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  1. The Forest 2
  2. The Frontier Academy

The Forest 2

Categories Fiction, Boy, Domination/submission, Male / Female

Author: ThaKid15

Published: 09 January 2019

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Consciousness returned to Gabriel once more, but he knew better than to move or make even a sound. Instead, he remained silent, calming himself as he kept his eyes closed, and trying to process truly what had just happened.

He had been in the woods with Avner, playing and exploring as was custom when the two mixed blooded boys had nothing better to do. This time, however, they decided to play hide and seek and did what they had never done before: split up. Alone in the woods, Gabriel had searched for his friend, at first playfully, but the search became more desperate as he realized that it was soon getting dark. Gabriel had heard many stories of what happened outside the walls when it turned dark, and though he did not believe half the things that came out of the mouths of adults, he did not want to risk it, and quickly tried to make his way back home. Unfortunately, Gabriel had unwittingly gone too deep into the woods while searching for Avner, and had become lost.

It had been just at Gabriel’s most dire moment that he suddenly stumbled into a clearing in the forest, and saw a hut in the center of it. While there was no way that he would be able to make it back to the city before dark at that point in time, Gabriel could still find refuge in the hut. Tossing aside all qualms about approaching a strange hut in the woods, Gabriel approached, only to be surprised by a woman draped in a dark cloak, who held his face in her hands and cast a spell over him.

That had been the last thing that Gabriel remembered. After that he fell unconscious, and only now was Gabriel waking up, though he had better sense than to immediately start screaming in a panic. He knew for certain that the strange figure that had attacked him earlier had to be some sort of witch. Gabriel had heard about them, people who left their cities and the protection of their walls behind to dabble with the magic and darkness of the primordial world.

Reaching out with his senses, Gabriel tried to feel his surroundings. He had been stripped off of his shirt and pants, leaving only his loincloth on, and he could feel that his arms and legs were bound with some sort of rope. He was also laying on his back in some sort of bed, and he could hear the crackling of a fire close by. This made Gabriel conclude that he was now inside of the hut that he had seen earlier, and that it must belong to the witch that had captured him.

Daring himself to crack one eye open, Gabriel peeked at his surroundings. The inside of the hut was enshrouded in darkness, dimly lit by only a few candles and a fireplace at the far end of the room. From what he could see, there were several stray cauldrons and concoctions lying around the room besides the lit candles.

Suddenly, there was movement somewhere in the darkness several feet away from him, and Gabriel quickly shut his eyes again. Surely it had to be the witch, preparing some sort of unholy ritual, and Gabriel was meant to be the sacrifice. He steeled himself. Gabriel knew that he had to find a way out of here, and he had to do it quick.

There was footsteps not long after Gabriel had closed his eyes, and he prayed that the witch hadn’t noticed that he was awake. Surely she was approaching him now to inspect him, ready to chant another spell with her husky old witch voice to put him back to sleep.

But as the footsteps approached, Gabriel found no hint of any malevolence, nor did he sense the ill intentions he had when he looked straight at the witch just moments before he passed out. No, instead Gabriel could sense a very feminine presence lurking in the shadows, walking with light steps and a graceful stride. He could even pick up on a pleasant scent that was like the perfume that an aristocratic lady would wear. Suddenly self conscious of his near nakedness, Gabriel opened his eyes to look.

“Hello,” A voice called.

A woman stepped forward out of the shadows, smiling at the bound young boy. She was dressed in just a regular tunic, made from the same materials that even his own clothes were made out of, but on her it somehow looked like so much more. It was tight in all the right places, accentuating her ample bosom and the curves of her waist down to her hips and thighs. And she must have been standing right by the fire, because while Gabriel was feeling rather cold, the woman’s tunic left the area from right under her breasts exposed clear down to her lower abdomen.

“Now are you feeling?” She purred, her voice almost hypnotic. “I am so sorry about just now... I just couldn’t possibly have you screaming... You understand that, don’t you?”

