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Futa Naked In School 03 - Futa MVP's Reward Chapter 1: Taboo Futa Passion Exposed

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism

Author: mypenname3000

Published: 05 December 2018

  • Font:

Futa Naked In School – Futa MVP's Reward

Chapter One: Taboo Futa Passion Exposed

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Charisma Lacy's Week, Monday

“It's not too late to say no to the Program,” Lola Lovell said as she stood before the auditorium for the weekly Program Assembly. The blonde, wearing a puritanical dress of gray, stood on a box beneath the banner urging every student to show spirit for the football team. “You don't have to surrender your morality and strip naked to attend college. If we all resist, they can't force such perfidy upon us.”

“Give it a rest,” I groaned to the blonde girl. She was president of the Purity Society. “The rest of us like it.”

“Perverted futas like you are part of the problem, Charisma,” Lola said, her green eyes lancing on me like a hawk's.

I shrugged, my futa-cock throbbing. “Maybe you'll get picked today. I'd love to see you walking around our campus naked.”

Her back stiffened. She clutched her cross in her hand and sniffed.

“Don't antagonize her,” my little sister groaned. Krysten walked at my side, a freshman two years my junior. Even though it was late October, and we were heading to the seventh or eighth one of these assemblies, she still looked nervous.

I put my arm around my little sister. It was an older futa-sister's job to be protective. Krysten was cute. My dick tingled in my panties and a hot thrill rippled out of my pussy as I pictured my auburn-haired sister naked. She had these blue eyes that would just shine without anything covering her pale, eighteen-year-old body. Her small breasts would look so cute, and I wondered what her nipples were like?

Mine hardened atop my large breasts. They were big and pillowy. Unlike a lot of my futa-friends, I had to wear a bra thanks to the size of my tits. My nipples poked against the V-necked, green top I wore today to compliment my fiery hair and match my eyes.

“You're not going to get picked,” I told her.

She squirmed.

“And if you do, well, I'll spend all day caressing your tits and pussy so the other futas can't.”

Her cheeks went scarlet. Krysten stiffened against me. She glanced up at me. She licked her lips then opened her mouth like she wanted to say something. Then my sister broke away from me and darted across the auditorium toward where the freshmen sat.

I blinked at that, my dick throbbing.

America had changed in the last decade. All manner of decency laws were repealed. Incest laws were thrown out. You could go naked in public if you wanted or even have sex. It was your right to enjoy your sexual freedom. To encourage it, the Program was born.

In colleges across America, students were chosen to attend classes naked. How they were chosen and how many each week was left up to each school's administration. While students were in the Program, they had to be naked at all times while on the campus (save for any protective equipment like wearing shoes or aprons in chemistry), they had to use the opposite gender's restroom (futas in the girls' restroom and locker rooms and vice versa), and had to given into “reasonable requests.”

There had been some confusion about reasonable requests early on. Our college's star quarterback, a sophomore named Shelena, had pushed the line a few times. You could touch a person in the Program, caress their tits, pussies, asses, or futa-cocks, but you couldn't penetrate them without consent. If you did, you could be in big trouble.

Shelena took things right to the line and then stuck her futa-dick's tip just over it.

Besides touching, reasonable requests included asking them to pose, to do naughty things, and professors could use them as aides in classes. I hear a few health classes and biology classes had gotten pretty wild.

I passed the football team all gathered together watching some of the cheerleaders prancing before the crowds in their purple skirts, flashing gold spankies as they got the crowd excited for this week's selections. Shelena was in the midst of them, a tall, Black futa with a cocky smile, her large tits swelling the stretchy top she wore.

She was such a bitch.

I sank down with the other juniors and waited for the fun to begin. My futa-dick was hard to watch the two girls chosen get stripped. I wasn't too interested in the futas chosen. I wondered if this weak would have a theme, like the second week when the two girls running for homecoming queen had a slut off, or if it would be random.

The auditorium quieted down to an anticipatory hush as President McTaggart sauntered out. She was a redhead, like me, which made me feel some kinship to the older futa. She had a big smile on her face and a peppy bounce to her step, her breasts jiggling in her blouse.

“Good morning, Futa-Rams!” she cried when she reached the podium in the center, the auditorium split in half, the bleachers on either side crowded with students.

A mighty cheer roared through the crowd. Many were waving banners of purple and gold.

“I know you are all excited for our football team!” the president said as they cheers died down. “They are kicking butt this year, aren't they!”

“GO FUTA-RAMS!” the football team all shouted from their section, the futas all cheering in delight, many wearing their letter jackets.

“But that's not why we're here this morning,” said President McTaggart. “I know many of you are eager for the new choices, especially Lizaveta. I see she's got her camera ready.”

The blonde futa grinned, crouched in a skirt nearby ready to record the moment. She loved following around the girls chosen, snapping photos of them for the yearbook, or so she claimed. I bet the futa had a massive collection of spank material now.

Smart freshman.

“Okay, ladies first,” President McTaggart said. She reached in. “Ooh, we got a senior. Kassy Quickley!”

Cheers rippled through the crowd as a busty girl with brown hair rose from the auditorium. Her cheeks were flushed, but she blew kisses to the crowd as she strolled down the bleachers. She was already stripping naked as she sauntered towards the president. I groaned, my dick so hard, eager for the fun to begin. It twitched and pulsed in my panties as she dropped her bra, bearing those big tits.

