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  1. A Fortunate Rescue 01
  2. A Fortunate Rescue 02
  3. A Fortunate Rescue 3 - Samantha's Story

A Fortunate Rescue 3 - Samantha's Story

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex

Author: Strider48

Published: 18 December 2018

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CHAPTER 1 - We get Up!

I awoke to find my husband, Peter, fondling the breasts of another woman, lying behind her and reaching round her voluptuous body. ? Her husband, Daniel, lay behind me, spooning me in our large bed. ? I could feel his semi-erect penis pushing between my ass cheeks and the thought of him exploring further made me tingle and instantly wet. ? I looked over at Peter and smiled. ? He had enjoyed Catherine last night but only after I had taken my pleasure with her. ?

Now he looked into my eyes as he rolled her hardening nipple between thumb and forefinger. ? I watched her stir, then smile and arch her back. ? Her eyes flickered open and met mine, first with confusion then with remembrance and finally with a yearning lust as she felt behind her to Peter's massive erection, one that I had so often enjoyed myself. ??

I nodded and slowly moved my free hand down to my crotch, slipping it into that familiar wet slit which hid my sex. ? I grinned and began to touch myself as my husband slipped his own hand between Cat's legs to mirror my action. ? ?She wriggled as?he stroked her clitoris to firmness and my own clit responded to lightest touch of my finger, pushing itself out from the hood which normally enclosed it.

I could see her hand disappearing behind her and tugging on Peter's member. I knew from experience that my husband would not stand this approach for long before wanting to bury his shaft into something warm, wet and hot. He became more insistent in his probing and she responded by bending her knee and raising her leg so that he had better access. I watched mesmerised as first one finger and then a second plunged into her hole coming back out soaking wet and covered in a creamy juice.

He looked at me and offered these wet fingers to my lips. Without hesitation I took their sweetness into my mouth and sucked vigorously. The sound must have woken Daniel because I felt rather than saw his head bob up behind me to take in the view. My husband returned his fingers to Cat's grateful vagina and he began to pump her with his fingers, hard and fast while both of them watched Daniel's face.

And that face was a picture! In his awakening state Daniel first appeared puzzled, then his eyes widened frantically and then, just as suddenly, realisation hit him and his head swung round to meet my amused smile. I used my glistening lips to good effect, kissing Daniel deeply and slipping my tongue into his mouth and along his full lips. I wondered if he could taste traces of his wife's cum on my lips, I certainly felt something stir against my stomach. His hand grasped my head and drew me towards him, kissing me deeply and forcing his tongue deep into my mouth. I playfully bit it gently and this drove him to greater passion and he moaned hard into my mouth, the vibration setting my lips trembling.

He pushed the covers down from our bodies and reached down to slide his hand first past my puckered rosebud and then into my slit which was already drenched and hot with excitement. His fingers moved rapidly, teasing my clitoris and then plunging deep into my cunt. He and I watched as our activity was matched stride for stride by my husband and his wife. I smiled with pride at my husband's expertise and his ability to make another woman writhe with pleasure.

As I watched, Peter moved suddenly and I saw Cat grimace slightly and then smile widely. I guessed that Peter was plunging his thick cock into her and as I watched he began to move slowly backwards and forwards pushing into her from behind. The sight drove me to excitement and I frustratedly reached behind to find Daniel's long thick member and guide it towards my love hole. He needed little prompting and within seconds he was thrusting deeply into me, sliding past my g spot and pushing at the entrance to my cervix.

Both men clearly wanted immediate satisfaction and were not prepared to take it slow. The effect was to drive me and Catherine together in the bed and, as our husbands ploughed our slippery cunts, we found ourselves squashed breast to breast. I slipped my left hand into her crotch and started to tease her clit. I could feel my husband's stiff shaft sliding in and out of her as I flicked her nub awake. She took the hint and dropped her hand to my steaming snatch, sliding one finger into my cunt alongside her husband's cock. As the men moved towards their own completion she slipped a second finger into me stretching me wider than ever before.