Gabriel raised his head a little bit so he could get a better look at the woman. Was this the woman that had cast her spell on him? She seemed nothing like what he expected a witch to look like; all the terrible things that Gabriel had ever been led to believe about witches was replaced only by gentleness and a stunning beauty. The woman stepped over so that she was just foot away from Gabriel now, and he could see her so clearly.

Her hair was a beautiful blonde, curly and silky, extending down past her shoulders in a wavy cascade. Her pale cheeks had the slight hint of a blush to them from the cold, accentuating the beauty of her facial features, and her lips were full and red. But of all things, it must have been her eyes that were the most beautiful; those purple irises glowed with an animated kindness, though there was a small hint of a lustful sultry ness behind the gentleness.

When Gabriel failed to answer, the witch gave him a kind half knowing smile. “I’m sorry, I know it must be hard to trust me after what I did. It would actually be the smart thing for you to do to keep your guard up with me.” She seemed thoughtful for a moment. “It’s the smart thing to do. And I quite admire that, actually.”

Because of her immense beauty, Gabriel had failed to notice the small bowl in her hand until now. It held some sort of a clear and viscous gel or paste, probably some sort of concoction that she had cooked up. Gabriel eyed it for several seconds.

“Don’t worry,” She smiled, noticing his gaze. “It’ll help with those cuts and bruises that I noticed you had all over your body.”

“H-How?” Gabriel managed to ask, unsure of what was going on.

“It just will. And hey, don’t worry,” She winked at him. “It won’t be anything you object to. Come on, lay on your side.”

With most of his reservations gone by now, Gabriel swallowed hard as he managed a nod. Rolling over to his right side so that his back was to the woman, Gabriel winced as the dried up cuts and scrapes were exposed to the open air. The mattress of the bed settled as the witch sat on its edge, and Gabriel immediately picked up on the erotic hint to her fragrant musk. It was a small hint, a nice one, one that the barely teenaged boy found dizzyingly intoxicating.

“My name is Alice,” She said. “And you don’t have to be afraid of me. What is your name?”

Her words broke Gabriel out of his trance momentarily, and reminded him that he should not let his guard down around her yet. Just because she was beautiful, did not mean that she did not have ill intentions for him. In fact, he remembered one specific story that his parents had told him once of how spirits and demons always needed invitations before they brought harm upon a mortal. Apparently, it was a law of nature, set down a millennia ago by Mother Nature herself when mortals came to this world. Vampires would need a spoken invitation into a house, while demons only needed a weaknesses in one’s mind as an invitation. But all that nymphs, and other lowly creatures similar to them, needed was to know the name of their target. That was it. All they needed to become friendly enough to learn the names of their victims, before they are allowed to do anything to them.

And this witch was asking for his name. Gabriel bit his lip. No, he would not fall for that truck so easily. If she wanted to make him her next victim, she would need to do more than be nice to him.

“You won’t tell me, hm?” She asked, amused. “That’s okay, I haven’t mistaken your anxiety for aloofness. Once again, I actually do admire the fact that you don’t trust so easily.”

Behind him, Alice scooped up some of the clear liquid into her fingers and prepared to apply it on Gabriel’s shoulders. But the moment Gabriel felt her fingertips on his shoulder, all distrust for Alice went straight out of the window.


Ripples of warm relief radiated outward from where she was applying the colorless gel, and Gabriel could not stifle the groan of pleasure.

“See?” Alice asked. “Not so bad.”

“Except for the fact that you’re still a witch.” Gabriel shot back, struggling to maintain his composure against Alice’s alluring wiles. He had to remind himself that she had brought him here for a reason that he still didn’t know. “How long have I been asleep?”

Alice’s soft fingers had rubbed at the cuts on his shoulder and arm generously, and now began to knead gently at the muscles of his shoulder. “I’ll answer your question if you answer mine. There’s no need to be afraid of me, really. ‘Witch’ really implies much worse things than people like me really do.”

Gabriel sighed. “Can you at least tell me why I’m here?”

