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  1. Diana’s 30th Birthday
  2. Diana's 30th Brithday Part 2
  3. Diana's 30th Brithday Part 3

Diana’s 30th Birthday

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Wife

Author: JBL69632

Published: 04 January 2019

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Diana’s 30th Birthday

Chapter 1

It was Diana’s 30th birthday and John had planned a surprised for her. He was already up and in the kitchen by the time she was ready to leave for work. When she came to kiss him goodbye, he wished her a happy birthday and told her he would pick her up for lunch.

“Oh, really, that’s really nice of you but I don’t know if we will have much time today. We have a big project due and the bigwigs from corporate are coming today, so we may work through lunch.” “Ok, well, at least ask, because I have already put somethings into motion and I really want to take you today because this is your actual birthday, rather than a day next week.”

She agreed but act too excited about it. However, John knew she would be going out after work with her office buddies to celebrate, so he couldn’t plan anything for then. Her coworkers always made a big deal around birthdays. Actually, from what she had told him, the guys in the office made a big deal about anything that would get the ladies into drinking in hopes of scoring. And since he had seen what she had laid out to wear today one of them may just get lucky tonight.

One, it was her birthday, so she would be the center of attention, and she loved being the center of attention and found it hard to turn down those who fawned over her. Two, it was Friday, so they could party later, therefore, drink more because there was no work tomorrow. But that was tonight, having seen what she was going to wear today only enhanced John’s anticipation for lunch with her.

She was wearing a slinky dress that hugged her curves and really showed off her big breasts and round ass. Add to this CFM heels (you know, Come Fuck Me heels, the kind that are three inches high and tie around the ankle and make you hard before you look at her breasts). As if that wasn’t enough, what she was wearing under the dress that was even better; dark hose with a lacy garter belt and very sheer tap pants. She was braless but then she often was, so although that wasn’t unusual, he did know it would help stimulate her libido.

The office she works in is a somewhat sexually charged atmosphere and she and the other ladies contribute to that atmosphere by often dressing in a provocative manner. This started before she went to work there but she was fine with showing off her twenty-something body so she fully embraced their shenanigans. Instead of casual Friday, they have sexy Friday; the ladies can wear jeans on even dressy shorts, but only with camel toe showing, or they can dress as slutty as they dear. Then there is braless Tuesday and panty-less Wednesday, which are pretty easy to figure out. Needless to say, men were in charge of the office and it was still the 1980’s so guys got away with more.

When she arrived at work, she entered the morning meeting and everyone sang happy birthday to her and commented on how well she was holding up given her advanced age 30. She was the second youngest there so it was a joke. She let them know that she couldn’t go out to lunch with everyone because John was taking her to lunch and they said no problem with the big boss out on medical leave they all had extra work for that afternoon’s presentation to the corporate executives, so it would probably be a vending machine lunch day.

“Is it ok if I go out for a short lunch with John” she asked Peter?

Peter was filling in for the boss on this project, “sure, but be back by 1:30 so you can lead a tour of the facility before we do our presentation.”

Everyone was scurrying to get last minute details wrapped up so Diana had plenty of opportunity to walk back and forth across the office bending over or squatting down to get files or raising up on her tip toes to get things out of overhead cupboards. She loved showing off by walking purposefully when she was dressed up, especially when she was braless because she has big, full breast with large, well defined nipples that really stand out and wiggling in against her dress definitely made them stand out today, so she was enjoying the sensation and working it extra hard. She also is a shameless flasher around the office, as well as other places, so all the file looking may not have been necessary!

At one point, she found herself in the ladies room with Debby, who said, “Peter and Joe have certainly noticed you today, birthday girl.”

“Really,”? what did they say?

Just the usual childish banter they spew, you know, “wow look at that ass would you”? and “oh, man look at those boobs bounce“ Trust me, you have their full and undivided attention.” “They are especially wondering if you have anything on under that dress and I suspect if you do, it isn’t much!”

Diana giggled, “no, not much at all, but I am wearing panties, she raised her dress so Debby could see her tap pants!”

“Good girl, Debby giggled that will keep them at bay for about five minutes this evening”! They both laughed at this statement, knowing that the guys would be plying her with lots of alcohol in hopes of seeing her birthday suit or better yet, getting into her birthday suit!