I kissed her deeply, our tongues writhing and slipping over our lips. She could clearly wait no longer and began to gasp, her mouth opening in an 'O' of astonishment. I heard her cry out and her eyes disappeared into her head.

"Fuck me, please, harder!" She screamed. "Yes, oh, fuck YES."

This seemed to stimulate her husband who immediately responded by ramming himself deeper into me, forcing our two drenched cunts into each other, trapping our fingers between our pubic bones. I knew my own climax was near and began to push my bottom back into Daniel's crotch to get every last length of him into me. My legs began to tremble and I realised I was about to lose control.

Sure enough, I felt my thighs drenched by hot liquid coursing over them as cum and a little of my piss soaked my legs and the bed beneath. I almost blacked out and I'm pretty certain that I began to cry at some point as Daniel shot ropes and ropes of cum into me, continuing to plunge his hot dagger into me. The effect of his dick and Cat's fingers meant that his cum began to squirt around the sides of his shaft and coat my inner thighs. The feeling was erotic beyond belief and I knew that I had never felt anything as arousing before.

When I came back to consciousness Peter was frantically banging Cat as his cum boiled up from his balls into his shaft and coated her cunt with white slippery man juice. Daniel had slumped behind me and I felt his softening cock slowly slipped from my tingling vagina to lie flaccid between my ass cheeks.

Peter growled as he came explosively. I love this about him! He has the ability to make any woman proud to have serviced him, to revel in her ability to evoke such passion.

I beckoned to Peter and he rose from the bed stretching like a big cat.

"You guys help yourself to the shower. Pete and I are going to get some coffee and cinnamon rolls on, for some reason I'm starving."

I grinned and led Peter by the hand into the kitchen. As I walked I felt more cum dripping from my satiated cunt and dribbling down my leg. I needed a shower too but that could wait. I also needed to talk to my husband about what had just happened.

"So... her, Catherine... How was that?" I asked mischievously.

"Mmm... She was so... so different from you. Honey it was fantastic but, you know, it wasn't you."

I fixed coffees. "Are you okay about..." My voice trailed off.

"About you fucking another man, do you mean?" His face was expressionless.

"I suppose that's what I'm asking. I've never been unfaithful to you and this isn't like that. We got taken by surprise when Cat started flirting the other day and it's all sort of snowballed since then. You know I love you and this is really just sex, just entertainment. You do understand..." I looked questioning at my handsome hunk.

His face broke into a wide smile. "That's exactly as I see it. This is fun, let's nothing more. Let’s not smother it with issues, just enjoy it while it lasts.!

Within a short while Daniel and Cat walked into the kitchen, dressed, smiling and holding hands. I suspected that they had had a similar discussion. I excused myself and ran to the shower before my legs stuck together permanently.

I had a lunch date today so after a steaming shower and some repair work I dressed in a short grey cocktail dress and wandered back into the kitchen. Daniel was talking animatedly to Peter about something to do with cars and Cat was overdosing on the coffee, the jug was already almost empty.

She waved as I entered. "Hey, Samantha. I'm afraid I've just eaten the last of those rolls. They were delicious!"

"Great. I'll have to get some more made." I grinned but inwardly I cursed. I was starving and lunch was still a while away.

"I need to go out shortly, guys. What are your plans for the day?" I asked.

"I've got to go to work." grimaced Cat. "Client want's a special report preparing by tomorrow. I'll walk out with you."

"We're going to have a day in." said Daniel. "Peter has some designs of the new Mercedes that he wants me to drool over and I want his advice on something I'm thinking of setting up."

"Really?" asked Cat. "You want to tell me more?" She turned back with a smile.

"Not now darling, later. Peter has asked us to stay for dinner"


CHAPTER 2 - Lunch but who is on the menu?

I knew my lunch with Astrid was booked for noon and realised our sexy awakening was going to make me late so Cat and I dashed down to the garage beneath our flats. Cat's car was across from the entrance and she climbed in and sped away. I located where Peter had left our car. I was puzzled to see that the lights in that section were all out but in the gloom I could easily see Peter's silver Mercedes with the distinctive black soft top of the AMG styled SL model. I love that car and have offered Peter everything if he would let me keep it.

