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  1. My Mother the Porn Star
  2. Strict Mother, Loose Sister
  3. Mother's Proxy

Mother's Proxy

Categories Fiction, Hardcore, Incest, Male / Female

Author: Mystic47

Published: 07 January 2019

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“Sweetheart, we need to talk, please come here and sit.” My mother patted the cushion of the sofa, she sounded serious.

Until a few months earlier my mother was fresh, healthy, pretty and vibrant with laughter and a zest for live. But now she was anorexic thin and pale. She looked so tired she could hardly sit straight, my heart started bleeding again because of her sickness. She had been in the hospital for weeks teetering between here and gone until she showed enough improvement to be allowed to come home. We were still not sure she would survive past a few more weeks but she did not want to leave us from the hospital, she wanted to be home with her husband and two children beside her if she died.

I'm ashamed now to say that my brother and I always took her for granted, her and our father. They were objects in the house, part of the furniture, we paid them little attention or heed. I lived my life as I wanted and my parents only role was to supply me with food and shelter which they did seemingly with pleasure and love. Determined to make up for the years of indifference I sat beside my ailing parent “What momma, what do you want?”

“Renee, you're seventeen now, you've grown into an alluring, sexy young woman and I know you’ve known at least two boys intimately.”

My brain stopped working, how in hell did she know that!? I learned about sex maybe a year earlier and since the first time I fucked Jacob I let two other boys screw me. It's fun, I like the feeling of hard cocks pushing into me, I like how I can make them get so hot they'll do anything I ask just for the chance to fuck me. But her statement didn't bring up pleasant thoughts, it dropped a veil of doubt and dread over me. I thought briefly of denying any involvement with boys but I could see in her eyes she knew what the hell I'd been doing “I'm sorry momma, I just, uhh, just got carried away and......”

“Stop Renee, it's okay. I’m not mad, I’m not going to lecture you, call you names or make you feel ashamed. Sex is normal, it happens to everybody, it happens every day, every hour, every minute. Right now there are couples all over the world having sex, it's the nature of the beast and you shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed that you've taken the final steps to become a woman.” I didn't know how to answer her so I sat mute wondering what she wanted but I could feel my face flushing.

Mom leaned back on the sofa and sighed deeply with her eyes closed, she was still so long I started to panic “Mom, are you okay?”

She tilted her head toward me “I'm fine, I just need time to think. I have something to say, no, something to ask, and it is going to be very hard to do. Just give me enough time to get the words out in the best way.”

I was glued to the couch, nothing could have moved me until I heard what my mother had to say. I began to worry again that she was forming the final goodbye, putting her affairs in order before leaving. I didn't want to hear but I couldn't move, I was tense with fear as I watched her rest.

Mom opened her eyes again, looked at me and started “I love your father more than life itself, I love you and Brian as much if not more. There is nothing I wouldn't do for any of you and I hope that beneath your teenage girl exterior you feel the same about me.”

“I do momma” I mumbled awkwardly.

“Since I got sick I haven't been intimate with daddy one time, it's been over a year since we had sex. I miss it and I know he misses me even more because he is healthy and normal. I've tried to help him by offering myself but he doesn't want to use me, he won't even let me use my hand on him or give him oral sex. He thinks it would take too much of my energy and doesn't want to take chances. I tried to talk him into finding a girlfriend or even going to Evergreen Park and pay a woman but he won't. He won't fuck anybody else while I am here, he's keeping himself until I get better. You can't even know how much that gladdens my heart but depresses me at the same time. I worry for your dad and when he sneaks into the bathroom to masturbate I hurt for him. He does that two or three times a week and I cry when he does because I can't help.”

I was stunned into silence. My mother was telling me the most private things in my parent’s lives and she was using language I only heard in the halls at school. I managed to stutter quietly “Mom…. momma, why are you telling me this?”

She sat up straighter took a deep breath then began to blush red “I want you to seduce your father. I want him to be a man again and since he won't leave the house, I'm asking you to fuck him for me. Be my proxy Renee, give him what I can't, please?” I stared at the roses in her cheeks and only two thoughts entered my mind. The color in her cheeks was beautiful but her words were the ugliest I’d ever heard. I leaped from the sofa and fled.

