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  1. Goblin’s Rise Ch1
  2. Goblins’ Rise Ch2
  3. Goblin’s Rise Ch3
  4. Goblins’ Rise Ch4
  5. Goblins’ Rise Ch.5

Goblins’ Rise Ch2

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Domination/submission, Monster

Author: Satinslip

Published: 02 November 2018

  • Font:

Cleveland was a boring town.

Rebecca had always wanted to live in New York or Miami. But her mother had been sick for so long. Then life just sort of got in the way.

Still, she and her husband found ways to make life bearable. They were, what her friends at work call, sexually adventurous.

Becca was Bi, though she much preferred women as sexual partners. Not that she didn’t truly love her husband. They both enjoyed sharing each other with different people. Swinging was a regular part of their life.

Like at the beach house party. A wealthy couple they knew had some willing people stick around for the after party.

There were three women and six guys.

One couple just wanted to watch. The hostess got Becca’s husband to herself.

That left Poor Rebecca to please four men all on her own. Something she knew her husband would enjoy watching.

The party's host, a man twice her age, slowly pushes down the straps of her pink bikini.

She was in her early thirties, and though she had put on a few pounds, still had a hot body.

The men who had gathered uncomfortably close around her certainly seemed to think so. A hand squeezing her sweet round ass sending shivers up her spine.

The thin top finally falls away from her round E-cup tits. They only have the slightest of sag, the older gentleman finds as he gently squeezes them.

Rebecca gasps as her curly golden hair is yanked from behind. Lips kissing her neck as her head is pulled back.

Fingers slide into her pink bikini bottoms. What little gentleness there was disappearing as her wet pussy is roughly squeezed.

"Whore." The old man whispers. The blonde gasps as he pinches her nipples.

Her pink bottoms are untied and pulled away. She yelps at a sharp spank on her rear.

Then she is pushed to her knees. The older man's suit gone. His hard cock, surrounded by little grey hairs, in her face.

Obediently she leans in and, grasping the shaft, begins licking the tip of his dick.

There are a couple more sharp slaps on her round ass. No doubt leaving hand marks on her pale skin. Then someone grabs her hips.

She sucks in as much of the cock in her face as she can. Then Gwen moans long and loud around the stiff dick as her wet cunt is filled.

"Fuck yeah." A man says from behind her. Slapping her rear again before pounding away.

Like a jackhammer in her pussy the man uses her. The other men reaching for her big dangling tits. Groping and mauling her beautiful orbs.

Her host’s dick deep in her throat. She reaches one arm up to grab the man's ass. Carefully steadying herself with the other.

She lets her body ride the wave of stimulation. The men, two of which she only met tonight, using her beautiful body for their own pleasure.

This was how her husband liked it. Men using and abusing her. Fucking her like a toy. She wasn't a person. Just an object to be used up and tossed away after.

Honestly that's how she liked it as well. With men anyway.

With women it was usually different. She enjoyed fulfilling each other's needs. Her husband was usually fine with that. Though, on occasion he enjoyed watching Gwen get dominated by a female partner.

Gwendolyn's body shivers as she has her first orgasm of the night.

The cock in her mouth soon shoots its load. Most of which she swallows.

Just another degrading act that helps turn her on.

Then the man behind her cums. His jizz dripping down her thigh as he pulls out.

The men move to swap places. The two others impatient for their turn.

Before she starts to swallow the next cock she glances over at her naked husband. Sitting on a lounge chair, the mature hostess straddling his lap. Bouncing up and down as she gasps her own pleasure.

Nick gives her a smile and a wink before a rough hand directs her face to another crotch. Another hard dick.

That was a few months ago.

Now everything had turned to ash. There was no joy in her life.

It had been more than a month since Nicholas had gone missing. And no sign of his return.

I was enjoying the view. Karagoth, her hands tied behind her back, naked, on her knees before me.

"How do you plead?" I asked.

"I am innocent, master?" The orc woman said unconvincingly. Her big breasts jutted out as she leaned back.

"I deny your request for mercy. You are to be punished for your crimes." I motion to her goblin guards.

They step forward and force her face down. Into the dirt. Her sweet ass now in the air.

"Begin." I order.

"Oh, woe is me." The green girl moans. Also unconvincing.

Gort, looking a little nervous, pulls back his hand and begins whipping her ass with a belt. Kara cries out with each lash, but is obviously acting.

That's ok. It still gives me a raging boner. Much to Trishandra's delight. Sitting next to me, the half naked teen has her hand in my pants stroking my dick.

After a couple minutes of whipping I motion for the goblin to stop. "It's time to show this whore her true place in this world."

“No! Please master. Anything but that." Kara says as Gort rubs his big green dick against her lighter green pussy. Another minion pulling her face up by her hair.

She grunts as Gort shoves deep inside her. Then sucks in the dick pressed to her lips.

I turn to the raven haired teen. She moans excitedly as I grab her large breast through her thin linen top. Little more than a plain white crop top. It's soft, but not as soft as her squeezable tits.

I lift her shirt up revealing her glorious orbs. "Ooh, daddy!" Trish moans as I suck her perky nipples. Kara getting plowed by goblins nearby.

Then the teen hops up, shimmies out of her shorts, and straddles my lap.

I kiss her neck as she pulls my dick out. She groans loudly as she slides down on it. Her warm wet twat engulfing my iron fuck rod.

The green orc coughs a bit as the goblin in front of her cums in her mouth. Only to be replaced by another. She knew how much seeing her abused by goblins, beings she could easily defeat, turned me on.

Trish moans loudly. I can tell she is quickly rising toward an orgasm. She clenches her eyes shut, her arms loose around my neck. Her sweet, tight cunt bringing me quickly toward an orgasm of my own.

I try to hold off as long as I can. When the teen cums loudly, though, I can't stop from filling her with my seed.

"Mmn, thank you daddy." The teen whispers in my ear. Then, kissing me on the cheek, she stands up and heads off. Probably to find her twin. They had become insatiable since they lost their virginity.

They gave their mother a run for her money in the lusty wench department.

Gort had untied Karagoth, and was apologizing profusely to her. For her part, the orc just ignored him. None the worse for wear.

When she sits down next to me I give her a loving hug.

"Was that good?" She asks.

"Oh yes. I enjoyed it very much." I assure her.

She rests her head on my shoulder as we watch the others fucking. Half a dozen goblin men, and a few of the princesses. Plus Misoko.

We had gathered a few more goblins since entering the Biladi lands. We were up to thirty two men.

As I had hoped, life with us was better than living in the warrens and being a raider.

We were perhaps a week out from that first village. We had been traveling on a hard packed dirt road for a couple days. We figured it would lead us to a bigger town eventually.

In the early afternoon, as we crested a hill, we saw an ornate carriage. Flipped on its side. There were a few dead cat people bodies strewn about, and perhaps a dozen rat men picking over the wreckage.

They were bigger than my goblins, though not as tall as me. Perhaps five feet. They were bulky and hunched. Covered in dark fur. Where the cat, and rabbit people had facial features that were reminiscent of humans, these had faces that were fully bestial.

They had dragged a Biladi woman from the carriage. She was lying on her back as a rat man fucked her. Her fine dress had been mostly torn off. Revealing an attractive body, with grey fur and black stripes.

They must have been at her for a while. There didn't seem to be any fight left in the exhausted woman. Even as we advanced down the road, the ratman on top of her gets off. Obviously satisfied.

Two more make her get on her hands and knees. Docily she takes a cock in her mouth. Sucking as another is shoved into her well used twat.

Clawed hands slap and pinch her big dangling breasts. Probably DD's.

We are finally noticed when we get to the bottom of the hill. There are nearly forty of us after all.

Ratmen draw short, sharp swords from their heavy cloaks.

I had figured they would run when they saw us, but apparently they were intent on keeping their prize.

The two fucking the abused woman simply drop her in the dirt, drawing their own weapons.

We are probably fifty feet away when the beast rises from the other side of the carriage.

It looked much like the ratmen. Standing on its hind legs. But it was eight feet tall and made of muscle.

The beast roared as it charged toward us. An arrow from Misoko's new bow doing nothing to deter it.

It crashed into our group like a wrecking ball. Sending goblins flying. None of my little green men turned and ran though.

Close behind the rat-beast were its smaller cousins. Swords flashing as they met my green soldiers.

Kara decides the giant beast is a worthy foe and begins laying into it with her axe. Swinging and dodging with a finesse surprising for such a large, brutal weapon.

Gort and another goblin do their best to distract the monstrosity, while not getting mauled by its claws. Giving the leather clad orc opportunities to land blow after blow.

I parry a ratman's blade then kick him in the chest as I move to slash another from behind.

I can see a handful of goblins are down. Dead or injured, there isn't time to tell.

The white Usagi girl fires arrows into the melee. Some striking the beast, some the ratmen. Amanatia stands next to her. Crossbow ready, but not secure enough in her skills to fire so close to our men.

I kill another of the ratmen when I hear a loud gurgle and a thump from behind me. I turn to see the giant, dead on the ground. Kara desperately trying to free her axe from its skull.

She needn't have worried. With their champion down the few rats left turn and scatter. Abandoning the fight.

"Ooh, shoot!" The goblin princess shouts, barely missing one of the retreating foes.

Three goblins were dead. A few more injured. Though, as before, I found I could heal their wounds with a touch and some words of encouragement.

"Looks like you are a wizard." Kara says disapprovingly.

"Maybe. Though I don't seem to be able to do more than heal goblins." I answer.

We go check on the carriage and the woman.

She is definitely the only survivor. Though, other than the sex, she seems unharmed. Miso helps her sit up, rousing her with water from her waterskin.

The woman is attractive. Black hair to her shoulders, sets off her grey furred skin. The black stripes make her seem even more exotic than the bunny girl comforting her.

I would guess she was a few years older than me, in my mid thirties. Already composing herself, she had an inner strength that was impressive.

She stands, with Miso's help, and clasps her torn dress, in an effort to regain some modesty.

"I am the Countess Divya. Am I speaking to my rescuers, or further captors?" She looks around dubiously at the goblins combing over the wreckage.

