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Dad teaches daughter

Categories True Story, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Author: Andrejp2018

Published: 15 November 2018

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When he woke up at seven, he went through his daily routine for getting ready for work. He was counting down the days when he could retire, only two weeks to the day exactly and he was free from having to go to the job.

While he was in the bathroom, freshly showered and groomed he heard the footsteps of his daughter on the hallway floor. God he was going to miss that sound every morning, Gabriella, Gabby for short, was in her finally days of high school. She would be graduating next month and had already gotten accepted into many colleges but had decided for the one furthest from home. She had said that it would give her independence from her parents being so far away and she wanted that badly. After much protest from him, she had won the battle.

He had been trying to spend more time with her before she left but what 18-year-old wants to hang out with their Dad when they had boyfriends and school friends to be around instead. He didn't think he'd ever understand her at all and gave up trying a long time ago.

She was a pretty girl, being proportionate in height and weight though she never really paid much attention to her own appearance. He didn't think she needed to, she didn't need to wear make-up, her smooth olive colored skin gave off a glow all its own. Her eyes were a pretty almond color and her thick long lashes defined the small slant in them nicely. Her lips were naturally colored, full, and the bottom one came out into a full pout. Her hair was the only thing she ever spent any time on. She loved to brush the dark brown locks until they shined spending hours on end in front of the mirror watching herself with the brush.

"John! John! Jonathan! Get down here and eat before you're late for work. I have to go now and won't be joining you but there is a pot of oatmeal on the stove for you and Gabby. Eat it before it gets cold! Bye and I'll see you tonight."

He shuddered to the voice of his wife that was one woman he would like to be rid of. Just the thought of her was enough to ruin pleasant ones and God oatmeal again! He detested oatmeal and she knew it but never gave a damn what he liked or disliked, only what was convenient for her.

She hadn't let him lay one finger on her since Gabby was born either, 18 years of celibacy unless you want to count old reliable Rosy but hell even masturbation had started to get boring.

He would never divorce her because of the effect it would have on Gabby; he'd thought about getting someone on the side but the bitch was nosey and would find out. He didn't want that either. He knew she'd go right to their daughter and let her know how her Daddy was nothing but a low life cheat and there was no way that he'd do anything to make his girl think bad about him.

He got himself together, dressed, and went downstairs to eat breakfast with Gabby. She was already at the table slowly eating the oatmeal her Mother had made. With each bite her face would scrunch up as if she were eating a lemon.

"Getting tired of this stuff too huh?" He said playfully. She jumped, she hadn't realized that he had walked into the kitchen. "OH! Morning Daddy, yes I'm tired of it. It tastes awful anyway and then to have it for a week straight is unbearable! Why is Mom so busy that she can't whip up some eggs or something before she leaves?"

"Well, you know she's trying to close that deal at work and the more she works with her clients the quicker she can get everything rolling and snag their money. Give her this time and she'll be back to good old Mom after a while."

Gabby knew that there had always been tension between them and he hated the fact that she could tell that they were not happy with each other. He changed the subject and they talked about her finals and what she was going to do before she had to leave for college. She told him that she would probably just hang out with her friends and there would be a couple of parties that were suppose to be thrown right before everyone went their separate ways.

He jokingly asked her about time with Dad and surprisingly she said that there would be time with him and not to worry. The way she said it was more surprising than the actual words, the tone of voice she had was haunting and stayed with him through out the day and into the next morning.

The following evening Gabby's Mother called and informed them both that she had to go on a business trip that night and would be gone for a week. Gabby wasn't happy that she wouldn't see her Mom before she left and inquired about clothing and things that she would need. Her Mother told her not to worry, that she'd buy what she needed before she left and that she didn't have time to come home. Gabby spent the rest of the evening in her room. John knew she was crying about her Mom but also knew Gabby would not like for him to come upstairs and bother her with words she didn't care to hear.

