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The Beach Trip

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Teen

Author: DystamusReg

Published: 22 December 2018

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“Carolina, look at them!”

Carolina sat up from the towel and looked in the direction her friend Nicole was discreetly pointing. Two very good looking guys about their age were walking in their general direction, but Carolina quickly had her doubts. “I don’t like them; they look like tools.”

Nicole gave her a dismayed look. “But they’re hot!”

Carolina laid back down on the towel to tan some more, “Yes, but they know it, and there’s only two of them, we have Catherine with us.”

Nicole sighed and laid back down. Carolina thought that might have been the end of the conversation, and almost fell asleep on the warm sand and crowded beach. It seemed like it was just a minute later she felt Nicole shaking her arm urgently. Carolina rolled her eyes and looked at her friend. Nicole was grinning. “The boys are throwing a football right there! Do you think they noticed us?”

Carolina looked at her friend. “Are you in love already?”

Nicole shrugged, “Look at their abs! They’re hot. We don’t have boys for the week. It could be a sign.”

Carolina shook her head. “I thought the point of this week was no boys.”

Nicole looked at her best friend like she was an alien. “Boys are always an answer, especially boys like those.”

As if on cue, the football the boys were throwing landed in the sand right next to Nicole. She giggled and threw it back as one of the guys came over and began to apologize. “Sorry about that ladies, my friend Michael apparently doesn’t know how to play a friendly game of catch.”

Nicole smiled at him, “Not a problem! We were actually looking for something to do besides just laying here!”

Carolina tried to give a warning look at Nicole, but through her sunglasses and her friend’s doe eyes at the boy, it was no use. By this time even Carolina’s sister had woken up and was sitting up, trying to get a read for what was going on. The boy grinned, “Well, if that’s the case, you guys can always come hang out with us for a little while. By the way, my name is David.”

Nicole got up, wiping the sand off of her legs. “I’m Nicole, this is Carolina, and that is Catherine.”

David smiled and held his hand out to Carolina. “So you and Catherine look like sisters, am I right?”

Carolina smiled, “Yes, you are. And you and Michael…?”

“Nah, we are just friends down here for the week. Needed to get out of town for a while.” David replied.

“Us too!” Nicole said. “We got here yesterday and I think we are here through the week.”

By this time, Michael had walked over to meet the girls for himself. The boys began throwing the football again, and Michael said in between throws, “You know, there is some luau thing tonight a couple miles down the beach. David and I were thinking about going, but it would be great if we could have some gorgeous dates to come with us.”

Before Nicole could say anything, Carolina spoke up, “We’d love to, but I don’t want to leave my sister alone in the hotel room, so we will probably just find something else to do.”

David looked at Michael, “Well, Catherine could come. Michael’s little brother is with us too. He’s about her age, so they could keep each other company. He’s just off with some friends he saw right now.”

“That’s fine with me,” Catherine said.

“Yay! What time is the luau tonight?” Nicole asked.

David looked at his phone. “Well, it’s supposed to start in about five hours, but we were just planning on staying out here until then. Why don’t y’all join us?”

The girls decided they would, and for the next several hours Carolina forgot about her hesitations about hanging out with boys for a while. Michael’s brother joined them about an hour before they left, and he and Catherine seemed to get along nicely. After throwing the football, the six split up into teams in the dying light to make sandcastles. Michael’s brother, Nick, teamed up with Catherine, while Nicole and Carolina awkwardly waited on the guys to make a move. Michael made eye contact with Carolina, smiled, and took her by the hand to an open spot of sand. “We will be a team; you guys can be the third team.”

Despite herself, Carolina found herself blushing as they sat down in the sand and started planning out their castle. As the teams built theirs up, the general conversation turned more private between the couples. Carolina thought she and Michael had done a great job, and they were just about finished. As Carolina reached for a bucket, Michael hand landed on top of hers. They both froze, and Michael smiled at her, making Carolina blush again. “We, uh, probably need to think about going over to the luau.” She stammered out.

Michael slowly nodded, “Probably so. Hey everyone! Let’s go party!”

In a happy mood, the group ran to the car and took off to the luau. When they got there, they could see that there were maybe a hundred people or so, with more coming in. The girls were wearing their bikinis with pullovers and flip flops, while the guys had opted for bathing suits. David didn’t have a shirt on, while Michael and Nick wore tank tops. The atmosphere was full on party-mode, so the group found their way to the dance floor. As they started dancing as a group, drinks were passed around to everyone. Carolina knew none of the girls were legal aged, and she wasn’t exactly sure on the guys, but no one at the luau seemed to care.

After a couple of drinks, the music from the DJ was still going strong, and pairs of dancers had begun to break up across the floor. Nick and Catherine were dancing, and soon David took Nicole’s hand and led her a few feet away. Carolina was just wondering when Michael was going to make a move when she felt a hand gently rest on her side. Michael had to speak loudly into her ear to be heard over the music, “Look at Nicole and David.”

