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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 3

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Body modification, Cum Swallowing

Author: Eupatrid

Published: 05 November 2018

  • Font:

"Until next time, my mistress."

James' words seem to hang in the air even after he had gone. Lilith rubbed her neck softly, before her graceful hand strayed lower. She stopped herself, shaking her head and speaking aloud, "Get a hold of yourself, Lilith…"

The olive-skinned demoness let out a long, deep sigh, stretching as she did. Rising from her throne, she stepped down to the tile floor of her endless "paradise." She scoffed to herself at the thought. With a wave of her hand, she dismissed the heap of pillows that had served as a makeshift bed for Lilith and her servant. With a snap of her fingers, she cleaned herself of the mess the two had made on that bed. She missed it already.

Cloven hooves clacking on the floor, Lilith walked for a while through her domain, staring up at the clouds. An aimless pastime of hers, she attempted to pick out shapes in the cloud formations, any sign of deviation that might make the realm seem more real. But there was nothing. She remembered the blue skies on Earth, wisp-like clouds floating on the wind. There, she might look up and see shapes that would remind of her of animals and places, of friends and lovers. Lilith imagined James' face in those clouds, and she felt a twinge of longing.

"What the fuck," she growled to herself, confused by her inability to forget the human for more than a minute. Extending her vast wings, she shot into the sky, stopping once she had entered the cloud level. She knew better than to waste her time trying to climb higher, it just went on forever. Hovering there in the endless expanse of white, Lilith tried to understand what about her new agent had her so…preoccupied. Her past servants had all been little more than tools, why did she get the feeling that James was different? She hadn't felt this way about someone in millennia, not since-

Her thoughts were interrupted as a bright light suddenly pierced the clouds, engulfing Lilith in a luminous beam. "Great, just what I need right now," thought the succubus.

A dulcet feminine voice rang out through the Temple of Venus, emanating from the light itself, "Tell me, Lilith… is this new agent of yours… satisfactory?"

Lilith fought the urge to roll her eyes at the visiting presence. She usually had the luxury of privacy in the infinite plane, but when the lights came on, she knew she was being watched. She calmed her mind and answered the sonorous voice with an even tone. "He'll serve us well, Your Eminence."

"Good…" responded the light, "He seems capable. Let's hope he lasts longer than the others – for your sake."

The ray of light thinned and returned to the heavens beyond Lilith's reach, leaving her alone again. She clenched her fists tightly, her sharp nails digging into her palms. Her interactions with the goddess tended to leave a bad taste in Lilith's mouth, but this was worse than usual. The implication that James was fated to fail made the demoness furious for whatever reason.

"Still," she reasoned to herself, "perhaps it would be prudent to not get so attached…" She contemplated this as she returned to the dais, tired as she was. She needed to rest until James returned; she was growing weak without a supply of sexual energy. Sinking into her throne, the demoness allowed herself the rare indulgence of sleep.

Back on Earth, James was awake and preparing for the day. He felt content with life for the first time in a long time, and he caught himself smiling often – usually due to thoughts of Lilith and their passion-filled night together. Refreshed and ready to fulfill his duty to his mistress, James began his day.

Morning classes were uneventful; James took some notes in History as the professor lectured about ancient Mesopotamian culture, but his focus was elsewhere. He was searching for his first 'sexual conquest,' as Lilith had put it. Unfortunately, his first class was a sausage fest. The prospects in his Sociology class were much better, and he spent a good amount of time quietly flirting with a cute black girl who sat near him. James was confident he could reel her in, but he had no time at the moment. He had Physics class immediately after, and he didn't want to stand up Jess.

"Jess," he breathed to himself. James felt a stirring in his loins at the thought of the petite blonde. Lilith had told him to be honest with himself, and he intended to do just that. In truth, he had always found his friend to be beautiful, and she had starred in more than one of his guilty fantasies. When he saw her in class, waiting for him, his desires were only confirmed. Jessica was wearing a snug, long-sleeved shirt that did little to hide her delicate curves, and her shapely legs and tight ass were on full display beneath her yoga pants.

