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Mother takes her son's virginity.

Categories True Story, Incest, Mature, Virginity

Author: Andrejp2018

Published: 31 October 2018

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Jayne lounged outside around the pool soaking up the hot morning sun. She took a sip of her drink and placed it aside closing her eyes and allowing the sun to darken her already bronze flesh. A sigh of contentment released from her lips as she smiled. Jack Jr. was finally home for two weeks from college; it's been a few months since their nineteen year old son had come home for a visit.

Since he had been home he had been holed up in his old bedroom day and night. That bothered Jayne and when she asked him about it he shrugged his shoulders and told her he was playing games on the computer or getting an early start studying for his next set of classes. She left the subject drop and she herself just shrugged it off figuring he would eventually come out and go see a few of his old friends that were still about the area.

Jack Sr. was another story. He was fifty-seven years old and he acted as if he was seventy or eighty most of the time. He worked; he came home and had supper, read the paper and watched TV before going to bed. This was his routine day in and day out. They had been married now for twenty-five years; their marriage had more good times than bad. The best thing that came out from it was Jack Jr. He was their pride and joy since the first day he was born.

Reaching around the back of the chair she adjusted the top part so she could lay flat on her back. At the age of fifty she still looked good. Jayne worked out two or three times a week, held a steady fulltime job, played wife and domestic goddess. She always got compliments on how she looked from friends, co-workers and her husband Jack Sr. Jayne didn't look her age by far, sure a few wrinkles at the corner of her eyes, maybe around the corners of her lips but her breasts were still firm just like her ass, gravity would take hold one day but she was determined to put it off for as long as she could.

Sitting up she reached and untied the ties that held her bikini top up, she pulled it from her and placed it aside. Jayne loved to be naked as much as possible; if it were up to her they would retire to a nudist colony. Jack Sr. put up a six foot privacy fence just so she could sun bathe naked when she wanted to. This was the first time she had laid out topless when her son was around; it was basically from forgetfulness more than anything.

Jayne's eyes closed and her mind drifted into erotic thoughts of her lovemaking with her husband. The first time he wanted to try anal sex, she could remember it did nothing for her but cause her discomfort and pain. Today at age fifty it became something he had grown to enjoy it a lot. To Jayne, she loved the feel of a thick hard dick in her tight asshole pumping her hard and deep either in doggie position or with her sitting on top letting her fuck that stiff piece of meat with her ass for all its worth till she came once or twice while her clit was stimulated.

There was a time when her and jack Sr. used to fuck like rabbits, when ever they had the chance he would be sticking it to her. It was never just once unless it was a quickie. Usually he would pound her cunt till they came, then she would turn around and clean his cock sucking him off till he got hard all over again. By that time he had her tossed onto all fours and was giving it to that tight little ass of hers while he reached around and literally abused her clit like she loved having done. Jayne got off hard; her orgasms were always intense as were his when he was filling her tight dirt hole with hot man chowder.

These days having her asshole fucked consumed her every sexual thought. Their sex life had slowly dropped off for the past two year; Jack Sr. just wasn't able to maintain a full erection at his age for numerous reasons. Jayne was at wits end with it, she loved her husband dearly but she needed that release. She craved to feel a hard throbbing cock filling not one, not two but all three of her holes. She was determined to try again tonight with him, she would blow him till he was hard and jump on him long enough to get herself off and that would help her frustration for a day or two.

Jayne needed to change her thought process; she could feel the crotch of her bathing suit bottoms getting damp from her pussy juice. Turning over, she happened to catch her son looking down at her while she was topless. It excited her to know he was starring down at her topless. Jayne never looked at her son in that fashion before but just knowing that made her pussy twitch. She never acknowledged him, never wanting to embarrass him as she turned her glistening sweat and oil covered body over ad laid on her stomach. She folded her arms under her head and fell asleep for longer than she had liked.

She awoke to the sound of her husband's voice, and realized dinner was going to be late. Jayne decided to order Chinese and of course, Jack Sr. took his and sat before the TV and Jack Jr. took his and went to his room leaving her alone once again. Jayne ate in the livingroom with her husband, there wasn't much conversation going on but at least he was breathing. Once she finished she cleaned up and went for a shower. By the time she finished she was tired enough to go to bed and wait for Jack Sr. to join her, in the slightest hope she'd get laid.

