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  1. The Headmaster's Daughters - Part 1
  2. The Headmaster's Daughters - Part 2
  3. The Headmaster's Daughters - Part 3

The Headmaster's Daughters - Part 2

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Male / Female, Oral Sex

Author: Dogbyte

Published: 09 January 2019

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Part 1 ended here:

...Leona’s final words, ‘...don’t think we’re finished with you yet,’ nagged at the back of my mind.


Part 2 – The garden

We didn’t have long to wait to find out what they meant.

Two days later I’d been out to the shops on an errand for my mum. I was walking up the drive to our house with the plastic carrier bag of groceries in my hand when Leona emerged from the Kennedy’s front door.

“What are you doing Saturday?” she asked.

I shrugged, “Not a lot.”

“Good, the weather’s going to hold so me and my sister will be sunbathing again.”

I looked down at my shoes. “I promise no peeking this time.”

“Damn right there won’t be because you’re going to be there. We might need someone to fetch and carry and… Stuff. The olds will be out playing golf most of the day, so come round about 11. Bring Peeping Tom.”

I phoned Tom once I got in the house. “Great,” he said. “Fancy practising your mutual wanking skills before hand?”

“Fuck off.”

We spent the next day and a half worrying about what we should wear, what to take with us, what the twins might have planned.

At just after 11 on Saturday, Tom and I were standing on the Kennedy’s step in our board shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops, beach towels under our arms. I pressed the bell and we hopped nervously from foot to foot. Leanne answered, dressed in the same robe we’d seen her in a few days before.

“In you come,” she said. She ushered us through the house and out of the back door. Two towels were already laid out on the lawn. “Put yours either side, then we have a slave each.” She turned back into the house.

Tom and I spread our towels. “I hope she means sex slave,” he said and I grinned.

Both twins came out of the house each carrying a bottle of sun cream which they handed to me and Tom. They slipped off their robes and stood in their bikinis. Leanne’s yellow, Leona’s blue.

Leona knelt on her towel. “First job, boys, sunscreen on our backs.”

“Are you going to do ours?” asked Tom.

Leanne gave him a withering look. “You’re the slaves here, you can do your own.”

Both twins settled face down on their towels. Leona closest to me. Tom took off his T-shirt and I did the same, I knelt beside Leona, twisted the top off the bottle and poured some sunscreen onto my hand.

“Wait!” Leona reached behind her and undid her bikini top. “Don’t want any strap lines do we?”

Leanne undid her top too and Tom and I started work. Leona moaned a little as I spread the cream and I started to get a hard on. I glanced across at Tom and he grinned back. As I worked lower down her back I was tempted to slip my fingers inside the waistband of her briefs but I resisted.

“Legs too?” I asked.

“Of course.”

Her thighs were soft and my fingers were perilously close to her crotch.

When I finished I stood up, a full hard-on straining at my shorts. I applied cream to Tom’s back and he did mine. They were Tom’s hands but I closed my eyes and imagined they were Leona’s, or Leanne’s, or both. We lay on our towels either side of the girls, my erection throbbing gently beneath me.

I must have dozed off. I’d had a pretty sleepless night wondering what was in store for us. I woke to Leona nudging my shoulder with a toe. “Come on sleepy head, help me with the drinks.”

I rolled over and looked up at her standing over me. She hadn’t put her top on. Her breasts were pert and firm. I stared.

“What’s the matter?”

“You’re… You haven’t...”

She shrugged. Her tits bounced. “There’s no one here to see.” I could see and so could my hormones. I felt a new erection begin to stir. I got up quickly and followed her to the house, watching the sway of her backside in the tight blue briefs.

The kitchen felt cool and shady. My bare feet left damp marks on the tiled floor. “Get four tumblers out of the cupboard,” She gestured towards a door. I did as I was told, Leona lifted a jug of clear liquid already containing ice and lemon slices from the fridge. “Hope you like lemonade,” she winked.

I followed her back outside. Tom and Leanne were sitting up. Leanne was topless too and Tom’s eyes were out on stalks. I handed round the glasses and Leona poured. When we were all seated on our towels Leona said, “Cheers!” We raised our glasses and drank.

