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The Chauffeur (#15) Babies and a New Love

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob


Published: 09 January 2019

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The Chauffeur (#15) Babies and a New Love


Copyright 2019


I had just barely gotten out of the shower and was drying off when the bathroom door opened. There stood Darleen staring at me. She has a beautiful smile and a wonderful body. She steps into the bathroom, putting her index finger into her mouth sucking on it in an erotic manner.

“Hey Sexy. I met your wife on my way in here. She said she is fine with me having my way with you tonight.” Darleen says in her ‘come fuck me’ voice.

“You know, of course, I’m a bit older now, not quite as active and horny as before when we used to date.” I say, trying not to smile.

“Do you still drink the pineapple juice every day?” She says.

“Um, well yes.”

“Then I don’t believe it for a moment. You are still the same horny over-sexed man that I fell in love with after your divorce. I made a huge mistake letting you get away.” She says in a heartfelt manner.

“Your boss made me promise that you’ll be ok for work tomorrow. He said that I ‘can’t wreck you’ like he believes I used to do to you.” I say with a smile on my face.

“Oh, don’t worry about him. I fuck him too, He just doesn’t want me unable to continue to have sex with him in the conference room. He’s a bit kinky, but really he’s not even in your league when it comes to sex.” She says sauntering over towards me.

She grabs the towel pulling it to the floor. In just a moment, she is pushing me back into the shower. She is unzipping her dress as she apparently left her shoes outside the bathroom. Her dress hits the floor and I see that she has no panties on just a bra.

She reaches around and unsnaps the bra letting it hit the floor as well. She steps into the shower.

“Get me wet baby.” She says seductively.

She uses both hands to up my face and kiss me passionately, parting her mouth just a little to put her tongue inside of my mouth.

I remember how she used to smell and taste. It all came rushing back to me. My cock was already pointing at the ceiling. She leaped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. She was doing her best to impale herself on my hard cock without reaching down and putting it inside of her womanhood.

After an awkward moment, she achieved success. My rock-hard cock felt her wet wanton entrance to her pussy. I grasped both of her ass cheeks lifting her up and down on my cock.

It only took a few thrusts and I felt her already begin to spasm on my pelvis. I felt her pussy grasp my cock as if she was doing Kegel exercises. I had forgotten just how tight she was. My mind and body were really enjoying her once again.

I felt her body orgasm wave after wave while she was impaled on my dick.

The water felt as a nice contrast to her hot wanton pussy. I turned her around pushing her against the wall and began to thrust into her hard. She began moaning loudly.


“David, when you’re done there, you have a guest waiting in the living room. It’s Marcus. Should I go ‘entertain’ him until you’re finished?” Jill says sarcastically.

“Um, yes. That would be nice of you.” Was pretty much all my mind would allow me to say,

I hear the bathroom door close.

I think to myself, ‘Marcus’ why is he here? I shake my head telling myself that he’ll just have to wait.

I continue to fuck Darleen with all that I have. My brain reminds me of Dakota’s statement from earlier that she intends on ‘rocking my world’ with Darleen. I knew that this might just be a wonderful night.

I know that I still have strong feelings for Darleen. However, we parted as friends mostly because she didn’t see us going anywhere serious. I was freshly divorced and a bit gun-shy about getting right back into a romantic relationship. I just wanted to be a ‘man-whore’ at that point. Up until I met Jill and Dakota, no one had ever gone stroke for stroke with me in the sex department. However, now I have Jill, Dakota, Tina, Jennifer, and Diane. Here with Darleen, this might create a new wrinkle to my already complicated life.

At that very moment, I really didn’t care all that much about new wrinkles. I just wanted to enjoy our current entanglement.

I could feel her reaching one of her large, loud orgasmic peaks.

“OH DAVID, OH FUCK. I’VE MISSED THIS SO DAMN MUCH. FUUUUCCCKKKK MEEEE. GAWD DAMN I MISS THIS COCK!” She announces loudly. In fact, it was so loud that it seemed to echo off the walls of the bathroom.

I just kept thrusting into her with force. She was trying her best to gather herself as her orgasm was subsiding. However, I remembered one of my secrets of playing with her. I reached down from her ass cheeks using my fingers to spread her labia even wider and pulling her ass cheeks apart. I lifted her up higher and set her down on my cock, impaling her asshole.

“OH FUCK, FUCK ME. YOU ARE SO BIG. I’M CUMMMMMMING AGAIN!” Darleen announces once again.

I look into her eyes as she is spasming on my cock yet again. I feel her body splash my thighs with her love-juice. I thrust a couple more times into her very hard as my body begins to approach the impending orgasm of its own.

“OH, FUCK ME DARLEEN. I’VE MISSED THIS TOO.” I say as I shoot my entire load into her bowels. I shoot rope after rope into her. Once again, I’m seeing stars as I orgasm. I am staring into her eyes, but my mind is somewhere else. I just keep spasming into her.

Finally, after several moments, my mind begins to come back to the matter at hand.

I gently set her down on the floor. She cups my face kissing me passionately. We stand there in the shower kissing for several minutes. While I’m kissing her, I reach for the controls to turn the water off only to be directed to leave the water on. She has decided that she needs to wash our sex off, so we can play with Jill and Dakota in a few minutes. She doesn’t want her first playtime with either of my ladies to have my cum leaking out of her ass.

I smile, kiss her and step out of the shower, picking up my partially used towel. I begin to dry off. Just as I reach for the door knob, I hear Marcus announcing his own orgasmic peak, into what I assume is Jill’s talented mouth.

“Darling, I’ll see you in a few minutes.” I say to Darleen as I leave the bathroom.

I walk naked from the bathroom across the hallway to our master bedroom. I put on a pair of basketball shorts and a white tee shirt. No underwear. No shoes.

As I head down the hallway, I feel a pair of hands squeezing my ass from behind. Clearly it was Dakota. I stopped and spun around to say something cute to Dakota but to my surprise I see Diane.

“Um, hi. I didn’t know you were even here. Jill only told me that Marcus was here.” I said to her.

“Yes, I know. I came here with Marcus to beg for a job for him. You already know how I feel about you. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. He really needs a job. Mom said to him today that if he doesn’t get a job by the end of the month he has to move out.” Diane says to me in a heartfelt manner.

“I hear you have another member of the commune in the shower with you.” Diane says to me smiling.

“No, just an old girlfriend, before I met Jill, Dakota, Tina and everyone else.” I say to her standing in the hallway.

“Well, to me it sounded like she misses that wonderful cock you have.”

“Um, maybe. She’s the one lady that I can definitely say would give Dakota a run for her money on being sex-hungry.” I say with a cheeky smile.

“WOW! That’s big words. I’ve never met someone as sexually powerful as Dakota and you tell me this woman in the bathroom will rival her. David, David, David……you might just have your ass wore out when these two get done with you.” She says to me smiling the whole time.

I know she is right. I already struggle to keep up with Dakota but adding Darleen to the mix will really wear my ass out…. but in a good way.

I lean down to her and kiss her. I put my arm around her back and walk with her towards the living room.

Oddly, it wasn’t the scenario that I expected at all.

Jill was without pants riding Marcus’ face as he was sitting up on the couch and it was Dakota on her knees in front of Marcus giving him one of her delicious blowjobs.

Diane and I keep walking right past them as Jill gives me a wink.

I take Diane out to the TV room and sit on the couch with her.

She reaches over and tries to pull my shorts down, to give me a blowjob, supposedly for a job for her brother Marcus.

“Honey, don’t do that.” I say to her.

She looks up at me with a quizzical look on her face.

“Why not?” She asks.

“I’ll be happy to give Marcus a job. You don’t need to blow me or have sex with me to get that. Our play time is just that, PLAY TIME. There is no tit-for-tat. No quid pro quo. All you need to do my darling is ask. You don’t need to try an seduce me with sexual favors to get what you want. Do you understand?” I say to her in a serious tone.

“So, you don’t want me to give you a blowjob? But I thought that was why Jill taught me to get better at that?” She says in a worried tone.

She went on to say, “John says he loves my new technique that Jill taught me on how to properly give a guy a blowjob. Why don’t you want one? Did I do it so badly that you don’t want any more from me?” with her eyes filling up with tears.

“Darling, I want as many blowjobs, as much sex, as much twosomes, threesomes, and moresomes that you’re willing to be part of. What I am saying it that it doesn’t take you having some type of sex with me to get what you want. Marcus needs a job, no problem, we’ll find something he can do inside the company. Please understand, you are a beautiful woman. You don’t need to give sex to get what you are asking for. All you should have to do is ask, that’s all. Any one who expects quid pro quo then they are the wrong person to ask.” I say to her.

She gets up on her knees on the couch and kisses me. She wraps her arms around me and hugs me.

“David, may I also begin to call you Daddy? You’ve been more of a father to me in the short time that I’ve known you than the bastard of a man who ran out on Mom, Marcus, and me.” She says into my ear in almost a whisper.

“Darling, I would be honored if you began calling me Daddy.”

Once again, I hear another orgasmic peak coming from the living room, but this time it’s from Jill. I don’t even need to turn around. I know my wife’s beautiful orgasmic sounds.

“There you are.” Darleen says to us.

“Diane, this is an old girlfriend of mine Darleen.” I say giving introductions.

“Well, David, I’m not sure I like the ‘old’ part, but former girlfriend would be a better deion.” She says to Diane and me.


Darleen just stood there not sure what her next move was to be. Join Diane and me on the couch or head back into the living room and join the Marcus group.

She chose to climb onto the couch.

Odd though, she hadn’t put any clothes on. She was just as naked standing in our TV room as she was in the bathroom.

Darleen asks, “David, is your tongue just as educated as it always has been?” smiling the whole time she asks.

“Oh yes, it is. It makes me cum every time it touches me.” Diane says.

“Then lay your head back lover, I’m in need of a good licking.” She says to me smiling.

That gave Diane direction to pull my shorts off. She made herself naked as well before she climbed on top of my hard cock.

As we began, I heard another orgasmic pinnacle from the living room. Marcus was hitting a peak once again.

The doorbell rang.

Dakota announced that she would get the door.

I heard the door open and a voice ask, “Is Diane here?”

I knew it was John immediately.

“Daddy, John’s here.” Dakota announces.

“Let him in. I’m back here in the TV room.”

It only takes a moment before I hear John saying hello. He just stands at the entrance to the TV room watching his girlfriend riding my dick.

“John, why don’t you get naked and join us?” I ask.

“Darleen, this is John, Diane’s boyfriend.

