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The Chauffeur (#16) And So It Begins

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual


Published: 11 January 2019

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The Chauffeur (#16) And So It Begins


Copyright 2019


Fred was taking us to his Italian restaurant for a nice meal. Jill, of course, was still tops on my mind. Although I’m not a religious person, I have my beliefs in God and one of them has to do with ‘you have to ask’ for something to happen. I was asking every day of her coma, practically every hour.

I was also thanking. Dakota was a god-send to me.

On the way to the restaurant, my phone rang. It was Bob Jaxson.

“Hey Bob, what’s up?”

“What the fuck are you doing on TV? I didn’t hire you to be some FBI stool pigeon.” Bob says to me with a large amount of anger in his voice.

“Well Fuck it then, I Quit!” I reply and hang up the phone.

The car sat stunned at what I just said.

We traveled in silence before my phone began to ring again. This time it was Melanie.

“David, Hi it’s Melanie. What the heck just happened between you and Bob? He just threw his phone across the room smashing it into several pieces. I thought I was the only one who could make Bob that mad.” She says clearly trying to be a neutral party.

“Nothing really Mel. He barked at me and I responded by saying that I quit not giving him a chance to respond, I just hung up.” I said straight-faced. In my mind, I was not going to be barked at by someone who was acting as a petulant child instead of allowing me to do what I was hired to do, make the company better again.

“You said what? Darling, I’m no lawyer but I think you can’t just quit. You’re under contract. Did you forget that?” Melanie reluctantly says.

“Heck no. I didn’t forget. You both know that my wife is in the hospital laying in a coma and he wants to yell at me like I stayed out past my curfew. Jill is not only my wife, but she’s also your number 2 in the company. I would expect a boss of mine to realize that, or did I mis-read you guys?” I say to her getting a bit more annoyed by the minute.

“No David, you didn’t misread us. We are concerned about Jill. You probably don’t know this, but Bob has a bad history with the FBI.” She says.

“Yeah, yeah I know he spent a long holiday weekend in jail because of the FBI’s mistake. It was all over them misspelling his last name. Instead of Jackson, they spelled it Jaxson thinking that they were taking down a corporate owner for electronic theft.” I explain to Melanie that I already know of his dislike for the FBI.

“How did you know about that? Bob doesn’t talk to anyone about that.” Melanie asks with a clear shock to her voice.

“You guys aren’t the only ones who can do a deep background check. I used to date a beautiful woman that owns a bail-bonds agency and does lots of work as a skip trace. I wasn’t going to allow Jill or myself to take on a job with this much responsibility until I knew everything there was to know about you both.” I say to her.

I look at John. He sits without saying a word, listening to everything I’m saying.

I suddenly become aware that the whole car is silent listening to my half of the conversation.

Fred pulls the car into the parking lot of the Italian restaurant. I give the silent hand signal for everyone to go inside. Everyone gets out of the limo except for Dakota. She sits next to me silently with her assistant’s book in her lap.

“Mel. Things in the company are starting to really come together. I’ll call Bob tomorrow, hell I’ll even apologize. I want to go over some ideas that I have for some of the new unexpected companies that we’ve come into. I’ll be at the hospital most of the day tomorrow. Either Dakota or I will text you how things are going.” I say to her.

“Well, text me since Bob’s phone is still laying on the floor in several pieces.” She says chuckling.

“OK. I will do that. Have a good night, sweet dreams.” I say trying to end the call.

“If I’m to have sweet dreams, it will be of you my darling.” She says before hanging up.

I exhale.

“Daddy, did we all just hear you quit?” Dakota says to me.

“Yeah, but I’ll call them tomorrow and apologize to Bob. I just wasn’t in the mood to be scolded like a teenager that stayed out past his curfew. I wanted to remind them that I hold their company’s success squarely in my hands.”

“Daddy, while we have no one listening, did I see two blonde girls laying naked by one of the pools as you were pushing us out of the new house?” Dakota asks.

I think to myself, she doesn’t miss, much does she?

“Yes, you did. They are two college students that were staying there as guests. They work for Tulip Productions, as actresses.” I say to her without cracking a smile.

“Daddy, you do realize you may never, ever, ever have John leave your house if you have two porn actresses living with us. Where in the house are, they staying?”

“They are staying in one of the pool houses. I collected all their house keys leaving them one until I get things changed on Monday morning.” Trying to reassure Dakota that I had a security plan already working in my head.

