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  1. Shopping with Daddy
  2. Shopping with Daddy: Repercussions

Shopping with Daddy

Categories Fiction, First Time, Incest, Teen

Author: Katie Werner

Published: 09 January 2019

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“Man, what I would give if that curtain wasn’t closed all the way.” Kevin whispers to Mark.

Mark stands frozen in the moment as he looks at the row of curtained dressing rooms in a changing area sectioned of the store. Mark takes a moment to retrace the events that have lead him to his moment.


Mark’s 14 year old daughter, Katie, was texting on her phone at the front of the car in the mall parking lot. This was when Mark first noticed what Katie was wearing; short shorts, the bottom curve of her ass just showing, and a cropped blouse that was tied together in the front; which was displaying more of her perky b-cups than a 14 year old girl should probably show outside of wearing a bikini at the beach or a pool.

Mark couldn’t help but look from her low-cut Converse All-Stars up her smooth legs to the part of her young ass that showed below her short shorts. Mark then continued looking up her exposed waist to her neck, and then to her lips; where she was wearing bright red lipstick. “Holy fuck,” Mark mutter to himself quietly. He shouldn’t have been looking at his daughter the way we was, but he couldn’t help it.

Mark wasn’t a stranger to checking out his daughter. She was the spitting image or her mother, albeit 20 years younger. Katie’s luxurious long wavy red hair made her green eyes pop. She was impossible to look away from, and her young teenager’s body she was impossible not to imaging sexually. Mark had tried to suppress those thoughts, but too many times he saw other boys and men checking her out over the last few years. He knew what they were thinking and wanting; which would bring his thoughts back to sexual ones. Mark also couldn’t help but check out Katie’s girl friends and other girls her age he saw out and about. It didn’t help they were at the age where their bodies were closer to a woman’s body than an asexual girls body.

One day not long ago, Mark finally gave in and allowed his mind to fully explore the taboo, naughty thoughts, he had suppressed about his teenage daughter and her friends. That day came when Katie had a particularly attractive dark haired friend staying the night. Laura was as close to perfect as Katie was at 14. Her dark hair was long and wavy and her bright blue eyes popped in contrast to it. They were both on the high school volleyball team, so Mark was very familiar with how perfect Laura’s young body was; it impossible not to notice how their bodies looked when they were in the skin tight volleyball shorts and tops.

It was late at night when Mark overheard Katie and Laura chatting in Katie’s room. Mark listen to their conversation as much as he could. Their conversation confirmed what he had hoped girls their age thought about and were curious about. He listened as they talked about boys and sex. As he listened, he could tell they were on Katie’s computer looking and watching things of a sexual, if not outright pornographic, nature. Mark wished he could see what they were watching, but he had to settle for what he heard them say to each other. Mark heard things like: “Oh god is big,” and “Look how much comes out,” and “She’s swallowing it.” Mark got rock hard listening and had to take care of it. It was the first time Mark jerked off where he didn’t force himself to think about another more appropriate sexual thoughts instead of his daughter, or one of her friends. He imagined being inside his daughters mouth, imagined looking down at her as she sucked his hard cock, imagined holding her long red hair as he slid in and out of her mouth, and he imagined as he cam; that he was cumming in his daughter’s mouth. Imagined the look on her face as she felt his cock pulsating and shooting cum in her mouth.

Now Mark found himself standing in the mall parking lot about to take his daughter shopping and knowing that he would have a very hard time not looking at her sexually. He also knew there would be many other men and boys that would take notice of her. Mark took a deep breath and gathered his composure and walked up next to Katie. “Ready to head in?”

As Katie and Mark went from store to store, Mark was very aware of how much attention Katie was getting. Mark would fall back and sometime wander away from Katie as she moved around inside a store. This allowed Mark to watch his daughter from a distance and to observe the men and boys that were checking her out. After a few more stores, Mark watched as Katie gathered a few very tiny skirts, tops and dresses. His heart picked up as he imagined Katie in them. As he watched Katie, Mark noticed another man about his age checking her out as she picked out clothes. Mark noticed how he looked Katie up and down at moments when she wouldn’t notice. Knowing another man his age was checking out girls his daughter’s age made Mark feel less of a pervert. Knowing a man his age was checking out his daughter, surprisingly, excited Mark immensely.

Mark, not wanting to be caught watching the man checking out his daughter, looked away and casually scanned the store. That is when he noticed Laura, his daughters hot dark haired girlfriend, shopping in a corner of the store. “Oh god.” Mark muttered to himself as he saw what Laura was wearing; a short skirt and a halter top. Here entire stomach was on display. Mark slowly moved through the store to get closer to Laura. He needed a better look.