As class started, a moral dilemma began in James' mind. His conscience was telling him it was wrong to take advantage of his best friend for the purpose of sex, but he convinced himself that his mistress' interests took priority now. His devotion to Lilith surprised him, considering he had only met her two nights ago. But whether it was the magic of their pact, or his own growing feelings toward the beautiful demoness, that devotion won out in the end and James made up his mind about Jessica. She would be his.

Once he had resolved himself, James tried to focus his lustful aura, as Lilith had suggested. Trying to relax his breathing and calm his mind, he reached out with his burgeoning power, attempting to influence Jess' arousal. Though he had been having this effect on people passively for the last 24 hours, it was on a whole nother level when he focused it. Nearly instantaneously, Jessica's face became flushed. She began biting her lip while casting side-long glances at James. He could feel her lust; it was addicting. She squirmed in her seat as her breathing deepened and she slipped one hand between her legs, not caring if anyone saw her.

Physics forgotten, James couldn't take his eyes off the blonde as she grinded into her chair next to him. Realizing how close she was to cumming, James throttled his lustful aura, holding her back from orgasm. Frustration grew plainly on Jess' face. He kept her on edge in this way for the next twenty minutes, denying her orgasm while building her lust. By the time class finally drew to a close, Jess was staring straight at James, unabashed, while she fingered herself under her desk.

James leaned in and whispered to her, "Follow me." He stood and walked out of the classroom, certain that Jess wouldn't be far behind; at this point she'd jump off a bridge if it meant she could cum. Sure enough, she followed, and walking briskly, James led her to the parking garage where he had parked his beat-up SUV. He opened the car door and climbed in the back seat after her.

As soon as the door closed, Jess was on him. Her lips met his in a desperate frenzy. She rested one hand on his strong chest while the other returned to her tender folds. "Oh, James," she said breathily between kisses, "I don't know… what's gotten into me… but I have to have you… I fucking need you… I-"

James cut her off with a finger to her lips. "Shut up," he said with a smile, and pushed her onto her back. Needing no further encouragement, Jess pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor, the rest of her clothes following shortly. James himself undressed in record time, his arousal through the roof as well after enjoying Jess' little show in class. When he released his massive cock, she moaned in anticipation, licking her lips as she rubbed her pussy.

Swatting her hand aside, James took up position between her legs. Lining himself up, he grabbed Jessica's waist and pulled her onto his cock. Despite her diminutive size, she took his entire length easily; she was more than ready for him. James began to thrust into her, as he did he watched her small tits bounce. He mauled her breasts with greedy hands while he continued to piston away inside her. All the while, she moaned blissfully.

Jess quickly lost herself in the throes of her first orgasm. As she writhed in ecstasy beneath James, he felt his senses sharpen; he closed his eyes and reveled in the sensations. He could smell her intoxicating musk; he could feel every inch of her body, he could practically taste her orgasm. As she came on his cock, James felt a rush of exhilarating energy the likes of which he had never experienced before. His muscles seemed to swell, he relished the feeling of power that rushed into him from Jess, through his cock. "This must be the sexual energy Lilith talked about," he thought to himself. He wanted more.

Pulling out, James quickly flipped Jess over so that she was on all fours and reentered her without missing a beat. Squeezing her round ass, he continued to assault her tender pussy, not letting her rest and sending her over the edge of her second orgasm. She squealed in delight as her body was wracked with pleasure. And James felt all of it, so powerful was his sexual awareness at that moment. His own pleasure was reaching a fever pitch, and while Jess shook violently beneath him, he gave in to his own orgasm. Holding onto Jess with all his strength, he buried himself deep within her, groaning loudly as he experienced the most powerful orgasm of his life.

He saw stars. He felt every inch of skin tingle and every hair stand on end. His whole body spasmed as he unloaded his cum into the petite blonde. She continued to squirm in pleasure, but James paid her no mind; he simply basked in the euphoria he felt. Sexual energy flowed through his veins; he had never felt more alive. When his orgasm at last ended, after what felt like a century, James saw that Jess too had ceased shaking.

She was alarmingly still actually. She stared forward blankly, blinking rapidly, still lost to the inhuman pleasures that James had inflicted on her. Effected by the aftermath of sex with the incubus, her already fair skin grew paler, and her small frame began to look emaciated and frail. James realized then that he was still siphoning sexual energy from her; he was draining her completely! He hastily pulled out, praying it wasn't too late. As his seed spilled from her, Jess gasped, color quickly returning to her skin. She breathed heavily before sitting up and turning to face James with a smile, seemingly unaware of how close she had been to death's door.

