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  1. Unlucky Cameron
  2. Unlucky Cameron: Part 2

Unlucky Cameron: Part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Coercion

Author: sandstorm3636

Published: 04 January 2019

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Cameron took a long break from trying to pick up girls at the local bars following the incident on Fifth Street. It was all over the news, a poor girl tortured, beaten and raped with glass bottles and then strangled with her own purse strap. Cameron kept waiting for someone to figure out that he was involved. Every day he expected a call from the police but it never came. Eventually he put the incident out of his head.

The next time Cameron thought of going out to pick up girls was when his friend Mark suggested it during a lecture at college. "Hey man, you haven’t gotten out much lately, have you?" he asked quite randomly during a boring unimportant part of the professor's rant.

"Who me?" Cameron was surprised Mark would even take notice. Cameron usually went to great lengths to go out alone so that none of his so-called friends could sabotage his chances with a girl by telling her unnecessary details about his performance anxiety. "I go out every once in a while," Cameron tried to act natural. Mark's interest in his love life was certainly suspicious.

"Really, cool. I'm not having much luck and I wanted a wingman. Are you up for it? I'm sure with your girly face someone will be interested. You could pass as my gay friend. Just chat up the girls and tell them good things about me."

Cameron relaxed a little as Mark's true intentions became clear. "Nah man, why would I do that? I can't have any rumors going around about me."

"Look, just put on some makeup, wear some tight pants and tuck it real good and you might even get mistaken for a girl."

"You're real funny. I'll tag along but don’t you dare tell anyone that I'm looking for anything other than girls, got it?"

"Jeez, you're no fun. Fine, have it your way."

And thus, less than six hours later, the two of them were downtown bar hopping. Rather than acting as a wingman, Cameron did his hardest to chat up himself with the girls. He expected Mark to be upset but he did not seem too bothered. Mark did not seem all too interested in the girls. He kissed a few of them and even got one to show him her tits by claiming he did not believe her when she said she had a nipple piercing but otherwise his attention was glued to his phone.

Cameron had less luck than Mark. Every time a girl paid attention to him and he started chatting them up, they would suddenly decide they had something urgent to do elsewhere. Cameron was getting discouraged when he suddenly thought he noticed Mark whispering to one of the girls. She looked at Cameron with a funny expression before making a beeline for the door of the bar. "Hey, are you saying something to make the girls avoid me?" Cameron was extremely suspicious at that point.

"What? No," Mark scoffed. "Why would you think that? Are you having that bad of a time. Remember, I invited you. Be a little more grateful," Mark played off Cameron's suspicions well.

"Yeah, sorry. I'm striking out. I think I'm about to pack it in."

"How about one for the road." Mark held up two fingers to the bartender, ordering a shot for each of them. Cameron sighed as he accepted the shot. He was looking forward to getting back to his room on campus. Just before he drank his, Mark swapped the two of them. "For luck," he announced as if Cameron should know what he meant. Cameron shrugged and downed his new shot without concern.

In less than a minute, Cameron felt all of his inhibitions melt away. He felt like he was floating. He no longer wanted to sleep; he wanted to make this whole outing worth his time. He began to scan the bar for any girls to talk to but they were all either leaving or hanging out with other people, far away from him and Mark. "Man, this sucks. I think I've finally got my groove but it'll have to wait 'til the next bar."

"Really? You feeling the liquid courage. Well if you're that impatient, I do have something we can try instead."

"At this point, I'll take any girl. Just drop one in front of me with her tits hanging out and I'll bend her over right here."

"Alright, don’t get all impatient on me." Mark steered Cameron out of the bar by his shoulders.

"Where are we going?" Cameron was confused.

"There's an old empty shop around the corner here." Mark pointed ahead at a sign saying the property was for lease or rent.

"Why are we going here? There aren’t gonna be any girls."

"There's one," Mark assured him. Cameron tried to think about what type of girl would be hanging around an empty shop. Surprisingly the door was unlocked. Mark steered Cameron straight to the back and to an employee break room. At the back of the room there was a row of lockers. Mark opened one of them to reveal a shocking sight.

