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Hearts 2

Categories True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Group Sex

Author: JBL69632

Published: 17 December 2018

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Chapter 3

The next day we men headed off for our fishing adventure and the girls had a spa day, shopping and sunning. When we returned, we found the girls sunning topless on the patio. What a sight, three beautiful women resting peacefully in the sun topless. We presented our catch and announced we would be cooking tonight.

Once showered, we warmed up the grill and mixed drinks, and the girls took their drinks and disappeared into one of the bedrooms to change for dinner. When they came out, they were dressed alike in that each had a muumuu on that was a bold flower print, but each had a different color.

“What’s this,” asked Bruce.

“It’s the sisterhood of the muumuu but we wanted you to be able to tell who’s who.” Jane replied. Jane’s was pink, Mindy’s yellow and Diana’s purple.

They offered to help with the salad and asked me to mix some more cocktails. As I mixed the drinks, I could not help stealing a few glances at the ladies. It was obvious by the way Mindy’s tits were swaying and jiggling in her dress that she had left her bra in the bedroom, and I was pretty sure Diana had also, judging by her nipples poking out in the thin material of her dress.

There was a certain energy present in the conversation while we enjoyed dinner. Everyone seemed excited for the evening’s activity. “Bruce asked if we were playing cards tonight?”

“Sure,” responded Jane, “if you’re not afraid of losing again?”

“Oh no, I want some revenge for last night.”

“Well then, let’s go in the living room and play on the floor Diana suggested.” “John, more drinks please.”

“Same rules as last night?” Bruce asked.

“No, said Mindy, what are we hiding? We all want to get to the penalties, so let’s just save some brain cells by not doing so many shots and get to it?” Ok, everyone agreed. Mindy stood up smiling and removed her dress. As she raised it up and over her hips, we saw that she had on a yellow thong that was buried in the same crack I wanted to bury my cock in. Then, as the dress cleared her boobs my suspicions were proven correct. Her huge, round tits came into view and we guys all cheered, much to her delight.

Diana then stood up and pulled her dress over her head and we saw she had on purple string thong that was so tiny it couldn’t completely cover her generous pussy lips and she too was braless. Everyone looked at Jane in anticipation and she stood and removed her dress to reveal a tiny pink string thong. The girls all turned away from us and then slowly rolled their tiny sting thongs down revealing three incredible sexy asses and pussies. Don’t you just love the sight of pussy from between a woman’s legs! The guys all undressed and we sat back down and began to play.

As the hands progressed it seemed the girls were losing quite a lot and they really worked to show off when they performed whatever penalty they were assigned. Soon, we guys were sporting hard-on’s continually due to all of the cock sucking and each time we were asked to finger or lick a pussy it was clear the ladies were as excited as we were for whatever was going to happen next. Finally, Diana said, “I can’t take this any longer, screw this foreplay, let’s get down to the final hand, what do you guys say?

Naturally we all agreed! “Ok, same rules as before – men vs. women and losers do what the winners want. Best of luck boys, said Diana.” I smiled to myself knowing what she didn’t know, that the guys had asked their wives the night before if Diana was their ring leader and the one who came up with the penalty for Bruce. They confirmed that she was, so while we were fishing, Bruce asked me if it was ok to turn the tables on Diana and pay her back in spades. I said, sure, what do you have in mind and the plan was hatched.

Bruce and Bob had signaled that the fix was in to their wives so the other girls would know to do their best to lose. Not because of any hard feelings on their part, but because they had been promised anything, they wanted in the future would be theirs if they let Bruce get even. As the cards were played it was obvious that Mindy and Jane were tanking it.

“Come on girls, pay attention, or we’re going to lose Diana said.” But it was too late, the girls lost big time.

“Ok, boys you won one, what is our penalty, asked Diana.”

“Not ours Diana, said Bruce, it’s your penalty.”

“What, what do you mean, we play as a team?”

“I mean that you are the focus of our attention and we intend to pay you back for last night.”

“Oh, and how do you propose to do that?”

“We start with you on the floor blindfolded.”

We covered her eyes as she had ours and then the girls began tracing their fingers across her body. Touching her nipples then licking and nibbling them to make them standup. Bruce wanted to be first and the guys had decided that since she was my wife I would have to go last.