The engine roared as it burst into life and then purred sensuously as I spun the wheel to drive it up the ramp and into the street. The lunch venue was about 20 miles away at a quiet 'country inn' and it seemed only a few moments before I was driving up he short approach drive, the top down and the sun dappling the bonnet and the breeze softly fluttering my black hair.

I’ve known Astrid for around three years, meeting her as a client and immediately forming a close bond with her. I shared everything with her, including Peter who adores blondes, and I was eager to share my recent experience with her and tell her about Daniel and his tasty wife. The problem is…. Astrid is something of an exhibitionist and she seems to take an intense delight is embarrassing me in the most public way. Meetings with her are always fraught with apprehension- like the time we went for dinner in a quiet restaurant just after we had concluded a big deal. Without warning she stripped and fucked the waiter in front of me on the table at which we had just been eating. She seemed disappointed that I wouldn’t ride him too and I fled upstairs to the-powder room in embarrassment and not a little horny lust.

On this occasion Astrid met me at the door. Her slim figure was encased in a burgundy sheath dress which hugged her figure tightly. I noticed the side was slit almost up to her tummy, only held together by a gold chain at hip level. I realised that she could not possibly be wearing anything else, either bra or panties because as she moved towards me I could clearly glimpse the soft bush of pubic hair that she carefully and proudly maintained. She greeted me with a kiss. Not the chaste air kiss that I expected from one girl friend to another but a deep lingering lip-squirming tongue-swirling passionate invitation that left my head reeling and my cunny trembling with desire. What the fuck was going on here?

Astrid linked arms with me and marched triumphantly into the restaurant, hips swaying and a big beaming smile on her face. The diners, at least every man there, had followed her walk to the door and had been therefore unable to miss that kiss. It was certain that the eyes of every person in the room followed us to the corner table where a charmingly young Italian waiter stood ready for us to be seated.

As I sad demurely on the chair he presented to me I distinctly felt his hand brush against my naked shoulder. The touch was fleeting but enough to evoke a shudder at his touch and a warmth deeper in my body. What was going on?

Astrid winked at me. “So what would you like to eat, Sam.” She said glancing warmly at the waiter as he spread a spotless white linen napkin over her thighs. Hell, she was almost licking her lips at the man.

“I’m not sure, perhaps a salad with some chicken?” I answered.

She smiled and ordered the same for herself together with a cold bottle of Pino Gris.

When the waiter had gone Astrid leaned conspiratorially towards me and lowered her voice. “I need some advice honey. Some girl to girl honesty.”

I nodded, intrigued.

“Louis sat me down this morning and said that he wanted more, that our marriage was getting stale and that if I wanted to keep him from leaving I had to come up with something pretty special.” She grimaced. “I know I’m a bit wild and like to show off my body in public but we’ve hit a rut and I don't know what to do about it. Sam, darling, you always know how to fix things like this. Trouble is, I'm as horny a hell at the moment and I can't think straight."

I put my hand over hers on the clean white linen tablecloth and wondered if I should tell her about our discovery of Cat and Daniel. I didn't know Louis that well and wasn't sure if swinging was his thing. I guessed Astrid would be up for anything the state she was in.

Just then we were interrupted by the waiter and our food so conversation died away as we tucked into the tasty salad and the deliciously chilled wine. Soon our plates were empty and the bottle too. I decided I would tell Astrid about our new friends and I began by explaining how we had met them.

Astrid's eyes opened wide as I told her how my husband has virtually been seduced by Daniel's wife and how they had both woken me with their delicious dicks. I could feel myself getting wetter and my breathing heavier as I recounted our return match in our apartment this morning.

"Wow!" Astrid exclaimed. "Sam, I'm amazed!" she grinned. "Oh, I'm so jealous. Just the thought of Peter's dick is making me so hot."