Tom and I both spluttered.

The twins grinned. “Didn’t we tell you?” said Leanne. “It’s special lemonade.”

“Special how?” I asked.

“It’s got vodka in it.”

We finished our drinks and I was feeling a bit light headed. It seemed vodka wasn’t just ‘in it’ it was a major constituent. The twins lay back on their towels. “Right,” said Leona. “Time to toast the other side. Do the honours, Pervy Paul.” She handed me the sun cream.

My jaw dropped. “You want me to… On your...”

“Of course.”

“Shit,” muttered Tom but he was already kneeling beside Leanne and had the top off the sun cream bottle.

I started on Leona’s stomach, it seemed safer that way but there was no getting away from the attractions above. The front of my board shorts was strained to breaking point when my hands spread the sunscreen on her breasts. I glanced across and saw Tom was in a similar state.

“That’s good,” Leona said with her eyes closed. “You can take care of yourself now.”

What I wanted to take care of at that moment wasn’t sun protection, but I lay back on my towel and rubbed the cream on my chest, my hands shaking as I put the top back on the bottle. Leona opened one eye and looked across, she patted the front of my heavily tented shorts and I moaned out loud. “Shhh, there’s a good lad.” Her hand trailed away, I shut my eyes and tried to think about non-sexy stuff.

The vodka meant I fell asleep again. I woke to Leona tickling my ear with a blade of grass. “Come on, lunchtime.”

There was a plastic table and chairs set up on the patio under the shade of an awning. Tom and Leanne were carrying plates of sandwiches, covered with cling film, out of the kitchen. Leona and I made our way to the table and sat down.

We began to eat. Neither of the girls had put her top on and it was very distracting. Every time I looked up a pair of tits was looking back at me. They could have fed us buttered cardboard sprinkled with sand and I’d have eaten it without noticing.

After we’d eaten the twins made Tom and me wash up. There was a dishwasher but we had to do it the old-fashioned way in the kitchen sink. I washed, Tom dried, the girls supervised. Several times Leona stood close behind me and I felt her nipples brush my back.

When we’d finished we went back outside. The sun had shifted so we repositioned our towels. “One last session each side,” said Leanne. “You know what to do.”

The twins lay face down, we dutifully opened our sunscreen. I felt bolder this time and when I reached Leona’s briefs I allowed a couple of fingers to slip inside and linger for a second over the crack of her backside. I thought she might protest but she just sighed.

When I’d finished I was about to turn to Tom, but Leanne said, “No, boys. I think we should do your backs. As a reward for doing so well at the washing up.”

This sounded good to me and I quickly lay down. Leona placed her legs either side and squatted over my backside. I closed my eyes as she spread the cream. It occurred to me she could have been drawing a cock and balls on my back, but I was past caring. When she reached my shorts her hand went inside and she ran a finger several times up and down my arse crack.

She moved position then to rub cream on my legs. Before I knew what was happening she slid a hand up the leg of my shorts and tickled my balls. I moaned as my cock began to throb beneath me. I thought if I didn’t get release soon I might burst.

We lay there until the girls said it was time to turn over. Tom and I knew the routine by now. I daren’t put my fingers in Leona’s briefs from the front though. I just let them linger over the waistband.

She had no such inhibitions. Again the girls applied cream to us and when Leona reached my waist she undid the drawstring and slid a hand down inside my shorts. I’d been hard for what felt like forever and as soon as her fingers touched my cock all self control left me and I felt hot spunk pulse onto my leg.

“Oh dear, bit too exciting for you?” Leona raised her eyebrows.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“Never mind get them off, I’ll clean you up.”

“What? No! Not out here.”

“Not shy are yoy?”

“No. I live next door, my parents might see.” This was unlikely, my mum and dad were not likely to peek over the fence and the only room with any view of the Kennedy’s garden was the spare bedroom, which we hardly used, and even then you could only see a small portion of the lawn.

Leona gave me the sort of despairing look a schoolmistress gives to a slow pupil then said, “OK, we’ll clear up the mess indoors.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. I heard Tom snort.