“Thank you, Daddy. I was beginning to worry about two ‘porn’ stars living with us. Does Diane know yet?” she asks.

“Hopefully not. They don’t need that stress on their relationship. John is really trying to be a good boyfriend, he’s just young and occasionally he thinks with the wrong head.” I say to her smiling. She knows how to read me quite well. She anticipates my needs and wants, both physically and emotionally.

I kiss her, and we get out of the car and head inside.

As we walked into the restaurant, the chatter around the table came to a hush.

“OK, OK I’m still employed. Everyone need not worry.” I say smiling.

There seemed to be a huge exhale from everyone. I notice that the two empty chairs, one for me and one for Dakota had Jennifer on one side and Marcus on the other side.

Just to be an ass, I sat next to Marcus holding out the chair for Dakota to sit next to Jennifer. I smiled all the way through dinner. I could see Jennifer somewhat fuming that I didn’t sit next to her.

John, being my young protégé, asked the questions everyone wanted to ask but was afraid to do so, “David, what the hell happened? You basically told your boss to fuck off and quit, hanging up! What the hell did he say to you to get to that spot? I haven’t seen you so mad since I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with you.”

“OK everyone please listen, I only want to tell this once. My boss was scolding me for helping the FBI. He doesn’t like them not even a little bit. Here my gorgeous wife lays in the hospital in a coma and he wants to scold me like I’m some stupid teenager that stayed out beyond my curfew. I borrowed your favorite word John and told him to fuck off and quit. I know, and he knows that I’m under contract and not going anywhere. I am setting things up for his company to make more money than they have ever seen. Divesting the dead wood in the company and acquiring companies that are supremely undervalued. My deal with him was for me to be the face of the company, which helping the FBI got us wonderful FREE advertising. We’ll be in the news cycle for at least a week. Don’t be surprised if our stock goes up somewhere between 5 to 10% on Monday. Are there any questions?” I say trying to stave off a litany of questions.

No one said a word. Although, I did see John pensively thinking about what I had just told everyone.

I looked around wondering where Fred was. I asked if Fred had gone to the bathroom. Only John had the guts to tell me that he was probably still sitting in the car.

“What the hell? We wouldn’t even know about this place if it wasn’t for him. Someone please head back out to the car and get his ass to join us for dinner.” I was pretty ticked off that no one said anything to him about joining us.

Darleen popped up and walked out to the limo. Several minutes passed before she finally returned with Fred. While they were still outside, I had everyone scooch over making a spot for him at the table.

As he sat down, everyone greeted him warmly. He thanked everyone for the invite.

Once again, I asked him to order for the entire table. He ordered the exact same as last time. Spaghetti with meat sauce, baskets of garlic bread, and a bottle of Chianti.

The mood had changed. People were laughing, joking, and smiling…. a lot!

I sat there thinking about what to do with the FBI check. Again, I thought about holding a dinner for all the agents involved along with their wives/significant other.

I got up from my seat asking Dakota to change chairs with me. My joke was now over, and I felt I needed to ask Jennifer for a bit of forgiveness for being such an ass.

Her gorgeous smile returned when I changed places with Dakota.

“Did I do something wrong? You didn’t sit by me. I thought I must have done something wrong, maybe at your home.” Jennifer says to me.

“No Darling. You did nothing wrong. I was just being an ass. I knew that if I sat next to you, we’d end up fucking. I don’t think its proper for me to have playtime when my gorgeous wife lays in a hospital bed in a coma. Does that make any sense?” I’m asking her, trying to be as heartfelt as possible.

“Yes Master. I understand.” She says to me.

I put my hand on her thigh. I rub it gently hoping that she really understood.

The time passed quickly. Fred regaled us with tales from his days in the Navy.

His reference of his military days made me think of my gorgeous wife being a Marine.

I get up and walk outside. I hear several people asking one another where I was going.

I stepped outside. I need a breath of air. Jill is on my mind. I just can’t shake my worry about her. I make the decision that after we get people home, I might head down to the hospital to just sit with Jill.

As I’m standing outside leaning against the front glass windows of the restaurant, Dakota comes out to check on me.

“Daddy, what’s going on? Are you alright?” She asks me in a tempered tone.

“I’m fine. Just worried about Jill.”

“Well, everyone inside is worried about you.” She tells me.

