fucked three more times that night. He fucked his daughter long and hard with the image of his seed entering her womb creating a child. With every thrust in her body his mind was creating a child. A beautiful little girl just like her beautiful mother. A little girl made just for him.

Sarah and her father have been fucking since that day. They have shared a bed every night fucking each other. They now have five children; their eldest will be eighteen within the week. She will have a special birthday present from her father/grandfather the day she turns eighteen. She also has four sisters who will be getting a special present too, when they reach the age of womanhood.

“Happy birthday girls! You know Daddy loves you best of all.”

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— Daughter gets the best birthday present

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