“Same offer,” Alice replied sweetly. “How do you expect to me really hold a conversation with someone whose name I don’t even know?”

“Someone you kidnapped...” Gabriel retorted sourly, eliciting a giggle from Alice.

“Look, I can tell you this much,” She ran her hand down along his bare shoulder to his biceps, and let it linger there. “You’re a very important boy, much more important than you can ever know. I am sorry about what I had to do to you, but we just can’t afford to take chances with big, strong hero boys.” Her hands were now caressing the muscles on his bicep, the gel that she had applied to his arm allowing her hand to glide effortlessly and sensually along his skin. “I’m sure you understand.”

“I guess.” Gabriel shrugged, looking down at his bound arms and legs.

What he did not understand was why Alice was still kneading his arms. She had already finished up with the cuts on his arms as far as he knew, so why was she still kneading? At this point, it felt more like Alice was caressing the burgeoning muscles on his arms rather than applying anything- perhaps this was just how her healing paste was applied- but Gabriel didn’t want her to stop, either.

“You’re making a mistake, you know.” Gabriel said, resuming the conversation that had been paused as he pondered the witch’s application of her special paste.

Alice, whose fingers had slowly begun to glide down to a scrape down the middle of Gabriel’s back, paused, and looked up to him. “Oh?”

“With what you’re doing,” Gabriel continued to say, shuddering slightly at her touch as her fingertips dragged along his back, leaving a trail of the wet and slimy healing gel from the middle of his back down to his tailbone. “The Magic you’re delving in, and the things you do. Do you think I don’t know why you want to learn my name?”

“Because I’d like to get to know such a strong, handsome young man better?” She replied playfully.

“No,” Gabriel replied. “Because you need my permission. You want to do something to me.”

“And why do you assume that would be so bad?” Alice asked with a sultry smirk. “Do you know what I want to do to you? Did you even ask, before you called me a witch and assumed the worst? How did you know you wouldn’t like it?” Her fingers kneaded around the cuts on his lower back idly. “Never assume, never make a decision before you’ve seen the question. For all you know, it might just be what you needed.”

Her hand moved even lower on Gabriel’s back, venturing past his tailbone as her fingers began to work its magic on a scrape under the waistband of his undergarments. He found her touch there a little disconcerting, but he did not stop her. The scrape did need to be dressed if Gabriel was to make a full and quick recovery, after all.

Gabriel tried to focus on the conversation instead, trying to unearth what intentions such a beautiful lady like Alice truly had dabbling in the occult, and maybe even helping her to see the error of her ways. “Our ancestors have set down in stone what is right and wrong a long time ago. Consorting with demons and faeries goes against everything we have been ever taught.”

“The spirits of the old world were actually here first,” Alice pointed out. “We were the ones who chased them out of their homes to build enormous cities of stone and brick.”

“Because we had to protect ourselves,” Gabriel replied. “Because they were evil.”

“And yet, we were the ones who hunted them down,” Alice shrugged. “Denouncing them as evil while they fled without fighting back. I understand that you want to stand by your people, I admire that even. But there’s no changing the facts; your people have lied to you. Everything your parents have ever said, everything your teachers have taught you, it’s all a lie.”

“It isn’t like that,” Gabriel protested, squirming slightly as he felt the cold wetness of the gel spread to his left butt cheek as Alice began to massage him there tenderly. “You’re twisting things around.”

“Really?” Alice said. “Then why don’t you enlighten me? I’m listening.”

“Okay,” Gabriel said and closed his eyes. He took a few deep breaths as he tried to focus on the conversation. She actually sounded sincere, and if he could somehow persuade her that would be the greatest thing Gabriel had ever done. But he had to be careful, for he sensed a trap of some sort. “Look, whatever it is you want, whatever it is you think magic or spirits can give you, you’re not going to get it.”

“You’re sure?” Alice asked. Her hand remained beneath the waistband of Gabriel’s loincloth, but began to drift up toward his hip. “And what is it that I want?”

