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A Moment of truth

Categories True Story, Lesbian, Incest, Lesbian

Author: tastykkake95

Published: 07 January 2019

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Was it me? Why did so many people think it was OK to touch me? I sat trying to figure out my first sexual experience! At 25 years old, I couldn't remember the first time. Shit started young for me.

A Moment of TRUTH-

A product of an affair between my mother and her sisters father, her step daddy, my mother had me young. At the tender age of 15, her mother walked in on her riding her stepdaddy's face. My grandmother was hurt. This was her ex-husband, her last daughters father and her oldest child. It was too late, the damage was done. My mom was pregnant by then. My daddy beat my grandmother into submission that day so she would not tell. She instead left. She left her six children for my pregnant mother to raise. My daddy moved back into the house and helped my mother raise her five siblings.


My mom worked an overnight job and daddy would let me sleep with him. After my nightly bath, daddy, in his boxers and bathrobe would sit me on his lap and roll up a joint. Sitting in the middle of his lap, I remember it always feeling like he had something really hard under his bathrobe but I never asked what it was, or how it got there when I never got up. It surely wasn't there when he first lifted me on his lap. It would make me feel weird, kind of a good weird. I remember feeling warm and tingly down there but nothing more. I don't remember when it became more than that. I do memories however of more. One memory in particular, Mom had to work early. During our usual routine, daddy did not only blow smoke in my face, he had he sit on his lap facing him, with my legs wrapped around his back. He told me to open my mouth and placed the fireside of the joint into his mouth and leaned forward. He blew smoke into my mouth until I started choking. Each time my body jerked and spasmed, the spot under daddy robe got harder and harder. I remember it poking hard at my center. Harder than usual but my head was spinning from the weed, all I could do was lay my head on daddy's shoulder. He lifted my body and laid me down. At some point, I remember daddy putting his mouth on me "down there". I couldn't move my body, even when it felt like something was happening to my whole body. I felt a warm rag cleaning me and I woke up in my bed. I really can not remember the first time but that wasn't the last. Daddy left when I was eight years old. He showed up every few months over the years, claiming to want to spend time with me but every chance he got he would suck on my little pussy until I was 14 years old.He even sucked it in the basement bathroom of the skating rink during my 12th birthday party. He ended up going to jail for making child porn and I haven't heard from him since I was 14.


Daddy was the only experience I remember. Candice, my sister/aunt had a thing for playing practical jokes. She would wait hours in the closet for me to walk by just to scare the shit out of me. I would usually pee on my self when she scared me bad. She loved to see me pee on myself. Candice is only four years older than me. Now thinking back on it, she was very sexual for as long as I can remember. I remember during shared baths, she would say "Janice, if you have to pee, just stand up and pee in the tub. I wont tell mom and you wont get in trouble for wetting the floor." I would listen because she was my aunt (we didnt know we were sisters for a long time) and she knew what she was talking about at 10 years old. Sometimes while I was peeing, she would place her legs under the stream and pretend it was an accident.

When it rained outside and we had to stay in, Candice and my boy cousins, Mike, Shaun,and Jimmy would suggest we play catch a girl get a girl. We would go hide and the boys had to find us. Once we were both found, we would go into our bedroom pick a bed and kiss under the covers. After the boys leave, Candice would tell me to suck her budding nipples. Again, I dont remember the first experience but there were many. When mom was home, I shared a bed with Candice. She would wait until I'm asleep and rub my little coochie thru my panties. I would wake up so wet. I learned to look forward to it.

The first memory I have of Candice eating my coochie was at maybe 12 years. We moved to a new neighborhood and made friends with a group of popular girls. One night during a sleepover, we played spin the bottle with one of the girls brothers and his friends. When the bottle landed, the lights were turned off and the spinner had to put their mouth on a part of the other persons body. You had ten seconds to choose lips, tits, coochie or butt. Everything was going OK until Candice spent the bottle and it landed between both me and Kenny. Linda, Kenny's sister said she had to do both of us jokingly. Candice quickly agreed as long as Kenny had to put his mouth on me too and the game got real. The lights were turned off and we heard sucking and slurping. One of Kenny friends turned on the light too early and Candice had Kenny's privates in her mouth. He quickly covered his mouth and turned the lights off. I became instantly nervous because, Candice had only rubbed my coochie before and nobody knew but us. What was she thinking. I didn't have much time to thing about it because my panties (we all playing in our underwear and t-shirts) were being tugged at and two hot tongues were stabbing at my coochie. the lights were turned on but they did not stop licking. My body twisted and hot sparks flew thru my midsection with each lick. By the time I calmed down, I realized no one was watching, they were all engaged in some sort of licking or sucking. Kenny and Candice continued fooling around that night and I fell asleep. After that night whenever we would get a chance to sleep over, we would pick numbers and the two closest number would be partners. We would 69 with our partner, even if it was a sister of aunt in my case.