It wasn’t long before Mark was close enough to really get a good look at Laura. He watched as she held up skirts and top to her body and looked in a mirror. Mark was thoroughly enjoying watching Laura when it got better than he could have ever imagined. Laura dropped one of the items she was holding and bent over to pick it up. Mark’s eyes widened and his body froze as Laura’s skirt rode up and exposed half of her young perfect ass. Mark stared at how Laura’s panties hugged her young pussy from behind. He watched as she stood up and had to pull her skirt down a bit to cover up her ass again. Then his trance was broken.

“That’s quite a sight.” A man’s voice said from behind Mark. Startled Mark turned and saw the man that had been checking out his daughter. “You can’t not look, am I right?”

Mark was flustered at being engaged with a man that clearly was on the same wave length as he was on. The man continued and said, “She’s a special one to look at, but did you see the red head on the other side of the store?” Mark’s mind raced to find a response. This man had just commented on Katie. The man continued, “I mean, fuck, what’d I’d give to see her bending over in a little skirt.”

Mark decided to play along in that moment, wanting to foster the sexual energy. “I did she her, she’s.” Mark paused, then said awkwardly, “She’s going to give me wet dreams.” Mark did it, he crossed a line he didn’t expect he would. He admitted his desire for a young teenage girl to a stranger. It was thrilling.

“Hey, I’m Kevin.” The man said.

Mark introduced himself in return, ”I’m Mark.”

Kevin then pointed to the dressing rooms. “Hey, that hot little red head is heading to the dressing rooms. “Let’s get closer. The dark haired girl is over there also, maybe we’ll get a peek at them as they try on their stuff.”

Mark was nervous to get too close, but couldn’t say no. He wanted to see. They both moved closer to the dressing rooms and soon got in a position to see the row of curtained booths the store used for changing rooms. The booths were in a private section of the store and had a row of mirrors for checking yourself out.

Mark stood next to Kevin in silence for a moment before Katie appeared in the changing area holding several items. Kevin muttered softly to Mark, “Oh fuck, look at her,” as he looked at the exposed part of Katie’s firm flat stomach between her shorts and blouse. Katie then ducked into one of the curtained dressing rooms.


Mark considers his response to Kevin’s last comment: “Man, what I would give if that curtain weren’t closed all the way.”

Mark is about to respond but he hears a young voice. “Daddy, can you hold my purse?” Mark looks in the direction of the young voice and sees Katie’s dark haired friend Laura. His heart skips at the realization. Kevin is Laura’s dad! Kevin, who was encouraging Mark’s leering, and was enjoying it also was her father. Then the voice is directed at Mark, “Hi Mr. Bennett.” Laura says.

Mark smiles at Laura. “Hi Laura.”

“Are you here with Katie?” Laura asks.

“Yes, she’s in changing now.” Mark responds.

“Which room?”

“The third one.” Mark points to it.

Laura hands her purse to her dad and heads to the third changing room.

As Laura walks to the room her dad says, “What a fucking hot ass she has.”

Mark looks.

“So that fucking hot little red head is yours?” Kevin asks, but he knows.

Mark smiles and then looks over at Kevin. His mind still torn between keeping the dirty conversation and sexual energy going, or to diffuse it. In that moment, Mark’s dark desires win and he nods and says, “She is.”

Mark and Kevin look back as Laura pulls open the curtain to room Katie is in and they both take an excited breath as they see Katie pulling a snug skirt up over her ass. They get a quick glimpse of her red thong and her tight ass.

Kevin says quietly, “Oh, fuck yes.”

Mark and Kevin watch as they girls hug. Laura’s skirt riding up a bit again, exposing the bottom curve of her young ass. After a moment, Laura pulls the curtain closed.

Kevin sensing Mark’s reservation says, “Hey, let loose if you want. You can say anything you want around me, anything you want about Laura. It’s okay with me. I mean she’s hot and I’m not hung up about that or that men are age want her. But let me know if you are uncomfortable about me commenting about Katie.”

Mark takes a moment to consider the offer. He’s just been given the green like to say what he’s thinking, to say things that society dictates you can’t say, to say what he has dreamed of saying to someone else.

“Anything?” Mark asks.

Kevin smiles nods and says, “Do you want me to go first?”

Mark nervous and excited responds, “Sure.”

“Do you want me to say something about Katie or Laura?”

Mark thinks for a second wanting to hear everything Kevin has to say about Katie and Laura.

Just then the curtain opens to the dressing room and Katie and Laura emerge.

Laura wearing a snug, very short dress, turns and looks in the mirrors in the changing area. As she turns she reveals the side of the dress is split way up over her hip. The thin side to her panties is pulled high on her hip. She turns more and showing off the back of the dress, which is cut all the way down to the small of her back. Laura’s back is bare with no sign of a bra strap.

Katie is wearing a tiny snug mini skirt with a split up the side also, and a matching tube top that barely hides her young perky b cups. Her entire stomach on display. As she turns to look at herself in the mirror, the bottom curve of her young ass can be seen below the skirt.

Mark and Kevin both mumble, “Oh my.”