“Yes, yes, futas, she is lovely,” the president purred, clearly ogling the topless senior. Staff wasn't allowed to touch us even though we were all consenting adults. Another rule to keep down any abuse. “Now, for our second girl, we have... a cute freshman. Nice. Krysten Lacy, you're up. Let's see that rocking bod!”

My jaw dropped.

Across the auditorium, I found my little sister slowly rising to her feet, her slender body trembling in her long-sleeved, blue blouse and the black skirt she wore over her teal tights. She crept out, sweeping back her auburn hair behind her ears.

“Don't be shy, Krysten,” the president purred. “You've seen all your friends go through with this.”

“You'll be fine,” the freshman girl who went the very first week shouted. I'd gangbanged her in the bathroom during her week. She was leaning against a blonde futa with glasses. “You can do it.”

“Damn, that's your sister,” Xanthippe, a Hispanic futa, groaned beside me.

I nodded, watching as Krysten grabbed the hem of her blouse. She trembled beside the president them, drawing in a deep breath, pulled it up. She exposed her small breasts cradled in a light-blue bra. The president took her blouse, sticking it in a bag. My sister unzipped her skirt next, dropping it down her thighs. Her tights clung to her, the fabric of her panties bleeding through the teal material. She doffed her shoes.

Her cheeks were scarlet as her eyes met mine.

“You can do it, Krysten!” I shouted to my little sister, my pussy on fire. My futa-dick had never been harder.

She peeled down her tights, rolling them down her ivory thighs. She had a dainty pair of panties on beneath, a darker shade of blue from her leggings. She wiggled her hips, bending over, her firm titties hardly swing in her blouse.

“Isn't she just cute?” cooed the president, taking the tights. “Let's get the rest of you off.”

My sister's face was strawberry-red now. She reached behind her, fumbling with her bra fastener. The entire auditorium, mostly futas including myself, groaned as her small titties came into view. I groaned as those perky mounds topped by dusky-pink nipples.

Her flush spread down her neck to her collarbone, her breasts rising and falling as she breathed rapidly. She hooked her panties waistband and, with a tense look on her face, shoved them down her thighs.

My dick almost erupted at the sight of the soft down of fiery hair between her legs. She stepped out of her panties and squirmed beside Kassy. My sister's small tits jiggled, her hands clenched tight before her belly.

“Goddess, that's incredible,” I groaned, seeing my little sister naked for the first time. My clit-dick wanted to break out of my panties.

Her eyes met mine for a moment, then Krysten looked down at her feet.

“Futas next!” purred the president, her hand shoving into the bag to draw the name. “Let's see... Nope, that's a freshman. You lucked out, Paloma.” She reached in again and... “Here we are. Ooh, now this is quite the coincidence. Charisma Lacy.”

Silence crashed into me. People were shouting around me, but the sounds didn't register. I felt stunned. How could I be picked the same week as my little sister? I rose, the world spinning around me, and stumbled down the bleacher steps. Cheerleaders shook pompoms as I passed through them, wicked smiles on their lips.

Whatever naughty words they said only sounded like muffled moans. The blood screaming through my ears drowned out everything but my hammering heart.

My eyes were fixed on my little sister. I came closer and closer to her trembling, naked body. Her breasts quivered. I could see a sheen of perspiration on her face. Her blue eyes flashed up to meet mine, electrifying my body.

I had to strip naked before my little sister.

Though there were several hundred people staring at me, girls and futas both, it was only Krysten's eyes I felt on my body. I trembled as she fidgeted before me, her eyes wide as I drew up the hem of my blouse, pulling it up my belly, sliding it higher and higher until I unveiled my tits in a cream-colored bra. My cheeks burned. I was stripping naked for her.

I reached behind me; unhooked my bra. My breasts spilled out of the cups, large and soft, rippling with my every movement. Her tongue flicked across her lips. A shudder went through my little sister.

She mouthed, “Wow.”

Her eyes were locked on my breasts, following their sway as I attacked my skirt. It was red and pleated, a flirty, bright color. I liked to be bold. I unhooked the fastener and the short zipper rasped. I shoved them down, my panties constrained in matching panties, the cream-hued fabric cut to mold around my hard dick. It witched. It throbbed.

My little sister swallowed.

I handed over my skirt. My pussy felt so wet. The interest in my little sister's eyes sent this incestuous rush through me. There was this taboo thrill racing through me to unveil myself. I wiggled my hips back and forth. And then I thrust down my panties.

I groaned as I bent over, my breasts swaying. My futa-dick sprang out, bouncing hard before me. It thrust from the shaved folds of my pussy right where a clit would be on a girl. On my little sister. As I stepped out of my panties, I stared at her fiery bush.

My sister's juices dotted the tight curls. Through them, I could see parts of her pink slit and... maybe the hard nodule of her clit poking out of her folds. I shuddered as I straightened, my dick bobbing, my sister's head watching.

“You're... big, Charisma,” she said, her words taut.

“Yeah,” I said. In the background, the final futa, a sophomore, was called. I hardly paid attention as my eyes drank in my sister's beauty. She was so nubile and beautiful, quivering. She looked in need of protecting, like I should swoop in and wrap my arm around her, shielding her from the hungers of the other futas in the college.

“Now get to class!” I heard the president say and a crash of sounds surged around me.

“Charisma!” my sister gasped and threw herself at me.

I groaned as my cock was trapped between us. She was shorter than me, her face burying between my breasts. I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing against our bellies, drinking in the warmth of her. I shuddered as both her hands gripped my tits, squeezing them around her face.

