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  1. Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 2
  2. Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 3
  3. Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 1

Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM

Author: BearInMind

Published: 09 January 2019

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Danny and Mark, Submission Part 2

Mark lead Danny to the steps that ascended to his apartment. When they got to the door, Mark stopped, and looked Danny directly in the eyes. “Are you completely sure you want to do this Danny? Are you doing this of your own free will to enter my home to serve me?” Mark asked.

“Yes Mark, I want to do this, and I am doing this of my own free will. Now take me, Sir,” Danny insisted.

With that said, Mark opened the door, and showed Danny in.

“Boy, when we are in the zone together, you will serve me. You will do as directed at all times when we are in a scene. Do you understand boy?”

“Yes sir, I understand,” Danny said.

“Good boy, then kneel before me, and remove my shorts boy,” The boy obeyed and removed the shorts of his Sir and helped him step out of them.

“Now stand up boy, and I will remove your clothing,”

Danny obeyed, and Mark removed his shirt first, running his hands over Danny’s smooth chest, and tweaking the boy’s nipples. Then Mark squatted down and removed the boy’s shorts. Danny was already excited and was fully hard. While squatting in front of the boy, Mark sampled the taste of the boy’s cock.

“Does the taste of my cock please you sir,” Danny asked.

He got no direct reply as the boy had not been spoken to, but instead Marked ordered the boy to follow him to the bed room, and then told him to stand in the door way with his feet spread wide to the jamb, and his hands on the jamb while Mark prepared the room

While Danny watched from the door way in this exact position, he realized this was not the master bedroom; rather it was Mark’s dungeon. It was dark in its tones, and had the aroma of all the sex that had occurred in the room. Mark went about lighting several candles that were placed around the room, and then killed the small lamp that had lit the room. There was a St George’s cross on the wall opposite the door, there was a massage table on the left, and kind of in the middle there was a suspension sling. Danny had never been fucked in one of these, but he had always wanted to be. He was hoping that was what Mark had in mind.

After lighting the candles, Mark turned on the sound system the sounds of the ocean. Nature would be their background noise. Then he walked back over to his boy, and stood in front of him to say, “Danny, I want to explain some things to you, kneel.” Mark said as he stood in front of the boy on his knees. Danny knelt and listened intently. “I am not a pain giver. Your good and loyal service to me will be rewarded with pleasure. I do not punish, degrade, or humiliate. Rather I praise and build up. At any point if you do not wish to serve me, you are free to leave. Red will be your safe word that will make me stop whatever I am doing and release you if bound. I hope you never need to use it. Do you understand Danny?”

“Yes Sir, I understand,” Danny responded.

“Good, from this point forward, when we are in this room, you are my total submissive. Outside of this room we are just Danny and Mark. When you pass through that entrance door you must be naked unless I give you specific directions otherwise. Do you understand Danny?”

“Yes Sir,” Danny said.

“If I tell you to go prepare the room, you will light the candles and turn the sound system as I direct you for my mood. Now, do you have any health conditions that I should know of that will affect our interactions in here Danny?”

“No Sir, I am in fine health, and totally STD clean. I am feeling the shades of Gray closing in though Sir,” Danny said with a smirk.

“Oh shut up Danny, I was doing this before that book was ever written. They got so much wrong in there let me tell you. And if you ever call me Christian, I will make an exception and spank your ass till it glows red boy.”

“Good I know what to say to you when I want spanked then,” Danny smiled.

“Shut up smart ass, and stop spoiling the mood and making it silly instead of serious. Now let us begin. You will go and lay face down on the massage table to start. As your reward for such a perfect blow job back at the pool, you will receive a massage from me. Your head with go at the far end, and the opening in the middle is for your cock to hang down through. Now get on the table boy, and I will be there in a moment.”

Danny went and got on the table as directed. He was so hard and excited. His new Sir would be rewarding him and not punishing him like his previous doms had done. Danny did not like being punished, so he always tried to do the best he could to please and serve. But for some of them, there was no pleasing. They just enjoyed inflicting pain and punishment.

It was very comfortable being on the table for Mark. His face laid perfectly in the head support and his hard cock was free to hang loose. It was a unique feeling with his cock hanging down like that as it was not what one normally felt while laying on their tummy on a bed.

“Good boy, the sight of you there naked on my table pleases me,” Mark said, as he came over to the table. Danny felt Mark’s hands on his back, and he could tell that Mark had done this before. Mark’s touch was firm, but relaxing as his hands went up and down Danny’s back and worked the tight muscles in Danny’s back. That was the reward, now Mark was out to explore and enjoy Danny. Mark worked his way down the boy’s body, his hands gliding down Danny’s hips and then down his thighs to his knees.

