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Categories Diary, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Author: CecilBCK

Published: 07 November 2018

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“What shall we wear for her?”

“I am going to wear my black crotch-less g-string under my short silk dressing gown. And when my cock is erect you can put my figure-eight cock ring on for me.

“You always like to dress to impress, so impress both of us. Put our new ladies sexuality to the test.

Our new lady arrives ten minutes late, which increases the sexual tension and anticipation between us.

Sylvia is a tall blond Danish woman with what appears to be a very good body under the loose fitting, almost shapeless long dress she is wearing. Her face is a little lined but she has a brilliant smile and very engaging persona as we make small talk.

“Remind me why I am here today Joanna,” Sylvia teases as she plays the moment to perfection.

“I want to watch you pleasure my man, I want to watch him fuck you and I want to pleasure you as well, and receive pleasure from you.”

“Good, I am bisexual in case you were wondering,” Sylvia offers.

“I feel overdressed in this long dress compared to you two in those very short silk dressing gowns. I wasn’t sure what to wear when Joanna invited me here. I have long fantasised about a threesome with you two. Your reputation precedes you.

“So I decided less is more. Undo the zip at the back of my dress for me.”

I do with great anticipation as Sylvia shrugs it off, lets it drop to the floor and steps out of it.

She is wearing a skimpy black garter belt to hold up her black stockings and nothing else apart from stiletto heels.

“You have a brilliant body, never seen you naked before, I have been missing out,” Joanna enthuses.

“Just magnificent, love your big tits, flat stomach, good arse and your long legs and ham thighs in that outfit are just sensational. And your black pubic hair compared to your blond hairdo excites me.

“Before my man has you, I want to lick you all over,” she says as they start tongue kissing each other passionately.

“Sylvia you really are something.

“Love licking your long nipples. My man has a roaring erection watching me lick you.

“Sit in the chair with your legs over my shoulders. I want to lick you to orgasm while you suck my man’s cock.

“Then I want you to watch while I fit his cock ring on for him. Then I want to watch him fuck you.

“Your cunt is very wet, do you like me licking it?

“I can stop if you want me to.

“He has a good size cock, doesn’t he, thicker than most. Do you like it in your mouth?

“Are you enjoying this baby? Having your cock sucked, while you watch me lick her very wet cunt, I love the black pubic hair on a blond.

“Cum on my tongue Sylvia, then I want to watch you fuck my man.

I watch as Sylvia starts breathing very heavily, tenses, shudders and orgasms and groans very loudly.

Joanna sits me a chair and Sylvia watches fascinated as she fits my cock ring on for me.

“Now I want to watch you fuck him. Sit on his cock and he can hold your big arse cheeks in his hands.

“I am watching fascinated in the wall mirrors as Joanna stands behind me and tongue kisses Sylvia and she reciprocates.

They are kissing with just the tips of their tongues as I enjoy holding Sylvia’s arse cheeks in my hands as she slides and manipulates her cunt up and down my cock.

“Is she good baby, do you like what we are doing?

Then to Sylvia, “Is he good baby, do you like me watching you fuck my man?’

“I do, he is very good. Long and thick, very thick.

“Watch and enjoy while I give him some tantric sex.

“Wrap your arms around me while I do the same to you, while we press our bodies against each other,” Sylvia tells me.

“That skin contact promotes greater feelings of intimacy, don’t you think?

“Move and breath slowly so we can work towards a gradual build-up of mutual sexual pleasure.

“Slowly, slowly so you can allow your sexual feelings and sensations to build up, and mine.

“The slower, the more intense our orgasms will be.”

After around twenty minutes of Sylvia’s tantric pleasure, I am starting to breathe very heavily and so is she.

Her cunt is very wet and I have a rock hard erection begging for relief.

“I can feel you are close to orgasm,” Sylvia whispers.

“Slow your breathing down, relax your stomach.

“Take slow deep breaths into your stomach.

“Your orgasm will last longer and be more intense.

“So will mine.

We are breathing in absolute sync with each other as Sylvia’s face contorts.

Joanna is watching fascinated and somewhat agitated as Sylvia squirts, then squirts some more with all of my cock in her and I orgasm at the same time.

“Fucking magic, absolute fucking magic” Sylvia smiles.