“Nice to meeeeeeeeet you, Johhhhhhnnn.” Darleen tried to annunciate during an orgasm.

John says to me, “Sir, Diane told me that she was coming over here to blow you to get Marcus a job. And, now here you are fucking my girlfriend. What am I supposed to think?”

I stop licking Darleen much to her chagrin. “John, Diane did come over here with the intentions to blow me to get Marcus a job. Yet, I stopped her. I don’t give out jobs for sex. Business is business and playtime is playtime. I thought we had that discussion already.” I say to him.

“Well, I’m not sure what I am supposed to be thinking. I love hanging out with you, but she said she wanted to start calling you Daddy. What the fuck?” John says in a confused voice.

“John, come over here and sit down a moment.” I say to him. He follows my directions.

“John. Diane thought the same as you that I’m giving out jobs for sex. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no quid pro quo here. She asked me to help Marcus by giving him a job. However, she thought just as you did now that she would have to do something for me to help Marcus. I don’t know what Marcus’ experience is but I’m sure he can work in the call center with you. Which by the way I hear from Donna that you are being considered to become a team lead. That’s a great step! I’m proud of you. Diane, like you, is just learning. She asked me if she could start calling me Daddy, because she said that I’ve been more of a Father to her in the few months that we’ve known each other versus the guy that ran out on her, Marcus, and their Mother. She doesn’t want me to get her pregnant, like Dakota and Tina.” I say without thinking.

Darleen speaks up, “Dakota and some other chick want you to get them pregnant?” She says with a surprise in her voice,

I close my eyes for a moment, thinking to myself ‘stupid, stupid, stupid’.

“John, now take those pants off. Darleen would like you to fuck her silly.” I direct.

Darleen has a puzzled look on her face until John sheds his pants and she sees his huge cock rock hard. She nearly pushes me off the couch trying to get over to John.

I must hold on to Diane to keep her from falling off my crotch as Darleen gets over to him.

John picks Darleen up, turning around putting her on the couch and begins pushing his cock deep into her. She begins moaning instantly.

Diane leans into my ear, “Daddy, do you know how much I love you too?” She asks with her heart in her eyes.

“Yes, baby doll, I do know. Just be good to John. He’s trying his best to be a good boyfriend to you.” I say to her.

Diane leans her head into my chest as she keeps riding my cock. She is continually squeezing my cock with her velvety smooth pussy muscles. I feel wave after wave rolling though her young body.


I thrust up into her as deeply as I can reach. I feel her cervix touch the tip of my bulbous head. This sensation makes me reach my own orgasmic pinnacle.

“OH, FUCK DIANE. YOU ARE INDEED MY BABY. I LOVE YOU TOO.” I say loudly as I reach my peak.

As I am orgasming, I feel a pair of lips on the back of my neck. My mind is in a blur now, so I must wait until I regain my senses.

John is really putting his cock deep into Darleen. She is clearly in an orgasmic frenzy.


He happily obliges. He begins really pounding into her. I was pretty sure the loud slap of his balls hitting her ass could be heard all the way out to the street. I had never seen him in this much of a sexual orgasmic frenzy. Darleen had indeed only gotten better with time. I see copious amounts of sweat forming on John’s forehead and neck.

Diane, still on my cock, just stared at him. I couldn’t read her well enough if she was envious of what John was doing to Darleen, or worried that John would look to someone other than her for companionship? Maybe she was thinking that she wanted to be able to get John to that sexual frenzy. I really didn’t know. She is so young, and still learning about life she’s occasionally tough to read.

Once again Darleen reaches her peak, “FUCK ME STUD. KEEP THAT BIG HORSECOCK DEEP INSIDE OF ME. MAKE ME YOUR SLUT.” She announces loudly.

Listening to Darleen made me forget for a moment that there was someone else kissing my neck from behind me.

I reach up behind me expecting to feel Dakota kissing me.

Not the case.

I turn my head to see John’s mom Jennifer. “Hello Lover. I thought I’d drop by when I heard that John was coming over here. Clearly you have added to your commune.” She says chuckling.

I pull her down to me, kissing her passionately as we hear John announce his orgasmic pinnacle.

“OH, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE” He says loudly. Just to be cute, Jennifer grabs John’s ass and gives it a squeeze. He didn’t even act like he felt it, but then again, when you’re in your orgasmic peak very little matters.

“Hey Darling, may I join everyone?” Jennifer says in my ear.

“Of course. You don’t even need to ask, just show up and get naked.” I say smiling.

I know how Jennifer feels about me. I allow her to be different things or personas without the fear of hurting her physically or emotionally. She clearly understands that this is all just consensual play.

It doesn’t take long before Jennifer is naked and kissing Diane, her assistant. She is standing next to us. She pulls Diane’s face into her chest. I reach out and put two fingers inside of Jennifer. Her pussy is sopping wet already. I’m guessing that the drive over here got her worked up, thinking about playing with us again.

Marcus, Dakota, and Jill now come into the TV room. Dakota takes her natural place right next to me on the couch rubbing my chest with her soft delicate hands. Jill begins kissing John as he keeps his large cock into Darleen as she is almost continually orgasming. Her moans are basically one long moan.

Marcus on the other hand doesn’t seem to know what to do. I direct him to kiss Darleen and put his cock into her mouth.

He obliges.

Dakota whispers in my ear, “You still love me right Daddy?”

“Of course, I do Darling. I told you that I will always love you. You’re carrying my baby, and you are my baby.” I say, without thinking who is present.

I see Marcus and Darleen’s head snap around to look at me. I close my eyes for a moment telling myself that was just stupid. Dakota should have been the one to announce that, not me.

I gently stop fucking Diane who is now orgasming on my dick once again. When she regains her senses, I lift her gently off my cock.

I stand up, gently asking Dakota to follow me, which she does.

I head into the living room. I sit on the couch.

“Darling, I’m sorry for announcing that you’re pregnant with my baby in front of everyone. That should have been your choice to make. I said it without thinking. Please forgive me.” I ask in a heartfelt manner.

“Daddy, everyone knows you and I have made a baby. I’ve not been keeping this a secret. I’ve only told our play circle, no one else.” She says to me.

I lean into her kissing her passionately.

“I’m not sure that Marcus knew that. When I said something, his head snapped around.” I say.

“Daddy, it’s my turn to tell you a secret. Want to know it?” She asks with her devilish grin.

“Of course.”

“I think that Tina is going after Roger. She’s referred about him all week. Now that Donna and he are broken up, I think she’s going to make a play for him. She really thinks he’s hot. She keeps saying that she is terrified that she screwed up with you. I tell her she is imagining things, but she is dead set on trying not to disappoint you any further.” Dakota explains to me in a sobering tone.

I pull her on top of me. She wraps her lithe little legs around my back, wraps her arms around my neck and leans in for a very erotic kiss between two lovers.

“Daddy, I love you, but I have a big favor to ask of you. I’ve been worried about asking you.” She says to me as we break from our kiss.

“Just go ahead and say it. We don’t have any secrets.”

“Next week, I don’t want have sex with the Jaxson’s. Bob is really a lousy lover and Melanie…. well, she’s never really taken to me. I think she just tolerates me because of Bob and his fetish to be with a younger woman.” She tells me with her heart in her eyes.

“Darling, you do not have to have sex with anyone. Everything we do is consensual. If you don’t want to have sex with them, then you don’t have to.” I tell her.

I pull her into me. She whispers in my ear, “Thank you Daddy. I love you so much.” We kiss and hold the kiss for several minutes. Our mouths parting slightly to allow our tongues to do the dance of love.

My cock begins to stir. I still haven’t figured it out, but something about Dakota just gets my body going every time. She reaches down pulling my cock to her sex entrance. “Daddy, fuck me please.”

I lift her up and put her down on the couch. My cock is positioned at her entrance. I push into her slowly. She is so very wet. I push all the way into her in one gentle thrust. Grasping her ankles, I put her feet over my shoulders allowing me better access to her womanhood. I’m thrusting in and out repeatedly.

She begins moaning almost instantly. “OH, DADDY, YOU FILL ME UP SO WONDERFULLY. I’M YOURS FOREVER. YOU’RE GOING TO BE A GREAT DADDY. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.” She says to me. I push myself as deep into her as possible.

It in only a few thrusts into her before I feel my own body alerting of the impending orgasm.

I thrust as deep into her as I can push saying, “DARLING, I DO LOVE YOU. I’M CUMMING INSIDE OF YOU RIGHT NOW. DO YOU FEEL ME?”

“OH YES, DADDY. YOU FEEL SO BIG. I FEEL ALL THAT WONDERFUL SEED YOU ARE FILLING ME WITH. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU.” Dakota exclaims to me with tears beginning to run down her face.

We stay like that for several minutes as we both try and regain our composure.

Jill walks into the living room to join us. I hear Darleen continue to get pounded and her continual orgasming.

I say to Jill, “Is John still working on Darleen?”

“Actually, no, now its Marcus. John moved over to Diane. He’s got her impaled on his dick with Jennifer sitting on Darleen’s face.” Jill tells me.

“Wow! That sounds like fun to watch. But I’m glad you joined us in here.” I say to my gorgeous wife.

“Dakota, if you don’t mind, I would like to fuck my wonderful hubby.” She says with a smile on her face.

Dakota smiling, gets off my dick. She is sated for now, at least.

Jill now gets on her back on the couch and pulls her legs wide apart. I step between them putting my still hard cock at her entrance. I push directly into her my entire length. She is so very wet that reaching my depth is very easy.

I hear my phone buzz in the kitchen. Dakota gets up to go get it.

I’m putting my dick into my wife as much as I can. I’m thrusting in and out of her repeatedly picking up speed with each thrust.

It doesn’t take very long for Jill to reach an orgasm. I feel her squirting her woman juice on my thighs. I smell her sex. I am deeply in love with her.

Dakota walks over to me handing me my phone and says “Read it. It’s important.”

I take the phone. Jill unplugs herself from my cock to read the text.

It is from Dr. Ronda. It reads: Checked the paternity of Jill, Dakota, and Tina. Dakota is the only one you are the Father of. Tina’s ectopic pregnancy is by someone other than you. The test came back as Caucasian, but not you. Jill’s pregnancy shows Hispanic origin. Call me when you get a chance.

I see the wheels in Jill’s head turning. She’s trying to think back to a Hispanic guy she had sex with. Tina’s issue on the other hand, made me think of the two Italian guys who raped her at Sasha’s doing.