He thought this would be a perfect time to sit and read some erotic stories from his favorite site. He knew Gabby wouldn't come down and no worry about his wife walking in, he had been rather horny for a while now but hadn't the time or the privacy to relieve it. He hopped on the computer and began to read, pulling his hardened cock out of his pants while he read the first paragraph of a story. He began to stroke himself slowly, he never liked to cum before the end of the story and would stroke his cock as gentle as he could until the very last sentence and then let loose.

He was so engrossed in the story he hadn't heard Gabby's footsteps on the stairs, she stood in the doorway of his study a complete view of exactly what he was doing. She stood as quietly as she could watching her Father jack off, she felt her pussy begin to throb watching this. She was enjoying the way his hand slid up and down on his hard shaft, the change of his breathing, as he became more excited. The way his face began to redden as his orgasm built up.

She had only a nightshirt on and placed her hand under it, rubbing at her clit as she watched her Dad. She wanted to cum with him and from his ever-quickening breaths knew that he would do it soon. She sped up the movements of her fingers, focusing only on her flower, while staring at her Father's cock. She felt the stirring of her own orgasm deep inside her and leaned up against the doorframe as it hit her. Her eyes closed involuntarily for a minute before she opened them wide again to watch her Dad, she let out a slight moan and her father's head turned quickly as his spunk begin to spew from his dick. She froze for a minute before charging at full speed up the stairs, slamming her door behind her.

"Fuck!" He said out loud. He felt so bad that she had witnessed what he was doing and after cleaning himself off headed up the stairs to talk to her. He knocked gently on the door, no answer. "Gabby? Please let me in so that I can explain." He heard movements from the room and then she appeared in the doorway, her face streaked with tears. Man I really blew it didn't I? He thought to himself as he walked into her room and sat on the bed. "Umm…Look Hon, I uh want to apologize for that downstairs. I didn't think you would come down and I uh, well, I'm Sorry Babe. That's all I can really say." She cast her eyes down and the tears began to flow again.

"No Dad, I should apologize to you. I shouldn't have stayed and watched you when I saw what you were doing but I did." He looked at her puzzled, "how long had you been standing there?" "Not long but when I saw your dick in your hand and watched you jack off I couldn't help but stare, it looked so good to me, and the more I watched the hornier I got, and well, I did myself standing right there in the doorway. I wanted to see you cum and when I did I couldn't suppress my moans and you caught me. I was embarrassed and ran up here. So, it wasn't your fault it was mine for staying there when I should have just come back up here and imagined the rest."

He couldn't talk, he stared at her. He really couldn't believe what she was saying; his own daughter had enjoyed watching him get off. He knew that she was having sex, he had been the one to take her to the doctor to get her on the pill and for all of her check ups. He was the one who gave her the sex talk and told her how to protect herself from disease but he still couldn't ever think that she was really having sex at all and what she had just told him threw him more off guard.

She came over and sat beside him on the bed, she took his hand in hers, and out of habit he brought it to his lips to kiss. When her skin made contact with his he could smell her sex, she had taken his hand into the one that she had masturbated with. He couldn't help but breath in deeply, it had been so long since he had smelled the scent of a woman's pussy, it was intoxicating even though so faint on her skin. He felt the stirrings of excitement in his groin and quickly removed her hand from him, his tongue came out to lick his lips and he could swear that he could taste her now.

He stood up quickly to leave, he had to or something would go on in this room that shouldn't. He didn't want to give into his desire to fuck his daughter at all. She stood up with him, asking where he was going. "I'm going to my room Gabriella." "But…" "But nothing girl, you will not sit here and seduce me. I am your Father not your lover. Now go to bed, there will be no more discussion on this matter and if you so much as try to get me to fuck you, you will be severely punished you hear?" Tears came to her eyes once more, he knew that most of the anger that he was taking out on her was anger towards himself but he couldn't help it. She said nothing to him only nodded her head. He left her room, slamming the door behind him.

