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  1. The things I do for love...
  2. The things I do for love... Part 2: Aaron

The things I do for love...

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Domination/submission

Author: LonelyQuill

Published: 09 January 2019

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Chapter 1

My name is Dexter, I'm 19, blonde haired and blue eyed.

I want to say "toned" but I'm not there yet. I'd go with "sporty" or "muscular". I mean, my all my muscles are showing pretty well, but I'm not as pumped up as all of those gym addicts. There was a reason for me to start going to the gym.

When I was 17, I stopped playing football. It was around that time that I realised I was into guys. This, and a lack of time for it, led me to quit playing and start working out, since I didn't want to let myself slack-off and be out of shape.

You see, being a 17 year old gay guy it isn't easy when you have to change for football practice in a room full of sweaty teenage boys three times a week. Especially considering I have a little thing for feet.

I thought that me quitting, would solve my "problem" and that way I could just be horny and gay all by myself, but I hadn't considered that some of those guys were actually my friends.

Two of them, I had known ever since I wore my first diaper, Luke and Leonardo. They were my two best friends. Then there was Jeremy, Aaron, Brian, Gary... and Joshua. Oh, man.

Now Joshua, he wasn't on my football team, but he was in all of my classes in my last year of high school. I had a major crush on him ever since I started to realise I was interested in the guys on the team. In class, we got along very well. We weren't best friends or anything, but we had mutual friends so I got to know him pretty well. But after quitting the football team, joining the gym, graduating high school and going to college, I sort of grew estranged of all of them. The guys from the team, as well as Joshua. I found other friends, and I hung out with the guys less and less. When we would meet at parties and such and we would talk and have a good time together, but apart from that I didn't see them often. We were all headed our own seperate ways in life. I missed them. I missed Joshua. I missed how easy it all used to be.

However, thanks to the seperation I did start to get a little bit more into the gay scene during my first year of college. Online chatting, coming out to everyone and whatnot. My coming out was rather easy, since I'm not such a stereotypical gay guy, but just a normal dude. I dress, act and talk like a straight guy, because that's just the way I am, except I like to suck dick instead of eating pussy, apparently. People didn't look at me very diffirently, they were all really accepting despite the shock of it all.

I was a horny teenager two years ago, and I still am. The guys play around in my fantasies. Joshua more so then the others. My feelings for the guys from my footballteam are only sexual, but when I think about Joshua I feel so much more than that. Yet, they're just fantasies. I have to make do with the odd Grindr hookup from time to time. At least, that was my life before yesterday.

Yesterday was a boring day. School sucked, work was even worse and all I wanted to do was go to bed and wake up after a week or so. But then I got a text, telling me that my bed had to wait a little longer.

Dwight, one of my classmates picked me up, and it was a 45 min. drive to the club, since we had to pick up the rest of the gang on the way. I liked hanging out with them, we all became friends on the first day of college and went drinking that same night to get to know each other better. That was a hell of a night.

Dwight turned up some calming music, which was great because I had to get a little bit of rest before we got there.

Plus, I had all the time to daydream about my long life crush. God Joshua, gorgeous Joshua. Wavy blonde hair, sea-blue eyes and not too plump, but very pink tasty-looking lips. Not to mention his athletic build. He is everything a guy could ever want. Jocky football player and all. I have been crushing on him for years, but like the other guys, he seems completely straight. You can't blame a guy for hoping right? He's just so likeable, and fun to be around. I can daydream all I want.

When we got to the club it took me some time. But after a little while I had a really good buzz going on.

I had been dancing around with a few girls when I realised I had to go to the bathroom to take a piss. I slowly made my way over there, did my thing and was ready to get back on the dancefloor when I felt a strong hand grab me around my upper arm, pulling me through the crowd into a less busy corner of the room. When the guy loosened his grip, I turned around to face him, realising that it was none other than...

