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Getting Mom

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: Andrejp2018

Published: 06 November 2018

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My name is not John, but for the sake of sharing this very personal tale it is my moniker of choice. I have been a fan of literotica for some time now, and particularly the mother-son stories, probably because of my own experiences you are soon to read. I have felt compelled to share my experience with others who would understand, but have always feared persecution. Literotica has now provided me a forum in which anonymity is assured. I realize that a lot of other authors who post here are probably writing fiction portrayed as fact, but that doesn't bother me. The fact that people are reading it tells me that I am not the only one who feels these desires that some may consider perverse. Also, some of these stories must be true. Mine is. What follows is my attempt to relieve the weight of what I have kept to myself... until now.

I had a very normal upbringing, and felt loved by both of my parents. The only thing that was slightly atypical to me was how much younger both of my parents were compared to my freinds' parents. Mom (Claire) got pregnant with me when she was 17 and dad (Dan) was 19. I was an accident, (or a "surprise" as my mom phrased it) but my parents were very responsible and competent. Dad was always very handy and started an auto-shop with the help of his parents. It flourished in an underserviced market with unmet demand, under dad's expert ability. He worked a lot while mom's primary job was to take care of the baby, me.

I should amend my previous statement. I had a very normal upbringing and felt loved by both of my parents, until the age of 9. That's when dad passed. He died very suddenly. He was side-swiped on an icy road by a pickup truck that was going a little bit faster than it should have been in those conditions. The car he was driving spun and rolled down a hill into a shallow river. The coroner said that dad was unconscious from his head hitting the airbag before he drowned. He felt no pain. The man who side swiped him called for an ambulance. Dad's parents and mom didn't think it was necessary to press charges. It was an accident and the man felt awful about it. The irony of my dad the automobile mechanic dying in a car accident, is not lost on me.

It devastated us, mom and me. I loved my father very much, almost as much as mom did. We recovered after mourning him and never wanted for anything. Dad had taken out a large life insurance policy, had some money tucked away, and his company, (then employing over 50 mechanics, managers and secretaries in three different locations) was booming. Mom decided to keep the company in lieu of selling it. She is a very savvy woman and dad never kept anything from her. She was very familiar with his business when he died and although she knew nothing about fixing cars, she had an expert staff in place and managers that she and dad had both trusted. One of whom is my godfather Max. She promoted him to CEO of the company and gave him 15% of the company as a very generous bonus. My grandparents thought it was a foolish move at the time, but it provided Max an incentive to keep the company profitable and benefit from the profits. He handles all the work and the company has continued to grow under his watchful, loyal eye. Meanwhile, my mom retains 85% of the company and profits.

Chapter 1

That was all 10 years ago now. Mom never dated other men, before or after my dad. She took a couple years to get over dad and then devoted her time to me. She volunteered at my school events, hosted my friends after school, drove me to my sporting events like rugby and basketball in the summer, hockey and swimming in the winter. She doesn't need to work anymore so she reads a lot, paints and sculpts, is an accomplished chef, works out, runs and does yoga. She is a true renaissance lady of the modern era.

I am 19 now and mom is 38, but she doesn't look a day over 30. It is hard to describe her without sounding like I'm embellishing. She is divine. She stands about 5'6" next to me at 6'2". She has a beautiful face with large pouty lips and big blue-green eyes. Surrounding this face is long, cascading blonde hair that shimmers in the light. She has long slender legs that widen as they reach her thighs and continue to widen into perfectly shaped hips and a perfectly shaped ass that still turns heads when she walks down the street. Above that fantastic ass is a small waist with a flat stomach. Yet further up is her most appealing physical feature. Mom has the most incredible breasts that I have ever seen in my entire life. They are large, firm and perky. They are perfectly shaped and each is larger than my hand. Her skin is soft and porcelain smooth. Obviously I can't include a picture of her, but I remember the first time I saw a picture of a young Anna Nicole Smith I was struck by the similarity between her and my mother.

I remember the first day I started to see my mother as more than a mom. It was a Thursday near the end of the school year. I was in my final year of high school and coming downstairs for breakfast. I could hear mom in the kitchen humming along with the radio as I approached the kitchen.

"Mornin' mom."

She was standing at the stove and turned to me with a smile as I sat at the kitchen table. "Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well?"

"Like the dead." I smiled back.

