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Miranda (Mandy's sister)

Categories Diary, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Oral Sex

Author: bandfour

Published: 31 October 2018

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I am watching my uncle's house while he and his family are on vacation for a little more than 2 weeks. Yesterday I found out the neighbor was someone I had dated several years ago. We enjoyed getting reacquainted. Boy did we enjoy it having oral sex and intercourse. We broke one of the chairs around their pool. I promised to fix it the next day.


I awoke on Sunday having slept well after yesterday’s activities. I showered then ate one of the breakfasts my aunt had prepared, a sausage, cheese, and onion quiche. I went out on the deck and did some reading. A couple of hours later it was getting hot. I heard the door of a car next door. I remembered that Mandy had said she had a waitress shift for lunch today. I heard the car drive away. I looked over at the pool deck next door. I spotted the lounge chair the had come apart yesterday because of the vigorous activity Mandy and I participated in yesterday. I had promised to fix it. I decided to get the tools I needed out of my car and go fix the chair. After getting the tools I went next door, opened the gate to the pool, then walked to the chair. I turned the chair over. Several of the nuts and bolts were loose and a few had come out. I flipped over another chair nearby to make sure I reassembled the collapsed chair correctly. Several bolts on the second chair were loose. I tightened all of other chairs before working on the first chair. Before long I was reassembling the chair after finding the hardware that had been scattered on the pool deck. I was just finishing when the sliding door opened.

“Who are you? What are you doing?” someone asked.

I jumped!

“I’m, I’m Andy,” I stammered. “I’m fixing the chair. Mandy was in it when it collapsed. I told her I would fix it.”

Not the full truth, but it sounded believable.

“Ok. But who are you?” Miranda asked.

“I’m watching the house next door while they are on vacation. It’s my uncle’s house,” I explained.

“Oh, you’re Jodi’s cousin,” she said.

Jodi was my youngest cousin.

“Yes I am,” I confirmed. “I decided to tighten the nuts and bolts on the other 5 first, so the same thing would not happen with them.”

She looked at me. Finally she smiled, apparently accepting my explanation. Then she looked again a little more intensely.

“Andy? Are you the Andy that dated my sister several yes ago?” she asked.

“Yes. We had a couple of dates back in junior high,” I responded.

“I thought you looked familiar,” she said. “I would watch you when you came in to pick up my sister. I thought you were c.cute. Oops, I didn't mean to say that out loud.”

“Thank you for the compliment,” I said smiling back at her to get her to relax. She seemed to be nervous.

“You look like you are hot. Would you like something to drink?” she asked.

It was much hotter today than it had been yesterday.

“Yes, that would be terrific.” I answered.

I finally took a good look at the young woman that was standing there. Miranda looked to me about the same height as her sister Mandy, about 5’8” or 9”. She had blond hair with a reddish tint, I guess you would call it strawberry blond. It was straight and went down over her shoulders. Her hair framed a lovely face. One could easily tell she was Mandy’s sister. She had a terrific smile and wonderful blue eyes. She was wearing a white bathrobe which was clinched around the waist. She definitely had a slim waist. Her legs below the knees, all I could see below the hem of the bathrobe, were well toned. She had bear feet. When she turned around to go into the house I could see the wiggle and sway of her rear end. She paused, looked back over her shoulder, and smiled a big smile. I think she was happy I was watching her. Once she disappeared I finished tightening the nuts on the final chair. I flipped it back over and waited for Miranda to return. Soon I heard a noise from inside and then Miranda appeared at the door. She was pushing a cart that I had only seen at some parties. It had a bucket for ice on the top and shelves with slots for bottles on both sides. I was surprised to see bottles of various alcoholic beverages on the shelves.

“What would you like to drink. There’s what you can see and also soda, water, lemonade, and orange juice,” she asked.

I contemplated for a moment before asking, “What are you having?”

“I was thinking of having a screwdriver,” she answered.

At least I knew that having something alcoholic would not be looked at negatively. It was still morning so I was not looking for something heavy or something straight. A screwdriver actually sounded good. She must have taken my brief hesitation as disapproval.

“I know I’m not 21, but I’m almost 19. I’m not going anywhere today. My parents are away and I occasionally have something when they are gone,” she said with a hint of irritation.

“Oh it’s not that,” I explained. “I was just thinking of what I want this time of day. A screwdriver actually sounds good.”

