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  1. Ashlynn Becomes a Slut
  2. Ashlynn Becomes a Slut (revised)

Ashlynn Becomes a Slut

Categories Fantasy, Black, Blackmail, Blowjob

Author: Thepeat401

Published: 09 January 2019

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Intro: This is a semi-true story about a young couple. Mark, a handsome 23 year old who worked at a convenience store/truck stop in the middle of nowhere on a busy interstate. And Ashlynn, 19 years young.

Its another boring night at Trucker Town a popular rest stop and convience store for both truckers and travelers alike, mostly truckers though. Mark leaned behind the counter, not looking forward to stocking the cooler considering he just warmed up from the crisp winter air outside. He had only been there about a half hour but he could tell already it would be a slow night. He normally didnt work the graveyard shift but kate, one of his coworkers, loved laying out and so here he was. "Fuckin kate, id much rather be gettin head from ash than givin truckers their damned shower keys" mark complained to himself for about the 3rd time already. He reluctantly walked into the cooler, seeing how there was no one to wait on, and began stocking. A few minutes later he felt his phone ring, he checked the message and it was from his girl, Ashlynn. "Hey, i just got off work. Hate that you gotta work 3rd :( I think I might come down after i get a shower if you dont mind though? I dont wanna sit at my place bored outta my mind. Plus mom says dads on in one of those moods lol" Mark read and smiled, "Yes! Now i might just make it through the night" he responded with a "sure come on down" stuck his phone back in his pocket and kept stocking a grin on his face.

Meanwhile Ashlynn pulls up in her driveway in her little light yellow Volkswagen beetle and walks up to her front door, already in earshot of her parents bickering. She rolls her eyes and tries to quietly open the door but they both are in direct line of sight of it. She and her dad make direct eye contact and she sighs knowing whats coming. And as usual he starts in "Anndd there she issss, at least she has a job Jess!" He exclaims "Not the she feels the need to help out with the bills around here!" Jess, Ash's mom, shakes her head "my god Tim lay off she saving for college funds, shit youll have to pay for if she dont, so whats the difference!?" Ash rolls her eyes again and starts upstairs to tired to even get in on this one, its always the same anyway. She goes to her room and picks put a quick but cute outfit since she wants to tease Mark a little while hes at work. She gathers it up and heads to the shower, she had planed on getting her some tonight since she had been pretty horny all day thinking about Marks 6'3" athletic body and his well endowed cock. She hadnt measured it really and it was only her second but it was much larger than her first. She reminisces while soaping up her perky little b cups about her 5 year relationship from 13 to 18 and how she had wanted to save herself for marriage so she only sucked her now ex boyfriend Drew's cock for years until she had turned 18. It was then he finally convinced her (while they were drinking) that they should have sex. She liked it but it was unsatisfying, she regularly went to "pee" after sex with drew and rubbed her clit to orgasm, as thats the only way she had ever cum before. Only about 3 months of unsatisfying sex ensued before she found out he had actually been having sex here and there with a couple of different girls ever since they were nearly 17. Ash's eyebrows forrow as she still gets pissed from thinking about it even a year later. But then she remembers her perfect handsone man and its ok again. Her hand explores further down past her pierced belly button and begins rubbing her clit slowly as she imagines Marks cut body against hers. She imagines using her years of cocksucking practice to make mark squirm. She could wrap one of her small milky hands (barely) around the base and another right on top and still have a couple inches to work with her mouth and she loved it. With drew she could engulf his whole cock in her mouth and barely get gagged but eith Mark "mmmmmhmmm" she moans. With Mark she could barely get a little past halfway before her cute little mouth had reached its limit. Ash's finger was working her clit steadily now and slipping down into her hole every now and then and she moans and squeezes her handful of tit, making sure to tweak her cute pink little nipple. Mark had made her cum several times the first time and at least once almost everytime after, it was amazing. Not even she could make herself cum like that. But she was about to try! She shuddered as she began reaching climax, her eyes rolled back and she moaned loud and proud as she came hard as she can make herself. Panting, she leaned on the wall and thought to herself "ok. Lets get shave and sexy and go hang with mark. Maybe we can get freaky in his pickup" she thought to herself "scandalous" she laughed outloud. She finished shaving got dressed with a little makeup and head out.