"Well that's good, I'm frying you up some turkey bacon and eggs. What would you like for lunch?"

At this point I made a seemingly insignificant decision, which in retrospect, changed my perception of my mother and everything between us.

"How about tuna for a change?"

"Sure sweety." She put down the spatula in her hand and walked across the kitchen.

Mom walked over to the cupboard where we keep our canned goods. Tuna was an unusual request for me so it's kept on the top shelf. Mom stood on tip toe and reached for the tuna. This is when I first noticed what she was wearing.

Mom was in a black skirt that went down to about mid-thigh. She was wearing a low-cut tight red top that didn't quite cover her midriff. When she reached to get the tuna on the top shelf I had an unobstructed view of her side-profile. Her legs were long and the muscles in them tensed as she rose to her tip toes. Her butt stuck out and was accentuated by the close fitting fabric of her skirt. As she lifted her arms the red shirt she was wearing rose up her back and belly a little exposing her midriff even more. What really caught my eye though was her lovely boobs sticking out as she extended upward for the can.

I noticed all of this in the 3 seconds or so it took for her to reach the can and a lump stuck in my throat. As she turned towards me I was still staring at those beautiful tits that now faced me squarely. I tore my eyes away and up to hers, which were already looking in to mine. She paused mid-step for just a split second, hardly noticeably. She knew where I had been looking moments before.

Apparently she didn't really think anything of it, because she immediately re-engaged our conversation.

"So do you have any plans after school this evening?" She placed the tuna next to a bowl already on the counter, then picked up the spatula and stirred the frying pan on the stove. She had her back to me again.

"No not really" I stated blandly with downcast eyes. Eager to keep talking about something other than what just happened I told her: "This girl Jill suggested we go to the mall and hang out. I don't really see the mall as an attraction in itself though."

Mom found this amusing. She whipped her head around with a gleeful laugh. "Wow John. It's a good thing you have your father's more dashing features because you sure are cursed with his inability to decipher the subtleties of women. It sounds like she wants to spend time with you."

There was no Jill. I was just happy to have diverted my mom's attention. She leaned over the stove and started to place the bacon and eggs on a plate next to her. My eyes hungrily ran over her body. It felt like a thrilling discovery, and it also made me feel guilty for some reason that I still don't completely understand. God, how could I have not noticed that ass before!? It was like I was seeing her for the first time.

Mom turned around, but I had already averted my covetous gaze. She moved towards me with my breakfast.

"Well?" She asked.

"Well what?"

She rolled her eyes at me in exasperation. "What are you going to tell Jill?"

"Oh... Yes? Yes. I'll tell her I'll go to the mall with her."

Mom smiled as she leaned over my left shoulder to place my meal in front of me. For a moment my face was inches from her right breast. I could smell her womanly scent. My eyes glanced toward her cleavage while I kept my head still. I could see the top of her right breast, the inside of her left breast and the portion of her black bra between her two wonderful tits. I started to get hard at the table. I was worried about this because I am eight and a half inches long with a girth to match. Not easy to hide.

"Well that's lovely" she said as she pulled away "but try to muster a bit more enthusiasm when you tell her John."

I could only nod and stare at my plate. The rest of the breakfast was uneventful. I continually glanced at mom's body as she made my sandwich and packed my lunch. Honestly, how could I have not seen her before, this stunner that I have lived with all my life?

Chapter 2

School passed unremarkably as ever. The final bell rang at 3:30 and I had time to kill before I could go home after my 'date'. I walked through our local ravine and various neighbourhood parks and schoolyards. It was only 4:30 when I found myself a few blocks from my house.

I knew that a proper date would have taken longer, but I figured that I could come up with some sort of excuse for why she had to cut it short, or possibly mom would be out for one reason or another. She usually goes for long runs late in the afternoon.

As I approached my house I could see mom's car in the driveway. I came closer to the house and climbed our front stairs. As I reached for the door I was looking through the window on the door and saw mom come out of the living room and move spryly towards the stairs. She was wearing a tank top and her yoga pants. She was slightly sweaty and didn't notice me on the other side of the window as she moved up the stairs. I once again noticed her amazing ass as she went up the stairs. I knew she would be heading for the shower. I waited a couple of minutes on the front porch. When I walked in I could hear the water running.

I walked up the stairs to my room and shut the door behind me. Safe.

