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  1. Maddison’s Panties
  2. Maddison’s Panties 2

Maddison’s Panties 2

Categories Fiction

Author: Daddy’s slut

Published: 07 November 2018

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Father and Daughter just stood still facing each other in total silence for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Drew broke the awkward and embarrassing silence. “Maddi I can explain” Maddison was curious to hear his reasoning for this embarrassing act. “I was about to do your laundry as a favor and I wasn’t sure if they were dirty”. Maddison didn’t buy her dads story for a second. She may have been naive but she wasn’t stupid. Maddi know full well that her father was doing and judging buy the rising tent in the front of of his gym shorts she suspected he was enjoying himself with her musky pair of panties.

Drew apologized and started to back out of the little girls room that still had pink paint on the wall with stuffed animals on her bed. Maddison eventually uttered, “Aren’t you going finish what you started daddy?” Drew was puzzled, “oh you mean the laundry” as he started to pick up more articles of clothing scattered about her messy room.

“No” Maddison yelled, I want you to finish what you really doing before I came home. I’m not an idiot daddy, I see the way you look at me when I’m wrapped in a towel after a shower or in a bikini at the pool. I know what you were doing with my panties and I see the bulge in your pants as Maddi pointed at her father’s now fully erect cock still covered by the thin material of his shorts.

Maddi had watched porn at her friends house before and knew that guys liked to masturbate. Specifically she had seen a daddy daughter video where an older man would fantasize about his daughter and smelled articles of her clothing when she wasn’t around. Maddison suspected her father was living out this type of fantasy. She repeated herself, “finish what you were doing before you got home daddy, I know you were sniffing my dirty panties”. Drew was in shock again. His brain was frozen, he could not think of anything to say.

Maddison started to gain some courage and said, “put them back up to your face daddy, I know you like smelling them, you’re a sick and perverted man and I’m going to tell everyone what you did if you don’t listen to me right now.” Drew knew he was caught and was fearful of what is daughter might make him do next so he told himself that he would meet her demands.” He slowly raised Maddi’s cum stained panties back toward his flushed face. “Closer!!” She yelled, “put them back up to your nose and take a deep breath”. Drew complied with her demands and inhaled a deep breath of his daughters smelly and musky panties.

Maddison sensed that she now had the upper hand and was going to control what was going to happen next. She was going to let her father finish what he started but it was going to happen in her presence. “Keep smelling my nasty pennies, it’s mixed with my sweat, piss and cum daddy, and I knew you fucking like it you sick pervert! I bet you want to smell the direct source you sick fuck! Drew had never heard this kind of profanity come out of his daughters mouth before. He was shocked at what he was hearing but was slightly turned on by her filthy mouth. “Now I want you to lick them and tell me how much you like it. Tell me what it smells like daddy” Drew began licking Maddi’s extremely fragrant pair of black cotton pants much like thirsty dog lapping water from a dish.

After a minute or so of Drew’s tongue salivating all over his daughters underwear, Maddison begin to feel that slight tingling sensation between her muscular inner thighs. Her heart begin to beat faster and her face felt warm. Maddison could feel the moisture building between her tight little rose petals. She needed relief and needed it soon! She had never been so aroused in her life, the sight of father sniffing and licking her dirty panties caused her raging hormones to trigger her brain to become possessed in a trance like state.

“Ok daddy, it’s time to find out what caused my panties to become so stinky. You are going to turn off the lights for a moment and when I tell you turn them back on you’re going to do exactly what I say...Ok daddy..” There was a slight pause and Drew nodded his head up and down in agreement. “Now turn off the lights and after I tell you to turn them back on you’re not going to speak a word. You’re going to do exactly what I say or their will be consequences”. Drew continued nod his head nervously but curious about what was going to happen next. Drew moved over to the light switch. “Turn off the lights Daddy”. He flipped the switch down and the room became completely dark.

Drew could hear his daughter moving about the room and her mattress squeaking. He heard her shoes hit the wooden floor and her costume jewelry being placed on the nightstand. The longer this when on the more nervous he became, he knew that he would have to comply with his daughters demands because things had gone too far already with him being caught red-handed with her panties. Eventually the mattress stopped making noises and the room became silent again. A soft voice said “turn on the lights daddy”. Drew flipped the switch upward and the 3 bright ceiling lights illuminated the room. Drew had to blink several times to adjust to the light and was greeted with the most stunning an amazing sight he had ever seen in his life.

There she was....Maddison...his gorgeous bleach blonde petite daughter had her head down in a pile of pillows. Her knees were together and her amazing little muscular ass was about 15 feet in front of him pointed in an upward position. Her swollen pussy lips were glistening in the bright light. Her hot pink butt hole was also visible just above her pussy and the she knew her father must have liked the view. Her pussy was becoming more hot and moist knowing that her daddy was looking at her most private of parts. Maddi said, “come closer with your hands interlaced behind your back, and keep them there.” Drew inched closer until he was about 2 feet away from his daughters naked little figure. He couldn’t believe how perfect she was. Nothing could top this moment right now he thought to himself. He suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when Maddie said, “Your a disgusting and perverted man, no wonder mom left us. Why don’t you find out why my panties stink so much? And don’t touch me, keep your hands behind your back.”

