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  1. Diana’s 30th Birthday
  2. Diana's 30th Brithday Part 2
  3. Diana's 30th Brithday Part 3

Diana's 30th Brithday Part 3

Categories Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Author: JBL69632

Published: 09 January 2019

  • Font:

Part 3

When they arrived at Peter’s, Monica took the girls into a bedroom so they could get undressed. Once in the bedroom, everyone was talking and stripping and it was pretty obvious to all, that no one wore much to work that day. She commented on all three ladies being braless, “is that usual, do you all normally go braless?”

“Oh,” Debbie replied, “yeah, I guess we go without more than with, but in my case, no one ever notices unless it’s cold and my high beams on, like now.”

“Well, you should all go braless, you all have beautiful breasts.” Now I know why Peter is always talking about all of the girls at work. Who’s the receptionist, with the big double DD’s?

“Of, that’s Susan,” Judy said, “she was at another table and stayed behind tonight, much to the guys disappointment.” They all laughed at that.

This was Monica’s first chance to see the ladies naked. But since Peter talked about them all the time she felt as though she knew them. She looked at Debbie seeing her natural shoulder length dark blond hair and her 34B breasts with small pink nipples which were currently hard. She watched as Debbie removed her sheer pantyhose and it was obvious, she was a natural blond - her pussy hair was an exact match to her head.

Judy removed her blouse and slacks and her nipples were also already erect. Monica noted she has larger tits than Debbie, probably around a 36 C or so and they were firm with good sized nipples. Her olive skin complexion, along with long shiny black hair, gave her away as having Italian roots. She was wearing bikini panties under her slacks and as she slipped them off, she revealed a mass of thick black pubic hair that was shaved into a landing strip on top and trimmed close along her bikini line allowing her large dark labia to standout as though it was asking to be sucked on.

Diana asked Monica to unzip her and then she removed her dress to reveal only a garter holding up stockings and nothing else. Monica whistled, “what’s the occasion for the man bait?”

Debbie said, “it’s her birthday.”

“Oh, I see, well one thing is for sure, if you want to make an impression on the boys just wear that into the tub.”

“What, why,” said Diana? “It seems silly to wear a garter and hose in the spa.”

“Yeah, it is silly to us girls, but those guys think with their little heads and there is nothing the little headed beings like more than a slutty woman in garter and heels!” “Believe me, they will go nuts seeing your beautiful ass in just a garter along with those big tits.” Being only thirty Diana still had firm, rounded tits with good size nipples that stood out well when she was cold or excited. Monica also noted that Diana had shaved her pubic area or at least the lower area around her lips. “Do you like to go bare or is it just a special occasion,” Monica asked?

“Oh, I like it; I keep it like this all the time.”

“Doesn’t the stubble bother you?” Debbie asked.

“No, it’s not really a problem. Rather than shave, I use a hair remover, so there is very little stubble.”

Monica opened her rob to show she was completely shaven. “Me too, I like the feel of being bare and so does Peter, she giggled.”

“One thing for sure, you know you have lips when they are exposed to the breeze, said Diana!”

The girls all laughed and Monica handed out some robes and said, “I have towels out by the spa, let’s go knock their socks off girls.”

Debbie said, “God, if they have their socks on, I am out of here and they all laughed again.”

The girls filed out to the hot tub where the guys were already soaking. Monica was in the lead, she stepped up on the deck to disrobe and give the boys a little show. She untied the tie on her robe and opened it to reveal her full-figured body with a large, D breasts, and did a little wiggle of her tits to show off her best assets. Her large breasts and the flair of her hips made her waist look even smaller than it was and it was pretty small. She certainly had an hourglass figure.

Next was Judy who did a little dance while removing her robe that caused her tits to jiggle a little also. Her tight 23-year old body with firm well rounded tits that had a large, dark nipples and that mass of coal black pussy hair with large dark lips peeking through were a hit with the boys. Debbie went next and she made a show of bending over to place her robe on the deck revealing her tight ass! She too received a round of applause for her cute ass and perky tits. Lastly was the birthday girl herself and with accompanying drum roll, she opened her robe slowly to reveal her garter and hose framing her blond pubic hair and bare pussy lips. Diana’s pussy lips and nipples were really standing out, partly because of the night air and partly the sex charged atmosphere. She turned around and showed off her ass framed by the garter and everyone wanted to take her right then. She then made a production out of removing her stockings one at a time, being sure to bend over lots so the guys could look at her ass and pussy.