When I heard the water turn off my ears perked up. I heard mom move through the hallway to her room. I heard her door squeak but noticed that I didn't hear it click shut. For the first time in my life, a fiendish and thrilling thought entered my mind.

I made my way to my door and slowly turned the knob so as to not make a sound. I stepped in to the hallway and made my way towards mom's room. I could hear her humming. When I reached mom's door I saw it was open ever so slightly. I moved closer to look through the crack.

I could see her standing in front of her dresser mirror. She had a towel wrapped around her body and was combing her hair. Then, without warning, she put down her brush and undid the towel around her body. It dropped to the floor in a pile and my eyes went wide.

There, standing seven feet in front of me, my mother was bare-naked facing away from me. The first thing I noticed was her perfect ass. It was so full and white. It looked so luscious and soft. It looked sooo soft and smooth. It's roundness was just perfect. I wanted so badly to push the door open and run my hands across it, spreading her cheeks wide. I wanted to bend her over and run my hands up and down her backside, caressing her smoothly.

She then walked towards her bedside table and I was mesmerized by her beautiful tits. I could not remember the last time I had seen her nipples. They were the size of dimes and stood out proudly. Her areola was a soft pink and looked delicious. I wanted to put one arm around the small of her back and pull one of those nipples towards my mouth and flick it with my tongue while fondling her other breast tenderly. Her huge breasts swayed with her feminine strut. They were so big and wonderful. I wondered how they could still be so perky after 38 years.

My cock was sticking in to the front of my pants so I unzipped to let it out.

What happened next blew my mind. She gracefully reached down to the table to pick up a bottle of moisturizer she keeps there. She put some on her hand and began to rub her belly. My eyes were drawn downward to her pubic mound, which I now noticed for the first time. There wasn't much hair there, but there was a bit. It looked like mom liked to keep herself well-groomed down under. She moved her hands upward and started rubbing her breasts with both hands. My god! Seeing her big natural tits move under the pressure of her hands was almost too much. Her hands moved firmly in circular motions and her boobs jiggled slightly as she moved. Just as she was finishing she pinched her nipples lightly and gave them a little twist. It was very subtle, but I couldn't miss it. There was a far-away glaze-eyed look on her face when she did this, like she was drawing upon a distant memory. She continued to moisturize her arms.

I had started stroking my shaft while leaning against the door frame. My breathing increased.

A thought suddenly occurred to me and I turned my head towards the communal laundry hamper we keep outside the bathroom. It's kept closer to mom's room than mine. I walked carefully towards it and looked in. The top and pants she had just been wearing on her run were on the top of the pile. I move them aside and found what I was looking for. I picked up her white panties that were still moist with her clean, sweet sweat.

I returned to the crack in time to see mom raise a leg on to the bed and start moisturizing her leg. She was facing away from me and that posture really accentuated the curves of her ass. My hand had started stroking my cock again. I raised the panties I was holding in my hand to my face and breathed in hard. I could smell her essence as my gaze moved slowly up her legs, to her ass, up her back and to the side of her breast that was peaking out. I could not see her face and in that moment, it made her more alluring. In that moment she was not my mother, just a smoking hot woman that I wanted to lay over that bed and fuck. I wanted to hear her moan and scream as I thrust in to the pussy, just out of sight, below that ass.

My hand moved faster and faster. I could feel an orgasm building within me. I stared at my mother the way a stalking cat watches an oblivious bird. I imagined her body bouncing up and down as I fucked her from behind. I imagined the sounds she would make as I took her to me and buried myself in her over and over again.

And then: release. I brought the panties down from my face to catch the jizz that shot out of my cockhead. It felt amazing and I leaned against the doorframe as my legs went slightly weak. I stayed like that for a minute and when I looked up, mom had put on a lacy white bra and was pulling up her matching panties. I knew that she would be walking through the doorway in which I was leaning shortly after she got dressed.

With that thought I retreated towards the hamper and put her panties, now cum --soaked, under her top and pants. I went downstairs and opened and closed the front door loud enough to be heard from upstairs.

Chapter 3

"Helloooo. Mom?" I yelled up the stairs.

"Hi sweety. I'm just upstairs getting dressed. I'll be down in a minute" she called back.