“John thinks it’s sexy when I wear tap pants or no panties at all, but I’m not so sure it doesn’t make me look a little out of shape, what with my butt cheeks wiggling around back there.” “What do you think?”

“Not to worry honey, said Debby, you look fabulous, especially today and I say, if you got butt to wiggle, wiggle it”!

“Thanks, said Diana, I’m sorry we can’t all go out for lunch today but John was really insistent I go with him.”

“No big deal, what with the project hanging over our heads no one would really be up to our usual high jinx anyway; but you are going out after work, right?”

“Oh yeah, I’m not missing my free birthday dinner and free drinks!”

“Great, we can celebrate the completion of the project and your birthday!” Who knows, maybe I’ll even get laid tonight”!

“Oh, come on, you get plenty, Diana laughed.”

“Nothing compared to you married girls. But maybe there will be someone at the bar who likes small breasted, skinny assed, horny women well into their 30’s and wants to come home with me”!

“I’m sure there will be and I’m equally sure we will all have a fun night,” said Diana.

She spent the rest of the morning giggling and wiggling to tease the men while assisting with getting everything ready for this afternoon. She wasn’t sure who was hornier, her or the guys in the office.

A little before noon John arrived to pick her up for lunch and when she slid into the front seat she said “we have to be quick because there is a big presentation this afternoon and I need to be back here by 1:30 so I can lead the tour.”

“Ok, we should be able to make that, it’s right down the street.” John replied.

“Where we were going for lunch”?

“It’s a surprise.”

When John pulled into the motel parking lot, she was confused, “what are we doing here”?

“I said it’s a surprise, you will see in a minute” John replied smiling.

“Ok, but there better be something to eat in there or I am going to faint. I haven’t had anything but a doughnut all day.“

“Oh, there is something for you to eat alright, but you might faint anyway,”

John opened the door to one of the rooms on the ground floor and waved her in. She walked in and stopped short and started laughing. “What the hell are you two up to?” She asked. Waiting inside was their close friend Don. Don and his wife are two of John and Diana’s closest friends and John enlisted him for this special birthday gift for Diana.

“Hey, what’s going on here; I don’t see anything to eat”? She laughed.

“I thought you might like a quickly for your birthday.” They had talked about this sort of thing and she had told John about her fantasy of having sex at lunch and then going back to work. She thought it would be really nasty to have hot, torrid sex and return to the office as if nothing had happened!

She giggled, “oh, you dirty boys.”

John kissed her and said, “happy birthday honey” as he undid her dress and let it fall to the floor.

Don saw that she was braless and wearing her sexy panties and garter. “Wow, you look great”! She said, “oh, and what do like best”? “This,” he said as he reached out and gently fondled her right tit as John eased her panties down over her gorgeous ass.

“Mmmm, you boys better get going, I have to be back to work soon or it will be my ass.”

“No problem and it’s your ass we want, John said.”

John and Don were out of their clothes in no time and both were already swelling to full staff. “What are we going to do, she asked?”

“We are both going to take you; now just lie back and enjoy it.” John instructed. She laid down in the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide so they could see her beautiful pussy. “Shall I warm you up,” John asked?

“Mmmm, yeah, but just a little, I don’t need much stimulation to be ready to fuck the two of you!”

John parted her puffy pink outer lips and began licking her glistening slit with the tip of his tongue in order to get her juices running. Diana gestured for Don to come up on the bed next to her head so she could suck him. When he was in place, she took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him; “hmm, that’s nice,” she murmured with a mouth full of cock. She pulled Don’s cock out and said, “it’s getting nice and fat, are you going to fuck me with that after John gets me wet?”

Don said, “damn right I am.”

After only a few minutes she had Don rock-hard. “Honey, I’m wet, let Don fuck me, now, please?” John moved out of the away and Don positioned himself between her legs; she had them wide open for him and he could see her wet pussy was ready. He took a moment to gaze on this beautiful woman who was offering herself to him so shamelessly. Her beautiful face was farmed by a mane of pure golden blond hair. Her eyes were azure blue and shinning with anticipation of what she was about to do, or perhaps, allow to be done to her. Her mouth was set in a big smile, showing white teeth and a slight cleft under her full, red lips. Her breasts were large, round and topped with rock-hard nipples that were standing straight up at the moment. Her tummy was flat and firm and her hips were full and led to a full, round ass that looked great in anything or nothing at all.