When she was done, she stepped down into the warm water and Peter said come sit between Joe and me. How could she refuse; she had been teasing them all day, actually all week and now they wanted a close up view of those luscious tits of hers. She slid into the spot that opened up and the guys were on her like white on rice. They were trying to tickle her and egging her on to do one thing or another. Drinks were passed around and everyone relaxed and enjoyed the company.

John was chatting with Debbie and Judy and not paying much attention to what was going on with Diana assuming she knew what and who she wanted and how to go about it. His attention was strictly on the two beauties on either side of him.

Debbie said, “ok, we are going to play a guessing game.” “One person sits in the middle, that’s you right now, and with their eyes closed has to guess who is touching them.” John closed his eyes and the girls began touching various parts of my body.

“Now you guess who is touching you but you have to identify the part of your body.”

“Hmm, is that you Debbie, touching my leg?”

“Nope, that was Judy, take a drink and switch with Judy.” They did and then it was Judy’s turn in the middle and he skipped the foreplay and went straight to Judy’s large, firm nipples. He was gently pinching her nipples while Debbie stroked her inter thighs. She guessed wrong and now it was Debbie’s turn in the middle again. What fun.

At one point he heard Judy say, “oh, goodness, here we go.” John opened his eyes to see what was happening and there was Diana sucking on Peter’s big cock and Monica was sucking on Joe’s cock.

Diana was out of the water, kneeling and he was standing in front of her. She was really working her magic on his cock, which was every bit as big as he had heard. When she had it hard, she pulled it out of her mouth and gently griping his huge balls asked if these were full.

“Yes, they are, and they are all for the birthday girl.” Peter replied looking down on her.

Diana laid down on the mat and spread her legs and held her arms up. Peter positioned himself between her legs and she raised her legs so he could see her dripping wet cunt.

“Hmm, he said, I always wondered what your pussy would look like fully exposed” he said.”

“And, what do you think,” asked Diana?

“It’s beautiful,” he said.

“Thanks, it needs a big, hard cock like yours, Diana answered.” With that Peter mounted her. He positioned his enormous cock at her cunt and slowly slipped it in. She was lying on a padded portion of the deck that must have been intended for sunbathing or maybe for fucking, and she leaned back and raised her legs up for better access. He was balls deep with that monster of his in just a few strokes and she was loving every inch of it.

John heard her moan and then say, “Fuck it!” “Yeah, that’s it, fuck it Peter, fuck me hard and deep!”

Peter wasted no time getting to work, he began by long-stroking her. Debbie whispered in John’s ear, “are you ok with her getting fucked by Peter?”

“Yeah, it’s what she wanted for a long time and it is her birthday, so I’m good with it.”

“Good, then let’s get you fucked; hop out and lay back.”

John did as instructed and Debbie took his cock into her mouth while Judy got out and squatted over his face. “I hear you’re a really good pussy licker, John,” she said. “Let’s see if that’s true.”

Now that was a challenge he wasn’t going to turn down! He inhaled deeply of her musky aroma. God, he loved the smell of pussy! Her dark hair was matted from the water and she was pulling her pussy open with her fingers so he could see her beautiful pink slit. He stretched his tongue out reaching to flick her clit, and then he slowly licked along her slit, from her asshole back to her clit.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, lick it baby.” “I haven’t been eaten in ages.” “God, that feels SOOO fucking good!”

“You haven’t been eaten in ages, why is that? John asked.

“That asshole of an ex-boyfriend of mine didn’t like to eat pussy.”

“He didn’t know what he was missing, John replied. “This is one fine pussy,” and then he sucked her big protruding lips into his mouth and nibbled on them.

“Oh God, yes, suck them - lick it John, lick it!”

Debbie was working wonders on his cock and she soon had it up to full attention and wanted to ride it. Judy moved off his face so he could move back away from the edge and give her some room to fuck him. He took that opportunity to look over at Diana and Peter was furiously fucking her and she appeared to be climaxing. Her legs were locked over the back of his legs and she had her back arched and her fingers were digging into his back. He also noticed that Monica Joe were now fucking as well!

He wanted to watch his wife get fucked, but the girls had other ideas and soon he was smothered by Judy’s big black bush again and Debbie was sliding down his cock. He couldn’t believe she made the old firefighter joke about how well she could ‘slide the pole’; but none the less, he was certainly impressed with how tight she was.

