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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 4

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification

Author: Eupatrid

Published: 08 November 2018

  • Font:

Upon arriving in the Temple of Venus, James noticed a few differences. The previously perfect realm showed signs of age for the first time: small cracks had appeared in the tile mosaic floor, and the golden columns that held up the sky looked chipped in a few places. Before James stood Lilith, naked as usual. The demoness appeared to have been waiting expectantly for him. Her breath-taking beauty was refreshing as always, but something seemed slightly off about her as well. Her angular face seemed softer, her horns looked smaller, and unless James was imagining things, she was shorter too.

The bronze-skinned beauty gave her servant little time to consider these changes, closing the gap between them swiftly, and pushing him to the ground effortlessly. Landing on a pile of cushions he hadn't known was there, James looked up at his mistress in shock. He opened his mouth to speak but Lilith held up a hand, ordering his silence. She stared down at him with indifference. With the lazy flick of a single finger, Lilith's magic brought James' flaccid cock to full attention.

The sensation of being forced into a state of arousal was intense, and James had to stifle a moan. Lilith wasted no time; she positioned herself over her agent before lowering herself onto his dick. As she began to rise and fall on his cock, James' hands reflexively rose to hold onto the beautiful woman. With blinding speed, Lilith grabbed both his hands with one of her own and forced his arms over his head, pinning them there as she rode him mercilessly. James was surprised by her inhuman strength, which easily overpowered his new muscular body. Her callous domination hurt him a bit, but he was also extremely turned on by her domineering behavior. James relaxed and let his mistress have her way with him.

As the demoness bounced on the hard body beneath her, she used her free hand to squeeze her nipples and massage her heavy breasts. Her hand sunk lower and soon she was frantically rubbing her clit while she rode her agent's cock. Her pussy tightened around James as her pleasure mounted. Eyes squeezed shut, breathing heavily, Lilith savored the ecstasy as she brought herself to orgasm. As she came, James felt his willpower erode under the crashing waves of his mistress' pleasure. Releasing his subconscious stranglehold on his sexual energy, he felt the raw power wash over him and flow into Lilith.

The sensation was too great for him to endure; he threw his head back and groaned as his cock erupted inside his mistress. As Lilith absorbed the essence that James had gathered for her, the demoness opened her eyes, and stared down at the man beneath her. When he looked up, he was greeted by his mistress' bright blue eyes. She smiled lovingly at him before climbing off his pole and lying down beside him, cuddling up close and resting her head on his chest. Confused by her emotional 180, he thought to himself, "Women…"

"Mm…" sighed the demoness, "Thanks. I was starving." James remained silent, and the two lay together for a while, basking in their afterglow. Resting a hand on his mistress' head and petting her hair, James could feel that her horns had returned to their larger size. Turning his head slightly, he saw that the temple's floor and pillars had repaired themselves as well.

"Lilith really is tied to this place, and to my sexual energy…" thought James. He smiled to himself, pleased that he had been able to serve his mistress and sustain her home. After the transfer of essence, he could still feel a good amount of power within his body, but it was no longer threatening to spill over. Now, it was just part of him.

Lilith stirred on top of him, and she looked up at James when she spoke softly, "That was a lot; you must've really drained some poor girl." she chuckled softly.

"Two, actually." responded James, with a light chuckle of his own. Lilith immediately sat up straight and stared at her agent intently, suddenly serious.

"What? You managed to contain the essence of two women? All day?" she didn't bother to hide her shock.

James shifted, propping himself up on his arms. "Yeah, is that… bad? I didn't think it was a big deal, I wanted to collect as much as I could for you." he answered honestly.

"You're sweet, James," replied the succubus, "But please, tell me everything that happened."

James described for Lilith his sexual exploits of the day, explaining how he had used his aura, like she told him, to influence his targets and seduce them. He told her how he had drained Jess and Katherine, and he went into detail about how he disciplined his mind in order to control the surplus sexual energy.