“Krysten,” I gasped, my hands sliding around her body to her hips. I moved lower. “It's going to be okay.”

My hands went lower. I had groped every girl in the Program at least once, fucked three of them, including Umeko, and now I had my sister's rump gripped in my hands. Her ass felt peachy and hot as she squirmed against me, her breath hot. I swallowed, shaking.

“Oh, you two are so cute,” the redheaded freshman girl said. I should know her name. I fucked her. “Aren't they, Candice?”

“Yeah,” the blonde futa with her said, pushing up her glasses. “Though you're cuter, Ginny.”

The redhead blushed and clung to her.

“Damn, Charisma, your little sister is humping you,” groaned Xanthippe. “Lucky.”

“Yeah, she's cute,” said Stacey Ward, the futa-captain of our swim team. Her short, dyed-purple hair swayed about her face.

“I think they're adorable,” said Denice. She won homecoming queen almost two months ago.

“Yeah, that's one word for it,” purred Sharlene.

Denice rolled her eyes and marched away, leading her rival, and now—or so rumors claimed—sex slave, Umeko, after her.

The senior girl was swarmed by futas and the sophomore futas with girls. Others were circling us. The futas were holding back, maybe because of me, while the girls were all giggling and cooing. I grinned at them as I held my sister.

“Such a protective big futa-sister,” gushed Kalena Apikalia, a Hawaiian girl from my Mythology class.

“I know, I wish I had a futa-sister that nice,” a girl I didn't know said.

“Adorable,” squealed the Turkish lesbian who managed to eat out most girls who went through the Program. She licked her lips. “I'll let you play with your sister.”

“Thanks,” I said, my dick throbbing against my sister's belly.

“Yeah, that is a naughty sight to see,” said Shelena. The Black futa had her arms folded beneath her large tits. They jiggled as she eyed us. “You got your hands on her first. I get that. She's your sister and all. Mmm, what a waste. I bet she'd squeal on my dick.”

My sister shook her head, rubbing her face between my tits.

“She's just shy,” I said. I stared down at my sister, her blue eyes peering up from between my tits. “You don't have to fuck anyone you don't want to.”

She smiled at me, her hips wiggling, rubbing her stomach against my dick.

I couldn't help groaning.

Shelena snorted. “I bet your dick is so hard right now, Charisma.”

“It is,” Krysten said. “She's pressing against my tummy.”

Kalena giggled. “So adorable!”

“I know,” the Turkish girl moaned. “I want to eat her pussy so bad.”

“You can eat my pussy, Adile,” said Patty Abbott. She was in the Program two weeks ago. “Interested.”

“Yep!” They darted off, the Program already having a big effect on the college.

Sharlene moved in. “How hard are you, Charisma?”

“Why? You want to suck my cock?” I asked, my dick throbbing against my sister's belly. I hated how Sharlene looked at Krysten.

“No, no, just figure your little sister wants to.” Sharlene stopped right before us. Her hand stroked up my little sister's back.

Krysten shuddered against me.

“Krysten, I want you to get on your knees and give your futa-sister a handjob,” Sharlene said. “While I film it.”

She pulled out her camera.

“You're a cock-fucking prick,” I muttered to Shelena.

She winked at me. “Reasonable request. Unless you want me to talk to President McTaggart.”

“It's fine,” Krysten said, her voice bright, even cheery. There was a wicked gleam in her eyes. Almost a whisper, so low I wasn't sure I heard her said it, breathed from her lips: “It's your cock...”

Then she slid down my body. I groaned at the feel of her small breasts rubbing against my stomach. I hardly noticed them until now. Her hands snagged my cock, both wrapped around them. She knelt there, her auburn hair sweeping about her face, her blue eyes shining.

She pistoned her hands up and down my dick, my cock aimed at her face. Shelena grinned, her phone out, recording it. Others did, too. Flashes strobed as pics were taken. Lizaveta appeared, snapping away with her expensive camera.

“Ooh, this is hot,” Lizaveta moaned as she immortalized my little sister stroking my futa-dick.

“Krysten,” I groaned, pleasure spilling down my cock to my pussy. My hands clenched. I didn't know what to do with them. The watching girls and Shelena crowded in closer. Someone grabbed my ass, squeezing my rump.

“Just a little slut for your cock, eh?” Sharlene asked.

“Fuck you, she's just doing what you told her to,” I growled while my sister pumped her hands faster.

“Naw, she wants her big futa-sister's dick bad.” Sharlene chuckled. “Right?”

My sister whimpered than nodded her head.

I shuddered, this incestuous rush shooting through me. My pussy clenched, juices running down my thighs. A second hand grabbed my other butt-cheek, this girl's fingernails longer. I shuddered as they massaged me, crowding around, watching my little sister's hand stroking up and down my cock.

Krysten had this look of awe on her face, my cock inches from her lips. She stared at my dick's tip, precum budding at the tip. She stroked her hands up and down my cock faster and faster, brushing my pussy folds on her downstroke.

“Krysten,” I groaned, the pleasure spilling through my body. My bare toes flexed into the polished floor.

“You like that, huh?” Sharlene asked. She licked her plump lips, her large tits quivering in her tight top. “Mmm, I know I would. Your little sister is hot.”

“She's definitely into it,” groaned Kalena from my right. It had to be her fingernails digging into my ass.

