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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts pervert part 5

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cuckold, Fiction

Author: Bigjack1982

Published: 11 December 2018

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“Thanks again for the lessons Professor.” Said Harry, as he walked along with her towards the courtyard.

“Shh Harry.” Replied Ms. Davies, looking around. “I don’t want anyone to hear about the lessons. I don’t do this for everyone. This is a special case.”

“Sorry Professor.” Harry smiled.

“Its alright. And I have to say, you’ll make an excellent auror.” She smiled warmly back.

“Thanks. That means a lot from you.”

Michael was walking and spotted Harry talking to Ms. Davies. They were laughing together in the courtyard, something that was beginning to happen far too often. He resisted the urge to curse the bastard as he saw her touch his arm. She began to walk away and looked back laughing at whatever he said. Harry stood there by himself, and Michael took his opportunity.

"God I'd love to spank that ass." Said Michael.

Harry turned towards Michael, his hand immediately plunging into his pocket. Michael frowned.

"Not a very friendly greeting." Said Michael.

"Fuck off." Said Harry, remembering their last encounter, and how long he stood there petrified.

"Is that what you're going to go do? Fuck yourself off at the thought of Ms. Davies? Can't say I blame you, I've thought about her a number of times. Even thought about her the last time I was in Ginny."

Michael waited for Harry to respond, but he said nothing, so Michael continued.

"So whats the plan Potter? Get friendly with her, then get her naked? Again, I don't blame you. In fact I pity you, because I had the same plan, and I'm doing it much better than you."

He paused and again Harry remained silent. Angry, but silent.

"Yeah, she was so reserved and resistant... At first. But now I'll have my cock in her pussy in no time."

Harry pulled his wand out of his pocket, and Michael just stood there.

"Of course that won't be the first part of my body thats been inside her. In fact you were present the first time I had my way with her. Thanks for the chocolates you gave her by the way. Maybe tonight I'll melt it down and lick it off her tits."

"Shut up!" Yelled Harry. How can a cunt like Michael exist, thought Harry.

"Or maybe she'll lick it off my cock. Get a nice mouthful of chocolate and cream."

"I said shut up." Said Harry, through gritted teeth.

"Now now Potter, be nice and maybe I'll tell you what color her asshole is."

Harry quickly cast a spell on Michael that caused him to fly through the air and land on his stomach. He grunted in pain.

"Harry Potter!" Yelled Ms. Davies voice from across the courtyard. She came striding over her wand raised, and disarmed him. "What on earth are you doing?!"

"I-." Began Harry, but he couldn't find the words.

Ms. Davies kneeled down beside Michael.

"Are you alright?" She asked concerned.

"I think so." Said Michael, feeling triumph through his pain.

She helped him up and McGonagal arrived.

"Potter, my office. Now!" Said Professor McGongal.

Harry looked back at Ms. Davies as she was talking to Michael. He saw Michael turn towards him and smile as he began to follow Ms. Davies.


"I can't believe Harry did that to you." Said Ms. Davies, helping Michael into her living quarters.

"I can." Said Michael. "We've never got along, Potter and I."

"Well its inexcusable. He could've really hurt you."

"Yeah, but I'd have someone really great help me get better."

She smiled at him.

"Madam Pomfrey is quite pretty." She said.

"True, but not as pretty as you."

"So you think you'll be ok?"

"Yeah, but I might need someone to cheer me up."

"I think I know just the thing." She said as she kissed him, her tongue swirling around his. "Better?"

"My head is, but my penis took most of it."

She chuckled.

"Well, I'll see what I can do." And she kissed him again.

She reached down and undid his pants. She pulled them down and saw the bulge in his underwear. Her pussy began to moisten as she realized she was finally going to see his big cock. She pulled down his underwear and bit her lip, as his hung cock sprung out and hit her hand.

"It's so big." She said, staring at it, weighing it with her eyes. “And fat.”