But what Don was most interested in at this moment was her pussy, which was shaved clean around her swollen, puffy pink lips but was topped with the same golden blond hair that was on her head. As he leaned into position and placed his big, red-headed cock right at her hole. His cock was circumcised and at the moment it was rock hard and the mushroom head had swollen to twice its normal size. He had an especially thick coronal ridge, which apparently women find exceptionally pleasing. She had mention something to that effect after the first time we had swapped partners.

She looked down at his cock, “hmm, let’s see if that big thing fits,” Diana purred. Don slipped the head of his cock into her cunt and stopped there. “Hmm, yeah give it to me baby, we don’t have a lot of time and I need to be fucked now!” “So get to fucking” Diana groaned.

Don slipped in some more and then pulled out almost all the way out and then pushed down again inserting more cock each time. Finally, he had his hard, thick cock deep in her cunt, so deep that his balls were pressed against her ass. They both moaned as he hit bottom and he began to fuck her hard right from the start. “Oh, yeah, that’s it, fuck it baby, fuck it,” she groaned loudly. Don began fucking her in long, full strokes, pulling out almost all the way and then driving back in all the way so his balls slapped hard against Diana’s full, beautiful ass while the head of his cock searched for the end of her love tunnel.

John moved around to the side of the bed so he could watch as his buddy fuck his wife and so he could snap some pics for posterity sake. He knew she loved fucking Don with his big mushroom headed cock because they had swapped a few times with Don and his wife Jane and Diana had told him how much fun it was to fuck another man and how she liked the way his cock felt different in her than John’s! Not necessarily better, just different.

But you couldn’t just say Don was fucking her because she was not laying there passive. Hell no; she loved to fuck and she was matching his every down stroke with her own up stroke. “Yeah, that’s it baby, fuck me; fuck me deep,” she whispered in a husky voice that she had when she was worked up and it never fail to excite men. Don had her breasts in his hands, gripping them hard and pulling and pinching her nipples as she had instructed him to do previously when they fucked. She like a little rough play with her fucking and he was happy to provide it!

Diana had her feet planted firmly in the bed and was pushing up with each down stroke. The two of them completely lost in their lust; each trying to fuck the others brains out. They were fucking for the sake of fucking and the room was filled with the sounds of their fucking; their grunts, groans, moans and Diana’s squeals of pleasure drown out all outside noise. But the sound that stood out most of all was the sound of Don’s big, round, balls slapping Diana’s ass.

Don rose up so he could push his cock in deeper and Diana pulled her legs up towards her head and then let them down over his shoulders. This pushed her cunt upwards and caused her legs to be as wide as they would go, giving him greater access to her cunt. With her legs over his shoulders his hands were free, so he placed them on the bed for greater leverage and leaned into her, fucking her in quick short strokes.

"OH, FUCK YEAH, THAT’S IT BABY, SHORT HARD STOKES," she screamed. She loved short hard stoking as her orgasm approached and Don was certainly speed fucking her, driving his swollen cock in and out of her at lighting speed. Diana’s tits were jiggling up, down and bouncing all around. She pulled her arms down off of his shoulders and held her them close to her side to support her boobs, but noting was going to stop those bouncing puppies from showing their approval of the screwing she was receiving!

In short order, Diana began moaning FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME over and over and then what can only be described as an animal like sound came from way down deep in her being and she pushed up as far as she could while clenching her cunt tight around Don’s big cock. She screamed through clenched teeth, “OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING; OH FUCK, OH FUCKKKKKKOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH”!

Don, continued to pound away at her while she was cumming until he suddenly grunted loudly and thrust deep into her cunt shooting his load of hot gooey cum deep inside of her molten cunt. “Oh yeah, that’s it, pump that hot cum into me,” Diana grunted as she felt his seed being deposited deep in her womb, and then another wave of orgasmic delight over took her and she was screaming “OH FUCK I’M CUMING” again.

Don tried to continue with her as wave after wave of her orgasm racked her body but when she constricted her cunt he lost it jammed his cock deep into her cunt and came so hard he too released and animal like cry. When her orgasm subsided and she released the death grip her cunt held it in, he pulled his messy, cum covered cock out of her dripping cunt. Leaning back on his feet he said, “you take over buddy, I’m done.”