Carolina looked over at them to see Nicole grinding against David. The pair seemed engrossed in each other. Michael spoke into her ear again. “It almost gives you ideas, doesn’t it?”

Carolina looked at him and smiled, and right as she turned back around, she felt Michael’s hands on her hips as he guided her to back into him. Carolina bit her lip as she seemed to fit perfectly pressed into his body as they moved to the music together. She enjoyed the feeling of being close to Michael through a few songs until a very face paced song came on the speakers. Michael turned up the pace and began running his hands up and down her torso. Carolina started to swerve her hips faster and harder into his, and let her arms drift up around Michael’s head. His head inadvertently was pulled closer to hers, and in an instant Carolina felt his lips meet her neck. She felt like she couldn’t breathe as he kissed her neck and slowly moved up. At that instant, she decided to meet him halfway, and their lips connected. Michael spun her around, and they continued their kiss. Her lips parted to let his tongue in, and while they kissed, Carolina felt like the party had stopped around them.

When they finally broke apart for a moment, Carolina felt her head spinning slightly, whether from the drinks she had been drinking or the kiss Michael she didn’t know. She looked around to see Nicole and David locked together, kissing more aggressively than Carolina had ever seen in public. Catherine and Nick seemed to be enjoying their time together, though Carolina didn’t see them kiss. Most everyone else that was paired up on the dance floor seemed to be exclusive, with some groups of loners together enjoying themselves.

Michael steered Carolina into him to start dancing again, and she gladly did so. However, as she began to grind into Michael’s hips, she felt his cock beginning to grow under his bathing suit. For a second Carolina didn’t know what to do, but in the end she just tried to focus on it, grinding harder on it, and bending over to press her ass into Michael more. For his part, Michael controlled her hips into his. For the rest of the luau, they danced and kissed their way to the end.

As the six made their way out of the luau late that night, the couples had become very evident. Michael and David quickly offered their hotel suite for use by everyone, though Carolina had reservations just because she didn’t want to force Catherine to come with them, but she turned out to have plans of her own already. “Nick and I are going to watch some movies. Apparently he was kicked out to the couch, but it’s a foldout so there’s enough room for me just to sleep there too.”

As they were all slightly intoxicated, and Carolina found herself wanting more time with Michael, she agreed and they walked to the hotel and into the boys’ suite. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room were theirs. When they got in the suite, David and Nicole disappeared into David’s room without another word. The rest laughed at their friends, but soon Michael caught Carolina’s eye and motioned to his room. Carolina looked at her sister. “Are you good here tonight?”

Catherine smiled, already snuggling under the blankets on the fold out couch next to Nick. “Yup. Have fun sis!”

Carolina just shook her head and smiled as she followed Michael into his room.

Michael held the door open for her as she walked in, then closed it behind her and locked it. “Finally a little me and you time,” he said as he wrapped her in his arms and planted his lips on hers. Carolina closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed silently in his room for several minutes, simply enjoying each other.

Michael broke away and gently lifted Carolina’s pullover off of her, and took his own shirt off right after. Carolina had to make sure she wasn’t drooling as she looked at his muscles and toned body. She had of course seen him earlier on the beach, but seeing him this close up when she had to admit to herself she was aroused was something different. He looked her over, then grinned. “You’re really damn gorgeous, and to think you didn’t seem into me when we first met.”

Before Carolina could complain, Michael kissed her again, but this time he picked her up and sat her on the bed and pushed her completely onto her back. Carolina laid still and bit her lip as Michael stood over her. “I’m gonna show you a good time, baby girl.”

Michael leaned over her and kissed her deeply, but his hand brushed her hip, then strayed across her stomach and across the curves of her boobs and back down, tracing every curve of her body. Carolina reached up to pull him over her so he had to straddle her on the bed. She grabbed his sides and did her own exploring across his back, pecs, and stomach.

Michael kissed down Carolina’s neck to her chest, the tops of her boobs, and down her stomach. He paused for a second over her belly button piercing, kissing and licking it and around it. “I love these things; they are so sexy, especially on a sexy girl like you.”

Carolina smiled to herself, but Michael had already moved on to the top of her bikini bottom. He brushed his lips across it but didn’t kiss it to tease her. As he kissed his way back up her body, Carolina closed her eyes and let herself relax to Michael’s touch. He got back up to her neck and kissing harder, gave her a hickey. She tried not to think about what the others would say in the morning when they saw her neck, but her thoughts were driven back to Michael as he stood up. “What are you doing?” Carolina asked.

Michael winked. “This.”

He grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed so her hips were just about to fall off the bed. As Michael got down on his knees, Carolina recognized what he wanted to do. She looked up and tensed up enough for Michael to look up at her, but after a second thought Carolina decided to let the night go where it might. She just smiled at Michael, nodded, and dropped her head down on a pillow he had given her. A moment later, she felt Michael grab her legs and spread them, one over the corner of the bed and the other over his shoulder.

With her eyes closed, Carolina was solely focused on what Michael was doing at the end of the bed. He gently and slowly ran two fingers over her bottoms, but gently pressing against her pussy. She gasped and moaned softly. She heard Michael laugh quietly. She looked up at him to see him holding up two glistening fingers. “Wet through the bikini? Damn, someone is ready to go!”

Carolina smiled and rolled her eyes, but didn’t argue with him as she dropped her head back down to the pillow. She held her breath a second later as she felt his fingers run along the edge of the bottoms next to her pussy and then pull it aside. “Holy shit,” she heard Michael whisper.

She looked up again. “What now?”

He smiled at her, “Nothing at all. Just the most gorgeous pussy I’ve ever seen. And maybe the wettest. But I just realized how spoiled I am. Now lay down and don’t talk again; this is the part where you have a good time.”

Carolina playfully made a face at him and rolled her eyes again, but did as he said. She felt his lips kiss her inner thighs, then get closer and closer until they brushed against her clit. When Michael’s tongue broke through his lips and slowly pressed against it, Carolina exploded into ecstasy. The next moment she was aware of, Michael’s tongue was lapping up her wetness she was painfully aware in the back of her mind had coated her whole pussy and was running down her legs and onto her ass. She had so much pleasure she was having a tough time breathing, her only breaths coming in short, and probably loud, moans. Michael only added to her intense pleasure by pushing a finger into her pussy.

Carolina stifled a scream as her back arched in the air and Michael had to take a momentary break to pull her back down and then held her hips in a death grip while his finger pushed in all the way, then withdrew. Carolina’s moans were louder now, and she couldn’t care less who heard as Michael’s tongue swirled around her clit and his finger probed away inside her, getting faster the whole time. She knew she had already came several times, but as her next orgasm built, her legs tensed and her hands grabbed the covers. Her moans were shorter, and Michael must have sensed it as he added another finger inside her.

Carolina finally exploded in her biggest orgasm yet, and then fell back completely limp on the bed, catching her breath, and noticing for the first time she was covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Michael kept eating her out for several minutes, before sitting up and removing his fingers. Grinning, he put his used fingers in Carolina’s mouth. Carolina wasn’t huge on tasting herself, but any inhibitions she had at that point were out the window.

After a second of her licking his fingers, Michael pulled Carolina to her feet and embraced her, a long kiss following. Carolina thought the taste of his mouth was curious, but it tasted the same as his fingers had so she didn’t care. Michael moved down to kiss her neck again, while moving his hands down her back to unhook her bikini top. Carolina let him, then smiled at him when he pulled the top away and admired her breasts. They weren’t the biggest in the world, but they were very firm with small pink nipples that were proudly standing out from her boobs. Michael kissed her again, running his hands up her stomach to her chest to grab and caress her boobs.

After they kissed for a while, Michael broke away and grinned at her. “I think it’s time I got my reward, right?”

Carolina bit her lip and gave him a small smile. “You do deserve a reward, I guess.”

She slowly kissed down from his face and neck to his chest and stomach, letting her tongue and lips trail across his muscles. She got on her knees in front of him and began to untie the straps on his bathing suit. She could see his dick pressing against the suit, and she had to force herself to slow down and not tear the suit off. She finished untying it, and with one last look up at Michael’s face, she pulled the suit down. His dick fell out, almost hitting her in the face. It was mostly erect, and Carolina could already tell it was bigger than even she had expected. She gently grabbed it and started to stroke it. It instantly hardened at her touch until it stood straight up, almost touching Michael’s stomach.

Carolina sat up on her knees to get level with his dick and softly kissed the head. Michael groaned and took her hair and held it behind her head so it wouldn’t get in her way. “Well, isn’t that so considerate of you?” Carolina asked as she put her lips at the top and parted them to let the dick in her mouth.

She took it as far as she could the first thrust, and surprised herself how far she got down the shaft. Her tongue wrapped around the shaft and she gave it a long lick as she withdrew the cock from her mouth. The skin was soft and warm, and Carolina desperately wanted to keeping blowing Michael, but she kept her cool on the outside to draw it out for Michael, who was very clearly enjoying himself. Carolina slowly pumped her hand up and down on his cock, while licking and kissing the shaft and head. Every so often she would play with his balls or take him deep in her mouth, mostly to hear Michael groan in pleasure. Soon, Michael was leaking precum from his dick, and Carolina licked it up by running the tip of her tongue over the hole at the end of his head. Michael took his cock and thrusted it Carolina’s open mouth, moving his hips so his cock slid over Carolina’s tongue.