I walked in to the living room and sat on the couch. I kind of spaced out in my own thoughts about what I had just done for a while and it wasn't long before I heard mom coming down the stairs. As mom entered the living room I saw that she was wearing a simple button-up shirt and jeans. She was dressed for comfort.

"Hi John! Sooooo... How was the big date?" She asked me with a big smile on her face. I was beginning to find that smile very alluring. She sat next to me on the couch and curled her legs up under her.

"Hey mom" I smiled back. "It was fine, we had a good time."

The smile on her face faded a bit. She stared at me hard. It was like she was looking through me. "Oh... Ok... Well I am glad to hear that." She had a hard time with this last sentence and I felt like she wanted to say more but didn't know how to phrase what she was thinking. I would later wonder was she noticing a change in my demeanor? Could she tell that I had recently ejaculated? Had she credited the fictitious Jill with this accomplishment? "Well I am going to start dinner soon. Do you know what you're doing tomorrow? It's Friday so I figured I would go out with Stephanie and Vanessa. They wanted to hit up a bar downtown."

"I'm not sure mom. I might do something with Steve. I might just stay in."

"OK John. Well just leave me a note if you do go out and leave a message on the machine if you sleep over and I'm not home to answer the phone." (Mom still hasn't gotten a cel phone. She just doesn't feel it's necessary. I know, it's weird for someone under the age of 50.)

Mom started to get up and then paused for a second. I glanced at her butt in the tight jeans she was wearing.

"John," she said turning to face me, "if you do see this girl Jill again... Just..." she looked flustered and unsure of herself. "If you see this girl Jill again, please be sure to play safe. I'm 38 and way too young to be a grandmother."

I blushed and looked down at the floor in front of me. "Mom! I'm not even-" I stopped myself. For some reason I liked the idea of mom thinking that I was having sex. "...OK mom. I will."

She smiled gently, turned and walked away without saying a word.

Dinner was pleasant and uneventful. We chatted about nothing significant and I cleared the table and helped mom with the dishes when we were finished. We watched a bit of TV together on the couch after dinner. Mom was tired that evening and I could tell that it would be an early night for her. At one point I casually put my arm around her shoulder, not an unusual position for us. She leaned in to the side of me and didn't say a word. I could feel the side of her breast pressing against my torso and felt my dick shift slightly.

I was worried that she might notice so I turned to her and was about to say something when I noticed that mom's eyes were closed. She was obviously not asleep, but she seemed to be trying to snooze while leaning against me. I glanced down toward her body and noticed that her two buttons were undone on her blouse. It wasn't much, but I could see the beginning of her fantastic cleavage.

We stayed like that for a while. Me, watching TV mostly, occasionally glancing down the front of her shirt, wishing I could see more. This went on for about half an hour when I noticed that her breathing had deepened and was in a steady rhythm. She was asleep. I stared at her cleavage.

I calmly raised my one free hand toward her shirt. I slowly placed my finger tips on the button that was spoiling my view. I slowly and patiently undid it. Mom didn't react. I slowly parted and lifted her shirt and could see the front of her bra. Both of her breasts swelled and fell with her breathing. They looks so inviting and fantastic. She was wearing the lacy white bra that I had witnessed her adorn earlier.

I just enjoyed the view.

After a little while I started to feel a little bolder. I lowered her shirt to free my hand. I had other plans for it. I could see a deep cleavage line and the middle of her bra now, but that was it. I moved my now free hand under her shirt and lay it on her heaving bra-covered breast.

I just lay it there so as to not make any sudden movements, mesmerized by the feel of her tit. I slowly started to knead and massage that amazing breast as my mother dozed on my shoulder, with my other arm around her waist.

My dick was hard and making a tent in my pants. Fortunately I was wearing jeans which helped restrict it, though it was still noticeable. I started to knead and massage the bra containing my mother's breast more firmly now. Harder. Goddamn! This was the most amazing experience of my life to date. I moved my thumb over the area where her nipple must be. I squeezed my mother's breast hard and felt it thoroughly. It yielded and shifted under my hand. She drew a sharp intake of breath through her nose. I moved my hand to my side and locked my eyes on the TV.

She looked up at me wide-eyed and unaware. I turned back towards her. She reached up and rubbed her eyes.

"Hey," I said to her "you fell asleep on me."

"Sorry" she mumbled back.

"It's ok." I watched her for any reaction.

