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  1. Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 2
  2. Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 3
  3. Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 1

Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 3

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Cum Swallowing

Author: BearInMind

Published: 09 January 2019

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Danny and Mark, Submission Part 3

Danny did not sleep well that first night. It had been almost 3 AM when he fell asleep with his new Dom Mark only to wake up 45 minutes later. His head was swimming and his thoughts were running 200 miles per hour. Danny was trying to figure things out. The attraction he felt for Mark was making him wonder if the attraction was to a gay male, or to a strong dominant. He also could not believe how well he and Mark fit together, and he was not just thinking about how well Mark’s hard dick fit in his ass. They had not just fucked with their bodies last night, they had fucked with their minds and made love. Danny was wondering if Mark would turn out to be a man that he could have an actual romantic relationship with, or would it just be the best most intimate friends with benefits. It was only 6 in the morning, but Danny was wide awake wrestling with his thoughts still not finding sleep.

Danny got up to go pee. He was not going to be falling to sleep anyway, so he figured he may as well get up and explore the place. First he found the bathroom. Hmmm, a shower he though, so he turned on the water to warm up. He found the towels in the linen closet and took one. Stepping into the warm water he let his body relax. As he did that he let his bladder empty. Danny loved to do that in the shower and watch the yellow flow of piss from his dick as it worked its way to the drain. Danny wondered if Mark would be into water sports like he was. Picturing being on his knees in front of Mark and feeling Marks warm strong flow covering his chest and rolling down his body. Danny found himself lost in that wonderful dream. Would Mark do his other favorite water sport and pee inside his ass after fucking him in the shower. These were just more thoughts for him to whirl around in his head. Danny was beginning to see that it would be possible to have a romantic relationship with this man anyway. Would Mark be his first?

Danny dried himself off, and then went into the kitchen. He found the Keurig and made himself some coffee. That would have to be enough for now. Danny sat naked at the kitchen table sipping his coffee lost in his own thoughts. He actually did not know where his clothes were anyway, besides Mark would want him nude in the apartment. This was too good to be true what had happened last night. The sexual connection had been almost instant when they met. The sex was the best Danny had ever fucking had. Would it turn out to just be a one night stand, and Mark would kick him to the curb. Gawd he hoped not, but if that was what happened, this would be a night to remember for the rest of his life. Danny realized his attraction to Mark, this kind, thoughtful yet totally dominant man could turn into feelings for him, and what scared him the most was that it could turn into love. Would that mean he was gay? Oh what the fuck did it matter. You love who you love. You love people not genders. Maybe Danny was just poly in a very open way. Danny could see himself quite easily falling in love with Mark when he let himself think and dream about it and face it head on. Would he spend the rest of his life with Mark? He did not know. What he did know was that right now he was enjoying what had happened last night, and he was hoping it would continue today. Danny had no idea how the day would actually play out. By night fall he would know.

Danny had finished his first cup of coffee, so he made himself another. He took in the kitchen and the living room which was basically one big room. Mark’s entertainment set up was the center of the living room. It was an impressive gaming system with a nice 60 inch flat screen mounted on the wall as the focal point. There was an upper end surround sound system that Danny was sure would rock the house when it was cranked up. The sub woofer alone was huge.

Then Danny went to the dungeon to see what all Mark had in there. The sling and massage table were still there of course. He wondered if Mark had set this up after talking to Seth. It could have happened that way. Turning the light on, he started looking around at what else was there. He opened the closet to find there were no clothes in there. Rather there was an assortment of various restraint devices, ropes, chains collars, cuffs, and ties. Well that was all interesting. Danny wondered what wonderful ways Mark would tie him up. Did Mark do suspension work, and would Danny be getting fucked while hanging in a custom rope sling from the ceiling. He was getting hard just dreaming of it.

There was a wooden apparatus leaning against the back wall. It was padded on the top, and had two padded ledges on each side. He pulled it out to see what it was, and it opened up like a saw horse. It was a spanking and fucking horse maybe? Danny tried it out, and laid on the top with his shins and arms on the side shelves. Yes, this would work just fine for getting fucked and deep throating a cock at the same time. He put it back in the closet. On the shelf in the closet there were various dildos, and lubes, a pile of condoms, interesting that none had been used last night, and a supply of hot wax candles. Danny had never been waxed like that, and he wanted to try it. Danny checked out the cross on the back wall, and wondered what it would be like to be tied up there by Mark. Would he be tied up facing the cross with his ass exposed, or would he have his back to the cross and his cock exposed. Both were exciting to Danny. Next to the cross hung on the wall were several different floggers. Danny loved a good cathartic flogging. There were some leather harnesses obviously for suspension.