Mark then says to Kevin, but never looking away from the girls, “Tell me anything you want about both.”

Kevin responds, “I want to see your daughter bend over in that skirt so I can see how her panties hug her little pussy.”

The words are magic to his ears. Kevin continues, “And I want to see my lil girl on her knees in that dress sucking your cock.”

Mark flinches instinctively at the thought of his cock in Laura’s young mouth. Mark, with out restraint, responds, “I want to cum all over her face.”

“So do I.” Kevin says back.

They watch as the girls turn and look at themselves in the mirrors.

Katie faces the mirror and plays with the tube top. adjusting her tits in it. Kevin moans at the sight and says, “Fuck, I want to see her tits. Fuck that, I want to feel them pushed around my cock as I titty fuck her.” Kevin looks at Mark and says, “I really want to titty fuck your daughter.”

Mark replies with muted voice, “That would be hot to see.” They go back to watching their girls.

After a moment of watching the girls they, go back into the dressing rooms.

Mark breaks the silent moment and offers, “Do you and Laura want to come over after shopping? I think we should get to know each other better, especially if our daughters are going to be hanging out together.”

Kevin nods. “We can follow you home.”

Mark, Katie, Kevin and Laura get to Mark’s and the girls walk in ahead of them. Mark and Kevin make no attempt to disguise their stare or admiration of the girls.

Once inside Mark fixes Kevin and himself a drinks before showing Kevin around the house. The tour of the house takes them by Katie’s room. As they get there, they see the girls in the outfits they had on at the store and posing and taking selfies in Katie’s room. The girls giggle as they see Kevin and Mark look in.

Kevin says, “Practicing for the runway?”

Laura smiles and Katie says, “Trying to get a good selfie pose so we can show our friends the new stuff.”

Mark take advantage of the moment, “If want a good pic you need a better back drop then your bed. Come down stairs or outside.”

Laura looks at Katie and nods approval.

Kevin adds, “Better yet. Forget a selfie, we’ll take the pics so you don’t have to stretch out your arms to get it all in.”

Katie and Laura shrug and nod okay.

Again, Kevin and Mark follow the girls. Both are carrying the other outfits they bought.

Laura stops in the living room and says, “How about in front of the fire place and mantel?”

“Sure.” Mark agrees. The girls over their cellphones to their dads for the pictures.

Katie poses first. Mark and Kevin’s eyes lock on her as she isn’t looking at them. She looks back and catches them looking away quickly. She looks at Laura and grins. Then back to Kevin and her dad.

“You can look. How else are you going to take a picture?” Katie says smiling.

“It’s ok. It’s not like we don’t know guys look when we aren’t looking their way.” Laura says. “So, It’s ok with us if you look to take pictures. Right, Katie?” Laura asks blushing a bit.

Katie nods and looks back at her dad and Kevin, “I don’t mind if you look. I mean, pretend we aren’t your daughters, and um.” Katie smiles and the girls giggle a bit.

Laura says “Yeah, um, pretend you are boys our age and you have crushes on us or something.”

The girls giggle. Mark and Kevin look at each other, shrug and nod.

“Well, ok then. Um, but if you want us to pretend we aren’t your dads we are going to have to talk to you like we aren’t your dads.” Kevin says.

Mark follows up with, “Is that ok? I mean, we don’t want you to be, um, upset by anything we say, so you have to remember it is all pretend. Ok?”

Katie and Laura look at each other, their eyes wide with wonder and excitement.

Laura says, “We’re ok. Um, but the same goes for what we say, Okay?”

Mark and Kevin agree. The energy in the room electric with sexual tension and excitement.

Mark holds up the Katies phone. “Ready?” He asks

Katie poses with her side a bit to the camera. Mark takes a pic. Kevin then says, “Nice now, turn a bit more, so he can get more of your tight ass in the pic.”

Katie’s eyes flash to Laura, who smiles back. Katie turns more. Mark takes another pic.

“Good, now turn your back to the camera and look over your shoulder.” Kevin says.

Katie's does and looks to her dad smiling.

Mark takes the pic. Then looks at Katie and says, “Bend over a bit at the waist and look back.” Katie’s eyes lock on her dads, then she bends over a bit. Mark’s eyes look from Katie’s eyes to her skirt and her ass as the bottom curve of it comes into view as the skirt rides up. “Perfect Katie.” Mark says and takes the pic.

“My turn!” Laura interjects, softening the tension of the moment.

Katie moves off the hearth and pulls her skirt down a bit as she blushes.

Laura steps up on the hearth and her dad trades places with Mark.

Kevin takes a pic of her facing straight to the camera. The snug dress showing off her young figure. Her young tits snug in the dress’s top.

“Ok, now turn to the side.” Kevin instructs. Laura turns and the split up the side of the dress shows off her entire leg up and over her hip to her waist. The only obstruction is the side band of her panties. Laura tugs the side band up higher on her hips to hide it from view. But it slips down. She tries again, and again it slips.

