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Student Fantasy with Hope

Categories Fantasy, Erotica, First Time, Male / Female

Author: markerss

Published: 07 January 2019

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We have all fantasied of being with someone much young; having sex with that younger girl or that younger guy, just once, but we also know that if we did pursue someone much younger that we would most likely be shot down and embarrassed when we were rejected, so we just decided to not put ourselves through that.

I too have had this fantasy and thought, “It’ll never happen,” but it did.

Hope was a student of mine and her name is synonymous with the desires I felt for her. She was very pretty and very young, with dark hair, dark eyes, a nice butt, and great thighs. Hope was an alluring young lady that carried herself as if she was a much older young lady, and I had repeatedly fantasized about being with her, but knew I had to control my urges, even though I so badly wanted to be with her.

I don’t think she really understood just how attractive she was, or maybe she did, and when the chance presented itself, I hesitated, but I had to take chance; I couldn’t believe it then and still can’t believe it now that it actually happened.

Any ways, it was the next school year, and it had been several months since she had left the school where I taught, and I never expected Hope to visit but she did. It surprised me to see that she had returned to visit and walked right into my classroom. She still looking great in jeans and a tight shirt, and was as friendly as ever, coming up to me and giving me a big hug.

We chatted briefly, but as my class returned from lunch, she left but told me that she would come back at the end of the day. I told her I’d be there and we smiled at each other.

I was excited to see her and looked forward to seeing her later that day, but after students had left for the day, and I returned to my classroom, I didn’t think she’d show. However, I didn’t have to wait long before Hope walked in with a big smile and said, “Hi,” in an excited voice. I quickly looked her way, smiled and stood up saying, Hi back.

I moved to meet her, shook her hand, however our embrace once again became a hug. She was much shorter than I was, being she was so much young, but this time the hug felt to be more than just a casual hug and we seemed to hold each other longer. I said to her, “You look great,” she briefly looked me in the eyes and then hugged me again saying, “I’m glad to see you.”

We talked about what was going on in our lives; just idle chit chat, and then she asked, “Do you think we can go somewhere and talk, you know, away from here.”

We got something to eat at a nearby restaurant where we continued to have a very friendly, easy going conversation, but all the time I was thinking about being able to kiss her, and feel her next to me, which was giving me a hard on. Eventually we left the restaurant and in the car she leaned over, kissing me on the cheek. Startled, I looked over at her and asked, “What was that for?”

She then replied, “I’ve been wanting to do that.” We smiled at each other and I told her that I too had wanted to kiss her. We leaned into each other again and gave each other a simple peek on the lips, but wanting more, I reached over, taking hold of her waist, and pull her close. I kissed her again and as I did, she tried to push my tongue in my mouth, and I abligingly opening my mouth, allowing our tongues to meet as we kissed. It was nice and when we eventually sat back in our seats there was a pause, and when I started the car, I said, “WOW, that was nice.”

She took my hand, holding it as we pulled out of our parking space she suggested, “Can we go to your house?” I was nervous, I wanted to be with her but she was so much younger, and I thought to myself, “What should I do?”

As I glanced over at her, I simply asked her if she was sure. She nodded her head and after smiling at her, I looking back at the road I casually said, “Okay,” as I headed that way.

We talked about stuff, nothing I can really remember, and then we were there. I pulled into the garage, and closed the garage door with the remote as we got out of the car.

When we went inside, I asked if she wanted to watch TV.

In the bedroom, I turned her to face me, and as she looked up at me, I could see she was nervous so I leaned down, told her not to worry, and as she nodded her head in acknowledgment, I kissed her on the cheek. I wanted to reassure her that everything would be okay, I needed to make her feel comfortable with what was happening or risk losing the opportunity.

As we kissed again and our lips met, I held her by the hips, and slowly moved my hands up to feel on her boobs. It felt so good to feel her body, I didn’t want to stop. My dick was hard thinking about being with her and I wanted her to know that being with her was turning me on too, so I took her hand, gradually moving it down and placing it on my crotch. She looked up at me as I held her hand on my cock, letting her feel that I was hard. She returned her gaze back down briefly and then looking up at me again, she smiled, as she started to rub and squeeze my cock through my pants.