Once in his own bed, he still couldn't think straight. Images of Gabby standing in the doorway kept coming to him, of her playing with her pussy while he sat unaware stroking his cock. These pictures were replaced with ones of his daughter riding his cock, looking at him so lovingly as she begged for his hot seed in her young cunt. Then moving on to ones of his dick in her mouth, him holding onto the back of her head as he pumped his hips into her fucking her face until he exploded in her sweet mouth. Then her swallowing it all down, looking up at him, telling him how good Daddy's cum tasted going down her throat.

He couldn't shake these images of her in all types of sexual poses as he fucked the hell out of her. He ended up jacking off again to these thoughts in his head so that he could go to sleep. He woke up sometime in the middle of the night thinking that someone was rubbing on him gently but when he opened his eyes no one was there. He shrugged it off, thinking that it was only a dream and went back to sleep.

Three days past since the incident, as he liked to call it and Gabby had barely spoke to him but to say hi, bye and good night. He still kept waking up in the night thinking that someone else was in the room with him and he had asked Gabby if she had noticed any sounds going on in the house at night that shouldn't be there. She shook her head no and said nothing else.

He couldn't look at her anymore without getting a hard-on. The dreams of her had not stopped but had gotten more graphic, the more she ignored him. He began to noticed more about her, the way her tits bounced as she walked around the house without a bra on, the way her ass looked when she'd bend over to pick something up, but what he noticed the most was her smell. She smelled of sex constantly, her own aromas were strong and she always seemed to be to the boiling point. She had a sweet candy like smell, mixed with the spicy smell of cinnamon and though he tried to ignore it he couldn't.

That night they both retired to their rooms early, he wished now that his wife would come back to at least break the tension of him and Gabby. He watched the news and then tried to sleep, he tossed and turned, and around one o'clock he heard his door swing quietly open. He pretended sleep; he was finally going to catch the intruder that had been bothering him for the past few nights. He turned onto his back and opened his eyes just enough to see out. He saw the figure of this person and instantly knew that it was Gabby, she stood at his bed naked, looking down at him. He couldn't see much but knew by her breathing that she was masturbating.

She whispered to him as she played with herself, saying if he only knew how much she loved him and how bad she wanted him to fuck her. She also confessed to never having sex with any one but herself and had lied to him so that he would get her on the pill and she'd be protected from pregnancy when he finally made love to her.

He couldn't bare to listen to this and the more she talked the angrier he got. He decided to give her what she wanted but he wasn't going to be gentle about it, she would know just how much she had made him lust after her this past week.

He moved his hand quickly and caught her arm, she gasped out of fear as he roughly pulled her down on the bed and mounted her. She stared at him, her eyes wide from fright as she looked at his face contoured with anger and lust.

He said nothing as he jammed his cock into her virgin snatch. She let out a scream of pure pain as he thrusted his throbbing dick in and out of her, fucking her so hard that he could hardly breathe.

Her screams went on as he started to yell at her, "You wanted it so shut up and take it! I told you to quite. I told you to leave me alone but you wouldn't would you? You fucking bitch, wanting to fuck her own Daddy, saving herself for him, lying to him to prepare yourself for this wonderful day. It isn't that great is it Gabby? It hurts doesn't it? You should have fucked one of your little boyfriends instead of me! You shouldn't have saved yourself for a man but should have taken a boy. Shut up Gabriella and take what you wanted!" She whimpered under him, stifling her screams.

"Fuck you!" Is all she said before bringing her legs up to wrap them around her Father's waist. She arched her back and began to move her hips to his rhythm. He felt her pussy begin to flood as her whimpers of pain turned into moans of ecstasy. She was beating him at his game, she was going to make herself enjoy it no matter what he did to her, she would take it and she would love it.

He plunged deeper inside of her, moving to grab her legs, bringing them around and making her knees touch her face. She moaned louder, her eyes rolling in the back of her head. He felt her pussy tighten more around his cock, fuck she was going to cum all ready.

