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Categories Diary, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Exhibitionism

Author: CecilBCK

Published: 06 December 2018

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“Fine by me baby, sounds exciting, but where will we find this lady?”

“Leave it to me, I am going shopping, be back soon.”

Nina is taller than most women with a very good and sexy athletic body. Long legs, well-formed thighs, 34B tits with long nipples when aroused and stunning good looks.

She is the complete, beautifully spoken lady in public, though very articulate and verbose while having sex.

Two hours later Nina came back looking very self-satisfied.

“I found a lady for us, she is coming by at seven-thirty tonight.”

“How did you organise that?”

“I called into some really high-end boutiques and asked to try some clothes on. I wasn’t wearing any underwear at all and in each shop I asked the sales assistant to come into the dressing room to help me try their clothes on after I took my clothes off.

“The woman in the first shop seemed rather embarrassed, though I did enjoy flaunting my naked suntanned body.

“In the second shop the assistant was too young to consider, but I am sure I turned her on. She was quite taken by my all over suntan and the way you shave me.

“The woman in the third shop turned out to be the owner. As soon as she saw me naked I knew I had made a connection. She couldn’t keep her eyes off me, and there was lots of touching as she tried clothes on me.

“We had an instant rapport and she offered me a coffee as we chatted.

“I asked if she could bring three outfits around tonight for me to try on as I needed your approval. She was very keen on the idea, especially when I explained we were leaving for home in a few days, and we were eager for new experiences in Australia.

“When I told her you and I often have a third person, it might be male or female, for our sexual pleasure, that really piqued her interest.

“I told her how we are both heterosexuals, though we do enjoy and expect to enjoy regular trysts with a third person, be it male or female and how we both had Rod last week and he had both of us.

“She wanted to know if you were well hung. I told her long and very thick and I could see her eyes light up.

“By then she was hanging on to my every word.

“She asked does our third man or woman pleasure both of us.

“When I told her I love watching another man or woman give my man a blow job, usually after they have had me, she was hooked.”

“Sounds fun, you are an exciting lady, I like new experiences,” Grace told me as she kissed me on the cheek, then on my lips.

“Her kiss was electric and we kissed some more,” until a customer came in.

“Until tonight,” she whispered to me as she kissed me on the cheek again and felt my arse on the way out.

Grace arrived right on time and I watched fascinated as she and Nina kissed passionately and sensuously, much more than a usual greeting kiss, they are very comfortable with each other.

Nina has chosen well I mused as Grace crossed and recrossed her legs for my benefit. Glorious well-formed thighs and a good arse I noted with great interest as she walked in.

As we made small talk over some good Australian champagne I sized Grace up. Average height, blond hair, attractive facial features, a dress size bigger than Nina and a big smile with more than a hint of sexual expectation. She was wearing a two-piece cotton outfit, short black skirt and a white top showing very inviting cleavage.

“Which outfit would you like me try on first baby? As you know I always like to try new clothes on completely naked so I can feel them on my skin, and heels are a must.

“Can you help me undress Grace?”

Grace’s hands have a slight tremble I notice as she unzips the back of Nina’s below the knee, almost shapeless white dress. Nina shrugs and lets it drop to the floor leaving her completely naked.

“Like my naked body,” she asks she poses with her hands on her hips.

By now the sexual tension is electric as the exhibitionist in Nina is enjoying teasing both Grace and I as she tries the clothes on with lots of help from Grace who has her hands all over her.

“How do I look in the top only,” she teases as she struts around the room.

I swear I heard Grace mutter in sotto voice, “Absolutely fuckable.”

Not to be outdone, I join in, “Absolutely fuckable baby. You are a tease. I think Grace likes that look very much, maybe even more than me.”

“We will buy all three if you try them on for us Grace. We want you naked though.”

“Happy to oblige, though they might be a bit tight on me, and as long as your man undresses me.” Grace smiles.

“Take my skirt off first, I like to show my best assets first.

As I noticed before Grace has wonderful well-formed thighs – I love good thighs and a good arse, always a big turn on for me.

“Now my g-string,” she smiles as she turns around to show her glorious arse cheeks framed by a very thin white g-string. She is beautifully suntanned completely all over from the Queensland sun.

“Like my arse?” she teases as she struts around the room for our benefit.

Her shaved pubic hair is jet black in contrast to her blond hairdo.

“Now take my top off for me.

“Like my erect nipples? They have been erect since Nina came in this afternoon.

Nina is very excited at having a naked woman parading for us and her turn on is my turn on.

“Forget about the fitting. I want you now, right now, while my man watches.” Nina is almost shouting.

“And I want both of you and I want both of you to have me,” Grace smiles.

“I want to be pleasured by both of you and pleasure both of you.”

We all move to the bedroom and Grace and Nina are kissing very sensuously like teenagers, and licking each other’s tongues then each other’s nipples.

“You are a very exciting woman Nina. I wanted you the moment I saw you naked,” Grace purrs.

She is standing upright against a wall mirror with Nina kneeling in front of her as she hungrily licks her cunt lips while she holds her arse cheeks in her hands.

Grace has her knees bent and her hips extended forward to maximise her pleasure.

“Don’t stop what you are doing. Love the way you are licking my cunt, I am to please and be pleased,” Grace tells Nina as she teases her own very erect nipples with her fingertips.

Watching two women pleasuring each other, one my partner Nina and a new woman who Nina wants to watch while she pleasures me later, in the mirrors on three walls and the ceiling is very exciting.

“That is so good Nina, you are a very exciting woman, and I love the way you are licking me. Looks fantastic in all those mirrors.

“I have been hanging out for that since I saw you naked in my shop. I wanted you so bad, I have been wet for you ever since.

