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A perfect Mom has a dark secret

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: EnzoLevine07

Published: 07 November 2018

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It was almost half past three in the afternoon when June Anderson paused to check her make up in the mirror. She smiled as she touched up her lipstick and patted her blonde, permed hair. She looked good and knowing it, she gave herself a little wink in the mirror. Turning to the side she looked at her profile. Her pert bust was being shown off, not excessively, by her v-neck pink top. The brown skirt she wore clung pleasingly to her bottom and ended mid thigh. On her legs June wore nude-coloured stockings and her legs looked great, shaped by her dark brown stiletto heels. Her pearl necklace and matching earrings complete the ensemble.

Beep-beep! The cooker's electronic chirp made June break her gaze and return back down the hallway of her house to the kitchen. She checked the kitchen clock. He would be home any minute.

Picking up her apron from the kitchen table and tying it behind her, June went to the oven and pulled out the tray of nicely browned cookies. She placed them on the counter and then attended to the mixture of that afternoon's second baking project. June stirred the mixture and would glance up at the back door to see if her Son was home yet.

June had raised David since her poor husband had died ten years ago, it had been rough on them both and she still missed her husband. However, now he was 19, David was turning into a fine young man on his own.

For this reason she had made the effort to make sure she looked her best when he came home and when he was around. He was the most important person in her life and she wanted to make sure he knew that.

June continued to work the cake mixture in the bowl when she heard the familiar rattle of the back door. There, back from college, was David and he'd brought Edward with him. Edward was David's best friend, they'd met at school, liked the same bands, both enjoyed football and gaming, they'd become thick as thieves.

"Hello, boys!" said June, smiling as she set the cake bowl on the counter.

"Hi, Mum," said David, throwing his bag in the corner of the kitchen. Edward closed the kitchen door and stood next to David, admiring the cookies.

"That looks like a fresh batch of your finest, Mrs A," said Edward.

"You can help yourselves, but don't go mad," replied June. "There's fresh milk in the fridge."

The boys helped themselves to glasses and cookies as June spooned her cake mixture into an empty tin.

"So how was college?"

Both boys grunted through a mouthful of cookies.

"That good, eh? Edward, this cake is for your Mother, for the church bake sale. So before you go home tonight make sure you take it with you, OK?"

Edward nodded as June turned around and bent over to put the cake in the oven. Edward's chewing slowed as he eyeballed June's legs and ass. David caught him doing this and slapped his arm, pulling a face at him. Edward chuckled.

"Now," said June, setting the oven timer. "Don't you think you boys should go and do your homework?"

Her suggestion was greeted with sighs and groans as the two teenagers lazily stood up and picked up their bags to head upstairs. As they departed she caught a snippet of hushed conversation.

"... your Mum actually wears stockings?" "She's, you know... retro."

The boys disappeared up the stairs. So Edward had been looking at her legs. She giggled to herself with the knowledge that she could still turn a young man's head. Pleased with herself, June realised she needed to work on the local school's charity events calendar. The Mum undid her apron and opened her laptop to start working.

As she worked, June thought about her Son's comment. She did dress in 'retro' way, she supposed, but she enjoyed that. Stockings and heels were feminine. They made her feel like a woman beyond all her work for the school and the church and fundraising. She wondered if David liked the way she dressed.

An hour or so passed. Edward returned to say goodbye having finished his homework session and picked up the completed cake to take to his Mother. If anything Edward avoided looking at her, clearly embarrassed at being caught by David earlier.

Dinner was quiet, David was grumbling about an assignment he'd set. She wished she could help him more and told him so. He reassured her she did too much already.

That night as David lay in bed reading, June came into say goodnight, like she did every night. She walked in to his bedroom wearing a white fluff robe that came down to her ankles, with cream kitten-heeled La Perla slippers on her feet.

After fussing at him to keep his room a little tidier, June asked: "David do you like the way I dress?"

David frowned, looking up from his book and said "Of course I do, Mum. I wouldn't change it for anything. I mean I know you have this fifties housewife thing going on, but if it makes you happy, it makes me happy."

"Thank you, darling, that's what your Mum needed to hear!" June leaned down and kissed her Son on the cheek. "Goodnight, Son."

"Goodnight, Mum."

June smiled at him and padded out of his room. This time it was David's turn to wonder why his Mother had asked him that question. He went back to trying to concentrate on his book.

