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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts pervert part 6

Categories Fiction, Reluctance, School, Voyeurism

Author: Bigjack1982

Published: 13 December 2018

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Late that night Michael snuck out of the Ravenclaw dormitory, covered from sight, thanks to his new cloak. He made his way over to the entrance to the Gryffindor tower, which he discovered earlier that day. While he was loitering around the entrance, he was also fortunate enough to overhear the password.

“Oddment and tweak.” He said to the fat lady, who awoke with a start.

“Wha? Ah yes.” She yawned. “Go on in then.”

The portrait swung open and Michael entered, and as luck had it, there wasn’t anyone in the common room. It was very late.

Michael made his way up the boys dormitory and slowly opened the door. Upon entering he was greeted with the snores of Potter and all his friends. He located the scarred bastard and took out a vial, filled with a white wispy substance. It looked like a bright fog. Holding it up to Harry’s ear, he uncorked the vial and the substance seemed into Harry’s head, who tossed a bit in his sleep, as fragments of Michaels memory mixed with his. After a minute Harry stopped tossing and murmuring, and was still and snoring.

One down, thought Michael, and he saved the best for last.

Leaving the boys dormitory, he walked over to the steps leading to girls dormitory, where Hermione lay asleep and dreaming.

Now for the next part. Michael removed his clothes, until he was completely naked. Then Michael took out a second vial of a pink liquid, from his pants pocket. He popped the cork, drank it all, and waited.

Under the invisibility cloak he started to transform. He shrunk down a few inches, Two large familiar breasts grew out of his chest, and he felt his hair grow rapidly past his head.

After a minute the transformation was complete. There stood, hidden from sight, a perfect copy of Ms. Davies.

Not having a mirror on him, Michael simply went about his business and started up the stairs to the girls dormitory, awkwardly adjusting to his new body. Its not like he won’t get a better view later. He took a step, and the stairs remained stairs. He had tricked the spell that prevented boys from entering the girls dormitory, and entered. A raven in the lions den, whispering in their ear.

Once inside the girls dorm he quickly located Hermione, who was sound asleep, dreaming about passing all her classes with the highest marks possible.

He unstopped a second vial filled with pieces of his memories, and inserted them into Hermione’s head. Her response was much different than Harry’s. Upon entering, Hermione let out a gasp, followed by a light moan. She started to slowly grind her body on her bed, as her dreams were interrupted by visions of Michaels fat cock.

“S’ big.” She murmured in her sleep, instantly causing Michaels temporary vagina to tingle.

Thats right, he thought, as he watched her wriggle around on her bed, knowing that she was feeling the same sensations as him, between her legs. The seed was planted, ensuring that his own seed would one day plaster her pretty face. That last thought caused his pussy to get a little wet.

He turned to leave, when his eyes locked on her trunk. Unable to switch off his deviously perverted brain, he opened it and rummaged through her underwear, feeling his slit get even wetter. He was a little surprised by how hot her underwear was, but definitely delighted. Eventually his snooping led him to what he had not dared hope for: a tiny g-string, which would barely cover her tight little pussy. Something he’d love to know when shes wearing. Taking his wand, he placed a simple incantation. Once finished, he placed one far more complicated. He took all of Hermione’s other clean underwear and put them in the dirty basket, under her other dirty clothes. A few minutes later, after testing out that his spells were working correctly, he left the girls dormitory, out the Gryffindor tower and headed back to the Ravenclaw tower, juices running down his leg.

On the way it occurred to him to get a look at Ms. Davies body in front of a mirror, but that thought quickly passed. It wouldn’t be the same. He’d know that it was him and that would make it less enjoyable. Instead he went up to his dormitory, and spent the remaining time borrowing Ms. Davies body caressing her perfect breasts and masturbating. If he didn’t have enough knowledge about her body before, he did now.


Later that morning Harry sat down beside Hermione awaiting the start of Defence class.

“Good morning.” Hermione said, quite chipper. “Not sitting with the conjoined couple?”

“No, Ron’s kinda driving me mad.” Replied Harry, sounding tired. He hadn’t slept well. “Have you seen Ms. Davies yet?”