Lilith tried not to openly gawk at her servant while she listened. She was enormously impressed by his ability to dominate his lust and control his power. Maybe there was more to him than she had given him credit for. When she asked how he had managed to focus his power so instinctively, James averted his gaze and rubbed his neck. "I thought about you," he answered honestly.

Lilith felt herself blush. "Well, that's…" she cleared her throat before continuing, "That's very impressive, James. You've done well."

"Thank you, mistress," the college student replied with a smile, feeling pride in his ability to serve the demoness.

Lilith stood and began walking away, into the direction opposite the throne. She grinned at James over her shoulder as she sauntered, "Coming?' she asked. James, who had been openly staring at her curvaceous backside, nodded and rose, following his mistress as they left behind the only recognizable landmarks of the infinite Temple of Venus. After walking for a couple minutes, Lilith stopped and held up her hand, signaling for James to stand and watch. "I've got something different planned for us tonight," she told her waiting servant.

Extending her hand before her, palm facing up, the demoness raised her arm. As she motioned, the floor before them began to glow faintly, and from the ground ascended an army of hundreds of wooden statues. The life-size, finely detailed soldiers were arranged in long rows. They stood motionless before Lilith and James.

The former turned to the latter, "You've proven that you're capable of drawing in and suppressing energy; now I'm going to teach you how to release it."

With that, the alluring woman faced the dummy army again, and stretched out her hand. James could immediately feel the flow of energy around her as she focused it into her palm. From her hand, a gout of flame sprang forth, bathing the wooden soldiers in dark fire. The blaze spread rapidly, quickly engulfing the entire army in the magical fire. The light and heat from Lilith's display was so intense that James had to shield his face with his hands. Through squinted eyes, he watched as his mistress reduced the constructs to ash without even breaking a sweat. As flames danced around her, James was inspired by her beauty and ferocity.

As soon as Lilith broke off the stream of fire, the soldiers began to rise from their ashes and rebuild themselves. James regarded his mistress with amazement, "That was incredible!"

The demoness gave a quick bow in jest and smiled at James, "That was just a small showcase. Now it's your turn," she said.

James did a double-take. "Huh? I can't do that! Not unless you've got a box of matches hidden somewhere on you!"

Lilith strode over to him, "You've already done something similar today, James," she spoke as she stopped before him, "Magic seems to come to you naturally; you used it on your friend and professor to influence them. Actively harnessing power and releasing it with controlled intent: that's magic."

He considered her words. "Maybe so," said James, "but what I did seems pretty different from what you just did."

Lilith placed a warm hand on James' chest. "It's exactly the same. Magic is power. Feel the energy inside you; it's raw and without shape, without purpose. Give form to that power, release it in whatever manner you see fit. The only limitations are your imagination and your ability."

James thought about this, closing his eyes and feeling the swirling mass of energy inside of him, energy he had taken from his sexual conquests. He imagined it as a large flame, focused on it, and felt it within him. Warmth spread throughout his body, barely-contained heat searching for an outlet. James opened his eyes and stepped forward, determined. "Okay."

Lilith took a step back, giving her apprentice room to work. Raising both hands, James concentrated on the flame within him, on the untapped power that wanted to break free. His hands grew white-hot, and with a pained grimace he forced the energy out through his fingertips.

Jets of bright fire cut through the ranks of the helpless wooden army; they never stood a chance. James incinerated everything in his view, consuming the dummies in a massive fireball. James surprised himself by the power he brought forth, but he had no time to think. He strained himself as he fought to keep the blaze under control. As the inferno raged before them, and sweat poured down James' face as he focused, Lilith watched on with wide eyes. She was beyond impressed by the intensity and the control James' exhibited. Her wooden soldiers crumbling before her agent, the demoness thought to herself. "He's a prodigy…"

Lilith smiled to herself, thinking that perhaps more than one person had wrongly underestimated James. As she watched her servant's display with awe, she felt a heat unrelated the fire grow inside her.

As the last of the dummies disintegrated, James' stream of fire slowed to a stop. Completely drained, he staggered backward, struggling to remain upright. His overexertion won out, and James teetered before falling into Lilith's waiting arms. He smiled fondly up into his mistress' warm countenance, before passing out, safe in her arms.

