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  1. Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 2
  2. Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 3
  3. Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 1

Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 1

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Author: BearInMind

Published: 11 January 2019

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Danny needed to figure some things out in his life. He was an average masculine looking man, but he knew he was not straight since he enjoyed sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass so much.Danny had only had one serious relationship with a woman, and that was when he was in college. When she graduated, she left Danny to pursue her career. He was devastated by that lose, but in his reflections since then, he realized that he was not meant to be with a woman in this seriously committed fashion. Danny was much more drawn to guys sexually. He was just more comfortable with men than women. Danny was at a cross roads. He was curious about the idea of an actual relationship with a guy as his partner.

Danny by anyone’s definition was a good looking sexy young man of 28. He was 5’9”, 135 pounds of smooth slender twink. He had mid length brown curly hair that he could never do anything with, and deep brown eyes. His tummy and chest were flat and smooth. The only body hair he had was a small happy trial and his pubs, which he always kept shaved smooth anyway. He even kept his legs shaved as the only hair he wanted on him was the hair on his head. His ass was rounded out just right for him. He was so smooth, he barely even had to shave his face. He was endowed with a nice 5 inch cock that he kept shaved and ready for action.

He decided to take some time off from work and head out on an adventure to try and find himself. He had been working for his uncle's construction company part time since he was 16, and full time since he graduated college. If nothing else it would turn into a nice vacation for a few weeks where he could chase all the cock he could handle. He had built up 6 weeks of vacation at this job, and was going to take it all at once.

Even though Danny was gainfully employed and was relatively well off, he decided to try hitch hiking to Florida. He wanted to meet new people who would get to know him. People who did not know that he worked for his wealthy uncle, and was being groomed to take over the business someday since the uncle had never married and had no children. Hitch hiking as bum seemed like a great adventure, and he had plenty of plastic in his pocket to change his mind at any time. Hitching was where he met and got a ride south from Justin the trucker. Justin was in his MId 40’s. Danny and Justin hit it off and were very busy and intimate on the 2 day trip down. Justin introduced Danny to his friends Seth and Drew who were partners since their college days. Seth and Drew were In their early 50’s, were very well off and lived in a gated upper end community. They had met Justin through Craig’s List years ago. There were several other gay couples that lived in the community and Seth and Drew knew them all. It was a tight knit community, and they mostly all played well together.

Danny was immediately accepted by them as Justin’s friend, and being the guys that they are, all played together for the next couple days. Danny saw it as him being the boy, and they were all the daddy types. Justin could only stay for a few days. He was a truck driver and was basically taking a long weekend to see and fuck his friends. Danny joined in the fun.

Seth, Drew, Justin and Danny decided to go out for a nice dinner on Saturday night, and had just returned home around 7. Seth suggested that they all head over to the neighbors pool. The neighbors Allen and James, were a gay couple who had been together for over 20 years. Seth wanted to look in on the kitties since they were away for a couple weeks. He loved their three cats, and he wanted to look after the pool too. This meant he had pool privileges, and they were going to take advantage of them this evening. Everyone loved the idea so they got their stuff together to headed over.

Seth was being a little devious. Seth wanted to introduce Mark to Danny, and he knew Mark would be hanging out at the pool if he was told to. Mark lived in the two bedroom apartment that was over top of the garage and part of the house. It was meant to be the servant’s quarters for a married couple to live in, but Allen and James did not want servants. Mark was Allen’s personal driver and right hand man when they were gone. James liked to drive himself and did not have a driver. You see Allen and James owned several businesses around the county and spent much time traveling to see and run their companies. When Allen was home, Mark was on call 24/7, but when they were gone, he had most of his time free other than looking after the house and a few directed tasks. The apartment came with the job, and so did the use of the cars. Mark had been living there since he graduated college. The job was only supposed to be temporary, but it fit him. Allen was so appreciative of Mark that he over paid Mark twice what the job was worth. Mark was 29, 6’ tall, 150 pounds, slender and smooth but not too skinny, dirty blonde hair, green eyes that were the window to his soul, and he was very nicely hung, but not too big. He was a good 6.5 thick inches.