“She's really jerking you off,” another girl moaned. “Feel good, Charisma?”

“Yeah,” I groaned.

“Really?” my sister asked.

I nodded my head, staring down at her eyes, my large tits swaying as I shuddered. “You're doing great.”

“She's going to cum all over your face,” said Sharlene. “Unless... You could suck on her cock. Wouldn't that be hot? Contain that mess. Get a nice mouthful of your—”

Krysten swallowed the tip of my girl-dick in a flash, pleasure exploding down my cock.

“Damn, you are fast, little slut,” Sharlene said. “Making me hard. You can suck mine later.”

“You can't make her do that, or this,” I moaned as my sister sucked hard on my cock. Her lips sealed about the shaft. The suction ran down to my juicy pussy. Cream ran down my thighs while my ovaries grew tighter and tighter.

“I just suggested it,” said Sharlene. “She did it. Eager for it.”

“So eager for it,” moaned Kalena. She squeezed my rump hard.

My little sister nursed on my futa-dick. She loved it. Her tongue danced around the crown. Pleasure surged to my pussy. My sister stroked the base of my cock while her flushed cheeks hollowed, her blue eyes shining with glassy joy.

This was incredible. I didn't know if it was the audience watching or the fact that my sister blew me that made this feel amazing. My pussy clenched. The incestuous rush shot through me as I came closer and closer to erupting.

“Krysten!” I groaned, my big tits heaving. My hair swayed about my body. “Oh, wow, Krysten... You're... You're...”

“Make sure you swallow,” Sharlene said. “Futas love it when their cute, little sisters swallow.”

“Uh-huh,” a girl purred in the crowd.

My dick twitched, throbbed. Everyone was going to see this. It would be on Facebook soon. On Twitter. My sister sucked with hunger, her mouth bobbing up and down my cock. She made such naughty sounds. These dirty, slurping noises.

It was incredible.

I couldn't hold out any longer. Didn't want to. My large breasts quivered before me as I gripped my sister's auburn hair. I held her tight locks as she sucked hard on my futa-cock. She had a hunger about her. A wanton desire to devour my jizz.

I groaned, my heart pumping in my chest, and then I erupted. My incestuous cum fired into my little sister's mouth. Pleasure slammed through me. With each eruption, ecstasy fired out of my cock. My pussy convulsed. Juices spilled down my thighs, soaking me as I swayed.

“Ooh, that's hot,” Kalena moaned, squeezing my rump. “You're cumming in her mouth.”

“Just flooding the little slut's mouth!” groaned Shelena, filming it all.

“Oh, that's hot!” groaned a new futa darting up. Teal Constable was always around the naked girls. “Is that your futa-sister, Krysten? Hot!”

“I know,” groaned a girl.

“Krysten,” I moaned as my sister sucked down my cum. She gulped it down with hungry swallows. I swayed, my eyes fluttering. This was incredible to feel. This wonderful pleasure bursting out of me. I swayed. My eyes fluttered. “Goddess, you're amazing.”

“She's swallowing it all down,” Shelena grinned. “Just the way a good sister should.”

She was. She gulped down my cum while her blue eyes stared up at me, glossy with her lust. I swayed, my heart pounding in my chest. My breast quivered and heaved, slapping together as a final blast of cum fired out of my cock and caused my body to buck in rapture.

Stars danced before my eyes.

My little sister swallowed every drop of my cum. She sucked hard as her mouth popped off my dick. She panted. I stared down at her, drool and some of my pearly futa-jizz gleaming at the corners of her mouth.

“Goddess damn, that was hot,” Shelena groaned.

“Kiss her!” cooed Kalena. “Kiss your big futa-sister.”

My sister bounded to her feet, her little breasts jiggling. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth covered in my own girl-spunk. My pussy, still tingling from my orgasm, clenched at the taste of jizz.

It was salty and... It wasn't bad. I hadn't ever tasted my spunk before. I shuddered, her tongue dancing in my mouth. I held her tight, the room spinning around me. My heart beat so fast as everyone whooped and hollered. They clapped us on. They wolf-whistled. They gushed. They thought our incestuous display was hot.

Everyone but Shelena.

When my sister broke the kiss and left me panting, I noticed the football player talking with the president. I was glad the futa-bitch was gone. I hated the cunt. She thought her cunt didn't stink just because our team was undefeated so far this year with the championship game for our division coming up on Saturday.

They gave her a pass. I knew she was bullying this freshman Hispanic futa named Paloma. Sharlene was rumored to have coerced a few of the Program girls into giving her blowjobs and even fucking her. She was disgusting.

“You two are so cute,” gushed Kalena, drawing my attention back to my little sister.

“Yeah,” Teal said, nodding her head. She groped her futa-dick through her skirt. “Can I get a blowjob, Krysten?”

My little sister wrinkled her nose. “No way.”

“She just sucks her big futa-sister's dick,” said another girl. “Guess you got to jerk it off again, Teal.”

“She could do that for me?” the futa said, arching an eyebrow at my sister.

“Oh, yeah?” I asked. “When she needs to get to class?” I loomed over Teal, my big tits swaying, my futa-cock thrusting before me.

Teal's face paled. Then she swallowed. “Right, right, sorry. Just... uh... I got class, too.”

The futa scurried off, her skirt swaying, her short, blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders. I shook my head, putting a protective arm around my little sister. She clung to me, her naked body so warm and silky against mine.

The girls around us all gushed in delight.