"I'm going to head up to bed. Late night with the girls tomorrow" she mumbled again.

I was disappointed at this. She stood up and stretched, arching her back. As she did she noticed her shirt offered slightly less restriction than usual.

She simultaneously glanced down at her deep cleavage line and lifted her hand to the third button on her blouse, the one I had unbuttoned. She normally leaves the top two buttons undone, but never the third. My eyes stayed on the TV.

She seemed to be content to shrug it off as a coincidence and started walking towards the stairs. She paused for less than a second after taking a couple of steps. I glanced at her eyes and saw her gaze pass over my crotch and then she turned her head to look in front of her as she left the room and went upstairs. Did she notice the tent in my denim jeans? It was pretty obvious, but was she looking long enough to notice?

"Goodnight mom" I said

"Goodnight sweety. See you in the morning."

Chapter 4

I awoke the next morning after a night of sweet dreams and went downstairs to find mom cooking breakfast for me. I was checking her out while she cooked and we spoke about our plans for the evening. She reminded me that she planned on going out with the girls and to please leave a note and/or voicemail. I assured her I would and headed out to school.

School was once again unchallenging and pedestrian. I spent most of the day staring out the window and thinking about what it was like to hold my mom's full tit in my hand. It was like caressing a welcoming and gratifying delight. I had never felt anything like it and it consumed my thoughts. School ended and the weekend had begun.

I got home to an empty house. Mom and the girls had apparently started festivities early. No matter. I had decided that I would not be going out that evening and just lay around the house mostly. I gamed online, watched some shows online and just took it easy really. I was sitting on the living room couch at 12:30 am with my laptop on my lap when I heard a car pull up outside. I heard the euphoric laughter of girls that found each other very funny and a car door slam. I got up to see what the commotion was about.

Mom was staggering up the walkway, away from the cab that had just dropped her off, with the help of Vanessa. Stephanie must have been the first stop on the cabbie's route. I opened up the front door.

"John! Sweety! How are you my handsome, handsome son!?"

"Oh. My. Gawd Claire! You weren't kidding! He is the spitting image of Dan!" Vanessa is an old friend of mom's who though I rarely saw, was always treated like family.

"I know! Right V? He's just so handsome. My little baby. All grown up to look just like his father" she smiled dumbly at me with glassy eyes as she pinched my cheek jokingly. The two of them found this very funny apparently.

"OK John, well I am going to get back in to that cab. You make sure to get this one in to bed. She has had more than a few."

"Will do aunty V." I leaned forward to hug Vanessa. She wreaked of vodka. She holds her liquor much better than my mother does though.

As we embraced, Vanessa leaned in to me a bit. Mom, now standing on her own, fell on the porch. She and Vanessa both started laughing again. Mom was wearing a short black dress and red high heels that looked hard to walk in. When she was on the ground I had a view up her skirt that revealed she was wearing black underwear. I had never seen mom this drunk before.

I offered her my hands but she still wasn't able to get up. I dropped to one knee, hugged her as she hugged me back, and rose with her in my arms. She leaned her body heavily against me as we stood in the doorway.

Vanessa swayed slightly, smiled and stated "alright champ, you got her from here. Have a goodnight you two."

"Goodnight V! Thanks for a wonderful evening!" Mom waved as Vanessa got in to the cab.

I turned and lead mom in to the house with her still in my arms.

When we got in to the house I locked the door behind me with mom still draped on me. I looked at her and she looked at me with that big smile. She wasn't steady on her feet and her body continually moved against mine as she sought her balance. I was starting to get a hard on and decided I should get mom up to bed. As I tried to guide her towards the stairs she would start to fall again and again. I held her close and she clung to me. I decided that it would be easier to just carry her. So I lifted her in to a bridal carry in front of me.

"Oooooohhh! John!" she squealed and then laughed. I could tell she was enjoying herself but I didn't think she was all there at the moment.

I carried her up the stairs, down the hall and in to her room. I lay her gently on her bed. She cooed gently and shut her eyes as I lay her down. Moments before she was laughing with Vanessa, now she was semi-coherent. She must have been wasted.

I was rock hard by this point, and realized that helping her get ready for bed was an excellent pretense to oggle mom's body and maybe even cop a feel. The light in her room was off but there was enough light coming from the hall so that I could see her quite clearly.

