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Losing a Bet

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blackmail, Blowjob

Authror: omarabdul

Published: 05 November 2018

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Hannah was in a pub waiting for her friends. They were planning on hanging out here for a bit, but no one seemed to be showing up. She began to wonder if anyone would. A group of men were playing snooker across from her. Having nothing better to do Hannah decided to watch them. When the game finished they began talking to her.

"What brings you here" one asked.

"I'm just waiting for my friends" Hannah responded.

The men introduced themselves as Jack, Ben, Harry and Paul. Hannah hung out with them for quite some time. They bought her drink after drink till she was giddy and irrational. They began to talk about playing a game with Hannah.

"Do you play Snooker " Paul asked.

"Of course" Hannah responded. In a sober state she was very skilled at the game but now was a different story.

"Why don't we have a game" Paul challenged.

"Sure, why not" Hannah drunkenly mumbled.

"But let's make it interesting. If you win we each have to give you $10. But if we win we can do anything we want to you."

Hannah was too drunk to realise the unfairness of this bet, so none the less she agreed.

The game started and Hannah watched on as Paul knocked ball after ball into the pockets. Finally Hannah's turn came and she lined up her shot. She was really feeling the effects of drink now as the world felt like it was spinning around her. When she took the shot she missed the white cue. Paul returned to potting ball after ball till there was nothing left on the table. The men began to look menacingly at the drunk girl.

"We win. That means we get to do anything to you" Paul said.

Hannah began to panic. She hadn't realised what she had gotten herself into. She felt hands on her shoulders push her to her knees. She was too intoxicated to fight back. Paul undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor reveling his penis. He pressed it against Hannah's lips looking for entrance. She refused. He violently grabbed her hair.

"Listen bitch, you're going to be here a while, and its up to you weither we do things the easy way or the hard way. You made a deal and now you have to deliver on that."

He let go of her hair and forced his cock into her mouth. Hannah was terrified. Pauls cock filled her mouth. He grabbed her head and pushed her into his crotch causing the penis to shoot down the girls throat. Paul turned his body causing Hannah's head to push against the snooker table. She gagged as the cock moved and slid around her mouth and throat. Paul began brutally face fucking Hannah against the table. She wanted to reject the cock but her head was pressed against the table preventing her from moving back.

The men laughed at Hannah as she struggled to breathe. Paul humping furiously and he was rapidly approaching climax. He finally let out a moan and emptied buckets of cum down the drunk girl's throat. He slide his cock out of Hannah's mouth and laughed as she choked on his cum.

Ben lifted Hannah up and placed her on the table. The small girl lay in a gasping heap in front of them. He slapped her ass causing her to shriek.

"On all fours" he demanded. Hannah obliged.

When she was on her hands and knees the men began slapping her ass.







Ben grabbed the waistband of Hannah's leggins and yanked them down reveling a perfect ass with a black thong. The men laughed. They continued the assault on her ass.









Ben grabbed the waistband of her thong and yanked it up. Hannah shrieked as the fabric disappeared between her ass cheeks. She began to cry. Jack took out his phone and took pictures of the humiliated girl. The thong was lifted higher and higher. Hannah's wedgie grew more intense by the second. Her ass stuck up in the sky while her upper body was to weak to support itself. She lay head down ass up crying as her underwear explored her ass. Finally she heard a snap and the thong ripped. Ben reached between Hannah's ass cheeks to remove the torn fabric.

The men began stripping Hannah's upper body. Her jacket and bra joined her leggins and torn thong on the floor. The small naked girl was terrified.

Hannah thought her situation couldn't get worse. That was till she felt something cold poking at her ass. Suddenly it was jammed up her ass hole. Hannah screamed in agony. She realised this intruder was a Cue stick. Jack was holding it. He moved it back and forth in Hannah's ass. She howled in agony as he pushed it into her virgin hole further than any cock could reach.

Her screams had attracted a crowd. They laughed and jeered as she took the stick up her ass. Tears streamed from her eyes, but she could still see people taking pictures and filming her. Having the stick in her ass was humiliating enough already, but then disaster struck.

"Ohhh, Ahh" Hannah moaned.

She was enjoying the wood in her ass. The intruder was stimulating Hannah like nothing ever had. It moved in and out of her making her moan louder and louder each time. A wet spot was forming beneath her on the table. The girl reached to her pussy and began stroking it. She was so horney that she didn't care who was watching. All she knew was that she needed to cum.

"Oooohh, ah, AHH, YES, HARDER " Hannah begged.

Her eyes rolled and she began to drool. Her brain was numb at this stage. She was a drunk horney mess who craved a stick in her ass. This was a far cry from the girl at the start of the night. She finally reached climax and came on the table in front of the crowd. They howled with laughter. The Cue was still stuck in her ass when Hannah passed out on the table with her ass in the air.

When she came to Jack began retracting the object. Hannah whimpered as she felt it slide out of her. Jack passed the stick to Harry. Harry had a cruel plan for the girl. Hannah sprung into full awareness when she felt a circular object press against her ass hole. She let out a groan when it was pushed into her.

"OhhAAAAHH!!!" She groaned.

Harry had just pushed a Billard up her ass. It felt massive in her ass. Like a watermelon. Much to Hannah's horror the ball began venturing further inside her. Harry was pushing it into the girl using the Cue. The stick pushed the ball further and further up Hannah's ass. She howled in agony as the large object penetrated her. The sick was inside her ass as the Billard could no longer be seen. When her couldn't push anymore Harry slipped the cue out of Hannah and admired his handy work. He chuckled at the sight of the young trembling girl with a Billard up her ass.

Through all the pain and humiliation Hannah began to look at the crowd around her. She looked at all the faces. They were laughing at her degradation. Through the crowd she saw the friends she was ment to meet. They were laughing too. They were also filming and photographing her just like everyone else. They didn't care about her.

Hannah began to cry. She rested her face in her arms leaving her ass stuck in the air. One of her friends pushed to the front of the crowd to give they're input to the humiliation. Hannah shrieked as she felt a beer bottle being violently jammed into her ass on top of the Billard. Her friend laughed as she forced the bottle into Hannah. She then took a picture and left the bar with the rest of Hannah's friends.

Hannah lay there with a Billard deep in her ass and a bottle sticking out of the same hole. Her tears clouded her vision. The rest of the night she was used as a toy by the bar attended. The bottle in her ass was switched with other objects but no one could remove the Billard. Hannah felt deep shame when she thought about going to the doctor tomorrow to get it removed.

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Losing a Bet

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