I hid in my room for hours then left the house out the back door, I didn't want to see her. I met up with Walt my boyfriend and we drove out to Mindan Point to be alone. He was all over me, groping and feeling, trying to make out but I couldn't get into him, I had to think. Every time his hand went under my skirt or over a tit I pushed him away. He got insistent, I got mad. “Take me home goddamn it. If you can't keep your hands under control take me home” I demanded.

“Jeezus, what a fucking bitch! First you get me all fucking turned on then don't let me? I'm hard as fucking steel and my balls are going to explode. If you're bleeding just jerk or suck it, then my nuts won’t hurt.”

I refused to give him a job by hand or mouth so Walt finally drove me home. When I got out of the car I snarled “Goodbye asshole, go home and jack off.”

I spent the night in my room listening to Walt's words 'I'm hard as fucking steel and my balls are going to explode'. Did all men feel that when they couldn't get laid? I went to the only person I knew that would answer that question for me, my older brother.

“Brian, I need to ask you something.”

He looked up from his game console “What?”

“You’re fucking Angel, right?”

My brother's eyes widened in surprise but he didn't deny it, he almost boasted “Yeah, we been doing it for a while now.”

“So, what happens when she won't let you or is on the rag or something, do you whack it or anything? I mean if you don't get off somehow do your nuts hurt?”

My brother studied me intently for a few moments, I could see the wise-assed remarks forming in his mind but he judged my mood and stated normally “Yeah, when a guy gets horny and he can't screw or beat it his balls start hurting, sometimes almost so he can't walk.”


“I think so, at least that's what I hear in school when some guy can’t get any.”

“Mom is probably too sick to have sex with dad, do you think he could hurt too, or is he too old?”

My brother stared at me briefly “I don't know if there is an age limit on pressurized nuts.” He was looking puzzled when I turned and left his room.

I couldn't get my mom's request out of my head. I spent the next three days deep in memories and thought about my father. That I loved him was never in question, that I loved him enough to screw him was. I didn't avoid my mother but I also didn't talk to her. There was a wall between us, one I wasn't ready to breach.

Every time I was in the same room with my family I watched him. At first he was dad but slowly I stopped thinking of him as my parent and concentrated on seeing him as a man and in a few days, I began to see him with my mother's eyes. I'm not sure when my focus changed but I caught myself staring at the form of his ass or bulge of the manhood in his pants, not just once but with increasing regularity.

It was after midnight when I heard bare feet in the hall. Brian was out, mom only shuffled so I knew it was dad. I heard the hall bathroom door close and wondered why he would go there when my parents room had an adjoining bathroom. Then it dawned on me, he wanted more privacy, he didn't want mom to hear what he was doing. An image flashed in my mind; his erection in his hand while he pumped it dry, emptying his balls. My heart started slamming, I flushed with adrenaline as I got out of bed. My mind was a void, in a blank zone as I walked softly from my room to the hall. I opened the bathroom door quietly and saw him standing in front of the bowl with his underwear riding his ankles his ass prominent in my vision. Dads right arm was moving rapidly and I knew what he was doing. I stepped to his side and reached for his hard-on. When my fingers touched him, dad jerked his eyes open and moved away from me “Oh my god Renee, get out of here!”

His words snapped me back to reality but rather than flee I looked him in the eyes boldly and said “Not yet daddy, there's something I have to do.” I reached for his cock again and started stroking it with my fingertips, it was as hard as the three boys I had fucked. I stepped close to him, laid my head on his chest then started pulling it. I heard him moan softly then his right arm went around my waist. We held each other loosely while I fondled his erection. All of a sudden he cramped, gasped, then convulsed. The streams of cum gushing from the end of his cock coated my hand and dripped to the floor. When he stopped quivering I stepped away, avoiding his eyes I wiped my hand on my gown then hurried back to my room.

I couldn't sleep. I was ashamed of what I’d done. I was thrilled at what I’d done. The shape and size of my father's erection lingered on my fingertips, I studied the large wet smear on my nightgown wondering if I could touch him again.

Dad avoided me the next morning, as soon as I walked into the kitchen for breakfast he grabbed his coffee and hurried from the room. Mom watched him carefully then turned her head to me “He's embarrassed about last night but I know he is a lot less tense. What you did was the best thing for him, thank you.”

I wasn't as timid as I thought I might be “How do you know what I did?”