'J-Joshua?.. W-wha-what's up man? Is something wrong?' Oh, awesome Dex, that was not obvious at all. You're so smooth.

'Hey Dexy, nothing's wrong, I just wanted to talk to you for a bit.' He said, as I stared into his sky-blue eyes. When he started a little catch-up chatting I took that time to look him up and down. He's really gorgeous, to me at least. His blue eyes, styled blonde hair, broad shoulders, strong muscles, his V-neck showed some boy-cleavedge. His strong legs and large feet were clad in dark skinny jeans and black sneakers. Everything about his looks turned me on, and everything about his personality made me fall in love.

There was not actually that much awkwardness between us though, we had been good friends. I mean everyone knew I was into guys by now. But even the footballguys kept talking to me at parties and stuff, they didn't really acknowledge the obvious reason for which I quit.

'...you here with?' I heard Joshua's voice, which slapped me into the here and now.

'Sorry, what did you say?' I asked.

He smiled at me, a little strangely, as if there were some inside joke I didn't get. Did he notice me staring? He composed himself, standing straight up, which meant I had to bend my head up a little since Joshua was about an inch taller than me.

'I said, who are you here with?' He repeated.

'I'm with some guys from college tonight, what about you?'

Joshua smiled wider.

'I'm with the guys, come on let's say hi.' He said. I wanted to go with him, but I couldn't go without telling my friends.

'Wait, let me tell my friends first.'

'No time! Sorry Dexy!' Joshua yelled over the sound of the music as he grabbed my arm again and pulled me into another hall where they played soft rock music. Then he continued to drag me towards the toilets, he stopped before entering. The music was softly buzzing through the hall, there were a couple of wasted people and some guys and girls trying to swallow eachother's tongues. This was the well known spot to start things up before going home to hook up with someone. I'd had my fair share of appetizers here. I looked around and threw Joshua a confused look, and that's when I felt his hand on my cheek.

I nearly died as he turned my face towards his, I don't know if it was the alcohol, the tiredness, the music or the general atmosphere alltogether, but when he leaned in and I almost crushed his nose smashing my lips against his. He grabbed my face with one hand and clutched my hair with the other as our lips moved together as if they had been forever. I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him flush against me until I was sandwiched between the wall, and the boy I'd dreamt of for about two years. What the fuck was happening?

I wanted to pull away, to ask him what was going on or to check if he wasn't really drunk. I didn't want us to regret anything later. But god, he felt so good leaning his whole body against me. Our hands had started travelling all over our torso's as our tongues fought wildly for dominance. Normally I'd have the guy flushed and whimpering against the wall by now, but it seemed I'd met my match. Fuck, this boy could make out. My head was spinning as I squeezed a hand full of his ass and pulled him even closer to me. I could feel his little buddy pushing into my thigh, which didn't feel as small as the last time I saw it in the boy's locker room at school. He started to grind himself against my own excitement and we moaned into each other's mouths.

We didn't stop for what seemed like the whole evening, we just stood there. Our lips never leaving each other. But just as that little voice in the back of my head started to wonder how the fuck it was possible that my first and only actual crush was making me see stars right now, he pulled away.

Immediately I missed the feeling of his closeness. A little groan escaped him as he stared at me with half-lidded eyes.

'You have no idea how long I've waited to do that.' He said breathlessly.

Before I could reply, Joshua had pulled me into the bathroom. I thought one of my dirty fantasies was going to come through, but little did I know that a whole new one was going to launch itself into my mind.

When we stepped inside the bathroom, I heard the lock click shut behind us, which caused me to look around at the door in panic. And let me tell you, I was no less than surprised when I realised Joshua had meant my friends from the football team when he'd said: "the guys". There stood Aaron, a smirk on his handsome face. He winked at me and gestured his head to the other side of the bathroom, where the other guys were staring at me.

Leonardo, Luke, Brian, Gary and Jeremy. And immediately I noticed that something was wrong. And I wasn't sure wether it was good wrong or bad wrong.