On the landing June picked up a basket of washing and walked back down to the kitchen. Setting the washing down she noticed that David and Edward had managed to trample mud in the house.

"Fiddlesticks!" said the Mum and decided that the mess could wait till morning. Instead she turned to her washing machine and began to load it.

Once the machine was on and the house began to fill with the sound of the churning drum and rushing water, June turned towards the airing cupboard.

The cupboard was in the far corner of the kitchen, usually obscured by her aprons and coats. June took a deep breath and walked towards the cupboard.

She kept it locked. Only she had the key and that key was kept in another locked box in her bedroom. June pulled out that key from her robe and unlocked the airing cupboard. She checked once more behind her and then opened the door.

Inside the cupboard was deceptively large. June reached for the light switch in the top right corner and flicked it on. The room was seven feet deep and had a dark tiled floor. In the centre of the room was a footstool, next to that was a chest. June turned and locked the door behind her.

The Mother undid the robe and hung it on the door. Her attire beneath was totally different.

She wore a tightly fitting black leather corset that pulled in her waist and made her ample cleavage spill out into the rounded cups. The corset was tailed with black leather straps that fixed with metal clasps to her tan stockings. It fastened at the front with a neat laced bow.

Bending over she opened the chest and surveyed the contents. She picked out the shoes first, four inch black stilettos, she kissed one first and then slipped them onto her stockinged feet. The ballgag was next. It was bright orange, plastic with another leather strap. She put the gag into her mouth and bit down, adjusting the strap behind her head. Then the dildo. It was a large blue object and she shuddered as she began to work the sex toy into her open pussy. She loved this moment, the violation, with her legs unsteadily wobbling in her tall heels. Once she was happy that the dildo was firmly in place she picked up the small remote unit. The finishing touch were the most important, the wrist restraints. She needed to be bound in some way. That was essential.

She stood on the stool, again a little unsteadily and looped the wrist restraints over a beam that ran horizontal to the ceiling. June awkwardly fumbled the wrist restraints so they were tight and then shook her arms forward to test them. Satisfied they were in place, she placed her thumb on the vibrator remote and pressed slowly on the sliding scale.

The vibration began, slowly enough, deep in her pussy. June closed her eyes as the warm, subtle pleasure began to sweep over her. In her mind June was held here against her will, punished, imprisoned and fucked. In her mind she played over a variety of assaults and rapes on her body.Photos http://cuon.io/X2EFjuvJ Young men, violently groping her body, shaking her, forcing their engorged cocks deep inside her. She was thrashed, spanked, tied to a bed by filthy ropes and had cum sprayed over her, inside her. She was bad and she needed to be punished. June's thumb moved the slider up another notch.

This time June let out a deep moan from behind the ballgag as the dildo did its work. She was moving her body back and forth, slowly, but increasing in pace as she imagined the fucking she was receiving. She imagined being bent over the kitchen counter as her assailant put his hand over mouth and forced his dick deep inside her. It was Edward, that filthy little boy, leering at her legs and making her a whore, that young bastard. She was looking around, frightened at what Edward might do next. Only now, her imagination through up something new. It was David.

Her thumb moved on the remote and the slider hit its peak.

David was fucking her, her own Son was raping her, he was pushing his cock deep into her, groping her breasts as she bucked with pleasure and pain. Her body writhed as it hung from the cupboard ceiling. Her stilettos wobbled on the footstool as her body built and built to a delicious. Through the gag she tried to say her Son's name as her orgasm built, as he rammed himself to her very core.

The wrist restraints shook, clattered against the beam as June climaxed, her body convulsing as the dildo did its work. Her fingers trembled and the remote tumbled to the floor. June mewed and moaned and grunted as the electric jolts of pleasure ripped through her body.

She was still cumming, the dildo wasn't stopping. Shaking, she fumbled with the restraints and got herself free. Dizzy, she pressed her palm against the cold stone wall and gingerly stepped off the footstool. She opened her legs and removed the dildo. The gag followed quickly. Breathing deep and gulping for air, June leaned back against the cupboard door.

"Fuck... fuck yes... David..." she panted.

And on the other side of that door. David stood listening. Confused, shaken and somewhat surprisingly, he was rock hard too. He didn't know his Mother at all, did he?

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A perfect Mom has a dark secret

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