"You idiot," scolded the demoness softly, "You totally overdid it." Lilith chucked to herself, stretched out her wings, and carried James back to the throne, where she let him rest until it was time to send him back to the real world.

James awoke with a searing headache and considerable fatigue. Though his body rested while he slept, the strain on his mind from his training with Lilith left him worn out before his day had even begun. Having overexerted himself so much in the temple, he found his power diminished in the real world. His level of sexual energy at the moment was just enough to maintain his usual aura of lust, but anything more was beyond him. He would have to replenish his energy at school, and he knew just the target.

James arrived early to Speech class, intent on staying out of trouble with Professor Lopez. When Lindsay arrived, he greeted her with a warm smile and a friendly "Good morning," which the freshman returned. Lacking the power to seduce her magically, James decided to turn on the charm, relying on his good looks to win over the brunette.

Lindsay was very cute; she had a pouty face and an adorable button nose. Her long brown hair, usually tied up in a ponytail or hanging loosely, was styled and curled today. She had a great body as well, slim and lithe, but very curvaceous. She showed off her toned legs in tight denim short shorts.

The two held a quiet conversation in the back of the class, mostly small talk. While James' influence over Lindsay at the moment was less than the total control he had leveraged over Jessica or Dr. Sharp, it was evident that the cute coed was still affected by his charm and a lingering lust from the other day.

"You look nice today, Lindsay," spoke James, shifting the conversation away from pleasantries and small talk, "You did something different with your hair, didn't you?"

The brunette blushed and touched her hair absent-mindedly, "Do you like it?" she asked meekly.

"I love it," responded James enthusiastically, "Very sexy." Lindsay blushed even harder at this, averting her gaze and smiling softly.

James decided to take things up a notch, and 'accidentally' knocked his pencil off the table. Leaning down to retrieve it, he took the time to run his hand along Lindsay's smooth leg. Above him, he heard the brunette gasp. He came up for air as the professor called, "What's going on back there?"

"Nothing, Professor Lopez," James answered, "Dropped by my pencil is all." He held up said pencil as evidence. This satisfied the old teacher, who turned back to the whiteboard. Lindsay turned to look at James, hey eyes failing to hide her excitement. His left hand still rested on her thigh.

Offering her a quick wink, he allowed his hand to stray north. Lindsay inhaled sharply when he reached her shorts; she looked at James again, lust painted on her adorable face. He continued his exploration, and soon his hand rested on her crotch. Lindsay's heightened desire fueled James, and he breathed in her arousal. He began to rub her through her shorts, feeling her heat through the fabric. She bit her lip in an attempt to keep herself quiet as James' stroked her pussy under the table. Lindsay's nipples were rock hard and poking through her bra and t-shirt, plainly visible. She squirmed in her seat, her lust building.

James couldn't wait. He dove his hand under her shorts and inserted two fingers into her wet vagina. Lindsay tried to cover her initial moan by feigning a coughing fit. "Points for originality," thought James, his fingers working deeper into the freshman's pussy. The sexual energy surrounding her was palpable, and James reveled in it. Lindsay clenched her fists and chewed her lip in an effort to remain inconspicuous, but her orgasm was growing fast, and she was struggling to maintain control.

Totally invested in Lindsay's pleasure, the two coeds were nearly caught when class ended. The shuffling of papers and scooching of chairs alerted James, and he pulled his hand away from in-between the brunette's legs just in time. He cursed under his breath at the poor timing, as he still craved more sexual energy. Lindsay meanwhile was equally frustrated, fidgeting restlessly in her chair, aching for release.

The two sat quietly as their classmates walked past them to the door. Once they'd all gone, James gathered his belongings, grabbed Lindsay by the hand, and whispered "Come on," before hauling her out the door with him. They walked hurriedly toward the parking garage; James could think of no better option. At least, not until one presented itself to him when he saw Jessica walking to class from across the courtyard and made a beeline for her.