Seeing Hope was a little preoccupied, I quickly reached around her and attempted to unhook her bra. As soon as it unhooked, she realized what I was doing, she quickly took her hand off my crotch and instead covered her chest. Looking up at me, Hope said, “No, don’t.” I again tried to reassure her that everything would be okay and as she nodded in agreement again, I leaned into her, hugging and kissing her. I didn’t want her to make me stop, and I remember at this point feeling her ran her hands up the back of my shirt. I gradually started to feel on her boobs again and as I did, she tried to inch my shirt up, attempting to take it off, I thought. She was struggling because she was so much shorter than me, so I had to helped her, quickly taking it off and threw it aside. As we went back to kissing, she started to feel on my chest and stomach. It felt good with her and When I decided to try to take her top off too, she was hesitant, stopping me. I told her not to worry as I continued to slip her top over her head. As I got her top off, she immediately held her bra against herself, with one arm, hiding her boobs. She looked up at me for reassurance and as our eyes met, we smiled at each other. We kissed again, which made her feel more at ease and she let me slowly slipped it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

She had nice boobs, for her age, not fully developed, but firm with puffy nipples. We kissed and as we did, I reached both my hands down the back of her pants, feeling on her ass and pulling her close. As we continued to kiss, I felt Hope trying to undo my pants. When I finally realized what she was after, I took my hand from the back of her pants, moved away slightly, which allowed her better access, but eventually I undid them for her and pulling them down, I let them fall to the floor.

I pulled the covers back and lifting her onto the bed, I told her to move over as I climbed into bed with her. We immediately started kissing as I pulling the covers over us and we got comfortable. As we held each other kissing, I started to grind my crotch against her leg, wanting her to feel how hard I was, but I also thought to myself, “I don’t want to ruin it now.”

Feeling her young body next to me, was making me want to fuck her, but I immediately reminding myself that this was probably her first time and I tried to slow things down as we continued to kiss, instead of pushing her. I wanted to openly explore my body, as she continued to feel on my chest and my back as we kissed, but I wanted her to feel my cock.

I took her hand now and scooting up, I guided her hand down toward my crotch. She immediately started to grope to feel my cock and when I scooted up again, she could feel it. As Hope put her hard around it, she looked up at me because I had moved up so far we were to able to kiss, but instead we smiled at each other. She returned her gaze down, wanting to see my cock as she continued to feel on my cock. I lifted the covers slightly letting her see it, wanting her to actually go down on me, but realizing this might turn her off.

I needed to again slow things down and so I scooted back down, which caused her to have to let go. I gently started to kiss her as I laid her on her back now and tried to position myself on top of her, resting on my elbows. As we kissed, I let my cock rub against her thigh, but all I could think of was wanting to fuck her. I slowly climbed on top of her, and spreading her legs, I position myself between them as we kissed. I was close now, I was right there, however I still knew I needed to go slow.

Kissing her briefly, I again scooted up, causing my cock to push against her pussy. This scared her and she pushed on me slightly saying, “No, don’t.” I immediately scooted back down, and seeing the worried look on her face, I slid off her. She was obviously scared and I worried if I had lost the chance to fuck her, but she kissed me and smiling said, “I’m scared.” I acknowledged her by telling her, “I’m not going to do anything unless you think it’s okay,” and as we kissed again, Hope returned to feeling on me again, even reaching down, looking to feel my cock again, which made me think she was somewhat aroused.

I now moved down, kissing and sucking on her neck as I felt on her boobs, and as I started to kiss down her chest, I hoped she would continue to be receptive as I eventually started sucking and tonguing her nipples. Hope started to squirm a little and as her nipples grew erect in my mouth, I knew she was definitely excited.

I slowly moved my hand down her stomach, wanting to feel her pussy, but as I reached down to finger her pussy through her panties, Hope immediately reached down, stopping me, and saying, “No, don’t!” Looking up at her, I could she was apprehensive, shaking her head, no, as I quickly moved back up. She was obviously upset and I again worried if I had pushed to much. We eventually returned to kissing, but she was still looking for some reassurance. As we paused, I said, “Everything would be okay,” and nodding her head and smiling, she immediately lowered her hand again, groping to feel my cock. I again moved up so she could again feel my cock, which had me thinking she might be open to going all the way as Hope fondled my cock through my boxers.

She was obviously hot being able to feel my cock, smiling and making sounds as she tried for a better position. I still wanted to feel her pussy and in this position, it wasn’t easy but as I leaned forward I continued to try to move my hand down to feel her. Eventually, I was able to place my hand on her panties and as I did, she gasped, but being preoccupied with my cock, I was able to move my hand down between her legs fingering her pussy through her panties.

She was extremely wet and her panties became soaked as I continued to finger her pussy. I wanted to be in her, but still knew I couldn’t rush it, not now. I was so hard and as I tried to position myself so Hope could see my cock, eventually reaching down, and slipped my cock out through the flap. She immediately looked down and put her little hand around my cock. She smiled at me, and asked if that was right. I then reached down, taking holding her hand on my cock, and started stroking it and looking at each other, I told her, “That’s it, not to hard,” as she continued rubbing my cock.