Krysten Lacy

I couldn't get blowing my futa-sister out of my mind. Feeling Charisma's cock in my mouth was incredible. It was better than all my fantasies. I sucked on her, bobbed my head, and swirled my tongue around her. I followed all the advice from the magazines I read.

Thanks to the new laws, magazines aimed at girls were practically pornographic. Full of graphic shots of eighteen-year-old girls, like me, having sex, demonstrating how to please both futas and girls with tongues and hands and fingers and pussies and assholes.

My virgin pussy tingled, and not just because Teal was rubbing my juicy twat as she walked behind me in the hall. I was tingling remembering that magical moment when my futa-sister erupted in my mouth. When I swallowed down her salty, incestuous load and crossed that once-forbidden line. It was incredible.

All my fantasies come to life.

“Please, please, blow my cock,” Teal wheedled as her fingers stroked up and down my juicy slit.

“I'm going to class,” I groaned, unable to stop her from touching my pussy. I was so horny. I was heading to my favorite class: Mythology. It wasn't the subject that made it my favorite.

Charisma was in it.

“Just a quick one,” Teal groaned. “I'll pop off fast.”

Adile, passing us in the hallway, snorted. “That's not something a futa should be proud of.” She gave me a sultry lick. “I could get you off in a minute, though, Krysten.”

I shivered as she pressed her fingers, forming a V, against her lips and fluttered her tongue through them. She ate all the girls out who were in the Program, or so she boasted. Though, I think, she never got a chance with Ginny.

“Sorry, Adile,” I said, my voice throaty, my body on fire. “I have to get to class.”

“Your futa-sister can watch,” Adile purred. She winked her dark eye at me. “It'll make her so hard to fuck you.”

“Yes!” Teal groaned.

I was so grateful when I reached my class and left Teal behind, the futa sucking my juices off of her fingers. This was my fourth period, but my third class because of the assembly. All day, futas had groped me. They'd stroked my nipples, squeezed my ass, and caressed my virgin pussy. Even Candice, with Ginny at her side, played with my titties for a moment, the redheaded Ginny nodding her head in delight.

I swear they wanted a threesome with me.

I had never been so horny in my life. I had actually used my relief in my last class, PE. I masturbated on the bleachers right there as Coach Hamps had everyone running laps, though they all kept glancing at me fingering my pussy. I went with solo relief, caressing my clit and gasping at my desk.

“Oh, Krysten, wonderful,” said Miss Danniell, the professor for my mythology class. The African-American woman stood at the chalkboard, smiling, her brown eyes flicking up and down my naked form. “I know you can request relief, but I would hope you wouldn't.”

“Oh, yes, Miss Danniell,” I said. I swallowed. “I wasn't going to ask.” I thought about asking my futa-sister when she arrived if we could... relieve each other.

The futas were all staring at me with such hunger in their eyes as I took my seat, the surface cool against my rump. I squirmed, my juices flowing. It was so exciting being naked. On display. When everyone was watching me blow Charisma...

It was a rush. They were witnessing us sharing this wicked passion. I squirmed, my virgin pussy getting hotter and hotter just thinking about it. I could still taste her salty cum in my mouth. The wonderful delight of gulping down her cream. She'd warmed my belly with incestuous love.

Charisma swept in and several of the girls in the classroom all squealed in delight. My futa-sister was sexy. She had these big, soft breasts that bounced and jiggled before her while her dick thrust out from her shaved folds. I barely fit her in my mouth. Everything about her swayed as she sauntered in, from her fiery hair to her large tits, to that futa-cock before her.

“Oh, good, you're here, Charisma,” said Miss Danniell. “If I could get you to wait up here. And, Krysten, let's have you come join her.”

“Oh, no relief?” my futa-sister asked, her eyes flicking over to me.

At the start of every class, a student in the Program could ask for “relief.” Ten minutes to either masturbate themselves to an orgasm or to achieve their release with the help of a volunteer. I'd seen outright fucking as horny girls succumbed to their lusts and mounted futas at the start of class.

“If you would humor me,” the professor said, a bright smile on her lips. Her brown eyes twinkled. “Krysten, come join us.”

I stood up, aware of all the eyes on my naked rump as I headed to my futa-sister. Her eyes were on my breasts. My little A cups quivering before me. This warmth swelled in me as I took my place beside her, turning to face the class.

Charisma took my hand.

“Awww, that's cute,” gushed Kalena sitting in the front row, a big smile on her lips.

“Now, we're talking about incest in mythology,” Miss Danniell said, her shaved head gleaming as she spoke, her round breasts jiggling in her blouse, the hoop earrings she loved to wear glinting gold. “It's a common theme. You see sibling goddesses mating to produce new lineages, from Zeusa with Hera to the children of Adama and Eve in the Genesis account. We have the Oedipus story, where a futa-daughter unknowingly marries her mother. These mythologies had an impact on real relationships. Look to the Zoroastrian religion where the Persian futa-queens devoted to it would marry their sisters to keep their bloodlines pure. The Futa-Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt did the same, believing in their own divinity. Why is this so? What makes the practice of incest so appealing to us humans?”

“It's hot,” said April Gore, a futa sitting in the front row. She glanced at me and winked.

“May I be excused, Miss Danniell?” asked Lola, the puritanical in the back room.

“You may not. This is a lesson.”

She sighed and then pulled out a blindfold and tied it about her face. Then she popped earbuds into her ears. She was weird. Sex was amazing. I was so eager to do naughty things with my futa-sister. I shivered and gripped my futa-sister's hand.