“Next time you can watch while I give Joanna some tantric sex. Would you like that?”

“Yes, I would, very much,” Joanna smiles.


“Do you like that baby?” Joanna asks teasingly a few weeks later on a Tuesday.

“Enjoy and make the most of it because I want you to abstain from sex until Saturday.

“One of my female customers has recommended Julian, a thirty-year old man who has the ability to please both of us.

“She showed me some pics of him naked. They were awesome.

“He was having his cock sucked by a male and a female at the same time.

“And what a cock. Then he had the other males cock in his mouth while the female sucked his cock.

“Do you like the thought of that?”

“Baby I do, I do,” I groan as I orgasm.

“Good, no more sex until Saturday for either of us. It will heighten our pleasure.

Saturday morning and Joanna walks into our lounge room stark naked asks me to spray her with sun tan lotion.

“Am I teasing you baby?

“Get naked and I will spray you as well. Wear your jock strap though, I don’t want the taste of sun tan on your cock.

“When Julian arrives this afternoon I will answer the door. I want to tease him a little before he has you, and before he has me.

“Do you like the idea of another man pleasuring you while I watch?”

“I do baby, very much. The exhibitionist in me likes the thought of flaunting my cock for another man and him being turned on by my cock.

“Give me five minutes with him before you make an entrance.

“I want you to make your entrance wearing just your suntan and your white crotch-less g-string.

“And with your very best erection and your arse hanging out of your g-string to please both of us.

“I will help get your cock erect just before he arrives.

“If you need extra help you can peep through door.”

By the time Julian arrives, Joanna has teased my cock to a roaring erection with her fingers, tongue and lips and it is hanging out of my crotch-less g-string, begging for relief.

“That must be eight-inches baby, and very thick.

“Your erection is turning me on and I want you to turn our new man with it as soon as he sees it.

“Promise me you will keep it up for five minutes, then you can make your entrance to impress both of us.”

She is wearing a very short white silk dressing gown without a belt with stiletto heels that exposes her all over suntan when she moves.

“You must be Julian. We have heard a lot about you and we have been looking forward today.

“My man will join us shortly. Do you like my suntan?

Through the crack in the door I can see them sitting opposite each other.

Joanna is very much in charge of the situation and she has her gown open with her legs apart as she teases her erect nipples.

“Your pics were very impressive.

“Get undressed for me and remind me of what you had on display in your pics.

Julian is naked in a flash and feasting his eyes on Joanna’s almost naked body.

He is well built, very well hung and his cock is already very erect.

“Are you ready for us baby?” Joanna asks.

“Come and meet Julian.”

I very much enjoy making an entrance for my almost naked partner and a completely naked and attractive bi-sexual man we have never met before.

“Wow, my man has a roaring erection for us Julian, you especially I think. Show us what you can do with it and how good you are.

“Then you can have me. You are an exciting man, and what a cock you have. I love it.

“I made him abstain from sex since Tuesday.

“As you can see he is very excited to see you.

“He is hanging out for a blow job, especially while I watch.”

“I am going to enjoy this,” Julian smiles, “I love performing for an audience.”

He sits in a chair and motions for me to stand in front of him.

“Take his g-string off and put his cock ring on for him,” Joanna instructs as she takes my g-string from him and hands him my cock ring.

“Don’t forget to do up the clip under his balls.”

Joanna is watching very closely as Julian takes my cock in his fingers, strokes it, kisses and licks the full length of it, squeezes my balls then takes it between his lips.

“Love your cock ring, looks fantastic on your big thick cock,” he says.

At the same time he has his hands on my arse and scratches his nails into my arse cheeks.

“Your cock really is very thick and very hard.

“Is that especially for me?

“You are a real mouthful for me, just the type of cock I like.”

“Is he good baby? I love watching him sucking your cock.”

“He is very good baby, almost as good as you.”

To be truthful he is better. A man who enjoys having his cock sucked understands all the nuances of giving head better than a woman.

His strong lips, fingers and his tongue in combination are very exciting.

Especially his tongue and what he is doing with it to my rock hard cock.

After a few minutes Joanna stands alongside me and has her hands all over my chest and nipples as she tongue kisses me.

Then she kneels in front of Julian, takes his very erect cock in her fingers and starts sucking him.

Very exciting having your rock hard cock expertly sucked by a man while watching your partner sucking his roaring erection.