Bruce didn’t need any help getting up but Jane offered to extend that thing the last inch or so by sucking on it just for her own satisfaction. I think I mentioned that Bruce is the biggest of the three of us by a whole lot with Bob next and then me. And looking at him tonight I was a little concerned whether my beautiful wife could take all of that! And if she did, I was pretty sure she wouldn’t feel a thing when I got to her. But I also knew that one of her biggest fantasies was being gang fucked so, although three guys was not exactly a gang, it was something along those lines.

Jane took some lube and squirted it on her hand and began massaging Diana’s pussy lips and sliding first one finger and then two inside her cunt to lube her. Diana clearly liked this and was wiggling around on the floor, making little ahhhhhhhh sounds. After Jane had three fingers in her she announced Diana ready for her penalty. Bruce didn’t need any further encouragement, he had been thinking of fucking Diana for years and after last night he intended to really fuck her. He moved into position and as he rubbed his cock along Diana’s pussy crack her breath caught, as she realized someone was preparing to enter her. I noticed her nipples were now harder than rocks and pointed straight at the ceiling!

Bruce continued to rub his cock up and down along her slit, making sure to touch her clit, which was really swollen now. “Ahh, that feels nice, what are you going to do to me?” “This, Bruce announced.” And with that, he inserted his big, thick cock into her pussy. We watched in awe as his cock head slipped past her glistening outer lips and disappeared in her pussy. He slowly inched that monster in a little at a time, teasing her with it. He would pull back until just the tip of his cock head was in her and then he would go a little further than he had the pervious stroke.

“Oh GOD,” Diana moaned while pushing her hips up trying to embed his entre cock in her pussy. “Put the damn thing all the way in me, she whined loudly!” An evil smile crossed Bruce’s lips and he slammed the whole nice plus inches of his fuck stick deep into her cunt.

“OH GOD, FUCK YEAH!” Diana screamed as he sunk his cock clean to the balls in her. I was a little surprised at her reaction as she had never taken that much cock before, at least not that I was aware of and she began fucking him, trying to get even more in her!

“Jane said who is fucking you Diana?” “Uh, is it Bruce?” Everyone laughed, since it was not a difficult guess with only the three of us there!

“Yes, you bitch, it’s me and I am going to fuck you the way you made me fuck my hand last night.” Bruce snarled. “Oh, please don’t, Diana said, faking dismay”. This cause the girls to laugh. But their laugher only increased Bruce’s determination to punish her for making him jack off in front of us. He increased his pace steadily until he was slam fucking her with all nine inches!

Diana wrapped her arms around him and hung on while thrusting her hips in an effort to match him thrust for thrust. As her first orgasm approached her breath became ragged and she released her arms from around Bruce and that’s when Jane reached for between them and began playing with Diana’s clit, rubbing it and pinching it between her fingers. Diana suddenly went stiff with her legs locked onto the back of Bruce’s legs and her pelvis pushed up trying to get every centimeter of Bruce’s cock into her.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, OH GOD, FUCK!” She screamed at the top of her lungs!

Bruce continued to pound into her as hard and as deep as he could then suddenly, he let out his own animal like cry and began squirting strong ropes of cum into my beautiful wife. She kept her feet locked onto his legs to make sure she got every drop inside her. I sat and stare at my wife not only being fucked by another man but FUCKING ANOTHER MAN. That’s the only way to describe it. She was fucking him with the same mania passion as he was fucking her!

Mindy swung her leg over Diana and settled her big wet pussy onto Diana’s face. “Bruce said lick it Diana, we aren’t done with you yet, lick Mindy’s wet cunt!” Diana’s tongue flicked out and into Mindy’s pussy and she began lapping at it like she ate pussy every day. When Bruce was satisfied, she would like Mindy he pulled out and raised up so Jane could lick his dick clean of Diana’s juice and his cum. Mindy leaned down and stuck her tongue into Diana’s pussy to taste her husband’s handiwork, which was running down my beautiful wife’s ass. Diana was going at Mindy’s cunt like a pro pussy licker and soon had her at her point of no return.

As Mindy came, she let out a spurt of cunt juice all over Diana’s pretty face and this only caused an increase in Diana’s licking! In my wildest fantasies I never thought I would see my wife turn into such a cum slut! Well, ok, in my fantasies I wanted her to but I didn’t really think she would.

After licking Diana to another orgasm Mindy reluctantly removed herself from Diana’s face and I held her head in my hands and asked if she was ok. “Oh yes, I am better than ok she smiled up at me.” I kissed her lips, which tasted of Mindy as Bob moved into position and inserted his fat cock into my beautiful wife. Diana raised her pelvis and parted her legs to allow him to slide in and then locked her ankles around his legs up high on his thighs and said FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD Bob. Bob bent to the task and positioned himself to fuck her deep and long and soon the only sound in the room was his big balls slapping her ass every time he plunged into her.