He looked more closely at the massage table next. It was not your ordinary table. The head support was very normal, but the table did not fold up like all that he had seen before. The hole in the middle that his dick stuck through last night was long enough to accommodate men of different heights. At the foot end there was a half circle notch about the size of a dinner plate. Danny figured that one out really fast as he leaned over the table. Even when he was hard and getting fucked by Mark on that table, his dick would not be getting in the way. He looked at the legs and they were not the usual wooden legs. They looked like two metal tubes that could expand and contract, and each one was wired. He followed the wires and found the rocker switch. One way raised the table, and the other lowered it. This was really cool Danny thought. It will always be at the perfect height. Looking at the bottom side of the table there were all kinds of mounting hooks. He could only imagine what they were for. There was mounting hardware on the legs for the foot end too. Then over in the corner he saw what could be a set of leg supports or stirrups to put in them. His Mark was turning out to be a very kinky man. SCORE Danny thought to himself.

Danny had been up for over 6 hours. It was after 10 and Mark was still asleep. Danny wanted his tablet to play some games, but since that was not there, he fired up Mark’s gaming system. He figured as intimate as they had been last night it should be cool. If not, then he would just ask for his clothes, apologize and leave for ever. Danny played the game that Mark had in there. He kept the volume low to not wake Mark up.

About an hour later he felt Mark’s hands on his shoulders from behind, and then felt himself in an embrace from Mark. He kind of figured Mark was okay with him using the gaming system when he got hugged and kissed and not yelled at.

“Good morning my sweetness,” Mark said. “I see you made yourself at home. Cool, I like that. It feels good you being around here. Will we have the day together Danny?”

“Yeah we will hon. Did you sleep well?” Danny asked.

“Yeah I did babe, you?”

“I woke up pretty early. My mind was racing thinking about things,” Danny replied.

“Well babe, let me get some coffee, and you can tell me about them if you want to, if not, that’s okay too babe,” Mark said.

“Okay hon, I will be right here till you get back,” Danny said. Mark was still naked from getting up and was hanging soft. Danny was enjoying the view. Mark headed back in the bedroom, and then Danny heard him peeing. Oh he thought, will my man pee on me soon? Down boy, do not get too far ahead of yourself Danny. Give things time to develop he thought. If Mark is meant to be your man, it will develop.

Danny continued playing while Mark got his coffee and returned to sit on the sofa with Danny.

“Okay babe, penny for your thoughts,” Mark said.

“Well hon, first I was thinking how wonderful last night was. How you just knew what was going to turn me on. How firm but kind you were. I keep wondering if this is a dream I am going to wake up from or is it real,” Danny said.

“Last night was very real Danny. We were completely passionate, and that is the way I want it with you. Danny, I think,” and Mark paused for a moment, “I think we may have a very good thing developing here, and I think we should take some time to see if it does develop. How long are you going to be staying in the area?” Mark asked.

“Well hon, I actually do not have a place to stay after tonight. I am staying with Justin at Seth and Drew’s, but he is leaving tomorrow morning. The plan was that he would take me over to Daytona Beach so I could stay with my friend and his wife over there,” Danny said.

Mark faced Danny, and took both of his hands in his hands. “Would you like to stay here with me for a while Danny?”

“That is really a sweet offer, but you just met me last night. Are you sure you want to do that hon?” Danny said.

“Yeah babe, I am sure. I got a feeling about you, and I think we both need to see how it plays out.”

“Then I accept your invitation to stay here for a while hon, but don’t you have to go to work on Monday” Danny inquired.

“I work for Allen, he and James own this place. I am his personal driver and assistant. When they are out of town, I only have to take care of the house usually. He may send me a couple emails each day with little things to do, but basically I am free when they are out of town. They won’t be back for two weeks. Then when Allen is here, I have to be available 24/7 if needed, but that is not as bad as it sounds. They are home bodies. They go into the office in the morning, and then I pick them up in the evening. Evenings are when they like to go out. It’s a pretty good gig. It gets me this place and the pool for free as part of my pay, and I can use their cars anytime I need one. They prefer I use the Towne Car, and that’s a cool car. Now come her boy,” Mark ordered.