Dakota leans into me saying, “I’m so happy we created a baby.” Smiling from ear to ear.

Jill sits quietly. I ask, “You look really pensive. May I help?”

“David, you have been really wonderful about this whole thing me being pregnant and you still wanting to marry me. I know you love me, but I’ve been seriously thinking that I want to abort this baby. I want your baby, not some random guy that I don’t know. I love you. I see Dakota loves you. I want your OK to do this.” She tells me in a very heartfelt manner.

“Darling, you don’t need my blessing or agreement. I love you. I want you to be safe and happy. I agree to be by your side no matter what you decide. If you want to keep it, I’ll raise it as my own child. If you decide to abort it, then I’m here for you as well. Please don’t ever forget we are one family.” I say to her.

Dakota leans in and puts her arms around both of us saying, “One Family”

“OK, then if you aren’t against it, then I’ll call Dr. Ronda tomorrow and set it up. Hopefully she will do it. I’m at 14 weeks and some doctors don’t like doing it past 12 or 13 weeks.” She tells me.

The orgy in the TV room continues to rage on. Dakota, Jill, and me look out at the whole lust of the flesh going on. Marcus is really putting it to Jennifer. John has moved back to Darleen and Diane is riding Darleen’s face grinding her sex down hard onto Darleen’s waiting tongue.

I ask, “Do we tell Tina what we know?”

“No way” says Dakota.

“Absolutely!” Says Jill.

Great, I think to myself. No agreement.

Dakota begins to explain first, “I think it’s Dr. Ronda’s job to tell her. If any of us tell her before Dr. Ronda she will feel even worse than she already does. I told you Daddy, she thinks she failed you.”

Jill nods her head in agreement saying, “I had not thought of that. I was just thinking that since we are all talking about being one family, that’s what a family does come together during tough times. However, Dakota is right. It’s Dr. Ronda’s job not ours. We just must be close by to reassure her that we all still love her, and she has not failed anyone. She is loved by all of us.”

We all nod in agreement. I kiss each one of my ladies.


As I woke up the next morning, I felt like a train had run over my ass. I glanced at my bed mates to find Darleen on one side and Jill on the other side.

I sat up and quietly slipped out of bed to go pee.

Once I was done, I put on a pair of shorts and left the master bedroom.

I peeked into Dakota’s room seeing Marcus in her bed. They were all snuggled up.

I peeked into Tina’s room to see John and Diane all snuggled up.

So far only one unaccounted for. Jennifer.

The living room couch was empty. I found her naked body on the TV room couch. I picked up a blanket from our TV room closet and put it over her. She opened one eye, reaching up to pull me down to her. I kiss her. She moans in my mouth. “Last night was wonderful Darling. I am so envious of Jill and Dakota. They get you all the time. I only get you occasionally.” She says in her sexiest voice.

“Darling, do you really mean that?” I ask.

“Well of course I mean that. Why do you ask?” She says to me.

“Because I may have a solution.”

“What are you saying? Jill isn’t divorcing you, is she?” Jennifer asks with a bit of worry in her voice.

“No, no…. nothing like that. She loves me more than anything. No, Jill and I are moving in two weeks, when we all return from the east coast trip.” I tell her.

“Where are you moving? I hope not far away.” She says with a bit of urgency in her voice.

“No Sindee, nothing like that. No, instead Jill and I have acquired a rather large house that you and John could move into if you want to. Or, if you want to see John mature even more let him stay where he is taking over the job of keeping a house up, doing his own laundry, cooking for himself, vacuuming, doing dishes, grocery shopping, stuff like that. I think it would be wonderful for his development. Hell, maybe even Diane could move in and keep him under control as sort of a ‘married’ couple.” I explain to Jennifer.

“Fuck David, that’s a wonderful idea. However, I don’t want to be a burden on you or Jill or your girl Dakota. Tell me more about his house please.” Jennifer says.

“Um, what day is it?” I ask not sure what day it is.


“Oh, fuck.” I look at the clock. While it’s only 11am, I still need to get ready for the ‘closing’.

I kiss Jennifer and get up from the couch.

I hustle down the hall to the master bedroom, pulling out clean clothes to put on after my shower. I also grab my cell phone. I head into Dakota’s room, gently shaking her trying to wake her.

“Darling, can you call for a car for me. I must go to the closing at Mark Newberg’s. I have to be there by 1.” I say with a bit of urgency.

I use my phone to call Agent Fernandez to make sure he will be at the closing at Mark’s office. He assures me he will be there about 12:30 and position a couple of other agents in another office waiting for his signal. I ask if he coordinated with Lt. Horowitz, he assures me he has, and everything is ready.

I get into the bathroom and begin showering. I hurry through the shower as quickly as possible. I hear the bathroom door open, then my shower door open and see a beautiful naked Jennifer joining me in the shower.

“Jen, darling I don’t have time now to fuck you silly. I’ve got a closing in a short while. You’re welcome to join me if you would like.” I say to her rinsing my hair from all the shampoo.

“Darling I’ve not seen you this wired up. What’s going on?” She asks me.

“Nothing. I just want this to go smoothly. There’s a whole lot riding on it.” I say to her not wanting to tell her anything about the FBI or the Police.

We take a rather quick shower. I get out first and she is just moments behind me.

While we are drying off, I kiss her passionately promising to play with her later after the closing.

I leave the bathroom and head back into the master bedroom to get dressed. I put on long dress slacks, a Cuban style shirt, belt, socks and dress shoes. I grab about $500 out of the fire box and head back down the hallway.

I see Jennifer in the living room putting panties on. Zipping up her skirt and tucking in her shirt. She puts the heels on that she shed when she got here last night that were sitting just inside the front door.

I think to myself just how beautiful she is. I don’t want to put Jill or Dakota in harms way. Not that I want Jennifer to be in harm’s way, but with Jill and Dakota being pregnant I don’t want to risk it at all.

I see Fred pull up with a mid-size limo with all black windows. I grasp Jennifer’s hand and head out the door. Fred has the back door open and waiting for us.

I tell him we’re heading back downtown to Mark Newberg’s office again and we MUST be there before 1:00. He says he will get us there as fast as he can. I think to myself that I was stupid not having Dakota set this up for me in advance.

As we drive quickly through Friday traffic, I begin to tell Jennifer about the house.

“It’s 28,000 square feet. 20 bedrooms and 31 bathrooms. The asking price was 188 million, but we made an offer for less than 40 million and they took it. I required that the owners show up to the closing and not send their lawyer or legal representative. I want to speak to them personally about the property.” I tell Jen.

“Wait, you’re telling me you got a 188-million-dollar property for about 25 cents on the dollar? Who are these idiots?” She asks.

“A couple of desperate brothers. They need the money and I want their property.” I tell her not admitting to what is in store for them.

We arrive at the Kraft building about 12:40. We head inside. Jennifer says she is impressed by this building. I tell her just wait, it gets better…. much better. I stop at the security desk and ask if a couple of Russian guys have arrived for Mark Newberg’s office yet? He tells me no. I ask him not to say anything because I didn’t want anyone to know that I was running late. He smiles acknowledging he knew what I meant, even though he really had no clue.

Jennifer and I head to the 38th floor. She turns around in front of me and kisses me. I put my arms around her and kiss her back.

The bell dings for our floor. We break from the kiss.

We walk to Mark’s office. We go inside. I see Mark waiting for us. “Where’s Jill? Isn’t she coming?”

“No, she’s not feeling well. Are my guests already here?” I ask cryptically.

“Yes, your guests are all here, 22 of them to be exact. They brought a woman to take our receptionist place. They are scattered around to look like a normal office. Horowitz and Fernandez are in the conference room. I called the brothers and checked with them to make sure that they will be here at 1pm or the deal will be off. I stressed that they had to be here to properly sign the documents due to the high amount of money changing hands. They said they would be here with their attorney. The brother’s names are Isaac and Vladimir Petrovosky. They said they have a 4pm flight out of LAX. I told your guest this already.”

I hear the elevator ding and two rather large guys get off the elevator. Both guys have similarities. They stride into the office requesting to see Mark Newberg.

“I am Mark. Are you the Petrovosky brothers here for the closing on your property?” He asks them.

“Yes” one of them says with a hard-Russian accent

“Well, gentlemen, this is David Greene, the man buying your property.” Mark says.

I reach out to them and shake each of their hands.

“Who is the bimbo?” One of them asks.

“This is my wife, Jill” Thinking that they probably checked on me and already know my wife’s name is Jill.

Mark ushers us into a conference room where Horowitz and Fernandez are already waiting. The brothers ask who are these guys.

I explain that this is Horowitz and the other one is Jay Fernandez my legal representatives. They look at the two of them and decide to sit down.

Mark offers coffee, water, or something to drink.

“You got any Vodka? Russian Vodka, none of that crappy American stuff.” One of them says in their deep Russian accent.

Jennifer grasps my elbow. She senses something is up. She keeps a straight face.

Mark leaves the room to ‘go get’ the paperwork and the notary.

He returns with an attractive young lady, maybe mid-30’s and introduces her as the notary. He calls her Donna Smith. I think to myself, nice generic name.

Mark has quite a stack of papers. He begins by handing each of us new pens to sign with. He hands the brothers several paperclipped papers that have the red tags that say, ‘sign here’. He marked the Russian spots with red tabs and my part in green tabs. Of course, the notary’s spots were highlighted in yellow tabs.

It takes about 45 minutes for all of us to get through the signing of the papers. When it came time for the exchange of money, I pulled an envelope out of my shirt pocket. I told them inside was a cashier’s check for them. They both smiled.

They greedily grabbed the envelope. I see Horowitz and Fernandez subtly reach for their pistols.

The brothers rip open the envelope and pull out the check.

It says: Pay to the order the sum of ONE DOLLAR.

They look confused. They begin yelling about what kind of joke is this.

Suddenly the conference room door busts open and several FBI officers rush in with their pistols already drawn. I grab Jennifer pushing her against the wall and stand in front of her acting as a shield to protect her.

The brothers stupidly take a swing at a couple of the officers who bounce their head off the conference room table. Special Agent Fernandez introduces himself to the Petrovosky brothers as the agent in charge of the FBI. Our other special guest, Lt. Horowitz introduces himself as well. Lots of guns drawn, none by the Petrovosky brothers though. They did have weapons, but never got the opportunity to unholster them.

Once they were in cuffs, I asked Agent Fernandez if I could say something to them. He tells me to say whatever I want as they won’t be leaving Federal prison for about 30 years only to go to California prison for another 30 years.