“Move over, Jane said to me, it’s my turn on that pretty face.” I moved back and Jane placed her little ass directly over Diana’s face. I have always suspected that Diana and Jane have licked each other’s pussies before but neither of them had ever admitted it so I wasn’t surprised to see Diana quickly lick Jane’s cunt.

Diana sucked Jane’s pussy lips into her mouth and started massaging them and nibbling at them with her teeth and Jane almost lost it right there. She was getting her pussy sucked while watching her husband fuck one of her best friends. Diana spread Jane’s lips and went to work on her clit and it was not long before Jane began her per-ecstasy groan just before releasing her orgasm all over Diana’s face.

Bob was banging away at Diana’s pussy while watching his wife be licked by another woman and although he has good stamina no man could hold out in this situation. Diana was clenching her cunt muscles to increase the friction for Bob and he just had to unload in her. “OH, GOD I’M CUMMING,” Bob groaned loudly, no doubt telling everyone building he was cumming.

As Bob was cuming he pulled back too far and slipped out of Diana’s pussy spraying her belly and pubic area with his hot semen before he could get his throbbing cock back in her fuck hole and finish cumming in her cunt. Jane leaned down and began lapping up his cum off of Diana’s belly and pubis. Bob eventually pulled all the way out and offered his dick to Mindy who sucked it into her mouth and cleaned it off while his wife licked at Diana’s cunt.

Now it was my turn. I leaned down and asked if she really wanted me to fuck her? “OH HELL YEAH, I DO! I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY CUmMY CUNT AND MIX YOUR CUM WITH THEIRS!

I moved around in front of her and looked at her pussy. It was covered in my buddies cum and glistening with her secretions. It was, without doubt, the nastiest pussy I have ever seen! Mindy leaned down and took my cock into her month to make sure it was hard. Jane moved off of Diana’s face and then positioned Diana’s head in her lap so she could watch me take her very used pussy.

I lifted her legs and positioned my swollen cock over her cunt hole and with one motion I slid it in clear to the balls! Ahhh, how do you describe the feeling of hot, gooey cum enveloping your most sensitive body part? So thick and yet incredibly slippery you can feel it ooze around your cock and then coat your swollen balls. She was so full of cum that every time I pushed in cum oozed out around my cock and balls. I cannot adequately describe how incredibility nasty this all was to a group of thirty-somethings who otherwise live a perfectly normal life. But I can tell you everyone in that room was as turned-on as I was watching me fuck Diana full of the other guys cum.

I placed my hands on the floor in the pushup position and went to work fucking her while Jane held her head and Mindy worked Diana’s clit with her fingers. I was trying fuck her hard but there was just no traction because of the mess inside her and every time I would slam into her more cum would squirt out around my cock coating it even more.

Bruce leaned down and whispered in Mindy’s ear and then she whispered into Diana’s ear.

I saw Diana shaking her head yes and heard her say oh yes, please, yes, fuck me. I thought she meant me but Bruce came over with a another huge hard on in hand and said, “sorry buddy but I am pulling rank on you”. “What” I said? “Mindy said let him in - it’s all right, he made the mess let him finish it.” I looked at my wife and she was shaking her head yes and mumbling something I couldn’t understand.

I pulled out and Bruce moved into position between her legs. He lifted her legs way up and she grabbed them and pulled them back even further. I thought holy shit what’s she doing now and then Bruce stuck his cock in her cunt and cum squirted out around his huge dick. He pulled it out covered in cum and pussy juice and announced he was going to take her in the ass.

He positioned his cock over her waiting hole and Mindy said, “now be careful and gentle, fuck her slow and easy until she tells you otherwise or you will never, ever get her ass or any other ass again!” Bruce said, “Ok”, and then looked straight at Diana and said, “do you want it in the ass Diana?” “Yes”, said Diana. “Say it, say you want me to fuck you in the ASS”, said Bruce.

“FUCK ME IN THE ASS BRUCE” Diana screamed.