"Mom" I said to her. She murmured slightly. "Mom, I'm going to help you out of your clothes so that you can get to sleep."

"Thanks sweety, that's nice of you." She replied without really registering what I had said.

I rolled her over slightly so that I could unzip her dress. Once I had done that I let her back on to her back. I moved the straps off of her shoulders and started pulling the top of her dress down. I discovered that she was not wearing a bra as I exposed her gigantic tits. They looked amazing in the pale light. So vulnerable and available before me. I paused for a second, but then pulled on the hem of her dress to try to get the rest of it off of her. Her ass was pinning it to the bed but I worked it off little by little. Finally, her hips and black panties were exposed and from there the dress glided smoothly down her legs. As I pulled it down to her ankles and feet and removed her heels and dress completely in one fluid motion.

There before me lay my semi-conscious mother with her eyes closed. She was just lying on her bed and while she knew I was there with her, she wasn't coherent enough to think about it as inappropriate. I lay next to her and started lightly running my fingers over her belly and upper thighs. She let out a very subtle moan and her lips parted. It occurred to me that she hadn't been touched like this in over 10 years by anyone. This beautiful woman, in her sexual prime, had been starved for male contact.

She seemed to be enjoying herself and I grew a little bolder. I moved my left arm under the nape of her neck and pulled her gently in to me as I continued to caress her body with my right hand. I ran my hand up to her bare breasts and fondled them without anything in the way for the first time. I massaged and kneaded. I squeezed and fondled her in a trance. I leaned over her and took a nipple in to my mouth and suckled gently.

She let out a loud moan and opened her eyes. I removed my mouth from her luscious tit and looked up in to her eyes. She could feel my raging hard on digging in to her thigh. She looked at me in the darkness and said aloud:


I looked up in to her glazed, pleading eyes that fanned the flames of my desire even higher.

"Yes Claire. It's me."

I lowered my head to her breast once more and licked her nipple up and down without taking it in to my mouth. I switched breasts and did more of the same. She moaned. I used my hand to cup and massage her breast repeatedly. As her breathing increased I moved my hand down the side of her and on to her hip. She was still wearing her panties (more like a thong really) and I rolled her slightly on to her side so that I could grope and squeeze her ass as I continued to suckle her perfect breasts.

Again, she moaned louder and started to breathe even more heavily. My right hand was full of her ass cheek and my mouth was full of either one of her tits. I started to squeeze her ass really hard and suck her breasts as hard as I could, almost violently. I wanted to consumer her.

My cock kind of flopped in to the space between her legs just below her pussy and she started to grind it in a trance-like motion. I released her ass and lowered her on to her back. My cock came free as she rotated and I moved my hand on to the top of her panties. I slowly lowered it and felt the opening of her vagina.

I lifted my head so that I could get a better look. Her cheeks were flushed and she was moaning loudly and consistently at this point. I used my hand to rub her hard. In her trance-like state, her hand found its way to the back of my neck and she pulled my head towards hers. We kissed.

I moved the slip of her panties out of the way and started rubbing her bare pussy as we made out heavily. I could feel her stick her tongue in to my mouth and I reciprocated in turn. As I stuck my tongue in I put a finger into her pussy. It made a wet sucking noise and she tensed noticeably. It was like she couldn't get enough of me as she grabbed the back of my head by the hair with both hands.

I moved my finger around vigorously. I moved a second finger in and it made a sloshing noise as I stroked her insides. Mom was scream/moaning now. I felt her body writhe with pleasure as she broke our kiss and her back arched. Her eyes were wide as she screamed at the ceiling. It was one of the most feminine noises I had ever heard. Her pussy tightened around my fingers and then, nothing. She went limp with a smile on her face.

I stared at her for a moment not realizing what I had just witnessed. She moaned every time she exhaled and seemed completely satisfied. I however, was not. I stood up next to the bed and stripped naked faster than I would have thought possible. My cock was throbbing and veiny. I got back on to the bed, kneeling over moms spent body. Her eyes wandered around listlessly over my body. I pulled her underwear down her legs and completely off of her.

I kneeled over top of her and put a hand on each of her heavy thighs, close to the knee. I parted her legs, with my cock dangling inches from her pussy. I lay down and had all of my weight on her body and one arm as I reached down to guide my cock towards her soaking vagina. I felt the tip of my cock head make contact with the lips of her labia. I moved my cock up and down to lubricate it a bit.

