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  1. I submit
  2. I Submit - Pt 2

I Submit - Pt 2

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Bestiality, Male / Female

Author: Gottabme

Published: 05 November 2018

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I have now been letting dogs fuck me regularly and still get a raging hard-on.

As soon as I get a friendly stray to follow me somewhere I can drop my pants,

my cock is rock hard before I even get on the ground on my knees. They are

always curious and usually do not need much coaxing. Sometimes I have to

masturbate a while which then gets the dog's interest enough to give a few

licks of my cock.

I quickly turn around so my ass is in their face. They then sniff and right

after that start licking my asshole. Oftentimes I shoot precum and when the

dog suddenly mounts me my cock throbs. Once the dog finds my receptive asshole

and penetrates me, I cum on the spot. Then I usually cum a couple more times

while being fucked and when the dog cums in me and stays tied.

Though I am usually fucked by strays that already know I am a willing bitch, it is

always exciting as hell when I find a new stray to join the pack. At the moment I

have 6 strays that fuck me regularly. I usually let 2 of them fuck me one after the

other. I have let up to 3 of them do it though. One day I will submit to each one of

them one right after another. I know my ass may be sore but the pleasure always

outweighs the pain.

I have been watching more videos of horses fucking men now. I can't believe how hard I

get as I watch them. I have let the biggest of the strays fuck me as I watch a video

and have cum so hard I feel like the horse just fucked me. When the dog drives his big knot

in me I pretend the horse just drove the length of his cock in my ass.

I have a friend that has horses on his farm. They are magnificent. He doesn't know it but

I get a raging hard-on just seeing them and fantasizing about submitting to one of them.

My friend has wondered why I come around more often than I used to. I can't believe that

one day he asked me if I could come by to feed the horses because he has jury duty

and was going to be in court all week. He showed me what I had to do and said I just

needed to come by at the hour they are used to being fed: once in the morning and once

in the afternoon around 3pm. He would be back each day around 5pm.

I guess if I am going to let a horse fuck me this is it. I have a week to muster up the

courage to let one of his 3 magnificent beasts give me the fuck of a lifetime. I got hard

just thinking about it.

I came by around 8:00am Monday morning cause my friend has to report to the court at 9:00am.

After he left I went by the stalls and got a hard-on as I was walking toward them. The horses

get fed at 8:30am and 2:30pm. The horses already know me since I started coming around a lot.

As I walked by their stalls I noticed one of the horses had part of his cock hanging. OMG - I

stopped in my tracks and looking at him began to masturbate. Almost as if the horse knew what I

was doing he started prancing around and more cock came out. I was so excited I shot a load of cum

right away.

I gathered myself and walked back to the house wondering if I was going to let this horse fuck

me later. I came back out at 8:30am and the horses knew it was chow time. I had recently cum so I

didn't want to try to get fucked now. I would wait for the afternoon feeding. I thought maybe I would

go by a half an hour before feeding time to see if any of the 3 horses were looking horny by showing

some cock. I went back to the house after feeding the horses.

I watched some TV but then after a couple of hours I got on my laptop and immediately went to one

of the bestiality sites I had saved showing horses fucking guys. I loved watching the one where the

horse actually drives his entire cock up the guy's ass. I wanted that to happen to me. I already

expected it might hurt like hell since it hurts sometimes still when the dogs drive their knots in me.

I kept staring at the clock til finally I saw it was 2:00pm. I got up and headed to the stalls. I think

the horses thought I was going to feed them but I still had a half hour. As I got to the 3rd stall, the

same horse I had seen with his cock out had some showing again. I threw caution to the wind and quickly

dropped my shorts and leaned back against the stall in my underwear. The horse pranced and I saw his cock

starting to grow. My cock was rock hard pressing against my underwear. The horse had a good 12-14 inches

cock hanging down and at one point reared up on the stall trying to mount me.

