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Lesbian Sisters Caught

Categories Fiction, Anal, Coercion, Domination/submission

Author: omarabdul

Published: 07 January 2019

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Skylar and Mackenzie. Skylar and Mackenzie were sisters. They were both straight and had never considered any sexual actions with a girl. However under the influence of alcohol anything can happen.

The girls were at a club for someone's 18th. They were both buzy kissing guys and drinking. Skylar was the younger sister and had never drank this much before. Both sisters were drunk but Skylar was particularly bad. She was in the corner trying to compose herself. Mackenzie hugged her from behind.

"Hey, having a good night?" The older sister asked.

"Um yeah" Skylar mustered a slurred reply.

Mackenzie admired her sisters body pressed against hers and began stroking up Skylar's exposed thigh. There bodys pressed together. Mackenzie slipped her hand under Skylar's dress and began pushing on her panties. She slowly pulled Skylar's panties aside and slid her fingers inside her sister.

"Ah ah" Skylar fought to contain her pleasure.

While Mackenzie pumped her fingers in and out, Skylar looked around to see if anyone was watching. Mackenzie began kissing Skylar's neck. Skylar purred at this sensation. Already she could feel herself getting wetter. Mackenzie's lips traced across Skylar's neck as she fingered her.

Mackenzie turned Skylar around and smashed their lips together. The two sisters kissed passionately. Mackenzie's hands explored Skylar's body. Skylar rested her arms on Mackenzie's shoulders running her hands through her older sisters hair.

Skylar broke the kiss staring into Mackenzie's eyes with a shocked expression.

"We can't do this" she said, regaining her senses. "We're sisters, this is so wrong"

She turned to walk away, but Mackenzie grabbed her and aggressively bent Skylar over the bar counter. She couldn't move. Skylar looked terrified. Mackenzie began slapping her younger sisters perfect ass.











Mackenzie stopped her assault on Skylar and pressed her pussy against Skylar's ass. She began humping slowly. Skylar was crying.

"Listen slut. I don't care that we'receive sisters, I am taking you tonight. Whether you want me or not. Tonight you are nothing but a series of holes to be fucked. You are nothing. You will do whatever I want or will suffer the consequences. You are my property. Repeat that".

Skylar was humiliated. Mackenzie kept humping her ass and she was really enjoying it. But she knew she couldn't. They were sisters, they had grown up together. If anything got out about this they would be ruined. She didn't know what to do. Mackenzie sped up Skylar's though process by shoving her thumb up her little sister's ass.

"OOOOHHWOOOOW" Skylar howled. She had never taken anything up there before. She felt beyond violated with her sisters thumb stuck in her ass. Skylar had no choice.


The pain was unbarable for Skylar. Mackenzie pushed her thumb further into her sister before yanking it out. She pushed Skylar over the counter and followed her. Behind the bar they were out of sight from prying eyes. Skylar was trying to crawl away when Mackenzie pounced on her. Their bodies pressed together on the floor. Mackenzie reached up Skylar's dress and yanked her panties off. She then reached forward and shoved then into Skylar's mouth to gag her.

"God those are wet. You really are enjoying this." Mackenzie laughed as she inserted her fingers into Skylar.

Skylar couldn't deny this. Every fiber of her being wanted to let her sister take her. She was just worried about getting caught. The panties in her mouth were drenched in cum. Skylar could taste herself on them. Mackenzie's fingers worked Skylar's pussy like no one ever had.

"Ohh yeah" Skylar moaned into her panties. Her body was betraying her.

She arched her back getting ready for orgasm. Mackenzie noticed this and pulled her fingers out. Skylar regained her senses and pushed Mackenzie of of her. She stood up and pulled the panties out of her mouth. Mackenzie grabbed her sister from behind and kissed her neck. Skylar was overcome by pleasure. Mackenzie ripped Skylar's left strap causing her dress to drop reveling her left breast covered by a black bra.