Mark had been stocking the cooler for almost an hour now regularly going out to help a customer buy his coffee at the register or whatever whenever he hears the loud ass beep that alerts you someone has walked into the store. He almost done at this point, "only about 20 minutes maybe" he thinks to himself when he hear the loud ass beep again "ugh, could they make that anymore shrill and annoying?" he complains to himself. He walks out of the cooler only to see his little Ashlynn standing there looking around for her man. His eyebrows raise in surprise and his face forms a grin as he sees her sexy attire. Shes wearing little black heels, maybe just 3 inches, black and red striped stockings that dissapear under a fairly but not overly short, about mid thigh, skirt and a blood red tank top tucked into the skirt with the oversized black leather jacket she loves. "Little slut" he thinks to himself jokingly knowing she dressed like this just to make him hard all night while hes trying to work. He walks towards her and her to him as they hug, long and tight. "My god what are you wesring you hot little ho!" He says finally with a smile. Ash laughs "oh nothing, what? Do you like?" She smirks giving a little spin "Like?? Hah! You gonna make me take you home right now if you aint careful!" he exclaims playfully. "Well maybe that was my intention" she says with a wink. He narrows his eyes at her but their banter is cut short as a older white man trucker with a worn out hat and coat and a bushy white beard walks in. His eyes immediately lock onto Ashlynn as he walks toward the coffee makers. Its hard not to look at her honestly but hes not even trying to hide it. Mark looks at her and raises his eyebrows and she blushes. He goes around and hops behind the register to deal with the customer. The old man makes his coffee and begins to walk up looking Ash up and down focusing mostly so it seemed on her sexy legs. He finally reaches the register and pays for his corfee and gas for his semi and walks out, not missing his last chance to ogle before hes gone. "Wow, stare much?" Ashlynn says with an eye brow raised. "Well its hard not to with that sexy ass you got there" Mark says laughing. He wasnt the jealous type. People could look because well, how you gonna stop em and with a little hottie like her people are bound to be looking, especially now considering what she was wearing and where. Mark begins to sweep admiring his girl the whole time, being about midnight at this point not many people are in and out. He pushes the dust mop along looking at Ash leaning against the counter looking at her phone and cant help but to admire her teen figure. With her jacket off now Mark can see she skipped the bra, for decent reason. Her tits were small but not too small, decent little B cups that stood perky and in place on their own. Her hips wide and her thighs were thick meaning of course she had an anazing ass (similar to this but more petite) https://www.fuckyeahcurvygirls.com/thick-asian-with-wide-hips/ She was a cheerleader in high school just a year ago and it showed. Long blonde hair that hit her about mid back, normally wavy but straightend today. And milky white skin, she was alway talking about needing a tan this wantkn a tan that but i enjoyed her pale complextion even though she didnt. she was about 5"4' and 100 pounds or so, petite to say the least. He could only imagine what sexy panties she might be wearing under that little skirt. "Allllrighhtt i guess im gonna get back to stocking that damned cooler. Itll only take me another 20, 25 minutes" Mark sighs. "Ok Im gonna run to the bathroom, ill be waiting for you when you get out" she says winking seductively. "Ok but hey, watch out for the hole in the stall. It leads right into the mens room if you know what i mean" mark says with a smile. "If you arent careful you might get a visit from the cock fairy" he chuckles. "Hmmmm sounds like a proposition" she thinks to herself. "Alright, ill be on the look out" Ash says with a wink before skipping off to the bathroom. Mark shakes his head "dirty lil girl" he laughs to himself as he walks into the cooler. As he stocks, not even 2 minutes later a middle aged grimy looking with man with a scruffy beard walks up to the convenience stores door and holds it open for an older black gentleman trucker maybe about mid fifties. They both walk in as the door buzzer goes off and the white man heads off to the bathroom as the older black man walks to the coffee makers. Mark hears the loud ass beep of the door opening. "God damn it, im never going to get this cooler done" he says seething. He walks out of the cooler and sees the man making coffee and hops behind the counter to ring him up. "Hes awful slow making that coffee...." Mark thinks to himself watching him poke over all the different creamers. Ash, sitting on the toilet on her phone sighs, "damn, i was hoping for a little fun" she thinks to herself as she looks back at the softball sized hole in the thin wall and shudders as she reads "back the pussy up here slut" written over it. "So lewd" she says to herself as she feels butterflies in her stomach she rubs her thick thighs together. Right as she gets up to leave the stall she hears the mens door open. "Eeek" she squeals quietly "is that him?" She whispers to herself. Ashlynn hears the man walk to the stall connected by hole to hers and peeks through, she sees blue jean clad legs of a tall athletic shaped man enter the stall and close the door behind him. "Looks like him, what are the chances another guy would come right into this stall at this hour anyway?" She thinks to herself. On the other side as the dirty (probably from working on his truck here and there and lack of showers on the road) enters the stall he notices red and black stocking covered legs on the other side "my lucky day, maybe" he thinks to himself as he immediately unzips his pants and pulls out his mostly soft cock and pushes it through hole. Ash's eyes pop open wide. "Any random guy wouldnt have known i was in here" she thinks to herself as she looks at the thick cock growing by the second in anticipation. Its clean shaven just like Marks and as she watches it grow until reaches its full erect size, the same size as Marks and uncut. "Oh its him" she thinks to herself slyly. "Only mark has such a magnificent dick" she's sure of it. Ashlynn takes a step forward and carefully runs a finger across the top from base to head. The cock jerks as her finger slides off the pink tip. "MmmmmMm" she coos quietly before softly wrapping her little hand around the middle and gently stroking it back and forth fully revealing the head. She slowly sinks to her knees almost perfectly eye level with the thick cock coming from the wall. Still slowly gently stroking she plants a kiss on the head as she pulls back a string of precum still connects the tip to her bottom lip. She pokes her tongue out and licks it away. "Ohhhh mmmm" she moans quietly feeling hot as ever from the dirty situation she's found herself in. she begins to stroke faster cradling the mans balls in her right hand. Precum begins to drip from the tip of the thick cock in her hands. "Oh no, cant let that got to waste now can we?" Ashlynn always enjoyed giving blowjobs, it made her hot feeling like a dirty girl. But when she met mark, with a real mans cock she began enjoying them even more, savoring the precum and cum alike. And since she was not on the pill she often got to finish him off with her mouth after he pulled out, which was fine by her. Ash leaned forward and licked the dribbling pre from the tip of the cock in her hand and then took the head into her mouth.