As the 4 were walking over, Seth told Danny about Mark, and said “don’t be surprised if Mark is lounging around the pool naked tonight. I had told him we might be coming over, and that I had a nice guy his age for him to meet.”

“Thank you Seth, I am looking forward to meeting your friend Mark tonight. Who knows, maybe we will hit it off, and I will have a new fuck bud tonight,” Danny said.

“Well, that is the plan son. I hope you two hit it off, and he fucks you as much as you want tonight. He is a very trustworthy man and a fantastic top. I have known him for years and will personally vouch for him. You can trust him completely, if you know what I mean boy. Mark is all top as far as I know, and is dominant but caring. I think you will like him, or I would not have tried to set this up,” Seth said.

“Thanks Seth, but just how dominant is he” Danny asked.

“You know I have a bit a kinky side Danny, you saw that over the last few days. I have played scenes with Mark where I was his total submissive. He always took good care of me, and I trust him. You could trust him also Danny,” Seth said.

“Cool Seth, and if I don’t come home tonight, you guys know where I will be,” Danny said with that devilish look in his eyes he gets when he is on the hunt for cock.

“And if you don’t come home boy, I have a pretty good idea what you will be doing, and I hope we do not see you until dinner Sunday,” Seth said as he slapped Danny’s cute ass. “Hope you cum home with an ass full of Mark’s cum.”

When the 4 walked into the compound, sure enough, Mark was lounging around the pool waiting for them as Seth had arranged. Mark was wearing board shorts and a smile, nothing else as he did not want to seem too forward to Danny. He did not want to turn Danny off the first time they met by being naked and getting an immediate erection, or maybe that would turn Danny on? Mark did not want to take the chance, even though his usual attire was just a smile and maybe flip flops around the pool. Mark greeted Seth and Drew with a 3way hug, and then Seth introduced him to Justin and Danny. Mark shook Justin’s hand in a firm manly way, and then shook Danny’s hand. But then he brought the boy’s hand to his lips and kissed his knuckles. “So you are the Danny I have heard so much about lately. I am so glad to finally meet you in the flesh, and what a fine flesh it is too,” Mark said.

“Why thank you Mark. It is nice to meet you too. Seth was telling me about you at dinner and on the way over. You certainly are handsome and everything he said you would be and then some,” Danny said as he locked eyes with Mark as he spoke.

Both of the young men stood there looking at each other as they continued to shake hands for a moment. You could tell there was an attraction between them, and that they were going to hit it off just fine.

“Well boys, we are going to leave you two to get better acquainted,” Seth said. “We are going to get in the pool for a swim.” Seth, Drew and Justin all stripped naked and eased into the pool and were splashing around in the middle of the pool.

“Wow, they were really serious about skinny dipping. I’ve never done that before,” Danny said.

“Well then Danny, you will have to try it with me this evening,” Mark said.

“I don’t know Mark, can’t people around here see us swimming naked,” Danny asked.

“Naw bud, look around and check out the fence. No one can see in here. The owners set the pool up like this because they have naked play parties out here,” Mark said.

“Naked play parties? Tell me more,” Danny said.

“Picture this Danny, 20 to 30 men around this pool, all naked, some eating and drinking, some swimming, some making out, and still others sucking and fucking. That’s what the naked pool parties are like,” Mark said.

“Sounds like a gay version of the swing parties I have attended in Baltimore,” Danny said.

“Yeah, it is very much like that, accept all gay and bi men, no women allowed. Everyone is very friendly, and we all come to play. You have to have a recent STD panel to attend though, no condoms allowed. They do not want anybody who does not test spreading anything around, and anyone who is invited has to be fully vetted for the party. There is a core group of about 12 guys every month who take care of this. Let’s just say if you leave here not having had all the cock or ass you want, then it is your own fault because everyone comes to play. The party was just last weekend before Allen and James took off on this trip. Sorry you missed it. If you are here for a while, you can catch the next one,” Mark said.

“Those sound like really cool parties. I would love to go to one and see how many guys I could suck and how many I could get to fuck me. I was just tested two weeks ago, and all clean. The only dick in me as been Justin, Seth, and Drew, and they are clean. I even have the paper work form my last test on my phone,” Danny said.