I expected her to take me into the kitchen but instead she led me upstairs to the bathroom. She opened the cubicle door and turned on the shower. “Shorts off.” It was an order, I obeyed. “In you go.”

I stepped into the shower and turned as Leona pulled down her briefs and followed me in. She grabbed a bottle of shower gel from a shelf. “Stand still,” she said and began to wash me, starting from my shoulders and working down. It wasn’t long before my erection, which had been flagging was back on full alert.

When she began to soap my balls it was too much and several spurts of semen shot out onto her stomach. She looked down, sighed and then gave me the schoolmistress look again. “Why are boys so messy?” She plonked the gel bottle in my hand. “Here, clean it up.”

So the roles were reversed. I started to wash Leona, working down as she had done, allowing my hands to linger over breasts and buttocks. I ran a hand over her crotch and then, on impulse, slid a finger inside her. “Hmmm,” she said.

I began feeling around with my thumb. She said, “If you’re after the clit it’s a bit higher… Yes there.”

Having been guided to the right spot I circled my thumb slowly. “Harder,” she said. I did as I was told, soon her juices were mingling with the warm shower water. “Keep going. Faster.” A few moments more and a shudder ran through her. “Oooh, Paul. You know you’re really good at that.”

I basked in the compliment. Plus it was the first time she’d dropped the ‘Pervy’ I thought it might be a good sign.

“We’d better go back down,” she said. “The others will be wondering where we’ve got to.” We rinsed off quickly, dried ourselves and got dressed – if you can call putting on a single garment getting dressed.

She led me back downstairs. When we got to the kitchen and glanced out of the window we realised we needn’t have worried about the others missing us. Tom was lying on his back, his shorts around his knees, with Leanne kneeling over him taking his cock in her mouth.

“That looks like fun,” said Leona with a wicked grin. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door.

“No, I can’t, not out there.”

“You’re such a wimp.” She pushed me back against a kitchen cupboard and yanked down my shorts. “Never mind, here will do.”

I wondered if it was possible to completely wear out your balls in one afternoon. My cock was still up for the challenge though and was soon fully hard as her tongue began to explore the tip. I closed my eyes. I wondered what Mr Kennedy’s reaction would be if he came home now to find both his daughters administering blow jobs to a couple of his pupils. Would he expel us first and then kill us, or do it the other way around?

Leona had taken me deep into her mouth now. I held off for as long as I could but I could feel the inevitable release building. I felt I should issue a warning. “I’m going to come!”

She didn’t pull away and my third load of the day filled her mouth. She got to her feet and spat into the sink before turning to smile at me as she wiped a few droplets from her chin with the back of a hand.

Outside things had changed around Leanne was now on her back, yellow briefs round one ankle, legs spread. Tom kneeling in front of her with his head deep between her thighs. He hadn’t pulled his shorts up and his pale arse cheeks were turning pink in the sun.

“Come on,” said Leona.

I pulled up my shorts and we went outside. We reached our towels just as Leanne let out a long moan. Tom raised his head and winked at me. He then pulled up his shorts and flopped back on his towel, his face wearing the soppy expression of a spaniel begging for scraps.

Leona lay down and we repeated the sunscreen application. I lay beside her, exhausted and elated. After another half hour we were starting to lose the sun behind the house. The twins sat up and put on their robes.

“Well, boys,” said Leanne. “You’ve done a great job today, thank you.”

“Yes, but I’m sure we can always find more work for you another day,” added Leona.

Tom and I struggled into our T-shirts and retrieved our flip-flops. “We should thank you,” I said. “It’s been great.”

“We’ll be happy to come back any time,” said Tom, still in full eager-to-please spaniel mode.

We picked up our towels and let ourselves out through the garden gate, crossing the driveway to my house. My parents had gone out so I fished a key from my pocket and let us in. In the kitchen I pulled two cans of Coke from the fridge and handed one to Tom.

“Was that the best afternoon ever?” I asked, popping the ring pull. As we drank I gave him the highlights of what had happened with Leona in the shower and the kitchen. “I thought I was going to run out of spunk.”

“Definitely the best,” said Tom. “Though I think I’ve got sunburned on my arse.”

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The Headmaster's Daughters - Part 2

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