Holy crap. That was my cue. The horse wanted to fuck me. I entered the stall as the horse pranced

around with his cock hanging down. I dropped my underwear and leaned up against the stall with my ass

towards the horse. He walked up behind me as I kept watching him. I saw his cock go stiff as he reared

up and mounted me. I held on to the stall for support. I could feel his cock jabbing at me trying to

find the hole of a rare mare. My cock was rock hard dripping precum on the floor. As the horse kept

jabbing I tried to position myself better when I suddenly felt him penetrate me. OMG - I shot a load

of cum about 3 feet out. I felt the horse thrust in me about 4-5 times then dismounted me.

I looked back and saw about 15 inches of cock hanging down. As I saw his cock stiffen I braced myself

again. The horse reared up and mounted me. He thrust and within a few jabs was in me again. Another

load of cum shot out of me. Then the horse began walking forward driving more cock in me with each thrust.

As I felt him thrust forward I started pushing back. I wanted all his cock in me. I suddenly felt

the horse flare up inside me as I felt a gallon of cum shoot in my ass. The horse got in a couple more

thrusts and then dismounted as cum dripped out of my ass down my legs.

OMG - That was so awesome I didn't have time to think about whether or not it hurt. I was too excited.

I picked up my underwear and walked out of the stall. As I passed the other 2 stalls I noticed the other

2 horses now had some cock hanging out. I wanted to let them fuck me too but realized it was time to feed

them. I have all week to be fucked by these beautiful specimens.

I went and got their feed and gave it to them. If I come back later and see the other horses are still

horny I will let at least one of them fuck me. I came back half an hour later and the horse in the first

stall walked forward. I noticed he had some cock hanging. OK boy. Guess it is your turn. I walked into his

stall and dropped my shorts and underwear off and leaned against his stall. His cock grew as he pranced

around. When I saw his cock stiffen he suddenly reared up and started jabbing at my asshole. OMG - he

drove his cock into me so quickly I shot a load of cum. The horse walked forward and drove more cock into me

as my cock continued to cum. Then I felt the flare and again felt a gallon of cum shooting inside my ass.

I couldn't stop cumming as the horse dismounted and his cum leaked out of my ass and down my legs.

I was somewhat sore but as I walked by the other stall the horse I hadn't fucked with had cock hanging. The

hell with it. I walked into his stall and leaned against it. The horse came up behind me and with a stiff

cock reared up and mounted me. He jabbed and jabbed but couldn't find my waiting asshole. He dismounted but

quickly mounted me again and after a few jabs drove his cock into me. Unnhh - Damn he seemed to drive half

his cock up my ass on the first thrust. Altho I had just cum with the other horse I leaked precum. This

horse walked forward and I could feel more cock sliding in. OMG my ass is stuffed full of horse cock.

The horse walked up a few more times thrusting hard when I suddenly felt the cum exploding from his cock.

I couldn't help but cum again as I felt his cum inside my ass. He actually gave a few more thrusts as he

shot his load and then pulled out. So much cum ran down my legs. My ass felt so empty when he pulled out.

Damn I wanted to be fucked again. If I was hurting I didn't know it because the pleasure was beyond

deion. As I saw walked away from the stalls I saw 2 of the strays. They had cocks peeking out. I

was on such a high I dropped to my knees and one of the strays quickly mounted me and was in me

immediately. Oh his rapid fuck pace felt so good. He was pumping away and I was pushing back with every

thrust. I felt him cum and he pulled out within 5 minutes.

The other stray quickly mounted me and gave me another good fucking shooting his cum deep in my ass. When

he finished I stood up on weak legs and walked back into the house. I quickly showered and went to take

a nap. Being on such a high as I drifted off to sleep, I dreamt that the 3 horses fucked me one right

after the other and they each drove the length of their cock completely up my ass. I woke up with a

raging hard-on and a smile. OMG this is going to be a great week !

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I Submit - Pt 2

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