The couple stopped in front her, Lindsay looking around uncomfortably. Jess stared with blatant jealousy at the hand-holding. Her proximity to James was affecting her rapidly, however, and she was soon lost once again to his aura of lust. She looked at James passionately and opened her mouth to speak, but he didn't give her the chance.

"Jess, your master needs you. Come with us." James didn't need to wait to see if his words had registered. He knew she would follow. He led the two freshmen girls into the first building he saw, then into the first room.

That room turned out to be occupied by a middle-aged professor. As the horny trio barged into his office, the man looked up quizzically, "Can I help you?"

James had no patience for the old man, he stared him down and commanded, "Leave," trying to imbue his voice with a small amount of power.

The professor however was not phased by James' attempt. Crossing his arms defiantly and leveling a stern gaze at the intruder, he spoke again, "I beg your pardon? This is my office, and I'm going to have to –"

"I SAID GO!" James raised his voice, channeling what little energy he had into his command. He would not let anyone stand between him and satisfying his carnal need. The whole room seemed to shake briefly under the strain of James' magic.

The professor immediately let his arms fall and his eyes glazed over. "Understood," he answered dully, marching out of the office. James kicked the door shut behind him. His head began pounding and his breathing became ragged; he had devoted the remainder of his power to that desperate shout, and now he was at his limit. Fortunately, the effects of his magic were felt by Lindsay and Jessica as well.

The brunette was so intimidated by James' display that she now stood motionless, frozen by fear and desire for the man. Jess, however, was so aroused by the authoritative demonstration of power that she jumped directly into James' arms. Shoving her tongue into his mouth and moaning in delight, her longing for her master grew stronger. James fed off that passion, taking sexual energy directly from Jess, fueling the lust that now resurfaced with a vengeance.

Jess continued to plant kisses on James' mouth, face, and neck, all while she ground her aching sex into his leg. Between kisses, she whipped off her shirt and bra, casting them aside. James was grateful for the blonde's desperate fervor, as it sustained his energy and allowed him to harness the growing desire in the room. Focusing his aura, he amplified that lust. Lindsay snapped back to her senses – or at least the senses that James wanted her to feel – and began tearing at her clothes; she couldn't get out of them fast enough. Jess fell to her knees, dragging her nails down James' muscular torso as she went, clutching at his shirt with one hand while the other went to his belt.

Lindsay, now totally naked, replaced Jess in James' arms, holding his face while she kissed him intensely. He was so much taller than the girl that she had to stand on tiptoes to get anywhere close to his mouth. James held her with one strong arm, dropping his other hand to her wet folds, picking up where he had left off. Meanwhile, Jess had succeeded in freeing James' monster cock and began worshipping it wantonly, holding it close to her face as she stroked him with both hands, licking the head at the same time.

Lindsay followed the blonde's lead, dropping down to kneel alongside her. She went straight for James' balls, sucking them into her greedy mouth while Jess focused on his shaft. James pulled his shirt overhead as the two girls pleased him orally. He stood in the middle of the cluttered office, basking in bliss as he felt his sexual energy growing, fueled by the girls' vigor. He spoke down to the blonde from his position of power over her, "Jessica, didn't your parents teach you to share?"

"Mmmm," she said with her mouth full, moving over reluctantly to make room for Lindsay. The two horny teens took up position on either side of his hard dick, sharing a look of desire before falling back into their trance, running their tongues up and down his length. When they met at the tip, the would share a quick, sloppy kiss before returning to work on James' shaft.

James moaned in ecstasy as his little cocksluts brought him closer and closer to orgasm. Looking down, he saw that they were sharing more than just his cock; the two girls had their hands between each other's legs, frantically trying to get the other off while simultaneously pleasing their master. The view was enough to push James over the edge, and he groaned in rapturous pleasure. Sensing James' climax, Lindsay and Jess opened their mouths expectantly.

They were rewarded when a torrent of cum shot from James' dick. They moaned with delight as they caught it in their mouths, on their faces, and on their tits. The girls greedily sucked all they could from James, licked up the mess from each other's naked bodies, and snowballed the semen between them before swallowing the enormous load.