"Today, lets say rescuers." I tell her. "I am...uh...Captain Nicholas. And these are my loyal men. Uh, and women."

She gives me a sly smile. "The title sits uncomfortably on you."

"Yes ma'am. It's fairly new." I hope I'm not blushing. "Lets see what we can do to get you back on your way."

"Nothing I fear." She says looking around with a slight shudder.

On inspection, the rat-beast wasn't hiding on the other side of the tipped carriage to ambush us. It had been eating what was left of the horses.

With some effort, we turn the ornate carriage back upright.

"Thank you for your assistance." The Biladi woman says. "If you can escort me to Fazilk I would make it well worth your while."

"We would be happy to." I tell her with a smile.

"Boss! Boss!" A goblin comes running to me with a piece of paper. "This is important. I think it's important. Is...is this important?"

He shoves the page at me.

Drawn in chalk is the unmistakable form of the Countess's ornate carriage. "Where did you get this?" I ask.

"One of doze rats." He says. Pointing to the bodies of the ratmen we had slain.

I show the paper to Divya. "What does this mean?" She asks.

"This wasn't a random robbery. Someone set those ratmen on you." Her eyes go wide at my revelation.

"Who would do such a thing?"

Looking in the distance for any suspicious sign, I answer, "I don't know, but it looks like you have an enemy.

We take a long break. Gertrude helps the Countess repair her dress. Well enough to travel anyway. She probably won't wear it to any parties.

Gort convinces me that twenty goblins could pull the carriage to town. If they swapped out regularly.

Countess Divya is quite pleased at that and offers a bonus if we get it home. She isn't even too disgruntled when I inform her that she would still have to walk.

"The lighter the carriage is the better chance we have of getting it the whole way."

She stares at me for a moment. She has brown cat eyes with little flecks of gold.

"You care for your men." She says. "You would not find many with sympathy for goblins."

After burying her servants, we are on our way.

The elegant woman walks next to me as we travel. I ask her about the city we are traveling to.

"Oh! A wonderful place. It has a delightful theater district, and many fine restaurants." Her deion was not tactically helpful. But interesting all the same. I got to learn much more about upperclass scandals than I wanted.

That evening Gort comes up to me and asks, "Hey, boss. We calling off sex time for tonight?"

I ponder for a moment. "No. I don't think so. If our guest is offended I will invite her to take a walk with a couple guards."

All the same, at dinner I sit next to Divya. "I wanted to warn you about what will happen after dinner." She looks at me intrigued. "Someone will tell a couple stories, usually me, then a group will gather to...well..."

"To do what?" She asks.

"Well, there will be a small orgy. I don't want to offend you. So if you like I can have some guards escort you for a stroll."

She grins. "I wouldn't dream of it. A goblin orgy, you say? I would be quite interested."

So after the meal I sit and tell a couple stories of my home at the princesses' insistence. Then some blankets are laid down, and people start stripping.

The countess grins, and her eyes go wide as the boys begin fucking the girls.

Sitting close to the cat woman, it is obvious the show turns her on. Her breathing comes faster. Her pointy ears twitch. She sits enrapt. Her hands caressing her thighs through the ruined dress.

Finally she looks at me with a smile. "Delicious." She scoots closer. Our bodies now touching. She leans in and places one hand on my thigh while she points at the twins with the other.

"See how the goblin's dark skin contrasts with the pale of the girls'?" Calli was on her back a goblin between her spread thighs. Trish was on her hands and knees above her, their faces locked in an upside down kiss. Another goblin riding her from behind. Occasionally slapping her sweet ass.

"They are young. Yes?" The Countess asks. Her hand rubbing the inside of my thigh. Getting closer and closer to my crotch.

"Yes, eighteen. Just barely women." We could hear Trishandra moaning loudly through her kiss as her first orgasm of the night approached.

The cat woman's fingers are now caressing my hard dick through my pants. "It's all so exquisite." She whispers in my ear. "Ravish me." She orders. "Tear my dress off. Treat me like a whore."

She lets out an excited gasp when I rip open her blouse, and push her to the ground. I grab her big tits and lean in to suck firmly on her nipples.

"Oh! Oh, yes!" She cries.

I nibble on her little buds as my hands move down her dress tearing at where it was repaired. Once she is completely bare to my advances I roughly grab her wet pussy.

"Ready, whore?" I growl at her.

"Oh! Yes, please." She fumbles at my crotch, having a hard time with my zipper.

I help her pull my hungry cock out. Then I grab her dark hair and yank her head back. I bite her bared neck as I plunge my dick into her wet cunt.

The Countess's body shakes as she immediately has an orgasm.

I pinch her nipples hard as she cries out, riding her orgasm for all it's worth.

As she finally comes down I start to thrust inside her slowly.

"Ooh, you feel so good." She tells me. Pulling off my shirt. She runs her hands up my chest. "So bare." My body shivers when she tweaks my nipples. Then she moves her hands to my back. Pulling me in close for a kiss.

I hear Trish loudly having another orgasm, somewhere behind me as my tongue intertwined with Divya's.

My cock twitches, and I grunt as I cum deep in the noblewoman's cunt.

"Ooh, very good captain." She says as we rest. My dick slowly getting soft inside her.

She slept snuggled next to me that night. Over the next couple days she enjoyed traveling half naked, or even fully nude at times. She also had sex with many members of the troupe. Boys and girls.

She especially enjoyed learning that Gertrude and her daughters were not just lusty, but also quite submissive. The countess could often be found giving one of them a sweet spanking.

On the third day we began to see other travelers, and late in the day the walls of Fazilk. A good size city from the looks of it.

It had been tiring work, but the boys had gotten the carriage to the town. The Countess got us through the city gates without trouble.

We got a lot of stares walking through the streets, but soon were in the courtyard of Divya's large mansion.

A dozen servants came out to greet her. They were dismayed at news of the deaths of her guards, but happy that she was back and safe.

The countess introduces me to her people. Then tells them to take care of my men, before leading me inside.

She takes me to a garden where she introduces me to her husband, the Count. After briefly telling him about the attack on the road.

"Call me Ritvik." He says, taking my hand.

I railed your wife, Ritvik. Out loud, "It’s a pleasure to meet you sir."

"Captain Nicholas, saved my life dear. We owe him for his service. As well as for the carriage." Divya tells him, as she puts her arm around me in an overly friendly way. Though if he notices, he doesn't mention it.

"I don't suppose you are interested in flowers?" The Count asks, as he leads us to the counting room. "It's really a fascinating subject." He continues, not waiting for my answer.

Walking the halls behind him the Countess can't keep her hands off me. Squeezing my ass, kissing my neck, rubbing my crotch. All behind her unaware cuckold of a husband.

We reach a small office. Ritvik sits at a large wooden desk. He pulls out a pair of accounting books and a sack of coins. The whole time talking about his passion, flowers.

Behind him Divya runs her hand down my stomach and into my pants. Her fuzzy fingers stroking my cock to hardness. Though it didn't have far to go.

With a wicked grin she drops to her knees. I gasp slightly as she pulls out my cock and sucks the whole thing inside her mouth. Her husband counting coins and talking about the best planting seasons.

I can't last long. Not with her soft fingers caressing my balls, or the eroticism of the situation. Getting blown by a man's lovely wife, as he counts out money to pay me.

The Countess swallows every last drop of jizz. Putting my cock away and standing up, a big smile on her face.

Ritvik stands and hands me a sack. He takes my hand once again. "Thank you for rescuing my wife. I don't know how I'd get along without her."

She snuggles in to him with a big hug. "My love. How could I get along without you?" She asks, giving him a kiss. She certainly seems sincere.

Stepping away from him she turns serious. "Nicholas thinks I wasn't the target of a random attack. I think we should retain the services of him and his men. At least until we can hire on more guards."

Her husband in agreement I head back to the courtyard to get the troupe situated.

Karagoth assures me that the payment I had been given was quite generous. I'm still not sure how much stuff is worth here.

The mansion, which is practically a tiny castle, has an old guardhouse. Only a few of the rooms had been in use before us. It could probably hold sixty or seventy men comfortably.

A little later Kara, Gort, and I are walking the grounds. Discussing how best to guard the mansion.

The place is a small compound in the middle of the city. An eight foot stone wall surrounds the grounds, the main house, and the out buildings. There really isn't much in the way of a lawn. The courtyard, a couple gardens, and a twenty foot strip of ground between the wall and any building.

"We will put a couple men in the gatehouse. Teams of three to patrol the wall on the inside. I wish there was a rampart." Kara instructs us.

"Well we will make due with what we have." I tell her.

"We need better weapons." She retorts.

I nod. "Lets use some of our funds to upgrade what we got. We should fully stock up now that we are in a real town." I turn to Gort. "Is that something you can do?"

"Sure boss. I can track down the best deals anyway. Miss Kara may want to look at the goods before we buy."

The green woman nods approvingly. Obviously pleasing the goblin.

"Lets take the opportunity to find more recruits. We will probably be stationary for a little while so they can come to us."

"Sir?" I turn to find one of the Biladi servants. "The Count would like to see you."

"I leave the rest in your capable hands." I tell my companions, before following the servant.

He leads me to the smaller garden. Full of flowers.

"Sir." I greet the Count, as he bids me sit at an ornate iron table.

"I just wanted to clear the air. My wife likes her little games, but sometimes forgets people can get hurt." I nod, I guess he isn't clueless to his wife's activities. "I have no problem with my wife wanting to fuck everything in sight. Occasionally I join in her games. Like today."

"Today, sir?"

He gives me a wink. "I do enjoy taking about flowers, but that story is designed to allow my wife to play directly behind my back. You are not the first to hear about planting seasons."

I give him a smile. One that he returns.

"Anyway, I wanted you to know that you don't have to be discreet. Not behind these walls anyway. Especially not if it would impact keeping us safe. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes sir. I think so sir." I tell him.

"Great, then I will see you at dinner."

Dinner was a quiet affair. Just me and my employers. The Countess bid me tell stories of my homeland. I obliged, much to the interest of her husband.

Afterward we sipped drinks in the garden as Ritvik told me a little about the politics of the town. Basically a city state. Though it also encompassed two slightly smaller towns.

