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Sharing My Girlfriend With a Teen Boy

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: icefrodo

Published: 05 November 2018

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‘’Remember that one fantasy you told me about?’’ my girlfriend asked. I was disrupted from my thoughts – I had been standing by the window looking over the roofs and the frozen over lake, and I turned towards her. She sat at her makeup table putting on lipstick.

‘’What fantasy?’’ I asked.

‘’About the –’’ she looked at me slyly through the mirror ‘’– younger guy.’’

I lift my brow, surprised. ‘’Yeah?’’

‘’Well,’’ she cooed, ‘’I was thinking… maybe it would be fun.’’

So, for a long time I had had the fantasy of sharing my girlfriend with a younger guy. It had to be someone inexperienced, someone shy and cute, someone for whom the experience would mean much. Maybe I was mentally putting myself into such a boy’s shoes, maybe it was something brotherly or fatherly, I am not sure, but the idea of a young guy banging my girlfriend turned me on like nothing else.

I mean, if I was an inexperienced young guy, hell, if I was a guy, my girlfriend was a dream come true. She was a true beauty with skin like white marble and red hair the color of autumn leaves and bronze. She was not tall and was very thin but had large breasts and a nice plump little ass. She was 22 and her name was Anna. I was 27.

‘’You have my attention,’’ I said.

She paused her beautification process and took a swig of white wine from a bottle almost finished, which I had helped with.

‘’Let’s do it,’’ she said, smiling overly enthusiastically.

Maybe it had something to do with my practice of not wanting to cum myself – I believed it was a waste of energy – though we did have sex daily. Maybe I wanted (or she wanted) somehow to externalize ejaculating and experience it that way.

‘’Right,’’ I said. ‘’You sure about that?’’ I didn’t want her to do anything just to please me she might regret later. The motivation and understanding had to be her own. She didn’t respond but glanced at me through the mirror again and smiled cheekily. She pursed her lips to check her lipstick. Satisfied, she got up and came to me.

‘’It is a bit adventurous,’’ she said, putting her arms around me and she kissed me. Her mouth was very hot and tasted of wine. Her tongue was explorative. Her breasts squished against my chest. She pulled away and traced a lingering hand down my abdomen and over my groin. ‘’I’m in the mood for an adventure,’’ she said.

It was not a long walk to the center of the town and it was not very cold. I felt oddly powerful, like I was somehow very much in control of the situation although superficially it was Anna leading us on. I was allowing it. We looked at all the potential young guys we came across, groups, pairs, loners, but none so far had felt just right.

Then suddenly Anna sprinted to a group of lads probably underage while I stayed and watched, and she took one by the shoulder, easily catching his full surprised attention. I noticed his eyes take a quick pass over Anna’s chest, and I smiled. The other four or five guys looked eyes wide as Anna lead the victim away, vividly explaining something, him listening with mixed eagerness and nervousness. I followed a bit behind, figuring I’d wait for a good moment or a gesture from Anna. Understandably it was a delicate situation and would have to be handled with care.

The young lad was perfect. A bit nerdy and lanky and pale, not tall, but dressed reasonably and cute. There was something terribly sympathetic about him. Anna was very touchy and friendly with him. Then the lad took a look behind as if looking for something and his eyes locked on me, for a moment, then he turned back to the non-stop talking Anna. I wondered what the guy was thinking. I hoped he wouldn’t find the concept too crazy. I knew if I was him I would’ve been afraid for my life but would still probably have been unable to resist. Hell, when I was his age I had been jerking off to girls like Anna three times a day. He took another not-so-frightened look at me and I gave him my best big-brotherly smile.

They walked around the block and turned towards Anna’s home and I followed behind. I watched Anna pull a small flask of hard liquor from her purse and offer it to the boy. He took several small gulps, probably wanting to ease his nervousness, though it did seem Anna had already succeeded in making him considerably more relaxed.

We got there and they waited at the door for us all to enter together. They both looked at me and the boy was afraid to look. I did not feel the need to speak; I just smiled and tried to convey my unconditional acceptance of the situation. I trusted Anna just then more than ever before. We got into an elevator and during the ride Anna took the boy’s hand and put it onto her breast. He looked shocked but his hand gave a squeeze. Anna smiled tenderly and playfully and lustfully, the way she had smiled when it had been our first night together and she was taking off her dress and watching me.

The air was highly anticipatory. We took our jackets and shoes off and they drank some more. I went in Anna’s bedroom and sat in the chair by the makeup table. The wine bottle on it still had some left and I drank it. Anna lead the rather helpless boy through her bedroom onto her balcony. They lit up Anna’s bong – she liked to smoke on the weekends – and I saw Anna instruct the lad with it. I wondered if it was such a good idea and watched. I could not hear what they talked – Anna had closed the door so the smoke didn’t get in. Then they re-entered and Anna had him sit on the edge of her bed. I went to the balcony to smoke myself and watched them through the window.