She was learning and I could tell she wasn’t as nervous anymore to the point that she let me finger her pussy. I wanted to move a little faster, and sitting up briefly, I took off my underwear and threw them off the bed. Looking at her, I decided to try to take her panties off too, but she was reluctant, putting her hands down, blocking me. She did eventually let me take them off, and as I took them all the way off, I casually checked her out as I threw her panties off the bed. She only had a small amount of hair on her plump little mound that she seemed to keep nicely trimmed.

As I went back to kissing her, I brushed my hand against her pussy, and as I spread her leg a little, our eyes briefly met as I gently started to rub and finger her pussy. This however, caused her to quickly leaned up on her elbows and smiling at me, she watched me continue to touch her pussy. Eventually, I laid back down with her and we kissed again, but all I could think about was being inside her. I again kissed her neck and gradually worked my way back down her body, past her boobs until I was kissing her stomach. I spread her legs and kissing her mound, I looked up at her to see her watching me. I started to finger her pussy now and kissing her pussy, I spread the lips of her pussy and stuck my tongue in her. She tensed up and I heard her gasp slightly. I had her bend her knees as I continued to eat her pussy.

She was so wet and my dick was so hard, and I wanted to be in her. She started to squirm a little and when she started to squeeze my head between her legs, I knew she was close to getting off. Suddenly, Hope’s body started to shake a little and as I continued to eat her pussy, she reached down, pushing my head and told me to stop. She had cum, and I think it was probably her first time experiencing it too. I stopped and moved up wanting to be in her. She was breathing hard and as I pushed my cock against her pussy, she gasped as our lips met. Her eyes got big as she continued to push me away, but I wanted her to let me do it. Looking at each other, I told her, “Relax, everything will be okay,” but she was obviously afraid and as we looked at each other she said, “I’m sacred.”

I tried to reassure her by telling her again, “It’ll be okay.” She nodded her head and kissing her, I took hold of my cock, and gently tried to work it into her, making sure to go slow as I guided it into her. As I pushed into her, she continued to push me away, telling me to go slow. She was so tight so I kissed her and gently wiggled my cock as I penetrated her. I was only in her part way when she pushed on me hard and told me to stop. When I stopped, she was wincing and squirming, and realizing it must be hurting, so I pulled out a little, but kept it right there.

She was obviously still scared, and pausing I told her, try to relax, it’ll be okay,” but she continued to try to wiggle free.

I tried to hold her, stopping her from moving so much, and kissing her said, “If you don’t want to do it, it’s ok.”

She stopped moving and after a short pause, she nodded her head, and smiling back at her, I told her to try to relax, and told her to tell me if it hurts, to let me know and I’ll stop.”

I really wanted to feel inside her, and when she said, “Okay,” and nodded her head again, I took hold of my cock, and gently slid it up and down her slit. She was so wet and I wanted this; I didn’t want it hurt, so I could fuck her.

Hope now seemed to be aroused a little, squirming as I gently tried to slowly guide my cock in her tight little pussy. As I slowly penetrated her again, she took a deep breath and nodding her head, I leaned forward kissing her.

I had to be careful, because she had obviously never done this before and it was so tight, I didn’t want it to hurt as I tried to push into her. She was tensing up a little and wincing, so I stopped and told her to relax. She continually nodded her head as I continued to try to push my cock in just a little at a time, gently trying to work my cock all the wayin her.

It felt so good, she was so tight, and the few times when she gasped and reached up pushing me away saying, “Stop!” I did, but every time she told me to stop, I worried that she would make me stop for good however, she simply leaned up kissed me and told me she was okay. I tried to reassure her again by saying, “Relax.”

She nodded her head as I pushed into her and gradually started moving my cock in and out of her tight little pussy.

“Oh, it felt so good,” and as I continued to slowly move my cock in and out, trying to work my cock all the way in her, I could tell it was hurting. Hope was continually squirming and pushing on me to where there a few times I stopped and asked if she was okay. I didn’t want it to hurt being it was her first time, but she simply nodded.

I continued to move my cock in and out of her now, wanting to cum; she was so tight and I didn’t want her to make me stop, not now. I was fucking her now, moving my cock in and out of her slowly at first, but now I was going in and out faster and faster, and still trying to be careful not to hurt her.

It felt so good and I was close to cumming, but I could tell by her face that she was in some pain, and trying to kiss her, she turned her. I was scared she was going to make me stop, and suddenly, she asked me to stop, and as she tried to push me away, I could feel her body quiver. Hope was out of breath and she was probably feeling a little confused as to what had happened, but it was obvious that she had an orgasm.

I too was out of breath and as I started to take my cock out of her I asked, “Are you okay,” and she simply said, “Stop.” I was confused, but she nodded her head and out of breath told me she was okay.

She was noticeably wetter and her body was still reeling a little bit, so I leaned forward kissing her and trying to again reassure her that it would be okay and to not worry, I asked, “Are you okay.”

She shyly smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’m okay.”

I asked, “Are you sure?”