"Give it to me Daddy, that's it make your daughter cum!" Her words were lost to the long moan that came from deep with in her. Her head spun with the pleasure of her Father's cock driving into her cunt. Her body began to shake as her juices shot out and all around him. He could not control himself and felt the release of his own cum explode from him deep inside Gabby's pussy. She moaned even louder as she felt his hot sperm spew out into her and held tight to him until they were both finished.

They lay apart exhausted, neither one of them saying anything to each other. Gabby got up and went to the door; she looked back at her father and gave him a smile before going to her own room. John lay there for a long time hating himself for what he did and knowing that it wasn't the end.

The day Gabby's Mother was to arrive home John sat her down and told her that it had to stop. They couldn't be with each other anymore because her mother would have a fit if she ever found out. John and Gabby had been fucking like rabbits since the first night and it would be hard to stop but they had to. Gabby wasn't happy about it and tried to think of ways to do it without her mother knowing. When everything she thought of failed she asked her Dad if they could do it now, just one more time before she was home. He tried to protest, she would be home at anytime but Gabby wouldn't listen.

She got down in front of him and freed his cock from his pants. She hungrily took it in her mouth, taking it into the back of her throat They both let out a moan as she began to suck his cock harder and faster. He grabbed the back of her head and began to move his hips to the rhythm she had set, wanting to cum quickly before his wife walked in the house. He felt his balls tighten and warned Gabby that he was going to cum, since they had started their sexual rendezvous she had never tasted his cum. To his surprise she didn't lift up and within seconds he exploded into her mouth. She choked but got control of herself and swallowed what she hadn't spit out.

She looked up at him after making sure he was completely drained and whispered, "You're cum tasted so good Daddy, I want to taste it again." "Not now sweetie, your Mother should be arriving shortly."

"I'm already here John." Him and Gabby both jumped and turned in the direction of Evette's voice. She was standing to the entrance of the living room, face flushed, and her breathing coming quickly. John's mouth dropped open as he saw the effect that watching him and Gabby had on her, she looked at him with the hunger and desire that had been there at the beginning of their relationship and had diminished quickly after Gabby was born. She said nothing more as she headed for the stairs, Gabby piped up and said hello to her, Evette nodded to her still not speaking. They both heard the door to her and John's bedroom close and Gabby smiled at her Dad.

"She liked watching us, maybe she'd also like to join." "I don't know Gabby, she hasn't let me have sex with her in forever I doubt it very much. She'll probably just get herself off and tell me to leave her the hell alone." "Go talk to her, you might be surprised." He really didn't want to but she might be right, he might be able to fuck his own wife again. He slowly headed up the stairs while Gabby went and turned on the TV and began flipping through the channels to find something interesting on.

When he got in the room, Evette was laying naked on the bed, her legs spread out as far as they could go. She smiled at John and told him that she was wondering how long it would take him to get his ass up there. He said nothing as he climbed up on the bed and positioned himself in between her opened legs.

He began to rock back and forth, letting his cock tease her pussy, between kiss he asked, "what's this change of heart Evette?" You know it's been a long time since you let me touch you, why now?" Through her moans she answered, "watching you and Gabby turned me on so much, I can't explain why, I would have never thought it would but watching our daughter sucking your cock and then when she swallowed your cum. I got so damn hot. I've never wanted to ignore you John but when she was born I was caught up in that and then work made me too busy and too tired. I know all that made you hate me and I'm going to work on making it better but please right now give me your cock. My pussy is aching for you and I can't take the teasing anymore, I need you to fuck me John, right now!"

He didn't let up on his teasing; he placed the head of his cock into her opening and pulled it in and out, only giving that much to her. She kept begging, she needed all of it, she wanted to feel him deep within her, and she needed for him to make her cum.

He studied her as she talked. She was still beautiful; age had not gotten the better of her. Her hair was still fiery red, not one streak of gray, her smooth skin fair but flushed with passion, her green eyes blazing with desire. She pressed her thin lips together as her body bucked under him, trying to move his cock all the way in. He pulled back quickly and kept on with his studying.

