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  1. Granny Angie
  2. Granny Angie pt 2

Granny Angie pt 2

Categories Fiction

Author: nutzbubby

Published: 12 November 2018

  • Font:

Pimp Spike was on the phone with Nina Rogers , she was coming over later to film a lesbian bdsm scene with Granny Angie, also she was bringinging her slim , sexy daughter Betty over . Betty was going to be the femdom in the xxx scene , the two old bitches were going to listen everything the 20year old skank told them to do. As Spike told Nina what he wanted her & her daughter to wear & bring . Joyce, Spike's obedient & very submissive old lady was on her knees , sucking & deepthroating her son's massive meatstick. Last night Spike had fucked her up the ass, & currently she was buttplugged , Also collared , it said Spike's bitch on the dog collar & she was also wearing a long leash , which Spike used to lead her to the various rooms of the house where he would fuck her in various positions & with various objects, Joyce had been fucked by massive dildos, bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis, baseball bats , wine & beer bottles nad of course she had been fisted & fucked hard hundreds if not thousands of times by Spike's monster cock. As Spike gave a load of facial man dessert , she smiled , she was such a Cum Loving Mother she thought.

Chapter 1 -Lesbian Porn

Joyce was walking around the set, naked with spiked heels & her masters jism all over her face, currently her master/son was fucking Granny Angie up the ass , preparing her for her lesbian scene with Nina Rogers & her daughter Betty.

Joyce on orders from Spike began filming as as Betty who dressed in her femdom wear lead a crawling submissive Nina to the set . Nina was collared & leashed with 5 inch thigh high hooker boots ,on her collar it read Mom/Cumslut.Crawling doggystyle Nina was still on her hands & knees as her femdom/daughter Betty sat on the sofa & ordered her to lick her 4inch heels & start licking her legs which she did before she began licking her daughters hairless lovely 20year old pussy . Licking the young woman's clit , Nina didnt realize that Granny Angie was wearing a strapon dildo, but the 60 something bitch entered the scene & began to suprisingly roughly doggystyle fuck , the much younger mom up the cunt , as Nina tongued her daughter /mistress to her first orgasm . As he watched & filmed the lezzie scene Spike was once again joined by his mom/sex slave Joyce(who had since washed her face of her masters cum ) Joyce now had her face in son's shithole & was giving him one of her patented rimjobs . As he enjoyed what Joyce was doing. Betty was now fucking Granny Betty up the ass with the same strapon , that Granny had used on NIna earier. Nina was asslicking her daughter's butt . Betty was moaning with pleasure as her mom/sexslave used her magic tongue . Granny Angie was screaming in pain & ecstasy .

Joyce was now giving her son head as he continued his latest lesbian money making venture , They were gonna love this in Europe, Joyce thought as she engulfed more of her master's sausage.

Chapter 2- Rough Lesbian Porn

Both Granny Angie & Nina Rogers were collared , leashed & ballgagged as Betty fisted them both together, the 20 year old mistress shoved half her arm in both old cunts, Granny Angie got the left arm & Nina the right. They were both screaming but you couldnt hear it because of the gags , In the scene though the ballgags were taken out as both sluts got bat fucked . Nina Rogers screamed at the top her lungs & called daughter a fucking whore as she shoved half the baseball bat up her pussy . Next Granny Angie's ass was lubed & Betty shoved the handle of the bat up her ass & Angie called Betty a bitch.

Chapter 3 - Punishment

Betty was pissed the ladies had not respected their mistress so she hogtied her mom Nina Rogers & put her in the corner , as she first dished out Granny Angie's punishment , Don't you ever call me a bitch you old hag she said as she put her over her knee & spanked each of her buttcheeks 50 times . Angie's ass was completely red . As Mistress Betty had her sit on the floor ballgagged & buttplugged.

Next Betty untied her Mom Nina & brought her over to the sofa , where she first had her kiss her feet & heels before began whipping her with a whip she had hid behind the sofa, Dont you ever call me a Fucking Whore again, she had welts on her tits & both her ass cheeks before Betty had stopped.

Chapter 4 - A Wet Ending

Spike had given his mom a mouthful of cum while watching Mistress Betty dominate his mind controlled mature sluts. One thing was missing though he thought. But Betty was about to reply to his request as she she lead the humiliated mom & granny to the washroom . Both Angie & Nina were now kissing Betty's ass in appreciation & as the mistrress rubbed her clit . What happened next though was what would make this xxx scene special. Betty , turned around & urinated on Granny Angie & her Mom (Nina ) Both were covered in piss from head to toe, face, hair & tis , total extreme obedience & humiliation . Even Joyce was loving as she played with her cunt behind the scene. The final straw Betty ordered her Mom (Nina Rogers ) & Granny Angie to have a piss kiss , as the screen faded to black .

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Granny Angie pt 2

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