She reaches her hand into my pocket. She retrieves some cash to go pay the bill. I smile thinking that she was trying to be cute and get me aroused, but instead she was again taking care of me.

“Darling, you know I love you, don’t you?” I say to her before she opens the door.

“Yes Daddy. I do.” She does the kiss to the air and goes back inside.

I stand outside for a while thinking about Jill.

Fred comes out and asks, “Sir, is there anything I can do for you?”

“Um, yes there is. After we get everyone home, I would like to go to the hospital to sit with Jill if you don’t mind.” I tell him.

“I’ll be happy to do that for you.” He says as he heads towards the limo.

He pulls the car around and opens the door for me to get in. The rest of the group now arrives at the limo and piles into the car.

Dakota takes her place next to me. Darleen plops herself down on the other side of me trying to be all sexy and cute with me. I’m not amused by her antics. My mind is worried about Jill and now it comes back to me what used to annoy me the most about Darleen’s personality. It was her immaturity and always wanting to be the center of attention. She is just selfish. At times it might be cute and charming, but right now this minute it is annoying the hell out of me.

Fred heads to the house. Everyone except Dakota and I get out of the limo. John leans back in saying, “David, we are all here for you. If you need anything call on us. We’re here for you.” And with that he closed the limo door.

Fred got back in the driver’s seat and headed down the road towards the hospital.

I put my arms around Dakota and pulled her into me just holding her.

We stayed like that the entire trip to the hospital. Since it was evening now, the hospital had signs posted that the main entrance was closed, and all traffic was to enter the facility through the ER.

Dakota held my hand as we walked silently through the hospital’s maze of hallways to finally find Jill’s room.

There in a hospital bed was my gorgeous wife Jill. She looked so peaceful, even with the IV in her arm, the electronic monitoring machine, and the light over her head dimly lit.

Dakota led me over to a chair right next to her bed. I sat there just staring at her. I reached up to her hand and held it gently. Her hand was so cold. I put both of my hands around hers trying to warm it up.

My assistant said she was going to go get some coffee. It was then that I noticed that the temperature felt very, very cold in the hospital room.

I just sat there, quietly. Nurses came in and out checking on Jill. Everyone smiled but no one said a word.

After a while, I somehow had drifted off to sleep holding my wife’s hand. When I opened an eye, I saw Dakota looking at her phone sitting in a chair on the other side of Jill’s bed. I smiled at her. She got up and walked over to me, caressing my back and shoulders.

“Daddy, can I get you anything?” She said in a whisper to me.

“No Darling. I’m fine.”

“How about we go to the cafeteria, get something hot to drink and then come back here?” She asks.

Something hot did sound like a good idea. As we passed the nurse desk, I asked for an additional warm blanket for Jill as her hands were like ice. She said she would take care of it. Dakota let her know we were heading down to the cafeteria to get some hot coffee and would be back shortly.


When we got to the cafeteria, Dakota sat me down and headed to the order line. She got herself a coffee, some French fries and me both a hot chocolate and a pineapple juice. On the way back to the table, Dakota stopped and slathered her fries with ketchup and put milk and sugar in her coffee.

For the first time, I felt a bit more human not some zombie just existing.

Dakota plopped herself down in the chair next to me.

“Daddy, open your mouth.” She said as she pointed a couple of fries towards my mouth. I open and suddenly my mouth is stuffed full of fries covered in ketchup.

I’m doing everything I can to keep the fries in my mouth.

“Daddy, wanna lick something off of me?” She says to me seductively.

I just smile. Her antics are making me realize that I needed to come out of the haze I’ve been in.

I take her hand and lick each finger clean, much to the horror of two old ladies a couple of tables away. I hear things such as ‘look at that’ she’s young enough to be his daughter. The other one even says, “You know, she probably IS his daughter. They are just disgusting. Look at them being all handsy with each other.”

Of course, that only made me a bit more animated now. Dakota was giggling and putting her fingers in my mouth and squealing “Daddy” loud enough to piss the old bittys off to get up and leave the cafeteria.

I leaned in and kissed Dakota. “Darling thank you for being by my side. I would not have made it through without you.”

“Don’t worry about it, Daddy. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” Dakota says before she kisses me, biting on my bottom lip in the process.

We sit and act stupid for a few minutes before we head back to Jill’s room. I walk with a purpose now.

When we arrive at Jill’s room, I see Jennifer, John, and Diane already in there waiting for me.

“Hi. Why is everyone here?” I ask no one in particular.