She nodded her head and kissing me, I told her to relax.

She again nodded her head and when I slowly tried to push my cock back in her, she again push on me a little but this time my cock seemed to slip back in her much easier, which caused her to gasp. I again stopped and ask her if she was okay. When she again nodded she was okay, I kissed her, and slowly started to move my cock in and out of her. She was very wet but still felt so tight and I didn’t want her to stop me this time, so I went slow but eventually my thrusts became faster and shorter, wanting to cum. She started to squirm a little and it wasn’t long before I was close to cumming. I kept thrusting in and out of her deeper and longer; I needed to cum. and as my breathing became more labored, I softly told Hope, “I’m going to cum.”

She didn’t understand and promptly asked me, “What?!”

I again told her, “I’m going to cum.”

I kept trying to fuck her and Hope tried to push on me and repeatedly asked me to stop, but it was to late. Holding her close and out of breathe, I stopped and In turn asked her to stop moving, as my cock jerked inside her as cum spilled out filling her. I was out of breathe and knew she was mad, so I let my cock slip out as I rolled off her, which caused cum to immediately seep out.

Hope was visibly upset and I don’t think she realized what had happened, but she could obviously feel something was draining out of her. Her upset look turn to a scared look as she sat up and reached down touching the cum that had seeped out. Hope quickly looked over at me and asked me what it was. I didn’t know how to tell her I had cum in her, but eventually she said, “You came in me, didn’t you.” I sat up and leaning over, I tried to give her a hug. She pushed me away and said, “I didn’t want you to do that,” as she fingered herself, which drew even more cum to drain out. She was scared and I again tried to give her a hug, holding her and trying to make her feel more at ease I said, “It’ll be okay, don’t worry,” but she immediately said, “I don’t want to get pregnant.”

I continued to try to hold her but she now stood up and spreading her legs, she tried to work as much cum out as she could. Cum dripped from her pussy onto the bed and she was starting to panic, I knelt next to her rubbing her back, continuing to try to console her.

I was a little worried too but suggested that we should take a shower. Hope pushed me away, very upset, got off the bed, and walked in to the bathroom. I tried to follow her but looking at me and said, “I want to take one by myself.” I went back over to the bed and sat there very nervous and listened to her turned on the water. She was in there for awhile and when I heard her turn off the water I waited impatiently for her.

It had felt so good and I wanted her to know everything would be okay, but hearing her open the door, I stood up as she emerge from the bathroom. She was wrapped in a towel and as she walked toward the bed, she was stil visible shaken as she sat on the bed. I asked if she was doing okay and nodding her head, I sat next to her. We didn’t say anything for a little bit and when I asked, “Do you want me to take you home?” There was a slight pause but she shock her head and said, “No.”

I gave her a hug and kissed her on the head and we sat there embracing each other. I again tried to tell her that everything would be okay, and as she nodded her she told me, “ I think i got it all out,” which seemed to make her feel a little more relaxed, not understand that there still was some cum in her.

After a lull in conversation, I hugged her again and asked if she wanted to get in bed? She nodded and Hope got in bed still wearing the towel, and moving into the middle of the bed, pulled the covers over her. I quickly went to the other side, and climbing in, i moved over beside her. We held each other, tangling our legs, getting as close as possible as we kissed.

Eventually, we fell asleep in each other’s arms for a little bit, but needing to pee, I woke up, and went to the bathroom. When I returned, Hope was awake and asked me where I went. I told her I just needed to pee as I climbed back in bed. Immediately, Hope inched closer to me and I could feel her trying to grope for my crotch in the dark as I lay next to her.

As we kissed I said, “I’m glad you’re doing okay.”

She nodded and as we kissed, I leaned into her, wrapping my leg over her legs, and grinding my cock against her, wanting to do it again. We did mess around for a little while but eventually we fell back asleep in each other’s arms again.

Later that night, I woke up to her feeling on my cock, which caused me to ask, “Whatchya doin?” Lifting the covers slightly I could see Hope was also fingering herself, obviously excited but it was getting late and I needed to get her home.

We ended up getting dressed, and left soon after. We stopped at a fast food restaurant to get something to eat, and before I dropped her off down the street from her house, we kissed and Hope told me thanks and said that she had a great time. I acknowledge her, she got out of the car, and as she closed the door, she waved good bye.

I watched as see headed down the street toward her house and when she looked back, I waved, and then pulled away, heading home. All the way home, I thought about what we had just done and worried if she might actually get pregnant. I didn’t hear from her for awhile and never again had the opportunity to be with her. Hope did visit the school where I worked a few other times, and we did speak to each other, but we never would hook up again.

I still fantasize about her and remembering it just like it was yesterday, and when I would masturbate, I would Hope that she would again want to be with me.

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Student Fantasy with Hope

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