Mackenzie left several hickys on her little sisters neck. She grabbed Skylar's breast and began feeling. She turned Skylar around and they continued making out. Their kissing was sloppy and saliva was abound. They pulled apart to take in each other. Both of their lipstick was ruined. Lipstick covered both girls faces. A mixture of both sister's saliva coated their mouths while a spit string trailed from Mackenzie's mouth to Skylar's lips.

Mackenzie threw Skylar to the floor and held her still. She noticed some rope behind the bar. She got to work tying her little sister up. Skylar was tied into a leap frog position. Her ass stuck in the air. Mackenzie hiked Skylar's dress up reveling her ass. Mackenzie grabbed a bottle and pressed it against Skylar's ass hole. Skylar squirmed at the touch. Suddenly Mackenzie completely jammed it up the younger girl's ass.

"OHHAAAAHH" Skylar screamed. The bottle stretched her ass out painfully. Mackenzie began moving it in and out of the helpless teenager.

"Ohhh, please no" Skylar groaned but Mackenzie didn't care. The bottle continued to violate Skylar as it penetrated further and further. Mackenzie took some pictures of her sister before continuing her anal assault. Tears streamed down Skylar's face.

Suddenly Mackenzie stopped. She slipped to the other side of the bar leaving Skylar alone. Skylar was crying to herself with her ass stuck in the air and a bottle jammed inside it. She wondered why Mackenzie had ran. Unfortunately that became clear.

Skylar could hear footsteps in the bar. Someone was here. She began to panic, struggling with her restraints but it was no use. All she could do was await her faith.

"WHAT THE FUCK" The bar tender shouted when her stumbled across Skylar. He tried to comprehend the sight before him. A teenager with her ass in the air and one of his bottles firmly stuck up her ass.

Skylar was too ashamed to respond there was no good answer. She couldn't say she was here alone making it seem like she enjoyed this, but much less she couldn't tell the truth. She was being raped by her sister.

"Oh don't mind my sister. She's supposed to be in the hospital. She's not all there upstairs" Mackenzie laughed reappearing and released Skylar from her restraints.

"Just get her out of here" the bar tender hissed.

Mackenzie led Skylar out of the bar and to the bathroom. The bottle stuck in Skylar's ass made it uncomfortable to walk. Inside the bathroom Mackenzie bent Skylar over a sink and grabbed the bottle.

"AHH " Skylar screamed. It was stuck.

Mackenzie yanked again but it still wouldn't pop out. Skylar was in agony at each pull. However she was also being aroused. Each yank pushed her further towards climax.











All of a sudden they heard a gasp. Stood across the room was Mackenzie's friend Chloe. Chloe looked shocked. In front of her was Mackenzie with her little sister bent over a sink with a bottle in her ass. She pulled out her phone and started recording. Skylar cracked.

"Oh OHH GOOOD" She moaned as she climaxed violently. Her legs shook aggressively. Skylar was ashamed of herself. She had just came for her sister in front of another person. She covered her face and started to cry.

Chloe had seen enough. She started to back out of the room.


One last yanked saw the bottle pop out of Skylar's ass. Skylar wept to herself. Mackenzie began stroking Skylar's body. She finally got to workfully strippingher sister. Skylar was beautiful naked. Mackenzie removed her own clothes to. The two sisters embraced each other. Their naked bodies pressed together. Skylar was done pretending. All she wanted right now was her sister.

Their lips crashed together and they began making out. They fell into a cubicle. Mackenzie landed on a toilet seat and Skylar mounted her. The younger sister began grinding on her older sibling.







Their moans filled the bathroom. They broke the kiss and stared into each others eyes. The trail of spit between there lips acted as evidence of what they had just done.

"What do you think Mom would say if she could see us now" Mackenzie laughed.

Skylar got worried again. That just reminded her of how wrong their actions were. Mackenzie saw this and kissed Skylar.

"Best not to think about it"

Their love making was interruptedby the sound of laughter surrounding them. Chloe had told everyone in the club what was happening and they had all come to watch.

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Lesbian Sisters Caught

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