Leonardo had his hand around Gary's neck, and not in a bromance kinda way. He rubbed there cheeks together smiling at my confused face. Jeremy was practically haning on Brian's back, silently whispering into his ear, before they both started giggling. And to top it all of, Aaron came standing next to Luke, wrapping his arm around his impressive muscular waist and full-on kissed him on the mouth.

When I had finally regained my ability to form a normal sentence I asked, 'What... What the fuck is going on?' I looked at Joshua, who sheepishly looked at me and shuffled around.

The other guys laughed at me loudly. They didn't stop before Aaron stepped in front of me.

'Oh Dex, you're so sweet and innocent aren't you?' He snickered. I looked at him confused. 'What the fuck do you mean Aaron?'

Aaron chuckled and looked at me like I was an unknowing toddler or something. 'Did you really think you were the only one? When puberty started to hit all of us, and we saw each other naked almost every day, did you really think you were the only one to be "curious" about guys? Do you even realise how fucking horny teenage boys get? And do you know how fucking frustrating it is to have to go through all this trouble to hit on girls?'

This couldn't be real, I had to be dreaming. What the fuck was he talking about, did he mean that all of them..?

'You mean all of you guys are...' I almost whispered.

'Not necessarily,' Aaron started. 'Let me explain.' A smirk formed on his face as he slid his hand up Luke's shirt to feel his bulky and chiseled stomach.

'When I was around 12, I already started to get boners thinking about you guys.' And that honestly didn't surprise me as much. Aaron always was a little... oversexed. He didn't seem embarrassed easily, and he would hump other guys all the while laughing at himself. If I suspected someone being gay, it was Aaron.

'You know me, I get what I want,' he continued. 'And I wanted Luke.' He put his hand down Luke's trousers and squeezed his package, making him moan out loud. Seriously, dafuq was going on?

'I cornered him after practice one time, and showed him what I could do. And he enjoyed it.' Luke was now practically squirming under Aaron's touch. Who smiled confidently. The other guys were just smirking at me. 'Don't you get it? Luke and I started to fuck each other. We're boyfriends.

And that, I didn't expect. Aaron yes, but Luke? My boy next door? What the hell?

Aaron saw my shocked expression and laughed. 'But as you know, I get bored easily. So I wanted to get other guys involved after a while, Luke and I had no trouble hiding it, so why not add someone, right? Luke and I both wanted more fun, and more to play with. So we chose the biggest one here, Leo! And he was game as well.'

I couldn't believe my ears. Big, strong, manly, my best friend Leonardo was gay?

Leonardo is older than us, he's 24 and huge. It was a wonder he was in our team at all. And eventhough I've known him the longest, and we've been friends for so long I had never thought he'd be into guys.

'It became really hot,' Aaron continued his little monologue as he practically raped Luke on the spot using only his hands, and one of his legs. He pushed Luke's trousers down to his ankles The other guys were pretty turned on by now, me included. Judging by our bulges at least.

'But after a while, Leo became kinda jealous when me and my boyfriend-' he drew a loud, shameless moan from Luke's mouth as he squeezed the now purple head of his dick, while shoving two fingers up his ass.

'-wanted to have some alone time. So we found him a boyfriend too.' Gary kissed Leo's cheek. They actually seemed a good fit. Gary was shorter than me. I stood at a steady 6.2 ft. whereas Gary was about 5.6' but had less of an athletic build. He was on the skinny side, which made Leo look like a fucking giant next to him. Leo himself was a big strong hunk of meat. Well defined and hard like marble. He was at least 6.5'. They looked cute together, but damn, Gary's ass had to be sore.

Aaron was now jerking Luke hard and fucking three fingers up his ass, which had him whining and screaming. It made me feel both weird and horny to see my other best friend being pleasured like this.

'And the same goes for Brian and Jeremy really.' Aaron continued as if nothing strange was going on.

