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Confessions of a Guidance Counselor

Categories True Story, Interracial, Male / Female, Teen

Author: wendy53

Published: 11 January 2019

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Confessions of a Guidance Counselor

Being a guidance counselor at University, Wendy sees lots of athletic young men in her office every day , assisting them with funding applications and what major to select. Wendy dresses in elegant business clothes and lives in a conservative neighborhood. Her husband is away from home a lot due to work and when he is home he only fucks her until he comes then rolls over to sleep leaving her sexually frustrated.

Michelle is a white horny cougar, standing 5'6” weighing 130 lbs keeping her 34C 29 34 body fit and firm by her regular gym workouts has a secret . She wants to be a play thing for young men (18-22, African, Hispanic , and White) but they need to respect her limits. No disrespect , no pain, no anal, and stop when she says so.

She has noticed the young men coming to see her in their sports clothes , tight shorts, cycle pants, legs spread wide, unwittingly displaying their cock and balls. One day a particularly respectful young black man comes to her office in his tight lycra pants the outline of big black cock proves to tempting to resist. She walks from behind her desk talking about his funding application , next minute she is running her hand up and down the fabric massaging his shaft . Kneeling between his legs she tells him to take his pants down as she unbuttons her blouse revealing her breasts. He obeys in disbelief as this sexy mature woman wraps her hand around his shaft , her other hand rubbing her clit.

Does that feel good she asks.

He nods eyes closed he feels her other hand on his stomach and chest caressing his athletic body . Opening his eyes as he feels her tongue on the head of his erection , he can see students walking pass the window . The woman is talking dirty to him .

I'm stroking your black fuck stick

Her seductive voice saying

This white bitch is stroking your big black cock

Oh yeah keep going....

What do you say Wendy stops stroking

Please stroke my cock

Do you want me to lick your cock

Uh huh

Sorry was that yes

Yes please lick my cock

Wendy swirls her tongue around the head ,holding it up , her tongue licks from his hairy balls up the base of the shaft to the head, her hand firmly massages his balls.

She can feel his balls swollen with cum his cock is twitching, her hand pauses , she doesn't want him to cum just yet.

Close your eyes think of something that isn't sex . I don't want you to cum yet.

She gets up and stands behind him pulls his t shirt over his head her hands on his chest tweaking his nipples , down his lean six pack stomach to near his cock back . Her firm nipples rub against his back, her perfume

Keep your mouth shut...

and we will do more next time...

Do you want me to deep throat your cock...

Fuck my wet tight cunt...

Stand up and cum in my mouth stud

He stands his athletic muscle rippling 20 year old body ,hips flexing as Wendy kneels in front of him, her lubricated hand pumping him faster and faster her mouth open ,

Come for me , shoot your cum in my mouth

He looks down her bare tits nipples hard

Oh fuck yes I want to fuck your mouth with my hard dick ,as he shoots his cum in her mouth

I want to fuck your wet pussy as he shoots cum on her face ,

And I want to do it soon... . Wendy opens her mouth sucks the head swallowing the cum in her mouth then uses her hand to collect the cum on her face sucking them clean.

After getting cleaned up and dressed. Wendy shows him to the door and says to let her know how his applications go and to keep in touch.

As he walks out ,through the waiting room, she sees young Hispanic man waiting for her assistance .

Wendy sat on a bench watching the young athletes getting put through a rigorous fitness program then rehearse some plays before the practice game on Sunday. Watching all those young men push themselves physically was getting this white married cougar very fucking wet between the legs. As it was late summer the boys were wearing their pads pants and boots. Taut muscular bodies glistening with sweat as they walked passed her in to the changing rooms to shower and change.

Jesus Fucking Christ Wendy thought of being in the showers with this group of fit young men , licking , sucking ,and fucking their hard dicks, had her nipples straining against the taut fabric of her blouse and she could feel the juices from her bare juicy pussy drib-bling down making a damp spot on her skirt.

When the coach came toward her , she stood, and greeted him asking how he thought some of the new scholarship players were developing , they were making the grade point average required in there studies, and had found accommodation with some of the resident senior player families.

Afterwards she had made her way through the stadium to her SUV parked in the carpark amongst the boys cars. As she sat in the rear passengers seat her skirt hiked up ,legs spread wide, using her favorite vibrator on her prominent clit, behind the tinted windows she saw the players emerge and walk towards her.

Danny and Lionel , Quarterback and Fullback, are good mates and do everything together. As they reached the car, the SUV rear door window opened a little and a fa-miliar voice said,

"Come in ,I want you boys now!"

Danny a big 260lb 6' 4" Caucasian tanned with playboy good looks and phenomenal athletic ability had a great looking cock ,and Lionel the black man who was built like a tank with a big black cock, enjoyed the no strings attached wild sex Wendy provided them. The young men entered the SUV from both rear side doors finding Wendy on her hands and knees on the rear seat.

"C'mon boys ,this white bitch ,cock slut wants to be spit roasted right now!"

Wendy pulled down Lionel’s shorts releasing his harden-ing 10" fat fuck stick. Wendy felt Danny lick her ex-posed pussy lips. Both boys putting a hand on a breast and roughly groping her. Her urgency for penetration from both ends fed the young men’s sexual appetite.

Lowering her head on the monster black cock Wendy thought of all the practice she had done in the bathroom with two 8" dildo one for her mouth and one for her eager cunt, to remove the gag reflex and exercise her pussy muscles to fuck these boys weapons.

Her head bobbing up and down on Lionel’s erect staff as she felt Danny mount her from behind his hands on her hips, his cock splitting her pussy lips , penetrating deeper on each thrust. After a few more thrusts his big balls are slapping against her horny cunt.

Wendy lifted her head off the black dick.

"Danny fuck your bitch hard, Lionel grab my hair with your fist, fuck this cougars mouth with your dick.. Umpphh!" Lionel did as he was told his large black hand pushed her head down until he felt her lips on his stomach

"Fuck Wendy take my cock all the way down bitch ..."

His hand moving her head up and down

"Fuck yeah Danny this bitch can take all of my big fat dick"

"Oh fuck yes ... Milk my fat cock with those pussy mus-cles." Danny says as he slaps her ass

Wendy flexes her stomach and pussy muscles squeezing Danny's cock

Wendy gasping for air lifts her head , her small white hand strokes the big black cock, as her tongue licks the blood engorged member.

"Cum for me you , motherfuckers!"

Her mouth engulfing the head as Lionel pushes her head down again


Wendy deep throats him as he explodes down her thoat swallowing all his cum. Danny pumps his cock harder and faster as he fills her with his warm seed.

The young men get dressed, exit the vehicle and move to their cars , Wendy climbs in to the front seat. Across the carpark a man witnesses the whole event. He sends a text message to his aunt "I know what a slut you are. I want to fuck you too".

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Confessions of a Guidance Counselor

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