Mark pulled his boy into an embrace that showed his approval of Danny staying, and then they kissed. “Great babe, welcome to what may well become your new home,” Mark said.

“New home hon? Are you serious?” Danny said.

“You never know babe, home away from home, temp quarters, or your new home, best to keep all your options open,” Mark smirked. “Besides, I could see us developing feelings for each other and spending a lot of time together here. I think we have already started to develop feelings,” Mark said. “Where did you say you came from, Baltimore?”

“Yes, well near Baltimore,” Danny said.

“Is that where your stuff is?” Mark asked.

“You think I have stuff else where?” Danny replied.

“Babe, you are intelligent and well spoken. You are not the typical hitch hiker. I do not know your full story yet, and you will tell me when you are ready. You are not the happy go lucky, life is a lark kind of guy. You are serious, but out on an adventure. You submit because in your real life, you make lots of decisions. With me, you turn the decisions over to me freely. You will fill me in when the time is right for you I know,” Mark said.

Danny reached over and kissed Mark in a long wet romantic kiss. “I think you may be on to something there stud,” Danny said as he got down on the floor in front of Mark between his legs. “I feel that right here in front of you like this is where I want to spend a lot more time.” Then Danny took Mark’s cock into his mouth and started to suck his dick. He bobbed up and down and made his man hard as a rock.

“You keep this up babe, and you are going to get fucked,” Mark said.

“Is that a promise or a threat,” Danny asked.

“Oh that is a promise babe. Now stand up babe,” Mark said. Danny obeyed, and he was standing in front of Mark with his own cock at full staff. Mark moved up onto the edge of the sofa, and the boy’s dick was just at the right height. Mark kissed the head of the boy’s cock and then swallowed the entire shaft and started bobbing in and out. Danny braced himself, because he could tell Mark was not going to stop until Danny came for him this time, and he was right.

Mark sucked Danny with the determination to make him cum, and the boy wanted to please. “Oh fuck yes sir, here it comes,” and with that Danny’s body stiffened as his cock swelled fully. He pumped one big long rope of cum in Mark’s mouth and almost collapsed on the spot. Mark stood quickly and held his boy steady. “Sir that was amazing. I did not know you would do that to your obedient servant,” Danny said.

“I told you boy, I reward good things. You agreeing to stay here with me for a while is a very good thing. You make me most happy with that,” Mark said. “Besides, did you think you were going to be only enjoying sucking dick. I am an expert level cock sucker myself and love sucking you dick. It is even better when you cum in my mouth like that hon.” Danny put his head over Mark’s shoulder and held him tight, and Mark held him tight in return.

“You really know how to treat a sub right Mark,” Danny said.

“I will treat you right boy. Now go into the play room and with our feet on the floor, bend yourself over and lay your body on the massage table at the foot end,” Mark said.

“Yes Sir, the end with the cut out for my cock, yes sir,” Danny replied.

Mark just smiled as the boy knew what he wanted and the boy was going to give it to him.

Danny went into the room and assumed his position on the table. A moment later Mark came in and went to the closet and selected two pieces of rope and some metal thing with cuffs on it. Danny was getting excited as he could tell Mark had a plan.

Mark came over and took the boy’s left wrist and did a single column tie on it, and then did the same on his right wrist. He took the two ends and tied them to the far end of the table making Danny stretch his arms out straight over his head on the table. Mark then took a big strap and wrapped it around the table tying Danny’s body to the table. The metal thing, was a spreader bar that was placed between Danny’s ankles to spread his legs wide apart. As his final set up, Mark put a blindfold on Danny.

Danny was in pure bliss like this. He was totally vulnerable to Mark’s desires. There was nothing Danny could do now to resist anything Mark wanted to do to him, but Danny also completely trusted Mark. He knew he was safe with Mark. Being blindfolded Danny knew he would not see anything coming, he would only feel it. This sensory deprivation was some of Danny’s favorite play. Danny was in total submission to Mark now and ready to be used however Mark wanted.

Mark quietly walked over and selected the heaviest flogger that was beside the cross, and then he went and stood behind Danny. The boy did not know where Mark was or what he was doing, so when Mark drug the flogger up the boy’s ass crack and then across his back the boy was taken completely by surprise. Mark drug the flogger all back and forth across Danny’s body. It was a sensual play, all about the touch. Then without warning, Mark started to gently swing the flogger onto the boy’s shoulders. The thuddy impacts felt wonderful to the boy. The way Mark was swinging the flogger, it was like a massage. There was no sting or pain, only pleasure for Danny.