Her body was still fantastic, her full large breasts with their now erect nipples rested lazily without the support of a bra, her flat tummy, and then her pussy. She had never shaved but kept the hair closely trimmed, it felt like silk on the head of his cock so smooth, so wet and hot, he knew he wouldn't be able to keep the teasing up too much longer.

Finally he buried the rest of his cock into her, slamming into her hard. She let out a loud moan as she began to cum the minute he plunged into her. Her cunt was as tight as a virgin's was and even tighter with her orgasm. Though he had came not to long ago, the excitement of seeing his wife naked and fucking her made him so hot that he couldn't hold off and began to spew is jizm into her. She held tightly to him as they came together, kissing his face and neck as their juices mingled.

They lay back on the bed in each other's arms, not talking. They heard a knock on the door and Gabby walked in, not caring that they were both naked. "So, Mom would you ever be interested in fucking both me and Dad?" Evette sat up, looking at Gabby a bit surprised, "wow that was forward, umm…. no Gabby I don't think I ever would, but I do like to watch you two." "Why wouldn't you join?" Gabby asked a little saddened. "Well, Sweetheart, I've just never had the desire to be with another woman. I'm sorry but I just don't think I would like it and I wouldn't want to find that out with you." "Oh I see."

Gabby turned to leave but changed her mind; she came up on to the bed and placed her hands on her Mother's legs. "What are you doing?" "Hush!" Gabby spread Evette's legs open and moved in between them, bringing her face down to her Mother's cunt. "Gabby, I said no. Please… Photos. http://cuon.io/6EW2 She didn't get a chance to finish before Gabby brought her tongue out and began to lick Evette's clit. Evette's eyes rolled up and a small moan escaped her as Gabby's tongue worked slowly on her Mother's pussy.

"Oh God Gabby! That feels wonderful, shit you're going to make me cum soon!" Gabby sucked Evette's hard clit into her mouth, quickly flicking her tongue across her little bud, wanting her Mother to cum for her. Evette's hips came up as her hand went to Gabby's head to drive her daughter's face deeper into her twat. Her body tensed and then relaxed as she began to cum, her cream shot out into Gabby's mouth and flowed down her chin. Gabby moaned as she tasted her Mother's juices, she wanted to keep going but Evette pushed her head away gently.

As Evette started to calm down she looked at Gabby and asked, "When did you learn to do that?" Gabby chuckled and as she wiped Evette's juices off her chin answered, "I have had sex with girls before Mom, it was just the guys I steered clear of because I wanted Dad to teach me how." They both looked at John, he had a smile on his face and his cock had hardened again watching his wife and daughter. He laughed and shook his head; "You girls are going to give this old man a heart attack if you keep it up!" They all laughed and the two women apologized to John. Evette brought her attention back to Gabby; "Do you want me to do you now?" Gabby thought a minute and said, "No not right now, lets take care of Dad and then a little later I'll teach you how." Evette nodded and Gabby stood up and undressed.

When she came back up on the bed she mounted her mother, bringing her pussy down to touch Evette's. She began to grind their clits together as she beckoned for her Dad to come to her. She took his cock into her mouth as she rocked back and forth on her Mother, sucking him hard and deep, bringing one hand up to play with his balls.

With watching Evette and Gabby, John knew that again it would not take him that long to cum and hearing the quickening breaths of mother and daughter he knew that they both would cum soon too.

Both women began to cum, their bodies trembling; Gabby's juices coming down to mingle with her Mother's. When John began to cum he pulled out of Gabby's mouth and shot his spunk all over both her and Evette. After he was spent he sat back and watched them both clean each other off, licking all of his sperm off of their bodies, both of them quivering and moaning as they tasted his cum.

Every night they would fuck each other, until the day came when Gabby had to go to college. Both Evette and John begged her not to go to one so far away but still she wouldn't listen, she still protested that she needed her freedom from her parents. They gave up and let her go; knowing that she would still come home for the holidays and vacations. John and Evette's sex life had been renewed and they were both happier with their lives and each other.

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Dad teaches daughter

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