That night was the night that ended their sex life for good. He came to bed and it ended up as another futile attempt at fucking her, Jack Sr. literally threw in the towel. He said sex wasn't important enough to him anymore and for her to find someone else to satisfy her needs. Jayne went into shock hearing him say that, she had no clue what to think about him and their marriage. At this point she began to have doubts about herself and her ability to please a man.

What came next was the topping on the cake; he then went on talking and suggested just the right person to do the job was their nineteen year old son Jack Jr. Jayne was truly stunned when she heard that come from his mouth, she had never even thought of their son in that way. She looked at Jack Sr. and asked him if he was crazy or needed help after suggesting that. Hell, Jayne wasn't even sure she was sane after thoughts filled her mind once he said about it. She remembered he was looking down at her earlier watching her sun bathe topless.

They ended the subject; there was nothing more to be said about it. As the next two days went by all Jayne could think of was her son's stiff prick taking her ass and giving her a real good hard fuck. How would she go about asking her own son to do that deed? What if he said no to her? Would it ruin their relationship? Would he think she was sick for even thinking it?

That evening while in bed with her husband, she talked with him about it. He suggested that she come out and tell him about it honestly, but Jayne couldn't she tried the next day, there was just no way possible that was going to happen. The words wouldn't even release from her lips as she stood there talking to their son.

It was hopeless, he would be leaving in a little over a week and her chance would be blown until he came home for summer break. That's if he even decided to come home. She overheard Jack Jr. talking to a friend on the phone about going backpacking from the east coast to the west with them. At his age she couldn't stop him if that's what he chose to do.

That evening Jayne went to bed rather early, earlier than she had ever before unless she was sick. She slipped into a short red silk nightgown that fit her body extremely well, hugging every nook and cranny of her curvy body. She just couldn't sleep at all, sexual frustration was building within her causing her to toss and turn. Jack Sr. came to bed and once again he suggested she talk to their son. He kissed her goodnight and then rolled over and went to sleep. Jayne grumbled and decided to try again. Getting out of bed she quietly walked across the bedroom and opened the door. Stopping she looked back at her snoring husband and walked out closing the door behind her.

Jayne placed her hand upon the knob of Jack Jr.'s bedroom door and turned it ever so slowly. She wanted to surprise him, figuring she would be able to handle the situation more that way than any. Jayne couldn't back out if she stormed in wearing just wearing that could she? No, she told her self. Once she opened the door she had to follow through with it.

Swallowing hard she changed her mind and instead of just opening it fully she carefully opened it so it wouldn't click and pushed it open and two inches. As soon as she opened the door she could hear a female voice, no words spoken just lingering moans. Peeking through the partial opened door she could see her son sitting at his desk, his chair back from it and he was naked as the day he was born.

His hand was wrapped around his thick lengthy rod; his hips were bucking up and down on his desk chair as he rolled his head about his shoulders as he watched the computer screen. The mushroom-shaped cap was dark purple as it rested briefly against the top of his fist before he slammed his hips upwards once again.

Jayne stood there watching her son jacking off; his free hand reached down between his thighs and teased his dangling sac. Jayne wasn't sure how much more of this she could take. Her cunt was aching to be fucked now. He let out a couple grunts and groans as his hand glided quickly up and down his slick glistening shaft causing Jayne to breathe heavier as she watched. A loud moan released from his lips as his mouth opened and she watched as a large load of cum shot from the tiny piss slit landing all over him. The last couple thick ropes of cum reminded her of molten hot lava that shot up and ran down the sides.

Jack Jr. grabbed the hand towel to his left and began to clean himself up. Jayne couldn't stop the moan that flowed freely from her lips. He was wasting that salty seed, all she could think about was licking it from his body. His head turned as he reached to grab his shorts and that's when their eyes met. Jayne quickly closed his bedroom door and quickly made her way back to her and his father's bedroom.

Jack Jr. stepped into his shorts and moved swiftly to his door, opening it he stepped into the hallway and she was gone. Taking one more step out he could see their bedroom door was shut. He stepped back into his room and closed the door behind him and went back to his computer and started playing a game as he thought about this whole day. First she was lying topless by the pool and now his mother caught him jacking it. How the fuck was he going to face her in the morning he wondered.