“I haven’t had sex for weeks, especially a threesome. You turned me on like you would not believe while you were trying my clothes on naked.

“If you hadn’t invited me to visit you I would have been masturbating all night long with my best vibrator thinking and fantasising about you. And your man is a bonus.

“Get undressed and show me your cock,” Grace tells me, “I want it while Nina is fucking my cunt, she is so good.”

My cock is so erect from watching these two that I have trouble sliding my trousers down.

“Magnificent, fucking magnificent, long and thick just like Nina told me and rock hard for me, or is it us?” she smiles as she feels it with one hand.

“I want you to fuck me with that from behind later while I lick Nina.

“And I would love you to kiss and lick my arse cheeks before you fuck me.

“Now, kiss me while your lady is licking my cunt.

“So good, your tongue on mine and your lady’s tongue on my cunt lips, so fucking good.

“Now let me suck your cock while your lady is licking my cunt,” she tells us she sits in a chair.

“Did I tell you I want you to fuck me while I lick Nina, after you kiss my arse?” Grace repeats so that Nina can hear her.

“Very much, and I want to squirt for you both.

“Your lady is so very good the way she is licking me, I am almost there, so close.

“Harder baby, lick me harder.

“Pinch my nipples, harder, so fucking good, two people giving me pleasure, I’m cumming, cumming,” she screams as Nina and I watch smugly.

“That was so good. When I get my breath back I want to pleasure Nina with my tongue while you fuck me,” Grace tells us as she fondles my erection.

“Magnificent and a bonus with Nina.

“Kiss and my arse while Nina watches,” Grace tells me as she puts her g-string back on and stands in front of me with her legs apart.

“I always think a g-string makes my arse look better, it highlights and separates my arse cheeks.

“What do you think baby?” she asks with a big smile as I lick and kiss each voluptuous arse cheek in turn while she has one hand wrapped around my erection.

“Like watching your man kissing my arse Nina? I like you watching, especially with his rock hard cock in my hand.

“My turn to pleasure you Nina. I have wanted to ever since I saw you naked in my shop. Take my g-string off for me then lie on you back on the bed.”

I watch closely as Grace tongue kisses her, then licks and kisses her nipples as Nina squirms with pleasure.

“Are you ready for me?” Grace teases as she lightly runs one finger along her cunt lips, parts her legs and lies between them.

“I want your man to fuck me from behind while I lick you to orgasm, more than once I hope.

“Would you like that? He really is very well hung, magnificent in fact,” she smiles with one hand wrapped around my erection as she starts licking Nina.

“Lick and kiss my arse while I am licking your lady’s very wet cunt.”

I enjoy doing just that as I watch her pleasuring my lady with her tongue.

“Now fuck me, now, I want your big thick cock in me, right now.”

The sensation as I enter her from behind is wonderful and heightened by watching her pleasure my lady with her tongue.

I slowly build up a rhythm and the noise as I slap into her glorious arse cheeks while holding them is an even bigger turn on.

Nina is multi-orgasmic and I can sense that she is close to her first one.

“Put a finger in me, two fingers, lick me harder.

“Wow, that is very exciting,” I hear Grace say as I watch Nina tense and orgasm.

“Don’t stop licking me, don’t stop, keep going,” Nina mutters to Grace.

“Very exciting watching you pleasure my lady with your tongue while I am fucking you, and you are very wet,” I manage to mutter as I dig my fingernails into her arse cheeks to her obvious pleasure.

“Love you fucking me from behind, my dream fuck, so good, so fucking good with two sexy people,” Grace moans.

By now Nina appears to be oblivious that I am slowly fucking Grace from behind as she delights in the attention Grace is lavishing on her cunt with her tongue.

The noise Nina is making suggests she is having one long, continuous orgasm as she wriggles and squirms with Grace’s arms wrapped around her legs.

“So good, so fucking good,” they are both whispering, then groaning in unison.

“I want you to watch me bring your man off, I am going to blow him,” Grace tells Nina.

“I am going to finish you off with my mouth,” Grace tells me as she motions for me to stand then kneels in front of me.

“Your cock really is magnificent,” Grace whispers as she takes it between her lips.

The obvious sexual pleasure Nina is enjoying from watching another woman with my cock in her mouth is a huge turn on for me on and I am close to orgasm, very close.

“Want me to put your cock ring on for you to make it even better?”

“Please,” I moan as Nina expertly slides it up the full length of my now very erect cock and does up the clip under my balls, as I enjoy Grace watching its’ effect on my cock.

As if by a tacit arrangement Nina stands behind her with her hands on her head guiding her mouth along my cock.

“His cock really is magnificent isn’t it, especially with that black rubber cock ring on it,” Nina tells Grace.

“I love watching another woman blowing him. And you really are something very special.

“You promised to squirt for us, is that why you are rubbing your cunt with my man’s cock in your mouth?

Nina can sense from the look on my face and the noise I am making that I am cannot hold out much longer and am about to cum.

“Cum for me baby, cum, cum, cum.”

Right on cue I start groaning, tensing and squirming as Grace increases the pressure on my cock with her thumb and forefinger.

My fantastic orgasm is heightened by Grace screaming, “So good, so fucking good, watch me squirt, watch me, watch me, so fucking good.”

As we all relaxed in the afterglow Grace asked could she take a photo on her phone.

“One of Nina holding your cock. “Wow, I like that. Now Nina can take one of me holding your cock. And one of me licking it. Your man is almost fully erect again Grace, a photo of his cock in my mouth please.

“Now a photo of us two women together. Now some photos of us licking each other.

“Thanks for a fabulous night, I will treasure it and the photos,” Grace smiles as she leaves.

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