Her expression softened immediately and she put 2 glasses on the cart. She put ice In the glasses, followed by vodka, and finally the orange juice. She brought the glasses over and set them on a side table between 2 chairs. When she leaned over I got a look down the front of the bathrobe she was still wearing. It didn’t appear that she was wearing any clothes. I was able to see she had cleavage about the same size as her sister Mandy. She was a small D or large C cup. Miranda moved over to the chair on the other side of the table. Before she sat down she removed the bathrobe. She wasn’t naked, but I was not disappointed in what I saw. Miranda was wearing a powder blue string bikini. There wear two small triangles of fabric “covering” her breasts. The straps going over her shoulders, around her sides, and between her breasts were a flesh tone, making them almost invisible. Her bottoms had a somewhat larger triangle of fabric in front and I assumed a similar one in the back. They again were held in place by the same flesh colored straps. There in front of me was a woman with a smoking-hot body, nearly nude. The blood seemed to rush from my head to my groin. My mouth must have dropped open. Miranda sat down, picked up her drink, and looked at me.

“What? Haven’t you seen a girl in a bikini before?” she asked rhetorically.

“Mir … Miranda … I … I’m … I’m sorry for staring,” I managed to get out.

“No need to be sorry. I take it as a compliment,” she said taking a drink. “By the way, I prefer Miri. It’s less formal and rolls off the tongue easier.”

I took my glass and took a drink. It was more than I intended to drink at one time. I coughed and sputtered, not because of the strength of the drink, but just the volume. Miri smiled at my predicament. I recovered and took a smaller drink and she continued to work on hers.

“So how did Mandy cause the chair to collapse?” Miri asked with a inflection in her voice that I interpreted meant she already knew.

Without more than a slight pause I answered, “Well, she wasn’t the only one in the chair. I was in it too.”

“What were you two doing in the chair that made it collapse?” she asked, but couldn’t suppress a smile.

“I think you already know the we were having sex,” I stated.

Miri giggled, then said, “Yes, I know! When I came home from work yesterday I saw the chair on the pool deck. I asked Mandy what happened. She told me it collapsed while she was in it. When I asked what she was doing she reluctantly told me. I do appreciate you telling me the truth and trying to discrete at first.”

“I’ve never been one ‘to kiss and tell',” I said.

“Neither is my sister. I asked how good you were. She told me I would have to find out for myself. I told her I might have to,” she stated matter-of-factly.

Again my jaw dropped open at her bluntness. She resumed drinking her screwdriver.

After a couple of minutes she asked, “Did you bring your swimsuit today?”

I was still flabbergasted.

“N … no I didn’t,” I managed to say.

“Well that's ok. We can make this swimsuit optional,” she said. “But first I don’t want to get sunburned. Would you put some sunblock on me?”

“S … sure,” I said. “I’d love to put my hands on your terrific body.” Trying to overcome the curves (LOL) she was throwing me.

She turned over on her stomach, but not before noticing the obvious tent in my pants. She smiled. I took a good drink from my glass before getting up and retrieving the sunblock on the table where Mandy had left it the day before. I stood next to her and started at her shoulders and neck. I used the sunblock as massage oil. I rubbed her neck and shoulders. Miri immediately relaxed in the chair. I coated each arm making sure to rub our any tense areas. I moved to her upper back using my thumbs to massage between her shoulder blades. I made sure to get some sunblock under the horizontal and vertical straps. She flinched, apparently thinking I was going to remove her top. I moved slowly down her working any tense muscles until they relaxed. She moaned appreciatively as I felt her body continue to relax as time passed. I stopped just above the triangle of fabric “covering” her rear end. I stopped unconsciously and stared at the roundness of her hips and the fullness of her ass cheeks. With just the small amount of fabric covering them I fought off the strong urge to squeeze and knead them.

“Don’t stop now,” she implored, almost pleading.

This took me out of my reverie. Instead of going to her waiting buns, I quickly grabbed one of her feet and bent her leg at the knee. I pressed firmly along the arch of her foot.

“No I mean … ooh yes. Keep doing that,” she cooed.

I continued firmly pressing my thumbs along the bottom of her foot to “oooos” and “ahhhhs”. I wiggled her toes. One cracked causing an “oh” to exit her lips. I worked her calf and shin to pleasant moans. I moved to her other foot and leg repeating the process. I finished them, then moved on to her thighs. I moved up and down the inner, outer, and back of her thighs purposely staying away from her hips and womanhood. She moaned louder the higher I went.

“Please, please go higher,” she implored.

I obliged, moving my hands up to the exposed areas on both butt cheeks. I began lightly massaging the toned, but soft and pliant skin. I pushed them together and pulled them apart. I immediately picked up a sweet, musky scent. Although I could not be certain, I suspected it was coming from between Miri’s legs.