“Hey you dumb fucks. You tried to pull some shady shit in my company. I already own your stupid property. You gave it to me when you sold Happee, Happy Limo. I own all your property and underground businesses. The recording studio, the pharmacy group, the race tracks, the limo company, the porn studio and now even your prize home. I got it all because you were to busy trying to so some shady shit. Think about that when you are sitting on your husband’s fat dick or some thick brother is knocking out your teeth to get a better blowjob. Enjoy prison bitches.”

I turn away from them as the FBI and Lt. Horowitz walk them out to a waiting 15 or 20 agents.

Agent Fernandez walks back in and hands me an envelope saying, “I really didn’t think you could pull this off. However, I’m so happy you did. Taking them down will close a lot of open cases. This is the reward for bringing them to justice. If they are convicted and you agree to testify there’s another check waiting for you.” He tells me smiling the whole time.

“Out of curiosity, what tipped you off to them?” He asks.

“Sasha. She was a sadist, but she wasn’t smart enough to be the brains behind all of this. I just looked around. When Mark showed me the property that they had for sale that was owned by Tulip Production, which I already owned, I figured that they were the ones behind the whole scheme.”

I open the envelope. I pull out the check. Pay to the order of David Greene One Million Dollars. On an FBI embossed check.

Jennifer gasped. Whispering in my ear, “Holy Fuck.”

I shook Agent Fernandez’s hand and thanked him. I told him to just get in touch with me if he needs me for anything further.

He leaves the conference room. I turn to Mark Newberg asking for the keys to my new home. He hands me a large key ring with about 40 or 50 keys on it. I turn to Jennifer asking her if she wants to go see the new home. She says yes.

I am too wired up. I need to settle down and going to see the new home will be just the thing. Jennifer pushes me against the conference room wall kissing me passionately whispering in my ear, “Darling, are you sure you want me to come live with you, Jill, and Dakota?”

“Absolutely! C’mon let’s go see if there’s enough room for you to find a place in our new little shack.” I say smiling from ear to ear.

We ride down the elevator together. Fred is waiting out front. The security guy asks me if my company is hiring as he has been given his notice that they are being bought out. I write down Roger Johnson’s phone number telling the security guy to call Roger today and tell him that David Greene sent you. He thanks me. Jen and I head out to the limo.

Fred closes the door. He asks where are we headed. I hand him a paper with the address on it. He says he remembers this place when we were seeing property with that Brooks fella. I agree, thinking to myself, this guy is sharp and has a great memory. Maybe we need to find out if there’s a better place for him in our organization.

The drive to the new property takes about 45 minutes. We pull into the new home in Beverly Hills.

I open the door before Fred has an opportunity to get to it. Jennifer steps out and gasps.

“How big is this fucking thing?” She asks. I note that the apple of John using the fuck word didn’t fall far from the source.

I smile telling her that it’s 20 bedrooms and 31 bathrooms sitting on 30 acres. It has two guest houses, each one two bedrooms just in case we can’t find you a room of your own in the main house. Two pools, three kitchens, a garage that houses 20 vehicles and a courtyard that holds an additional 30 vehicles. A fully stocked wine cellar, tennis court, a game room, a video room, an exercise room, several bonus rooms, three master suites, 285-degree view from inside the home plus other amenities. Would you like to go inside?”

“Does Sindee love sex with her Master?”

I just love the way she talks. I kiss her, and we head inside. I ask Fred to join us, he accepts.

When I get to the front door, I must take a few minutes and several tries to figure out the front door key. Once the door opens, Jennifer gasps once again.

“Fuck, David. I’ve never even seen a home this luxurious. This is like my idea of what a home in Heaven looks like.” She says as she is swirling around in a circle trying to see everything.

I tell her to just feel free to explore until her hearts content. I direct Fred to look around also.

I go a different direction looking at things making mental notes.

I text Mark Newberg and ask if he can pull the blue prints on the mansion. I don’t want to miss anything because I haven’t discovered it. He texts me back that he will have them by Monday. I thank him.

I was thinking about the million-dollar check from the FBI. My instinct is to hold a party for the agents that worked on this case. I would cater it with high end cooking, wine, but no debauchery while they were here.

I pull out the envelope from my pocket looking at the check once again. Yes, I am proud of myself for pulling this off.

I text Jill letting her know that we own the house in Beverly Hills now and we probably should spend the weekend over at the new place making notes, picking bedrooms. I also told her that I invited Jennifer to come stay with us letting John take over the home where he is currently living. Allowing him to learn how to take care of himself and what it takes to run a home. She thought it was a wonderful idea all around. She also said that she really likes Jennifer and would be happy for her to join us and the new commune.


We spend more than two hours looking at the new home. On the ride back to the house, I decide that we will call the new home “The Commune” taking Jill’s joke to a whole new level.

We end up getting into Friday ‘go home’ traffic and it sucked. We moved along 101 at a snail’s pace. I asked Fred if there was a faster way using the surface streets. He took my suggestion and exited the 101 freeway. The surface streets seemed to move much faster, however hitting red lights slowed us down a bit as well.

“Darling, what would you like for supper?” I asked Jen.

“Well, you if you’re one the menu. But if you mean food, how about a nice steak? Other than you I haven’t put any meat in my mouth for a couple of days.” She says smiling to me and caressing my thigh.

For the very first time, I notice Fred glancing back at us through the rear-view mirror.

I call Jill and ask the same question. She really didn’t have an answer. I suggested that we all head to Outback again as we enjoyed it the last time we were there. She agreed. I directed her to have Dakota call for a car for everyone. I said that Jennifer and I would meet them at the same Outback that we went to before.

“Hey, is everyone still there or did some go home?” I ask Jill.

“No, everyone is still here. I haven’t heard from Tina though.” Jill says.

“I’ll call her. Hopefully, she’ll pick up.”

“OK. We’ll meet you there in about an hour.” Jill says before hanging up.

I dial Tina. Roger answers the phone.

“Roger? Is everything OK?” I say worried that something has happened to Tina.

“David, everything is just fine. Tina spent the night here with me. I hope that is OK with you?” Roger asks.

“Roger, it’s perfectly fine. How did last night go? Did you see any condos that interested you?” I ask trying to stop myself from asking the obvious question.

“Absolutely! There are two that I’m really interested in. One is a second-floor walkup. Really nice neighborhood. Good schools, shopping nearby, easy commute to our office. The second one is a third-floor corner unit. Stunning view. Three bedrooms. Again, wonderful neighborhood, nice schools, shopping nearby as well. Oddly, the three-story is less money than the first one.” Roger explains.

“David, I need to talk to you about something. It’s personal, but I want to get this off my chest, so please hear me out.” He says in a serious demeanor.

I know what’s coming before he even begins.

“I think Tina is falling in love with me.” He starts.

“I know she is.” I reply.

“Well, I’m really into her. I hope that doesn’t change our friendship nor risk my role with your company, but I would like to ask if it would bother you if she moved in with me?”

“I think that would be a FABULOUS idea. It really helps solve several things for you. First, Tina is beautiful. She’s ebony, so your Mother will approve. She’s a great assistant to Jill. And……I think that you and her would make a great couple.” I say to him with happiness in my voice.

“However, do you know that she has an odd pregnancy? She’s really upset about it.” I gently ask.

“OH, yes. I know about the ectopic pregnancy. She’ll get through it. We have an appointment with your friend Dr. Ronda on Tuesday. The doc will put her in the hospital for 2 days and remove the pregnancy. Doc tells me that she’ll be just fine and not to worry.” Roger says

“That’s wonderful Roger. I am so very happy for you and Tina. By the way, your friend Agent Fernandez was a huge hit today. You should call him. He has a great story for you about the Petrovosky Brothers. They were taken down today.”

“Really? Law enforcement have been after those two for a couple of years now. That’s great to hear. I’ll call Jose right after we hang up.” Roger says.

I thank him and wish him and Tina well again as we end the call.

I text Dakota: Tina is moving in with Roger Johnson. You, of course, were right again!

Dakota texts back: Well, Daddy I’ll see you shortly!

I sit back resting my head on the back of the seat. Jennifer leans into me putting her head on my chest, caressing my neck and ear.

In my head, I am hoping that Dakota tells Jill about Tina and Roger. I’ll ask them at dinner.

The drive is only a few more minutes until Fred pulls into the Outback parking lot, stopping in front of the entrance door. He gets out opening the door for Jennifer and me to exit and go inside the restaurant.

Suddenly, I’m not sure how many people are coming. I think to myself, John and Diane, Jill and Dakota, Marcus and Darleen, Jennifer and me. Is that everyone?

I ask for a table for 8. She assures me that they will have one available in about 15-20 minutes. I ask if we could wait in the bar, she tells us that would be fine and hands us one of those vibrating coasters to tell us when our table is ready.

I take Jennifer’s hand and walk her to the bar. I pull out a bar stool for her. She climbs on to it, thanking me. I sit in the one next to her.

“What would you like to drink?”

“May I have a strawberry daiquiri? I haven’t had one in a while.” She says to me.

“Darling, with me you can have almost anything.”

The bartender hears us, and smiles.

“What are you two having?” she asks with a smile and a wink.

“One strawberry daiquiri and one ice water with no lemon please”

“You’re not drinking?”

“No, I’m really not much of a drinker.” I tell her noticing that the volume of the restaurant is getting a bit louder.

I get a text from Dave Burgundy. It reads: Darleen called out today. Thanx a whole f-ing bunch.

I smile thinking to myself, that serves you right for mocking me about money.

“I’m still wired up about today. First, we have an unbelievable night of fabulous sex. Then we are in the middle of an FBI takedown. Only to end up at your new home, that you invite me to come live in with you, Jill, and Dakota. It feels so surreal. You really know how to show a woman a great time. I’ve never had such an exciting 24 hours.” She says to me as the guy next to her hears part of the conversation and smiles.

She leans in and says in my ear, “You may need more of that pineapple juice if you let me live with you.”

I just smile. Yes, the ‘commune’ is getting more interesting by the moment.

Just as our drinks arrived, I feel a pair of soft delicate hands covering my face.

“Guess who Daddy?”

I reach around behind me pulling Dakota around and kiss her. Now the guy next to Jennifer is really interested in me. Here I sit with a gorgeous woman (Jennifer), a beautiful slender young woman is kissing me (Dakota), another woman is standing next to my chair (Jill), John/Diane, Marcus/Darleen are all hanging around the chairs.