Bruce leaned into her and his huge mushroom head disappeared into her ass hole. “Oh God, that’s fucking big” she hissed. “Do you want more?” “Fuck yes, I want more, just start slow please!” Bruce started sliding back and forth in her tight ass pushing a little more cock in each time. She was whimpering yes, yes, that’s it, fuck me in the ass Bruce. FUCK ME THE ASS! OH, FUCK ME IN THE ASS! Bruce increase his pace, fucking her harder and faster burying most of his 9-inch cock in her asshole!

Everyone was transfixed on the scene before us. Jane was cradling Diana’s head in her lap so she could see Mindy massaging Diana’s clit and fingering her cunt hole as her husband fucked her in the ass. I was focused on the huge amount of hot sticky cum oozing out of her cunt and running down onto Bruce’s cock and making it even more slippery and allowing him to fuck her harder and faster. He was a man possessed with lust. Now that he had cum just twenty minutes ago, he had all the staying power of a dildo and he intended to punish her ass with his human dildo.

Jane looked up at me and said, “go ahead and stroke it John.” “What?” “Stroke your cock John, just like Bruce did last night. Diana loves to see men masturbate.” She reached up and placed my hand on my gooey cock and said, “go ahead, make Diana happy.”

I grasp my cock and started stroking it while watching my buddy fuck my wife in the ass and then Bob came over and knelt on the other side and started stroking his fat dick. Diana was looking back and forth between me, Bob and Bruce who was lost in plowing her ass when suddenly Mindy squeezed Diana’s clit between her finger and thumb and slipped all of her fingers up her cunt; Diana let go with one huge orgasm, squirting girl cum out and down onto Bruce’s cock, making it even more slippery and he increased his speed that of a jackhammer!

Diana came again and Bruce was right behind her as her ass must have clamped down on his cock and he grunted loudly and began pumping cum into her anal cavity. Bob and I were stroking faster and faster while Diana was laser locked on me. Cum on my face baby, cum on me!

I couldn’t hold back any more and shot a load out all over her face and tits. Every stroke sent another shot at her. She opened her mouth and tried to catch some of it but most missed coating her face with my goo. Bob was right behind me shooting cum at her from the other side but since it was his second cum of the night, he didn’t make too big a mess before she turned and took him in her mouth and began sucking the cum from his swollen cock like it was the secret of youth.

Bruce pulled his cock out of Diana’s ass and fell back exhausted. Bob and I collapsed onto the floor. But Jane and Mindy were not finished just yet. Jane started licking the cum from Diana’s face while Mindy went down to clean the cum from her pussy. When they were done, they all kissed and smiled at one another.

We lay there for a while trying to get some strength into our legs before moving. I got up first and surveyed the scene. Oh my god, Diana had cum oozing out of her pussy and her ass and there was still had some in her hair and face. The other girls were lying naked and exposed and the guys were laying there with limp dicks. What a sight.

Bruce got up and said how about a nightcap and a cigar to celebrate guys? He went into the kitchen to get drinks. I went to Diana and asked her if she wanted anything and she said just a pillow and to lay here and feel this way a little more. I placed a pillow under her head and kissed her softly on the lips and then joined the boys for a drink and cigar on the patio.

As we were enjoying the after affect and a whiskey and cigar Bruce said, “well old buddy, I hope you’re not mad or anything but I just had to get even.” “Mad? You kidding me? After what we have had the last three days how could I be mad?” “Well, I think we turned the tables pretty good on your wife and I bet she learn a lesson.”

When we were done, we went back in and Mindy got up and said, “come on Bruce, time for bed. You have had a busy day.”

Bruce looked over at Diana who was still lying on the floor oozing cum and said, “I hope you are not mad that we tricked you into fucking everyone.” With that, all three girls started laughing. Bruce said, “what’s so funny?” Mindy said, “honey, the sisterhood of muumuus is far stronger than the desire of a man to fuck his buddy’s wife. That’s all, now come to bed.”

“What”, asked Bruce. Mindy said, “come on; I will explain it to you in bed.” “He looked at Diana and said you knew what I planned and you still went along with it?” Diana smiled from the floor and said, “yes, I wanted to be fucked by all of you and this was my birthday present from the girls. Are you mad at us?” Bob just grinned and said, “I’m not.”

Bruce thought for a minute and then said, “no. How could I be, I not only got to fuck you but I got to fuck your ass and I have wanted to do that since the first time I saw you walk out of a room ten years ago.”

We all laughed!

Diana said, “girls, maybe we should have a cigar and whiskey to celebrate and let the boy’s recharge!” They all agreed that would be a good idea!

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Hearts 2

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