With a look of unsatiated lust, she stared at James' dick, still rock hard. Crawling toward him, she leaned down and took the head of his penis into her mouth, eager to taste him and his cum. James moaned, still very sensitive, and put a hand reflexively on the blonde's head as she began to bob up and down on his cock.

A flash of red off to the side caught James' attention, and he turned to see his own reflection in the window. His eyes were glowing red. "What the hell?" he thought. He had little time to stare at his reflection though, as the sound of Jess slurping and sucking his cock brought him back to the matter at hand. It occurred to James that another orgasm might actually kill Jess. So, with considerable willpower, he forced her off him. "That's enough, Jess," he said through a tired smile.

But she wanted more, and she reached out to take him in her hand. "Please, master. Let me take care of you."

"Master?" James thought, "What the fuck?" He pushed his friend back, more forcefully this time. "I said enough, Jessica!"

The petite girl bowed her head in submission and spoke softly, "Forgive me, master."

James stared at the display, was this a side-effect of his sexual conquest? He admitted that it turned him on, but he didn't want to strain his friend any more than he already had. He tried to pull his aura back into himself, to spare Jess the mental stress, but he found himself struggling to suppress the surplus sexual energy he now had. His power had grown considerably after draining Jess.

As he pulled on his pants, James turned to the blonde. "Uh, Jess?"

"Yes, master?" she responded obsequiously.

"Jess, get dressed, go home, and don't talk to anyone about this. Will you do that for your master?" James spoke, trying to sound authoritative.

His long-time friend nodded dutifully, dressed silently, and opened the car door. Before she left, she leaned in and kissed James quickly on the lips. Then she was gone.

James leaned back, careful to avoid the puddle of ejaculate now drying on his upholstery. He took a deep breath. "That was a close call," he thought to himself, "I need to be more careful when draining women… I think I nearly killed Jess."

The result of that draining was, however, incredible. James felt so invigorated, so powerful. It was difficult to contain all the energy he now possessed. Speaking of which, he turned back to the window and examined his reflection. His eyes were still a deep and unnatural shade of red. He assumed this too was a byproduct of the essence he had taken from Jessica. James made an effort to calm himself, closing his eyes and focusing on suppressing his energy. He had more success this time and was able to control his power enough to turn his eyes back to their normal brown.

With a sigh of relief, James checked the time. He had his last class in about ten minutes: Composition with Dr. Sharp. At the thought of his sexy professor, his dick stirred with new life, but he forced that lust down for appearances' sake. He considered skipping class, not wanting to lose control in public, but he had an important assignment to hand in. Besides, James had already proven to himself that he could contain his sexual energy, so with tentative confidence he made his way to class.

As it turned out, this was a mistake. Controlling one's lust is all well and good in theory. But it's a totally different beast when Katherine Sharp is standing two feet away. Everyone's favorite professor was wearing a low-cut blouse, a tight pencil skirt, and heels. Her wavy auburn hair seemed to move in slow motion when she turned her head, and it took all of James' willpower to stop himself from jumping her, let alone restrain his aura of desire.

As a result, James sat white-knuckled, eyes shut tight, as he attempted to reign in his libido. It was such a strain on his mind to suppress his sexual energy.

"-alright? James?" a voice next to him broke through his focus, "Are you alright?" A gentle touch on his shoulder shattered his concentration, and he slowly opened his eyes. Professor Sharp's radiant face was a foot from his own. She watched him with tender concern, her delicate hand resting on his strong shoulder. When their eyes met, blood red dominated kind green, and Professor Sharp backed away slowly. Without a word, she returned to her desk, chewing her lower lip and touching her neck subconsciously.

All around James, students were getting restless. Fidgeting in their seats, faces turning red, they struggled to conceal their growing horniness, an unconscious response to James' lust that now surged unchecked through the room. Aware of the effect his power was having, he watched as students touched themselves under the table and felt the temperature of the room rise. Turning his attention to Professor Sharp, James found that she was staring at him intently, one hand holding a pencil that she chewed on absent-mindedly, the other hand was out of sight below her waist.