The vibrating coaster buzzes and lights up. I grab our drinks and tell everyone our table is ready. Just as I was standing up, I hear the TV announce that the longtime fugitive Petrovosky Brothers were apprehended by the FBI today with the assistance from David Green, the CEO of Jaxson’s Inc. They even have a picture of me on he TV. The guy in the next chair knocks his beer over seeing me next to him and me on the TV.

I ask him, if I may buy him another beer. He agrees. However, thinking about it, I offer for him to join us for dinner, him and his guest. He says he is there alone. He’s in town on business and would really appreciate joining us but he doesn’t want to intrude. I tell him not to be silly as I pay the bartender giving her a big tip.

We all head to the hostess stand. I tell the hostess that we have 9 not 8 for dinner, she tells me it doesn’t matter as the table seats 10.

The hostess leads us to the table. It’s a large round table. I hold out a chair for Jennifer and one for Jill. The new guy holds one out for Dakota and takes a seat next to her. I see John holding a chair out for Diane, which makes me proud of him. Marcus holds one out for Darleen. We all sit down. I have Jennifer on one side of me and Jill on the other.

The waitress comes around asking if we wanted to order drinks or appetizers. I order 3 orders of the coconut shrimp, knowing that John and Diane will feast on one by themselves and I was determined to get some this time. I also ordered two large orders of the cheesy fries with extra bacon and extra spicy tiger sauce for the table. I see the waitress smiling as I am ordering like a madman. She sees the guest check rapidly growing.

As she works her way around the table asking for drink orders, I introduce myself to the new dinner companion. I begin working my way around the table introducing everyone.

The guy is stunned.

His first question is about Dakota. “Is she your Daughter?” he asks a bit sheepishly.

“No, she’s not my daughter. You were wondering since she kissed me in the bar, didn’t you?” I say.

“Well, yes sir. It did seem a bit odd her calling you Daddy then kissing you like you two were dating.” He says.

“First of all, I’m NOT sir. David, Mr. Greene, hell even shithead, just not ‘sir’. That is my deceased father.” I say to him.

“Daddy, does that mean we can call you ‘shithead’?” Dakota asks with a devilish smile.

Everyone at the table erupts with laughter.

I feel two hands on my thighs. One from Jill, the other from Jennifer.

“David, I’m sorry. I should have introduced myself. I’m Mike Booker. I am a rep for a music label, I’m usually based out of Atlanta, but my label wants me to move to the west coast since the real music scene is here. However, I’m not sure. It’s so nice here, no humidity like in Atlanta, but the traffic here is unbelievable.” Mike says to me.

I think to myself, works for a record label and we have acquired a recording studio.

“Mike, do you like what you do?” I ask.

Jill sees the wheels turning in my head.

“Well, kind of. I miss being a record producer. I produced several artists, but when the new company took over, they moved me to being a rep and visiting radio stations getting them to play our records more…. oh wait, it’s no longer records…now it’s CDs and digital recording.” Mike explains

“Would I know any of the artist that you have produced?” I ask.

“Probably not, you don’t strike me as the alternative music nor the hip-hop type.”

“Well, I really enjoy Andy Black, Nelly, Bad Wolves, and Daughtry.” I answer.

“Really? I produced both Andy Black and Bad Wolves. I’m also supposed to work with Disturbed. They want to cover a song you’ve probably never heard of, The sounds of silence.” He says

“The old Simon and Garfunkel song from the 70’s” I say clearly surprising the hell out of him.

“Damn, maybe you need to get into the recording business. Not many people have this wide knowledge of music.” Mike says to me.

“Mike, how about I tell you that I have a recording studio already. I am looking for someone to run it, be a producer and make it successful. Do you know anyone that might fit that job?” I say already knowing the answer.

Looking across the table, I see John smiling from ear to ear. He’s seen my act before.

“David, I would like to say I would be happy to run your studio, but I’m already employed.” Mike says.

“If you answer some questions for me, I think you would like to at least listen to my offer.” I say.

The table is silent. Business is speaking, and no one even dares interrupt.

“Mike, first question: How much do you make? Second question: Are you under contract? Third question: How long have you been in this industry?”

“David, I make the most money I have ever made in this industry. $45.000 a year plus a bonus if I sign a new artist. To answer your second question, no I’m not under contract. Thirdly, I’ve been in the music business for over a decade.” Mike says to me.

“Wow. $45,000? That much?” I ask sarcastically.

“Yes, it’s pretty much the tops in the industry.”

“Hmm, let me think a bit.” I say as John is about to bust a gut. He knows what is coming next.

“Well, shit. How am I supposed to compete with that type of money? A guy with over a decade of experience, who has produced stuff for Andy Black, Bad Wolves, and is scheduled to work with Disturbed.” I say to him.

He looks down at this empty appetizer plate exhaling in defeat.

I see John whispering into Diane’s ear.

“Well, how about this then: I offer you a contract for a five-year deal. You will run the recording studio. You will use all your contacts to get the studio to become one of the best and easiest studios for artists to work with. I’ll pay you $100,000 a year, you’ll get medical/dental/vision/hearing benefits as well as my company will pay to move you out here and we will provide you with a low interest loan on your home here.” I say to Mike.

The whole table is silent. John is smiling. Diane is smiling. I feel both Jennifer and Jill squeezing my thighs. I sit silently waiting for Mike’s answer.

“David, that’s really nice of you to offer. But, really, how can you afford to do all that?” Mike asks.

“Mike, I’m CEO of a very large corporation. My job is to source out the best people to join our company and make it great again. I know from experience that if you want great people, you must pay top quality wages to entice them. People just want to know that what they do for a company is valued. They don’t want to be nickeled and dimed to death while the corporation makes millions off their hard work.” I explain.

“May I have some time to think about it?” He asks.

“Sure, take all the time you need. I’ll expect your answer by dessert.” I say to him smiling.

I know in my heart, that I have him. I’m offering more than double his current salary, full benefit package, plus a low interest loan to move out here.

“David, IF you are serious, I’m willing to take a chance and come work for you.” Mike says smiling.

John begins clapping as does the rest of the table.

The waitress comes back over and asks about dinner. She goes around the table getting orders.

“Um, David, do you always ambush people with overly generous job offers?” Mike says smiling.

“Well no Mike, usually I take them to a Lady Gaga concert, have her stop by an say hi to everyone and watch an incredible show from the suite.” I say seeing John, Diane and Marcus’ eyes get big. I guess that everyone forgot how we all met that evening and what a great time we had. The beginning of our journey that has ended up with us here having dinner together.

“You know Stefani Germanotta?”

“I don’t know her, I just called in a favor from a friend at the Staples Center. She agreed, and it happened. She only visited about 10 minutes with the group.”

John couldn’t hold back any longer, “It was the start of one fucking incredible weekend. None of us could have imagined what Jill, Dakota and David had up their sleeves for us.”

Jennifer leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Hey, I didn’t get any Lady Gaga time?” She says squeezing my cock.

“Maybe next time, but you have to be a good girl my dear.”

She is smiling from ear to ear. Her smile really lights up her face.

I look at Marcus. He doesn’t seem to be with us, his eyes are glazed over. However, I do see Darleen’s arm gently moving back and forth under the table.

Jennifer leans in again, “Is Marcus getting a hand job at the table?”

“Probably. Darleen is quite the sexual deviant.” I say quietly to her.

“That’s hot, but pretty ballsy considering she’s in the middle of the dining room.” Jen says to me.

I know she is right on both accounts, but that is Darleen.

Our dinners arrive. Everyone digs right in. Dinner is delicious.

As the dinner is winding down, I pass my business card over to Mike. I write my personal cell phone number on the back.

“I would like you to start for me in two weeks. We’ll be out of town for most of next week on the east coast plus this gives you some time to resign from your current job leaving them on good terms.” I say to Mike.

I look at Jill. She doesn’t seem to be feeling well.

“Jill honey, are you alright?”

“Not really. I have lots of stomach pain. Can we get me out of here soon?” Jill says.

Dakota is the first to get up going right into the kitchen where she is met at the kitchen entrance by a manager. She explains that we have a sick pregnant woman and we need to pay our bill and leave quickly. He prints the bill out, she hands him her corporate AMEX, signs the bill and we all leave.

Fred is close by as well as the other limo.

I put Jill, Dakota, and Jennifer in my car directing the others to head back to the house in the other limo.

I tell Fred that we need to go to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible. He hits the gas and we are off, speeding through Friday night traffic heading towards the closest hospital.

Dakota is calling Dr. Ronda who agrees to get to the hospital as soon as she can.

Fred did an excellent job. He got us to the hospital in 7 minutes, pushing several yellow lights.

When we get to the hospital, Fred stops us in front of the ER doors. Dakota jumps out grabbing a wheelchair for Jill.

Fred holds his hand out to help Jill out of the limo. Dakota pushes her into the ER announcing to the security guard that we have a pregnant woman with severe stomach pains. He directs her to room 3.

Once in the exam room, Jill gets on the exam table very gingerly. She is wincing from the pain. Her breathing is short almost gasping. A nurse named Becky comes in. She is surprised to see me.

“Hey, don’t I know you?” She says.

“Yes, but we’re here because my wife is 14 weeks pregnant, she’s having incredible stomach pain. We phoned her doctor, Dr. Ronda who is on the way.” I say with a touch of desperation in my voice.

“Don’t worry sir. We’ll take good care of your wife.” Becky says to me.

She begins to draw vital signs. Blood pressure, pulse ox, temperature, listening to her breathing and heart rhythms.

She heads out of the exam room calling for someone. She returns momentarily with someone who appears to be a doctor. He introduces himself as Dr. Patel. His accent is very thick Indian or Pakistani. He goes through the same steps that I just saw Becky accomplish.

Just as I was about to complain, Jill let out a scream.

Both Jennifer and Dakota are startled.

Dr. Ronda comes into the room. The three medical people quickly discuss what’s going on.

Dr. Ronda give instructions to prep Jill for emergency surgery. She grabs me by the sleeve of my shirt and pulls me into the hall.

“David, her body is rejecting the baby. It needs to come out of her immediately. We’re going to have to perform an emergency C-section to remove the baby. She’ll be alright, I promise you. However, this will take at least two hours. You should probably go home. I’ll call you when it is over.” Ronda says to me.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here. I’ll be in the cafeteria or the surgical waiting room.” I tell her.

“Ok, that’s fine. I’ll take good care of her David.” She says to me, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I see the orderly pushing Jill out of the exam room. I stop them for a moment, Jill is in obvious pain. I lean down and kiss her telling her how much I love her. The orderly pushes her away down the hall.