I realised that Astrid wasn't going to be put off by the thought of swinging with Peter and me or, even more interesting, a possible six-way. As I thought about this I felt something sliding up the inside of my leg and instantly realised that ir was Astrid's bare foot. Without thinking I widened my legs, hidden by the full tablecloth, and allowed her foot to slip further until it was nestling in my dampened crotch on my wet panties.

We went quiet for a moment savouring the sensation and I raised my own foot to meet Astrid's crotch. To my surprise I found that she wasn't wearing anything down there and my big toe slipped easily onto her engorged clit. I wished for a moment that I'd not put any panties on either. I could feel that familiar itch sending waves of pleasure up the core of my body and making my face flush.

Astrid was wriggling on the seat as if to coax my toes into teasing her clit. Then she suddenly dropped her foot to the floor and closed her legs, trapping my own foot onto her sex.

"Let's take this outside, honey. I need you now!"

She beckoned to the waiter and thrust a credit card into his hand. Within moments we were hurrying through the entrance and into the car park where her subtly coloured pink Range Rover was standing. We both dived into the front and she took off at speed along a narrow road which led to a coppice of trees and a quietly empty patch of grass. All the while I slipped my fingers into her hot sex and massaged her pussy lips with my thumb making driving just that little bit more dangerous.

We stopped on the grass and piled out of the car. She pushed me against the side of the vehicle and began kissing me furiously, licking my lips, my shoulder and the tops of my breasts. I responded, using my tongue to play with hers and swapping our saliva as our mouths grew greedier. While one of her hands caressed my breasts she reached behind her with the other and deftly drew down the zip of her sheath dress allowing it to fall to her feet. She was now completely naked and open for the world to see her magnificent body.

I was less comfortable about being naked in public so I led her to the back doors of her spacious wagon and laid her on the cream leather bench seat. She raised one leg and hooked it over the driver's headrest, beckoning me forward to her bare and glistening pussy. Despite my discomfort at being in this situation my pussy was itching fit to bust. As I knelt before this blonde goddess the feeling was so strong that I clenched my thighs together involuntary. I leaned forward and the sweet smell of her sex drew me downwards.

She didn’t deserve for me to surrender without a fight. Astrid had virtually dragged me here, teasing me with her toes and talking dirty to me - she knew how I loved that! I knew she wanted my tongue but it wasn’t going to work out that way! I was determined to play rough - to teach her a lesson. I thrust two fingers deep into her and was rewarded by a moan of pleasure. I rotated my fingers until I felt the spongy bundle of nerve fibres we call the 'G' spot beneath my fingertips then I went to work.

I began frigging her at warp speed, my hand plunging into her soaking pussy and then pulling almost out again and again. Astrid writhed beneath my touch uttering little yelps and cries as if she might be in pain – but I knew she wasn't. She arched her back, her climax imminent and I pulled my fingers out of her dripping snatch. Her moan this time was of pure frustration but I wasn't finished yet. My thumb pressed onto her clitoris, that swollen little nub which protruded from her inner lips.

She screamed.

'Fuck me, fuck me hard with your fingers. Please make me cum. God you are so good at this, so evil!'

I grinned and plunged my fingers back into her, adding a third and using my forefinger to massage her rosebud asshole. I sank my finger into her pulsing anus to the second joint and then left it there, gripped tightly by the contractions of her orgasm. My second and third fingers began to rapidly tap on her G spot and the effect was gratifying. She lifted her ass off the leather seat and screamed as the sensation travelled up her body and exploded in her brain.

I continued to massage her pussy as her orgasm subsided and her trembling legs returned slowly to the seat which was now covered with slippery woman juices. I will be honest, the whole thing made me incredibly horny, but for a cock deep in me not her hands or mouth. I decided to put this exercise to bed and pushed her legs into the car then climbed into the driver's seat. Within minutes we were back at the parking lot of the restaurant although Astrid hadn't yet recovered and lay trembling across the back seat. I opened the back door and leaned over, planting a kiss on her forehead. I was rewarded with a faint moan and an even fainter smile.