"Boring. This is boring." Divya announces. "You go get that nice Gertrude woman, and bring her to our bed chambers." The Countess orders me.

With a nod, and shrug from her husband I head to our barracks.

"The count and Countess have requested our company." I tell the plump, mature beauty.

"Oh my. I...I don't have anything appropriate to wear." She says brushing her simple dress.

"That's ok, I think this will be clothing optional."

"Oh? Ohhh. Is that ok?" She asks a little worried.

"Apparently." I lead her out, and into the mansion.

We get directions to the second floor. Where the master bedroom overlooks the big garden.

"Oh! This is lovely." Gertrude says when we enter the large bedroom.

"I'm so glad you could make it." Divya says, coming forward to give the human woman a kiss and a hug.

The Count had slipped into something more comfortable. Yellow silk boxers, that set off his dark brown fur.

The Countess, on the other hand, had slipped into something less comfortable. A tight corset, that pushed her ample bosom up. Presenting them almost as a gift. She also wore lace panties and stockings. All under a sheer robe.

After welcoming Gertrude, she slides her body up next to mine. Slipping her hand down my pants. She gives my cock a squeeze and says, "This is my husband Ritvik. Why don't you and he get aquatinted dear."

The Countess leads me over to a big chair, as the count kisses the plump woman's hand. She pushes me down and straddles my lap. Her cleavage pressed into my face as she pulls her robe open. "You like?"

"Oh yes." I tell her, grabbing and squeezing her ass. Much to her delight.

I kiss all over her cleavage, my fingers moving to caress her pussy through her panties. Across the room the Count helps Gertrude out of her dress. He seems quite happy with her ample rear.

Divya pulls my shirt off, and I pull her tits out of the corset. She gasps excitedly when I suck and nibble on her hardened nipples. My fingers now under her lace panties and brushing into her wet pussy.

The count has bent his human partner over the bed. She moans loudly, his face buried in her asscheeks. His tail snapping back and forth excitedly.

"I need you in me, Nicholas." The Countess whispers in my ear. Her hands fumble between us, freeing my stiff dick from my pants. She pushes her panties aside and impales herself on my fuck rod.

She groans in pleasure. A sound matched by me as her warm pussy engulfs my cock. I grab her black hair and hold her face against my shoulder as I start to thrust inside her.

On the bed Gertrude is now on her back. The Count lying between her meaty thighs. Thrusting deep into her as she moans. He squeezes and kisses her big tits as she runs her fingers up and down his fuzzy back.

"Cum inside me, Nicholas. Cum inside me quick. Show this worthless slut the disrespect she deserves." The Countess orders me. I can feel my orgasm building quick at her urging.

Still thrusting I grab her nipples and squeeze them rough as I cum. The cat woman squealing in pain and excitement as she orgasms with me.

Moments later she is still panting on my lap. My dick getting soft in her messy twat. She kisses me up and down my neck as we rest. I softly massage her soft breasts.

"That was great." She moans.

On the bed, Gertrude was riding the Count cowgirl style. She squeezed her huge tits while he grabbed her ass.

"Time for round two." Divya announces sliding off my lap to her knees before me. She leans in to take my soft cock in her mouth. Sucking it back to life.

In this way the four of us play until late into the night.

"Ten crossbows. They are small but in good shape. A dozen spears and two dozen short swords. The spears should give the goblins an advantage versus bigger opponents." Karagoth was discussing the new weapons she and, Gort had purchased. "The crossbows were expensive, but will be a great asset in combat."

It had been a couple days. Everyone was settling into a routine. The grounds were well guarded by my men. Under the orc's careful tutelage.

"Everything seems great." I tell her giving her a squeeze on the shoulder. "This job is giving us a great opportunity to get our feet under us."

She nods. "Gort has a line on some possible recruits. Goblins are rare here, but not unknown."

"Great, we could use the help." I say. Though I know she wishes it was orcs flocking to my banner.

That evening I waited for Kara to join me in bed. I was nude and anticipating a fun romp with the orc woman. My reverie interrupted by a knock on the door.

I could hear arguing on the other side as I approached. I smile as I open the door. "Natia, Jade. Come in."

Both goblin princesses stare at my semi-hard cock for a moment. Conveniently close to face height on the diminutive girls.

The two enter, each wearing the heavy cloaks that cover them from neck to foot. A must to help ward off advances back in their goblin warren. Now I rarely see them worn. Some days it seemed as if there was a contest between the nine princesses to see who could wear the least.

"What can I do for you lovely ladies?" I ask, Amanatia blushing at the compliment. Jadara, though, is all business.

"We would like to request some funds." She starts. Her eyes dart to my dick, even though she tries to maintain eye contact. "We know our funds are limited, but now that we are in a city there are some things that we want."

Smiling, "I'm listening."

Then the two push their cloaks back. They were nearly nude underneath.

Jade wore tight silk shorts, White against her darker green skin. She also had a matching bra, tight against her C-cup tits. I could see her areola, and dark pubic hair through the nearly clear material.

Natia had a pink silk cropped top. I could make out the hardness of her nipples, and just see the bottoms of her light green breasts the top was so short. She had pink, silk panties. Tied by strings at her hips. She also had matching thigh high stockings.

"We saved up for this. Do you like?" Amanatia asks, giving me a twirl.

"I like it a lot." I assure her. I can feel my dick getting harder.

"We would like funds to buy more." Jade informs me. "Everyone would like a bit of lingerie to wear. And some other beauty products."

"We want to look pretty for you." Natia says with a cute pout. "Sex slaves are supposed to look pretty, aren't they?"

"Well you both are beautiful, and I'm sure we can find room in the budget for sex slaves."

The redhead moves to my left side and hugs me happily. Her hand moving to my dick. Her fingers just lightly tickling the underside as it twitches.

"There's something else." Jade says moving to my right side. Also hugging me. Her fingers squeezing the tip of my cock. "We want some more writing slates and chalk. Also a couple note books and writing utensils. If we can afford it." She squeezes my tip hard to punctuate her request.

"Mmn, I think we can arrange that." I tell them.

The girls push me back on the bed. Then turn to each other.

Jadara grabs the lighter skinned girl, pulling her in for a passionate kiss. Their hands gently exploring each other's body.

Mint green hands tweak Jadara's nipples through her bra. One darker hand slides under Natia's pink top to squeeze her ample breast. The other reaches out to slowly stroke my cock.

Then Jadara grabs the other princess, pushing her roughly over my cock as she gasps. Amanatia happily licks my dick as Jade slides a hand between her thighs.

As she takes my cock fully in her mouth, Natia moans. Jadara'a fingers plunging deep in her twat. The darker skinned girl grins and begins slapping her pink clad ass as she fingers her.

The two princesses had long been rivals, but now it was clear who had come out on top, at least sexually, as Jadara dominates her red headed friend.

Pushing Natia to my side, Jade climbs on me pulling off her bra. She straddles my crotch running her fingers through her short cropped, dark blue hair.

Amanatia moans with her need as she slides a hand under her panties next to us.

I reach up with one hand and caress Jade's pussy through the smooth silk of her tight shorts. With my other I reach under Natia's top, gently squeezing her big tits.

Jadara quickly shimmies out of her white shorts. Then sits down on my hard dick with a loud sigh. Her small frame taking the whole thing. She places her hands on my chest and starts to bounce up and down.

The other girl moves up and kisses me eagerly on the lips. Her, slightly bumpy, goblin tongue sliding against mine.

I reach down and push aside her pink panties. Shoving two fingers as deep as I can inside her. She grinds her crotch against my hand with her need.

With my other hand I grab Jadara by her short hair. Enjoying her tight cunt as she rides me.

The dark green princess finally comes to a gasping orgasm atop me. When she comes down I gently push her off on the other side of me.

Amanatia impatiently starts to climb on top of me for her turn. She lets out a 'Whoop!' When I flip her off.

Getting to my knees I slap her upturned ass as I push her face into the bed. She groans as I yank down her panties. Then screams excitedly when I stuff her tight fuck hole balls deep.

One hand forcefully shoving her face into the cushion, the other slapping her green rear, I fuck the sweet princess.

She grunts and groans as she quickly orgasms. I follow soon after. Filling her with my love juice.

Afterward I lie on the bed, a satisfied princess snuggling either side of me.

"I like lingerie." I say sleepily, with a smile.

"Captain Nicholas, this is my good friend Farzaneh." The Countess introduced me to a mature Biladi woman. She was a light brown with while spots. The fur on her face and ears had turned white. A mature woman. Early fifties I'd guess.

"Pleased to meet you." She said with a husky voice. A singer's voice. We shake hands. "And this is my assistant Priyala."

Her assistant was much younger. Not much older than the twins. She had light orange fur with black stripes, somewhat like a tiger. And piercing green eyes. She was beautiful with some generous cleavage. D-cups at least.

"Charmed, I'm sure." I say.

"Looks like the good Captain is infatuated." The older woman says. Causing the fur on Priyala's pointy ears to bristle in embarrassment.

The Countess smiles. "Farzaneh has a problem. She is an explorer."

Jumping in, the older woman says, "Being an explorer isn't the issue. It's getting good crew for my excavations, because I'm a woman." She sighs. Looking quite put upon.

"Our city isn't as forward thinking as your land, Nicholas." Divya says. "Most that would be willing to be led by a woman for money can't be trusted." She puts her arm around my waist. I can see the faint gleam of growing lust in her eyes. Something I have grown familiar with in the week since we have been here. "I thought you wouldn't have a problem taking orders from a woman. Not if she knew what she was doing anyway." She gives me an unsubtle wink.

"We would be happy to help. But what about guarding here?" I ask.

"I would only need a handful of crew members." The mature Biladi tells me.

"It would be quite lucrative for you, I'm sure." The Countess says.

I find Karagoth watching over the gatehouse. She looks grumpy when I explain things to her.

"I don't like the idea of splitting our forces. Especially when we don't know who our enemies are."

"I know. It will only be a few men, and only for a few days." I assure her. "I want your opinion on who should go."

After some deliberations we decide on myself, the bunny girls, Amanatia, a princess named Aklatan and four of the boys. Kara will stay to continue leading the defense of the mansion.