“I saw you when you left your room then stood by the bathroom door until I heard him finish. You must have used your hand or your mouth because I didn't hear sex.”

It all sounded so natural the way she talked, as if me jacking off my father was a normal extension of our relationship “I didn't want him to hurt any more momma so I helped him.”

“How much do you want to help him Renee, how far could you go to ease my mind and his tension?”

“Do you still think I should go all the way?”

My mother rested a weak hand on my arm “Yes. Please have sex your father, do it for both of us.”

I didn't run from my mother that time but I cautioned “I wouldn't want to get pregnant.”

“You don't have to worry about that, he had a vasectomy after you were born, he's harmless. You can seduce him without concern.”

With more assurance I asked “Should I wait for him to come to me?”

My mother thought for a few seconds “No, he never would, he would never violate you like that, he has to know you want him and are screwing him because you care for him.”

“I do care for him, for him and you.”

Two nights later I committed. Mom took her medicines then went to bed about 8:30, Brian was out with Angel so my father and I were alone and I noticed the hesitation or embarrassment to be near me no longer bothered him. It was as if I’d never touched him or he'd gotten over it. He was watching Tommy Lee Jones playing housemaid to a bunch of teen aged cheerleaders when I left to change into something more comfortable. When I came back I stepped to face him, blocking his view of the T&A movie.


His eyes focused on me then moved from my face, down my body then back to look into my eyes. I was wearing a black satin slip that came to no more than a couple of inches below my crotch and nothing else. Dad's eyes dropped to my legs, his gaze tickled my skin has he took in the view of what I was revealing. It was apparent he was unsure of what I had on my mind, “What is it baby?”

“Stand up.”

He looked at me for a long moment then stood from the couch. I reached for his belt and began to open it. Dad's left hand grabbed mine to stop what I was doing but I shook it off then pulled the zipper to its stop. When his pants flapped open I grabbed them on each side and pulled them down. He started to shake “Renee ----” but I cut him off by stepping close to him; I put a hand over his mouth to cut off the protest then the other hand into his briefs. While I fingered his cock it was growing rapidly in my hand. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back slightly and looked at me then repeated “Renee” but I didn't want to talk or explain. I'd been working up to seducing my father and I was ready to take him to the limit so I kissed him. He stopped resisting and his hands went around my back then under the short slip to discover I wasn’t wearing panties. He felt down the curve of my ass then began stroke the crack of my butt while I squeezed his erection.

I'd been thinking about fucking my father long enough that I didn't need a lot of foreplay or clumsy fumbling, I was wet and ready. When I felt he was fully aroused I stepped away took his right hand then led him to my room, he left his pants in a pile in the front room. At the bed I turned to face him then went to my back, my legs were hanging over the edge of the mattress. Dad stepped between my thighs then with no hesitation or apprehension, pushed his hot, throbbing muscle into me until our groins slapped.

Every time I thought about my mother's request I wondered how I would feel; what I would think, what I might become if I screwed my father. For days I brooded over the questions but curiosity, anticipation and eventually desire overcame my worries. As I lay there with his cock slipping in and out of my pussy I knew what I was doing was right. Right for dad, right for mom and every time his stomach rubbed on mine even right for me. I was getting hotter, more turned on. My stomach vibrated with thrills each time he pushed deep, I began to gulp for air as my body burned up oxygen with mounting pleasure. I lifted my feet from the floor and wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him tighter while he fucked me. My dad grabbed my hips and held me close while our groins collided. In the back of my mind I knew I was getting better fucked by my forty something father than any of the teen boys I'd screwed.

Dad gripped my hips tight then began to convulse, deep moans were forced from his lungs as his body cramped each time he pulsed a shot into my womb. When the cramps began he was watching me but after the second gush his eyes rolled up just before he shut them. He came in long wrenching surges, six times before he relaxed.

I was quiet, he was still between my legs. He pulled back and his cock slipped slowly and deliciously from me then I felt his discharge seep from my hole down the crack of my butt. He almost fell to the bed then pulled me up to lie next to him. His lips caressed my cheek “I love you Renee, I won't ever be able to tell how much you mean to me right now.”

I smiled into his eyes boldly “You don't have to daddy, I can feel what I mean to you right now, it's dripping down my ass.”