“I am sure as hot as you are, you would get as much cock as you wanted. I can guarantee you that I would fuck you Danny, you are so fucking cute and sexy. Look what you are doing to me already,” Mark said as he pointed to the growing erection in his shorts.

“Oh I am sorry Mark,” Danny said as he looked down at the bulge in Mark’s shorts.

“Don’t be sorry Danny, do something about it,” Mark said testing the boy to see what his reaction to such a forward remark would be. Would Danny be his next submissive or just another guy?

“What would you like me to do Mark?” Danny asked in a coy voice hoping Mark wanted a blow job or to fuck his ass.

“I want you to strip naked, and then remove my shorts, and suck my dick until I cum in your mouth,” Mark said. Since Danny had responded so well to the first push, Mark tried for step 2.

“Yes Sir,” Danny said and proceeded to quickly strip. He own cock was standing at full attention.

“Good boy, what a beautiful birthday suite,” Mark commented.

“Thank you Sir, my mom and dad gave it to me, fits skin tight. Glad you like it,” Danny said as he turned around and stuck his ass out in Mark’s direction.

“Now take my shorts off. Lower them to the ground so I can step out of them,” Mark said. “I will deal with your cute ass later this evening. You have a hard cock to suck for now,” Mark barked.

Yes Sir,” Danny replied, and knelt down and pulled Mark’s short down. When they got low enough, Mark’s hard cock slapped Danny in the face just like Danny had planned.

Seth happened to be looking up when he saw Mark’s shorts drop, and the young man’s dick slapped Danny’s face. Seth knew these two were hitting it off just fine.

Mark told Danny to stand up and took him by the hand saying, “Follow me babe, we are going over here.” Mark walked over to one of the chairs a little bit away from the pool. “I am going to sit in the chair Danny, and you will get on your knees between by legs so that you can address my cock properly as you suck me off to take care of the problem you created in my shorts. Do you understand Danny?”

Danny thought to himself, how does this man know I like being controlled and submissive. How did he know that I would like him taking total control like this? Danny thought, he is inside my head already, oh fuck. Then he thought, how he had been submissive with Seth that first night. I bet Seth has this all set up. I am going to go with this and see where It leads. “Yes Sir,” Danny said.

“Good boy,” Mark said as he cupped Danny’s face in his hands and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Mark then released Danny from the kiss and sat down on the edge of the chair. Danny could tell from the kiss and looking in Mark’s eyes, that this was more than just a set up from Seth. There was energy in that kiss. Mark was truly attracted to Danny boy.

“Now it is time for you to kneel between my legs and suck my dick Danny. When I cum in your mouth, I want you to share that cum with me in a kiss. Since you got me so excited, this is what I want you to do to take care of me. Do you understand Danny?”

“Yes Sir, I understand,” Danny said as his heart raced in his chest. There was something about Mark. Normally it takes some time for Danny to know someone and submit to them, but since Seth had told him about Mark, it just felt right, and he went with the flow. And that kiss, Mark had spoken volumes in that kiss without saying a word. Now the man was being clear and concise in telling Danny what to do. Danny just knew deep down that he could trust Mark, and Mark seemed to already understand the limits Danny would go to at this time. It felt like he was meeting an old friend he had known for years, not meeting someone for the first time. Besides Seth was right nearby, if Danny needed saved from Mark, Seth would be there. Mark was taking total control of the situation. All Danny had to do was obey Mark. Gawd how this turned Danny on. He was getting ready to go down on Mark, and Mark was the one in charge. The only thing in Danny’s world right this very minute was Mark sitting naked in a chair in front of him, Mark’s hard cock standing straight up waiting for the boy to take it in his mouth.

Seth watched intently as he saw what was going down.

As Danny was getting ready to kneel down in front of his new dominant, Mark handed Danny a nice fluffy towel to put down on the concrete. “You will need this as padding for your knees on the concrete boy. You are going to be sucking my dick for a while, and I take good care of those who take good care of me,” Mark said. Mark never came fast or easily from having his dick sucked. It was always foreplay for the main act of fucking.