There was a girl stuffed inside the locker. She was slender and pale with not a lick of real clothing on her. Instead she had a blindfold over her eyes and an o-ring gag in her mouth. A pair of handcuffs kept her arms behind her. She was trembling and obviously quite confused about her current situation. "Dude, what the hell is this?" Cameron began to panic.

"You said you'd do any girl that was placed in front of you," Mark reminded him.

"I didn’t think you actually had one. How long has she been here? Is she alright?"

"I wouldn’t do that," Mark interrupted Cameron as he was about to remove the girl's blindfold. "Are you sure you want her to see your face?"

Cameron retracted his hand. "She's so petite. How old is she?"

"She's in high school," Mark admitted. "You gotta get 'em when they're young. Ain't no college girl gonna get with you. Not with your rep."

"Is this some kinda practical joke or are you trying to cheer me up?" Cameron's initial panic was starting to ware off. The effects of his last shot were kicking in again. He really wanted to get laid and there was a naked girl right in front of him.

"Don’t tell me you've never done a girl like this before. We used to do this all the time. They get all flirty and lead you on but after a few drinks they want nothing to do with you. That's when you slip 'em something-something and follow them out the bar. The moment they start to fall you swoop in. Show 'em a good time in their panties and then leave 'em on the street for someone else to find."

"You do this all the time?" Cameron surprised himself by how interested he was. This could be the solution to his problem. If he took the girls' will out of the equation he certainly could get laid a lot more often. "I can really have her?" he confirmed one last time.

"Man, this is my gift to you. I mean, I'm still gonna wreck that ass later but if you don’t want my sloppy seconds, you better get to it."

It was all the encouragement Cameron needed. The first thing he did was grab one of her apple sized breasts. She whimpered into her gag at the sensation of him rubbing her tits and pinching her nipple. He saw her tongue swirling around the ring that was shoved into her mouth. She could not close her mouth at all and drool was dripping out as a result.

Just looking at her pretty O shaped lips, Cameron knew what his first move would be. He reached behind her head and grabbed her ponytail. He pulled her hair tight until she knew she was being manhandled. He pushed her down to her knees and brought her face right to his waist. She tried to rear back when she heard him unzip his pants. He was already hard and with her mouth affixed open she was unable to stop him from shoving her head onto his cock.

Cameron threw his head back in bliss. With the ring in her mouth she could offer no resistance. His cock slid clear into her throat, plugging it tightly. Unlike college sluts, this girl's throat was tight, closing in around him as it tried to expel his member to no avail. He reached under her chin and poked at her neck where his cock was bulging out.

With his hand no longer on her ponytail, she took advantage and pulled her head all the way back, sliding his cock out. She gasped for air and coughed, spraying drool everywhere. "Hey, don’t let her take control; not even for a second," Mark warned Cameron.

Angry that his wet cock was now getting cold in the exposed air Cameron slapped the girl on the side of the face. He then leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I don’t care how soft on you your high school boyfriend is. Until you make me cum, your right to breathe has been revoked." He shoved his cock all the way back into her throat.

She gagged and puked immediately. He held her head down though so the vomit came spilling out of her nose. Cameron pulled back as if he was gonna let her breathe but then shoved back in, spraying more vomit from her nostrils. "Nice one," Mark cheered. "Little slut's gonna suffocate on her own last meal. You sure are brutal."

Cameron suddenly had flash back to the rush he got when he ended Laura's life in a similar way. He only just realized how much he wanted to feel that sensation again. Of course it would have to wait. He was not interested in fucking a corpse and she had at least two more holes he wanted to try before put her out of her misery.

He watched her twisting and jerking, her chest flexing as her lungs tried and failed to expand. She kicked and flailed. Piss shot out of her bare crotch. She struggled and struggled and then finally went slack. He pulled his cock out of her mouth only after he had choked her into unconsciousness.

Pressing an ear to her bare vomit covered chest he found that she was not breathing. "Hold on a moment." Mark pushed him out of the way. The girl fell over onto her side when Cameron let go of her hair. Mark took a slight run-up and kicked her in the stomach. She convulsed, spewing more vomit out of her o-ring and pissing herself yet again. She screamed and sobbed into her gag but was unable to make proper noise.