He turned serious and made a move as if to get up “I shouldn't have done this, I'm sorry sweetheart, I don't know what happened.”

I cupped his cheek with my hand, his beard stubble tickled the palm “It's okay, you don’t have to worry. I know what happened and can I can tell you if you want.”

The disturbed look faded then he grinned, chuckled and kissed me quickly on the lips. Dad felt between my legs caressing the lips of my body then put two fingertips into the pocket where my clit hides. He pushed on then tickled my button which had an immediate effect. I gasped, twitched my hips and clamped my hand over his arm so he couldn't move it.

For the next few minutes I didn't move while my father massaged my clit and fingered me to an orgasm. He built the lust in my womb swiftly and expertly until I arched off the bed and cried out my release. When I was done vibrating I managed to find enough energy to get off the bed to clean up. When I stepped into the hall I saw my mother standing in her bedroom door, I felt a surge of panic as she watched me. When I got close she reached out and gripped my arm then pulled me into a hug “Thank you girl, you have no idea what this means to me, now I know you love me and would do anything to show that. I can relax now knowing that your dad will be between good legs until I can screw him again.”

Reassured by her words, I admitted “I liked it mom, he did a good job of fucking me. Do you remember what he feels like, do you want me to tell what we did?”

She caressed my cheek then stroked my hair “Not now sweetie, maybe tomorrow after he goes to work. Right now you should go back because it only takes him about fifteen minutes to get ready for a long session. Go, take him into your bed, he has awesome stamina, he is magnificent when he can take his time.” She turned away and shuffled back to her own bed.

When I got back to the room the first thing I did was pull the black satin slip off and let my father look at all of me. 5’7”, 130 pounds, 35-25-36. At the tender age of seventeen I had a fully matured woman’s body. His eyes filled with the vision of his naked well-formed daughter while his cock filled with more hot blood. I pushed him to his back then swung a leg over his lap so the warm swollen lips of my vagina were kissing the head of his erection. I rocked my body slightly, tickling the end of his hard-on then slowly eased down. He penetrated me inch by erotic inch while watching my eyes. When I had him as far in me as he could get we began to roll our bodies, undulating against each other. I was filled with awe that I could get so fucking turned on by him, that what we were doing could feel so good. Dad pulled me down until I was lying on him, our stomachs rubbing, my breasts flattened on his chest. He put his hands on my ass, grabbed me tight then started screwing me in earnest, taking me on a flight of pleasure and rapture I had never before experienced.

I had a fast thrilling orgasm only a few minutes after we started. When I stopped quivering he rolled us over until I was tucked under him and he continued to fuck me without pause. My three boyfriends had never been able to get me off without blowing their nuts so when I climaxed and he didn't my heart swelled with ecstasy as his unceasing movement in and out of my body started building more pressure in my womb. I couldn't breathe, I needed more air but he was not giving me a chance to catch a breath as he continued to slide in, down and deep then pull up until the head of his cock was the only contact between us. Time froze still, time flew by, time had no definition as my blood reached its boiling point. I heard a girl cry out her passion somewhere in my room, I felt the long hard muscle between my legs cramping then again, my slit overflowed with his emission. My father moved me up the bed inches each time his balls pulsed. He pumped me so full with semen my womb swelled to overflowing.

He fell limply to my side and we lay still forever, sweating, cooling off. Eventually I got off the bed then tugged him up “You can't stay here you have to go back to mom, she's waiting for you.”

“I know sweetheart, I'll go as soon as my balls stop shaking.” He looked at me softly, lovingly, “I haven't gotten laid in a long time girl and that felt pretty good, I may want to come back.”

“Only pretty good? What a fucking insult” I said in mock anger. “If you want better than ‘pretty good’ you should come back and apologize to me; properly.” I dropped the fake ire, “Daddy, we can do this until mom is well and can have sex with you again.” I leaned against him caressed his left ear with my lips and offered “Think about that, lying between the long soft thighs of your hot, sexy teen daughter, your erection sliding in and out of her deep tender body until you cum. If that keeps you interested, I'll be your girlfriend until mom can be with you again. I’ll be right here and I won't just use my body or my hand, I promised her.” That was a promise I intended to keep. I sat back facing him then picked up his half hard cock, licked the end of it softly, looked up into his eyes and repeated “I promised.”

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Mother's Proxy

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