He had no idea, and decided to take it as it comes. He had thoughts about his mother for years. The walls were a little on the thin side and jack jr. would lie in bed and listen to his parents fucking while he jacked off imagining it was him taking her, it was him making her moan out and yell for more. There were many of night in college he would think about her naked in bed with him, it made it easier to think about when she called out his father's name since it was his as well. He wanted to feel her tits wrapped around his cock, he wanted to know how good she would feel pierced upon his prick as he rammed her hard, so hard she would cry out over and over. He needed to stop thinking about it before he yanked down his shorts and rubbed his dick raw from stroking it.

Jayne laid there in bed with her legs spread wide open as she closed her eyes pulling her feet up and rested her hand down upon her swollen splayed open cunt lips. In her head replayed a vivid movie of her son beating his meat and cumming. It played over and over as she thought about that same young study prick fucking all three of her holes, one right after the other unloading a full load of his milky white man seed in each. Jayne's finger's started fucking her wet dripping cunt faster with force as she moaned out loud and came. She placed her fingers to her soft full lips and sucked them clean one by one imagining it was Jack's mouth that was doing it, tasting her creamy sweet nectar.

The next morning Jack Jr. came down for breakfast and acted as nothing had happened as his mother did the same. It was their little secret that she'd caught him and watched till he came. Little did Jr. know that his father told his Mother that the next time she walked in on him she'd getter ask him if she could do it for him. That would break the ice leaving an opening for anything else to happen. Jayne knew if she didn't make a move soon when the right opportunity didn't present itself she might as well give up.

That evening the house was quiet. The three of them were in bed in their rooms. Jayne laid there fantasizing that Jack Jr. walked into their bedroom and stood beside the bed waving his rock hard cock in her face, slapping it against her cheek first then her lips. When she went to say something and her mouth opened he shoved his stiff prick right into her willing mouth and down her tight throat until he felt her nose buried in the dark patch of curly pubic hair making her take every inch of his length. All the while his balls rested against her chin as he felt her sucking hard around the base of his prick with her full soft lips as her tongue teased his shaft.

Her mind continued to play a fantasy game within it as her loving husband Jr.'s father would roll over and see him standing there. turn on the light and watch his own son feeding his mother's mouth, her choking on his thick rod, until he came, splashing his hot thick load against her tonsils as his father egged him on to take her other two wanton holes. Jayne was so turned on at that point, she found herself unconsciously raising and lowering her hips on the bed as she tried to bring herself to an orgasm using nothing but he would then the air and her son's cock in her mind.

Jayne had enough of just fantasies; Jack Sr. was asleep and useless. Since he couldn't take care of her sexual needs; a naked horny Jayne got up and went looking for their son. Her cunt was dripping with wetness; she was so wet her cunt juices trickled down between her thighs as she took a step. Her musky aroma lingered in the air as he was determined to go through with it this time.

She knocked on his door and then opened it and looked around. He wasn't in his bed and he wasn't in his chair in front of the computer. There was a porn video playing on the screen as she walked over and looked at it. It was titled 'My mother, my teacher'. There was a young dark haired guy about her son's age fucking an older woman which was his supposed to be his mother since that's what he called out while fucking her. Jayne listened to it play. She knew then he felt the same way as she did. She turned and walked from his room closing the door behind her. Down the hallway she saw the light shine across the hallway floor from under the door of the guest bathroom.

Jayne didn't bother knocking; she didn't care what he was doing in there as she opened the door quickly and stepped in closing it behind her. She looked at her son leaning over the toilet as he propped himself up with his left hand on the wall, while pumping his cock through his fist with his right one stroking away. As she moved towards him she seen he was working on his second load, as there was thick globs of cum all over the seat and one the underside of the lid. The thought that she could turn her son on so intensely did things to her brain.

"Jack" she called, keeping her voice to a low tone. Her son's head came around like it was attached to a swivel and as his eyes took in the sight of her naked body, his jaw dropped. Closing his eyes and swallowing hard, he whispered he was sorry, and Jayne reassured her son that he had nothing to be sorry about and that he wasn't the first young man to fantasize about their mothers or their sisters. She assured him that is was a two way street that father's and daughters did the same thing.