"Are you still with us?" Camera asked while stroking her cheek. "Don't worry, you'll get to die, just not before you wish you were already dead."

"You're real dark," Mark laughed. "Do you really need her to be that scared?"

"You think I'm joking?" Cameron chuckled. "I've done it before. You won't believe how good it feels. If you want, I'll let you do this one. It ain't worth it if she don't feel it though. You gotta make her suffer first."

Mark's expression changed slightly. "You've done it before, have you? Would that be Laura? They say her cunt was ruined with a broken bottle and her ass was impaled on a bed post. Man that is some fucked up shit right there."

"That gives me an idea." Cameron paced over to the corner of the break room and picked up a wooden handled broom. He tapped it on the floor the whole way back to the girl. She was trembling when she felt the end touch her tongue. He slid it into her mouth and then further. Her throat bulged but he did not stop. Mark watched with intrigue and disgust as the broom handle disappeared all the way into the poor girl's stomach. Her belly button even bulged a little from the inside. If she had anything left she would definitely be throwing up again.

Cameron stepped back to survey his handy work. The girl's neck muscles were flexing as she tried to breathe through her impaled esophagus. Cameron seemed to need a break as instead of doing anything else he took out a cigarette and a lighter. He lit up and took a few drags before pressing the burning tip to the girl's exposed nipple. Her screams were muffled by the broom handle this time, rather than her gag.

"Can we just fuck her already?" Mark asked impatiently.

Cameron rolled his eyes as he grabbed the broom and yanked it out of her. She retched but did not vomit. He then grabbed her by the ankles and lifted them so she was on her back. She shook her head violently as she felt the end of the broom being pressed into her cunt. With a good shove it slid up inside. It stopped after only an inch or two. Cameron had to pull back and shove again and again until what was obviously her hymen gave way.

"Oh, little slut was a virgin," he laughed. "Your first time is with a broom, aren’t you lucky?"

By then tears were leaking out from beneath her blindfold. With another shoved Cameron got the broom up into her cunt. Another and he was pressing against her cervix. With one final shoved he forced the handle through her cervix and into her uterus. Her muffled screams filled the room as she thrashed and pissed herself again. Her belly button was bulging from the inside just like before.

"I suppose that stick is going in her ass next," Mark made an obvious guess.

"Poor little slut. If only we had a real dildo, then she wouldn’t need to get raped by this stick."

"You could just use your dick," Mark suggested.

Cameron yanked the now blood covered broom handle out of the destroyed girl's cunt without warning. "You know, you're a real downer," he sighed while lining up his cock with her cunt. It was hard to get it in as she was not wet at all. Eventually he gave up and went in search of something to help.

He came back a few minutes later with a pail of water he apparently filled from the bathroom sink. With a rag he splashed some on the girl's stomach and wiped up most of her vomit. He then cleaned her face the same way. Then he wrung the rag out over her cunt, getting her wet and slippery. She screamed from the cold sensation but it was nothing compared to her pained yowls from before.

His cock slid into her a little bit easier this time. She made a slight gurgling sound but tried not to complain. It was better than a broom handle after all. She soon regretted her passiveness though. The broom had remained rather still inside of her; his cock was sawing against her raw recently deflowered cunt walls painfully.

In order to counteract the rawness of her cunt, she tried to keep her muscles as slack as possible. This more than annoyed Cameron. "For a virgin you sure aren’t very tight."

"You shouldn't have fucked her with a broom first then," Mark scolded him.

Cameron grabbed the broom and pressed the end against her ass. He jabbed against her hole but it did not go in. She felt it though and her cunt tightened as he wanted. "Good girl. If you keep behaving, I may make your death a little less painful."

This set her off. She began to squirm in his arms, trying to kick him off. He slapped her and when that did not work he punched her. The o-ring gag broke in her mouth and she was able to spit it out. After struggling to catch her breath she screamed out. "Please don’t kill me, Cameron!"

"What the hell?" He pulled out of her cunt and dropped her on the floor. "Lisa?" he had immediately recognized the voice of his own little sister. Slowly he removed the blindfold from her eyes.

