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"RUNAWAY" - Chapter 4 "Tonight It Was Special"

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Cruelty, Erotica

Author: brokenwing

Published: 09 January 2019

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Sammi wasn't sure what woke her, a noise, movement, the dog or just the horror of what Roger had been doing to her, but she was suddenly wide awake. She realized she heard snoring and thought maybe that's what woke her. She sat up and poked her head forward through the curtain. For a moment she was terrified, Joseph was leaning far back in his seat, head back, sound asleep and his hands not even on the steering wheel. Out of terror she pushed up onto her knees looking through the windshield when she then realized the truck had pulled off the highway. She could see in the distance tail lights whizzing by but they were obviously parked.

She once again sat back down on the mattress and had to smile that Ol'Jack had only lifted his head watching her. She laid back down petting him and taking a deep breath. This was far from the only night that she couldn't stop thinking or dreaming about Roger raping her.

It made her nauseous to think about the things he did that night and over the next few weeks until she built up the nerve to runaway.

Before he moved in with her and her mom, Holly, her old real birth name, would never have thought of running away. While she had never been street wise she had heard enough about the dangers for a teenager on the run.

She worried that she was putting herself in greater danger by leaving home but as long as she stayed at home he was free to do with her what he wanted to do.

She hated her own mind but even as she laid there on the mattress petting the dog she couldn't stop thinking about that night.


For just a moment she though her horror was over. He had done it, he raped her and worse raped her unprotected and shot his fluids inside her body. But somehow it wasn't enough for him.

He couldn't resist rolling onto one side of her and putting a hand between her legs and shoving the fingers of his hand inside her sex. Between her own fluids and the fluids he had ejaculated inside her even he was surprised by how wet she was there. He couldn't resist moving his fingers in and out pushing his hand hard at her sex. He loved the look of horror on her face but even more loved the look of terror and surrender. While her eyes stared back at him pleading for him to stop she did nothing to resist.

He had never seen the look of resignation in another person's eyes before, that is until that moment. He started speaking softly, "You belong to me and will do whatever I want, when I want."

He decided to try one more show of power and control and commanded her in a stern voice, "Open your mouth!" To his delight she did and he quickly pulled his hand from between her legs and held it over her open mouth. He continued, "Taste our fluids together, yours and mine!"

She was horrified as the moment his hand moved into her line of sight not only could she see his cum and likely her fluids she also saw her own blood. But before she could move away his other hand punched her in the stomach making her groan in pain and open her mouth wide. He quickly pushed his hand into her mouth and pushed deep.

He immediately whispered in her ear, "Bite my hand and I'll break your jaw and it will have to be wired shut for weeks." Even as he was saying that he moved his hand in and out of her mouth hard and fast over and over enjoying when it made her gag.

He had never seen, other then in porn when gagging a girl would create the thicker stringy saliva but his movements were fast and aggressive enough and as he pulled his hand almost out he saw the thick stretchy spit stick to his fingers. He intentionally pulled his hand out and up making the thick saliva follow his fingers onto her upper lip, under her nose and even onto her nose.

Within seconds his hand was back between her legs and he pushed it hard back inside her. He stroked his hand in and out several times as hard, fast and deep as he could force it then once again after several strokes into her pussy he once again brought his hand to her mouth.

"Suck it clean" he instructed then added, "And if I so much as feel a tooth scrape my hand you'll be eating through a straw for months."

This time he held his sticky hand over her face holding it there a few seconds until some of the fluids oozed off of his hand onto her face. It made her nauseous to not only see the fluids, his cum, her wetness and her blood, but she could also smell the fluids and she struggled to not vomit when he once again pushed his hand into her mouth.

He loved the look of horror and disgust on her face. He had never seen anything like it. Roger had been physically abusive to not only a couple of his girlfriends before but also to his two ex wives. But this was the first time he raped, well at least if you didn't count drunk or passed out as non-consensual. But he had not come anywhere close to the the violent, degradation, control and sexual assault like he just had with Holly.

He once again moved his face by her ear and started trying to degrade her more, "Look and feel those lovely nipples slut they're still puffy and poking hard." As he said this for the first time he didn't pinch them hard instead he used the pad of his fingers one on each side of her nipples and rubbed and gently pulled on them. "They're still fully hard, you loved me hurting you."

Roger was spent but this was something he never had the opportunity to try a total head fuck. He used a little more energy and moved his face to one of her nipples. But this time rather then pain he wanted to see if he get her to feel guilt. He licked and sucked on the nipple. Even he was a little surprised her nipples, areolas and breasts had responded as much to what he did to her.

She was both sore and sensitive. There was enough soreness it still hurt some but his lips sucking much more gentle this time sent sensation deeper into her being. She wasn't alert or experienced enough to resist her body reacting and she pushed her shoulders back and arched her back. She realized it pretty quick and so did he.

He swirled his tongue firmly around the nipple held in his lips. He then moved his mouth to her other nipple even though it required him to move farther over her body.

It was strange to him, because he enjoyed knocking woman around as much as he loved sex. It was a power trip. But even he thought he was a strange man. He wasn't into beauty or pretty or even necessarily thin. He was into desperate, like Holly's mom Rachel, women who struggled with money, self esteem and loneliness.

But as he was lying there and his hand brushed over her stomach he noticed her skin was so soft. He took a moment to look at her body her shirt still on but shredded. He could see bruises that he put on her earlier. He rubbed his hand softly over her belly and let one of his fingers slide down into her innie belly button. Then he slid his hand to a place on her tummy where he could see a bruise forming and pressed slowly yet firmly on the bruise until he heard her groan.

He then moved his hand over one of her breasts. For a teen, her breasts were full especially for a girl so petite and thin. Once again he felt the softness of her skin and passed his fingers over her nipple one at a time letting them flick the nipple.

He decided to work on the the head fuck, "Look at your tits little girl, you love the attention." His eyes then passed over her breasts looking for the darkest bruise he could find. Once again he moved a finger over the bruise and pressed on it until she reacted and groaned.

He then moved his fingers to her nipple and used every ounce of his finger strength to pinch that nipple as hard as he could.

"They're so hard Holly, you're sick, you're turned on by the pain" he said but almost with a question in his statement wondering if she might actually be at least slightly turned on by what he was doing to her.

Then he moved his hand down between her legs, but this time once again his intention was to degrade her more by hating her own bodies reaction. First he once again pushed two fingers inside her and said, "You knew why I came to your room Holly, yet you barely fought me. You were even waiting for me to push inside you here Holly. Do you realize you never told me stop or no?

His finger carefully stroked her clit. Normally he didn't try or even care if he gave the woman he was with pleasure but he liked fucking with Holly's head. And because of her age and lack of experience he was hopeful he at a minimum was putting some doubt in her mind. He had punched, slapped, pinched, pulled, prodded and raped her body but that didn't change that it was a sexual act. That at least to some of it her body responded. He understood that the human body reacts even under horrible circumstances but would his girlfriend's teen daughter understand that.

"You're a dirty slut Holly. Your body loved what I did to you. You're likely more sick then your mom. She likes it rough too Holly. But not like you. Despite the fact I raped and violated you, your body is still responding to what I'm doing. It feels nice Holly, doesn't it?"

He then stopped rubbing her, leaned down and kissed her softly on the mouth, "Good night Holly. Tonight was special. I hope you never forget it. I know I won't. But not to worry, I'll see you tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

With that, he got up off the bed, licked off his own fingers tasting her fluids on them and left her alone in her bedroom.

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"RUNAWAY" - Chapter 4 "Tonight It Was Special"

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