As Jayne spoke she caressed his young muscular back with her fingertips, enjoying the softness and the hardness combined. At the same time Jayne stole glances at his swollen cock, Jr. was thicker as well as about three inches longer than his namesake. Jayne could already feel it probing her insides just by looking at his steel pole in his hand.

For more than a minute they stood there silently and then Jayne reached down and scooped up a glob of his creamy white seed from the toilet's lid. Without the least bit of hesitation she stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked her finger clean. At that moment as she was being watched by him, she saw a glimmer in her son's eyes, which said it all. So she moved her body between him and the bowl and kissed him hard.

As she fed him the tip of her tongue, she pressed her hard taunt nipples to his chest and Jack Jr. Immediately responded by cupping her full ass cheeks as he released his cock from his right hand and then drew his mother to him, pulling her tighter against his young body. Jayne felt her son's prick against her stomach as it was caught between them. She broke the kiss and spun around and leaned over the toilet tank placing her arms upon it as she spread her feet wide and looked back to her son while she raised her ass to him, feeling her cunt lips pull wide apart.

"There is no need for you to waste another drop thinking of fucking me when you can really do it son."

Jayne felt her son's trembling hand upon her shoulders as she stepped back and slipped his cock between her thighs and moved it back and forth between her splayed dripping wet pussy lips. She groaned each time the swollen knob caressed her clit. His hands moved down her back and over her ass cheeks as he gripped them tightly in his hands and massaged them.

Jayne had no idea her son was a virgin, she assumed that he had had sex before and he hadn't as his hand shook as he released her one ass cheek and slipped it between her wet thighs and cupped her cunt. Jack began to do what he seen on various videos. Jr. rubbed his mother's hairy bush back and forth feeling how wet she was until he found her fuck hole and pushed them inside her as far as he could taking her to her tip toes. A groan released from his lips as he felt his first pussy wrapped around his fingers as he fucked it feeling her velveteen walls clenching his digits. Jayne gasped a breath and egged him on "that's it Honey, finger Mom's pussy real deep and fast."

She was soaking wet, there was no other way to explain how dripping wet her hairy snatch was other than a flowing river of her cunt juices that felt like flood gates automatically opened once he began to slowly finger her. If Jayne wasn't afraid that she'd scare him off she would have screamed out for him to stop playing and just fuck her hard.

Jack's other hand came around and encircled her waist, she felt his fingers feel around for her swollen clit as he began to stroke it like it was a tiny prick, forcing the meaty flesh open and the skin around it back like she did when she masturbated. It was too fucking much for Jayne to handle; her box was hot and craving a big fat dick, her son's ten inches of swollen steel.

Jayne reached back and curled her fingers around her son's slick rigid cock and guided his flared head between her swollen parted lips. He moved his fingers and grabbed her hip with his slippery free hand and with a thrust of his hips he buried half of his ten rock hard inches into his mother's pussy from behind. He groaned out as he felt her walls of soft velvet grip his shaft. He gave another thrust and he was buried fully into her and that was the start of Jayne's orgasms, there was no way to stop it once she had all of him in her. Her son's dick was the biggest she had ever had in her and she left him know with a loud lingering moan.

As she climaxed her body trembled and shook. She felt a jolt that was like a rush of electricity move through her body curling her toes as she whimpered and moaned. Moving her hips back and forth she tried to drag out her orgasm feeling him piercing her to the bone over and over as the fat knob stretched her cervix. Jr. stood there against her rocking his hips as his groans and grunts flowed from his mouth quicker. Jayne couldn't catch her breath, her chest hurt as she thought she was having a heart attack until she felt the rippling wave move through her body shocking it as she came again. "Oh fuck son..." she moaned to him as he stabbed her again and again grinding against her ass.

Jack removed his fingers from her clit and gripped her other hip and pushed himself in her as far as he possibly could and just felt her muscles contracting around his cock as he grunted softly. He didn't cum but he wanted to feel everything he could for his first time, wanting to remember it all in his mind. Her son kept her on her tip toes as he had his own flesh and blood swallowing his solid flesh pole inside her cunt. As he moved it felt like small flits of pain charging through her body. Jayne knew that once would never be enough, she would fuck him as much as she could before he returned back to college.

