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  1. Margo's Own Story 2 - Carlo
  2. Margos Own Story 3 - My Strip Club Career

Margos Own Story 3 - My Strip Club Career

Categories True Story, Lesbian, Male / Female, Oral Sex

Author: Margossecret

Published: 11 January 2019

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So Shirley knew I was no puritan. (One might have asked how puritan the puritans were, LOL.) Anyway, it turns out Shirley, who was a junior and lived off campus, had been "dancing" at Bodies for a couple of years. Maybe I would like to work there, too, she suggested. Bodies was a few miles off campus and featured student girls and older ladies. (Bodies is not the real name of the club, so don't bother looking it up.)

I told her I had no idea what a stripper actually does. "I suppose you just take off your clothes in front of a bunch of guys."

"No, No, No. --- I guess I'd better have you come to my apartment tonight."

When I got there, Shirley was dressed in a bikini with lots of sequins and incredibly high heels. She put on a CD with some highly suggestive lyrics. "Sit," she said. I plopped down in the chair at the kitchen table and took a handful of dollar bills she gave me. "OK. You're the guy! I'll show you some stuff but you'll have to learn the pole yourself." She hopped up on the table and started dancing erotically in front of me.

"You don't take anything off right in front of a guy unless he puts a dollar down," and she pointed at the edge of the table. I got the hint and put down one of her dollars.

As soon as the second song played, she unclipped her bra and let it hang over her breasts. She danced some more til she flipped it onto the floor. Then she moved in really close, i mean REALLY close, and my face ended up between her boobs. She rubbed them up and down, there, for a few seconds and then backed away. She reached down and, using her fingers, stretched open her garter. "Am I supposed to put the money in there?"

"Guys know what to do." So I picked the dollar off the table and slipped it in. As soon as that happened she danced close again and reached down to my crotch. "OK, OK, pretend you have a cock," but she actually had her hand flat against my pussy for a few seconds. Yeah, yeah, I could tell I was getting wet. Again she stopped and stood really close, pulling the waistband of her bikini bottom open enough to be enticing. It was time for another dollar bill. I reached up and put one in. She threw her dollar bills on the table and slipped off the bikini bottom. Now she was dancing in just a tiny little thong. Who ever wears a thong under a bikini; I had a lot to learn.

When the third song started, Shirley turned away and got on her knees in front of me. "This'll get him hard if he isn't already." She rubbed her pussy thru the thong, then pulled the fabric aside and even rubbed her finger between her lips. When I reached out, she moved away, "Don't let them touch you there on the stage." My next dollar went into the strap of her thong.

Back on her knees, she pulled the thong down to her ankles and now was totally naked from the calves up. Somehow the heels stayed on as wiggled her fanny and hot spot in my face. Then she pulled the thong back up, stood up, bent over to me, rubbed her boobs on my face again and whispered, "Would you like a private dance? --- By the way, it's $20 per song at Bodies." I knew it was time to learn how to do a lap dance.

She got dressed again and led me to the "private dance room," which happened to be her sofa. "Sit on this sofa," which I did, letting her pull me down so my butt was at the edge. "And always wait for the next song to start."

Shirley stood in front of me, and as soon as the song started, quickly removed everything but the thong, including the heels. Shirley was a beautiful girl for sure. Much prettier than me. But my figure was nice - still is - and I've never had trouble getting attention. Soon she was standing between my legs, rubbing her leg against the inside of my thighs ... and then against my panties. It was definitely working and I let out a big sigh! God I was wet.

"Most guys make sure their cock is up on their belly pointed at their belly button," and she more or less sat on my tummy and started rubbing her pussy against my belly. But that's not all she did, and I'm sure this was not part of the lesson. She reached down between her legs and mine and found the crotch of my panties with her hand. She rubbed and rubbed til I was moaning with pleasure.

Soon the fabric pulled aside and I felt two fingers playing between my pussy lips. My little clit was on fire and she knew how to excite it even more. Then, oh my god, those two fingers went into my vagina and started to fuck me. My orgasm started to build as I realized mine wasn't the only vagina with fingers inside.

Before I could really climax, Shirley hopped off that awkward position and knelt on the floor between my legs. I don't think her fingers actually came out of my body as she maneuvered but if they did she'd put them back in and was fucking me incredibly deep with them as she sucked on my vulva - left side, right side, back and forth.

Then it was her tongue just above her fingers. Oh Oh Oh my orgasm kept coming and coming as suddenly her fingers came out and her tongue lapped inside. She drank in my juices as I climaxed. Everything came to a screaming peak when I felt a wet middle finger slip into my asshole.

When she got up, I knew I had to please her. First, I dropped all my clothes on the chair I had been sitting in; she took off the thong. We stood kissing passionately, tongues playing for a few minutes, her lovely breasts in my hands. I pushed Shirley's naked body gently back onto the sofa. She loved it when I sucked on her nipples and played with her clit using two fingers. I remember her bump was larger than mine and oh so slippery. And when she begged, "Fuck me. Fuck me," I shoved those two fingers in and began kissing her lower and lower til my mouth was wrapped around her mound with my tongue lapping away as I knelt at the edge of the sofa.