Not being able to see what was going to be coming next had the boy just loving what Mark was doing. Mark had totally immobilized the boy, and now was putting his senses into overload.

When Mark stopped with the flogger, he let the boy just lay there for 5 full minutes. He wanted to boy wondering what was next. Mark was totally silent the entire 5 minutes. From the closet, Mark pulled out his rabbit fur glove and started running up and down every inch of Danny’s back, sides and legs. He even ran the fur up over Danny’s balls and cock which was totally hard.

After the glove, Mark let the boy alone for another 5 minutes. This time, Mark got on his knees behind the boy. He did not touch the table so the boy did not know where Mark was. Mark sat back on his haunches for a moment to admire the view of his boy there on the table. The boy was wide open. His cute rose bud was open and ready for the taking by his master. Mark had gotten the coconut oil out and had applied it well to his hard cock. Without touching the table to give Danny any advance warning, Mark buried his face in the boy’s ass with his tongue diving into the boy’s hole.

“Fuck,” Danny cried out as Mark went to town eating the boy’s sweet ass. His tongue worked the boy up into a frenzy, and then Mark grabbed the boy’s cock and started stroking him with a load of oil in his hand. Mark was driving the boy insane with pleasure, till he stopped just as suddenly as he had started. This time though, he did not leave the boy to sit and stew. Mark took a nice piece of coconut oil and lubed the boy’s ass and then shoved the rest of the piece right up the boy’s ass. He stood up, and placed the head of his dick on his target and began to push. The boy pushed back, and opened up almost instantly. Mark slid in balls deep in one stroke, and then parked.

“Good boy Danny, I promised I would fuck you boy,” Mark said as he grabbed the boy’s hips and started to slowly slide in and out of his lover. “That’s it boy, take my cock, take it deep and make me cum.”

“Yes Sir,” and Danny bucked his hips what he could to match Mark’s thrusts. Mark could keep this up for quite some time. He would slid in and out for a bit then withdraw completely to instantly slide right back in. Danny was loving this man in his ass. Mark was hitting just the right spot, and Danny’s own orgasm was building.

“Keep fucking me just like this and I will make you cum very soon Sir,” Danny said.

“Oh you will, will you,” Mark said.

“Yes Sir I will if you just keep up a stead thrusting, I will make you cum very soon,” Danny said.

“We will see boy,” was all Mark said as he continued to fuck his boy. They had been at it now for about 30 minutes. Mark could go for an hour and control his orgasm, and not even cum at the end of the hour. The boy had other ideas though to please Mark.

As the boy got closer to cumming just form being fucked, he knew he could take Mark right over the edge when he came with their shared energy.

“Fuck yes hon, that’s it, keep going, don’t stop,” Danny said as he started to clamp down as Mark pulled out and loosened up as he thrust in. Mark could feel his boy building, and he could feel himself be drawn to the edge with him. As Danny went over the edge and came, he clamped down hard on Mark with his ass.

Mark could not understand, it was like Danny was inside his head pushing him over the edge when he clamped down. Danny reflected all the energy back into Mark’s cock, and Mark could hold back no longer.

“Awww fuck babe, here you go, you made me cum,” Mark said as he buried his cock in the boy’s ass so the boy could feel every spasm as Mark pumped his seed in his boy.

“You are fucking amazing Danny. I could get real used to you being around here,” Mark said as he rubbed the boy’s back and shoulders. “You serve me well my love,” Mark said.

Danny did not miss what Mark had said. “I want to serve you too my love,” Danny replied.

Mark stood there and stayed in his boy till his soft dick would stay no longer. Danny squeezed him out, and the cum from his ass dripped down his left leg and his nut sack. Mark just looked and enjoyed the view. It was time to release Danny, so Mark released the boy from his bonds, rolled him over, and picked him up off the table Mark carried Danny to what was now their bed and placed him in it. Mark crawled in beside his boy, and laid on his back. The boy laid on his side next to Mark and put his head on Mark’s shoulder and his arm across Mark’s tummy. Mark had his arm around the boy’s shoulder.

As they fell asleep in the afterglow, Danny thought he could get used to this life. Mark was thinking the same thing. It was 4 in the afternoon when they woke up. Danny had slept very soundly this time.

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Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 3

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