Shaun (my cousin)

Shaun is my daddy sister son. He is five years older than me. Shaun Mike and Jimmy were not only cousins, they were best friends. Shaun's mom worked a lot so he spent a lot of time at our house. He was always on the party-line on the phone and his hands in his pants. Eventually Candice and Shaun would take turns on the party-line. I wanted to do it too. Shaun called and put me on the hone too. He told me what to say. I knew I was talking to a grown man and i'm sure the grown man knew he was talking to an 8 year old being led by a 13 year while pretending to be 18. Thinking back, I spoke to many men during that time. They would have phone sex , well as best you can with a kid pretending to be grown, but they talked to me and came during the calls nevertheless. They hung up on me after they came each time. I remember having no idea what they were talking about but they still talked to me. I swore I had them fooled back then, now I know they just liked children. One day, while Shaun coached me thru a call, the man asked about 69 and I didn't know what it was, Candice told Shaun "lets show her" She laid her body upside down on him and took his dick in her 12 year old mouth. He held the mute button on the phone and tried to keep talking me thru the call. By the time I was 10 years old, Shaun was licking on my coochie while I talked to grown ass men.

Uncle Hammer:

Uncle Hammer never touched me sexually but he made sure I knew why they called him Hammer. Being second oldest, he watched us when both Mommy and daddy had to work. And for as long as I can remember, Whenever he would watch us, he would always have wardrobe accidents where his hammer would "accidentally slide out his boxer hole and would "coincidentally" be hard already whenever Candice and I would wear shorts around the house. If we were showering/bathing he would always have to use the restroom. Standing on the side of the toilet so there was a clear view of his Hammer while he peed being sure to stroke it several times. Sometimes he would bang it against the sink and tell us "they dont call me hammer for nothing. This is what you call a Hammer"


I saved I guess the best for last. Uncle Hammer was the coolest uncle to have. He dressed fly, had so many girlfriends and they all treated Candice and I nice in order to win his affection. Uncle Hammer only had eyes for Nicky however. Everyone else would spend the night in his basement room and disappear for weeks like a rotation. Nicky on the other hand was a constant. Nicky would take me to her house some weekends, spoil me to death and braid my hair before sending me home. Nicky had a younger brother named Jamey whom was six years older than me and a son Jordan, whom was one year younger than me. I don't recall when it started but by the time I was 8 years old, I looked forward to Jamey sneaking into the top bunk.. Within two years, I was performing double barrel blowjobs on both him and little Jordan. Jamey was different from all of the others. I got a tingly feeling from my stomach to my coochie whenever he was around. I couldn't wait until bedtime and everyone was asleep. I would lay pretending to sleep for hours some nights because he was out with friends and I had to wait until he came inside. If I would fall asleep before he got in, He would suck on my little pussy until I woke up. I remember him smothering me with a pillow once when Jordan was sucking on me and I moaned loudly. I was alarmed and could not breathe. I dont recall sucking his dick for the first time, I only have memories of sucking both of them off. The day before I started 7th grade, I remember sucking them for so long, my jaws were extremely sore on my first day of school.

There were so many, My best friend Sara's brother would suck on my little nipples whenever we were alone. Even if Sara only went to the bathroom. One summer, I worked in the barbershop, on the corner of our block, sweeping up hair on the weekends. Johnathan, 20 years my senior, was the owner, would pay me when he closed up. Jonathan loved ass. If I let him lick my butt crack, he would usually give me an extra $40.00. Again, I don't know how this started. I know it went on every weekend, even during my period during that summer. No actual penetration. Nope, I remember when I got my cherry busted!

By the time I lost my virginity, I was in the 8th grade. I used to sneak out to sit on my very dark porch and make out with my neighbor Larry. Larry was 13 years older than me but he looked really young and knew exactly what to say to me. Nobody knew I was making out with him every night. He claimed I was his secret girlfriend, and in a few years, it would no longer be a secret. He loved me. One day, I was sick and could not go to school. My mom agreed I would stay home alone. The minute she left, Larry was at the door. He knew no one was home and I had written a check my ass could not cash. I had t put up or shut up. Against my better judgement, we had sex in my moms bed that day. I bled on her sheets when he bust my cherry..

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A Moment of truth

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