'They joined our little sex-hobby-club after we all tried them out.' Luke whimpered Aaron's name as he came undone all over his own stomach, Aaron's hand and the bathroom floor. And it was a considerable amount.

This was a lot to take in. My mind was racing and connecting the dots. Thinking of all the sleepovers the guys have had without me. The way too long showers they always took after football practice.

There was one tiny thing missing though: Joshua.

What the fuck did he have to do with this? How did he even know these guys?

Aaron saw me looking between him and Joshua who was glaring at him. 'And two weeks ago,' Aaron said casually, 'Joshua joined in. And guess who he wanted to be his partner for life Dexy?' Aaron said, before licking his own hand clean of Luke's cum.

Joshua came up behind me, and as much as my brain was damaged in just about five minutes, and everything I thought I knew about my childhood friends was completely wrong, his warm arms around my waist didn't make me feel just horny. But also the happiest guy alive as I turned around to kiss him. Still, it didn't explain this crazy sexclub and how Joshua even knows the guys. 'Okay but wait, how do you guys know Joshua?' I asked the room at large. I was genuinely confused by this.

'He's in college with me.' said Aaron, smirking at Joshua. I immediately got this jealous rush and flung my arm around Joshua's waist, who was only looking at me.

'As soon as he told me he knew you from school, and started rambling about you like a madman, I started to realise more and more that he had the hots for you. And I also immediately understood why you were acting so weird when you left the team.' Aaron said proudly, as he stuffed Luke's dick back in his trousers.

'So I took my chance and told Joshua I was gay, and I thought he was too. I told him that you might like him back and that I would help him get to you. But only if he payed the price. And he agreed.'

I didn't know what the heck he meant, but as soon as I saw the guilty, pleading look in Joshua's eyes, I had a hunch.

'You joined their crazy sexclub?' I asked him softly, not wanting him to think I was angry. Because I wasn't, in the end we did get together tonight. Which was my ultimate dream.

'I'm sorry Dexter. I panicked! We both went to college and I thought I'd never see you again! And then I meet Aaron and he tells me he knows you and can keep us in touch. And on top of it all he tells me that the guy of my fucking dreams has a crush on me! I had to agree!' He exclaimed. His eyes were pleading as he wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me.

I could only get lost in the feeling of his warm lips, carresing mine slowly.

We hadn't been at it for three seconds and I felt an hand jerk me away from Joshua

'Ah, ah, ah,' Brian said in my ear. 'Didn't you listen? We get to try you out before you can enjoy your lovey-dovey stuff.'

I'd hoped I didn't catch that right, or I hoped that I could go jerk off right there.

Joshua came closer. 'C'mon guys. I've been crushing on Dex since I first fucking saw him. You guys promised to help me get him if I slept with you. Just let it go, apparently Dex and I have both been waiting for two damn years! Just let us-'

'Nope! We get to decide.' Jeremy cooed. Wohoho, what?

'Wow wait! What? What do you mean?'

Aaron sighed. 'You see Dexy, I always knew you were the same as us. The only difference was, you didn't ever act on it. And we didn't know why the hell you never made a move on any of us until just a few weeks ago when this guy,' He pointed at Joshua, who was holding me from behind. 'Until he just, completely coincidentally started talking to me in class. He'd seen Luke pick me up from class, and I started talking about liking guys and being gay. And he told me about his secret high school crush that he'd never dared to approach and regretted it hugely. And after he told me a bit about the guy, I realised he was talking about you! So I promised to tell him wether you were gay and had a crush on him in high school, in exchange for him participating in our little sexclub.' Aaron winked at Joshua. Who blushed furiously and looked away from my eyes.

'Of course, the second Joshie said he had a crush on you, all the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place and I knew that you must've liked him too. So we helped Joshie there muster his balls and tell you he likes you, because neither of you were gonna do it otherwise. And I believe je succeeded pretty well in telling you a few minutes ago, huh?' I couldn't stop the wide grin from spreading on my face.