“No, she must be in her office. Why?”

“Can you tell me whats the best way to apologize to a woman?” Harry asked.

“Oh, Harry. What did you do?” She asked sounding exasperated.


“Good morning class.” Ms. Davies voice called out as she descended the staircase leading to her office.

“Good morning.” They all piped back, the boys voices ringing out particularly loud, as they all smiled at her.

Ms. Davies began her lecture, and Harry was torn on how to act. Do I make steady eye contact? Do I look bashful and sorry for what I did? These thoughts echoed through his head, as he looked at her and then she looked at him. Prepared to see forgiveness, disapproval, and everything in between, he saw something else.

As her eyes met his he suddenly had a flash across his mind and in that flash he saw Ms. Davies in red underwear glistening with sweat. In this flash the air felt hot, and a musky smell filled his nostrils. But the most disturbing thing that he felt was this sadistic desire. He was looking at Ms. Davies like a wild animal in heat.

As quickly as it happened, the vision dissipated. Ms. Davies was no longer looking at him, and his eyes were fixed on the corner of his desk.

Harry furrowed his brow, wondering why that picture had crept into his mind. Sure, he’d thought about her while he masturbated, but never in that way. Never with that... overwhelming desire. He never thought seeing his teacher, his newfound friend, in her underwear could possibly fill him with such a feeling of disgust. Not at her body, but in himself.

Harry shook the feeling off, and looked back at his Professor, forcing himself to focus. However, when he looked back at her this time he saw her standing with her wonderful breasts exposed. Her pink nipples stuck out and he desperately wanted to grab hold and suck on her exquisite tits. But thats not all.

Accompanying this urge was a thought that felt so foreign. A thought that he’d never had before, but was clear. He stared at his kind, caring, respectable teacher and thought “They’d look better drenched in my saliva and cum. I’ll teach her how those tits should be used.”

Shaking himself out of it again, he seemed to have attracted the attention of the class.

“Harry.” Hermione said from beside him, as she took his hand. “Are you alright?”

He looked up at his friend and instantly regretted it. The image wasn’t as bad, or as strong as the others, but the thoughts that crept into him, as if from someone else, were just as gross.

He saw Hermione standing on a bookshelf, her pert ass sticking out, and thought “Grangers asshole is gonna be a nice tight fit. But not as much fun as popping the cherry on her virgin cunt.”

“Harry?” Ms. Davies said, drawing his gaze.

He looked up at her to see that she was directly in front of him. She looked concerned as she opened her mouth to speak. Harry didn’t hear a word. As soon as she opened her mouth all he could see was a thick white substance leaking out down her chin, onto her clothed chest.

“I think theres something wrong.” Harry said quietly, forcing himself to close his eyes.

Another flash, and Ms. Davies was staring at his big cock with lust and delight. But it wasn’t his cock. His wasn’t that large. “Yeah, suck it you slutty bitch.” Reverberated throughout his head, as she started to lick his fat member.

Another flash, and he was staring into a woman’s spread ass from behind. Somehow he knew who it was. How can he know that, but not know why its there? “Why is this in my- Mmm finally get to taste your perfect asshole.” And his head moved towards it. His face made contact with her soft warm skin, as he stuck out his tongue and licked her asshole. “Goddamn thats good.”


Harry fell to the floor. He immediately felt hands helping him up into a sitting position.

“Everyone stand back!” Called Ms. Davies, and Harry opened his eyes to see her standing there over him, with her wand raised, and her eyes closed. Even in this situation he couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked. But that got twisted too, as now he saw her sitting in her desk chair, nude. Her breasts glistened, as did her pussy, and she said “Eat my pussy, Michael!” And suddenly, all he saw was black.


Hermione heard the door to the classroom open and in strode Ms. Davies, having returned from delivering Harry to the hospital wing.

“What happened to him, Ms. Davies?” Asked Hermione, her voice shaking slightly, as the class murmured.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen,” Began Ms. Davies, and everyone went quiet. “Harry suffered through a memory split. Which is when someone inserts a memory into someone else’s head, but the person rejects it. So they start to see fragments as if they’re actually there. Its fairly harmless- Harry will be alright, Hermione- but...”