Kevin looks at his daughter pulling her the sides of her panties up. She holds them up with her hand on her hip and looks to her dad. “Does this work?”

Kevin looks at his daughters legs and hip, then to her. He shakes no. “I don’t think you have the right kind of panties on for that dress.” Laura blushes as her dad saying panties. Kevin then looks to Mark and asks, “What do you think?”

Mark looks at Laura’s side and hip, the up to he eyes. “I think she needs to take her panties off.”

Kevin smiles, then looks at his daughter in her eyes and says, “Take off your panties.”

Laura’s eyes flash wide as she blushes. She looks to Katie who smiles back. Laura looks then to Mark who she sees is still looking at her leg and hip. Blushing she looks back to her dad. She looks him in the eye as she pulls down on the side of her panties, pulling them down off her hips, then letting them slide down her young legs to her ankles. She steps out of them and bends over to pick them up. They are a lacy black thong. She hold them out to Mark. “Can you hold onto them?” She asks.

Mark walks to her and takes them. He pushes them into the pocket of his pants.

Laura looks back to her dad and poses sideways again, this time nothing is between her feet and her waist. Her entire side it exposed.

Kevin takes a pic. Then another. He looks to Laura and smiles then says, “Ok, stay sideways like you are, but bend over like Katie did so your hair falls down and then look to me.”

Laura begins to bend over at the waist and then feels the dress slowly hang away from her stomach and waist due to the high split. She pauses as she realizes if she bends over more her and Mark might be able to see what her panties would have covered if she had them on. Laura looks to her dad. He smiles, nods, and says, “Keep going.” Laura’s dad keeps his gaze on his daughter’s eyes as she bends over more at the waist, until she is almost at 90 degrees.

Laura can feel her dress is now hangin down from just under her tits. She can feel that she is exposed from just under her tits down in the front. Laura’s heart pounds as she knows they can see her upper pussy area and that she is smooth down as far as they can see from the side. She sees her dad look away from her eyes to her waist, to her pussy area.

Kevin stares at his daughter’s stomach and how it goes down to her legs, between her legs. He stares down below her belly button to where her waist connects to her legs and her inner thighs. She is smooth, no sign of hair at all. Kevin takes a pic. Then another. Laura looks to Mark and blushes as she see him hold up his phone and take a picture also. Laura smiles for the camera.

The moment is broken by Katie. “Ok my turn again.” She says.

Laura stands up straight again. While Mark and Kevin were fixated on Laura, Katie changed into a new outfit. A very thin dress with splits up both sides to the waist and a cut out in the stomach area and the lower back.

Laura looks at Katie and smiles. Mark and Kevin look to Katie and freeze at the sight. Katie is silhouetted. The light from behind her streams through the thin fabric and outlines her young teen body perfectly.

Mark mutters, “Oh, fuck.”

Kevin says, “Stay just like that.” He takes a pic. Then Mark takes a pic.

Kevin looks to Mark and smiles, then back to Katie. “Now, turn sideways and open up the side of the dress so we can get side shot of your leg and hip.”

Laura, realizing that Katie might have been distracted changing and not seen how she had posed, says, “It’ll make a great shot.”

Katie turns and lets the side of the dress slip open exposing her leg and hip, and the side of her panties. Laura giggles and says, “You’re going to have to take off your panties for the shot.”

Katie looks to her dad, her eye wide. Mark says, “Oh yes. We had Laura take her panties. It doesn’t look right for the dress. Just reach under and pull your panties down.” Mark’s heart beating strong as he got to say something he has dreamed of says; being able to tell his daughter to pull her panties down.

Katie reaches down between the side splits of her dress and grabs her panties. She notices Kevin staring at her hips, her hands on her panties. She smiles at him as she pulls them down. she bends over and pulls them off. Just then Kevin says, “I’ll take those.” He steps to Katie and she hands him her panties. He smiles and puts them in his pocket.

As she stands there ,Kevin looks over Katie and right at her chest. He turns and looks at Mark and says, “She should lose the bra too. I think the dress will flow better with out it.”

Mark looks at Katies chest too, then up at Katie, “You’re right. Take off your bra Katie.”

Mark can’t believe it. He just told his daughter to take off her bra. Katie reaches to her back and undoes her bra. She pulls it out the side of her dress and hands it to Kevin. Mark’s mind is filled with the thought that his daughter is now only wearing the dress and nothing else.

Kevin looks at Katies chest and can see the color of her aureoles and nipples through the thin fabric. “Oh, that’s much better.”

Mark takes a pic. “Oh, nice. Now bend over at the waist and look at me.”

Katie thrilled by the excitement in the room. Starts to bend over, and like Laura she can tell the dress is falling away from her waist and stomach and hanging so everyone can see to her waist and where her panties would be. She looks to her dad, he nods approval. She bends over, knowing she is exposed.