"Yea ive been workin here for about half a year now" Mark says to the black man, now standing at the register trying to make small talk with him. He really needed to keep working on stocking the cooler but he cant be rude to customers so he kept up with the mans idle chit chat. "Hes probably bored, having to drive for hours and hours. Im sure id wanna talk to someone and stretch my legs too if i were him" mark thinks to himself. He continues conversing with him for several minutes before finally thinking to himself, "where the hell did Ash go?"

Ashlynn twists her hand back and forth at the base of the fat cock while she bobs her head back and forth bottoming out her little mouth on his long member over and over with her right hand on the stall wall for support. She pushes her head down all the way to its limit and works her head side to side to force the big head past her tonsils like a pro, still only able to engul a little more than half of it all. She gags and pulls her head back off the cock leaving a thick string of saliva connecting her gasping mouth to his throbbing cock. Collecting the spit from her lips with her right hand she starts jacking the dick quickly, slicked up by all her hard work. "Oh my god, im so wet baby. I need to cum so baddd Mmmmmm" Ashlynn says in a lusting haze. She stands up quickly, letting go of the cock, reaches under her short black little skirt and yanks down a cute black lacy thong leaving her throbbing bald little pussy bare. Ashlynn pulls her thin tank top out from being tucked into her skirt, throws her skirt up over her lower back leaving her perfect round ass exposed and backs up towards the wall. She looks back and sees the words "back that pussy up her slut" scribbled over the hole and shudders. She reaches under her with one hand and holds onto the baby changing station with the other for support while she backs her nearly dripping little pink slit up to the hanging cock in the wall. She grasps the thick wet cock and guides it up to her anticipating fuck hole and pushes back, slightly bent at the waist. Her jaw drops and she moans "uuhmmmMmmmm" as it slides through her lips with ease. "So when you get to California do you just turn around and come back orrrr?" Mark says barely able to mask his lack of fucks. He had been talking to the guy for about 10 minuted now after having watched him pilfer through coffe garnishments for like 5. "Thats it, ive gotta tell him I gotta go or im not getting done tonight" mark thought to himself. Just as he opened his mouth to say it the older black man askes "you mind if i leave my coffee here while i got to the bathroom?"