James too felt flushed, and his cock was already painfully hard. His desire fed on the subconscious cravings of his peers, which in turn were nourished by James' aura of sexuality, creating a feedback loop of maddening lust. He knew the situation was getting out of hand; if he let this go on unchecked any longer, it could very well turn into an orgy. As stimulating as that thought was, James had no confidence in his ability to exercise moderation. He was certain that he would drain every person in the room dry. No, he had to make a stand here. He had to learn to control his power.

Quieting his mind and pulling his attention away from the sexual tension of the room, James again focused his energies inward. His own body fought him however, and he wrestled with his inner lust as he attempted to regain control of the situation. He felt like a single man trying to hold back the tides, insignificant compared to the power that assailed him. But still, he concentrated further. He dug deep, searching for something to cling to, something to ground him, lest he be swept away. James saw, in his mind's eye, the beautiful face of his mistress, Lilith. The ultimate object of desire, now acting as his rock. He focused on her and found within himself a new strength, stemming from his devotion to the demoness. With renewed vigor, James forced his sexual energy to heed his command, and he was rewarded.

Like a tub being drained, he felt his rampant desires spiral inward toward him, returning to the source. He forcibly suppressed his lust, surprised by how much easier it was now. With a new stopper in place and his power contained, James opened his eyes, sure that they had returned to their natural color. Everyone around him seemed to be somewhat confused as to what they were doing only moments before. Professor Sharp removed the chewed-up pencil from her mouth, cleared her throat, and went on with the lesson. No one remembered what had happened. James relaxed his body but kept his mind focused. Confident now in his ability to maintain his aura, he allowed his eyes to rove without fear of consequences.

The remainder of the class was uneventful, and when the hour ended everyone rose from their seats and made their way out the door, not knowing just how close they came to becoming meals for James' formidable sexual appetite. James was the last to make it to the door, and as he reached it, he stopped, hand hovering over the doorknob. An idea occurred to him, and he made a quick decision to roll with it; now was as good a time as any to test his control.

He closed the door to the classroom and turned the lock over. At the sound, Professor Sharp looked up in James' direction. "Mr. Marshall, wha-" She didn't get the chance to finish her question, as she was assaulted by the crashing wave of James' will. She froze where she stood, heart beating out of her chest, her cheeks flushed with blood. Controlling the intensity of his aura, James closed the distance to Professor Sharp's desk. When they stood face to face, he lessened the pressure his lust was exerting on her, allowing her to speak weakly, "C-can, I h-help you, James?" She swallowed hard and licked her lips nervously. Her green eyes shimmered with barely suppressed desire. James had to admit, he was impressed that she could withstand this amount of sexual energy without cumming on the spot; she clearly had great control over her body and her emotions.

But James was not the same man he had been an hour ago, he knew he was fully in command now. And with cool charisma, he flashed a smile that sent a pang of carnal desire coursing through Professor Sharp's body. He spoke firmly, "Yes, Katherine. You can help me." Her lip quivered in anticipation – not because of fear, but because of lust. She longed for him, and soon she would get what she wanted. "Get on your knees."

Without hesitation, and without waiting for further instruction, Katherine dropped to her knees, her manicured hands going straight for James' belt. As she stripped away layers of clothing, her desire for the man before her only grew. Her lust was incomprehensible, her body ached for him, and he was offering himself to her. When James' cock sprang free, she wasted no time in wrapping her lips around it, coating him in her saliva. James relaxed his aura a little more; he had Professor Sharp in the palm of his hand already, so now he gave her the freedom to please him as she liked.

And please him she did. Despite her usual calm composure and professionalism, Katherine quickly revealed herself to be quite the expert at sucking cock. She placed tender, wet kisses up and down the length of James' shaft before teasing the head with her tongue in slow circular motions. James sighed in pleasure; he'd imagined Professor Sharp's lips around him since the day he first laid eyes on her, and now he could have her any way he wanted.

Looking down fondly at his horny teacher, James pulled her auburn hair to the side so that he could better watch as her eager mouth engulfed his prick again. "Fuck," James spoke, "you're amazing."