“Yes, yes, the taboo excites us humans,” our professor said, nodding in agreement and ignoring Lola. “And we have the perfect chance to explore it. Charisma, if you would be so kind as to make love to your sister.”

“But she's a virgin,” Charisma said. “You can't make us have sex.”

“I believe I can if it's part of a lesson,” the professor said, a naughty glint in her eyes. She rubbed her tits through her blouse. “Now, I need you two to demonstrate the beauty of incest.”

I squeezed my futa-sister's hand. “It's okay. I trust you to make my first time special.”

Charisma stared down at me, her green eyes wide. I felt everyone watching us, and I didn't care. I wanted this. I was eager for it. I loved my futa-sister so much. She would finally see that I was maturing. That I wasn't a little brat any longer. That I could love her.

Her brow furrowed. She swallowed, glancing at the class. Chairs creaked as everyone watched us with hawkish eyes. They all had leaned forward. A few had pulled out their cell phones. Beside us, our professor groped her tits with one hand, moving back and forth between them, while the other rubbed her pussy through her skirt, her hoop earring swaying.

“Fine,” my futa-sister said, her large tits jiggling. “I'll show them how.” Such fierce passion glowed in her eyes. I quivered in delight, my pussy clenching.

My futa-sister led me to our professor's desk, mostly cleared of obstacles. I shivered, my pussy on fire. This was really happening. My small breasts jiggled as everyone watched. The eyes of our twenty classmates locked on us.

“This is so hot,” April groaned.

“Uh-huh,” said Kalena.

“They make such a cute couple,” whimpered a senior girl named Tina Walker.

“This is how I lost my cherry,” said Alanna Glass, a sophomore girl. “I loved being in the Program. It was amazing.”

It was.

My futa-sister grabbed my hips and lifted me onto the desk. She sat my rump down on the cool surface. I trembled as she cupped my cheeks and kissed me. Her lips locked on mine. Her tongue darted into my mouth. I quivered against her, my eyes fluttering. My heart pounded in my chest as her tongue danced through my mouth.

She pushed me back, her large breasts rubbing against mine as I stretched out on the desk. She sank on top of me. I groaned, feeling her futa-dick nuzzling into my pussy. I was so ready for this. For her to thrust into me and make me a woman.

I quivered in eager anticipation for that delight.

To my shock, she broke the kiss on my lips and nibbled down my chin. She scooted down the desk, her cock pulling away from my pussy. I whimpered in confusion. Didn't she feel how wet I was? How ready I was to be made into a woman by her big futa-dick?

“Charisma?” I whimpered as she nuzzled into my dick. “You have to pop my cherry.”

“Yeah,” Valerie Riches groaned. I saw her standing up on her seat in the back groping her futa-dick through her tight jeans.

“I'm going to break you in right,” my futa-sister purred, her heavy tits sliding over mine and onto my belly as she went lower and lower.

This wonderful delight quivered through me. She kissed and nibbled across my collarbone and went towards my breasts. Her hands squeezed my little mounds, her hot lips smooching up to the left one. I groaned and whimpered, humping my virgin pussy into her stomach, her breasts now rubbing into my belly.

I gasped as her lips engulfed my left nipple. She sucked on it. My pussy clenched. It was so intense. Better than when I fingered my nipples in bed. I squirmed and groaned. My thighs squeezed tight about her torso, humping my vulva into her as she sucked. My little clit ached and throbbed.

I felt so juicy down there as she loved me. Her tongue danced around my nipple. She caressed my areola then sucked hard. I groaned, my eyes fluttered. I humped harder against her, masturbating my burning pussy against her sleek belly.

“Charisma is clearly skilled at making love to a woman,” our teacher purred. She was masturbating openly, her skirt hiked over her waist. She caressed herself, whimpering in delight. “I think we can all agree that watching a futa pleasure her little sister is exciting.”

“Yes, it is!”


“This is the hottest thing in the world!”

“Look at her squirm.”

“Her pussy must be on fire. I know mine is.”


Their words spilled over me, coming all at once while I squirmed and groaned. My futa-sister sucked on my nipple, loving me. This incestuous warmth swept through me. I groaned and squirmed, my heart racing. My entire body felt electrified. I shuddered, my eyes fluttering as this heat washed through me.

She released my nipple and darted her head for my right nub. Her fiery hair swept over me, caressing me with her silk. I groaned as she engulfed my little nipple, her fatter ones digging into my stomach as she sucked hard. She engulfed as much as my breast into her mouth as she could.

“Charisma!” I moaned, my pussy growing hotter, wetter. My nipple felt connected to her.

She pinched my other nipple, rolling it between her fingers. Her mouth pleased my right nub, her hot lips nibbling on it. Her tongue caressed it. Then she would suck. Her cheeks hollowed as she loved me.

My heart pounded, pumping my excitement through me. My sister loved me. It was incredible. This was such a treat. I groaned, my heart racing in my chest. I squirmed on the table, whimpering, groaning, this naughty heat billowing through me.

“Oh, that's good,” I panted. “You're making me so wet! Can you feel, Charisma! How wet I am.”

Charisma popped her mouth off my nipple. “Yes!” she moaned. “But you're not wet enough.”

“I'm not?” I gasped. “How can I get wetter?”