Soon I was back in Peter's car and heading back to the apartment, Peter, Daniel and Cat. My pussy was itching and tingling with an intensity that only a couple of stiff cocks could satisfy. Now, please now!


CHAPTER 3 – Another fortunate rescue

Getting back to the apartment didn't seem to take as long as earlier. Perhaps the traffic was lighter, perhaps I was just distracted, I just don't know. But the miles flashed by and it seemed only moments before I was carefully manoeuvring Peter's pride and joy into the narrow parking space on Level B. As I got out, I made a hasty check of the driver's seat in case my soaking panties had left a mark. Thankfully there was no sign of my arousal. I locked the car and turned to head for the stairs when I heard a piercing scream from the level below. I ducked down below the barrier separating the levels and could just see the outline of a body lying on the floor on the level below.

Clearly this wasn't the source of the scream. The body clearly wasn't moving. I could hear sounds of a struggle and then a car door slammed. I pulled my phone from my handbag and called Peter. Fortunately he answered immediately and told me to stay exactly where I was but to hang up and call the police.

My fingers trembled as I dialled 911. The person who answered seemed bored.

"911, what is your emergency?" as if she had said the same thing countless times before.

"Help me please. There is someone unconscious on the floor and I can hear screaming." I stuttered.

"Take it easy, lady. Give me your name and location please" She spoke as if reading from a .

"I'm in the car park in the basement of Alton Towers. That's on the corner of 5th and Mitchell. The apartments are the big white building on the left hand side. I'm on Level B and the body is on Level C. Please help...." I realised I was gabbling nervously.

"One moment please, we are contact your local police precinct. Please hold". The phone went dead. I looked at it stupidly. The screaming started again although this time strangely muffled. I waited, unsure what to do. I moved left, away from Peter's car and nearer the shape of the body. I could see a big SUV parked at an angle and beyond that some sort of works van. The noises seemed to be coming from that.

The phone rang again and I started, surprised. Just as I answered it Peter and Daniel came running down the stairs and bursting into the car park. I gestured to the body below and to the left of me. Peter looked at Daniel and then pointed to the ramp separating the two levels. They set off at a run.

"This is 5th Precinct Police Station. How can I help you? " The voice sounded gruff but authoritative.

"Hello, please help. There's a body and screaming. I don't know what to do."

"Just a moment please. Let's start by giving me your name and, as precisely as you can, the location where this is happening." He seemed patient and inviting.

I gave him the same details I had given before, adding "The body is on Level C and there is a woman screaming."

"We? Young lady? Who is there with you?" He sounded quizzical.

"Sorry, I meant I'm here, not we, there's nobody else. Please hurry." I realised that mentioning Peter or Daniel might not be the best idea.

"A unit has been dispatched and should be with you shortly. I would advise you to stay exactly where you are and do not try to intervene. Our officers will be with you inside twenty minutes, I guess." He seemed unsure exactly how long it would take for them to get to us.

The line went dead and almost simultaneously there were a series of loud bangs in the area below me. I looked down and saw Daniel hammering the side of the panel van with his fists. Peter was out of sight. Just then the sliding door of the van opened with a crash and a heavyset man in dirty jeans and a sweatshirt peered out.

"Fuck off, unless you want to take a beating." The man growled.

"What's going on in there? What are you doing?" Daniel growled back.

"None of your fucking business. Now fuck off out of here unless you want a beating too." The man reached out a meaty paw as if to swipe at Daniel's head.

Quick as a flash my husband leapt up from where he had been squatting hidden by the hood of the van. He grabbed the arm and pulled sharply. The thug overbalanced and came tumbling out of the van to lie sprawling on the floor.

"Cunts! I'll fucking teach you." The brute made it to his knees.

"It's the bastard from the other day. The one that tried to attack Catherine", Daniel shouted. At the same time we could all hear the sound of a woman crying from inside the van. I watched in horror as the man climbed slowly to his feet and lurched towards Peter. As he did, an arm covered in scratches appeared from the open area of the van and a woman's face followed.

"Watch out", she screamed. "He tried to rape me."