She grabbed it in her hand, feeling its weight as she lifted it. It felt warm and heavy, as she stroked it once. She spit in her hand and started to jerk off his meat. She reached down with her other hand and began playing with his balls, lightly rubbing between his testicles with her thumb.

She looked up at him and followed his gaze to her tits.

She let go of his cock and balls and took off her shirt and bra. Her huge tits plopped out into view and Michael reached out to squeeze them, rubbing his thumb against her pink nipples. She leaned forward to accommodate him as she resumed stroking his cock, spitting on his length once more. She slid her other hand under her skirt and rubbed her wet pussy.

"I gave your presents a try last night." She said, looking into his eyes.

"How did you like it?" He asked, bouncing her heavy breast.

"It was nice, but it left me wanting more." She said, as she looked down at the big piece of meat between her fingers. She bit her lip and moaned as she slipped a finger inside her pussy, teasing herself.

"Well, I can help with that." Said Michael, pleased with himself.

He had bewitched the toys he gave her to only go up to a quarter their speed, so it would rev her up, but not finish her off. So, eventually she'd be really turned on and only look to him.

"I'd love that, but I think that'd be too far. You're my student, so I don't think it would be wise to go there."

Who was she kidding, they both thought. She was aching to get fucked and it was only a matter of time. But for now...

"That being said." Said Ms. Davies. "We can still have some fun."

Ms. Davies held his cock up, pointing to the ceiling. She moved her head down and licked all over his clean shaven balls, tasting him. She licked all the way up to his bulbous head and swirled her tongue around it. Her tongue then moved down his veiny shaft, to his testicles and gently sucked on them, as his cock drooped onto her forehead. She felt its warmth on her face as his precum drizzled out onto her forehead, and a bit in her hair. She licked back up his cock and slowly started to slide it into her mouth. She got half of his fat cock in before sliding it out and continued in a slow steady rhythm, as she fingered herself. She coated her fingers at one end as she coated his cock at the other.

Her warm mouth continued to suck his cock for a few more minutes before she slid him out, feeling a little empty. She stood up and turned around. Unzipping her skirt, she bent over to pull it down, her ass feeling the heat from Michaels gaze. Michael had an amazing view of her pink thong covered ass. She then slid her panties off, her cheeks jiggling for Michaels enjoyment.

Before she could stand back up, Michael leaned forward and grabbed her ass in his hands. He rubbed and squeezed her firm cheeks before pulling them apart, giving him his first view of her cute pink little asshole. He made a mental note to tell Potter that it was a light pink. Hell, he made a note to tell everyone. He wanted them all to know that he’d seen this goddesses asshole. Moving his hand inwards, he rubbed his thumb against her puckered hole, causing her to jump a little.

"Merlin, every inch of you is sexy." Said Michael, he knew he was testing his luck, and he decided to test it further. He sucked on his index finger and gently rubbed it around her asshole, dipping it in slightly. This elicited a small groan from his Professor.

“You like that?” He asked and he moved his face forward and squished it into her juicy ass. His face between her heavenly cheeks, he stuck out his tongue and started to lick her bung hole. Not as tasty as her twat, but he loved every second his tongue spent pressed against her anus; and judging by her moans, so did she.

He chuckled to himself quietly, into Ms. Davies plump ass. Roger would never win an argument with him again. Michael would forever be able to say “do you want to know how your sisters asshole tastes?” Theres just no response to that.

Having sufficiently tasted her ass, he pulled his face away, and admired the view. Michael stared between her spread cheeks, at the pink hole glistening with his saliva. He smirked before he spit on her asshole. He then took his index finger and pressed it against her anus. She took a sharp intake of breath as he pushed in up to his first knuckle. He felt her ass constrict against his finger as he felt the warmth inside her.

"Is this the first time you've ever had anything in your ass?" Asked Michael, sliding up to his second knuckle and holding it there.

"Yes." Said Ms. Davies quietly.

"How do you like it?" Asked Michael as he began fingering her tight ass.

"It's different." She said. “But I don’t mind it.”

"Well, maybe we'll have to try it some other time."