But the look that Aaron had plastered on his face now unnerved me a little.

'There was a catch though.' He drawled huskily. 'You'd have to participate as well, if it happended to work out for you guys. That's why you're here.'

I looked at Joshua, dumbfounded. 'Wait a sec. So you traded me, for a chance to get me?'

Joshua sighed, 'Uhm... yeah kinda. I'm sorry Dex, I had no idea what to do. I was afraid that I was gonna chicken out of telling you what I feel.'

'But what do you feel? We just kissed! I have no idea what the fuck is happening!' I yelled.

Joshua looked desperate. 'It's just for once. You just have to do it one time and then we're out and we can be together. Please Dex, I wanna be with you okay? I've had the biggest crush on you for ages! I even came out to my parents last night!' He exclaimed.

That really surprised me, but in a good way. No one has ever done anything like that for me. To reveal that they're into guys so that we don't have to keep it a secret. All of a sudden all my high school feelings were rushing back tenfold. If this was true, if this could really be, then I'd do anything for it.

And before I knew it, I heard myself say: 'Well, alright.' I looked at Aaron 'So how is this going to work? I suck your dicks in here and leave with my boyfriend?' I felt Joshie smile against the back of my neck at the word boyfriend.

A devillish grin spread on Aarons face as the rest chuckled darkly.

'You wish it were that easy, huh? I'm sorry Dex, but it's a little more complicated than that. You're going to be doing the same trial as Joshua did, which means you're ours for two weeks, and no Joshua for that time.'

I wasn't sure if I could even go two feet from Joshua now that I had him. But if it was the price to have him for myself. Then fuck it.

To be honest, I couldn't be more turned on by the prospect of being "tried out" by the others.

So I made a decision.

'Alright, I'll do it. Two weeks, then you leave us alone.' I said sternly, looking Aaron in the eye dead-serious.

'Good, Dexy. Then you'll receive further information tomorrow. Aaron winked and smirked at me. Luke looked at me with anger and jealousy, which scared me a bit since I had never seen him look at anyone like that before, let alone me.

I quickly turned around and kissed Joshua tenderly on the lips. The contact made us both groan in hunger. A second later he was pulled off of me by Brian and Jeremy.

'Ours for two weeks, no Joshua.' Whispered Leo, and he grabbed Joshua's package out of nowhere. Joshua hissed in pain.

'I'm gonna miss you, Joshie.' He said as he licked Joshua's neck and ear.

Joshua whimpered in pleasure, but kept his eyea locked at mine. As if to concentrate on the feeling and imagining me instead of Leo.

'Okay, enough playing for one night. Let's go.' Aaron said to the rest of them.

I walked out the door, throwing Joshua ran after me, breaking free from Leo's grasp. I quickly closed the bathroom door after us. The second I turned around I was completely covered by Joshua's body and felt his tongue going down my throat. I hungrily kissed him back and squeezed his butt as he squeezed mine. After a short minute he broke the kiss and reached into his front pocket. He got out an envelope and pecked me on the lips fiercely.

'This is so you don't forget about me, okay?' He looked at me with a mixture of horniness and desperation.

'I'll see you in two weeks,' he kissed me on the cheek and walked into the club. Before he completely disappeared out of sight he turned around and yelled, 'I LOVE YOU!' Over the loud music. My heart jumped and the widest smile spread on my face.

Holy shit, did he mean that?

I blushed as I looked at the envelope in my hands. In black marker it read: "I know it's cheating, butt fuck it.' I laughed at that.

Hesitation came over me but I opened it anyway.

Inside I found a set of unholy pictures of my crush, posing in different incredible positions. All on a large white bed, all naked. My cock grew to it's full length within a matter of milliseconds.

What the fuck is my life even?

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The things I do for love...

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