"No, go ahead man" mark says. "Speaking of bathrooms i need to check on Ashlynn shes been gone for fucking ever" Mark thinks to himself. As the trucker walks toward the bathroom Mark follows a little behind him. Down the hallway the trucker walks past the womens bathroom and heads into the mens. As Mark walks down the hall he hears a grunt and a moan from the the womens door. "Is that little slut mastubating in there?" He thinks to himself. I better go in and tell her to move away from the hole if shes in that stall so she isnt seen by that trucker guy. Mark quietly opens the womens bathroom door and hears Ashlynn somewhat quietly cry out "oh god, babyyy. Yesss MmmmmmMmm fuck!" Confused mark goes into the stall beside hers, stands on the toilet and looks down at his girlfriend in bewilderment. Ashlynn, whos only been with 2 people in her life, has her skirt hiked up, ass exposed with one heeled foot on the toilet and one on the ground pushing herself back against a big cock in long strokes using the baby changer as a push off point. "Oh god baby, im almost therreeeee!" She says in a sexual haze the man on the other side grunts and she feels his cock throbbing "nooooo babbyy not yetttt!" She cries as she slips off his cock and drops to her knees, knowing she isnt on the pill and cant be came inside of. As she drops to her kness the man grunts and shoots a rope of thick cum across her pretty lips and chin before she is able to wrap her lips around the head and swallow down the rest, which was alot. Mark stands there, shocked. Seeing his cute little girlfriend with another mans cum dripping off her chin as she cleans his cock. He finally stops cumming and she swallows it down before pulling her head off his cock, the cum on her lips and chin drip down onto her chest and runs i to her tanktop between her perky tits. She wipes the rest off with the back of her hand as she says, panting "damn Mark i was so close, i still am." In a lust filled haze. For the first time the man on the other side of the wall spoke "i dunno who mark is but im sorry hun, theres a guy in here who'll be happy to finish you off though" he says with a laugh. Ashlynns mouth drops open upon hearing words from someone other than her lover she sits there on her knees dumbfounded. The man pulls his shrinking cock back through the hole and leans down to peek at the slut who just drained him. "Ooooo damn girl your a fine lookin little whore. I woulda came twice as fast if i would have been able to see you" he laughs looking at the red faced, messy haired blonde teen on her knees, whos tank top is pushed up revealing her perky milky little tits and hard pink nipples. The man steps back and pats the black man on the shoulder "shes all yours bud" he sayin chuckling as he walks out. The black man leans down and peeks through the hole. She still in shock of what just happened and dont even realize these men just saw her exposed little tits. "goddamn gurl, he isnt joking. Pull that skirt off and cum on this big ol' cock baby, you deserve it " he stands and slides his cock through the hole. She snaps back to reality and he inserts his already fully erect cock through the hole. She gasps as she sees his thick long cock. Its obiously thicker than the last guys and oooobviously longer, little innocent Ashlynns eyebrows raise in surprise. "Oh my god i didnt know they could be that big" she thought to herself. Her pussy quivers still aching to cum, she needs it so badly she cant stand it. Wetness dribbles down her thigh, Mark still watching from above in disbelief, anger, jealousy, and and pang of lust quietly pulls out his phone and begins recording this little slut he called a girlfriend as she stands up and slowly slides her skirt down to her ankles and steps out of it with he little heels clacking. She pulls her tank top up a little higher leaving it bunched up just over the top of her little tits, all the while never taking her eyes off of the huge throbing cock in front of her. She takes a step forward and. Tries. To wrap her tiny white fingers around the thick black cock, she can feel his heartbeat in it. She turns around and spreads her shaking legs. She puts a hand under her and another on the changing table, a now well practiced position. She delicately wraps her fingers around the deep purple head and guides it to her well lubricated pussy and pushes back. Mark rubbing himself through his pants absolutely shocked at what he was seeing continues recording. The head slides in with ease "uuuuuhhhmmmm MmmMmm" Ashlynn moans as she bites her lip and keeps pushing. A few inches push inside, spreading her lips and stretching her to her max. She moans again and pushes harder, another couple of inches push forward. Shes already almost as penetrated as shes ever been as she looks back and realizes shes still not even close to the wall. The words "back that pussy up here slut" still totally visible, mocking her. She puts her hands on the floor just in front of and in between her heeled feet. Totally bent over now she pulls out almost all the way before sliding carefully back down onto his enormous legth. She manages to get a another inch or more that time. "Ohh my gooood its so muchhhh i cant take it MmmmmmmmMmm" she moans biting her lip hard. She feels him pull back leaving her grasping pussy, so her ass follows untill her big full milky ass is planted against the wall dripping wet pussy right against the hole. "Ok stay right there you little slut" the man commands he pulls out and looks down at the hole a quivering pink slit almost protruding from the hole in the wall. He lines up and slides the head in again going in an inch or two then out then in another half inch then out. He continues working his huge cock in and out, going a little deeper with each thrust. Mark cant see whats happening but can tell with Ash's head bobbling back and forth as she moans, her long blonde hair all over the dirty bathroom floor. The man slides in and out increasing speed until hes 8 inches deep with a couple and some change to go "oh my fucking godddd im cummminnng!!!" Little ashlynn shrieks and she convulses. The man took that as his que and slid his thick throbbingg cock hard into her. With only the slightest bit still left hangin out of her stretched little smooth pussy he said "ok slut now its up to you." Ashlynn convulses from another shattering orgasm as she carefully stands back to her normal postition and slides back and forth slowly at first not letting much cock escape but increasing in speed and length of strokes as she gets more used to his size. "Oh my god i feel sooo fullllll MmmMmm" she moans "fuck, oh god. Im cumming againnnn ahhhhhmmmmmMmmm" she groans as her head flips back. Mark flinches but he sees her eyes are rolled up in her head so far she cant see shit. He shakes his head and pulls his dick out slowly pumping it in time with her strokes. She puts her head back down and pushes back, now letting 6 inches or so slide in and out of her tight pink pussy and keeping 3 or 4 for herself. Her and his wetness are running down her inner thighs and soaking her thick high stockings at this point shes moaning like a whore all the while, finally after a few minutes she slams back and screams "holy shit im cumming so harrdd!!!" Her legs buckle and she falls to the floor landing hard in her hands stocking covered knees, the huge cock fully slips out and her pussy gushes her creamy grul. Its runs down her pink folds and since her face is resting on the dirty bathroom floor at this point its runs down past her clit and over her pubic area, dripping and running up towards her pretty little belly button ring and totally soaks her thigh highs almost to the knee. She recovers after a few seconds of panting and stands back up just as the man was about to ask if she was ok she slides her slick tight pussy back over his cock taking in the whole of it. She starts to fuck hard and fast back against him trying to get his cum, she wants it in her mouth, on her face on her breasts. Her cute little tits bounce and jiggle under her as he ass slaps the bathroom wall hard. "Oh fuck!" The man exclaims "im about to cum!" Mark had been plotting tjis whole while, while recording. As soon as the man said that mark came from his stall, cock wagging back and forth and opened the easy lock to Ashlynns and walked in. Aslynn's eyes shot open and she gasped "Mark!!" He grabs Ashlynn by the throat and pushes her all the was against the wall and holds her there. The man behing the wall slams his cock as deep. as he can and yells "fuck im cumming!!"