Mark and Kevin take pics. Both zoom in on where her panties would be if she had them on. Both are excited to see that she too has no hair to show. Katie knows her pussy and labia are hided between her legs, but she does know they can see to the last point on her stomach before they could have it.

Mark takes a pic, then looks from under Katies dress up to her eyes and says, “Perfect.” Katie’s heart races knowing her dad looked down at her, that he looked to see if she could see her private area.

Katie straightens up and looks to Laura their eyes meet. Laura grins and says, “Let’s put on the two piece outfits we got and pose together.”

Laura and Katie hurry away to change.

As Laura and Katie disappear to change, Mark and Kevin looks at the pics they’ve taken. Mark shows Kevin the pic of the close up of Katie’s lower stomach; the intersection of her legs and her stomach and waist, how it is tantalizingly close to capturing more. Kevin moans in delight and says, “Fuck, I want to see more.” Kevin then shows Mark an almost identical pic or Laura. Kevin looks at Mark as he stares at the picture of Laura and says, “I bet you want to she more of that too.”

A few moments later the girls come back wearing identical outfits. Short black skirts with zippers that run the length of the sides and matching halter tops with a zipper on the front between their young perky tits; their stomachs exposed between the tops and the skirts.

Mark and Kevin stared as the girls walked around and onto the hearth; both blushing a bit. Kevin says, “Wow girl, very nice. Ready?” Katie and Laura. Mark and Kevin hold up the phones and take a few pics as the girls turn sideways and look over their shoulders.

“Ok, those will make some nice picture, but let’s try some more interesting poses.” Kevin offers.

Katie asks, “What did you have in mind?”

“Um,” Kevin starts as he pretends to think, “I know Katie. Get up on the coffee table so I can get some shots with more of an angle to them.”

Katie steps up on the coffee table as Kevin kneels down in front of her. He takes a few pics. “Nice.” Then he sets the flash and takes another pic, getting one up her skirt to her panties. He looks up at Katie who bites her lip playfully as she looks down. Kevin then plainly says, “Slide your feet apart a bit, it will make for a better shot. Katie flashes her yes down at Kevin and she slides her feet apart, opening up her legs, letting Kevin clearly see up her skirt to her panties. Kevin looks, “Oh, yes. That’s much better. That’s exactly what I want to see.” He takes another pic, looks up at Katie and smiles.

“Ok, my turn.” Laura calls out. “Ready?” she asks of Mark. Mark nods. Laura steps up on the table as Katie steps off. Mark kneels down as Kevin was and takes a few pics up at Laura as she playfully looks down. Then as Mark aims the phone back up, Laura spread her young legs too, as Katie had. Mark looks past the phone up Laura’s skirt looks right at her panties and how they hug her young pussy. He takes a pic, the flash illuminating up Laura’s skirt.

Katie steps up on the table next to Laura, “Get some of us together now.” Marks heart pounds as he looks up and can now see up his daughter’s skirt to her panties, to how they hug her young pussy. He looks then to her eyes and takes a pic, the flash going off up her skirt.

Katie and Laura steps off the table and smile and each other.

Kevin keeps the mood going and suggests, “Ok girls, unzip the sides of your skirts a bit, let’s play around with what your outfits can do.”

Both Katie and Laura unzip on side of their skirts about half way. They pose some more as their dads take pics. Mark, still taking shots from a kneeling position, says, “Unzip them more, both sides.” Katie and Laura smile at each other then unzip the other side of their skirts half way, then a bit more.

Mark looks up at Katie smiles and says, “More, as high as you can unzip them. Show off that hot body or yours.” Katie looking down at her dad, who is staring right at her waist and hips and unzips both sides up as high as the skirts allow before they come undone. Laura follows suite. The stretchy fabric of the snug skirts causes the front and back to pull in and get smaller. Now each skirt is presented more like a small square of fabric in the front and the back. Both girls can feel the air on their exposed ass cheeks.

“Oh, fuck yes.” Mark says excitedly. No longer worrying about how he is talking to his daughter.

Kevin adds to the mood and says, “Oh, girls you two are fucking hot. Now, let’s spice it up. First up is Katie.”

Katie looks to her dad and then to Kevin. Kevin looks right into Katie’s eyes and says, “Sit up on the bar stool.” Kevin points to the bar in the corner of the room.

With her heart beating hard Katie sits on the stool. Kevin moves in front of her. “Now remember what we agreed to before we started. Katie nods. Kevin looks to Mark, “I think you should have the honors.” Kevin steps away.

Mark heart racing, his cock swelling a bit now. His ability to suppress it slipping away, walks in front of his 14 year old daughter. He knows this will be the moment, the moment where it all goes one right or wrong. As he stares at his young daughter,

Kevin directs his daughter to a leaning position on the bar next to Katie, her back and ass to Kevin and Mark. Mark can’t help but look over at Laura, her ass almost totally exposed as she leans over onto the bar her legs spread good amount. She looks back to her dad.