Now Gabriel was really beginning to have trouble concentrating. Her hands reached his hip bone, and began to drift over slowly.

“What is it that I really want,” Her voice was just a whisper now, soft and suggestive. “What are the deepest desires of my heart?”

Her fingertips were barely touching the skin of his pelvis as they slowly and lightly drifted closer toward his crotch, and Gabriel felt his own excitement stirring in his loins as Alice leaned her face closer to his, so that he could feel her hot breath against his neck.

“I think you already know.”

Gabriel shuddered in anticipation as the light touch of her fingertips approached his now hardening manhood, only for her to stop just centimeters from it.

“All you have to do is say the word,” She breathed onto his ear. Her face was so close to him that Gabriel could feel the warmth of her lips softly grazing past his cold neck. “You say you despise me for dabbling in magic, but I think we could work out an understanding between us, don’t you?” Her fingertip traced a circle on the flesh of his pelvis. “Say it, and let me take you to your wildest fantasies.

Gabriel swallowed hard and thought about it. She was right, he did want it. Plus, this current predicament that he’s in was much nicer than his earlier ones, having been faced with being alone in the woods at night and having thought he was going to be sacrificed by a crazy old witch.

“I’ll have to agree that this was a much nicer ending to this night than I had thought possible just minutes ago.” Gabriel admitted.

“So?” Alice slid her hand down his hip, pulling the loincloth off him and baring his manhood for any to see. “What do you think? Could it work?” Her hands slid over once more to his inner thigh as she began to caress it. “Could the both of us reach an understanding?”

Gabriel closed his eyes. He truly wanted to say yes, and not just for the obvious reasons. Gabriel was a staunch and devout boy, he always had been since his earliest days. And while Alice was a beautiful woman, she was a witch, and saying yes meant betraying himself, and everything he has ever stood for. Everything he has been taught by his father, by his mother, and everything he has ever known, he would be forsaking it all.

But there was just one problem. Gabriel wasn’t home now. His family wasn’t here, nor was his teachers. He was alone, stranded in the forest and tied up in the hut of some mad witch. What would she do if he rejected her? What would happen to him if he was thrown out to fend for himself in the night? Just the thought of whatever creatures may lay in wait for him out in those woods was enough to make him shiver.

Faced with these choices, who wouldn’t want to say yes to an attractive older woman? Who could resist, when he knew that this very well might be the only chance he was ever going to have to say yes?

With Alice still sliding her soft hands up and down his inner thighs and around his crotch, all the while cooing and moaning into his ear and neck as she coaxed an answer from him, Gabriel knew that he had made a choice.

“My-My name...” Gabriel said, still hesistant. “My name is Gabriel.”

The moment he said that, Alice let out a long, hot breath against his cheek.

“Gabriel...” She cooed.

Her hands drifted upward along his inter thigh, but did not stop this time as she neared his crotch. Gabriel yelped in surprise as her hands, lubricated by the clear gel she had applied to his body, lightly caressed his hairless balls. This was the first time that a woman had touched him in his private area, and a jolt of pleasure raced up his lower abdomen. And just as he thought nothing could feel better than that, Alice let her fingertips slowly glide upwards, running along the fully erect shaft of Gabriel’s teen cock. He could not help but let out a groan of pleasure.

“You want this, Gabriel?” Her fingers stopped at the tip of Gabriel’s penis, and she began to massage his head softly, sending waves of pleasure through him. “You want to be mine?”

Gabriel was breathing hard now, panting with a lustful heat as Alice continued to massage his hard and throbbing cock. Then, with a practiced delicacy only few could ever have, Alice slowly allowed her fingers to wrap around the entirety of a shaft, stroking it with long and deliberate strokes, going down to the base of his cock, and then up to the very tip so that her palms rubbed against the underside of his cock.