The next morning, before dawn we leave from the mansion. The nine of us plus Farzaneh, and her assistant Priyala. We have a horse drawn cart filled with equipment.

The older cat woman explains that she is a professor. Having been schooled at some far off academy. From what she described she was an archeologist. Though it sounded like the field was in its early stages. Mostly tomb robbing.

Which it turns out was what we were going to do.

Farzaneh had discovered the site of an ancient battle just a couple days travel. She wanted to see if we could find the burial site of the winning general.

"I am quite sure it is there. And if so well worth the trouble." She says with confidence.

I tell her a bit about myself and how I fell in with the goblins. Pretty Priyala tells us about her schooling. She isn't just an apprentice to the Professor, she is also a neophyte wizard.

"I really only know a few minor spells." She says, embarrassed at the attention. "But I am learning."

That evening we set up tents. Some of the new gear we had bought.

That would give us some privacy for the evenings antics. After dinner Miso and the princesses fucked the boy's in their tent, while Saki and I made quiet love in mine.

Later, sitting around the campfire it was obvious the Biladi women knew what we did. Priyala kept looking at me, then quickly away embarrassed.

That's ok, our recreation is part of the deal.

When we turn in, the girls sleep with me. It's a little tight, but they are very snugglie.

Our third day is mostly spent wandering from field to field. Digging holes. Looking for signs that only mean something to Farzaneh.

Finally she declares, "This is it! I'm sure this time."

The boys start digging, but this time actually find bones and pieces of old armor.

"If there is a famous general buried here, why isn't there a marker or something?" I ask.

"Ah, good question." The Professor starts. "Our ancestors thought that they honored the dead by leaving them in peace. He will be buried deep, with no sign as to where. But I found some first hand accounts recorded in a book discussing the war. I think we can find it."

The rest of the day is a flurry of digging. We find a lot of bones and some ancient weapons, but little else.

"Mmn, do you think we will actually find the tomb?" Aklatan asks, sitting in my lap with my cock inside her. She moves up and down slowly, her forehead resting on my chest.

""I don't know. It's really not my area of expertise." I tell her. My hands squeezing her cute ass.

She had brought one of the notebooks we had bought and was doing her best to record our journey. She was probably the farthest along in learning letters, and was a good artist. So far most of her notes were quick drawings.

She was a cute little goblin, shorter than most of the rest. With skin so light it was almost yellow, and perky little B-cup tits. She had a big shock of pink hair on her head, but a bald pussy. And she had to squint to see stuff far away.

"Ooh! Mmn. I hope we do find it. Wouldn't that be exciting?" She bites my shoulder as her body starts trembling. She doesn't want to be loud, but can't stop herself from squeaking as she has a strong orgasm.

"Ooooh!" I lean her over so she is on her back and I'm atop of her. Thrusting deep in her tight cunt. Quickly I shoot my seed inside her.

I roll on my back and she lays her head on my chest. I pet her pink hair as we rest. We can hear the people in the other tent still fucking.

"Thanks for bringing me, Boss." Aki murmurs happily.

"You're a good girl, Aki."

The next day I sit on a log after lunch. The boys digging more holes. Priyala sits next to me. Obviously nervous at our closeness.

"Thank you for helping us with all this." She says.

"It's my pleasure." I give the girl a smile.

She settles into silence for a bit as we watch the goblins work. Then, "Do you...are none of these women your, um wife?"

I give her a grin. "I had a wife in my homeland. But she is lost to me now." I sweep my arm around. "Here I have many lovely partners."

"Oh. I'm sorry for your loss."

"Well, me too. But there is nothing I can do."

"What if..."

"WE FOUND IT!" The Professor cries from across the field. Priyala hopping up like she was caught doing something she shouldn't.

We both head over, the young woman moving quicker than me. As if she doesn't want to be seen associating with me.

We all gather around a hole out of which a couple goblins are pulling a big, half melted shield.

"This shield has been burned by dragon fire. It could only be the shield of Larst. And if this is where he fell then the general...must be..." She starts walking slowly. "Somewhere...overhere." She stands beaming at us. Waving her arms around.

The boys start in with renewed vigor, digging where she directs. In about an hour they have uncovered an area of worked stone. Farzaneh seems about to explode, she is so excited.

"How do we get in?" I ask.

"The seal. It's the last stone they would have placed." She says.

The goblins spend the rest of the day uncovering more and more, but no sealstone.

"This seems bigger than just a little tomb." I say as we sit for dinner.

"Well we can expect to find at least three big rooms. There may also be guardians" the mature Biladi says.

"Guardians?" Misoko asks.

"Oh yes. A golem or two. Perhaps some undead. The tomb is ancient so the magics may have burned themselves out. But there most certainly would have been something to guard such an important man." The Professor explained.

After we ate Farzaneh came up to me. "This could be the most important find of my career."

"Well, we are glad to be a small part of it then." I tell her with a friendly smile.

"Yes, quite. The whole endeavor has me quite excited."

"I can imagine." I say.

She looks at me like I was a dense student. "Yes, but also excited in a sexual manner. It is quite obvious that you would be fully capable in assisting me with my needs." She grabs my shirt and kisses me fully on the mouth, before gently pushing me toward her tent.

"Take your clothes off, human." She orders as she unbuttons her dress. Pulling off my shirt, I back into her tent. Watching as she strips to a simple linen shift and short bloomers.

She helps tug off my pants as she crawls in after me. I can hear her purring as she moves close to my naked body.

She slowly licks her way up my inner thigh. Her tongue rough, like sandpaper against my skin. My spine tingles from the sensation.

She reaches my crotch, grasping my dick with her fuzzy hand. She grins at me, then leans down and gently rasps her tongue on the tip of my cock.

I groan at the nearly painful scraping on my most sensitive flesh. My balls clench, and my breath catches with each maddening lick.

The mature cat woman finally has mercy and kisses her way up my chest. Taking one final lick along my neck.

I grab at her shift, yanking it over her head. The Professor has a nice pair of DD tits. Saggy and white with age, but big and squeezable.

While I grope her dangling breasts, she pulls off her bloomers. Lowering her crotch to mine.

She grinds her wet twat along my rigid staff. Running her hands through her greying hair. I roll her nipples between my fingers and give them a pinch as she purrs loudly.

Farzaneh reaches down, her eyes flashing at me. She angles my dick into her cunt. We groan together as it's buried deep.

I grab her hips and thrust as she rides my dick. She leans down directing her floppy tits to my face. I suck and bite at her nipples.

"Unh! Fuck!" She cries out as her orgasm washes over her.

I groan loudly myself, when I cum. Filling her with my jizz.

Soon she lies next to me. Sleepy and satisfied.

At least for a few hours.

In the middle of the night I am awakened as she climbs on top of me again. Grinding my cock to hardness with her insatiable cunt.

"Ssh!" She says with a smile. "We don't want to rouse the others."

In the morning the Professor and I dressed in her tent. Though she couldn't keep her hands off me. I'd like to say it's because I'm just that good, but I knew it was because she was a randy woman. Especially when she allowed herself to cut loose.

We step out to find that my men had already uncovered more of the tomb.

We walked over to see what they had found. Priyala looking up, then looking embarrassed when she sees us.

"Th...they have uncovered part of the entry. I think." The girl says.

Farzaneh nods in approval. "Yes. You are correct. Very good." She hops down in the hole. Inspecting the uncovered stone. Then motions to one side. "Here. Dig in this direction." She says before climbing out.

"Boss! Boss! Ma'am!" One of the goblins from the hole. It was just before noon.

Everyone gathered round to see the large silver block. It was surrounded by grey stone and cemented in. There was an engraving in the silver. Two hawks circling each other.

"This is it!" The Professor claps her hands in excitement and kisses me on the cheek. "That's the general's emblem."

She takes some time to inspect it while we watch.

"You and the Professor?" It was almost a whisper. Priyala standing next to me. Looking awkward.

"Yes?" I respond quietly.

"How was...I mean, humans are so different. How did..." She stumbles along, not sure how to ask me.

I smile warmly at her. "We aren't that different. It was quite enjoyable."

"Hmm. It sounded like it." She peers at me askance. As if to see if her cheekiness was unacceptable.

I reassure her with a smile, and she smiles back. A little more confident in her flirting.

Finally the goblins begin chipping away at the mortar around the big silver block. After a quick lunch they finally start to lift it from its resting place.

We all help pull the angled silver block to ground level. It must be solid silver, given how heavy it was.

I hop down and peer into the dark depths below. The air cool and dry. It smelled dusty and old. I could just make out a marble floor some thirty feet below.

I pick out two of the goblin men, and Misoko to be the first group to go down. Farzaneh insists on going as well.

"We will clear out any traps or monsters. Then the rest of you can come." I tell the group. Hopefully sounding more confident than I feel. It has been some time since I had been in battle without Karagoth to back me up.

We lower down on ropes. Lighting up the big room with a couple lanterns. I look around but don't see any torches or any way to light the room. Makes sense if no one was supposed to enter.

The room was thirty feet to a side. The walls were rough stone, but the floor was smooth marble. There was a round stone slab a couple feet high and ten feet across. Just off center, but very near where we dropped in.

Standing in the middle of the slab was a ten foot tall rough statue. It looked faintly like a Biladi warrior in full armor and it was moving before we had all touched down.

It wasn't fast, but it groaned. Almost as if it was angry.

I moved in low and slashed with my new sharp sword. Kara had picked it out for me at a high end shop. More ornate than my rusty orc blade.

Fancy and quick, though my long sword was, it had little effect. The statue stepped forward and punched the second goblin off the rope.

I heard something crunch inside his little green body, and he went flying into a corner, unmoving. Unconscious or dead, he was definitely out of the fight.

Misoko, thinking fast, simply dropped the rest of the way. Some fifteen feet. Landing lightly and rolling, she sprung to her feet firing off a quick arrow that deflected off the golem's shoulder.

The remaining goblin did what he could to draw the thing's attention. Easily stepping out of the way of its clumsy swings.

The three of us spend a full minute squaring off, but our blades and arrows have no effect.

"Maybe a hammer?" I call up at the hole as the golem lumbers around the room after my minion.