Mark looks back to his daughter and holds the camera up. This time he turns on the video. He looks at his wide eyes daughter, her green eyes bright, her red hair illuminated. Staring into her eyes Mark says, “Unzip your top and show me your fucking tits.”

Katie’s eyes widen she trembles as she reaches up to the zipper in the front of her top. She looks back into her dad’s wild eyes. She unzips it. A second later her top falls off exposing her perfect, perky B cups. Mark looks down from his daughter’s eyes to her perfect tits. “Oh, fuck they are perfect.” Mark takes pictures of his daughter’s with her exposed tits.

Kevin looks from his daughter to Katies’ tits. “I want a copy of your pictures.” Kevin then looks to his daughter, and says, “Unzip your skirt the rest of the way.” Laura reaches down and pulls the zipper the last little bit. Her skirt falls off, exposing all over her young tight ass. Her thong easy to see as it runs between her legs, hugging her young pussy.

Mark looks to Laura’s ass, stares for a second then looks back to Katie. Katie reaches down, and unzips the last part of her skirt. It falls open and reveals her panties as she sits on the stood. Mark pans the camera down to film her in her panties on the stool. He looks up to Katie, but still has the camera filming her panties. “Spread your perfect little legs.” He tells his daughter. Katie staring back at her dad, spread her legs wide as she sits on the stool.

Mark looks down at how her panties cover her pussy. He looks at her inner thighs and how they meet at her pussy, hidden behind her snug panties.

Kevin looks to Katie and moans, “Oh, fuck that’s an amazing sight.”

Mark looks to Laura bent over and then to Kevin, “I think we need to switch now.”

Kevin moves with out answering. They trade places. Kevin now in front of Katie’s spread legs. Katie looks down at Kevin’s pants and can clearly see he is hard. Without a word, Kevin undoes his belt and pulls it off. He then begins to undo his pants. He looks at Katie’s spread legs to her exposed tits to her bright green eyes and says, “Fuck, you’re making my cock rock hard.”

Laura looks at Mark as he gets behind her. She turns and looks back at Mark and watches him as he stares at her ass and between her legs her panties covered pussy. Mark looks up at Laura and motions for her to turn around and face him. Laura turns to face Mark in just her panties and her outfit top. Mark looks her in her bright blue eyes and says, “Take off your top and let me see your tits.”

Blushing, Laura reaches up and undoes her top, exposing her perky tits. Mark looks and smiles. He takes a step back and takes a picture of her standing there topless in just her panties. Mark moans quietly as he stares at Laura’s perky 14 year old b cups.

After a second Mark steps closer and reaches out and grabs Laura’s hip. He puts the phone down, not remembering it is on video. He then grabs Laura’s other hip. He pulls her away from the bar closer over to the sofa. He looks up and down Laura’s body as he slides his hands to her panties and takes hold of each side of them. Mark kneels down as he slowly pulls Laura’s panties down.

Laura trembles as Katie’s dad pulls her panties down, exposing her pussy. Mark moans as he uncovers Laura’s 14 year old pussy. Smooth, no hair. only the faint signs she has shaven the little she had away. Mark moans, “Oh fuck, you look good.” He pulls her panties down to her feet and she steps out of them. Mark looks up at Laura’s completely naked body. He runs his hands up her legs to her ass and holds her ass. He pulls her to him, pulls her waist, her pussy, to his mouth.

“OH GOD.” Laura mutters as she feels Mark’s warm tongue on her pussy. His tongue between parting her, touching her clit.

Kevin peeks over at his naked daughter and Mark’s face buried between her legs; his hand on her young ass.

Kevin looks back to Katie. Kevin grabs her hand and pulls her from the stool and guides her to the to the sofa. Kevin turns her motions her to sit down on the sofa. Kevin pushes her back and motions for her to lift her hips up. Nervously, Katie lifts her hips up. Kevin kneels down and grabs her panties and pulls them down and off. He looks at her legs squeezed together still, hiding her pussy. He smiles and reaches out and grabs her knees. He slides his hand between her legs to just above her knees and pushes slightly. Katie easily lets Kevin push her young legs apart. Kevin stares as her young pussy is revealed. Smooth and perfect. Kevin looks up from her pussy to her eyes. “Fuck your pussy is perfect.” Katie blushes and smiles wide embarrassed.

Kevin then stands up between her legs and finishes undoing his pants. He motions Katie to get on her knees. She does. Kevin voice cracks as he say, “Pull my pants down.” Katie reaches to Kevin’s undone pants and pulls them down. Revealing his hard cock inch by inch until it springs free in front of Katie. Kevin steps out of his pants and looks down at Katie naked on her knees in front of his hard cock.