The towel was thick and plush and provided a descent pad for the boy to kneel on as he lowered himself to assume the position in front of Mark. It was a classic position with Mark sitting anticipating the blow job Danny was about to give him. The boy was naked, on his knees, and in the perfect position to render his oral service onto the dominant Mark. The air was filled with the energy of what was about to happen.

Danny was in his zone. He was on his knees with one very hard cock directly in front of him, and another very hard cock of his own. Mark’s cock was gorgeous. It was a full 6.5 inches tall, and just over 2 inches around, big, but not killer porn star big. Mark was cut, and the head was the perfect fit for his cock, The veins on the his cock were full and plump. Danny was going to enjoy sucking this wonderful dick.

He placed his forearms across Mark’s thighs, and took the hard cock in both hands and pulled it slightly to his mouth. He was looking Mark in the eyes the whole time while Mark looked back. Mark was ready and wanted this to happen. There were several drops of clear precum on the slit of the head of his dick, and a small amount was leaking down the bottom side of his cock. Danny put his tongue out and licked up the precum, and then pulled his dick further forward and took the big fat mushroom head in his mouth and closed his lips around it.

Mark’s head flew back the moment his cock head was engulfed in Danny’s mouth. Now Danny could look down and concentrate on the prize he had been given. Danny worked his tongue on the bottom side of the head of Marks cock, and let his saliva flow down the shaft as lube. Danny then started bobbing his head up and down on the head of Mark’s cock. At the same time he stroked the shaft. Danny loved to suck a cock this way. He could deep throat, but was not really in the right position for it right now, so he used this technique. Danny had never had a man he could not get off, and get off quickly with this technique when he concentrated. Mark had laid down the challenge to Danny when he said he did not come quickly. Danny would make sure it was quick and intense.

Danny could tell it was working. In a few minutes, Mark’s legs had straightened out and his entire body was becoming rigid. Mark was getting closer and closer as Danny worked the dick in his mouth. Mark stayed still but rigid as the boy work. Mark would not thrust, he wanted the boy to do all the work, and get him off. This was one of Mark’s tests for any submissive. They needed to be able to suck him off. Mark was not easy to get off from having his dick sucked, but Danny was giving him the best blow job he had ever had. Danny was going to get Mark off, and in a record short time.

Without saying a word, or giving any verbal indication that he was coming, Mark grabbed the boy’s head and held him still while he popped off and shot his load in the boy’s mouth. Mark’s cock got so super sensitive when he came, that all motion had to stop or it turned into pain not pleasure. The boy remained silent and still as directed while Mark shot 4 and then 5 ropes of cum in his mouth. Mark’s cum was so sweet, Danny did not want to give it up. It had taken Danny less than 5 minutes to get Mark off, the man who said he did not cum from head.

Being the obedient submissive Danny was he, let the hard cock fall from his mouth without losing one drop of cum, stood up and went to kiss Mark. He gave Mark his mouth full of cum. As the boy was standing up, Mark stood up too. He wanted this kiss standing so that he could hold the boy close.

Their lips met, and Mark started to suck the cum from Danny’s mouth. Danny gave Mark every last drop, but kept the sweet taste in his mouth. Danny knew he would get other chances to swallow Mark’s loads. The kiss was intense.

“Fuck Danny, no one has ever sucked my cock like that, or gotten me off that fast. You are fucking amazing boy. You deserve a reward for such good service,” Mark said.

“Thank you Sir, it is my job to serve such a compassionate master. It is my pleasure to give you pleasure Sir,” Danny said.

“Good boy Danny, I can tell you are not new to the roles of dominant and submissive. You have pleased me well boy. Let’s take a break for now and go for a swim. I will need some time to recover after that very intense orgasm you gave me. After the swim, we will then go to the hot tub. I really do need a little time to recover after that marvelous blow job before I will be able to fuck you later my friend,” Mark said.

As the two started to head to the pool, there was a round of applause that came from the three naked men who had been watching the whole scene. Danny blushed, and Mark bowed some, and they took the applause in the good hearted way it was intended. “That was fucking amazing guys,” Seth said. “Come on in the water is warm.”

Danny and Mark looked at each other and then dove into the deep end together.