I walk back into the exam room. Both Jennifer and Dakota put their arms around me hugging me and telling me Jill will be alright.

I’m stunned. My mind is a complete blank. I have no idea what to do.

Dakota takes my hand and leads me somewhere. I really don’t know where I’m going, I’m just holding on to her hand in a complete daze.

Although the walk was probably only a couple of minutes, it seemed to be an hour long in a maze with no end in sight.

Finally, I see a sign that says ‘Cafeteria’. I follow Dakota in, still holding her hand, still my mind completely blank.

She sits me down. Jennifer sits with me. Dakota goes to get coffee for Jennifer and herself and pineapple juice for me.

She comes back to our table setting a cup of juice in front of me. She takes her own coffee the condiment table to get cream and sugar. When she returns, Jennifer does the same thing with her coffee.

I just sit there, not saying a word. Neither Dakota nor Jennifer tries to engage in conversation. We all just sit there in silence.


For some reason, in a hospital time seems to move slower than anywhere else. I just stared at the same spot on the wall in front of me. Occasionally, either Jennifer or Dakota would squeeze my hand to silently reassure me.

I felt like crying, but I held it together.

I looked at the clock on the wall. In my head, I did the math. It had been more than three hours. Now I really began to worry.

I heard Dakota’s phone buzz.

She took the call. It was Dr. Ronda. She wanted us to meet her in the surgical consult area. She gave Dakota a room number to be able to find the room.

Dakota got me up, took my hand and led me out of the cafeteria.

Again, I walked where ever she led me. I was still in a daze.

We arrived at the designated room. I see Dr. Ronda with a pensive look on her face.

“David, come in here and sit down. We need to talk.” She says in a monotone.

My eyes are filling up. I’m worried. My mind is still blank. I feel numb. Dakota is still holding my hand. Jennifer puts her arm around me.

“David. Jill lost the baby. Her body rejected it and it tried to expel it all by itself. We were able to remove the baby from her. The baby had already died inside her and the body just wanted it to get out. However, she lost a lot of blood. It took us nearly an hour to get the bleeding under control. We ended up giving her several units of blood just to stabilize her. She’s OK right now. We’ve induced a coma to allow her body to begin healing itself. I expect we’ll take her out of the coma on Sunday. She’ll be in the hospital for at least a week. So maybe, just maybe by next Sunday she will be able to go home.” Dr. Ronda explains.

I’m still numb. I feel a single tear roll down my cheek. I don’t know what to do. Dakota reaches up to me and wipes the single tear away.

Dr. Ronda says that we can see Jill Sunday. Not tonight, not tomorrow. She gets up and leans in and kisses me on the cheek.

Dakota takes my hand and leads me out of the room and to the ER entrance. Jennifer follows along with us. I feel like this is happening to someone else. This is so surreal.

I get outside. Fred is waiting there for us with the door open. He says something, but I have no idea what it is.

Fred gets back in the limo and heads out.

I don’t really remember the drive home. When we pull into the driveway Fred opens the door for us to exit the vehicle.

I’m still in a daze. I feel Dakota reach into my pants pocket, I’m not sure why. She pulls out the money I have and hands the entire amount to Fred who begins to say that it’s too much. She dismisses him and takes me inside.

Jennifer follows, putting her hand on my back caressing me.

We enter the house. I can’t even face anyone. I just head down the hallway. I shed my clothes and climb into bed. Once there my eyes erupt with the tears. I don’t know what to do. I turn my back to the door, as I don’t want anyone to see me like this. I pull the covers up to my neck hoping sleep will come soon.

My eyes open during the night. I feel someone in bed with me. I turn over to find Dakota snuggling to me. She is sleeping. I’m so very happy she is there. I put my arms around her and pull her to me. She smiles without opening an eye.

I don’t see or feel anyone else in the bed. Just her and I.

I drift back off to sleep.

It wasn’t until mid-morning that my eyes opened. Dakota was still snuggled into me. I laid there trying to recount what had happened last night.

I leaned into Dakota and kissed her lightly and proceeded to get out of bed.

“Daddy, where are you going?”

“I gotta pee.”

I head into the bathroom to do my morning rituals.

I put a pair of basketball shorts on and a white tee shirt. I head out of the bedroom and down the hall.

I get to the kitchen, pour myself a glass of juice and sit at the kitchen table just staring at the clock on the microwave.

It reads: 10:11 am.

I think about the calls that I need to make.

I look for my phone but don’t see it. I get up and head back down the hall to the bedroom. I push the door open on Tina’s room and see Darleen and Marcus entangled in Tina’s bed.

I push Dakota’s door open and see John and Diane.

I think to myself, where is Jennifer? I spin around and head out to the living room, no Jennifer. I go to the TV room. Still no Jennifer. I’m thinking ‘what the fuck’?

I go back down the hallway to get my phone. Dakota meets me at the door to the bedroom.

“Where’s my phone darling?” I ask

She pops her head back into the bedroom and grabs it handing it to me.

“Where’s Jennifer. She’s the only one I can’t seem to find.” I say

“I sent her home via Fred last night. She didn’t feel comfortable sleeping here when you were such a wreck last night.” Dakota explains.

“That’s really nice of her.”

“She really loves you, I hope you know that. Maybe not as much as Jill and I do, but she loves you none the less.” Dakota tells me in a heartfelt manner.

“I need to tell Bob and Melanie that I’m cancelling our east coast trip until Jill is better.” I say to Dakota.

“Daddy don’t do that. Call them. Tell them that Jill was rushed to the hospital last night and had emergency surgery. Tell them that she’s in a coma. However, let them suggest that you cancel the east coast trip until she is better. It will make them feel better that they are ‘helping’ you. If you tell them, then they will think you are just trying to get out of seeing Melanie. Trust me on this. I worked for them and I know how they think. Melanie will be the one to suggest that you reschedule the trip for another time.” Dakota explains to me.

I think about what she said to me. It makes perfect sense.

I head back out to the TV room and dial Bob Jaxson. I tell him about Jill being rushed to the hospital. Having emergency surgery. Losing lots of blood. Falling into a comma. Bob hands the phone to Melanie. I must tell her the whole story again. She says to stay home, take care of Jill and not to worry. We can do the east coast trip anytime. I thank her and end the call.

“You were right my darling.” I say to Dakota who joined me on the couch during the call.

Dakota puts her arms around my neck and places her head on my chest. We just sit there for a long while like that.

At some point, I had drifted off to sleep. I woke when I heard Dakota’s phone buzzing.

She was getting a text from Dr. Ronda: No change on Jill. Still in coma, vital signs good. More later.

Dakota shows me the text. I hug her.

John and Diane are up but trying not to make any sound. They are quietly putting shoes and socks on heading to leave. I stop them.

“Hey, where are you two going?” I say surprising them.

“Oh, sorry. We didn’t know you were awake. We were going to catch a cab home.” John says.

“I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you join me and Dakota, Marcus and Darleen to go see the new house? I’m calling it ‘The Commune’.”

“Are you kidding us?” Diane asks.

“No, I’m really not kidding.”

Dakota gets up off the couch heading to her bedroom to change clothes.

“Can either of you go wake Darleen and Marcus asking them to get ready to join us?”

I shout down the hallway for Dakota to call us a car, a limo large enough for 6.”

I guess I was too loud as Darleen comes stumbling out of Tina’s room. “What the hell, don’t you guys ever sleep around here?” She asks.

“Darleen, its after 11. How long were you going to sleep?” I rhetorically ask her.

She just smiles at me and pours herself a cup of coffee. She heads back down the hallway to wake Marcus.

I head to the bedroom. I grab some clothes and get into the shower. It kind of felt odd being alone in the shower. That really hasn’t happened in quite a while.

With no one in the shower with me, the whole event took less than 10 minutes.

I get out of the shower, dress, grab the new house keys, my wallet, my cell phone, and of course $500 out of the firebox.

I’m sitting alone in the living room for a bit before Dakota joins me. John and Diane were sitting in the TV room watching SportsCenter.

“Daddy, I hope you know that we all love you and hope for the best for Jill.” Dakota says heartfully to me.

“I know Darling. I love all of you as well.”


As Fred arrives with the limo, we all head out. As I’m waiting to get in the car, Fred pulls me aside trying to give back some of the money Dakota handed him last night telling me it was too much.

I declined. He as been professional, trustworthy, and able to handle everything that we have asked of him. I told him to keep it, he had earned it.

I got in the limo and asked Fred to take us to the new house.

John asked, “Are you really going to call this place ‘The Commune’?”

“Absolutely! Oh, and by the way, I have asked your Mom to move in with us.” I said as I watched John’s eyes grow large. He never saw that one coming, I thought to myself.

Diane was now smiling. I could see the wheels in her young brain begin to turn thinking about how maybe she might be able to move in with him.

“Marcus, we didn’t get a chance to talk yesterday. Diane came over asking if I could find you a job inside the organization, but I have no clue where to put you. What have you done as jobs before?” I ask.

“Sir, I’ve done lots of things. None of them well though. I’ve been a dishwasher, a line cook, a busboy, a warehouse forklift driver, a truck loader, a car mechanic, and my last job was working at the ticket office for the Staples center. However, that was too inconsistent. Some weeks there was an event every night, other weeks nothing. I couldn’t survive on basically one weeks pay for two weeks.” Marcus says to me.

“Out of curiosity, what does your Mom do for a living? I’ve never met her.” I say.

Diane enters the conversation, “Oh, you’d love Mom. She’s just your type. She’s a maverick. Speaks her mind. Often Marcus and I wonder if she has a filter between her brain and her mouth. She’s a hard-working woman, she’s a nurse at a surgical place that does plastic surgery. Mostly boob jobs for vain ‘wanna be’ actresses.”

I see both Darleen and Dakota smiling. I just knew what they were thinking.

“Marcus, what would you LIKE to do?” I ask him.

“Well, for a moment you mentioned a call center where John works. I wouldn’t mind trying to do that, if you’re willing to take a chance on me.”

“Marcus, I’ll be happy to take a chance on you. You’ve done nothing that warrants me to suspect you would do anything shady or try to embarrass me. How about I put you with John at our Pasadena call center. John will be your mentor, teaching you how to do the job and how to be successful. He’s one of our top Customer Service people, so learning from him would be good for you.” I say.

Marcus is smiling. John is smiling. Diane is smiling.

The drive seems shorter, but it mostly was because we were engaged in the conversation.

When we pulled into the courtyard, everyone gasped.

Fred stopped, got out, and held the door open for everyone to pile out.