Ms. Davies paused and surveyed the class, with an unusually stern look. She’s usually so happy, and positive, but she wore this new look well. She will do whats necessary to protect her students.

“...but, if its untreated for too long, it can eventually result in brain damage. So, whoever attempted this, they are very lucky that he had such strong symptoms. Harry’s subconscious fought it strongly. Thankfully the fragments were removed without any trouble.”

“Can you find out who did it by the fragments?” Asked Ron, whose arm had left its usual perch around Lavenders shoulder.

“No. I’m afraid the only person who can possibly identify whoever did it, is Harry. And he might not remember, or might not have seen any distinctive features in his hallucinations. He was seeing things through their perspective, after all. He should be awake in a few hours. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Her eyes raked over every student, looking to see any guilt. After a few moments, she looked down, collected herself, and resumed class.

It took a while for Hermione to calm down. Shed seen things happen to Harry before, horrible things, but it was always something he could fight. Something he could stare in the eyes and stand up to. This was nothing like the things he’d face before. He was powerless.


Later that day Hermione sat down for ancient runes, trying to shake off the horrible event that took place that morning. Who could have possibly done that to him?

She was unaware that across the classroom, watching her sit there and try to decipher any potential clues, was the very culprit.

Michael didn’t feel much guilt for what had happened. It wasn’t his intention to hurt Potter. He didn’t know there would be any risks. Besides, he’d be perfectly fine in a few hours.

Michael shook it off, and peered back at Potters sexy friend. He took out his wand and checked on the location spell he had cast the night before. And sure enough, his wand pointed directly at Hermione. He smirked to himself, seeing her in her unflattering robes, but knowing that underneath she was wearing the g-string he found the previous night.

Soon enough he’d activate his other spell, and liven things up for once. Why did he take ancient runes?

10 minutes into the lesson, and the know-it-all was completely focused on her test. Now was the time.

He pulled out his wand again and activated his bewitching spell, his eyes fixed on Hermione.

Across the room, Hermione was eagerly writing when all of a sudden she felt a warmth between her legs. She stopped writing and adjusted in her seat, wondering if it was the chair emitting her body heat. But no, the warmth followed her as she moved. Just as she was figuring out what was happening, her underwear suddenly started to vibrate.

“Unh.” She moaned, quietly, feeling her vagina start to get wet under the rhythmic pressure. Red faced and horrified she looked around the room to see if anyone had heard. Thankfully everyone was focused on the test.

Now she could focus on her dilemma, but what could she do? Why were her panties vibrating and heating up? So many questions, and yet no answers. Hermione’s worst nightmare.

She considered removing her underwear, but her robes made it impossible to do without pulling them up past her waist, which would undoubtedly attract attention.

Before she could even begin to come up with an answer her g-string, slick from her juices, tightened and slipped between her lips.

Everyone was focused on their tests but Michael, who couldn’t care less about ancient runes, who was peering at Hermione and saw as she straightened up in her chair, and bit her lip.

Good to know its working, he thought as his cock started to harden knowing what was happening to Hermione.

This was too perfect. Shes caught between a rock and a hard place. And both her and Michael knew what she was going to do.

Hermione removed her wand and cast muffliato all around her, filling peoples ears with a light hum.!Hopefully it was loud enough to drown out any more moans.

Hermione grabbed her quill and continued on with her test. The way she saw it, the only way was through. Professor Vector would never let her leave to go to the lavatory in the middle of the test, and she was not failing it. So, she wrote, as her underwear vibrated against her vagina and anus. Every 30 seconds she would have to collect herself to stop from making a face or a sound, but it was getting harder and harder.

Wrong thing to think, she told herself, as suddenly her mind drifted to cocks.

“Unnnh.” She groaned again, peering around the room once more, but nobody was looking-except Michael. Their eyes met, and Michael lifted his wand, pointed it towards her, and mumbled an incantation.

She felt the g-string start to slide back and forth as well as vibrate, caressing her wet virgin pussy.