Anna took off her black and white striped top, standing in front of the boy, then her bra. I watched his eyes grow wide and him smile like he had unexpectedly seen heaven. Anna did have magnificient breasts, large, beautiful, firm, milky-white, topped with small pink nipples. Then she took off her black jeans though not panties. He watched with a dreamy expression on his face. The alcohol and the weed and Anna seemed to have put him in a rather pleasant state of mind, though a hint of nervousness remained.

I re-entered just as Anna was unbuckling his belt and I took my seat by the makeup table. She got his pants off but left his underwear and knelt in front of him. Her breasts squished against his thighs as she bowed into his lap. She sought him through his boxers with her lips and then with her hands. Then she pulled his boxers off.

His cock looked impressive against his lanky frame. The tip was a very bright pink. Anna held it and stroked it lightly. Her eyes were dark with desire. Her red hair caressed his scrotum. He gasped as Anna took him into her mouth. She sucked him slowly and he bucked his hips into her gorgeous mouth, but after only ten seconds she let him go and stood up.

She wriggled out of her panties and both of us guys stared at the little hairless slit between her thighs. ‘’I’m so wet for you,’’ she purred seductively, tracing a finger between her pussy lips. She was really into her part. She turned and bent over in front of the stunned boy, granting him a full view of her naked ass and pussy. The boy’s mind probably recorded it into permanent memory. He trembled and stared.

Anna backed her ass into his lap and held his cock up and guided it against her pussy. The vaginal lips spread softly and receptively and his cock pressed in, disappearing between my girlfriend’s plump buttocks and into her body, deeper, deeper, until her ass was nestled in his lap and his member within her sex.

Hardly giving the poor happy boy any time to recover she began to slowly bounce in his lap. Her pussy clung to his erection like a wet glove. He stared at the conjoining of their organs. Every time she lowered herself her buttocks would spread slightly and reveal a tiny pink anus. The boy clutched the bed covers and was very tense and stared at Anna’s ass and pussy and his cock. His shaft glistened from Anna’s moisture. Anna rode him and sucked his cock with her body.

Very soon he was groaning quite imminently and Anna said, ‘’Tell me when you’re going to come,’’ her own voice hoarse with pleasure. ‘’Oh fuck,’’ she sighed abruptly, ‘’I’m coming!’’ and she threw her head back and her hair flew like autumn leaves.

Just as she began to climax, shivering and undulating her hips, the boy cried in turn ‘’I’m coming!’’ Anna quickly dismounted and spun around and knelt and knelt and took him in her mouth. She rubbed herself and moaned her orgasm through her nose and stroked the boy with her other hand, milking him to climax, and the boy bucked his hips and came in Anna’s mouth. Her other hand left her pussy and went to caress the boy’s balls as she slowed on his cock and swallowed his cum.

Then he was spent, but Anna said, ‘’I hope you aren’t done yet.’’ The lad looked like the happiest guy on earth. Anna climbed on top of him, lathering his body with kisses and rubbing her breasts against him, until they were face to face and Anna kissed him. They made out for a long time. I watched in silence, almost painfully erect. There was a hint of jealousy but mainly I was going through some kind of a crazy power-empathy-trip.

Anna kissed him passionately and they were both very into it. He explored Anna’s backside with brave hands. He seemed fascinated with the texture and shape of her ass. Anna was teaching him how to tongue-kiss. She caressed his hair and probed her tongue into his mouth.

‘’I want you to lick my pussy,’’ she said to him. She was being much more dominant than with me. She got him to lay on the bed proper and she spun around on top of him and backed her luscious behind against his face. He tasted her slit and poked his tongue between her lips. ‘’Lick the top part,’’ she said. ‘’Yeah, right there…’’ she sighed contentedly. She began to kiss his scrotum. He was erect again or had been all the time.

Anna undulated her hips and offered her sex to the boy. He licked hungrily now. His face was all up in Anna’s pussy. He seemed to be doing well and I saw he would make Anna come again. I was proud of him. Anna lapped at his balls absent-mindedly. She panted and moaned. The boy ate her like she tasted of heaven. She went quiet and I knew she was coming though the boy probably didn’t. She was tense like a drawn bow. Then she shuddered and relaxed and orgastic waves surged through her body. I loved watching them.

She spun around again and the boy looked surprised. The lower part of his face was wet. Anna kissed him lovingly. Her hand went between her legs and she found his cock. She guided it into her pussy and sat down and engulfed him. She remained still against him and held onto him, pressing her tits on his chest and her loins onto his. They stayed like that for a while inside one another and made out like lovers. Then Anna began to gyrate her hips and ride his cock. She moved like in an exotic dance. Her breasts swayed and the boy watched and looked hypnotized. He slipped out but Anna guided him back into her with barely a pause. She pressed against him like she wanted to take his cock into his womb.