“Fuck me!” John said without thinking.

“Pretty nice eh?” I say really to no one in particular.

John asks, “Just how fucking big is this place? I never seen anything so huge?”

“Well, its 28,000 square feet. 20 bedrooms, 31 bathrooms. 3 Master suites. 3 kitchens, game room, movie room. 3 TV rooms, a wine cellar, tennis court, two pools, 20 car garages with an additional 30 places for vehicles in the courtyard. Two pool houses, each one being a two-bedroom house and the whole thing sits on 30 acres of land. And here’s the best part, it was on the market for $188million and we got it for FREE in the Happee, Happy Limo acquisition.

“No Fucking Way!” John said completely floored.

“Oh, and the FBI paid me for helping them arrest the Petrovosky Brothers whom they were after for more than 2 years. Here’s the check they gave me yesterday.” I say to John pulling out the check and handing it to him.

“Mr. Greene you are the luckiest son of a bitch I’ve ever met. They paid you this much? What the fuck?” John said to me.

Moments later, a small car pulled into the courtyard. It says Uber on it. Out steps Jennifer.

“I texted Dakota and she told me everyone was heading her. So I thought I would drop by.” Jennifer says smiling to me.

Jennifer begins by telling everyone our FBI adventure the previous day.

Jennifer begins, “John, you should have seen David. He pushed me into a corner and stood in front of me protecting me from the Russian Brothers. About 20 FBI agents crashed the conference room door and they took down the bastard brothers, but David here was my hero, keeping me safe.”

She kisses me on the cheek.

I walk over to the door, trying to find the right key to open the door. It takes me a couple of tries before I find the right one. I open the door and just step aside allowing everyone to go in and explore.

I hear both Marcus and John say almost simultaneously, “Fuck me”.

I pull Dakota aside and ask her, “Did you text Tina about Jill? She needs to know that the east coast trip for next week is on hold.”

“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t do that. I’ll take care of it right now.”

She pulls out her phone and begins texting Tina.

Jennifer steps back outside, “David, may I have the keys, there are lots of locked doors.” I hand her the key ring. She looks at it saying, “Wow, you need to really sort these out there are too many.” I think to myself, ‘thank you doctor obvious’.

I text Mark Newberg to let him know that Jill was rushed to the hospital last night and our east coast trip is on hold for now. He texts back that he hopes Jill gets better soon.

Roger calls me.

“Hey Roger, what’s up?”

“Did you have a security guy call me about a job? He says his name is Reginald Harrison.”

“Yeah. He is the lead security guy at the Kraft building. He’s a big guy and already carries a firearm. Since we are looking at acquiring the Kraft building it made sense to me that he might be a good fit for your team.” I tell him.

“Well, thank you. He’s exactly what I’m looking for. I hadn’t talked to him in several years. He used to work with me on the City PD. He got caught having an affair with our Captain’s wife after his divorce and he made Reggie’s life miserable, so much so that Reggie just quit rather than keep being the Captain’s butt-boy.” Roger tells me.

“Well, I can tell you that he is personable, knows the building very well AND he makes a paltry $14.45 an hour. Now I don’t know much about security job wages, but it seems to me that those wages really suck.”

“Unfortunately, those wages are for armed security. Without a carry permit it usually is in the 10-11-dollar range.” He explains.

“Are you kidding me? Eleven bucks to take abuse and put yourself on the line, what the hell has this world come to?” I ask rhetorically.

“Roger, do you think we should be looking at maybe acquiring a security company?”

“Hell NO. We would then end up with lots of Xmilitary, Dirty Harry types, heavy drinkers, hung over people, old men who can’t walk or talk. We don’t need those. We’re trying to build a team that can take care of people, keep them safe, and most of all act when necessary.” Roger says.

“Then how about this: We put an ad in Indeed.com looking for former Police or Law Enforcement officers, or current licensed security guards. We offer $20 per hour, to motivate the top people to apply. We ask for their background and list that we will be doing a deep background check, that way we also keep out the riff-raff. Does that seem more to what you have in mind?” I suggest.

“Yeah, that sounds like it could really help move things along. I’m worried that we are just tempting fate without a security detail to protect our assets.”

“I’ll call HR and have them put the ad in for you. Do you want to handle the interviews personally at first?” I ask

“Yeah, I know what I’m looking for so maybe put my email address and have them send me their resume and information to do the background checks. I’ll email them when I’m interested in setting up an interview. Hey, by the way, why didn’t you tell me Jill was rushed to the hospital last night? I had to hear it from Tina a few minutes ago. What the heck happened?” Roger asks.

“It’s a long story, but Jill lost the baby last night at dinner. They performed emergency surgery. She’s in a coma. We just have to wait and see how things go.” I say to him feeling my eyes begin to tear up.

“I’ll be praying for her. Please keep Tina and I updated. She’s family and family are THE most important.” He says to me.

“I’m glad you said that. Please take care of my ebony daughter, Tina.”

“Of course, David.”

We end the call.

Dakota comes bouncing out and grabs my arm saying, “C’mon Daddy, I’ve chosen a room! I want your OK. C’mon, c’mon hurry up before it’s gone.” She says to me giddy as a child at Christmas.

I hurry inside with her. We weave our way through the house to one of the large Master suites. The room is enormous. I see a private bathroom that has a large shower stall AND a jacuzzi tub. A triple vanity sink equipped with a large mirror with light bulbs around it. The room itself is without furniture but it is painted a light shade of pink (I’m not surprised that Dakota wants this one at all). She shows me the three walk-in closets. She opens the drapes, the blinds, the shutters for one heck of a view. I notice that the outside windows have an electric rollup security feature to secure the room from storms, weather, and light. There is both an electric component as well as a manual crank in times of no power. I grab her by the waist and tell her that the room is hers, that it is beautiful just like she is beautiful.

She smiles and kisses me. She takes my hand and leads me next door.

“Daddy, I want this one to be your room. Right next to mine. It is the largest of the master suites. It’s nearly double the size of my room, plus it also has an even better view than my room has. Your room has nearly an entire view of the outside as well as the surrounding areas. Did you know we were on a hill, we overlook everything? Oh Daddy, please tell me that you’ll take this room, please, please, please.”

“You know, Jill gets final say on what room we choose.”

‘Yeah, I know, but Daddy, this will be great. You’ll be right close when I have our baby.”

I kiss her and watch her cute ass swing as she bounces out of ‘my master bedroom’.

I hear Jennifer calling for me. I shout out where I am. It takes her a couple of moments to locate me by voice.

“Hey there lover. Is this your fucking room? It’s bigger than most of my house.” She says in astonishment.

“I think there maybe some sweet playtime in here, if I’m invited.” She says with a devilish smile plastered on her face. I know she knows how I feel about her.

“Did you pick out a room for yourself yet?”

“Yep, right down the hall from a kitchen. It has a private bathroom and a view of the pool area. Will you come see it and give me your OK that I can have it?”

“Darling, you may have it before I even see it. But, lets go look at it. I can see you’re pretty wired up about it already.” I say smiling.

Jennifer saunters over to me and says, “Master, you know I’m yours whenever you want me.” Kissing me on the lips with her arms tightly around my waist.

She takes me by the hand walking me through the maze of this home to find her room. As we enter, I see what she is talking about. The view is stunning. The shimmer of the light off the pool is amazing. In my head, I already see her sunbathing nude making my cock hard just thinking about that view. She shows me around the room. Showing me something that I think ALL women want, a huge walk-in closet equipped with a tall stack of deep drawers for private items like bras, panties, sexy lingerie and the such. She also shows me a door that opens inside of her closet to hold a further closet for just her shoes. I’m a bit worried now. A closet, inside a closet for just shoes, What the hell? I think to myself.

“Master, will you please be the first to take me in my room?” Sindee asks of me.

“Darling, I would be honored to do so. Just not now. I’m still much too worried about Jill to do any sort of playing. I hope you understand. But I do promise that when it happens, I will take you right here before anyone else.” I say kissing her gently on the lips.

“Thank you Master. You are so good to me.” She says looking directly into my eyes.

I think to myself, ‘Yes, “The Commune” is the perfect name for this place. I chuckle to myself.

John comes into this room.

“Um, David, have you seen all of this property?” He asks.

“Well, no. Not actually. Why do you ask?”

“I think you need to come see this.” He says as he leaves the room in a hurried pace

I follow him. We again, weave our way through the maze of this home. He takes me outside around one of the pools over to a pool house. He knocks and then just walks inside.

“David, let me introduce Desiree and her TWIN sister Domonique. They are ladies going to UCLA. They are studying acting. They work for Tulip Productions, he says to me with the biggest smile that I’ve ever seen John have on his face. I also see his shorts sporting a huge tent.

I just shake my head thinking: ‘yeah, this is not going to be good for Diane at all’ two aspiring porn actresses living in the pool house. Fuck, we’ll never get rid of John. I think to myself.

I decide to introduce myself, “Hello Ladies. I’m David Greene. The new owner of this property.”

“Are you telling us that we have to move?” One of them says.

“No, I’m just saying that the Russian Brothers no longer own this property. I do. We’ll work things out later. Right now, I must ask, do you have keys or any alarm codes as I’m going to be changing things really soon.”

One of them, I’m not sure which one, gets up off the couch and walks over to the counter where both of their purses are laying. She reaches inside each purse and removes two sets of keys.

“Here you go Mr. Greene. I’m sorry. We didn’t know that the house was changing hands. Currently, we have no where else to go. We were invited here by some woman named Sancho, no wait. Shasta, no that’s not right either.” She says.

“Maybe Sasha?” I ask.

“YES! That’s it. She got us the jobs a tulip productions. She said she was helping us pay for college. It’s great money. A thousand bucks for an afternoon of blowing lots of men. Some on film, some just part of the crew, some just whom she brought over.”

The other one chimed in now, “Would you like a demonstration? We’re not shy.”

My head is reeling now. Only John could source out two porn stars in my own home. I take the keys from them and head outside calling John to come along with me. He just stands there staring at the two gorgeous long-legged blond women.

“John!” I bark.

“Huh? Yes sir.” He says lowering his head and following me outside.

I glance back inside and notice that the home is clean, tidy, and organized. I take one key off the rings that they have given me try it in the door. It works. I see that there are car keys also on the rings.

“Ladies, do you have cars here?” I ask.

“Yes, they are in the garage. Sir.”

I take all the keys off the rings except for the ones that look like car keys. I leave them with just one door key between them, noting to myself that the door locks are being changed Monday.

