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Hard Time Wth Mom

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: Andrejp2018

Published: 30 October 2018

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I wear a urinal device under my pants. It's all synthetic rubber. Basically, it's a sheath (tube), like a condom, that fits over the penis, connects to a long tube, and ends in a bag where the urine is collected. I wear it because it's easier than to go to the bathroom every time. I can just sit and go as needed. It's easier on my mom.

There's one drawback to the sheath. I need to have an erection or be three-quarters hard for it to fit on easily and snuggly. My mom tried putting it on when I was soft a few times but it would either fall off easily or be too loose and make it leak.

So, I resigned myself to concentrating on getting myself hard before my mom would put the sheath on. It was unspoken and she knew that when I asked to wait, that I needed to make myself hard. She understood and never questioned me. I would concentrate about something hot and erotic and I would get hard in under five minutes. When mom saw I was fully hard, she'd put the sheath on. This plan worked well up until recently.

It began like any other day. I got up, ate breakfast, and then took a rest for two hours before getting fully dressed.

After resting two hours, it was time to get up. Mom bathed me and was ready to put the sheath on. I got my penis half hard and she was set to put it on. But it had gotten fully soft in those few moments!

Mom said, "Well, let's get it on Joe." Noticing that I was soft she said, "Hmm, it's soft now. I'll try to get it on this way and hope it works."

She spread the sheath open and pushed it over the tip of my penis and it slipped on. "Good, it fit," Mom said. She put my pants and started to close my zipper, when my penis suddenly fell out of the sheath.

Mom said, "Darn it, thought it worked. Let's try again." Three more tries and we gave up.

I had to get hard. I told her to give some time and she agreed. I tried for ten minutes to get hard, to no avail. Mom kept looking under the towel every few minutes to check on my erection. It was getting late and we were both frustrated.

"Let's try it again. You're slightly hard," Mom said. I agreed. She got it on but it felt loose and tight at the same time due to my being soft.

I said to mom, "It just won't fit on correctly. And I need it to go hard." Mom replied,

"Joe I don't know what to do and I'm going to be late for the bank, which close in forty-five minutes."

Mom tried fitting on again and when again I wasn't erect, she sighed in frustration.Photos http://uii.io/8XRugW I finally said, "Mom try rubbing it with the towel a little until I get hard." She looked at me, a bit unsure if she should do it.

"Mom, it's the only way. I can't get it hard" I told her. She finally and reluctantly agreed to do it.

Mom slowly picked up the towel in her hands. Then, she pushed the towel into her palm, molding it to her open hand. Slowly she moved her hand toward my soft penis. Finally, she cupped my penis in her hand but through the towel. She closed her hand around my penis and gently stood my penis up.

Now mom used both hands and began kneading my penis. Oh man, it felt great! The towel was soft, yet slightly rough at the same time. I could feel each raised area on the patterned towel as it rubbed against my penis. And she applied a firm yet gentle squeezing grasp around my soft penis.

After a minute of this, I finally felt the stirrings of an erection. I got about one quarter hard. Mom felt it and let go. I told her I needed to be fully hard for it to work. She thought about it and agreed to rub some more.

Back to rubbing she went. Back and forth she rubbed. The skin on my penis was being twisted this way and that. She squeezed, then loosened her grasp, squeezed, relaxed, squeezed, relaxed. I could lay there all day like this. But all good things need to come to an end. In this case, five minutes.

"Almost there, Joe. You're nice and hard. It should go on really easy now," mom said.

I was fully erect now and mom gave it a few squeezes to be certain. Those few squeezes put me over the edge and I quickly told her to put the sheath. She asked, "What's the hurry, Joe?" as she slide it over my erect penis. Just in time. As soon as it was snug tight, I came into the sheath. Luckily, it's opaque and mom couldn't see my cum.

She closed my pants and pulled up my zipper. I got fully dressed and up in my wheelchair.

Before going to the bank, she got me all setup at the computer. She had enough time to get to the bank.