He looks to Mark and Laura, and sees Mark is now standing next to Laura and both are watching him and Katie. Kevin looks back down at Katie and reaches behind her head and grabs her long red hair. Kevin looks to Mark and says, “Watch your daughter suck my hard cock.” Kevin’s cock wet at the tip with precum. He pulls Katies mouth to his cock. the tip pressing on her lips, his precum on her lips now. Katie opens her mouth and Kevin’s cock slips in. He moans, “Oh, fuck yes, yes, oh god yes. That’s it Katie. Suck it. suck my cock.”

Mark stares, mesmerized by the sight of his 14 year old daughter sucking a grown man’s cock; watching it disappear deep into her mouth. Hearing Kevin moan in pleasure. Makr turns to Laura. Wild passion in his eyes. Mark pulls off his shirt, then undoes his pants, pushing them down. A moment later, he is in just his boxers, his cock tenting them. He looks Laura up and down and then pushes his boxers off. His fat hard cock exposed to his daughters 14 year old friend.

Laura looks down at Mark’s hard thick cock. She stares. Then looks up at Mark. Mark reaches and grabs Laura’s dark hair. He looks her in the eye and pulls her to her knees by her hair. Mark quietly commands, “Lick my cock Laura.” Laura’s mind spins with excitement. She leans in and licks the tip of Mark’s cock. Mark mutters, “Mmm.” Then says, “Lick from my balls to the tip of my cock.” Laura does, leaning in under Mark spread legs, she licks Mark’s balls then along the entire length of his cock. “Oh, fuck yes.” Mark moans and smiles devilishly down at Laura.

Mark kneels down and guides Laura to her back onto the soft rug in the room. Mark leans over her, keeping himself over her with his out stretched arms. Just then he hears Kevin moan in ecstasy. “OH FUCK KATIE.” He looks over. Kevin, holding Katie’s hair tight and controlling her head. Pulls his cock out of her mouth. He orders her, “Keep your mouth open baby.” She does, and just then Kevin’s cock explodes with a huge stream of cum that shoots straight into Katie’s 14 year old mouth. Then another long big rope of cum shoots and covers Katie’s lips and chin. “Oh fuck yes, Katie take my cum.” Kevin moans as two more, but smaller, streams of cum shoots from his cock onto her forehead and into her red hair.

Katie with her mouth open, her head being held by Kevin, has cum on her tongue and in her mouth. Kevin smiles as he relaxes from cumming and says, “Swallow my cum Katie.” Katie awkwardly swallows his warm slimy cum, and blushes as she looks up at Kevin.

Mark’s rock hard cock twitches at what he just saw his daughter do. He looks back to Laura under him. “It’s our turn to put on a show. And we’re going to one-up them.” Mark looks form Laura’s bright blue yes down her body to her pussy, the back up. “Spread your legs Laura.”

Laura swallows nervously as she looks up at Mark over her. She spreads her young legs. Mark re-positions so he his kneeling between her spread legs he reaches and grabs her hips and lifts her up until her pussy is level with his hard cock.

Laura looks down her body to her pussy in front of Mark’s hard cock. He touches the tip of his cock to it. Laura mouths the words to Mark as he looks to her eyes, “I’ve never.” Mark smiles, his heart accelerates knowing Laura is a virgin. Without asking or saying another word, Mark holds Laura’s hips tight and pushes his tip into her, parting her young lips just a bit. Laura’s eyes widen at feeling her first cock pushing in. Mark pushes more and can feel his tip press against her hyman. He looks at her. She nods. Mark pushes hard and breaks into her 14 year old pussy. Laura flinches at the quick pain. Mark moans as he push a bit more into Laura tight little pussy. Mark can’t help but moan, “Oh, fuck you’ve got a tight little pussy.”

Laura grips at the rug under her as Mark pushes more into her pussy. She moans then notices her Dad and Katie watching them. Laura looks at her dad, but he is fixated on her pussy and Mark’s cock pushing into her. She looks to Katie who smiles. Laura mouths the works to Katie, “He’s big.”

Mark moans as he works more of his cock into Laura’s tight pussy. “Oh fuck.” He moans. He looks from Laura’s pussy to see she is looking at Katie and Kevin. Mark, looks to Kevin, who looks up from his daughters pussy. Mark says to Kevin, “You’re daughter has a fucking tight little pussy.”

Mark then pushes in hard and pushes the rest of his cock deep into Laura. Laura arches back as the tip of Mark’s cock hits her cervix. Mark moans again, “OH Fuck Laura, oh fuck your little cunt is tight.”

Mark can’t hold out any longer. He went totally unfiltered and called Laura’s 14 year old pussy a cunt. Mark pulls back just a bit then thrust into her again and again, knowing he only has seconds left, and wanted to know the feeling of thrusting in and out of his daughter’s friend’s pussy. After the fourth thrust into Laura, Mark moans and announces as he explodes inside of her pussy, “OH fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming in you.” Marks cock pulsates inside Laura’s pussy. She feels it and knows what is happening inside her. Mark looks right into Laura’s eyes and moans in pleasure, “I’m cumming in your pussy.”