Her mouth dropped open, but she suppressed a moan as Michael stared at her, smiling.

Hating him, she couldn’t help but think of his cock. The long hard piece of meat between his legs, that Ginny loved so much. She had an image of his thick cock as he stood in front of a mirror. She brushed that aside. She saw Michael move his hand down to his robes and followed it only to see him start to rub his covered cock.

It would feel so good stretching me out, she thought, closing her eyes and picturing it. No! She opened her eyes again and, lightly perspiring, continued on with her test. Just finish it, she told herself.

And so she wrote, all the while her panties were trying to make her cum. Michael couldn’t have been more delighted as he watched her make sexy faces for the next fifteen minutes, resisting her pleasure. He even gave her a break for a minute or so, letting her catch her breath. Well, more like letting her lower her defences, because he started the spell back up again and watched as it tormented her anew. He couldn’t imagine how very wet her chair will be by the time the next class arrives.

Finally she finished the test, and immediately got up and walked over to Professor Vector.

“Done so quick, Miss Granger?” He asked surprised.

“Yes Professor.” She replied, hurriedly. “Sorry, got to go to the loo.”

And she quickly left the classroom and went to the nearest bathroom, feeling the need to scream. As soon as she was inside she checked under the stalls.

“Anybody in here?” She asked, through heavy breathing.

Nobody answered and she moaned loudly, as she hiked up her robes and went to pull down her g-string, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Unnnh come on!” She moaned as she tried using both of her hands, but it was no good, they were somehow locked in place around her very wet pussy and asshole. She gave up and thought about going back in and hexing Michael. That seemed like a good idea. She started to get up, but stopped and figured it would be best to cum first, alleviate the pressure. She leaned against the wall and her mind drifted to dirty things.

Her mind recently on Michael, she again imagined his thick cock rubbing against her lips, teasing her, its weight pressing in. And with that simple thought, after all that buildup, she came and started grinding her ass against the wall, as she screamed loudly.

Her orgasm subsiding, she doubled up and suddenly realized the g-string was no longer vibrating.

“Please.” She muttered, as she grabbed the waist of the g-string and pulled it down without resistance. “Thank Merlin.” She said, laughing, and stepping out of them. She held them up to see that they were completely drenched.

“Fuck you, Michael.” She said, and she tossed the g-string in the garbage and left the bathroom.


Harry awoke late in the day, as the sun was setting. Groggily he scanned the room, getting his bearings. His eyes clear and his senses about him he recognized the hospital wing.

“Again?” He said to no one in particular.

“You might as well just bring your trunk down and live here.” Came a female voice.

Harry turned to see Ms. Davies sitting on the bed beside his.

“How are you feeling?” She asked, looking a little concerned.

“Ok.” Harry said, sitting up.

“Do you remember what happened? Do you know why you’re here?”

“No, I can’t remember.” Harry sat there deep in thought. Suddenly he looked at Ms. Davies. “Professor, I’m so sorry about yesterday. I- I just saw red, and-“

“Harry, its ok. You’re forgiven. At least by me, but I think you need to make things right with Michael. And you still have those detentions with McGonagall. But don’t get all worked up, otherwise I’ll be the one in trouble this time.”

Harry chuckled as he looked outside. The hospital wing always had a great view of the sunset.

Ms. Davies then went on to explain what had happened. Having finished, they both sat there in silence for a few moments, each deep in thought.

“Any idea who could’ve done this to you?” She asked.

“No.” Harry said. “No idea. Could be anybody.”

“Get some sleep, Harry.” Ms. Davies said, observing him.

“Yeah, I will. You too.”

She smiled as she stood up.

“I will.” She turned to leave, but only got a few feet before she turned back around. “I’m really happy you’re ok, Harry. And once you’re completely better, I suggest you get back to your meddling ways. Whoever did this shouldn’t get away unpunished. You won’t get any resistance from me.”

“Thanks Professor, I’ll definitely do that.” Harry said and he watched as she left. He looked back out the window, watching the sunset. “Fuck you, Michael.”

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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts pervert part 6

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