"Just run it around." The Professor calls down. "Its magic is nearly gone. It shouldn't take long for it to run out."

"Easy for you to say." I mumble, turning back to the monstrosity.

"Shouldn't take long?" Miso says sarcastically to me as we set about our work.

Sure enough she was right though. The golem gradually gets slower and quieter. Finally stopping.

One of my boys comes down with chisels and hammers and helps break the thing apart, while I check on the injured goblin.

He was alive but quite hurt. Even with my healing words he could barely move.

"You're lucky to be alive." I tell him as we tie him with ropes to be hoisted back to the surface.

"Thanks Boss." He croaks, giving me a wane smile.

The big room was mostly empty, except for the golem. There were statues in each of the corners. More ornate than the one we destroyed, and cast in bronze.

Farzaneh studied each statue in turn. "That's odd. These shouldn't be here. Bronzework like this wouldn't happen for a couple hundred years."

Finally, tired of the idiosyncratic statues, she begins to inspect the only door out of the room. A big stone slab covered in runes and sigils.

"Magically locked, I would guess." She says consulting her notebook. "We may need Priyala for this part."

The orange furred cat girl climbs down and inspects the door. Consulting her own notebook, and a gold wand.

Finally the door opens with a pained grinding noise. Opening into a short dark hall.

One of the boys and I make our way carefully down it. Watching for sign of traps.

When we make it safe to the end I wave for the others. Priyala following since no one told her not to.

We head down the wing that Farzaneh directs us. Another door, though this opens quite easily.

The room is similar to the first. Golem towards the center. Bronze statues in the corners.

There are also racks of weapons and armor. Pedestals with jewelry. A large chariot made of a dark wood. Shelves with items that were unclear from the door.

Feeling a bit more confident I approach the golem. Two goblins behind me and Miso moving to have a clear shot.

As I approach the golem makes a groaning noise...and that’s it.

It doesn’t move.

The Biladi women enter right when the four corner statues begin to move. Smoother and quicker than their golem counterpart. They are also more vulnerable, two of Miso’s arrows quickly sticking out of one.

The boys and I move to engage. Exchanging blows with two of the statues.

“Help them.” I order. Pointing at the cat women.

Priyala fires a bolt of force at one bronze guard. Knocking him to his back. The statue noticeably having trouble standing back up.

One of the goblins begins bashing its head with the hammer he still carried. Soon the statue stops moving.

I exchange a some quick blows with one of the guardians. Then dodging his swing, clean clear through his hand. With no weapon to stop me, I make short work of the bronze man.

I turn to find a slower statue approaching. Half a dozen arrows sticking out of him.

I easily kick him down and finish him off.

I turn to find that the goblins and the Biladi apprentice have destroyed the last guardian.

“Great job.” I tell the orange girl. Patting her on her shoulder. Her pointy ears twitch, and she smiles at me bashfully.

“Boss there’s bones in these statues.” One of the boys announces.

After some inspections, Farzaneh says, “They enchanted some of his soldiers. These weren’t statues at all. Just men turned to bronze so they would stand the ravages of time.” She looks at us with a smile. One mystery solved.

The last door was also magically sealed. This time it took more than an hour to crack it.

Inside was almost a disappointment. No golem. No statues. Not even an angry ghost.

Just a large sarcophagus surrounded by some braziers.

We search the tomb. Looking for any more hidden dangers, but find none.

We let the girls down to explore as well. Aklatan excited to record the site in her notebook.

Late in the evening the Professor comes up for food. Obviously anxious to get back to her study.


She takes some time to inspect it while we watch.

"You and the Professor?" It was almost a whisper. Priyala standing next to me. Looking awkward.

"Yes?" I respond quietly.

"How was...I mean, humans are so different. How did..." She stumbles along, not sure how to ask me.

I smile warmly at her. "We aren't that different. It was quite enjoyable."

"Hmm. It sounded like it." She peers at me askance. As if to see if her cheekiness was unacceptable.

I reassure her with a smile, and she smiles back. A little more confident in her flirting.

The next day we start to take select pieces to take in the cart. Leaving much of the equipment we brought here. The plan will be to make a few trips, and take everything of value from the tomb.

The overseeing of that I will leave to my men.

Saki has arranged an evening show in the big garden. Clothing optional, she said.

I had invited Priyala, as she was between trips to the tomb. She happily accepted.

“What do you mean clothing optional?” She asked as I took her cloak.

“I explained about the orgy.” She nods her cute little kitten face. Looking nervous and excited. “This is part of that. The audience is encouraged to enjoy each other as well as her show.”

“Should I go nude?” She asks.

“If you like.” I tell her. “I will match whatever you want. I want you to be comfortable.” I put my hand in the small of her back to guide her down the hall. “A lot of the girls will be wearing sexy sleep ware.”

She looks at me petulantly. “I don’t have anything like that.”

“I’m sure we could scrounge something up.”

Sure enough the twins are happy to help. Pria is a little taller, but looks lovely in a silk crop top and matching shorts.

Soon we are sitting on a padded bench. Sharing it with Gort and a princess named Nadzehia, who was topless. Wearing just a short, sheer skirt and stockings. She already had her hand in the happy goblin’s pants.

There were other benches and a bunch of chairs. Many brought from inside the mansion. We all face a pair of screens set up on a small wood stage. There was a pair of tables on the stage as well.

The Count and Countess were snuggling together on a chair and there were three more Biladi couples. Friends of our hosts I suppose.

Everyone settles down and gets quiet when Sakura walks out from behind the screens they had set up. She wore a long white diaphanous gown. Underneath we could see the black lace panties and garter with stockings she wore. Her perky breasts were bared under the see-through gown.

“Thank all of you for coming.” She said to the assembled crowd. “We call this piece ‘In the Dungeon’ thank you.” She bows and steps back behind the screens.

Suddenly four goblin men wearing big, scary looking masks drag out a pair of goblin princesses wearing light linen dresses, hugging their curvy figures.

The girls struggle with their captors. Evil goblin hands groping their tender bodies through their dresses.

Dresses that are quickly and roughly stripped from them. Their luscious bodies bared to the crowd. They are forced to bend over the tables. Their cute derrières wiggling in protest.

“Naughty.” Pria says. Snuggling closer to me as the princesses get their bottoms spanked. I put my hand on her leg, lightly caressing her fuzzy inner thigh.

The goblin girls have their hands bound behind their backs then one is placed on a chair. Clamps attached to her nipples. The other has her face pushed into the crotch of her friend.

She shakes her head no. Obviously reluctant to lick her friend’s pussy. Each time she refuses she has her own pussy swatted. Until finally the girl bound on the chair gives out a loud gasp as her pussy is pleasured by her friend.

Priyala is purring next to me. My hand rubbing her cunny through her silk shorts. Boldly she puts her hand down my pants gripping my stiff dick.

Next to us, Gort is on his knees. His face under the goblin girl’s skirt. She moans, her hands in his hair, as he eats her out.

On stage the princesses are on hands and knees giving blowjobs. Having been taught their place. A struggling Sakura being dragged on stage in her see through gown.

The pink bunny girl starts to get put through her own torments as I bend the Biladi girl over the arm of our couch.

I yank down her shorts. Sticking my hand between her clenched thighs. My fingers rubbing into her wet twat.

“Are you my good little kitten?” I ask her. Nibbling her pointy ear.

“Mmm, yes sir.” She says. Grinding her cunny on my hand. “I’m your good little kitten.”

A nude Sakura has been tied spread eagle between the tables. The princesses taking turns licking her bunny cunt. Their captors abusing all three girls.

“Do you want to be my slut?” I ask my fingers deep in the cat girl. My thumb pushing against her anal bud.

“Mmm, yes. I...I want to be your slut.” She moans. Her need overpowering her.

“Tell me you will stay and be my kitten slave.” I order.

“I will. I’ll be your slutty kitten slave. Aah!” She cries out as my thumb penetrates her rear. With both holes filled she cums quickly. Her juices slick on my hand.

I pull off my pants and shove my hard cock up her dripping cunt. My hands reaching under her silk top to roughly grope her tits.

Behind me Gort is sitting with the princess bouncing up and down on his bumpy goblin dick.

On stage Saki is on her back. A dick in her pussy and another deep in her throat, as the two girls whip her tits with leather straps.

I grunt as I cum in my cute kitten’s fuck hole. I sit back down and push her to her knees in front of me. She looks up a mixture of lust and innocence.

“A good kitten cleans her daddy’s messy cock with her tongue.” I tell her. She gives me a naughty grin, then takes my soft dick in her mouth.

I watch the erotic play as I slowly get hard in her mouth.

It’s a good night.

I was balls deep in Gertrude. Her thick ass rippling as I spanked it. I fucked her from behind as I shoved her loudly moaning face into the bed.

The twins next to us sixtynining. Their faces buried in each other’s identical twat.

After I cum, I pull the twins by their hair and alternate pushing their faces into their mother’s sloppy cunt. They take turns licking out my jizz.

Later, I am drifting to sleep, Gertrude gently snoring on one side of me. The twins snuggling on the other. There’s a commotion outside.

“To arms! To arms!” I can hear someone shout. I hop out of bed, the girls tumbling to the floor, and pull on my pants. I grab my sword as I burst out the door.

Out in the yard is bedlam. Rat-men seem to run everywhere. My goblins, many wiping sleep from their eyes, move to engage them.

I cut two dark, cloaked figures down as I head to the mansion. Hoping that Kara can rally the outer defenses.

I encounter a couple small skirmishes in my way to my employer’s bedroom. I help turn the tide in our favor both times, but don’t stop to help mop up.

I find the Count and Countess in their bedclothes. The duke holds a saber like he knows how to use it. Divya stands behind him fearfully, holding a dagger.

“What’s happening?” Ritvik asks.

“More rat-men.” I announce moving to the window. Something out there was roaring.

I could see another of the giant rat beasts. It had bashed through the gate. Karagoth led a group of soldiers trying to take it down.

“There are rats in the house.” I tell them. “I need to get back out there. I need to get you somewhere safe.”

I lead them downstairs to the big pantry. After I’m sure they are safely barricaded in, I head back outside. Where Gort immediately comes running up to me.