Her father’s noise drew nearer to within inches of Maddi’s wet pussy and her puckered little asshole. Keep in mind, she hasn’t showered in almost 2 days, she had masturbated, ran 5 sweaty miles at the gym and used the bathroom multiple times. “Smell it daddy! Sniff my stinky pussy and asshole just like you did with my panties. I know you like younger girls, especially tiny blondes like me.” Drew knew his daughter was speaking the truth. He did indeed like to watch porn and masterbate to young girls who resembled Maddi’s hair color and body shape. She yelled again for him to sniff it and he inhaled a large amount of the musky pungent air surrounding her tiny wet openings. He sniffed her pussy and ass enjoying them equally as much although they smelled differently but intoxicating.

Maddison was thoroughly enjoying having her father’s face within inches of her hot little pussy but wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that. She looked back for a second saw Drew’s right hand down his pants. It was obvious that he was stroking himself. Maddison barked, “did I say you could jerk off daddy!! Did I?” No sweetie, I just couldn’t control myself, I’m sorry!. “No daddy, sorry isn’t enough, your a sick and pathetic old man. I know you like to jerk off to young girls like me. So.... that’s exactly what you’re going to do right now.”

Drew was surprised and nervous about what his daughter was planning for him. “Ok daddy....since you like to jerk off so much your going to do it in front of me right now. Drew was shocked hearing these words but he knew Maddi was in control now. He would have to do what she said in fear of others finding out of his perversions. Madison was now sitting naked on her bed with her legs spread wide open. Her perfect little pink pussy is on full display and Maddi had a devilish little smirk on her face.

Maddi grabbed her phone and started recording and said, “Ok daddy you have exactly 2 minutes to jerk off and cum in front of me. During this time you will not speak even if spoken to, you will look at my naked body but you cannot touch.” She picked up the pair of soiled panties at the foot of her bed and said, “the time will began when you put my crusty panties over your face and will not stop until I see the first stream of cum squirt from your extremely average sized cock. If you don’t finish in 3 minutes there will be consequences, I promise.” Maddi threw her dirty panties at her father. Looked at the second hand on her Hello Kitty wall clock and said, “go daddy!” As she threw the panties in his direction.

Drew snatched the smelly cotton panties out of the air and pulled them over his head so they were mostly covering his face, he was able to see partially out of his left eye. He dropped his gym shorts and underwear between his ankles and started to feverishly stroke his semi hard erection. 30 seconds had already elapsed and he began to use his own saliva has lubrication. Maddi began to talk dirty. “Yeah daddy, I know you like looking at my pink nipples and my hot wet cunt. I know you enjoyed smelling the air from my unwashed asshole and you probably fantasize about putting your tongue inside it. Yeah...that’s it daddy keep looking at me while you the cock that created me. Time is running out daddy and I don’t see any white creamy stuff coming from your cock yet. tick tick tock daddy, only 30 seconds left.”

Drew’s mind was racing, so many thoughts going through his head, he was extremely horny looking at his gorgeous daughter naked on her bed but he also felt wrong about it. As time was running out the pace of his strokes increased, he was right on the edge as the friction was drying out his hand again. He could feel the flow of hot semen bubbling up from his balls to the base of his cock. The sweet stench of his daughters underwear sent him over the edge. His cock erupted like a mini volcano. The first 2 ropes of baby batter landed on the sheets of Maddi’s bed and the dirty soles of her feet and toes. He continued to ejaculate as the last few squirts landed on the wooden floor. His legs were weak and shaking which almost made him fall to the ground. Holding onto the computer chair was the only thing that kept him on his feet.

As his breathing began to return to normal, Maddi said, “Wow daddy! I didn’t know an old man could have so much cum in his cock, I’m impressed. But.... you broke 2 rules....your time was 2:07 and some of your man juice is cooling on my feet.” Maddi was wiggling her cute little toes as the thick white goo was becoming clear and runny. “As I said there will be consequences and you can start by cleaning this mess up…..with your tongue. All of it now!” Drew dropped to his knees and began to lick his own semen from Maddi’s cold feet and toes. His warm rough tongue was beginning to tickle her was he continued to lick and swallow the remainder of the clear jizz and dry sweat from her now clammy feet. After the majority of the cum was in his stomach Maddi said, “that’s enough daddy, time to cleaning the floor”.

Drew obeyed her commands and dropped his face to the floor. The artificial wood had not been mopped in over a year and clumsy Maddison recently broke a bottle of Belvedere which wasn’t fully cleaned up leaving small particles of glass scattered about. The taste of his own cock juice was beginning to make Drew’s stomach turn. There was so much fluid on the floor, he wasn’t sure if you could finish the job. His tongue was beginning to throb as particles of glass were penetrating his tongue making it extremely painful as he continued. His tongue began to bleed and was almost completely numb. After approximately 80% of the floor where his juice had landed was free of his seed, Maddison stopped recording and said, “step one of your punishment is complete daddy, you may stand up and thank me.” Drew rose to his feet and said with a thick and swollen tongue with particles of glass embedded in it, thank you. “Thank me for what daddy”. Her father mumbled, Thank you for allowing me to smell your delicious little private parts, Thank you for letting me masturbate with your approval, and most of all thank you for holding me accountable for breaking the rules.

Madison was pleased with his answers, she knew she was in complete control now. “Ok daddy you may leave my room, take a shower and brush your teeth. You will be cooking dinner for me tonight, I would like steak and lobster with a caesar salad. You can make yourself some top Ramen after I eat. It needs to be ready by 6 because I have big plans for you tonight.” That devilish little smirk returned to her cute little face. Madison was turning into a monster and there was nothing her dad could do about it. Where would she stop?

Part 3 coming soon....

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Maddison’s Panties 2

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