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Locker Room Hero Part 2

Categories True Story, Gay, Teen

Author: Carlos G.

Published: 07 January 2019

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I dropped down on my bed still replaying the afternoon over and over in my head.

I had spent the last week with Christian who was helping me learn to defend myself from school bullies. I was on my first year there and he was on his last so, for whatever reason, he took me under his wing. The fact that I had had a major crush on him since the first day of school was something I had not yet shared with him but there seemed to be no reason not to now.

After our last training session he had taking me to his house where he confessed that he had noticed me looking at him in the locker room and the showers. After that he let me give him a hand job and, after cumming in my hand, he told me, if I wanted to, I could do that for him "every once in a while".

The problem was that it was Friday and I'd have to wait till Monday to see him again. I didn't feel comfortable just calling him yet.

The entire weekend was filled with fantasies and dreams of Christian. Stroking his cock, licking it, sucking it, whatever the fuck he wanted. I didn't have a lot of experience but I was ready to do anything for him. Up till then the only things I had done with guys was the things curious boys do with their friends during sleep overs that they never speak of during the light of day. Mostly just rubbing on each other and stroking each other but nothing too intense. I was ready for more.

Finally Monday arrived and I couldn't concentrate on a goddamn thing all day. P.E was last period and my only period with Christian. I realized as I stepped into the locker room and saw him undressing that I wasn't sure how to act around him. Just three days before I had stroked his cock till he came. Turned out that I was worried for no reason as he gave me a big smile when he saw me.

"Hey Carlos!" he yelled and beckoned me over. "Have those asshole bothered you today?"

Holy shit! I hadn't even thought about them!

"Nope, I haven't even seen them today" Maybe my wish came true and they all perished in a fiery crash on their way to some heavy metal puke fest… or something”.

“Dude, you crack me up” he smiled, “So, you wanna come to my house again when we’re done training?”

“That would be awesome!” I said way too enthusiastically.

After a quick lesson we jumped in his car and hit the road. I was hoping this was gonna be like last time but I wasn’t sure how to, or even if I should, approach the subject. Once again I needn’t have worried.

Once again no one else was home and once again we went straight up to Chris’s room. One of the cool things about his room was that no other rooms were near it. His parents room was on the second floor too but it was on the opposite end of the house. His older brother had the only bedroom downstairs so no one ever heard anything that was going on in his room.

We played video games for a little while until I got up the nerve to bring up last Friday.

“Chris, I want to thank you for looking out for me with those assholes at school and taking the time to teach me to defend myself. Also…well… um… last Friday…uh…”

“It’s all good, man. Like I said, I used to be the kid getting picked on so it makes me happy to help. And as far as last Friday goes; I assume you haven’t done a lot of stuff with guys?”

I told him about my limited experience with friends but how I really hadn’t done anything major. He smiled at my nervousness. I had never said these things out loud before.

“Last week when I used my hand on you was really the most I’ve ever done.”

“Well,” he said, “You did a great job. Made me cum so that’s good”. He laughed a little and motioned for me to sit next to him on the bed. He told me about the first time he was with a guy and a few of the other guys he’s been with over the years. He said he still likes girls but, every once in awhile, he “likes something a little harder to play with.”

I couldn’t get over how casually he talked about sex with other guys. These days, if a young kids “comes out” as gay the whole town throws him a freakin’ parade, his mom gets an award and Ellen DeGeneres comes over and makes him lunch. Back then it was a different world.

“Listen,” he said, “We can totally do stuff and, as long as you don’t tell anyone, we can have a lot of fun.”

“I wanna do stuff, I won’t tell anyone and I want to do everything.”

He laughed again and stood up to undress to his underwear. He stopped and I realized he was waiting for me to do the same so I fuckin’ did the same. We laid down next to each other on his bed and he took my hand and started rubbing his cock thru his briefs. After a few minutes he took his hand away so I could just keep rubbing while he softly moaned.

“That feels fuckin’ awesome, man.”

I sat up a little so I could watch his bulge get harder under my hand. I was close enough to him so that our legs were touching and was just about to push my dick against him when he told me to lay flat on my back. As soon as I did he climbed on top of me and started grinding his cock against mine. I reached my hands around to his ass and felt it flex and relax and flex and relax as he pumped against me.


The feeling of his cock grinding against mine was more than I could take and I exploded into my underwear while squeezing his ass as hard as I could. He pressed down hard against me when I came and whispered yes yes yes into my ear until I was done. He slid off me, gave me a minute to catch my breath and then handed me some tissue. I slid my cum soaked underwear off and tossed them on the floor and used the tissue to wipe off my cock and stomach.

Christian waited for me to finish and then told me to turn over as he slid off his underwear. I thought for sure he was going to fuck me and I told myself that I wouldn’t stop him no matter what but that was not his plan.

“I’m not gonna go in,” he said, “I’m just gonna get off…”

He lay on top of me, slid his dick in between my ass cheeks and started rubbing it up and down. Basically he was massaging my asshole with the shaft of his cock and it felt awesome. I moved my butt up and down to match his rhythm as he moaned in pleasure. He’d say things like “Your ass feels so good” and “You make my cock so hard”. I couldn’t get enough. Knowing that I was the one making him say those things and feel that way made me so fucking happy. I even started to get hard again.

Chris dropped down completely on me as his thrusts started to become quicker and harder. His face was right next to mine and he slid his hands under my arms so they came up under my shoulders so he could pull me harder against him when he thrust against my ass. At one point I was sure his cock would just slide in with all his wild pumping and so much pre-cum.

“fuuuuuuuuckkkkkk” he groaned in my ear and suddenly my butt crack was filling up with his warm cum.

I clenched my ass cheeks.

“OH FUCK” he yelled as my ass gripped his cock and he collapsed all his weight on me. I was breathing almost as hard as he was and I realized I was smiling. The shaft of his cock pressed down against my asshole and it felt like there must be a gallon of his jizz in my crack. I wished he would just stay there forever.

He plopped down next to me and put his hand on my ass.

“Don’t move. Give me a second to catch my breath and I’ll clean you up.” He propped himself up on his side, facing me, and slid his finger between my ass cheeks. He started spreading his cum all over my ass. I know it seems odd but there was something very sweet, very tender about the way he did it. Like he was gently marking his territory.

“I like the way your ass glows when it’s covered with my cum.” He said.

He pulled a cloth out of nowhere, cleaned me up and we got dressed. We didn’t say much on the ride home but I was pretty sure I had that same smoky look in my eyes that he did. When we pulled up into my drive way he asked me if I had a good time. I smiled and told him it was awesome and that I can’t wait to do it again.

That night, in bed, I jacked off thinking about his cock sliding across my asshole and how it felt when he came. Except, in my fantasy, he turns me over and comes in my mouth. In my fantasy he comes in my mouth and then kisses me.

Christian wasn’t in school the next two days and didn’t answer any of my calls. I was starting to get a little worried when he finally called me back.

“Sorry, dude, been busy.” I was just glad he called me back

Dammit I’m starting to sound like a girl…STOP THAT!

“Listen,’ he said, “I won’t be back in school till next week but, if you want, you can spend the night Saturday.”

My pupils, once again, turned into little hearts.

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Locker Room Hero Part 2

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Comments (1)
Helpavet — 08 January 2019 00:34
So what happened Saturday night
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