“Boss! Boss! You’re safe!” He gasps, out of breath.

“Yup. You too, looks like.” I tell him with a reassuring smile. “Gather a few of the boys and sweep the house.”

I head for where the fighting sounds loudest. A robed rat-man hurls globes of light at my men as they struggle with a group of robes figures.

I am just a few feet away from the rat-mage when he hits me square in the chest with one of his light globes.

Suddenly I am on the ground. The wind is knocked out of me and my chest feels like it’s on fire.

I see the rat’s grinning face above me as his hand begins to glow again. I feel around for the sword I dropped. My hand only finding dew covered grass.

Suddenly he reels back. Clawing at a crossbow bolt sticking through his throat.

Jadara is there helping me sit up. While Amanatia rushes over with my sword.

“Are today ok?” She asks concerned.

I groan. “Yeah. Yes, I think so.” Standing I try to shake the effects of the foul magic off.

The three of us circle around the mansion. Both princesses carrying crossbows.

Finally we find the beautiful, white haired orc finishing off a second rat-beast.

As it falls with a groan, those rat-men still alive start to flee.

Kara turns to me. “The house?”

“Secure, I think. I sent Gort to make sure.” I tell her.

She nods and moves off to make sure for herself.

“We lost twelve goblins.” Karagoth informs me. We can just see dawn’s light peeking over the walls. Bodies are being collected into piles. “Two of the goblin women have injuries.”

This I know. I had walked around healing anyone I could. I’m not sure if it was the tiring night or the healing, but I felt drained. Deep down exhausted.

One of the princesses had a broken leg. The other had lost an eye. We were down to a couple dozen men. Nearly half of which were moderately to severely injured.

“We will not win a second attack on that scale.” Kara informs me.

I nod. “I will talk to the Count.”

I head inside.

I find my employers in a small sitting room. They are nervously eating a light breakfast.

“Are we safe?” The Countess asks timidly.

“Yes ma’am. The grounds and mansion are clear.” I tell her. “My forces are too depleted for another fight like that though. I suggest you hire a permanent crew as soon as possible.”

“What about you? We could give you some money to hire more men if that’s what it took.” The Count asks. “I know my wife would feel better knowing you were here.”

I ponder his suggestion. “At heart I am a wanderer. Right now I’m not willing to be tied down to any permanent location.

If you are amenable, I could leave a garrison here. Soldiers I trust, under my command.”

Divya smiles at me. “That would give you reason to return, from time to time?”

I smile back. “Yes ma’am.”

It’s later in the day.

“We need to hit them. Only then can we put a stop to the attacks.” Kara says. A frown on her face.

“I agree, but all the rats we took alive simply died. We don’t know where they come from.” I say. Looking around the table at my simple warcouncil.

It was true. Shortly after the attack failed, any living rat-men died. Their lungs filled with a black sludge drowning them. It seemed like a rough way to go.

“Maybe I can help with that boss.” Gort speaks up. Next to him sat Natia and Jade. The bunny girls and a goblin, that had lead the defense inside the mansion, named Porrige were also at the table.

Aklatan sat nearby taking notes in her book.

“How so.” Everyone looks at him. Something that would have made him recoil in fear just a few weeks ago.

Confidently he goes on, “I have had feelers out for a while. Mostly for weapons and to hire more boys. Maybe I can shake something loose.”

“Sounds good. While you are at it we need more troops. If we aren’t finding enough goblins then it’s time to look at other races.” He nods, pleased with himself.

“For now the plan is to find the rat-men. Then we hit them. We want to leave them in a state where they can’t mount an attack like last night. Not for a long time.

When we feel happy with the security here we will move on. Leaving a garrison of troops. We will swap a portion of the soldiers out every couple of months. I guess. Depending on how far off we are. And how well the main group is doing, I suppose.” I look around to make sure everyone is on the same page.

“Porrige, you will lead the forces here when we leave. I was impressed last night, and have confidence that you are up for the job.” He beamed with that glow they get when I praise them.

“Thanks boss. I’ll do you proud.” He says.

“What about our injured?” Sakura asks.

“ No one is so badly injured that they can’t travel with us.” I say. “We don’t kick any of ours out in the cold. We may need to think about a permanent residence though. Especially if we are going to continue as mercenaries.”

I dismiss the group, but not before noticing the slight smile on Kara’s face.

Karagoth growled with lust as I bit her nipples. My fingers scratched at her supple, leathery flanks. My hands moving around to squeeze her green ass.

It had been a few days since the attack. We had hired a dozen more goblins. Gort assures me there just weren’t many left in the area. He was quite confident he was getting close to tracking down the rat-men though.

He also said we had a few mercenary prospects. Apparently word had gotten out about both this attack and the one on the carriage.

I groan as I slide my cock into the growling woman’s wet cunt. Kara scratching her way down my back to grab my ass too. She bites my shoulder as I thrust into her.

We fuck that way for a short time. Then she throws me off. I land on the stone floor. A rug barely cushioning my fall.

When I stand back up she is on her hands and knees. Wiggling her ass at me. She looks back and gives me a wicked grin.

“Spank your orc slave. Treat her how a slut deserves.” She orders me.

I am happy to oblige. Spanking her hard enough to make my hand sting. She simply growls excitedly.

When I can’t wait any longer I climb up behind her grabbing her long white hair by her braid.

I shove her face into the bed as I plunge my fuck rod into her. “Unh! You fucking orc whore. Bow before your human betters.”

“Uh, uh, uh. Yes master. Use my slave body. I deserve it for getting captured by a lowly human.” She groans.

Soon I shoot her full of cum.

I lay on my back. Breathing hard. Spent.

Kara lies next to me. Lightly pinching my nipples. Grinning at me affectionately. “I like being your slave.” She says. Her finger slowly tracing its way down my chest.

“I’m glad.” I smile at her. “I like having you as a partner.” I tell her.

She doesn’t let me rest long. Her hand pumping my penis back to life as she grins her wicked grin.

Rebecca had just got out of the shower. She wore a towel around her body, but her wet golden hair was plastered to her head.

She was walking into her kitchen to get a snack before bed...only this wasn’t her kitchen.

It was a stone room with a low ceiling. It smelled of burning and spices.

She screamed and pulled her towel tight, which only showed off her wet curves been better.

She was surrounded by men in robes and hoods.

No! Not men. Giant rats!

There was one who stood out. A cat person. Dressed like an evil wizard. A cheap one from a second hand costume shop.

“You are not what I expected.” He hissed. “I thought a cursed object or enchanted ring. My enemies greatest weakness.” He thinks for a moment. “You are an enemy of Captain Nicholas? Perhaps.”

“Y...you know Nick?” Rebecca asks. Frightened and confused.

“A family member?” The cat asks.

“I...I am his wife. Can you take me to him?”

“Oh, most assuredly.” The cat grins evilly.

He motions to the rats near her. Fuzzy fingers grip her wrists. Pulling her arms out as the blond woman gasps. Her towel falls wetly to the stone floor. Her naked human body revealed to the leering inhuman men.

They drag her to the cat man who reaches out and roughly gropes her huge tits. “Ha. Most assuredly, but first why don’t we have a little fun.” She squeals when he lifts her breasts by her pinched nipples. Letting them drop and watching them jiggle.

He motions to a nearby table. “No! Please, stop!” Becca cries as she is bent over it. Her tits pressed against the rough wood. Her round ass sticking up. They force her legs apart. “Nooo!” She weeps as fingers begin to explore her vulnerable cunt.

She groans in horror as she feels something slimy rubbing against her cunny. Then she groans as the cat man’s strange dick plows into her.

Her body pushes against the wood as he thrusts. Becca clenches her eyes and tries to pretend she is somewhere else. Anywhere.

But she can’t escape the violation when he slaps her ass. Her eyes open from the shock. She can see many of the rats have their own dicks out. Stroking their hard furry members as they watch her.

“Mmm, my enemy’s wife. Feels so good.” The cat says. Yanking Becca’s wet hair, forcing her head up. No one here to rescue you. Is there?” Her only response are her grunts as his dick thrusts deep inside her.

SMACK! He slaps her ass. “Is there?!”

“N...no.” Becca moans. There isn’t anyone to rescue her.

“And what can we do to your lovely body?”

“A...anything.” She says sobbing. Her body used for the wizards pleasure. The rat-men ready for their turn with her.

“Beg them to fuck you, whore.” He orders. Shoving his thumb painfully in her round ass.

“Uunh! Puh...please fuck me.” She begs obediently.

She can feel when the horrible dick twitches inside her. Filling her with its slimy jizz.

The wizard pulls out and simply walks away from her. Rebecca falls to the floor. Cum leaking out of her.

When she looks up she is surrounded by rat-men. Their furry cocks out and hungry for her human flesh.

Submissively she lies back and spreads her legs for her next monstrous lover.

Hissing, the first rat-man crawls on her. Quickly shoving his dick in her.

Becca gasps at the unfamiliar penis. The shaft is covered in a light mat of fur, occasionally a bristly hair juts out. The only bare part is the tip. Slimy and pale.

She can feel every hair as they rasp against her insides. The strange feeling sending shivers through her body.

Her orgasm rises as the rat slaps at her wonderful tits. She moans with despair as her body betrays her. The rat-man quickly pushing her into a world of erotic sensation.

She obediently opens her mouth when a slimy tip presses against her lips.

The furry dick unpleasant on her tongue. The bristly hairs disgusting in her mouth. Then a horror in her throat as she is forced to take the whole thing. Little rat-man balls bouncing off her nose as she is throat fucked.

The blond wife is fucked for hours. Taking load after load from the rat men. She is brought to orgasm again and again. Finally she is dumped, soiled and exhausted, in a cell.

“Their guards are pathetic.” Karagoth whispered next to me.

We were at the top of a ravine. Hidden in the underbrush. We watched a pair of rat-men sitting outside a cave. If you didn’t know it was here the ravine was easy to overlook in the dense woods.

“Maybe, but it looks like Gort’s contacts were good.” I whisper back. I was half convinced that their lair would be the sewers in the city.