While they treated James to their little show, he felt raw sexual power surge through him, feeling rejuvenated at last. But he was far from satisfied.

"On your backs. Both of you." he ordered the girls, who quickly obliged, still licking their lips and giggling. Standing over them, he inspected their young bodies. Lindsay was a little shorter than the blonde, and she had more meat on her in all the right places. Her tits were probably a B or C cup. Her pubic hairs were neatly trimmed into a little triangle, whereas Jess' mound was shaved clean. Jess' petite frame didn't accord her much in the breast department, but James knew from years of lecherous staring that her ass was second to none.

Dropping to his knees, he knelt between the two girls and went to work at returning the favor. He sunk two fingers of his right hand deep into Lindsay's pussy and pressed on her clit with his thumb; his left hand rubbed Jess' delicate petals while the blonde tweaked her nipples. Writhing in euphoria beneath James' capable hands, the teens leaned in and began making out. He could feel their pleasure in the air around him, and as they both approached climax, he switched up his technique and rubbed both their clits fervently.

They came together, moaning into each other's mouths, hands clasped. Not wanting to disturb their moment, but still thirsty for more, James moved over a bit and lined up the head of his still hard cock with the entrance of Lindsay's tender pussy. As he pushed into her slowly, his other hand returned to Jess, his fingers exploring her love tunnel. He began to pick up the pace, watching Lindsay's beautiful tits bounce as he thrust into her with increasing intensity. The two girls broke off their kiss so that the brunette could properly vocalize her pleasure.

"Ohhh, fuck yes! Fuck me! Yesssss!" she sang.

Jess extracted herself from around James' fingers, crawled over to Lindsay, swung her leg over her and sat on her face. Reaching out, she took James' hand and brought it to her own mouth so that she could taste herself. Her other hand was preoccupied, rubbing her nipples excitedly. Beneath her, Lindsay lapped hungrily at the blonde's pussy, moaning loudly as she did.

Jess was the first to cum, her hands falling to Lindsay's breasts as she held on for dear life and screamed in pleasure. Lindsay's climax came soon after, and she brought James with her as she gripped his cock so tightly he thought she might crush it. The brunette held onto Jess tightly as she shuddered in ecstasy. As James orgasmed, he pumped twice more into Lindsay's warm embrace before pulling out and shooting the remainder of his cum in long ropes across both girls' bodies, covering them with his semen for the second time.

As their orgasms subsided, the three lovers collapsed into a sweaty, sticky embrace. Panting heavily, James basked in their shared sexual energy. He felt his power grow, and he focused his mind to keep it in control. It was easier than the day before to contain, for whatever reason. As the trio engaged in some post-sex cuddling, James reduced his lustful aura to the bare minimum. This changed nothing for the two girls however; James' power had engraved itself onto their very souls. They were his.

After dressing, James made sure to ask Lindsay for her phone number. The cute brunette obliged, smiling warmly at him, "You can have me whenever you want… Master." She whispered the last word breathily into his ear, before kissing him on the cheek. James fought the urge to strip down and take her again, but he had already lost track of time.

He checked his phone; "Shit," he thought, "I'm going to be late for work." He grabbed his bag and opened the door, looking over his shoulder at the two beauties behind him. Jess was staring at Lindsay with barely restrained desire. Smiling to himself, James closed the door behind him, leaving the girls to get better acquainted.

James made his way to his car and then drove to work, arriving ten minutes after his shift was supposed to start. He apologized to his manager, but Sam brushed it off, "It's no problem; I know you're a busy guy." James was grateful his manager was understanding, though he accredited this more to his charm than to Sam's kind nature. Tying his apron around his waist, he got to work.

James approached his job with a different attitude now. He viewed his interactions with customers as an opportunity, rather than a hindrance. He took advantage of every chance to exercise his power, using his magic to influence the coffee shop patrons. He focused his energy and released it in the form of pure charisma. Utilizing Lilith's training, he practiced with each customer, dominating them through willpower alone.

