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Momma's Little Bitch

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: Andrejp2018

Published: 20 November 2018

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I couldn't breathe. Momma's dildo had taken over my throat and Valerie's had taken over my throat, spit roasting me between them. Then Momma pulled her dildo out of my mouth and reached into her purse and withdrew a bottle of honey.

"Are you hungry sweetie?" Momma asked.

"Yes mistress," I said.

Momma smiled and dribbled honey all over her dildo.

"Clean Momma's cock," Momma said.

Not wanting to get hit, I licked the honey from Momma's strap-on. Valerie picked up the bottle and said, "This little pussy looks hungry, look how much it's drooling. I think I will feed it." Next I felt the head of her 'cock' enter my pussy, sticky with honey. I could hear the sound of honey stickily covering the walls of my pussy and the dildo moving in and out of me.

"Such a greedy little pussy, it's gobbling up everything," Valerie said.

Her hips slapped against my ass.

She dribbled the cool and sticky honey into the hole of my ass as she giggled, "We can't forget about your ass."

I cleaned Momma's dildo, Valerie pushed her big dildo deeper. A moan escaped my lips each time the dildo hit my g-spot but they were muffled by Momma's dildo. I started to cum and Valerie pulled her 'cock' from my pussy and proceeded to push it in my honey-filled ass already stretched open by her cock. She pushed it all in, just one push. Her nails dug into my skin as she held my hips. Honey dripped down my crack, my pussy and my thighs.

"Say, 'Thank you Mistress and Auntie Valerie for feeding me, my ass, and my pussy,'" Momma said, twisting her fingers in my hair.

"Thank you Mistress and Auntie Valerie for feeding me, my ass, and my pussy," I said, repeating what Momma said.

At that moment Valerie pulled her cock from my ass and came round to my front, presenting her honey-covered cock to my lips.

"Suck it," Valerie said.

I did as I was told, and Momma knelt behind me. I braced myself for another brutal ass or pussy fucking but instead I felt the smoothness of Momma's tongue gently licking me. She started at my ass, flicking round the stretched opening and then pushing her tongue in and licking at the walls of my anus. She kissed my ass, slowly licking down the crack, pulling my cheeks apart to get better access as she made her way to my pussy. She teased the entrance of my pussy, licking my sticky pussy lips and my inner thighs, then she sucked on my clit. Flicking her tongue over the entrapped tip, she lightly brushed her tongue back and forth over my clit and then pushed her tongue in my pussy, licking the honey soaked walls. I started to cum again. I wasn't supposed to, I had not asked for permission and I expected to be spanked but Momma didn't hit me.

She grasped my hips and rubbed my clit with her strap-on cock. It was so much pleasurable than the brutal fucking and bullying I'd received so many other nights. I moaned into Valerie's cock and she yanked my hair cruelly. Momma rubbed my clit with her dildo faster, her hips slapping against my clit. They'd be a light shade of pink, I was sure of. Why was Momma being so gentle with me today? As I came Momma turned me on my back straddled my legs. She leaned forward and softly kissed my lips, licking my nose and kissing my neck. She flicked my hard nipples with her tongue and sucked on them, gently nibbling them. I moaned, Valerie bent and kissed my lips harshly, pinching my nipples between her fingers as Momma kissed her way down my belly to my open legs. She started slow, licking just above my clit and then slowly licking her way down my swollen lips to my inner thighs. She teased the area just below my pussy lips and near my ass, gently probing and kissing. As she licked me she never touched my clit.

Valerie twisted my nipples and rolled them between her fingertips. Little pearly droplets of milk leaked and Valerie licked them up with her tongue.

Momma kissed my pussy and parted my lips, flicking my clit with her tongue. Photos. http://cuon.io/2lOLlCJ I tilted my head back and moaned. I heard Momma giggle and she rubbed my clit with her hand, then returned her tongue and lips to my clit. As came Momma pulled away from me and told me to go upstairs, shower and wait on my bed.

My legs felt heavy as I pulled myself to my feet, my knees were sore. I picked up the discarded maid uniform and made my way to my room. I showered. Taking my time. Making sure to wash every drop of honey from my body. I washed my hair, three times, and washed my face. As the water ran cold I turned it off and stepped out, wrapping a towel around myself. I brushed my hair, braided it into a single plait and sat on my bed. I didn't get dressed, all I wore was a white towel.

Momma entered my room around seven that night, in her green teddy. She carried her strap-on with her. She sat down on my bed and kissed my lips.

"Let Momma take care of this," she said, and pulled off my white towel.

She stroked my breasts. My nipples hardened, Momma kissed my neck and shoulder. I closed my eyes, moaning softly as I enjoyed the gentle treatment. Momma gave my hard nipples a couple of hard licks, then latched onto one. Sucking every drop of milk I had to spare. As she switched her attention to my other nipple her fingers found my still-wet pussy and danced over my clit. Two fingers entered my pussy, and Momma's thumb massaged my clit as she slowly fingered me. She stroked and probed my g-spot. I laid back and with her free hand Momma tenderly massaged my left breast but she pulled her hand from my pussy just as I was close to cumming.

Momma lay beside me, planting soft kisses on my lips. Then she sat up again and slipped into the strap-on. Momma asked me to get on all fours and I did. She gently grasped my hips, teasing my clit with the head of the strap-on before slowly entering my pussy. Her hips gently slapped against mine. Momma's hands slip up my torso and grasped my breasts as she pushed the dildo a little deeper. Her hips smacked against mine a little harder. She circled her hips as I started to cum, pushing a little deeper each time. As I came Momma wetly pulled the strap-on from my pussy and laid me on the bed on my back and mounted me. She hooked my knees over her shoulders as she pushed the strap-on in me again.

It was a new feeling this position. The strap-on seemed to hit my g-spot directly with my legs raised. Momma smiled down at me as she gently fucked me.

"Be a good girl now," Momma said.

What? A voice in my head said. At that moment my bedroom door opened and Valerie entered, her strap-on ready. Momma's smile grew wider. I knew what was coming next.

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Momma's Little Bitch

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