In his ultimate goal he'd love to fuck her ass with his big cock, so he thought it best to first test the waters and leave her wanting more. He slid his finger out and rubbed her amazing ass.

She stood back up and turned around, her finger rubbing her clit.

Michael stared at her pussy, spread open by her fingers, extremely wet, and looking delicious.

"You look pretty horny." He said, as she dipped a finger inside herself.

"Very." She said, as she bit her lip.

"Well, I can help you with that."

He motioned for her to come to him, and she did. She hopped on the bed beside him. She kissed him as he squeezed her breasts, his fingers digging into her soft skin.

"Turn around." He said, after they had pulled apart.

She spun around and her ass was right in front of his face, and his cock in front of her. He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them as he stuck out his tongue and began licking her pussy, his eyes staring into her asshole. She moaned as she lowered her mouth onto his cock and lightly sucked and licked his fat dick. They licked and sucked on each others privates for a few minutes, each savoring the others taste.

Michael stopped short of giving Ms. Davies an orgasm. She popped his dick out of her mouth, a little disappointed. However, she remembered their last sexual encounter and didn't say anything. It had been one of the best orgasms of her life and she wanted to return the favor.

She moved around and kissed Michael, swirling her tongue around his, finding it hot to know where his mouth has been. Michael ran his hands over her body as they made out. They broke apart and she just looked at Michael, who looked back at her. She followed his eyes down to her breasts, which he began to fondle, paying extra attention to her stiff nipples. She grabbed his hand and placed it between her large breasts. Ms. Davies grabbed her breasts in each hand and pushed them together, cushioning Michaels hands between them.

"I think I know what you want to do next." She said seductively. "Do you want to fuck my big tits?"

Michaels heart leapt. Fucking finally, he thought, as he stared at her perfect boobs.

"Yeah, I do." Said Michael, smiling.

She leaned forward and rubbed her breasts against his face. He stuck out his tongue, licking all over her breasts. After they were nice and wet, she moved down his body and off the bed. Michael adjusted so that his legs were hanging off the bed with Ms. Davies sitting between them, rubbing her tits. She smiled up at him, and Michael smiled wickedly back. This is what he’d dreamt of since he first saw her. Her on her knees, ready and willing to please him with her incredible tits. He was still blown away by how great they were. Perfect.

Ms. Davies leaned in and Michael pushed his cock out towards her. She moved her breasts around his meat and enveloped him.

Michael groaned feeling Ms. Davies warm full breasts on his big cock, cushioning him. He looked down at her tits, still glistening from his saliva. She looked up at him, her mouth open, tongue sticking out, and her cheeks a little pink.

Their eyes met and for the first time they saw each other clearly. Ms. Davies caught a glimmer of the vile pervert Michael was, and Michael saw the innocent corruptible angel. She wondered how much help he really needed with his schooling. Was it possibly a ruse, a trick designed to get her here?

This moment of clarity turned them both on immensely, although Ms. Davies was also feeling vulnerable and degraded. But that didn’t stop her. It just made the heat between her legs intensify.

She started to rub her breasts on Michaels cock, feeling his head peak out the top of her cleavage. Feeling slightly manipulated and used, she felt her pussy aching for attention. She reached down and started to rub herself, while she continued to fuck Michaels meaty cock with her creamy breasts.

Michael smirked watching his Professor start to rub herself. He held her breasts together, his fingers digging into her warm soft skin. He stood there, above the sexiest woman in Hogwarts, feeling triumphant.

The room was warm and both Michael and Ms. Davies had begun to perspire. Michaels sweaty cock slipped in and out of Ms. Davies sweaty cleavage. This was the sight he dreamt about at night. The sight he daydreamed about while staring at his gorgeous professor during lessons.

He wished they could see it. Potter, Weasley, even Roger. Michael smirked as he imagined Rogers reaction to seeing his sweet older sister on her knees pleasing Michaels big cock. Roger would see the lust in her eyes while she rubs her dripping twat to release the pressure building inside her. See Michael turn her into his whore, his sweet little slut.