Jennifer replies, “We’re worried about you. We decided to Uber over and check on you.”

Diane adds, “We should have known that Dakota was taking good care of you. She seems to always take care of you.”

John says to me, “David, may I talk with you in private?”

“Absolutely. Do you have anywhere in mind?” I ask

“There’s a waiting room a couple of doors down. Can we go there?” John asks

I let him lead the way to the empty waiting room. Once inside he turns and says, “Sir. I know you are worried about Jill. We all are. However, we’re just as worried about you. I hope you understand how much You and Jill mean to all of us. We all want to help but we don’t know what to do.”

“John, thank you. That means a lot to me. The doctor thinks Jill will be able to come out of the coma in the morning. I’ll spend most of tomorrow here, with Dakota by my side keeping me sane. However, come Monday it will be balls to the walls. We’re going to rock this company doing things the business world has never seen before. We’re going to make this company so much fucking money they’ll have to carry it to the bank in dump trucks.” I say laughing out loud.

John is smiling.

He leans into me giving me one of those ‘man hugs’ and punches me in the shoulder as we head back out of the room.

With John and I smiling as we return to Jill’s room, Jennifer and Diane seemed to be relieved.

Jennifer gets up and puts her arms around me whispering in my ear, “I’m glad I didn’t have to throw you down and fuck your brains out right here in front of everybody.” She says with a big smile on her face. She kisses me and heads out into the hallway.

John man-hugs me again and steps out into the hall as well.

Now it’s Diane’s turn. “Daddy, I’m glad you’re smiling. You had us all worried.”

“Did you call Dr. Ronda and make an appointment to be checked out?” I ask.

“No, I didn’t.” She said hanging her head.

“I’m not scolding you. I just want you and the baby to be safe.” I say to her, without thinking about Dakota not knowing that Diane is pregnant.

She kisses me and heads out to the hallway as well. I hear them all head down the hallway. I am proud of John speaking to me privately. That was a mature thing for him to do.

“Daddy, what is going on with Diane? Did you get her pregnant?” Dakota inquires.

“Maybe. Maybe not. It might be mine, or it might be John’s. Either way, I’ll help her through the pregnancy as much as I can. Does that bother you if I did make her pregnant?” I ask.

“NO WAY! That would be HOT. I’m hoping it is you. If it is, will she come stay with us at the Commune?” She asks.

“I don’t really know. We haven’t even gotten that far. She just told me she’s pregnant. She’s not sure if it’s John’s or mine.” I tell her.

Dakota gets up and puts her arms around me. “Daddy, I’m so lucky. You’ve given me my deepest wish. I know you will be a wonderful Daddy. Kiss me please.” She says looking into my eyes.

I lean down and kiss her. Our mouths part a bit to allow our tongues to do the dance of love between two lovers. I pull her into me tightly. I hear her moan into my mouth. She is biting on my lip as our tongues intertwine.

I look over her shoulder and see the clock says 9:55pm.

“Darling, lets go home. We’ll come back in the morning.”

Dakota pulls me in tighter to her. We kiss again. She picks up her assistant’s notebook and we head out. I stop at the nurses’ station letting them know that we will be back in the morning. They wish us a good night. We walk down the corridor halls hand in hand.

After what seemed like a long walk, we finally arrived at the ER to exit the hospital. Fred was waiting outside for us.

Before I get into the limo I stop and ask Fred, “Fred are you happy doing this, being my personal driver? Is there something else you would rather be doing?”

“Sir, I’m very happy being your personal driver as long as you want me to be. You’ve been so very generous, probably too generous, and you include me in things that no other person I know of would include me into. So, to answer your question, No I don’t want to be doing anything other than what I’m doing right now.” Fred answers me.

I get into the limo and we head off towards home.

Dakota leans her head on my chest. I put my arms around her and whisper into her ear, “Darling, do you know just how much your Daddy loves you?”

“Not nearly as much as I love you Daddy.” She says smiling at me.

Fred weaves his way through Saturday night traffic. We finally arrive at the house at 11:41pm. We get out of the limo and I hand Fred all the money in my pocket. He tries to refuse, but I won’t hear of it and just walk away.

He shouts over to me, “What time would you like me back here in the morning?”

“How about 10:30?” I reply

He acknowledges and heads off. I think to myself that I should check in with Paula on Monday or Tuesday about how well the two limo companies are doing and if she’s thought about whom could take over the Vegas limo company.