“Bend your knees up boy,” Mark commanded, and Danny obeyed. Mark then started to kiss and suck Danny’s toes. It drove Danny wild, he loved it, and again, how did Mark know he loved this so.

“Okay Danny, relax your legs and lay them back down,” Mark said.

Mark then got up on the table with his own ass on Danny’s shoulders. He did not sit on Danny as the boy would not be able to breathe if he had done that. Mark massaged the boy’s ass sensually. He ran his hands over those smooth globes, and then spread them open. The sight of Danny’s hole was most pleasing. Mark let those cheeks close and bent down to kiss the boy’s ass as he raised up some onto his knees. Mark kissed all round both globes as well as the boy’s lower back and upper thighs. Spreading the boy’s cheeks wide open again, Mark dove in and started to eat the boy. Mark did so love to eat ass, and this was an especially sexy hot ass he was going down on. Danny moaned in pleasure as Mark’s tongue traced circles around the rim of Danny’s ass hole. Mark wanted this boy soon.

Mark then slid off the table, and repositioned himself back on the table so that he was straddling Danny’s ass. Mark’s hard cock was laying on the crack of Danny’s cute ass, and Mark worked deep into Danny’s shoulders with his hands. Mark only intended to tease the boy in this position. He put some extra oil on Danny’s ass crack, and would push his cock into the crack to rub against the boys hole. Danny was enjoying this, but the teasing was starting to drive him crazy.

“Sir,” Danny said.

“Quiet boy, you only speak when spoken to in here,” Mark said.

Mark leaned forward and laid on his boy, with his hard cock pinned to the boy’s oily ass. “Shake your head yes or no Danny, Do you want fucked?” Mark asked.

Danny shook his head vigorously yes, “Yes Sir, yes I want fucked, please fuck me Sir. Please give me your hard dick in my ass,” Danny said.

“Soon enough boy, soon enough, I will give you the dick you wish to serve. This will hurt you some boy, and I am sorry, but as you adjust to my girth, it will feel,” Mark said as he lined up his cock to enter his boy in this submissive position.

“No Sir, it will not hurt, trust me on this one,” came from the one who was on his belly, pinned under his dominant. Danny knew how to take dick and knew it would not hurt at all. Besides he could not go anywhere. He could hardly even move, but he did not want to go anywhere or move. He wanted fucked.

There was sufficient massage oil, that Mark lined up his dick to the boy’s ass and began to push in. “Here it is boy, relax that sweet asshole for me boy. I am going to have my way with you. Your ass is mine now. It no longer belongs to you. You will let me fuck you whenever it pleases me to do so.” And with that, Mark pushed harder and harder till the boy’s ass yielded, and the head of Mark’s dick popped into the boy. They both groaned with pleasure.

Mark pulled back out just a very little, to push back in. After doing this several times he was balls deep in his boy. “Good boy, that’s it, take my dick balls deep, you are mine now,” Mark said as he started to slowly pump in and out of his boy. Mark was experiencing pure pleasure from his boy. The energy between them was slowly building till after several minutes Mark stopped.

Mark raised himself up off the boy, and withdrew his dick from the boy. He then told Danny to roll over on his back. Danny obeyed again.

Mark sat back down on the boy’s thighs so their cocks were together. Mark grabbed them both together and stroked them some just to tease the boy.

Mark got off of the table, it was time.

“I want you to get up off this table and go get in the sling. I will get the rest of what we need,” Mark said.

There was a clean towel laid across the sling in the middle of the room. The sling was hung from 4 points in the ceiling with nice chains and springs. The sling was heavy leather with steel rings attaching it to the chains. Danny climbed in the sling.

“Make sure your ass is hanging over this end some, you need to give me full clear access to your sweet ass again babe.”

Danny obeyed, and then Mark started to apply the arm restraints, and set up the stirrups for Danny’s feet to rest in. Danny was properly held in place now.

Danny thought, how did Mark know I love being tied up. Mark had the boy completely under his control and unable to resist or escape the sling.

Mark took more lube and applied it to his cock, and then put a chunk of coconut oil up Danny’s ass. “Are you ready Danny?”

“Oh fuck yes Sir, I am ready, FUCK ME NOW,” Danny said.

“I want you to look directly in my eyes the entire time I am fucking you boy. I want to see your eyes as my cock slides in you, and I want to see you eyes when I cum inside you,” Mark said.

Mark stepped up to the sling, and went between the boy’s legs. He lined up the the head of his hard cock with the boy’s ass and began to push in. Danny was truly ready to have Mark back inside him. He had been fucked over a dozen times in the last 3 days and his ass was open and ready.