‘’Come on top of me,’’ she said to him and kissed him, and she rolled off him and onto her back and spread her legs invitingly. He got between her legs and entered her. He was a bit clumsy but the look on his face was of pure pleasure. Anna cupped his ass and pulled him into her. Her pussy made wet sounds and his balls slapped gently against her ass. The room seemed very warm.

‘’I’m going to…’’ the boy sighed, slowing down.

‘’Do it,’’ she encouraged him. ‘’Do it in me.’’

He moaned loudly and pressed deep into Anna’s pussy and I could see his balls twitching as he started to come. He looked absolutely rapturous. Anna pulled him deeper and wrapped her legs around him. My mind created a vision of their genitals: he was pressed against her very bottom and her pussy was wrapped very tightly around him, and his penis twitched and pulsated and from the tip surged much and much thick, silvery cum, and it filled Anna’s pussy and seeped into her womb. I imagined how each of them felt: how blissful it felt for the inexperienced boy to cum inside a woman for the first time, how Anna’s pussy would squeeze and milk his young cock as he ejaculated; and how Anna would feel so very warm and full, she would feel like a paradise garden or like a safe loving nest, and she would hold him in her sacred depths and accept his gift of semen and love him. They stayed bodies locked together and he relaxed and lay against her soft breasts and Anna kissed him. They looked as if in symbiosis.

I decided to give them peace and got up and went to the kitchen. I was hungry. I made an omelette and ate it and felt very strong and inspired. Then I put on my jacket and shoes and went for a walk.

I walked towards the lake. I felt good; relieved of a possessiveness that could have been there but wasn’t. I felt like the boy’s happiness had been my own. I felt a deeper love for Anna than ever before. I trusted her completely, not that she would do what was right for me, but that if I surrendered imposing my right on others I could accept whatever was theirs. I felt so very free and happy. I walked home and went to sleep.

Anna called me the next morning. ‘’Hey… are you alright?’’ she asked and sounded worried.

‘’Yeah, I am – are you?’’

‘’Well, I guess… but I feel a bit weird… he left just a moment ago… I don’t know what to think.’’

‘’Don’t worry,’’ I said. ‘’Hey, I’ll come over and we can talk, okay?’’

‘’Okay,’’ she said meekly.

I rode my bicycle to her place and she received me at the front door wearing a bathrobe and we went inside. She put her arms around me and kissed me and started to sob. ‘’I’m so sorry,’’ she said. ‘’I got carried away.’’

‘’Hey… look at me,’’ I said and lift her head up. ‘’Look at me.’’ Her eyes were big and wet and beautiful. ‘’There’s no need to be sorry. I love you,’’ I said, speaking more with my eyes than with words, and I kissed her. She kissed me back and her tension and guilt released and transformed into desire and she held me and pulled me close almost desperately. I felt the need between us and I guided us in her bedroom and we stumbled there embracing and kissing. She took off my shirt and kissed my chest, then she knelt and fumbled with my pants and pulled them off and my boxers.

She held my cock and there was a strange apologetic hunger as she took me straight into her warm mouth, deep, almost into her throat, and she cupped my ass and held me and swallowed my erection. I grunted and my muscles flexed. I knew her need and I pulled her up and kissed her and pulled her with me onto her bed and on top of me. Her bathrobe opened on its own and her breasts swung free and I kissed them. She guided me inside of her.

I lift my hips and her and held her with my arms and pushed deep into her, and her flesh was tight but acceptive. She sighed and winced and moaned, and we looked each other deeply in the eyes and our bodies and minds were deeply penetrated in one another. I stayed still against her bottom and I felt the conjoined pulsation of our organs. I held her firmly and we kissed. Her hips undulated and she rubbed herself against me and massaged herself from the inside with my cock. I kissed her neck and then her breasts and I began to pump into her with strength, holding her and controlling her, and I sucked on her nipples and rocked our hips together.

I growled through my nose and flexed the muscle of my erection as I speared her with it, forcing her body to surrender to me, and she cried and yielded to me. I fought back my ejaculation and snarled like a victorious beast as she climaxed in my arms. Her pussy squeezed me hard and she trembled and shivered against me. Then she relaxed and kissed me, and her entire body and flesh and mouth were like warm liquid love. I felt at home inside of her. We made out for a long time and adventured leisurely in each other’s mouths and remained in intercourse. I felt very good and satisfied and strong. Anna was very warm and loving and happy. ‘’I love you,’’ she said, and she kissed me and her vagina embraced me. She put her arms around me and clung to me like she never wanted to let me go, and I didn’t want her to let go. Even after she would let go I would carry her within me and it would be so always.

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Sharing My Girlfriend With a Teen Boy

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