She stopped moaning to say, “You can go under the swimsuit if you wish.”

I immediately pushed my fingertips under the triangle of fabric and ran them the length of her crack. I rubbed across her anus to a squeal of delight from Miri. I pushed a finger against the opening. She pushed up against it. The tip of my finger slipped inside her. She sighed and took in a deep breath. She clamped tightly on my finger.

“Just hold it there for a bit,” she requested.

Soon she relaxed and then pushed up causing my finger to move deeper into her. She was very tight. The thought of pushing my shaft into her warm, tight rear end flashed through my head. My erection hardened putting a bigger tent in my pants.

“Would you put a second finger in please!” Miri requested.

I coated a second finger with the nearby sunblock. I slowly inserted it joining the first. I began moving them in and out to increasing moans from Miri. She started squirming and breathing heavier. Miri’s body stiffened. She started trembling and then her body shuddered. Her shaking quickly subsided.

When her breathing returned to normal Miri said, “That was good. Please pull your fingers out and clean them off.”

I carefully removed my fingers. There was a small towel lying on the pool deck. I picked it up and walked over to the pool. I dipped one of the corners in the pool. I used it to wash off my fingers and then used the dry part of the towel to dry them. When I turned around Miri was mow face up on the lounge chair. Her eyes were closed, but there was a huge smile on her face. I walked back toward the chair. She opened her eyes briefly before closing them again.

“Please continue with the sunblock. Don't miss any spots.” Then trying to suppress a giggle she said, “It looks like you are enjoying yourself.”

I assumed she was referring to my hard-on which she must have noticed when I came back from the pool. I picked up the sunblock and put a generous amount into my hands. I started at her neck and shoulders, working my way down. I was strongly tempted to put my hands on her breasts. However I skipped over her breasts even though they were largely bare, except for the small triangles of fabric covering the nipples. I gently covered her stomach and sides with sunblock. Miri sighed, loudly with a hint of disappointment. I finished with her stomach and sides, but I stopped before the flesh colored strap going around her hips and holding her bikini bottoms in place. Miri took in a deep breath when I hesitated. I moved my hands to her thighs. Miri again sighed loudly. She took in another deep breath when I paused just below her swimsuit. I removed my hands and wiped them on my shirt to remove the sunblock.

“You missed 3 places,” Miri said looking at me with a contrived scowl.

“I can’t imagine what 3 places,” I said suppressing a chuckle.

“Quit teasing me! You know what I want,” she said firmly.

I sat on the edge of her chair and reached up to her breasts. I put a hand on the side of each of her breasts. I gently stroked down the sides of her breasts with my fingers, then back up to the point the straps going over her shoulders connected to the fabric. I moved back down and hooked my thumbs around the bottom straps. I moved the bikini top up over her breasts until her breasts were completely exposed. I paused to admire the magnificent sight. It’s funny how the removal of a few square inches of fabric changes things significantly. Unconstrained Miri's breasts were larger than they had first appeared to be. They were firm without much jiggle.

Miri gasped when I touched her nipples. I circled my fingers around her nipples causing her to breathe heavily. I placed my palms over her breasts and massaged them pushing her hard nipples into her breasts. Her breathing deepened. I got up on the chair straddling her and kissed her hard and deep. She wrapped her arms around me, while I continued working her breasts. She pulled me tighter and I hugged her back. I enjoyed feeling her nipples pressing into my chest. I slid down and took one of her nipples between my lips. I slowly licked around her areola to squeals and moans of delight from Miri. I sucked her, pulling as much of her melon into my mouth as possible. I moved my mouth to the other side and repeated the process. Miri pulled my shirt off over my head and put it down on the side of the chair. Her hands caressed my shoulders and she lightly scratched my back sending shivers through my body. I moved down her body kissing her stomach as I moved to her navel. I got a bad taste in my mouth from the sunblock. I picked up my shirt and wiped off my mouth as best as I could. I move my mouth down to the fabric covering her pussy. I moved my hands down and rubbed my fingers across her bikini. She fidgeted in the chair.

“Go ahead. Pull them off,” she implored.