It was quickly apparent Debbie wasn’t fucking him to make him cum. Oh no, she was fucking for her own pleasure and she made this abundantly clear, when she said, “now goddamn it, don’t go cumming early or anything.” “I need to be fucked and it’s your job to do it right!” No pressure, right? He tried not to think of having one cunt on his face and another on impaled on his cock, but it was difficult to say the least.

She rode the baloney pony like a cowgirl rides a horse. He bucked and she fucked for just a short time before Debbie began emitting a low groaning sound that soon turned into a loud groaning sound that informed everyone in a one-block radius that she was cumming.

“Ahh, Ahh, oh, don’t cum yet, OH GOD PLEASE DON’T CUM YET - I NEED THIS!” She pleaded.

She had her knees locked on his hips and was holding his hands for stability when she groaned “AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG” and unleashed a flood of cunt juice on his cock and balls. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGG” she groaned again and again as wave after wave of orgasmic relief racked her body. Her nipples were so hard and so swollen they looked like they might burst and judging by the look of on her face he wasn’t sure if she was in agony or orgasmic bliss. He watched as her facial expressions turned from need, to lust, to pure ecstasy. “OH GOD, YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME OH GOD YES CUM IN ME, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” “FUCK ME, FUCK ME FUCK ME!” She moaned over and over as she rose to her zenith and rode the big O down the other side.

John pushed his pelvis up and gladly emptied his load of ball juice deep into her cunt. As she felt the hot, sticky jism spray her cervix she began another round of orgasms. “OH, FUCK YEAH, THAT’S IT GIVE IT ALL TO ME,” she moaned and groaned. FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM!

She was a woman lost in the moment, withering, moaning and squirming up and down on his cock assuring it stayed as deep in her womb as possible. Her orgasm ended as quickly as it had begun and she crashed down on top of him with her upper body going limp but her ass continued to roll back and forth on his cock. As John’s cock began to dwindle it started to slide out of her slit and he could feel his and her cum ooze out and down onto his softening cock.

“Oh god that was sooo fucking good John, you are such a good lover, I want to fuck you forever!” John would have loved to lay there basking in her after sex ecstasy and enjoying the complements but Judy was still on his face and although she had come once, she was about to again.

As her orgasm approached, he braced for her to drench him with another cunt shower. Having watched Debbie fuck him she was more than ready to cum herself. “OH, OH, OH, HERE IT COMES, OH FUCKKKKKKKKKK” she all but screamed as she cut lose a torrent of girl cum on John’s face. Damn the girl gushed like a geyser, John thought. She squirmed and wiggled all over his face as she had her own climax oblivious to him. When it finally ebbed, she leaned forward and her and Debbie kissed one another.

Judy eventually peeled herself from John’s face and Debbie removed herself from his cock, he looked over at Diana and saw that she was now being reamed by Joe. He had her legs over his shoulders and that long cock of his was going a hundred miles an hour in and out of her cunt causing his balls to slap loudly against her ass. It appeared she had been in a chain orgasm by the sounds she was making and at the speed Joe was pounding her he wouldn’t be far behind her.

Joe suddenly groaned and jammed his cock in as deep as it would go and added his load of cum to Pete’s. Well happy birthday honey, hope you liked your present, John thought to himself. Diana grabbed his arms and kept fucking him until her own orgasm wave she was riding swept up and over her and she moaned loudly, “ARRRRGGGGG CUMMMMMING” and she let go flood of orgasmic juices.

After emptying his balls into Diana’s cunt, he pulled his dripping cock out her soaked and messy pussy and Monica took it in her mouth to lick clean. She then turned her attention to Diana, positioning herself in the classic 69 position and began licking Diana’s pussy like a hungry dog licking a spoonful of peanut butter.

Everyone was mesmerized watching her lapping at Diana’s cummy cunt as Diana moaned under her and began returning the favor. No one moved or said anything for several minutes until Peter said, “damn, now that’s hot!” and began playing with himself.

Debbie slid off the edge and went over to Peter. “Do you want to fuck her again?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, he replied.” Debbie leaned down and sucked his cock into her mouth to help him get hard. Peter was staring at Monica licking Diana and Diana returning the favor for Monica while Debbie was sucking him. This combination didn’t take long to revive Peter and soon he was ready.

“God, what a cock,” Debbie commented as she released his cock from her mouth and he went over to Monica and Diana and Peter positioned himself over Monica.

Diana was still laying on the deck licking Monica and Monica was face down in Diana’s cunt. Peter took Monica’s hair and raised her head up to his cock and she sucked him into her mouth. She took the whole thing down and was deep throating him, then she would work her way back up and then back down and hold his entire cock in her throat for a long count and back up again.