The five played and splashed around together like teenagers playing grab ass and grab cock, but then after a bit, Mark lead Danny up to the hot tub. Mark grabbed several towels on their way there and gathered up their clothes that had been left on the ground before the blow job scene.

Danny was impressed how Mark was looking after him. How Mark was taking care of the details. Danny had hoped someday he would find this kind of dominant man, but had given up the dream after a couple of bad experiences back home. He was wondering if Mark would turn out to be that man.

The towels and clothes were placed on the table beside the hot tub. Mark removed the cover and turned on the jets and bubbles.

“Join me babe,” Mark said as he stepped into the tub, and then helped his new Sub in. Danny stepped in carefully, and they sat down together with their backs toward the pool.

Danny sat right beside Mark, and Mark put his arm around Danny to hold him close. Danny put his arm around Mark’s tummy and they snuggled in.

“How did you know Mark?” Danny asked.

“Simple babe, I saw it in your eyes,” Mark said.

“What had Seth told you about me?” Danny asked.

“He told me you are a nice guy, smoking hot, which is totally true, and you loved to play,” Mark said.

“He did not tell you that I would be submissive, or that I like a dom to take total control,” Danny inquired.

“Nope, not a word babe. Seth had not told me anything about you being submissive. I tested you when I told you look what you had done to my cock. The way you responded, I thought you might be open for some DS fun, and you were. Good sex does not start in the genitals, it starts in the mind. You have a great mind babe,” Mark said.

“This is simply amazing Mark, I enjoyed playing that scene with you for the guys to watch. I think they liked it too, and I agree that the most important sexual organ on the human body is the brain,” Danny inserted.

“Look babe, when I looked in your eyes, I knew I could trust you. I saw the submissive standing there. It was like we were old friends, just getting together again. I believe we were friends in previous lives, how else can you explain how well we click,” Mark explained.

“Do you really believe that stuff Mark?” Danny asked.

“Yes I do babe. Look how you and I just connected. How the energy and the trust flowed between us. You trusted me to be in control, and I lived up to your trust. I trusted you to follow my exact orders, and you did. DS relationships take time to form and we formed one in minutes. The only way that happens is if we have known each other in previous lives. Tell me you did not fell like it was hello old friend when you met me Danny, and be honest,” Mark said.

“I was comfortable with you immediately. Yeah, I did feel that kind of, but I cannot explain it,” Danny said.

“Do not try to explain it, just relax and enjoy it my old friend,” Mark said, and then with his free arm, tilted Danny’s head up to kiss him.

The two kissed passionately for a while and then Danny moved over to sit on Mark’s lap to enjoy his lover more fully. That was when Danny noticed that the others had left.

“Look Mark, the guys left, we are alone now, just you and me,” Danny said.

“I figured they would not stay too long. Seth wanted us to have this time together Danny. Besides I think the three of them have their own hot sexy plans tonight,” Mark said.

“You think,” came out through Danny’s grin.

For a good while the young men sat in the tub talking and getting to know each other. They went through histories including sexual histories, the things they liked doing, the video games and music they liked. They shared many tastes in common. They did not talk about work or what Danny did for a living. Mark had made an assumption that Danny was just a poor hitch hiker. He would learn differently soon enough. This was turning out to be the beginning of a good friendship. Maybe it would develop into more.

Then Mark asked a serious question “Danny, I want you to spend the night with me. Would you like to do that Danny. This is not an order, it is a question and request for you,” Mark said.

“You want me to spend the night with you, so you can have your way with me hon?” Danny asked.

“Yes I do, I want to take you to my home and explore you further, and allow you to serve me completely this first night together. I want to take you and breed you and make you mine Danny,” Mark said.

“Yes, Mark, I will spend the night with you. I will be yours tonight to serve you. Tomorrow will bring what it will, I make no promises. We will see if you still want me after this night, and if I can serve you properly.” Danny said.

“I know you will do just fine babe,” Mark said.

Mark lead Danny out of the hot tub and tenderly dried him off. It was the sweet tenderness that only a dom can give their sub in. The caring touch that only comes when one submits to another freely. Danny then just as tenderly dried Mark off and they headed off to Mark’s place carrying their clothes and towels.

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Danny and Mark, Submission, Part 1

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