The only thing better than Roger seeing would be all the pretty girls. Innocent Hermione, popular Demelza Robins, and busty Hannah Abbot. They’d all watch their teacher, this strong woman they admire, reduced to Michaels dripping slut. They’d all be blushing while watching and whether they’d admit it or not, they’d wish they were in Ms. Davies place at Michaels feet. Their tight teenage twats would tingle at the sight of Michaels fat dick.

They’d all be his, ready and willing to drop their skirts and lift their asses, at his request. Thats a nice thought, but back to the task at hand.

“Stop.” Said Michael, and Ms. Davies obeyed looking up at him quite sheepishly. “Your fingers nice and sticky?”

“Mmm yes.” Said Ms. Davies. She pumped her fingers inside herself and Michael heard a delightful shlick sound accompanied by moans from her other lips.

“Good. Taste yourself.” Michael said. He was no longer playing a part, this was him. Commanding, and not asking. Arrogant, not unsure.

Ms. Davies noticed this, but it only made her wetter as he gazed down on her. She removed her fingers from her pussy and lifted them to her mouth. She opened wide, sticking her tongue out and licked her glistening fingers, before sliding them into her mouth. The taste was intense, but she kept them there, as Michael stared at her smirking like a villain. Michael reached down and rubbed her cheek. She figured this was good enough and slid her fingers out of her mouth.

“Do you like how you taste as much as I do?” Asked Michael, his thumb rubbing around the corner of her lip.

“No, but I doubt you’d like how you taste as much as I do.” She said, and she looked at his thick cock staring at her.

“Suck my cock.” Again, a command. One that Ms. Davies was eager to comply with.

“Just a second.” Said Ms. Davies, as she reached for her wand.

Taking it, she rubbed the tip around her lips, leaving them coated in red lipstick.

She grabbed his cock, which was slick from a mixture of sweat and saliva, and she pressed her lips against the head, and slowly pushed her pips onto his cock.

She got half way down and Michael expected her to pull back, but she kept going, staring up at him with those sweet eyes. Michael grinned as her nose pressed against his pubic area. She held him there for a few seconds, a hot wet sound coming from deep in her throat. Her eyes starting to water, she pulled back out, gasping for air, as a strand of her saliva dripped off his cock.

“Damn, didn’t know you could do that.” Said Michael.

“I learned it just for you.” She said, catching her breath.

Michael was at his limit. He’d been waiting to cum on his hot Professor since the day he met her, and he has been patient. No more waiting. He spit in his hand and grabbed his cock, red from Ms. Davies lipstick, and started stroking it.

“Lick my head.” He commanded and Ms. Davies quickly stuck out her tongue as Michaels thick cock head jiggled around it. Michael didn’t take his eyes off her gorgeous face as he reached orgasm. He bellowed, and his warm cum sprayed onto Ms. Davies red lips, and hungry tongue, eagerly catching his seed. He shot five ropes of cum onto and between her lips.

“Oh fuck!” He said as her lips wrapped around his head, milking him for any remaining cum.

His balls empty, she opened her mouth to show him his thick load. There was so much that some leaked out down her lips, and landed on her breast. Closing her mouth, she made a big gulp and swallowed down his slightly sweet cum. Showed him her empty mouth, then licked the cum from her lips.

“Feeling better?” She asked, scooping the glob of cum off her breast and swallowing it.

“Much.” He replied, staring at the incredible scene before him. “Can you do me a favour?”

“Whats that, Michael?”

“Don’t clean yourself off. Finish your classes with my taste in your mouth.” Michael started to rub his now flaccid cock.

“You are a filthy boy.” She chuckled a little uncomfortably. “But sure. I kind of like the taste anyways.”

They each got dressed and headed out to their respective classes. Michael had a very good reason for being late for charms.

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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts pervert part 5

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Comments (2)
Bigjack198212 December 2018 15:53
I’m glad you like it. I submitted the next part to be published, hopefully it posts soon.
Skyhighgaming62 — 12 December 2018 15:49
Please upload the rest of these
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