Debbie had slid back over next to John and Judy. “God damn, she has to be the queen of cock suckers to take that monster all the way!”

“She’s a better woman than me, commented Judy.” “I can take a regular dick but not something like that in my throat.”

Peter pulled out of Monica’s mouth after only a few of those strokes and said, “I want to fuck Diana again, this time from behind.”

Monica raised up and asked, “Diana, do you want him again?”

“Oh yeah, she answered.” Monica moved off of Diana and she turned over and got on her knees in the doggy position. Peter placed his cock at Diana’s cum soaked cunt and began slowly inserting it into her. Once he was most of the way in, he began fucking her in earnest and she was matching him stroke for stroke by pushing her ass back.

Joe came around in front of Diana and presented his cock for her to suck. She opened wide and took it deep into her throat and began mouth fucking him. Peter was slamming her from the rear which caused her head to bob up and down which worked great for sucking Joe’s cock.

Debbie was watching Monica and when she began touching herself Debbie moved over to her and began playing with her breasts and then Monica turned to her and they kissed. That kiss opened the flood gate and the two of them went at each other like starving wolfs after a rabbit. Judy moved over to Debbie and Monica and went down on Monica while she licked Debbie and Debbie licked Judy. Oh, holly shit, John thought, a lez triangle! He had to hand it to these people, you just don’t see this shit at every birthday party!

John watched Peter as he fucked Diana and she sucked Joe and then he would shift his gaze to the girls eating one another. The combined effect had him getting hard again but he had no where to put his cock.

The guys finished first with Joe shooting his load on to Diana’s face and then sticking it back in her mouth to finish him off. This left a big gob of cum on Diana’s chin. Peter saw Joe spraying her face and he unleashed another load of hot cum deep into Diana but slipped out and all over her pussy and then stuck his cock back into her pussy to pump out the last drop before pulling out and sliding back into the spa.

Diana was a mess kneeling there covered in cum. She had Joe’s cum all over her face and was trying to lick with her tongue and Peter’s cum all over her pretty little pussy and asshole. John was rock-hard again and thought what the hell, she’s my wife, I should get a little birthday pussy too. He moved across the spa and climbed up on the deck and took her by her hips and inserted his cock into the warmest, gooiest, cummiest, cunt he had ever had! “OH, FUCK THAT’S SLOOPY!” He groaned as he began to pump in and out of his beautiful wife.

“Oh yeah, honey, that’s it, fuck my sloppy cunt!” Diana moaned as she pushed her ass up higher so he would go deeper. John enjoyed the sensation of fucking her with all of the cum being pushed out around his cock and dripping down onto his balls, coating them with Pete and Joe’s cum. This fucking wasn’t about pleasing Diana, she had cum so much today he doubted she could cum again. This was about nasty fucking! Fucking his wife after three other men had fucked her that day, so he continued to fuck her as fast and as furious as he could, jack-hammering into her and causing as much goo as possible to be forced out around his cock.

“Oh, yes, fuck me hard and cum in my cummy cunt like the others did,” she groaned as she did her best to match his thrusts. “OH, YEAH BABY, CUM IN MY USED PUSSY!”

With an invitation like that how could a guy refuse to give his wife his last shot of the night. He continued his blistering pace until suddenly he groaned out loud, stopped thrusting and spewed his seed deep within her womb to mix with Pete’s and Joe’s cum.

The girls were next and they were concentrating on each other’s clit and they exploded together or very close to one another coating each other’s face with girl goo.

When John pulled out of Diana, she just slid forward and laying down on her tummy. John sat back on his heels and looked at the river of cum that began to ooze from his wife’s cunt! Everyone was so completely spent they just remained where they were for several minutes. Monica was the first to move and she rolled over and got up. “You are all staying the night,” she commanded. “Come on and we will find beds for you.”

John leaned forward and whispered in Diana’s ear, “come on honey, time to go to bed”.

“Hmm, she replied.” “Give me a few minutes, I’m all fucked out right now.”

This caused everyone to chuckle. “No honey, time to go to bed to sleep, not to fuck” he said to her.

“Oh, ok, help me up, please.”

As she stood up, she put her arms around my neck and said, thank you, thank all of you for a wonderful birthday! Then she kissed John with her cummy lips! Then kissed everyone with her cummy lips and Monica and Debby licked some cum off of her face as well. “Come on,” said Monica “let’s find you two a bed.”

End part 3. More to come

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Diana's 30th Brithday Part 3

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