He flirted with everyone, men and women, using his charm to get what he wanted. His sexual energy was his to command, and he had no trouble with control as he continued to tap into his power throughout the evening. By the time his shift was half-way done, his tip jar was overflowing, and he had a growing stack of phone numbers and names, punctuated with X's and O's and little hearts.

Successful as his experiments were, the constant use of his power was taxing. Deciding to call it quits for the night, he caught up with Sam in the back office.

"James!" his manager greeted with restrained excitement, "What's up?"

"Hey, Sam," spoke James, leaning in the doorway, "I've got a favor to ask."

The effeminate man smiled up at his employee, "Anything. Name it."

The college student smiled inwardly, this was too easy. "I'm not feeling so great. If it's cool with you, I'm gonna head home a bit early. I'll owe you one." he put extra emphasis on those last words, having the desired effect on his manager. Sam's ears turned red, imagining how he might call in that favor.

"Of-of course, James," the man answered, "Yeah, go right ahead. I'll close for you."

"Thanks, Sam," responded James with fake sincerity, "I really appreciate it." He offered his boss a quick wink before turning to go. His power of suggestion and his control over the weaker-willed impressed James himself. He could certainly get used to having people eat out of the palm of his hand like this.

On the drive home, James received a call from his mother. This surprised him. His relationship with his family wasn't bad or anything, but he really only called his parents on birthdays and holidays. They lived on the opposite end of the country, and he hadn't spoken to them in a while.

"Hey, mom," James answered, "what's up?" He exchanged the expected pleasantries with his mom, waiting for the reason she called. He grew impatient though as she ranted about James' father, her work, and her friends. Eventually James just asked, "So, mom, what did you need?"

"Huh?" she responded, "Oh! Right. I'd nearly forgotten. Your sister is gonna be flying into town next week for work. I told her I would let you know. Can she stay with you?"

"Seriously, mom?" James complained, "Ugh... yeah, I guess Ash could crash on my couch. As long as it's not for too long." James hadn't lived with his older sister for years, not since she shipped off to college herself. Ashely, or Ash to him, had moved to Europe after finishing school, getting a job at some huge museum.

"Great! Thanks, James. You'll pick her up at the airport too, won't you?" his mom continued.

James couldn't stop himself from groaning. "Yeah… I'll pick her up too…" No matter how much power he amassed, no matter how easy it became for him to control people… James would never be able to say no to his mother.

"Wonderful! I'll send you her flight information! Thanks, sweetheart. Hugs and kisses." his mom signed off in her usual manner and hung up. James let out a sigh. He wasn't looking forward to chauffeuring his bossy sister around the city. "Whatever," he thought as he pulled into his driveway, "I'll deal with that later."

James arrived at home a couple hours before he normally would. "I should use this time to work on school assignments and get to bed early," he told himself. His plans fell apart though when he walked into his house and was greeted by a chorus of "Hey-oh!"s. David's girlfriend, Brianna, and her friend, Amy, were sitting with James' roommates at the kitchen table, laughing, drinking, and playing cards. He decided being responsible could wait and he pulled up a chair while Mark dealt him in.

James knew the girls well enough; they'd all lived in the same dorm last year. Brianna was a lot of fun, especially when she was drinking, and James had always had a bit of a secret crush on her. Her angelic face, long blonde hair, and bubbly personality had certainly worked on David; the two had been going steady for about eight months. Her roommate, Amy, was cute as well, if a bit on the heavy side. She had a killer rack though, and her pretty face was framed by short black hair. Amy and James had always gotten along at social gatherings because they tended to be the quietest and most reserved of the group. Now though, James was embracing his new charm and social confidence.

"What's up, my dude?" asked Mark between sips of his drink. "Thought you would be working a while longer."

James shrugged his large shoulders, "Sam gave me the rest of the night off. Dude's too nice; I think he wants my dick." Mark, David and Brianna all laughed, while Amy turned red.

