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Happy Birthday Slut

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cheating, Masturbation

Authror: Unsuspecting_Kitten

Published: 02 November 2018

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"Fuck her ass good baby!" I sat on my Living room couch and watched as my husband’s huge cock went balls deep inside my cousin’s asshole. I coached loudly, "Nice and deep....harder daddy!" he sped up and held her limp legs as he pumped in and out of her. The slaps against her ass got louder and quicker. My pussy was aching with excitement.

She was so drunk her head was bobbing around and it wasn’t really clear if she was awake or not. Tommy had her bent over the love seat and was raw dogging her with more enthusiasm than I had seen him fuck anyone in a while. I always knew he had a thing for her but she had always been too young. Tonight was her 18th birthday and she was being a slutty little girl.

I had noticed several times throughout the night that she had sat on Tommy's lap. She also ground herself into his crotch a couple times and I could see the arousal in his face. For about 5 years now my husband and I had been experimenting with swinging. We would pick random people as they suited us and fuck them either together or while the other sat and watched. Tonight, Ashley was going to be our toy. I could see the way my husband was grinding back and she was enjoying it but trying not to be obvious, because after all that is her cousins husband. Ashley had no idea we were swingers so her advances were detected by both my husband and I and when I sat and began to watch without saying one word, he knew he was in the clear to get nasty with her.

After the party was nearing its end Ashley was nearly dry fucking Tommy and guests felt it was probably going to get violent or weird and began leaving pretty quickly. This was Ashley's 18th birthday and the celebration was happening between Ashley and Tommy's private parts. I began picking up and saying, "Good-bye, Farewell" to the last few people. As soon as the front door shut and Tommy heard our alarm sound, he knew we were alone. Ashley was now playing music very loudly and had slipped Tommy's cock out of his pants.

I began washing dishes and watched them in the reflection of the kitchen window. She had a mini skirt on and had slid her panties aside and was either now full on fucking Tommy or sliding her pussy up and down his shaft without putting him inside. She was watching me in the kitchen and Tommy put his hand over her mouth so I knew then he was sliding inside her slowly yet very hard. She quivered and I could see Tommy’s other hand pull out her breast for me to see. He knew I was watching and I had pretty much stopped doing dishes and began enjoying the show.

My cousin was supposedly a virgin but the way she was bouncing on my husband’s dick told me she was a liar too. She began rotating her hips and twerking her ass to the music. I knew Tommy was enjoying himself, so I figured I would pour myself a glass of wine and see how long it took for her to notice I was watching her fuck my husband.

I grabbed a bottle of Moscato off the counter top and walked slowly towards the wine cabinet and slid a glass off the rack. I poured nearly a quarter bottle and went back to the kitchen in view of my cousin riding my husband and I stood twirling my nipple and growing more and more hot with excitement. She was fully emerged in the music while being speared in her baby maker with Tommy's full fleshed erection. It was huge and she was taking it like a pro. "Virgin my ass" I whispered, and continued to watch Tommy bouncing Ashley off his lap.

He had both her titties out, her skirt around her waist, panties fully down her knees and began to doggy style mount her, to which she did not stop or try to resist. She got on her knees and he proudly slammed into her pussy with both hands securely around her hips. He began picking her up and bringing her into his cock to get it all the way in and she was being silent as a mouse. The music was kind of loud but she was still quiet. She had not realized I was in the room the whole time.

I thought, she must think I am asleep. She never saw me go to the kitchen and she must think I'm not around. I laughed and for a second I was angry with her, she was seductively and aggressively having sexual intercourse with my husband willingly without my permission. She is a total slut, this isn’t her first time. Then I got an idea. She most definitely has had other dicks in her vag- but I wonder if she could take a dick in her ass without saying anything.

I walked over to Tommy, who had Ashley face down in a pillow, stuffing her from behind, and whispered "In a few minutes slip it in her ass baby," he smiled and nodded, then saluted me with one hand. I kissed him and walked back to the dining room which was much more comfortable to sit in a chair and begin masturbating to perhaps the sexiest show I'd seen in ages.

As I sat at the dining room table and sipped my wine my other hand wandered to my very wet pussy and began tagging my wanting clit with my middle finger. This was stunning to watch and I knew what was coming, pardon the pun. My beautiful husband spit on Ashley’s ass, plunged his thumb inside and began slowing his rhythm to hard, deep thrusts with his fuck pole. I began to wildly rub my pussy and bite my lip as I watched the slaps get stiff and hard, and the sexy look of my man serving his cock to another whore was making me both hot and weirdly vengeful.

He looked at me and I held up my glass to give my praise, and he replaced his finger that was lodged inside Ashley's puckered shit hole, with his cock. The head of his dick popped into her asshole nice and easily and she shot up face first, meeting me eye to eye. Her face looked both shameful and pain ridden. The music was still loudly blaring and I smiled very naughtily at her and nodded to her as if I were giving her my blessing to enjoy what was about to happen. Her eyes were wincing in more pain than anything and I laughed and rolled my hand in the air as to motion to Tommy to keep going, and he did.

Ashley was now pegged to my love seat with my husband’s cock in her ass, he was being more aggressive than he'd ever dare to be with me as the music was drowning out her cries. Who knows if they were in pain or pleasure, who's to say...? My baby loved it and I enjoyed watching so I imagine she loved it.

He was more than twice her size and I figured I’d help her out. I walked to her and handed her a bottle of Jack Bourbon that was nearly half full. She was taking slugs of Jack as her titties bounced and my husband relentlessly anal fucked her. Finally he blew a massive load in her bowels. He roared with laughter and enjoyment and she whimpered...and the music stopped. I couldn't have planned it any better.

"So, Ash..." I smiled at her as she was limply lying strung across my love seat arm rest, "Whatcha doin?" Tommy pulled out of her, tossed her to the side, and walked over to get a drink of water. He was wiping his cock- shirt tucked under his chin and completely naked from the waist down. And I sat right across from Ashley and wondered what she had to say about what just happened.

She slid down and was resting her head, clutching the Jack bottle, pussy completely out and my husband’s jizz dripping out of her ass, onto my couch. "I'm drunk, I'm sorry cousin- you know I love you." I smiled at her, reached out and grabbed her hand- "yeah you are and you're going to take Tommy's dick again and again and again until he says so, so you better get it together slut."

Her eyes got big and she looked over to see her next course- Tommy's dick getting hard again at the sight of his wife telling another woman she was going to take his cock. "You better do it right this time- got it?" Ashley was so intoxicated she was nodding out. I slapped her hard in the face twice and she may as well have agreed... I asked innocently, "She did nod right?" We both laughed loudly.

"Fuck her ass good baby!" I sat on my Living room couch and watched as my husband’s huge cock went balls deep inside my cousin’s asshole.

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Happy Birthday Slut

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