Gabriel shuddered with pleasure, and after only a minute of this, could feel himself already on the verge of orgasm. Whenever he and Avner jerked off together, Gabriel was always the more virile of the two, able to last longer and even go for a few more rounds after that. But now, Gabriel was in an erotic trance, hypnotized and spellbound by Alice’s sensual charms. There was no way he would be able to last much longer, and Gabriel surrendered himself completely to Alice as she began to speed up her stroking.

“I’m cumming!” Gabriel gasped, barely audible over his panting. “I’m- Ahh!”

He began to shudder with orgasmic bliss as a sensation unlike anything Gabriel’s teenaged body had ever experienced before overtook him. Gabriel thrusted his hips against the strokes of Alice’s hand as he came, shooting a generous amount of white, sticky cum all over the bed and bedsheets. And eventually, Alice’s strokes began to slow down, until she eventually stopped.

Now feeling suddenly tired, Gabriel allowed his body to relax in his post orgasmic fatigue. For some reason, he was feeling particularly drained, as if Alice had just killed all of his sexual energy out of his cock. Had he been bewitched? Or did he feel this way just because he had just experienced the best orgasm of his life? Gabriel did not know, but he couldn’t be bothered to worry about that right now.

Alice loosened her grip and let her fingers slide away from his cock, strings of cum hanging off her slender fingers as she did so. She disappeared from Gabriel’s field of vision, slinking away into the darkness while Gabriel still had his guard down in the immediate aftermath of his orgasm. Only after several seconds did Gabriel realize that Alice had disappeared, and peeked backward around his shoulder, only to find her standing in front of some sort of altar that he had not noticed before, barely illuminated by the dim candles.

Chanting words unrecognizable to the boy softly, Alice raised her hands, still wet with Gabriel’s cum, and wiped her fingers all over a pedestal on the altar, smearing his semen all over it. Gabriel only had a few short moments to think, realizing that the witch was actually using the semen she had milked from him in some sort of ritual. By the time he managed to put two and two together however, it was already too late.

A gust of cold wind blew through the room, extinguishing all of the candles except for the one right by the bed that Gabriel was laying on, plunging the small but into darkness. Outside, the night had grown dark too, and Gabriel could not see anything except for the dark silhouettes of trees. Not even the moon was visible. Everything was dark, save for the one candle next to him. Somewhere in the room, Gabriel could hear Alice’s voice, still chanting but slowly growing louder by now.

“Hey!” Gabriel called out to the pitch blackness, struggling against his restraints. “What do you think you’re doing?”

The ominous chanting coming from a place in the darkness that he could not see scared Gabriel, and he was quickly shaken out of his euphoric daze as the shadows around him seemed to suddenly grow longer and the chanting louder. But all of his struggling was for nothing, as the restraints around Gabriel’s hands and legs remained tight.

“I summon you, the Kings and Queens of Darkness, come forth from your realm to take this gift that I offer to you. Let my sacrifice appease you so that I may dance with you forever in the fires of hell!”

Trembling and shaking, Gabriel let out a muffled gasp as he watched the shadows looming over him materialize into the shape of a woman. In the darkness, he could not make out much besides the outline of her curvaceous body and those glowing purple eyes, but it was more than enough to terrify Gabriel. As if that were not enough, though, all around him figures had appeared, each of them different from one another. Some seemed to be shadows, while others seemed to be some sorts of horned beasts. Others were humanoids with red skin, and Gabriel could even see faces peering in through the Hut’s windows from the outside, with ghastly and terrifyingly ugly faces.

Panic had overtaken Gabriel and he had begun to struggle against his restraints with a renewed vigor, even ignoring the fact that the restraints were now cutting into his wrists and ankles as he continued to try to break free. The shadows and demons were slowly approaching him, looking him over with their hungry eyes as they sneered and laughed to one another.

It was terrifying, in fact terrifying enough that Gabriel actually broke free of his restraints, pulling the rope around his wrists apart, though it did leave quite some blood trickling down his forearms. Before Gabriel could even reach down to undo the ropes on his ankles and make his getaway, though, the female shadow had zoomed forward, pushing Gabriel down so that he was laying back on the bed.