She was crying and nodding as quickly as she could. "It's me, Cameron. Please stop hurting me."

He stumbled backwards while running his hands through his hair. How had this happened? It took him a moment to recall that he was not alone. "You son of a bitch!" He clenched his fist and turned toward Mark. He was not prepared for his friend's right hook though. His jaw cracked as it connected with his face. His vision blurred as he fell toward the floor.

"That's for Donnie!" Mark spat on him just as he passed out.

When Cameron awoke, he was immediately aware of the fact that he could not move. His arms and legs were bound. It took him a moment to focus his vision. When he finally did he saw a horrifying sight. His little sister Lisa was being held up between two men, one fucking her in the cunt and the other in the asshole. They were Mark and Cameron's other friend, Donnie, Laura's boyfriend.

"You knew," Cameron groaned.

"Of course we knew," Donnie scoffed. "You left your card with Tom. Everyone knew. Hell, the police know now."

"What?" Cameron's eyes shot open.

"We sent them a letter with evidence and Paula's name. She's gonna give testimony and everything. You're going to jail, Cameron."

"But then why all of this?" He nodded at his poor sister who was moaning as the two men reamed her sore once virgin holes.

"This honestly wasn’t the plan," Donnie admitted. "I saw her outside your dormitory waiting for you last night. I thought she was your girl and warned her you were a rapist and a murderer. She didn't believe me so I said I'd prove it to her. I gave her a little GHB and took her clothes. Then had Mark lure you right to her. Just so you know, baby girl, we didn’t goad him into doing any of that messed up shit to you."

"I know," she moaned as Donnie slammed into her ass even harder. "I'm sorry about my brother. I didn’t know he was a murderer. He was really going to kill me, wasn’t he?"

"Lisa, no, the moment I saw it was you…"

"If you hadn’t known it was me, you'd have killed me," she cut him off with a groaning wail. He could not tell if she was enjoying being double stuffed by his friends or not.

"Can you please stop? She's got nothing to do with this," Cameron begged.

"She's gonna be Laura's replacement, aren’t you, baby girl?" Donnie licked Lisa's ear.

"Yes. I'm gonna make up for what Cameron did with my body. You can fuck me as much as you want. I don’t care anymore."

"Lisa, why are you talking like that?" Cameron was appalled.

"She's probably still a little high," Donnie admitted. "Don’t worry, we ain't gonna do anything near as bad as you did. I'm surprised the girl can even talk after you shoved that pole down her throat."

"He hurt me so bad," Lisa wailed. "Why is he still here? I don’t want him to see me having sex."

"You're not having sex, baby girl, you're getting raped," Donnie corrected her.

"Yes, I love getting raped. I'm a worthless cum slut with only one use. My parents raised me for fourteen years so I could become a hole for your cock."

"Jeez, I think you broke her, Cameron." Donnie shook his head disappointedly. "If she ever recovers, she's gonna hate you forever. Of course, I'm not gonna let her go back on her word. This little angel is mine. After we turn you over to the police, she's getting a tattoo with my name so she'll never forget who owns her."

"Yes, I want it. I want your name burned on my body. Make me forget that my awful brother was my first." With a final shove, Donnie buried himself in Lisa's ass and began to cum. Her eyes crossed as she bit down on Mark's shoulder to ease the pain. This put him over too and soon she was being filled with cum from both ends.

After being set down, she stumbled over to her brother and used her fingers to pry apart her cunt lips. White goo was leaking out and running down her legs. "Look what they did to me, Cameron," she sobbed and giggled at the same time. "Look what you let them do."

"Lisa, I'm sorry," Cameron tried to apologize.

She walked over to Donnie again and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck. She stood on her tip toes so she could kiss him while continuing to look Cameron in the eyes. Donnie slapped her ass, making her whimper but she did not break their kiss.

Mark squatted down in front of Cameron and shook his head while sighing. "You took everything from Laura, including her life. We won't take that from you, but we'll take everything else." With another right hook, he laid Cameron out. Unsurprisingly when next he awoke he was in a police precinct being looked at by a doctor.

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Unlucky Cameron: Part 2

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