"No!!" aslynn yells "Wait im not on the pill please!" But its too late, mark has her pinned against the wall and she feels the huge cock jerk and throb all the way against the cervex and begin to unload a unreal amount of cum. It gushes and sprays her insides rope after rope and she cums again, hard, moaning loudly. Mark lets he go and Ashlynn slumps down sitting with her exposed ass and pussy on the cold floor with her legs on either side. The man took that as a cue to leave, he quickly exits to not be seen again Mark jerks off above Ash watching her sit panting, red in the face as cum becomes visible puddling beneath her and spreading out. He cums hard, jerking it towards her face. His own ropes of cum blasting onto her cute makeup smeared face and into her sexed up hair. "Hope you had fun slut" Mark sneered "he bends over and takes her skirt but leaves her panties. As he walks out tge bathroom door he says "im locking your keys and phone in your car, im sure you can fine a ride home. also if you try to break your window to get them ill send this little video to your friends. And mine. And maybe some family of yours. Goodluck little whore." Tears in her eyes she stands, her legs trembling from the orgasms and slides her little black thong on.

To be continued?

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Ashlynn Becomes a Slut

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Comments (1)
lamo66 — 14 January 2019 00:16
Hot story should use more paragraphs
DonPK — 13 January 2019 00:36
great Story
i hope she get bm and prostitute now
Aussie13 — 09 January 2019 13:51
Great story. Easy to read. Hot as fuck. Can't wait for a part 2
hornecubzfan — 17 May 2019 14:54
Yes please continue
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