“Cum for us baby, then you can watch Julian fuck me.”

I am very close to orgasm as Joanna urges again, “Cum for us baby, then you can watch Julian fuck me.”

Julian expertly runs his thumb and forefinger along the length of my erection as he teases the tip of it with his lips and tongue.

“Cum for us baby, don’t hold back, then you can watch Julian fuck me.

“Want me to squeeze your balls?”

She does without waiting for an answer and I have a mind-blowing orgasm.

“Now I really am very ready for a very good fuck.

“You are a very exciting man Julian for both of us, that foreplay is going to take some beating.

“You have a very talented tongue Julian I noticed. I want you to lick my cunt to orgasm with it, before you fuck me.

“And I want you to get another erection and masturbate for Julian and I while you watch him fuck me baby.”

Julian’s cock is rock hard and the sight of it and the thought of what he is going to do with it to my partner while I watch has my cock semi-erect already.

Joanna sits in an armchair and opens her legs with one leg over an arm.

Julian kneels in front of her with his huge erection and starts licking Joanna’s cunt lips.

“Very good Julian, you are very good. I am wet for you, very wet.

“Kiss me baby, tongue kiss me while Julian licks my cunt to orgasm.”

Bu now I have a full erection again and Joanna is fondling it as two men pleasure her.

“I love the way Julian is licking my cunt.

“Are you watching baby?

“Do you like watching another man licking my cunt?

“Is it exciting for you?

“It is very exciting for me.

“I want him to fuck me soon baby, very soon.

“And I want you to masturbate for Julian and I while you watch him fuck me baby.

“So good Julian, your tongue is magic, fucking magic,” Joanna says, breathing very heavily.

“I am going to cum …………..

“Oh fuck, so good, so fucking good.

“You can fuck me now Julian.”

”Love your big arse Joanna, can I fuck it?” Julian smiles as he produces a jar of lubricant from the small bag he came with.

We both watch fascinated as he smears lubricant all over his roaring erection.

The look of pleasure and anticipation on his face while watching Joanna’s arse as he strokes the lubricant on his cock is turning both of us on even more.

”Love your big arse Joanna, can I fuck it?” he asks again as he rubs oil all over it, “Magnificent.”

“Are you comfortable with this baby?” I ask.

“Yes, very comfortable, I am to please and be pleased, I want it very much, very, very much. And I want you to watch and enjoy.”

Julian bends Joanna over a narrow table, parts her legs and grabs her oily arse cheeks in his hands, and repeats, ”Love your big oily arse Joanna, can I fuck it?”

“Yes, I want it very much, very, very much,” she repeats.

“I am to please and be pleased.”

“Stand in front of me and hold my hands,” Joanna tells me as she leans on her forearms as Julian slowly slides his roaring erection into Joanna’s arse.

“Oh baby, baby, that really is something special, very special,” Joanna whispers as she clenches my hands very tightly as he enters her.

Ever so slowly Julian withdraws his cock, then slides the full length of his cock back into her arse and makes a slapping noise as she takes his full length.

“Love that gorgeous arse Joanna, and fucking it while your man is watching is magic, my cock loves it.”

“That looks fantastic baby, your arse has never looked better,” I mutter as Julian gets up a rhythm and slides and slaps his full length into my partner’s arse.

“Oh baby, baby, baby, that really is something, his cock in my arse is so fucking good, ” Joanna almost screams.

“One of my fantasies baby, put your cock in my mouth for me, while his cock is fucking my arse.”

I am so turned on and ready for relief while my lady sucks my cock while I watch her enjoying being fucked up her arse.

“I can’t hold out much longer baby.”

“Good, masturbate for Julian and I while he is fucking my arse.”

Julian is starting to breath very heavily I notice and he is watching very closely as I masturbate.

I am determined to last longer than him while I masturbate and watch him slamming his cock into my ladies arse.

Joanna is almost screaming, “So good, so fucking good, I can’t hold out any longer, I am going to cum.

“Cum with me baby.”

Joanna and Julian both tense, and orgasm very noisily simultaneously.

In what must have been only ten seconds I follow, and orgasm for the second time in around an hour.

As he leaves Julian smiles at me, “The only thing I didn’t have today was your arse. Next time maybe?”

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