Diana said in her husky come fuck me voice, “YES, COME FUCK ME AND HURRY SO I CAN CUM AGAIN”!

John moved into position, saying “turn over, I want you from behind while you clean John’s cock.” Diana knew just what he wanted and rolled over and assumed the doggy position on the edge of the bed with her ass pushed out and her knees tucked in. “Lay down here Don so can suck your cummy cock.”

John looked at her beautiful ass and cum covered pussy. She had thick, white gooey cum oozing from cunt and her pink pussy lips were spread wide open like an inviting flower covered in cum droplets. He rubbed his cock on her crack getting it wet with cum and her juices and then plunged balls deep into her wet, gaping, cum-filled hole in one swift motion.

He was greeted with a hot, sticky load of cum oozing out around his engorged cock.

“Damn you’re hot and wet!” he hissed.

“Just the way you like it isn’t it,” purred Diana as she pushed her ass back to get all of him in her gooey hole. “Hmm, that’s it honey, fuck that sloppy, cum filled cunt; you like sloppy seconds, don’t you honey?” she purred.

“I sure like your sloppy cunt,” John said.

“You nasty boys love to fuck sloppy, cum filled cunts don’t you,” she panted, now totally in her slut mode!

John began a sawing action as if he was trying to saw her in half with his cock causing those squishing sounds that accompany sloppy seconds and were soooo fucking nasty!

They were both in seventh heaven; him fucking his beautiful, cum filled wife while she filled her mouth with his best friend’s messy cock. They were lost to the act of sex, each relishing the wickedness of fucking in a motel on her lunch hour, at least until John glanced at the clock next to the bed and saw that it was getting late so he increased his tempo. Her cute, round ass was bouncing in rhythm with his onslaught on her cunt while her head bobbed up and down on Don’s now fully erect cock.

She was really into sucking cock and prided herself on being one the best around; although she hadn’t had that many cocks in her 30 years of life! She could say without doubt no one had ever complained about her giving head and that she always swallowed, or at least tried to!

She had one hand stabilizing Don’s cock and the other holding herself up but with her approaching orgasm she let go of Don’s cock and went all the way down on him so it was lodged in her throat and reached to rub her clit to encourage the next wave of her big O. It worked and as her orgasm welled up from her depths, she began to moan that low aaaaaaggggggg sound that she made when she was reaching climax. This only stimulated Don as it now added the benefit of vibration to her blow job.

She continued to moan that deep aaaaaaaaggggggg sound as her climax rose up and took her on that wonderful orgasmic ride! Don was close and was holding her head in his hands as she moaned “ummmum, ummm, uh FUCK ME;” which sent John over the top and he emptied his load of ball juice deep into her cunt as she continued to buck up and down with her ass.

As her climax began to subsided, she returned her full attention to Don’s cock and continued to suck and jack him until he unloaded deep in her throat. “AAAAAGGGGGGG,” he groaned. “HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM,” she moaned in return as she let him finish deep in her mouth swallowing all of his gooey cum.

It took them a few moments of to regained their senses and when she did, she looked at the clock, “holly shit, I have run.” She jumped up, slipped her dress over her head and turned and said, “zip me.” Seeing her panties by the bed she pulled them on under her dress, gave Don a cummy kiss and said, “we have to finish this soon! Then out the door she went with John trying to catch up. Happy Birthday, called Don from the bed as the door closed.

On the ride back to work John asked how she enjoyed her lunch? “I loved it, but now I’m full of cum and I have to give a tour to a bunch of big wigs while cum slowly runs down my thighs, she giggled!” “God, I hope they can’t smell sex on me,” she said sniffing herself.

“Don’t worry honey, no one can smell sex on another person.”

“Yeah, sure, you know how my pussy smells after you cum in it and now I have two loads in there.”

“Well just don’t let anyone smell you pussy,” John laughed as he dropped her off at the front door to her office.

She kissed him with sticky lips and then said, “thank you for my birthday present and thank Don also.” As she stepped out of the car she remembered something and said, “oh yeah, I am going out for dinner and drinks after work with the gang.”

“OK, call me and let me know when you’re headed home, love you”!

“Love you too and thanks again”!

Thanks for reading, if there is interest, I will post additional chapters

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Diana’s 30th Birthday

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Comments (1)
acrzycjn — 04 January 2019 22:30
Another good one, keep em coming
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