“You’re not going anywhere,” A raspy, unearthly voice rasped. From the sides of the bed, shadows of hands suddenly appeared, reaching out and pinning Gabriel’s arms down so that he could not struggle. “You are mine, Gabriel. You are mine forevermore.”

In the background, Alice’s chanting had grown so loud now that it almost sounded like the wailing of a banshee, and intermixed with the laughing and screaming of the demons in the room, was enough to frighten the usually brave boy into tears. Gabriel did not know what else he could do; there was no way he could possibly reason with these beings, and he had only himself to blame by sneaking into these woods in the first place and then giving this witch his name. Why had he been so stupid? He should have just stayed home and helped his mother and father put food on the table, like they always told him to. Now he was going to die, and nobody would ever know what happened to him.

But that was not what the spirits of the night had planned for him.

This entire time, though Gabriel had not noticed, his cock had still maintained its stiffness and vigor, despite having already cum once. Before he had awoken, the witch had enchanted the boy’s sleeping body, and even now as he cowered before the female shadow rising over him, Gabriel’s five inch cock remained throbbing and hard.

Straddling his hips, Gabriel’s eyes widened as he realized what she was going to do to him.

“No!” He pleaded. The weakness and fatigue that he felt in his body from the earlier ejaculation was wearing down on him with the weight of the whole world, and he feared what another orgasm would do to him. “Please, stop...”

But the only that that Gabriel’s pathetic mewling did was draw even more laughter and scorn for him from the gathered creatures of the night. There was no way that they would let Gabriel go, and soon the shadow figure that straddled him grabbed the base of his cock and began to take aim.

Struggling uselessly against the shadow hands that pinned his arms down to the bed, Gabriel screamed as a sudden powerful sensation burst outward from his crotch. His penis had disappeared into the shadow woman’s body, and the slick tightness that clamped around his teenaged cock was too much for the formerly virgin boy to handle. His ghostly rapist was not being very gentle with him either, rocking up and down and bucking her hips wildly, completely overwhelming Gabriel’s young and inexperienced body with sensations that he could never have dreamt of before, even in his wildest dreams. And as if that weren’t enough, the ghostly specters that were holding his arms down at his side had begun to lick at the blood dripping down his forearms from his wrist, adding a new dimension of pleasure to his experience.

“Ah!” Gabriel cried out. Assaulted by the overwhelmingly intense pleasure of sex, Gabriel did not even try to muffle his screams as he began to cum, his cock squirting strings of his virile white semen straight into the pussy of the shadow on top of him.

Immediately, Gabriel’s already tired mind was beset by another wave of fatigue, and the boy was beginning to feel very light headed. The shadow, however, did not stop for even one moment, and instead continued to ride him, letting his teen cock slide in and out of her as she continued to milk every last drop of cum from Gabriel. Like all guys, Gabriel’s cock was tender and sensitive in the immediate aftermath of an orgasm, but even so, the shadow continued to buck up and down on Gabriel’s cock wildly, causing the young teen let out a half moan, half wail as the uncomfortable, yet pleasurable, sensations continued to grow more intense.

“Stop... please...” Gabriel tried to say, but he was too weak. All over his body, Gabriel was also feeling the wet tounges of his demonic attackers lick and slurp all over him, kissing and sucking on his nipples, arms, and belly button.

Overcome by the intensity that his young body was experiencing, Gabriel came once more inside the shadow, this time shooting a little less cum inside her. The shadow did not stop once again, continuing to ride him until Gabriel came again, and again, and again. Soon, the boy’s vision was filled almost entirely with spotty darkness, and his body was completely drained of energy.

Collapsing backward into his bed, Gabriel gave up all resistance and allowed himself to be taken by the demons of the night, as they sneered and laughed and screamed all around him. The last thing Gabriel heard right before he fell unconscious once again, was the chanting of the witch, Alice.

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The Forest 2

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