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Love is all that matters pt4 - Good old Jacky, Mike must wanky wanky

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Author: tekace

Published: 17 December 2018

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Walking slowly, trying hard to make my hard dick go away and to somehow clear my mind from all the alcohol and sexual thoughts caused by mom and Jessy, I was climbing the stairs; because on the first floor all we had was a bathtub, and even tho I could use one after all this teasing from the 2 outstanding women from my family, I decided to not spoil myself and went for a shower.

As I climbed the stairs and walked through the hall, loud music was coming from my room. I slowly opened the door and saw Jessy lying on my bed, in nothing but her white spaghetti strap shirt and some sort of... grey high waisted satin shorts. She was lying on her stomach reading some magazine of hers about fashion or whatever, her light brown hair was pulled into two ponytails; her ass wasn't fully covered by that shorts and she wiggled it in the rhytm of the music which had a hypnotising effect on me. I stared at her jiggly buttcheeks as she was reading and listening to the music, I wasn't sure whether she was wearing any panties underneath or... not. She scratched her ass at that moment and as if she couldn't scratched it hard enough, she grabbed her shorts by the lower part, pulled it down to the half of her ass and ladylike scratched her gorgeous butt. I just stood there, looking at that faboulous, and now pretty obvious - pantyless, piece of ass, thinking of all kind of naughty things I'd do to it if only I could...

Somehow, I managed to regain my concentration on the why I was here. I reached for the closet where my shirts were and picked the most comfortable one; then I walked past my bed and went for the drawer to pick some junk trunks. As I pulled it out and rea... "WHAT THE FU...?!?" I thought. Not one pair of my own underware in the drawer, not one single pair; but a lot of thongs, v-string see through and some hello kitty panties. I looked and looked, extremely confused... at the point my mind was clear. I literally had no idea what to think of it. I looked at all these panties, speechless, and pretty much dumbfounded. I stared as if by staring at them they will dissappear and my underwear would appear, but that magic didn't happen. Instead, I noticed music wasn't that loud no more, and that same old confident voice from earlier today said: "Naughty, naughty big brother; don't you know it's rude to go through somebody's private belongings without asking them first? Very rude."

She freaked me out a bit, I was a kind of slow and mentally not so much present; alcohol and work and Jessy's behaviour today, and mom's behaviour... all these thoughts took a toll on me. I jumped and looked at her in the small mirror in front of me, she was smiling at me. She rested her head on my shoulder and hugged me thight around my waist.

"Don't ignore me. I missed you, what took you so long? I showered and went straight to my room hoping you'll be here by the time I finished. Where were you?"

I was still a bit not myself, I shaped my lips to say something but instead I kept my mouth shut. Jessy kissed my back, and smiled at me, I smiled back. Unwrapping her hands and going out of the room. I throwed my shirt to the bed and closed the door behind me. As I was closing the door Jessy asked: "Are you okay, Mikey? Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry if I shouldn't have moved my things here, I thought you wouldn't mind. Mom said you wouldn't." I stepped back to see her, I thought I was gonna make her cry so I went to her for a hug and she started smiling asking me again if I was okay to which I have replied affirmatively, saying: "It's probably dad's whiskey. I didn't drink that much lately, and I think I drank too much tonight. I'll just take a cold shower and I'll be okay, don't worry." She nodded as I kissed her forehead, then, not planned at all, I took another sneak peek at her breasts, only then realizing she had no bra under that spaghetti strap shirt and her nipples were hard as my dick. I quickly, as nonchalantly as possible turned around and went to the bathroom.

As I entered the bathroom I hit the door with my heel closing them almost, undressing immediately and throwing my dirty clothes in a laundry basket. I took off my watch and placed it into one of the two bathroom cabinets, then I entered the shower, turned on the water and as soon as the cold water touched my body I felt like myself again. My brain was shocked and my blood was running through my veins in two minutes top. It was exactly what I needed.

Then I made sure the water temperature was right before I started washing myself. Waited for the warm water and I washed my face, my hair with a shampoo and then started soaping my whole body very carefully. I kind of always enjoyed touching myself, not just my dick, but all over; and I'm probably not the only one. My abs, tho not visible that much, gave me confidence boost whenever I slided my hand over them, my underarms were interesting to look at as I moved my hands, triceps as well... the line from my obliques to my back; when I was working out in the highschool obliques were #1 muscle to attack, I loved any exercise that would hit them and make them burn, and that's probably one of the reasons I lost my virginity with 15, cause what turns on an average teengirl more than teenage boy with "ripped abs" and pretty face. It felt godlike to touch myself in the bathroom. I wasn't especially big or anything, nothing like those bodybuilders, but defined enough to like my body. Big hands, big legs, and nice abs... I looked okay to myself. And I should thank dad for it. As I washed soap from my body I then started soaping my dick, I always saved the best for last.

Shower did me good. I was feeling much better and I was barely 3 minutes in the shower. My hands gently reached for my dick, one hand pulling the skin the other washing the head, reaching for my balls, massaging them while washing my precious tool. Of course with the blood rushing through my veins and my thoughts came back. Since I left this place, this house, ladies in the house changed big time. Mom seemed like she was happier every day, dad definitely was satisfying her needs, I know that for certain. And the way she spoke of his dick, how she wanted him to fuck her mouth and make her swallow it all... I started stroking my dick to all these thoughts, and then I remembered her ass teasing my dick in the kitchen, her hand stroking me through the clothes... saying all those dirty things to me, thinking it was dad, sliding her ass up and down, if only I dared to fuck her right then and there, how much horny she was she might not even be mad about it... unless I came too fast, which I probably would have, if I'm being honest. It's mom we're talking about.

My hand stroked faster and faster and faster as all these thoughts were piling one on top of the other, I could almost feel my sisters breast under my lips as I remembered the scene from work today, her warm skin, hearth pounding like crazy, and that bra of hers, holy shit... wasn't she like a baby last year... I couldn't take it anymore, as my sperm erupted from my balls traveled along my hard dick and landed on my..


"Y-you f-f-forg-got your..."

..on my shirt, which Jessy used to cover up her face as I faced her fully naked jerking my dick with full power thinking about her perfect breasts and moms body... I tried to stop myself but it was too late. My shirt was pretty much drained with my load, and a few drops landed on Jessy's fingers. I looked at her completely shocked and motionless I looked Jessy, she looked at me, as if none of us could move. We just stared at one another. She was holding my messed up shirt, me holding my now half-limp dick.

We spoke at the same time: "- Jessy, I... - Mikey, I.. - You go first... - You go first..." and as it wasn't awful enough, mom ran into the bathroom almost screeming at us: "What is wrong with you two?? Why are you fighting??!! Dad is asleep, he needs rest! What the hell is going oooohh, holly mother of God... Michael put that thing away, Jessy get out of here right now! -But mom.. -Now, Jessy! - Mom, she didn't mean to.. - Back off!" Mom grabbed my shirt from Jessy and throw it at me right into my face and after half a second looking at me she went out of the bathroom following Jessy. I was left there alone and I felt like shit again.

This time a cold shower won't help, but a whole bottle of dad's whiskey might.

***vote would be appreciated***

Thank you!

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Love is all that matters pt4 - Good old Jacky, Mike must wanky wanky

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