My futa-sister had a wicked gleam in her eyes. Then she worked her way south down my body. I groaned as her tits dragged over my breasts. She caressed me, made me feel wicked. I whimpered, my heart pounding in my chest as this wanton heat swelled and swelled in me.

Her breasts slid over my belly and between my thighs as she smooched down to my stomach. For a moment, I felt her soft tits on my pussy. Then they were gone as she was kissing past my bellybutton, her hot mouth heading for my pussy.

My eyes widened. “You're going to eat me?”

“You blew me,” she said. “Didn't our parents teach us to thank each other when we do something nice?”

“Damn,” a girl groaned. “Why can't my futa-sister do that with me?”

“Why can't my little sister be as cool as her,” a futa panted.

“Class, as you can see, the taboo nature of their incestuous congress is exciting us all because it is crossing those taboo lines ingrained in us even in our enlightened society.”

“Uh-huh!” I whimpered then gasped as my futa-sister's lips nuzzled into my fiery bush.

This was all my dreams come true. Her lips were kissing across my folds. I was so on fire. So ready to enjoy this. My futa-sister's lips found the top folds of my pussy. Her tongue flicked out, caressing my clit as she went lower and lower.

My eyes bulged at the incestuous contact of her mouth on my pussy. Her tongue caressed me. I bucked and shuddered on the desk. I whimpered, squirming around. My heart pounded in my chest, this frantic beat that had me squirming on the desk.

“That's hot!”

“Charisma's really eating her.”

“Goddess, I'm going to cum watching this.”

“Cum on your futa-sister's mouth, Krysten!”

“Yes,” I squealed.

All the excitement in the room swept over me as I stared down at my futa-sister's hungry mouth. She devoured me. She licked me. Her tongue flicked across my folds. She teased me, brushed my hymen. Pleasures spilled through me.

I wanted this to last forever, but I was so excited. From being ogled and groped all day, from everyone watching us, from our professor standing over us masturbating herself towards her own pleasure. This was all the things I'd craved. Yearned for.

Now it was happening.

My futa-sister brushed my clit.

I exploded.

I writhed on the desk. My pussy convulsed. Juices bathed my futa-sister's face. She licked them up the waves of bliss rippled through me. They washed through my body. I gasped and moaned and cried out in incestuous ecstasy.

My classmates witnessed my passion.

The room spun around me. Stars burst across my vision as Charisma's amazing tongue kept licking and lapping. She fluttered them over my pussy. She licked up my juices gushing out of me. I groaned, my heart screaming in my chest as I squirmed on the table.

My toes curled. My breasts jiggled. I kept moaning out in wordless passion as I bathed my futa-sister's face in my rapture. Her tongue licked me everywhere except past my hymen. My pussy convulsed, aching to be filled.

To be fucked.

“Charisma!” I moaned. “Take me! I'm so ready for you! I love you! You're so sexy! You have such big tits! I've wanted this for so long!”

“Siblings often harbor feelings for each other,” groaned our professor, her words throaty. “Until now, they couldn't act on their incestuous passions. They can make love to each other. They can unite their flesh in taboo congress.”

“I want that, Charisma!” I howled, my orgasm spilling through my body.

She rose, my pussy cream adorning her face. It dripped down her chin. She looked wild. Passionate. I quivered in delight, my heart racing in my chest as she loomed over me, her big breasts swaying. Her futa-dick thrust before her, hard, twitching and pulsing with her passion. I squirmed in delight, eager to feel that big futa-dick thrusting into me.

She pressed it against my virgin pussy as she mounted the desk. Her large tits swayed over me. My hands grabbed them, my finger sinking into her softness. I shuddered as I played with my big futa-sister's boobies. Her green eyes glowed, her lips stained in my passion.

“Goddess, you're sexy,” she moaned and then leaned down and kissed me.

I tasted my sweet passion on her lips as she pressed her cock into my hymen. Her tits pilled against my little boobies. Our nipples caressed as her tongue thrust into my mouth. I whimpered, quivered, my body buzzing from my orgasm as I savored this moment.

My sister thrust into me.

My hymen stretched and stretched. Then it tore. Her futa-dick rammed into my cunt. I squeezed my eyes shut. I whimpered in delight as she filled me. Her cock dove into my juicy depths. I shuddered on the desk, squirming, writhing. I reveled in being filled by my futa-sister's big dick.

I was so full down there. I moaned into her mouth, trembling beneath her as she filled me. Her futa-dick was buried in me. My pussy clenched around her while I drank in the bliss of her dick sliding into me. Incestuous bliss swept through my body.

It was happening.

“Behold, the joining of the taboo!” cried out our teacher, the sounds of her passion unmistakable.

“Charisma's really into her little sister.”

“That's so hot!”

“I'm cumming!”

“Fuck her hard, Charisma!”

“Pound your little sister's twat!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Best fucking class ever!”

My futa-sister drew back her cock. My flesh clung to her. I whimpered and groaned. Then gasped as she slammed back into me. Her futa-dick filled my pussy again. A wave of heat swept through me. I hugged her tight, holding her to me, arms and legs wrapped around her body.

I moved with her. I shuddered as trembling waves of heat washed through my body with her every plunge into my pussy's depths. I took her again and again, my body animated by the incestuous passion flowing through us.

My futa-sister's dick was in me.

Her cock was in my pussy.

My cunt clenched around her as I groaned into her mouth, savoring the taste of my sweet pussy. What did her twat taste like? I couldn't wait to find out. To make love to my futa-sister over and over. Her girl-cock pumped into me, filling my twat up again and again. The silky friction caressing my inner walls transformed into rapture.