Kara makes a motion. Two of our new hires silently move down the other side of the ravine. They were reptile men. Supposedly descended from snakes. They had four arms and their formal greeting included licking the back of your hand with their tongues.

I wasn’t sure about taking on other races. My goblins had shown themselves to be loyal and brave. Under the circumstances we had little choice, though.

I had to admit the Nathair men were silent. They killed the guards and motioned that the entrance was clear without making a sound.

My group quietly descends into the ravine. Kara and me, Misoko, and a dozen goblin soldiers. Plus three more additions. Other reptile men called Chokwa. They were near seven feet tall, and built like a brick wall. They didn’t really have necks, and had short gecko-like tails. Their skin was different shades of dark blue covered with blue and gold patterns.

The deal for all five men was to see how they did on our raid. Then we would decide if we would let them join the troupe on a permanent basis.

We leave one of the big Chokwa to guard the entrance. He smiles and pats his heavy wooden club.

We head down a dark tunnel. A couple of the boys carrying lanterns. The ceiling is so low the bigger lizard guys have to stoop. The place smells of damp soil and rat shit.

We enter into a cave, half of which looks dugout. A couple dozen rat-men go about their business. Though maybe half look injured. Likely from the raid.

We rush in, blades flashing. I cut down a rat-man before he even had a blade drawn. My group spreading throughout the room.

As we fight our way in a pair of cloaked rats flee down one of the exits. Though the others stand and fight.

A rat-man flys past me. Knocked a good fifteen feet by a grinning Chokwa’s club. I see Kara pulling her axe out of a downed rat. A couple goblins, kneeling with spears, in front of Miso. Guarding her while she fires arrows.

More than half the rats are down when we hear a roar from the tunnel the rats ran down.

“What’s that?” One of the snake men hisses at me.

I shrug. “Probably one of those rat beasts we mentioned.”

As the lumbering creature lurches into the cave. It is matched by a second from another tunnel.

“Well shit boss.” Gort says from nearby. Frantically reloading his small crossbow.

“Yeah. It doesn’t rain...” I mumble.

“It doesn’t?” He says firing at one of the big beasts. It doesn’t seem to notice.

“It doesn’t rain, but it pours.” I answer. Moving to engage the closer beast.

“I don’t get it!” He shouts after me.

I slash at the thing’s legs as it tosses a broken goblin aside. The ceiling is too low for it to move comfortably. I doge as it grabs towards me.

It sprouts a couple arrows from its neck. I have a good opportunity to gut it as it grabs them. It starts to bleed profusely all over the ground.

My soldiers moving in to finish it with spears.

Looking over, I see that Karagoth and the two big Ckockwas have killed the other rat beast.

The few remaining rat-men are easy to finish off.

We split into teams and move down the tunnels. Killing any rats we find.

Finally we come to a dead end room. A single rat stands. It’s eyes glowing red.

“You will bring the Countess to me.” It seems to say. Though it’s mouth doesn’t move. It just stays open.

“What?” I say confused.

“You may have bested my minions, but I have already won the war.” It gloats.

“You look like the loser from here.” I say. A little lamely perhaps. I need more practice verbally sparring with villains.

“Ah, but I gave your wife Captain.”

“You...What? My wife?” I say confused.

“Yes the lovely Rebecca. Magic is a powerful force. If you want to see her again you will bring the Countess to me.” The rat begins to spit up black sludge. “Two days. The old mill outside town.”

The rat falls over. Dead.

“He has your wife.” Kara says her big axe in her hand. “What are we going to do?”

“We will think of something.” I tell her.

The two Nathair men were happy to sign on as full members. The big Chokwa thugs had a request first.

They wanted me to meet their leader.

So the three of them, Gort, Kara, and myself headed to a run down tavern near the river that ran through town.

“Do we have time for this?” The orc grumps at me.

“Honestly, I don’t know. But they handled themselves well in that burrow. I’d like to have them on the team.” I tell her.

Apparently there was a big racial divide between the mammal races and the reptiles. The result of which forced the Chockwa to be second class citizens. Or outright criminals.

My Chockwa were brothers.

We entered the smoky tavern. It looked no better on the inside. The tables were nothing more than empty barrels with planks set across them.

When she sees us, a big Chockwa woman stands up. A jolly smile across her lizard face.

“Boys! What have you brought me?” She says with a husky voice. Her arms held out as if to hug our whole group.

“Harper, dis is da Captain. Captain dis is our sis, Harper.” One of the brothers, Dagan I think, introduces.

“Captain it’s great to meet you!” She steps forward and collects me in a big hug. She is a husky woman. Much like her brothers. Nearly a foot taller than me, and a few inches taller than them. Her skin is a lighter blue with a trail of golden spots running down the sides of her head and neck. Under her loose fitting clothes. Similar trails run down her bare arms to the backs of her hands.

Her bosom is massive. Each tit probably bigger than my head. Why a lizard would have breasts is beyond me. I didn’t think they reared their young that way. Unlike her brothers she has a shock of hair on her head. Jet black and only growing out of a spot maybe three inches wide on the very top of her head. It’s braided and is longer than her near seven feet of height. It curls into a loop on the left side of her belt.

She also has a tail. Thinner than her brothers, but it extends all the way to the floor. Ridged almost like an alligator’s.

“Sit, please! Have a drink!” The boisterous woman directs.

When we are all comfortable she asks, “How did it go? How were my boys?”

“They were impressive.” I tell her. Smiling at the brothers. “I am interested in hiring them on.”

“Great, great. Your man here gave us the details.” She motions to Gort. “But I wanted to size you up before we agreed to anything. Tell me about yourself. About your goals.”

I tell her a little of my history. Glossing over where I actually come from, just saying it’s a far off land. I tell her about some of the adventures we have had.

“Yes I’ve heard about the attacks.” She interrupts. “You are making a small name for yourself.”

“Well I don’t know about that. Our plan is to continue on as mercenaries and adventurers for a time. Possibly looking for something more permanent down the line.” I finish.

“There are stories of large mercenary bands founding free cities. Not recently, but in times past.” She says, almost wistfully.

“Yeah. Maybe. Who knows. We only recently had a chance to get our feet under us. From here we want to keep building.” I say.

Harper smiles her big smile. “Sounds great! Count us in.”

We were inspecting the old mill. A big abandoned building in the bank of the river. Here, south of the city, the water flowed dangerously fast.

There was a bridge close to the mill it still looked sturdy.

“What do you think the play is going to be?” I ask my small group.

Kara just shakes her head. Gort is inspecting the big doors leading into the mill.

“An exchange across the bridge.” Harper speaks up confidently. She had insisted on coming along.

I look at her in surprise.

She smiles back at me. “We have been involved in more than one night swap.”

“Why the bridge?” I ask.

“This wizard lost most of his stooges, right?” I nod. “So if the exchange is on the up and up he needs someplace he can flee from.”

She leads me over to the bridge. Motioning to the other side. “He sets up there in that small woods.” It was really just half a dozen trees. “When he sees you arrive here he can step out. Both women cross the bridge. Then he can flee with his prize.”

“What if we chase him?”

“A couple archers on the bank over there will kill a dozen people trying to cross. The bridge is too long and too narrow to rush them.”

“If they see anyone on their side when they arrive, they just turn around and leave.” Gort says.

“That’s what I would do.” The big woman says, smiling at him.

“So what do we do? We can’t just give him the Countess.” I lament. Tossing a stone into the quick flowing river.

“You want both prizes.” Harper says.

“Yeah, and a dead wizard.”

“Well, the prizes are easy. We just do what no one would expect.” I raise an eyebrow at her. “We take the prizes out of the situation.”

“And the wizard?” I ask.

“I got a couple ideas about that boss.” Gort says.

I was lying in bed. A naked Misoko was snuggled against me. We had finished making love. Now I was stroking her long white bunny ears. Her body shivered with pleasure at my touch.

Apparently her ears were almost as sensitive as her delicious nipples.

“Boss!” A musical voice outside my door. Jadara barges in. Wearing silk panties and nothing else. “We need to talk.”

Miso smiles at the goblin princess as she climbs on the bed next to us. Jade leans over and kisses the white bunny girl.

“We need more women.” The goblin says when she turns to me.

“I don’t know. This bed isn’t that big.” I answer.

She smiles at me. “If you are going to continue adding male soldiers to the group, then we need more women to keep up.”

She had a point. Already the girls were entertaining three or four partners during the evening orgies.

“What do you suggest?”

“Give me permission to hire on new girls. Gort has contacts that can probably help me find at least a few. And I’ll keep looking as we travel.” She tells me.

“That sounds good. You have my permission.” I tell her. With a grin she straddles my chest with her green, goblin legs.

Jadara grinds her silk clad pussy against me as she runs her hands through her short, dark blue hair.

I reach up and squeeze her perky tits. Lightly pinching her nipples.

Miso leans over and kisses me. Her soft tongue exploring my mouth. I feel her fuzzy hand grip my hardening cock. Helping it along.

When I’m fully hard I grab the goblin girl and lift her. She pushes her panties out of the way as Misoko aims my fuck rod into her green cunt.

Jadara groans with pleasure as I slowly lower her down on my cock. When she is fully settled she places her palms on my chest. Then she starts to move up and down. Slowly fucking me as she bites her lower lip.

Miso straddles my face and I lick her soft bunny cunny as the girls kiss above me.

Tomorrow was going to be rough. Tonight was for pleasure.

We approached the mill. There were a dozen of us. Including Karagoth, Harper, one of her brothers, and Misoko.

Also the Countess, with her hands tied behind her back.

We approach the front of the mill, but then hear a call from across the river. As expected.

“Good to see you in person!” A Biladi dressed as a crazy wizard yells from the other side of the bridge.

He is surrounded by perhaps twenty rat-men and one of those big beasts. More than we expected.

“My wife.” I shout back. Though I can see a naked hooded woman.

Even with the hood I recognize Rebecca.

With a flourish he lifts the hood. She looks frightened and exhausted. But not harmed.

“At the same time.” He orders over the swiftly rushing water.

A couple boys move the Countess to the bridge. Ordering her to cross. Slowly the two women walk the narrow span. Water rushing below them.

I wonder if there are any gods on this world I should pray to, as the girls meet toward the center.