Katherine hummed with joy at the compliment, sending pleasant reverberations through James' dick and his entire body. She began to slowly work her lips down his hard cock. With each bob of her head, she came closer and closer to his pelvis. She would run her tongue along his shaft on the way down, and on the way up she'd suck hard on his glans, until it popped from her mouth. She repeated this until she successfully deep-throated his entire cock, all 8 ½ inches. James moaned his approval, "Jesus, Katherine."

Catching her breath briefly, Professor Sharp looked up at James with sultry eyes, "Please, James," she said seductively, "call me Kat."

Pleasing James was having a serious effect on Katherine at this point, and she dug several fingers into her wet pussy in pursuit of more pleasure. James dropped his hands to his professor's head and took the lead, holding her as he moved his cock in and out of her waiting mouth. "Kat," he said, "I'm gonna cum."

Katherine acknowledged him with a delighted moan, working her fingers faster as she built toward her own climax. James was at his limit, and after a couple more strokes, he held Kat in place as he came in her mouth and down her throat. As his orgasm overtook him, he upped the intensity of his lustful aura, sending Kat to new heights before her own powerful orgasm crashed down around her. As the two came, they held one another's gaze as long as possible.

Professor Sharp swallowed James' load like a champ, only a few drops escaping her greedy lips as cum dripped down her chin and into her cleavage. As she sucked him dry, he too drained her. Their sexual energies mixing, James savored the euphoria Kat had given him. With more restraint than before, he pulled away before he hurt her.

The salacious teacher eagerly scooped up any remaining cum, cleaning her fingers and licking her lips. She stood on shaky legs, and James held her firmly until she was able to stand on her own. He couldn't resist leaning down and sharing a quick kiss with the beautiful woman, tasting himself on her luscious lips.

As he pulled his pants up, James brought his sexual power back under control, harder now that he had absorbed so much energy from Katherine, but still manageable. Straightening her skirt and fixing her hair, she spoke to her student, "Mr. Marshall, this was highly inappropriate;" a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth, "I can't wait to do it again."

James smiled and nodded his acquiescence, "I know where to find you." Kat gave his cock one last playful squeeze before he turned and went.

Sex-fueled incubus or not, James was still a student, and that meant he had homework. He found a quiet spot in the library to work on some assignments, studying for a few hours before mental fatigue and physical exhaustion began to set in. He grabbed a bite to eat at the cafeteria before making his way back to the parking garage.

James was grateful that he didn't have to work at the coffee shop that day. With his power more secure than before, he was confident that he could work if he had to, but he could wait until tomorrow to find out. He returned to his car, which still smelled like sex, and drove home.

He dropped his bags as soon as he was through the door and collapsed on the couch next to his roommate, Mark. He yawned widely, starting off a chain reaction that earned him a light-hearted punch in the arm.

"Don't start that shit, asshole." joked Mark, keeping eyes forward and focused on his game.

"Sorry," James chuckled, "long day. David at work?"

"Ye," answered Mark, "Goddamnit." He put the controller down after getting sniped.

"Oof, 3rd place? Better luck next time." taunted James. He watched as his roommate rubbed his stiff neck and ran a hand through his shaggy black hair. Lilith's advice about being honest with himself echoed through his head for the second time that day. Mark was certainly a good-looking guy, but James had never really entertained any serious fantasies about being with another dude. He was too tired to think about shit like that anyway, deciding to put that on the back-burner for the time being.

"I blame you and your damn yawning," said Mark as he got up and stretched, making his way toward the kitchen. "Want a beer?"

"Nah, I'm good. Probably gonna head to bed soon; I'm beat." James responded, forcing himself to stand.

"Alright. Hey, I was thinking that we should get a pet." Mark called from the kitchen.

"What," James replied, "like a cat?"

Mark shook his head as James walked past him, heading down the hall to his bedroom. "Nah, something fun. Like a big dog."

"Why," quipped James, "So you can lose to it at wrestling too?" He laughed to himself as he closed his bedroom door behind him, cutting off any retorts from his roommate.

James slipped his shoes off and fell right into bed, exhausted as he was. Maintaining such fine control over his new power took a lot out of him, and he was asleep in seconds.

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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 3

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