I was still hard and horny after that experience. So, I found some more porn. I found two hot ones of older women; one woman giving a guy a long, sensual blowjob and deepthroat, the other woman giving a guy a long handjob. Thinking of mom getting me off and the videos, made me cum several more times.


The next few weeks, we repeated the same process as we did that first day. Mom would rub my penis until I was fully erect. She would rub for about ten minutes each time. And I always ended up cumming into the sheath, unbeknownst to her. She must've seen the cum residue but never knew that it was due to her hands.

About a month later, we were still do the rubbing ritual. But this time was different.

She got the towel and was rubbing me like usual. I got hard and she kept rubbing. I was about to cum and quickly told her to get the sheath on.

Mom didn't hear me correctly and kept rubbing. "Hurry mom! I'm about to...uh oh...too late!" I exclaimed. Too late. My cock erupted like a fire hose, on and on and on. I soaked through the towel and she felt it in her hands, slippery and wet.

I caught her off guard and she didn't know what to do. She pulled the towel off, while I was still cumming. I shot cum all over her hands, the sheath, which rested between my legs, and all over the bed between my legs.

It finally stopped and mom stood there in shock. "Oh, I'm so sorry mom!!" I yelled. She just said, "It's okay Joe. Cumming is a natural part of life and I guess I rubbed you a bit too much. Now let's get this mess cleaned up."

She went into the bathroom and returned with a towel and some damp wash cloths. She came over and started wiping me and the bed clean. After a few minutes, the mess was almost cleaned up and she jokingly said, "Wow Joe! You had a lot of sperm built up there guy!"

Now her hair was getting in her mouth due to her cleaning and she was going to wipe her mouth with her hand. I just noticed that her fingers were covered in my cum. She now had her forefinger in her mouth to get the hair out. I clearly saw the cum on and in her mouth. She licked her lip with her tongue and asked, "What's that odd taste in my mouth?"

She pulled her finger out of her mouth and looked at her hand. She stopped in shock as she realized the taste in her mouth was my cum. "Oh my God! It's your cum in my mouth. I need to clean myself up. Be right back!" as she went to the bathroom and closed the door.

I was left naked from the waist down with a still hard erection.

Mom took a while and she returned ten minutes later. I couldn't see her until she came around the bed. She was completely naked! Her 36DD tits were swaying and her ass jiggled slightly as she walked toward me.

She climbed on the bed as she licked her fingers clean. "Hi Joe. I've been thinking about what just happened here. I was thinking how good your long, hard cock felt in my hands. How you came in my my hands. How your cum tasted. I loved it! Did you like it, Son?"

I replied, "Yes mom, it felt great."

"In that case, we'll both enjoy this even more!" she exclaimed. She then dove for my cock and slid her mouth over it. In one swift motion, she engulfed my whole cock, deep down her throat. She swallowed several times, then lifted up until just the tip was in her mouth, and she sucked and licked the tip. She repeated this process until I came and filled her mouth with my cum. As she licked her lips and swallowed my cum, she said, "Now you'll stay hard for me for a while."

Mom really surprised me when she climbed over my legs and straddled my pelvis. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down over her wet, hairy slit. It tickled my cock. Then she put just the head of my cock into her about an inch. It felt awesome!

Mom said, "I haven't had a long, hard, thick cock in my tight pussy in years. And it's been here all along. We both need this. Now get ready for the ride of your life!" She raised her pelvis up, aimed my still embedded cock better, and bam!! She took me to the hilt into her hot, wet, tight pussy. Oh, it was great! We both let out a soft moan. Then she slowly went up on my cock, then down, up, down. She went slow for a few minutes.

She started picking up the pace. Up and down. Faster and harder. The bed was shaking and the springs were jumping everywhere. "Oh yesss! Oh JOE!! I love fucking your hard cock, stretching my pussy wide!"

After ten more minutes of furious fucking, we both came. I filled her up with my cum (she's fixed...no worries). She collapsed on my chest, my cock still in her pussy. "Oh Joe, we have to do this everyday," she said, as she fell asleep right there.

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Hard Time Wth Mom

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