There was no holding back her orgasm, especially when my tongue found its way inside her. I knew she wanted a finger in her rear and that only made her moans more intense.

Then it was over. We climbed up on the bed and laid there kissing and rubbing each others boobs and occasionally caressing the other's pussy.

Eventually, we started to get aroused again and she reached under the bed and pulled out a wooden box. "This is really fun," she said. What was in it was a first for me: a double ended dildo! We dribbled KY on it and arranged ourselves on our knees at opposite corners of the bed. Shirley pulled one end into her pussy and, with some effort at getting into a favorable position, I did likewise. It was fairly big around and felt good as we shoved our butts together and away repeatedly. But I didn't have an orgasm until we rolled over with her sitting against the headboard and me propped up on my elbows with the dildo in us both. She was able to grab it in the middle and slide it back and forth, first into me and then into her until we were both chanting "Oh my god, Oh my god," with ecstasy.

A final round of 69 made us both sleepy and I woke up next to her as the sun came up. We were still naked. made love again and washed each other off in the shower.


At breakfast, Shirley told me more about the club. That's when she revealed that, if you wanted to dance there, you had to have sex with Boris, the owner --- bare! During my "tryout," I went thru that ordeal and started working a couple of Monday's later. Thankfully, Boris didn't come around that often - there was plenty of variety to keep him satisfied.

I got pretty good at lap dances. You made more money and had more dances with a guy, if you were generous with the contact you allowed. After I got over my initial fear of the bouncer (by having the guys tip him) and the rules, I would let men suck on my tits and rub my thong between the legs. You weren't supposed to be completely naked in the private area and that was fine with me; sometimes a wet spot appeared near a man's zipper; we girls viewed that as a risk though we were all on BC.

Shirly had told me the good money came from letting guys fuck you, but you had to be really careful and, frankly, have an arrangement with the bouncer - sometimes sex, but usually just money. I didn't think I wanted to do that and let the idea pass.

There was this one guy, I'll call him Pete, who'd been there often. Obviously married if you looked at his finger. I would rub Pete's cock with my hand thru his pants and even let his fingers inside my thong. I was actually enjoying it as much as he was. I'd get really wet and lately his fingers didn't just play on the outside of my pussy.

I learned that guys loved it if you reached into their pants and played with their bare cocks; sometimes they would come on my fingers and I would have to wipe them off on their undershirts. It had been a while since I'd seen him and I looked forward to trying that on him the next time he danced with me. But lo and behold, he had a condom on! "I use it to keep my clothes clean," he said.

"You're so prepared!" I chuckled. But he wasn't prepared for the thought that came over me! Suddenly, I wanted him even if it got me fired - I hadn't made that arrangement with the bouncer. I supposed I could take care of that later. "Do you want to fuck me?" He was surprised, but said, "OK, that would be unreal." I made up a price, $100.

I turned around, facing away - a good laptop position - and sat on his legs. Fortunately, the bouncer had stepped away. "Take it out for me," and I felt him working the zipper and the waistband of his jockeys. When I was sure nobody was looking, I reached between my legs pulled my thong aside and pulled his cock into position.

If felt great sliding in - you get kinda tired of almost getting there all night even if you do appreciate the limits - but the limits were out the window this time. I continued the lap dance motions with him inside me for a couple of songs until we were both moaning quietly and I could tell he was cumming. When he finally popped out, I adjusted the thong and turned around. The condom was full. I slid it off, tied a knot, slid it into my purse wrapped in a kleenex and helped him zip up.

I bought a burner phone and the next time he came in I gave him my number. "Let me know if you, you know, want to get together somewhere else." A couple weeks later there was a text; his wife was away and could I come over. I dressed real sexy but wore a long overcoat so I wouldn't be too obvious as I walked into his apartment building and up the stairs. A couple feet inside the door we started kissing passionately - we'd never really kissed at the club - and simultaneously undressed each other, leaving a pile of clothes right there.

He had his hand in my pussy and I was rubbing his cock as our four-legged monster waddled over to the sofa. He pushed me down on the seat and knelt. "I want to eat you."

I wasn't sure that was a good idea but i let him, and soon my orgasm came. I was getting crazy, i know, but I muttered, "You can fuck me bare this time," and he did! I'd swear a whole lot more came out of him than in that condom, because when I traded places with him and knelt to give him a restoration BJ, a big glob ran down my leg. We fucked 3 times before I went home - the last time I needed help from KY - and he handed me $300 without my even having set a price.

We continued meeting in more private locations, and I will say, he knew how to please a girl. He always made sure I came.

Eventually, I admitted to myself that I was a whore, though I still considered this relationship more personal. The other big spenders were not personal at all, just business and always with condoms. And I guess that's why I stopped working at the club after a year; it was harder and harder to respect myself. I kept seeing Pete for a few more months but wouldn't accept money anymore. It all ended when I needed to transfer to a state school for money reasons. That was a good thing cause I met my future husband there, and there were things he didn't need to know about me.

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Margos Own Story 3 - My Strip Club Career

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