Needing no further encouragement I pulled the straps of the bikini bottoms down over Miri’s hips and then pulled them down to her ankles. I was happy to see only a small patch of trimmed reddish blonde hair just above her pussy. I moved my fingers down to her outer lips and caressed them from top to bottom. I could feel them begin to swell and the heat from them increase. I then pushed a finger between her outer lips and immediately it was moistened with her juices. I then smelled the sweet musky scent of her excitement. Miri moaned. I spread her lips and moved my lips and tongue down to her pussy. I tenderly licked and kissed her pussy to increasing moans and groans from Miri. She tasted unexpectedly sweet. I spread her pussy lips to gain better access. I stuck my tongue into her vaginal opening. I don’t have a very long tongue, at least I can’t stick it out very far. I wasn’t able to go in very far and Miri pushed up hard against my mouth trying to get as much of my tongue into her as possible. She pushed on the back of my head again wanting more of my tongue in her. I did my best to go as deep as possible hearing her strained breathing. I knew she wanted more and my tongue was not going to be the answer. I moved my mouth away and pushed a finger into her. I got a satisfied sigh and then she pushed up taking my finger fully inside her. I stuck a second finger into almost immediately. She drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly while her vaginal walls tightened around my fingers. I moved my fingers in and out while twisting are turning them to explore all of her reachable insides. Miri was breathing harder and faster. After a couple of minutes I perceived her excitement level had plateaued. Keeping my fingers moving I found her clit with my tongue. Miri jumped at initial contact and then again as my tongue worked under the hood covering her love button. I pressed my tongue hard and moved it around. Miri squealed and writhed in the chair, causing me to increase the speed of my fingers moving in and out of her. Her body moved in coordination with my movements. Her breathing became shorter and more rapid. I sucked hard on her clit and “boxed” it with my tongue. Her back arched and she screamed. The walls of her vagina squeezed hard around my fingers. Her juices dripped from her pussy. She shook and shuddered for a few minutes and her vagina spasmed around my fingers. As her orgasm subsided she relaxed into the chair. I withdrew my mouth and tongue and withdrew my fingers from her. Miri’s breathing returned normal after a few minutes.

“Wow! Mandy was correct you do a great job with your fingers, mouth, and tongue,” Miri stated.

“Thanks! I want to please the women I am with,” I said. “It makes me feel good.”

“I want to make you feel good now!” Miri said. “Come up here and kiss me!”

I moved up over her to give her a kiss. My erection was still creating a tent in my pants. It rubbed up her leg and ended up poking her near her pussy when I kissed her.

“We're going to have to do something about your condition,” she said.

She reached down and pulled my pants and underwear down between my hips and knees. My penis popped out and rested on the outside of her pussy lips. She put her hand down and grasped my shaft.

“You are as thick and long as my sister described!” she exclaimed. “I had doubted she was telling the whole truth.”

My manhood was throbbing in her hand. I felt it pulsing against the palm and fingers of her hand. I moved to try to enter her, but Miri had other ideas. She rubbed the tip of my penis along the length of the outside of her pussy lips. Although this felt wonderful it was torture. She then moved me between her lips. I slid easily along her crack feeling the moistness and heat emanating from inside her. Miri moved me to the top of her crack. She pressed and swirled the hole of my penis against her clitoris. She moaned in pleasure. I had to resist cumming right then. She then moved me down to the entrance to her vagina. I moved to push inside, but Miri moved me lower to the bottom of her slit and snickered. She slid it up and down the bottom third of her slit.

“Now who's doing the teasing?” I asked.

She moved me back to her hole. The head of my penis slid inside her. I went to push deeper and was met with resistance. I was surprised. Was Miri a virgin? I pushed harder, but the resistance was still there.

Then Miri stated, “Just so you know my rules. I am stopping you from getting inside me. When I let you in either I must cum first or we must cum together.”

I felt the “blockage” go away. I slid farther into her by another inch or so. Then she tightened around me preventing any easy further movement.

“Do you agree to my rules?” Miri asked.

I knew I had to say I agreed, even if I didn't follow through with the agreement. I needed to have some relief from my now painful erection. Miri seemed to be only concerned with her pleasure even after having a couple of orgasms.

“Yes I do,” I agreed hopefully convincingly.

Again she released me and I sunk deeper into her. I felt her tighten slightly around me, but in a pleasant, stimulating way. I also felt a ridge as the head of my penis moved into her. I continued to feel the ridge on the top of my member as I moved slowly into her. It felt like the time I wore a ribbed condom. Once I was halfway into her I began moving in and out enjoying the unusual tightness of her vagina. Slowly I was getting deeper and deeper into her, she began to moan and purr. I continued to resist the urge to let loose and cum inside her. Partially because of the “promise” I had made, but more because of the amazing feeling of her vaginal walls enveloping my shaft. When I was nearly all the way inside her I felt the tightness on the head of my penis lessen, but remain on the rest of my shaft. With the next push the tip of my penis “bumped” into something. I had sunk into her to the base of my penis and my balls slapped against her ass cheeks. I began taking longer strokes and increased my pace. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Miri was taking deep rapid breaths with grunts after exhaling. Quickly it changed to where she would inhale hold it and strain before a rush of air exit her lips. This happened a few more times before arched her back and screamed. She dropped back to the chair then arched her back again. I exploded into her with several jets of my ejaculant. I continued banging her with long forceful strokes.