After a moment, Mark relaxes. and pulls out of Laura’s tight pussy. He looks and sees his cum dripping from her as he lets her hips back down to the soft rug.

He looks to Kevin and says, “I just fucked your little girl and cam inside her tight lil pussy.”

Kevin smiles at Mark grabs Katie spins her around, and bends her over. Katie braces herself without stretched arms holding onto the back of the sofa. Her young b cups hang under her. Her long red hair hanging down around her face. Kevin looking at Mark uses his foot to push Katies legs apart as he stands behind her, his cock hard and pointing at her ass and pussy.

Mark watches mesmerized by the imager or his 14 year old daughter bent over in a position he’s seen hundreds of times in porns. His heard pounds with excitement as his cock stay semi hard. Laura, naked standing next to Mark with his cum dripping from her pussy and running down her inner thigh, looks at her dad’s hard cock.

Kevin hold his hard cock and strokes it as he looks from Mark to his daughter. Mark looks down at his daughters cum dripping smooth pussy. He smiles then looks down at Katie’s ass and between her legs at her bare smooth pussy. Kevin steps in and lets his cock slide between her young tights, letting the shaft of his cock rub along the outside of her smooth pussy. He then reaches and grabs Katie’s long red hair and pulls her head back, exposing her young face, allowing her dad and Laura look at her and her the expression on her face as Kevin’s cock rest between her legs.

Katie looks wide eyed right at her dad standing a few feet in front of her. Mark looks at the nervous, anxious, but excited look on his 14 year old daughters face as she has her friend’s dad’s cock between her legs, the shaft pressing up against her young pussy. Mark’s cock slowly gets harder as he looks at his young daughter.

Kevin pulls back, letting the length of his shaft slide along Katie’s bare pussy, until the tip slips up and is resting at the entrance to her young pussy. Katie swallows nervously and she looks into her dad’s eyes. Kevin moves a bit working the tip of his precum dripping cock on Katie’s pussy until he has parted her labia and is ready to push inside her. Kevin takes his free hand and reaches down and under Katie and touches, then feels her tits.

Kevin looks at Mark and says with a passioned infused voice, “Oh your daughter had nice tits. Now look at her as she feels her first cock push insider her pussy.” Mark looks at Katie, her eyes wide. Kevin pushes his cock into Katie. Katie groans quietly as Kevin’s cock stretches her little virgin pussy then she flinches, her eyes flashing to her dad at the moment Kevin pushes inside her far enough to take her virginity. A second later Katie feels the entire length of Kevin’s cock thrust into her. Katie mouth pops open and she groans in surprise and excitement as he looks directly into her dad’s eyes. Mark stares at Katie’s expression memorizing the look on her face as she feels her first cock inside her.

Kevin, feeling Katie’s perfect tight pussy wrapped around his cock, moans, “Oh fuck Katie.” Kevin soaks up the moment, the surreal dream of it all. An experience he only imagined. Kevin looks down at Katie’s back, her ass pressed up against his hips. Kevin watches as he pulls back sliding his cock out of Katie’s 14 year old pussy until just the tip is still insider her. Keeping his eye on Katie’s pussy he thrust back into her. Katie yelps at the intensity of feeling Kevin’s big cock thrusting back into her. Kevin lets go of her hair and holds both her hips as he pulls back again and thrusts into Katie’s little pussy. Kevin looks up to Mark now that he is thoroughly fucking Katie. “Your daughter’s a good fuck.” Kevin moans. Just saying that pushes Kevin over the edge of pleasure. He reaches back down and grabs Katie’s hair and pulls her head back again. He moans as he thrusts hard back into Katie, “Look at your dad as I cum in you. Let him see the look on your face as you take your first load of cum in your little cunt.”

Kevin cock explodes with cum as he is pressed deep inside Katie’s 14 year old pussy. Kevin moans loud, “Oh fuck Katie, I’m cumming inside your pussy!” Katie feels Kevin trembling as he presses deep inside her pussy, his cock as deep insider her as it can go. Katie stares at her dad as she feels Kevin’s cock pulsating insider her. She instinctively knows that with each pulse of Kevin’s cock it means a stream of his cum is filling her pussy.

Katie looks at her dad as he stands in front of her. She grins at her dad as she knows he has just witness her being fucked for the first time, witnessed her being cummed in.

Kevin pulls out of Katie’s pussy and watches his cum slowly run out of her and drip to the floor. He looks up at Mark and says, “I think the four of us are going to have a lot of fun together.”

Mark smiles.

**** To be continued……..

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Shopping with Daddy

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sodapopsweet — 12 January 2019 00:10
This is pretty wild, but needs a little bit more variety, which you started to have at the end when the dads started one-upping each other. Don’t have them all do the same things one after the other. Definitely want to read a part 2!
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