Mark pushed firmly but gently as he looked into the boy’s eyes and the boy looked back. Mark could see and feel how Danny was lose and able to take his cock in. This bottom knew what he was doing. Mark started shaking his cock just a little to help him enter the boy. “You are so open boy, let my cock in you,” Mark said, and he slid right in. The boy gasped as Mark buried his cock balls deep in one deep push. Danny was feeling shear bliss and pleasure from Mark’s energetic cock in his ass.

“Fuck yes Sir, oh fuck yes, give me that cock, I love your cock Sir,” Danny said.

Mark parked like that for a moment to look into the boy’s eyes. “Is that what you wanted boy, is that the dick you want in you tonight?”

“Yes Sir it is Sir, fuck me Sir, fuck me deep and long.” Danny said.

Slowly Mark started to thrust in and out of Danny. It was just the right pace so Danny could feel everything. Mark had done his share of bottoming when he was younger, but had not taken dick since he was 19 with his first Sir. Mark knew what it was to take a hard dick in his ass. He knew what he liked, and that was how he fucked a man. Mark knew what Danny was feeling, and he knew how good it felt to be filled by a hard cock.

Mark started to lengthen out his strokes and before long was going fully in and out of Danny’s gaping boy pussy.

“Oh fuck yes Sir that is so good. Take me as you want, I am yours,” Danny said.

The sling was moving adding to the sensations that both were enjoying. Mark was getting closer and closer, so he reached down and grabbed the boy’s cock and started stroking him.

“Oh fuck, you are gonna make me cum Sir, may I cum for you while you fuck me Sir,” Danny asked.

“Yes boy, I want you to cum first, then I will fill you,” Mark said.

Mark stroked hard and fast on Danny’s cock as their eyes were locked together. The boy wiggled and squirmed against his restraints till his whole body tensed. Danny’s cock got super hard and he shot his load all over his tummy and Mark’s hand. As the boy’s ass tightened from cumming, it pushed Mark right over the edge. Mark buried his cock deep in the boy so the boy could feel the pulsing of the ejaculation in his ass.

They had nearly cum together, and the energy had been immense. Mark kept his cock buried in his boy as their eyes were still gazing at each other, and then held his hand to the side of the boy’s face.

“You have pleased me well boy. You have been breed now, and you are mine. I will look after you and reward you for your great service to me Danny. I thank you,” Mark said as he leaned in and kissed the boy.

Moments later, Mark pulled out of his boy, and began to release him from his bonds.

“It is time to shower now boy, and then we will go to bed,” Mark said.

“Yes sir, may I clean your cock for you before we shower,” Danny asked.

“Yes you may boy.” With that Danny came out of the sling and dropped to his knees and began to lick and clean Marks dick. When he was cleaned off, Mark took the boy’s hand and lead him to the shower.

They rinsed off together and then dried each other off and headed off to Mark’s king sized bed. They climbed in together, and Mark spooned up behind Danny.

“You are amazing Danny, thank you for being with me tonight,” Mark said.

“It is all my pleasure Sir. It is still amazing to me that you know what is in my head like you do,” Danny said.

“I told you babe, what you want is in your eyes. I can read you like a book. You know you are going to get fucked again tonight in a few hours when I wake up hard from a little sleep,” Mark said.

“That sounds wonderful hon. Even if I am asleep, you have my permission to start fucking me and wake me up. But if I wake up first and you are hard, I am going to impale my ass on your cock hon,” Danny said.

“Deal babe. How long are you planning on be here?” Mark asked.

“I don’t know Mark. How long would you like me to stay?” Danny asked.

“Let’s start with the rest of the weekend and see what develops form there,” Mark said.

“That sounds good hon. Justin is leaving Monday morning, and I was going to catch a ride with him to Daytona Beach. Unless of course you decide I need to stay longer Sir. I could get really used to the way you treat me Mark. You never know, I may just stay longer then the weekend,” Danny said.

“I like that thought babe. Let’s sleep on it for now,” Mark said.

“Okay, good night hon,” Danny said, as he rolled over and made out with Mark for a few minutes. Then he rolled back over to spoon with Mark.

“MMMM, just a little kissing and looks who’s mostly hard again,” Danny said as he positioned Mark’s cock to slid right back into his ass.

Mark took the hint and pushed into his boy. “Is that better babe? Will you be able to sleep better with my cock parked in your ass?” Mark inquired.

“Most definitely hon,” Danny said as Mark gently rocked his hips a little, and then they both fell off to sleep.

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Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 2

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