Suddenly the Countess grabs Rebecca. Seeming to have freed herself from her bonds. With a scream, she pulls my wife over the railing. Both women falling a dozen feet to the rushing water below.

The wizard yells in his impotent fury. He lobs a ball of fire at us, but it is easily avoided.

Harper and her brother each tear one of the big doors off the the mill and make their way to the bridge. They use the doors as shields as we move in behind them. Rat-men arrows desperately thunking into the heavy wood.

The wizard was readying another spell when he lurches forward. A pair of arrows hitting him from behind. Though they bounce of some sort of magical shield.

He turns motioning to the small copse of trees. Some of the rat-men moving to search it. One dropping from an arrow in his neck.

The big Chokwa are across the bridge, though they are met by the bigger rat beast.

By the time I am across the fight is in full swing. Harper and her brother facing the giant beast. The woman wields a big mace. Unlike the big, banded club of her brother. She also has what looks like a small axe head attached to the tip of her tail.

She laughs as she swings away.

My goblins fight the rat-men as they step off the bridge. Once again I am proud of their bravery. Though even as I watch one is engulfed in flames. Thrown by the evil wizard.

Kara nods at me and we separate to approach the Biladi from opposite sides.

I catch sight of the two snake men fighting in the trees.

They had spent the night sneaking their way into the little grove and waiting at the tops of trees.

Kara dodges a burst of flame from the wizard. Gripping her axe and looking for an opportunity to strike.

I swing at him from behind. My sword stoping an inch away. Feeling like I struck a tree. He turns and his hand pushes out. I fly backwards my breath knocked out. Though this time I still have my sword.

Kara roars and swings her mighty axe. No subtlety, no finesse. Just strength and orc rage.

I can clearly see the look of surprise on the wizard’s face as his shield shatters and her axe is buried deep in his shoulder.

Still he attempts to turn toward her. Pulling something out of a pouch.

I get to one knee and run him through with the point of my sword. This only seems to make him angrier. He tosses whatever he pulled out at me. A pouch of something landing at my feet.

Not taking any chances I roll away. My sword still stuck in my enemy.

Kara pulls her axe free and winds up for another swing as the pouch explodes on a burst of blue flame.

I cover my head as I feel the burst of heat wash over me. I roll a few feet and check if I’m on fire.

I seem to be fine, just a little singed.

I look up in time to see Karagoth lob the wizard’s head off.

Harper and her shorter brother are helping the goblins mop up the remaining rat-men. The big beast dead in a heap close to the river.

The two Nathair men are heading towards us as well having killed the few that went after them.

Taking stock, we lost the burned goblin and one other.

We head down stream. Maybe half a mile. There we find another eight goblins, the other two Chokwa brothers, Priyala, and my wife.

The apprentice mage had used a spell to make her fur look similar to the Countess. She had been very brave.

The two lizard men had made themselves comfortable in the rushing water against some large rocks. They had held long poles with loops of rope attached to catch the girls. It had been a gamble, but it paid off.

“Ooh, Nicholas!” Rebecca cries, throwing herself in my arms.

“Ssh, ssh. Everything is ok now.” I assure her. Though I’m not totally sure that was true. “Let’s get you ho...let’s get you somewhere safe.”

I introduce her to the people around us. She seems a bit overwhelmed, though thankful when Misoko hands her a cloak she had taken from one of our enemies.

On our way back to town I tell her of my adventures. And she tells me what had happened back in our old world. How each day there seemed like less and less hope. About the vile treatment she suffered at the hands of the wizard. She breaks down and cries once, but after that seems more than ready to face this strange new world.

Rebecca slept for nearly a full day. Waking just once to quickly eat a large meal before falling back to sleep. It felt good to sleep next to my wife again.

Something I thought lost to me forever.

I am eating lunch with Karagoth in the small garden when Rebecca is led over by one of the goblin princesses. She had been given a gown to wear and looked much refreshed.

I stand and give her a slightly awkward kiss. Then motion to a chair.

Kara stands. “I will make sure you have some privacy.”

I nod, and she walks off.

“Everyone has been so nice to me.” Rebecca starts. “The Captains wife.” She says with a teasing grin.

I smile back. A little ruefully. “It’s a different world here. I’m a different man.” I pause looking her in the eyes. “Maybe not as good as the man you married.”

“I can see that this place is different, Nick. Like a fantasy movie. It definitely has its dark side.” She pauses to sip some juice.

“I’m not sure if there’s a way back home.” I tell her.

“Would you go if there was? You seem to have flourished here.” She sweeps her arm around at the mansion, the garden.

“This isn’t mine.”

“Not yet maybe. But your people seem to love you. That nice Aklatan girl obviously loves you.”

“Aki? She’s a good girl.”

“I know. She gave me some warm water to wash myself and this dress.” She takes a bite of pastry, then grins at me. “So am I to be one of your sex slaves too?”

I nearly choke on my tea.

“Your cute goblin girl may be more talkative than you would like.”

“She believes in the power of knowledge.” I tell her. “I’m not sure what to do here. Do I ask forgiveness? I never thought I’d see you again.”

“There is no forgiveness necessary. I love you completely and if that means being one of the women in your harem, then so be it.” She says with all seriousness.

“You could never truly be my slave.” I tell her.

“Couldn’t I? We’ve discussed it before.”

“Well yes. But only half seriously.”

“Maybe,” She says. “But I need to find my own place in this world. While that will always be by your side, I don’t know as what yet.”

We eat in a companionable silence for a time.

“You know our relationship goes both ways. You can sleep with whoever you like.” I tell her.

She smiles warmly. “As my master wishes.”

I playfully throw a pastry at her as we laugh.

When we stepped back into my room Rebecca practically jumped on me. We kissed passionately as we made our way to the bed. I got as far as unbuckling my pants before she shoved me onto the cushion.

She frantically pulled her dress over her curly golden hair. Her wonderful body revealed to me.

From her curly golden hair to her beautiful face. Her piercing blue eyes laying bare my soul. Her big E-cup tits to her tummy. Slightly rounded with a few extra pounds. Down to a small bush of pubic hair above an already wet pussy.

My wife kneels before me, spreading my legs and yanking down my pants in her lust. My cock, ready and hard for her, springs up.

She wraps my cock in her lips and sucks. Bobbing her head lower and lower. I groan as she lightly squeezes my balls.

When my dick is nice and wet to her liking, she stands and climbs on top of me. Lowering herself on my fuck rod.

“Oh god! I’ve missed you.” She gasps as she lowers herself. I reach up and grab her big tits. I squeeze and jiggle them as she runs her hands through her hair. Just sitting, enjoying the feeling of having my cock deep inside her.

Then she slowly starts to move up and down. Faster and faster. Soon she is riding me like a bucking bronco. Her tits bouncing and jiggling as I play with them.

“Oooh! Oh, yes! Yes Nick!” I can feel her thighs tremble as her orgasm overtakes her.

When she finally comes down I flip us so she is on her back. I kiss her deep as I plunge into her.

Her fingers scratch up and down my back as I cum inside her. Unloading my seed into my wife had never felt better.

It’s later, in the dark. Rebecca snuggles close to me. Her hand lightly caressing my chest.

“Who is your favorite?” She asks sleepily.

“Favorite what?”

“Your favorite lover. Of your followers.”

“Karagoth, I think. Without her I would have died. She is basically my work wife. But, you know, as mercenaries.”

“Then she is the first I want to be with.” She says giving my chest a little kiss.

“She wants sex with me?” The orc woman says when I bring it up the next day.

“Apparently. My wife is a lusty woman.” I explain.

“I had figured she would simply want you for herself. Is that not the way among humans?”

I give her a smile. “Not all of them.”

“Very well. I will sex your wife.” She grins wickedly at me.

I give her a passionate kiss. “Tonight. My room.”

I invite Aki to be my partner for the festivities. She was very nice to Rebecca when she came.

Becca had found a thin linen top and shorts. Tight on her. Showing a generous amount of underboob.

Aklatan shows up in a red half-corset and matching lace panties.

Karagoth simply shows up nude.

“I’ve never made love to an orc before.” Rebecca says moving close to the bigger green woman. She puts her hands behind her back and tries to look innocent and vulnerable.

Kara grabs my wife by her round ass and pulls her close. Their big breasts pressing together.

“I promise not to bite. Not your first time anyway.” Kara tells her.

Aki hops on my lap. Reaching between us to caress my cock through my shorts. We sit on the big chair in the corner of the room to watch the show.

Rebecca wraps her arms around the neck of the bigger woman. Quickly and happily falling into the submissive role. Kara lifts my wife up, holding onto her rear. Becca wraps her legs around the green woman as she is carried to the bed.

Karagoth sits her down and pulls off the blondes light top.

Pushing her all the way down the orc moves to straddle my wife’s face. Grinding her green pussy on luscious lips. She leans back, grabbing one of Becca’s nipples and pinches shaking her big tit back and forth while she growls in pleasure.

My wife grabs my partner’s green hips and sticks her tongue deep in Kara’s cunt.

I run my fingers lightly along the exposed tops of Aki’s breasts. She wiggles her cute little ass in my lap. I reach between her thighs rubbing her cunny through the lace panties.

Kara triumphantly roars her orgasm as my wife laps her juices. Rolling off her, the orc yanks Becca’s shorts down. Diving into the blonde’s muff.

My wife moans at the thrill of being eaten out by the warrior woman. Squeezing her own large boobs as she writhes on the bed.

I push Aki’s panties aside and slip my cock up inside her as she squeals in pleasure. I pull the goblin’s breasts out of her corset and squeeze them as I thrust into her. Both of us watching the show while we fuck.

Rebecca moans loudly as she cums. The orc woman turning around to kiss her. They make out as Aki and I finish. My cock shooting jizz deep inside the goblin princess’s twat.

Soon the four of us are sharing the bed. Drifting to sleep. Aki snuggling happily with me. Rebecca and Karagoth resting in each other’s arms.

With the wizard defeated and the Countess mostly safe, it is time to move on. We will spend a few days gathering supplies then we will bid goodby to the town of Fazilk.

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Goblins’ Rise Ch2

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