The gang caught up and joked with each other while they played a few more hands of poker. It quickly became apparent though that no one could beat Brianna, even when she was drinking.

"Noooo…." whined David when his girlfriend took the pot, sticking her tongue out at him. "This game sucks."

"We could play something else," offered Amy quietly, "if you want…" This was agreeable to the group, so they started going through their pile of board and card games.

"These are all shit," said Mark, "Any better ideas?" The gang shook their heads.

James had an idea, though. Reading the relaxed atmosphere of the room and counting the empty beer bottles on the table, he was pretty sure his friends were drunk enough. "How about…" James began, "Truth or Dare?"

"Ooooh! Yes! Absolutely! That!" cheered Brianna. Mark and David looked at each other and shrugged.

"Oh, um, I don't know-" started Amy weakly, but she was cut off by her giggling friend.

"Come on, girl! You know it'll be fun." Brianna leaned in close and whispered into her friend's ear. James made out a slurred "Just think of the possibilities…"

Amy turned redder, before nodding meekly. "Alright!" shouted Brianna, spilling some of her drink as she cheered. "Oops," she said before refilling her rum and coke.

They moved to the living room, taking up spots on the couches as they began the game. James ended up sitting between Amy and Brianna on one couch while David and Mark shared the other.

"Okay! Who's gonna start?" asked the blonde. Everyone looked at everyone else; no one wanted to be the first. "Fine, I'll pick. David!" The stout man looked up as his girlfriend leveled her alluring gaze at him. "Truth or dare?"

"Shit. Uh, truth." he answered after a brief pause.

"Booo, boring!" his roommates jeered.

"Shh!" Brianna began. "Okay, baby. Have you… ever had a threesome?" James thought back to his earlier encounter with Jessica and Lindsay, suppressing a grin. Judging by the look on Brianna's face, he could tell this question was a soft ball.

"C'mon, Bri, you know the answer's yes." David responded, eliciting childish a "ooooh" from Mark and James.

"Alright, alright," laughed the blonde. "Someone do me." James exchanged a look with his tall roommate, failing to suppress a laugh. Brianna rolled her eyes, "You know what I meant."

To everyone's surprise, it was Amy who spoke up next. "Truth or dare, Brianna?"

"Dare." She answered immediately.

"Now we're talking," murmured David.

Amy thought for a moment before supplying the dare. "Chug the rest of your drink." Brianna eyed her nearly-full mixed drink. Then she shrugged, brought the glass to her lips, and drained its contents.

"Damn, girl…" stared David. His girlfriend smiled at him and laughed. "Sorry babe, I'm gonna get fucked up tonight."

Everyone laughed, and James seized the opportunity to go next. "Mark," he said, turning to his friend, "truth or dare?"

Mark mulled it over for a second before answering. "Dare. Hit me with your best shot."

James raised an amused eyebrow. What was his best shot, he wondered. Everyone was waiting for his dare in suspense. James smiled to himself, an entertaining idea forming.

"Mark," he said, "make out with David." Mark turned to look at his other roommate, who held up his hands defensively.

"Woah, woah, woah! Isn't that a dare for me too technically? Someone grab the rulebook." David exclaimed.

"Don't be a prude, baby." spoke Brianna. Her boyfriend gave a sigh of defeat and turned to Mark, resigning himself to his fate.

The two inched together, closing their eyes as they met in the middle. David was tense and motionless as their lips met, just wanting to get the dare over with, but Mark seemed to be getting into it a little more. Resting a hand on his friend's thigh, he wrestled with his tongue. Mark definitely won this wrestling match, and after several seconds of kissing, he pulled back.

Amy's face was flushed, and she was squeezing her legs together tightly as she looked on. Even Brianna's eyes were wide, and there was a look of desire in them. Deciding to fan the flames a bit, James encouraged the growing tension in the room with his aura. Mark looked rather pleased with himself and held up two fingers in the shape of a "V" for victory. David glared comically at James, "You're a bastard, you know that?" James laughed lightly.

Brianna stood and moved over to David, taking a seat in his lap. "You're very brave, baby." she assured him, planting a big kiss on his lips.