In my head, I’m already making a list of things to get done before Jill comes to our new home from the hospital.

“Ladies, by the way, I also now own Tulip Productions.” I tell them.

“What happened to Sasha? Did you fire her?” One of them asks me.

“No, she passed away just recently. I assumed the company when I bought out Happee, Happy Limo.”

They both just stand there stunned.

“Ladies, right now, nothing will change. You keep doing what you do, you’re welcome to stay here until we figure things out. I ask that there are no drugs here and no adult video done here. Fair enough?” I ask.

“Yes, sir.” Both of then tell me.

I head out of the pool house, the one I’m going to call the porn house, not the pool house, in honor of our live-in guests.

I hear Diane and Dakota calling for me from different parts of the home.

“John, go find Diane and see what she needs. John, I hope I don’t need to tell you to keep your mouth shut about our pool house guests till I figure what to do with them.” I tell him worried about Diane.

“Yes, sir. I won’t say a thing.” He says as he heads inside the house to find Diane.

I follow the sounds of Dakota’s voice. She’s apparently moving around as now it sounds like she is downstairs somewhere. I’m searching for a way to get down to her. Finally, after several minutes of searching, I find a small staircase that leads downstairs to a dark, dimly lit room.

It’s the wine cellar. I am stunned. There must be thousands of bottles of wine, maybe even tens of thousands of bottles.

“Dakota, where the heck are you?” I shout.

“Over here Daddy. Wait until you see what I have found.”

I weave my way through the wine cellar to finally find her.

“Look Daddy. It’s me!”

Sure enough, there is a stunning likeness of Dakota on the label of a wine bottle called ‘The Cierra’.

I just smile.

“Daddy, there must be hundreds of these bottles. Can we take a few home? I’m curious as to how I taste.” She asks with her devilish smile, knowing that I’ll not tell her no.

“Darling, I can tell you from first-hand experience that you taste delicious. I’m sure the wine does as well.” I reply hugging her and kissing her delicate lips.

I pick up a whole case that is just sitting on a counter. I see that the box is open and check to ensure it is all ‘Cierra’ which it is. Grabbing the case to carry it back towards the stairs, I find that I’m a bit lost. Walking up a narrow staircase with a box of 12 bottles of wine is a bit more awkward than I remember, but I get it done none the less. Dakota is right behind me as we reach the main level to the house. We come up in one of the kitchens, not the same place that I started from heading down to the wine cellar.

I set the box down on the counter.

John is now calling for me. I head towards his voice, with Dakota holding my hand as we traverse the maze of house.

I find him and Diane standing in what obviously is a room set up for filming porn. Apparently, Tulip productions occurs right here in my home.

Diane doesn’t look mad, so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know about our porn house guests just yet.

I’m thinking to myself, what the hell else is John going to find for me? Before I even finish that thought, Darleen pokes her head in the room and asks Dakota and I to follow her.

Taking my hand, Dakota and I follow Darleen through another series of hallways to a staircase that goes up. We climb the stairs. Darleen takes us to a red painted door. She turns the knob and swings it open for me to see.

“Un-fucking-believable” Is all I could manage to say.

Inside of this room, laid a full BDSM dungeon. Equipped with various sexual toys mounted on the walls, hooks mounted all around, three cages for people, two standing and one small box style on the floor. There’s a cross, a large wooden X, several shackles and cuffs laying on tables. There’s another table with straps laying loosely on the table. For some reason, I notice the ceiling. Large black sound-proofing ceiling tiles. I think to myself, I guess you don’t want anyone in the house hearing the screams of someone being tortured by a sadist. In my head, I feel that this room needs to be locked up until I figure out what to do with it.

I just shake my head, thinking ‘What next’?

I pull the door closed. I ask Darleen for the key to lock this room.

“Don’t you want to try it out darling?” Darleen mocks me. She knows that I’m not much into all that with my history on the subject from my youth.

She uses the ‘red’ key to lock the door, taking it off the keyring and handing it to me.

“This door will remain locked for now.” I say to everyone.

I turn and look around at various rooms. Game room with what appears to be an incredible electronic setup. On the wall a 95” flat screen tv hangs. I see a Bose sound system. I see several gaming chairs, clearly this has been a well-used room along with a wet-bar, a refrigerator, a sink, countertop, microwave and to my surprise a soda machine and chip vending machine. Again, I think to myself that we will never get John out of this house. Maybe I should just resign myself to adopting the boy and be done with it. I dismiss that thought as it sends shivers down my back.


As Dakota and I head back down the stairs, Darleen follows close behind. Darleen is talking to me but I’m not listening. My head is miles away.

“Hey, shithead, aren’t you listening?” Darleen barks at me.

Dakota pokes me in the ribs saying, “You said last night to call you shithead.” She says giggling.

“Um, no. I’m not listening. What do you want?” I say a bit annoyed.

“I was asking what you’re plans to do with this house are? Haven’t you even gotten that far in your head yet?” She asks.

“No, not really. This whole place is just one surprise after another. I have a list in my head on things that need to happen right away, like door locks and security passwords being changed. Blue prints acquired, so we don’t miss anything. Furniture moved over from Jill’s home to here and lots and lots of shopping to decorate this home as beautiful as Jill and Dakota are.” I say to her.

As we reach the main floor, Diane is waiting for me and asks to speak with me privately.

I follow her into a nearby room and shut the door.

“What’s the problem?” I ask.

“Daddy, I think that I may be pregnant. I really don’t know if it is yours or John’s as I’ve taken both of your cum inside of me.” Diane says to me.

I’m stunned.

I hold my arms out to her. She presses herself against me hugging me. “Please don’t be mad at me. I’ve been trying to say something to you all morning. I just didn’t know how to do it.” She says with tears in her eyes.

“No matter whose baby it is, you’ll be a wonderful Mother. If its mine, I’ll still love you no matter what. If it’s John’s, then I’ll still love you and the baby and encourage John to be a good daddy.” I tell her.

“See, that’s what I love about you. You take such good care of me. I should introduce you to my Mother. You and her would have a good time.” She says making me think, oh yeah, I need more to join the commune.

I kiss her on the lips and hug her a bit harder, hoping that she doesn’t feel my nearly erect cock pressing between us.

“Daddy, is that for me?”

“Well, yes, but no. I don’t think it’s right for me to play when my wife is in a coma at the hospital. Don’t you agree?” I say trying to get her to back down a bit.

She agrees…. reluctantly.

I open the door and head out.

I find Dakota in the kitchen marveling at the box of Cierra. I notice the marketing on the side of the box. It reads: A blonde taste to bring out your inner slut. I think to myself, how could they possibly know her this well as I chuckle to myself.

I ask her to summon everyone as I’ve had enough of the Commune for today.

I carry the wine case towards what I believe to be the front door. I’m still turned around in this mansion.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see out porn actresses laying nude by the pool. I just keep walking summoning John to help me. He hurries over to me. I hand him the case of wine asking him to take it to the car. He notices immediately Dakota’s likeness on the box. He begins to say, “Hey”. I cut him off explaining that I already know. He just smiles.

We get out to the car.

Most of the group is shortly behind. Dakota takes the key ring from Darleen and locks up the front door, both locks.

Everyone piles into the limo and Fred heads for home. I call Mark Newberg.

“Hey David, what can I do for our TV hero?” He asks.

“Do you have a locksmith that you trust implicitly? I have found things about this house that I need to change right away. Also, is ADT still the best alarm company in the LA area?” I ask.

“Jay’s locksmith. He’s been in the business 50+ years. He’s second generation and does work that keeps people out of where you don’t want them to be when you’re entertaining. Yes, ADT is probably the current best, but like cell phone carriers they change all the time. It’s the service that they try to sell you on, the monitoring and camera work. Knowing your lifestyle, you may want to be selective on your camera placement and sound mikes.” He suggests to me.

“Please call Jay’s for me. I would like him to change every lock in the whole house. I’ve already seen some opportunities that need to be addressed.” I tell Mark.

“Do you need him there today?” He asks.

“No, but Monday morning, early, maybe 9-ish.”

He thanks me, and we end the call.

Dakota asks what did I find? I tell her that I’ll explain later.

Dakota’s phone buzzes. It’s Dr. Ronda. The text reads: Jill responding well. Vital signs are much better. Should bring her out of the coma sometime tomorrow. Talk later.

She shows me the text which makes me smile and much more relieved.

I look at Diane. She sees me looking at her and smiles as she continues chatting away with Jennifer about how to make the bid on the Kraft building.

In my mind, I see her as a beautiful little bird fluttering from one branch to another. Then it hits me: As we acquire these huge office buildings, we rename them to unique birds of North America. My mind begins to list: Flamingo (Florida)/Pelican (New Orleans)/ Owl (Wisconsin)/ Cardinal (Phoenix)/ Blue Jay (Toronto)/Eagle (Washington DC)/ Crow (St. Louis)/ The Hawk (LA)/ Falcon (Atlanta)…I was smiling now.

The good news from Dr. Ronda along with an idea on how to rename the buildings that would make it easy to identify any building.

I interject, “Jennifer, Diane lets put a bid in on the Kraft building Monday morning. Offer them 65% of what you thought that they would take and let’s see if they bite. Jill told me we certainly have enough liquid to pay up to 40 million, but we certainly can finance on a short term deal up to 20 million. Let’s get this ball rolling. Also, start looking around for other buildings to consider.”

Both Jennifer and Diane are smiling. Work is now going to get crazy, but it’s fun crazy!

I look at Dakota’s watch. It’s after 4pm. How the hell did the day get away from us?

“Hey, is anyone other than me and John hungry? I think I could go for Fred’s Italian place again if anyone is interested.”

I get a unanimous agreement. John asks Fred to take us to his Italian restaurant. Fred makes a U-turn taking us to dinner.

I think to myself how nice life has become since I became a Chauffeur. Who knew what a fortunate choice that really was.

Please leave me a comment (good or bad) so I may continue to craft my stories for as many as possible to enjoy. Thank you all for the continued reading……PABLO DIABLO.

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The Chauffeur (#15) Babies and a New Love

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Hickml — 09 January 2019 23:58
Really enjoy your writing and this story. Keep up the most excellent writing Sir.
PABLO DIABLO09 January 2019 18:01
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countrycadillac — 09 January 2019 18:55
As in your past writing, VERY GOOD, MAYBE EVEN THE BEST !! Please don't overload the content's as it makes the body of the story hard to follow . Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FreqFlyer — 09 January 2019 20:46
Great Series, looking forward to more!
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