It fed another orgasm.

I mewled into her lips. She broke our kiss, staring down into my eyes. Her green ones almost glowed with her passion. I shuddered beneath her, gripping her as she drove her futa-cock over and over into me. She hammered me hard with her passion.

“Charisma!” I whimpered. “I... I... This is incredible!”

“It is!” she groaned. “Goddess, you're tight. My sexy, little sister is delicious.”

I beamed at her, squirming, her futa-dick hammering into my pussy, carrying me towards another amazing orgasm. My third in a day, and I knew it would be the most powerful. I shuddered beneath her, squeezing my pussy around her cock as she plunged into me.

That wonderful friction built and built between us. That burning ache that would carry me towards the stratosphere. I couldn't wait for it to erupt through me. I whimpered beneath her, squirming on the bed, my pussy clenching around her futa-cock.

“You can cum in me,” I told her. “I took the shot!”

“Damn,” she whimpered, thrusting harder, faster.

She plundered into my cunt. She hammered me with hard strokes. I whimpered and groaned. My heart beat in my chest as I shuddered on the desk. I felt her passion with her every stroke, her nipples caressing my little buds.

Sparks flared.

My clit ached as her crotch smacked into my vulva. I shuddered, grinding against her, reveling in the feel of her. Her weight on me. Her boobs against my tits. Her silky skin teasing me, caressing me, driving me wild.

“I'm going to... I'm going to cum, Charisma!” I whimpered beneath her, my body trembling.

“Do it!” she groaned and kissed me again. Her lips melted against mine. She thrust her tongue into my mouth.

“Yes, yes, achieve that ultimate mixing of the taboo!” our professor panted.

The class cheered us on. Their passion rippled over me as my futa-sister drove her girl-dick to the hilt in me. I whimpered beneath her, my eyes squeezing shut. The friction swelled. My clit throbbed in delight.

I came.

My pussy writhed about my futa-sister's cock. For the first time, I was stuffed full when I climaxed. It felt so right, my cunt celebrating the incestuous union between my futa-sister and me. This wonderful union of our flesh.

She drew back through my folds, caressing my convulsing flesh. Waves of rapture swept through my body. I drowned beneath the ecstasy. I kissed her, clutched to her, as I trembled. I spasmed beneath her pillowy breasts.

She slammed into me and broke the kiss, grunting, “Krysten! My sweet Krysten!”

Hot futa-cum spurted into my cunt. I whimpered and writhed beneath her as her futa-cum pumped into my snatch. Blast after blast of hot jizz washed out of me. It pumped into my cunt. It spurted over me. Through me. This wonderful heat rippled out of my pussy.

I trembled beneath her. I clutched to her, celebrating this incestuous joining. “Charisma! Yes, yes, you're cumming in me!”

The class cheered.

I whimpered. Groaned. I bucked beneath her. My pussy writhed about her futa-cock, milking out every drop of her futa-passion into my cunt. My sexy, older futa-sister flooded me. I felt every blast while she groaned out in delight.

“My sweet Krysten,” she moaned.

I trembled beneath her, staring up at her, watching the awe in her green eyes. I felt so close to my futa-sister. When she kissed me, I forgot about our watching classmates. There was only my sister's wonderful mouth on my lips.

Kissing me.

Loving me.

It was amazing.

I was so glad we got chosen for the Program this morning. Making love to my futa-sister was the best thing in the world.


Charisma Lacy's Tuesday

I was buzzing the next morning as I walked to college with my little sister. Our parents didn't mind at all that she came to my bed. We spent the night making love. I felt drained but still had this pep to my step as she clung to me.

President McTaggart was waiting out front of the main education building, like she always did, to collect the clothing from the Program students. It was getting too cold for anyone to walk around our town naked, but it was warm inside. She had her plastic bags for our clothing, a big grin on her plump lips.

“I heard you two made quite the stir in your mythology class,” she said, nodding to us. “I am so glad to see you two being a shining example of how siblings should love each other.”

I grinned at her while my little sister trembled beside me.

“Now, seeing as you two are so close, I had this marvelous idea,” the futa-president continued. “A way to motivate our football team to really win the big game.”

“Oh?” I frowned.

“As you know, for school-sponsored events, the Program can be extended,” she continued. “I double-checked the rules.”

“What are you saying?” I asked, my little sister clutching to me. “We have to go naked another week or something?”

“Yes! As the rewards for the MVP of the big game,” President McTaggart said in her bubbly voice, her futa-dick tenting the front of her skirt. “You two will be the personal sex slaves of the player chosen as the MVP. All in fun, I assure you. The winner can't give you orders beyond reasonable requests. Unless you agree. But it will motivate our players to dominate this championship. You'll do it, right?

“For the college?”

“But I'm a futa!” I gasped. “I can't have sex with futas, and she's only eighteen!”

“And?” the president asked. “What's wrong with futas having sex with futas? You don't have a problem when the girls go down on each other.”

“Well... I...”

“You'll both need to go see Coach Musil. This will be big for the college. I am sure everyone will celebrate you two for showing such school spirit.”

My stomach roiled. If we didn't do it, everyone at school would hate us, but...

“Fuck,” I muttered.

To be continued...

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Futa Naked In School 03 - Futa MVP's Reward Chapter 1: Taboo Futa Passion Exposed

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