“Ke … keep … going!” she shouted between breaths.

I continued. Soon she arched her back and her whole body shook. She stifled a scream. The muscles inside her trembled around my shaft. I still continued feeling another climax building inside me. I concentrated on the feelings being transmitted through my shaft. She slumped down in the chair again. I felt my balls tightening for another explosion.

“Stop … stop,” she requested.

But it was too late. I was on autopilot and too close to cumming a second time. It usually took me longer to recover, however the unique feeling of her pussy overcame the normal recovery time. I had an intense climax and rammed hard into her shooting what I had remaining deep inside her. Miri arched her back again for her third orgasm with me inside her. I remained deep inside her until we both recovered. When I was able I withdrew from her, then propped myself up before getting up and moving back to the other chair. I lay down on the chair. My penis was now limp. Miri finally interrupted the silence.

“I told you to stop,” she said.

I thought I was in trouble and would be asked to leave or worse.

“I’m glad you didn’t. It was amazingly intense,” she said. “Thank you!”

I was surprised by her response. She had been so controlling and yes, selfish, up to this point. It took a few seconds to find my voice.

“You are welcome,” I softly responded.

“I see you don’t think I am sincere,” she said. “I guess I will have to prove it to you.”

Miri got up from her chair. She downed the remainder of her drink, then moved around over to my chair. She sat down by my knees. I became curious and apprehensive as to what she had in mind. Miri placed one of her hands between my legs and moved up to my balls. She tenderly cupped one of my balls in her fingers. She lightly rubbed the outside with her fingertips. After a minute she straddled the chair facing me and put my legs on top of hers on each side of her body. She took one of my balls in each of her hands. Gently she massaged them. I moaned. My penis slowly began to stiffen. I saw a smile form on Miri’s face. She lightly scratched down the middle of my scrotum. My penis jumped. Miri’s smile got bigger. She shifted on the chair until she was lying between my legs with her mouth near my groin. I felt one of my testicles go into her mouth. The moist, warm feeling that washed over it felt fantastic. Her tongue moved around it, rubbing it, and pushing against it. My pole was quickly at full staff. I sighed when she released my testicle from her mouth. However I moaned when she took my second testicle into her mouth. Again the fantastic feeling of her tongue manipulation overwhelmed my senses. Then her hand wrapped around my erection. Slowly, methodically she began pumping from base to head. Miri released my second testicle from her mouth. Again I sighed. Then her tongue began licking my shaft and moved upward. My erection ached from earlier and the current intensity. I knew it would take something and some time to trigger my climax since I had already cum twice a short time ago.

I moaned again when her lips first touched the head of my penis. Miri looked up to see the pleasure on my face. I saw lust in her eyes. She kissed firmly around the head. She then pursed her lips and sucked hard on the head of my penis. The head of my penis was sucked against her teeth which were partially open. Miri’s tongue licked across the tip and pressed on the tip. Miri’s lips moved to cover the head of my penis, then sucked it past her teeth. Her tongue swirled around it. She definitely was experienced. After a short time she went down on me. She took me in her mouth as far as she could before she gagged. She moved up and down my rod using her tongue like she had a popsicle. I started to feel the pressure building. My erection was steel hard. Miri surprised me. She took all of me into her mouth. The head of my penis was down her throat. My balls tightened. I climaxed. My penis spasmed a number of times. I had very little remaining to shoot down her throat. But the feeling was unique and intense. She withdrew soon after and just smiled at me until I recovered my breathing.

“I hope you enjoyed,” she said. “Well, I don't have to hope. I know you did.”

“Yes, I did very much enjoy it. I hope you were satisfied by my performance,” I replied.

“You know I am. You are everything my sister said you were,” She said. “What time is it? I have to pick up my parents at the airport at 2:00.”

She got up and went into the house.

When she came back out she said, “I need to take a shower and leave. I'd invite you in, but I have a feeling our shower would last too long. How long are you house sitting?”

“Two more weeks,” I answered.

“Good! Plenty of time to have more experiences,” she said. “See you again soon!”

She disappeared into the house. I watched until she disappeared, before walking to my uncle’s house next door.

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Miranda (Mandy's sister)

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