Carolina took the dick back in her hand, and pumped her hand over it faster and faster until she could feel it throbbing and Michael’s groans grew louder. His muscles tensed and Carolina sat back on her legs, mouth open. Michael took his cock and placed it on her lips, and exploded. Cum shot in Carolina’s mouth and across her face. It dripped down to her chest and Michael directed the last few spurts onto her boobs. Carolina sat up on the bed as Michael gave her a small towel to wipe herself off. The pair sat by each other, catching their breath and starting to kiss again when Michael broke away. “Hear that?” He asked softly.

Carolina listened for a second, not hearing anything, then smiled and started laughing. Michael joined in, then they quickly grew quiet. In the next room over, the distinct sound of a bed creaking and faint moans could be heard as Nicole and David got to know each other better. “Sounds like they have a pretty good idea of what to do next.” Michael said.

Carolina raised her eyebrows at him. “Someone is a little confident in themselves. What if I was wanting to go to sleep?”

Michael put his hand in between her legs to feel her and chuckled. “Well, if you get sleepy when you are hornier than when I was eating you out, then you’re not like any girl I’ve ever heard of. Was my cock not up to your standards?”

Carolina acted as if she was thinking. “Well, I guess it was adequate enough.”

Michael started to kiss her neck. “Well then, what about feeling that cock in your tight, wet little pussy? You want something in you a little bit bigger than my fingers, and I have that something.”

Carolina had started breathing heavy just from his words. “OK,” was all she was able to manage.

Michael stood over her and picked Carolina up with him. They stood together, kissing deeply as Michael let his hands trail over her sides to her hips. He grabbed the bikini bottoms Carolina still had on and pulled them off of her. Carolina crawled onto the bed and rolled over onto her back, watching Michael stare at her body. As he crawled onto the bed over her, she spread her legs wide, enjoying the sight of his stiff cock hanging down under his body as he leaned over her for a kiss. His body was completely on top of hers, just held up an inch or two by his arms. She looked down to see his cock tantalizingly close to her pussy, and Michael reached down with a hand to guide it to her entrance.

Carolina leaned her head back, wrapped her arms around Michael’s head, and held her breath as she felt his cock touch her inner thigh, then shift to her wet hole. Silently Michael pushed into her, groaning deeply when he reached the farthest point he could push. Carolina gasped, shocked by how big he felt inside her. She knew it was a tight fit, and the look on Michael’s face told her she was right.

Michael pulled out, then pushed in again, a little harder this time. Carolina reached her head up to kiss him deeply, moaning into his mouth as he sped up his thrusts. Carolina felt his hand travel down her stomach and breasts, exploring and caressing her body, adding to her pleasure. Her hands scraped down his back, pulling him onto her as close as she could get him.

Michael spread up his thrusts, grunting with his efforts. Carolina wrapped her legs around Michael, focusing on the sensation of his balls slapping against her ass, and her boobs bouncing back and forth. She grabbed one of Michael’s hands and pulled it onto her tits, with Michael eagerly grabbing them. Carolina was moaning loudly, but she didn’t realize how loudly before Michael covered her mouth with a kiss. “I had to get you to shut up somehow before you woke the whole hotel.” He panted with a grin.

When Michael finally pulled out and sat up, Carolina tried to catch her breath. That didn’t last long, however, before Michael silently flipped her over onto her stomach. Carolina looked back behind her to see him straddle her and spread her legs just far enough apart for access to her pussy. He leaned over her with his arms on either side for support, then pushed in.

If it was possible for there to be a tighter fit of his cock in her, Carolina didn’t think they could find it. Her hands grabbed the sheets and she buried her head in a pillow to stifle a scream as he pushed in. Michael groaned loudly and bent over her, biting Carolina’s neck gently as he fucked her. Michael alternated between pulling Carolina’s hair and spanking her ass, both of which caused Carolina to moan with pleasure and get even wetter, if it was possible.

By this time, Michael’s cock was sliding in and out of Carolina’s pussy with ease, even with the tight fit. Michael sped up his strokes, and finally pulled out before his climax. Carolina heard him groan, and felt a warm splatter cover her back. Without missing a beat, Michael grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wiped off Carolina’s back, then flipped her back over in one movement. With a smile, they both laid on the bed, kissing deeply.

Michael reached down and found her pussy, fingering her with increasing intensity. Carolina began to moan into Michael’s chest, and those moans turned to screams as he found her clit with his thumb and her nipples with his other hand, pinching them roughly. Muscles convulsing, Carolina came and collapsed onto Michael, who she kissed deeply as they laid on the bed together. Michael grabbed the sheets and threw them over himself and Carolina, and Carolina snuggled her body closer to his. Their bodies intertwined, the pair drifted off to sleep.

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The Beach Trip

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