I looked down at mom's swollen clit. Her legs were spread and her knees bent. I could see her well defined hip bones between her hips and belly. Her breasts were still slippery wet from my saliva. Mom's face looked confused and a little bit scared, but mostly lustful. Her wandering eyes found my own and she looked at me quizzically.

"John?" she said squinting.

I thrust my hips and the tip of my cock was in her. She winced slightly and moaned as I expanded a pussy that hadn't been penetrated in 10 years. I pulled out of her a bit and then thrust back in a little further this time. She winced and moaned. She sounded like I was hurting her slightly, but she liked it a little. I felt her pussy get even wetter.

Every slow, powerful thrust I made drew me deeper and deeper inside of mom. As I drew out each time it became more wonderful as I re-entered her. Over and over again. God she was tight! Photos http://cuon.io/YjkJP6s She was wet as hell but it was still hard to move in and out of her. When I was about two thirds of my cock length in, I hit a wall. Mom was back to moaning loudly as I thrust in to her again and again. As I developed in to a rhythm mom seemed to be enjoying it more and more.

I took a moment to appreciate the beauty of her body bouncing up and down as I fucked her. The expression on her face, the motion of her tits, the tightness of her stomach and the wideness of of her hips and thighs were all very sexy to me.

At that point I decided I wanted to feel my entire dick inside her, so I started to fuck her harder. She started wincing again as I pushed harder and harder with my hips. I felt the tip of my dick start to push through whatever was restricting it and mom started to whimper. I fucked her harder. The whimpering increased and a lone tear rolled down one of her cheeks.

I felt her insides open up to me and a few thrusts later my stomach and balls were smacking in to her stomach and ass. The feeling was sensational. I don't know how much longer I lasted, but I could feel a powerful orgasm building inside me.

I fucked that woman stupid while she moaned and whimpered. My cock, making sucking noises every time it entered her, felt so good. I really can't describe it. I felt the pleasure building inside of me as I fucked her harder and faster. At this point I could tell mom was getting really sore and the pouty expression on her face made me feel like I was claiming her as my own.

I watched her beautiful pouty face look up at me. She seemed to be getting used the feeling of my dick inside her. Her Eyes locked on to mine as she continued her labored, rhythmic moaning. I kept fucking her as hard as I could. I thrust up deep within her and arched my back to force every millimeter of myself into her.

Her eyes lolled back in to her head and her moaning became more like guttural screaming again. She was close to another orgasm. Mom's body arched slightly and she looked up towards the headboard of the bed. Her pussy tightened around my cock like she was trying to hold it in place. Her flowing juices lubed me so well that her clenching only served to massage my cock even better. It felt amazing. Truly the English language is inadequate for describing how wonderful that felt. She was cumming again, and I wasn't far behind.

I knew I was about to cum as I thrust in to her a few more times, and my mind went blank.

I could feel myself projectile shoot my load inside of her belly. It came in three massive spurts and a couple more soft ones. I grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and stuck my mouth on hers.

Mom instinctively stuck her tongue in my mouth as I emptied my ball sack inside of her. When I was done cumming I lay my forehead on the bed next to her head.

I lay on top of mom for a couple of minutes, my dick still twitching slightly within her. When I rolled off I could feel my dick leaving her. I could feel her breath as she moaned softly in my ear.

I lay on my back beside her and she immediately cozied up to me, resting her head on my chest and putting one of her legs between both of mine. I put my arm around her and started to doze off, both of us naked and completely spent. She was still drunk and I told her that I love her.

"I love you too John." I barely managed to decipher from her mumbling as I allowed her to pass out finally.

This was the position we awoke in the next day, in the sobriety of daylight. I was completely satisfied and mom was confused, physically sore in her vagina and disoriented. She had a patchy memory of the night before and became increasingly furious and bewildered as I retold the events that would connect the dots for her.

That however, is another story.


This is not the end of my story. Writing this out took longer and is more voluminous than I expected. This has been an emotionally draining experience. I wanted to get at least this much posted because this feels like a natural place to take a break. It feels good to finally get this off of my chest. If there is enough demand for me to finish this story I shall. Otherwise, I feel satisfied and relieved now that I have come clean. Thank you for indulging me.

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Getting Mom

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