Mark spoke up next. "So, uh… Who's next?" All eyes went to Amy, who quickly grew redder – if that was even possible.

"M-me? A- all right…" she stammered. Despite her lack of confidence, her body was responding to the sexual energy in the air, her large nipples visible through her shirt, her legs tremoring slightly.

Mark looked at her evenly and asked, "Truth… or dare?" Amy looked around nervously at her friends. Encouraged by a provocative smile from Brianna, she answered slowly. "…Dare." This prompted another round of "ooooh"s. Mark smiled and told Amy "Give our boy James a lap dance."

James felt a surge of arousal and he winked at Mark in silent appreciation, as Amy rose slowly from her seat. She stood in front of James, looking nervous.

James focused a small amount of power on her, heightening her lust and breaking down her inhibitions. "Relax," he whispered to her. Amy took a deep breath, her ample chest rising and falling. With a calm look in her eyes and a sensual smile on her face, Amy turned her back to James and pointed her large, denim-covered ass in his face. James couldn't resist, and he gave it a quick smack. She squealed in delight as she began to shake her rear and twerk for him.

James was unable to take his eyes off her sexy ass, confined by her tight jeans. A moan from his periphery drew his attention though, and he looked over quickly to see Brianna grinding into David's lap, looks of pleasure on both their faces. Mark too was responding to the sexual display, and he rubbed his erection through his own jeans.

Returning his attention to the sexy dance before him, James watched as Amy moved with energy and confidence like never before. James' cock grew rapidly, constrained by his pants. Amy turned around, her face flushed and body hot. She climbed on top of James, straddling his legs and leaning into him. Her eyes went wide when she felt the size of his still-growing member, and she met his eyes with a lustful gaze. She continued to move her ass provocatively, gyrating on his hard cock, only a few thin layers of fabric separating them. James held onto her wide hips and plump ass as she grinded into him. Rubbing her pussy against his hard dick, Amy climbed toward a desperate orgasm, any pretense of the game forgotten.

To James' left, Mark had released his erection from his jeans and was stroking himself while he watched. Next to him, Brianna bounced on David's lap while they kissed passionately.

Amy moaned in pleasure as she stimulated her sensitive clit against James. She pulled her shirt off, exposing her large breasts. She leaned forward as James took her boobs in his hands and brought them to his face. Pulling her bra down, he licked and sucked at her tits hungrily. Amy threw her head back and closed her eyes and she bucked wildly in James' lap.

"Uhhh… God yesss… Fuck yessss…" she groaned as her orgasm washed over her, assaulting her senses and fueling James' lust. He breathed deep, inhaling her ecstasy and feeling his power grow. Amy shuddered one last time, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, before collapsing, unconscious, against James' chest.

Brianna and David rose from their seats, the latter grabbing the former's hand and leading her to his bedroom without a word. Mark too got up and shuffled to his own room, one hand still grasping his dick.

That's how the party ended, with James alone in the living room, pinned by an unconscious Amy, and feeling extremely sexually frustrated. He thought about waking her, or just having his way with her as she slept, but in the end he couldn't condone either. He moved the girl off him, laying her down on the couch and letting her sleep. James stood and walked to his room, where he relieved his aching erection by himself, shooting his load into a wad of tissues.

The act felt empty, and while his desperate need to cum had subsided, he gained nothing else from the orgasm. He could not siphon sexual energy from himself, and so sexual acts he performed alone seemed pointless. He undressed and crawled into bed, physically exhausted and mentally unsatisfied. He looked forward to the comfort of Lilith's body that awaited him in his dreams. Focusing on that, James drifted off to sleep.

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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 4

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Comments (2)
Master_Rob — 11 November 2018 22:17
The only thing that can really screw this story over is it you make his harem too big. Please don't do that. One Night Stands are fine but keep his Slave Pool small. Nobody can use 20 Slaves at once, that shit is just ridiculous.
Master_Rob — 11 November 2018 22:01
You got me. I can't wait fir more.
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