Almost like a choreographed ballet my brave husband reached out and grasped a hank of the man's greasy long hair while Daniel kicked him behind the knees, forcing him to the ground again. As Peter held the man's head up, Daniel launched a full blooded punch to the man's throat. The man gasped, unable to draw breath. Daniel hit him again.

Despite the battering the big brute reached into a pocket and pulled out a knife which he flicked open and aimed a cut at Peter's leg. Peter gave a howl as the knife sliced through material then flesh and he swung back out of the way. This gave the rapist the chance he had been waiting for and he struggled to his feet, waving the knife back and forth while coughing and holding his throat.

Daniel saw that Peter was at a disadvantage and rushed in to help his new friend. While the man aimed another swipe at Peter, Daniel dived under the outstretched arm and punched once, twice at the exposed abdomen. I shouted with joy as the man dropped the knife. Peter swung round on his uninjured leg and launched a kick at the man's genitals which connected with an audible thud and brought a whoosh of breath from the man as he sank to the floor.

Peter repeated the kick to the man's genitals and then finished it off with another to the head. The man looked almost unconscious. I thought for a moment that Peter and Daniel were going to leave it at that but I saw to my horror that Daniel had the knife in his hands. With one swift downward stroke he jabbed into the man's crotch and twisted. The man let out a scream like a slaughtered pig and squirmed under the knife. The scream changed pitch as Daniel slipped the knife sideways and I could clearly see blood spurting from the wound. The man fainted and slipped unconscious to the floor.

Peter turned his attention to the young girl who he helped out of the van, limping gingerly as he took the weight of her body on his injured leg. Daniel looked towards the body on the floor and we were both relieved to see that the man was moving, struggling to get to his feet. Daniel helped him to his feet while examining a nasty cut and bruise to the side of the man's head.

I ran down the ramp to join them, taking over the care of the young woman while Peter and Daniel both supported her partner.

"Guys, I've called the police. They are going to be here shortly. What are we going to do?" I asked urgently.

"Don't know but I'm not sure we can afford to be found down here." Daniel looked concerned.

Peter looked from one of us to the other. "Daniel, help me get this bastard into the back of his van. I'm thinking that we take it away from here and dump it outside Mercy General. Can you drive the van if I follow in the car?"

"Guess so!" Daniel nodded.

"Let me take these two upstairs while you do that. Peter can you drive with that cut on your leg?" I looked questioningly at my brave husband.

He nodded and limped towards the ramp as Daniel slid the side door shut and jumped into the driving seat of the van. The engine burst into life and the van lurched towards the ramp as Peter got into the Mercedes and started the warm engine. As the van sped past Daniel leaned out of the window and yelled a whoop of exhilaration. Then he was gone and Peter backed out of the parking space to follow him.

Within moments we were in silence. The woman and I put our shoulders under the man's arms and carefully escorted him towards the stair. I looked behind us and the only evidence of our experiences was a smear of blood on the floor where Daniel had stabbed the thug.

We hit the stairs to the upper level where the elevator began. As I pushed open the door from the stairs I heard the distant wail of a siren. Perhaps the police were better than I anticipated.

The girl and I struggled to get our charge into the elevator although he was clearly regaining his wits and balance. Nevertheless I held him tightly as the elevator started to rise and I felt a warmth in me as I felt his rock hard muscles pressed against mine. I looked at him carefully. He was younger than either Peter or Daniel. A strong clean face and dark hair flopping over his brow. She pushed his hair off his face as we rode to our apartment, looking concerned at the bruise already purpling on his brow.

Cat ran to the door as I rang the bell with my shoulder. Her eyes were full of questions, her mouth open in astonishment as we bundled the couple into the living room. She took in the stranger's broad chest and his partner's pretty face and the questions flitted across her face in rapid succession.

"Don't ask, Cat. Wait until the boys get home. In the meantime a strong drink for this young lady and let's take a look at her buddy's head." I gestured towards the kitchen.

There was lots to talk about and lots to learn but that would wait....


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A Fortunate Rescue 3 - Samantha's Story

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