"Cum in me Baby! Cum in your mother....come for me!" Jayne yelled out to him begging him on each inward stroke of his beautiful thick long prick. Jayne was going nuts now; her body and mind were in their own sexual abyss as she climaxed yet again and her son was still fucking into her, with the wild passion that her husband , his father had denied her.Photos http://cuon.io/bBhz What he could no longer give her she was now getting from their son Jack. Jayne loved her son, but a new and more profound love enveloped her. His balls slapped up against her as he gripped her hip[s tighter fucking her hard and deep.

"I-I need to cum mom," Jack whispered nuzzling beneath her ear, biting and sucking her neck as he slipped his hands under her arms and grabbed her shoulders with a reverse grip, using the leverage to pull himself into her after each out stroke.

"Cum...cum for your mother! Make me feel it way up inside me!" She pleaded, rolling her cunt backwards in small circles to meet each of his thrusts.

"G-going to...g-going t-to shoot...s-shoot in...in..." he said and stopped.

"Say it Jack! Say it so I can hear it. Say cum in your mother!" Jayne yelled back to him as she groaned out, hearing the wetness with each thrust into her dripping pussy. Her head was rolling about her shoulders as if she were possessed.

"Going... to cum in my mother's hot cunt! Hot wet cunt!" He cried out and began jerking. Jayne could feel his hot load shooting way within her depths, coating the heated walls of her snatch.

"F-Fuck!" Jayne yelled out, her tits bouncing about like crazy, as her son bucked and pumped his thick, rich load into her hot box, setting off a string of smaller orgasms that grew into one huge one that totally wiped her out. If Jack Jr. hadn't been holding her ups Jayne would have collapsed right then and there.

Jayne put down the toilet seat and jack Jr. shifted around her and sat her down upon it. She thought she was down with her son's cock but as soon as she raised her eyes and looked at his semi-swollen prick she knew then it wasn't over for her. Jayne loved to suck cock, and it had been so long since she had one worth sucking.

She slipped her slips over the head and swirled her tongue around his swollen head licking the cum mix from it and then began to ease him in and out of her throat till he was fully within the tightness of her airway. She swallowed around him, letting him feel her powerful throat muscles massaging his dick. He groaned out in pleasure and moved his hands to her shoulders and held on tightly as he bucked his hips to her face and fuck her throat nice and deep.

She was in the midst of sucking him back to full life when the door to the bathroom opened and his father walked in. He stood there starring as his wife took each and ever inch of their son's cock down her throat in one deep suck burying her nose in his pubes that were coated in their cum mix. They each figured he must have heard the moaning and groaning they were doing while in the heat of sexual bliss.

Jack couldn't but help get rock hard from his mothers expert blow job, he was at the point where his father couldn't ruin what he was feeling and he wasn't going to allow her to stop if he had his way. Jack Jr. wanted to fuck his mother's tight ass too; at this point he wanted every fucking hole on her he could take. Little did his mother know that she was unleashing years of sexual frustration in her son but she was definitely going to find out while he was home on this visit.

His father stood there with a grin and it was then that Jack Jr. knew it was okay, he proceeded to fuck his mother's wanton mouth faster and with force as his Father seemed to enjoy the show. Jack Jr. shot off into his mother's mouth while his father watched, and that added even more excitement to it all. They both watched her swallow the full load without missing a drop. Jack Sr. stood there in amazement licking his lips as his cock was hard and pressing in his pajama pants.

She stood up licked her lips and kissed her son goodnight with fire and passion. She whispered to his ear "I'll see you in the morning Baby."

Jayne turned and walked to the bedroom with her husband, and once the door closed he grabbed her and tossed her on the bed, ripped down his pajama pants and shoved his hard cock into her cunt feeling the slickness of his wife's and son's mix coating his full length. Once he coated his cock he took her tight asshole like he used to.

The three of them sat at the table together the next morning discussing him coming home every chance he could till he was able to transfer to a local college and live back at home again. Jack Sr. was now a rejuvenated man and both men agreed take their turns on Jayne or have threesomes to keep her happy and sexually satisfied. Family loving has a whole new meaning to it in their eyes. Jack Jr. would learn everything about sex he needed to know from his new teacher...his mother.

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Mother takes her son's virginity.

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