Dakota and I go inside. It’s dark. No one seems to be home, which is fine by me. However, I do wonder where Darleen has headed off to, but quite frankly I’m not that concerned.

Dakota and I head down the hall. Once in the bedroom, we both strip down and head into the shower. Our hands are all over each other. We’re kissing, touching, licking and sucking on as many parts of each other as we could.

My cock is rock hard and pointing at the ceiling. She takes hold of the base and positions herself so that the thick bulbous head is at the entrance to her sex. I lift her up by her underarms to allow my cock to part her labia and enter her wonderfully wet womanhood.

I’m thrusting into her. My cock is pushing deep. She is moaning almost continually from our lovemaking. I feel her body splash my crotch and thighs with her woman juice.

“Daddy, I love you. I love you inside of me. I will always love you. Take me and do what you want with me. I’m yours.” She says with her heart in her eyes.

I thrust up into her deeply and with force. I begin to spew my man seed into her.



We spend the next several hours making love over until we were both sated and exhausted. I peeked at the clock to see it was nearly 6am. Fred would be here at 10:30, maybe we should change him to arrive about 11 instead. I text him to not arrive until 11.

Dakota and I drift off into each other’s arms. She is snuggled into me, her lithe little body intertwined with mine.

I heard the doorbell. I opened one eye, then the other. The door bell rang again. I looked at the clock, nope couldn’t be Fred since it was only 9:45. Reluctantly, I got up, put on a pair of shorts and a white tee shirt and scuffled down to the front door. The doorbell rang again.

“I’m coming, hold on a minute.”

I opened the door. There in front of me was Amy. I hadn’t seen or heard from her since we got back from Vegas.

“Mr. Greene, do you remember me?” Amy asks.

“Of course, I do Amy. Get your cute little ass in here and give me a kiss.” I say to her.

She lunges at me wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me.

“Why are you here?” I ask.

“I need a place to stay. I hope you can help me. My boyfriend threw me out when he heard about our Vegas weekend. He got jealous. He got drunk. He almost took a swing at me, but I picked up his softball bat and told him he would only get one swing then I will get a swing.” She says to me, clearly pissed off.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m just homeless. I’m not sure, but he’s probably burning my things as we speak. He really hates you saying that you ‘took advantage’ of me. I know that you didn’t. You were the most amazing lover that I’ve ever had. I just don’t know where else to turn.” She says to me.

“Amy, you are more than welcome to stay here. I need to take a shower. You go get Dakota up, she’s sleeping. We’ll all go to breakfast then to the hospital. You probably don’t know this, but Jill is in the hospital.” I tell her.

“OH, MY GAWD. Is she alright?” Amy asks with a gasp.

“Well, we don’t really know. She’s in a coma. They’re going to try to get her out of the coma today. She lost the baby she was carrying the other night at dinner. It’s a long story.” I tell her.

She asks which way to Dakota. I just point down the hall. I head to the kitchen to put on the coffee for my baby Momma.

I hear some squeals coming from the bedroom. I go in there to see Dakota and her kissing. I just shake my head.

“Daddy, why don’t you come join us. I’m interviewing for the Commune.” Dakota says smiling to me her beautiful smile. I think to myself ‘how is it she just woke up and she is so stunningly beautiful’?

“Daddy?” Amy asks.

“OH, you don’t know do you. I’m pregnant by Daddy. But, I’m not the only one who calls him Daddy. Do you remember Diane? She now calls him Daddy as well. So, does Tina.” Dakota says to Amy.

“David, you got all of them pregnant?” Amy asks.

“Um, no. Tina’s pregnancy has nothing to do with me. Diane calls me Daddy because she believes that in the few short months that I’ve known her I’ve been more like a Daddy to her than the guy who ran out on her and her Mother.” I explain purposely leaving out Diane maybe pregnant since it may be John’s baby.

I get into the shower. Again, since I’m in there alone the shower it only takes a few minutes and I’m done.

I walk out into the bedroom, naked. I see Amy eyeballing my cock. Dakota says to her, “Why don’t you go make Daddy happy.”

Amy jumps off the bed, grabbing my arm and pushing me onto the bed. She begins stroking my cock. It only takes a few strokes before it is pointing at the ceiling and leaking some pre-cum droplets.

Amy sheds her clothes quickly. She pushes me back on the bed making my head land in Dakota’s lap.

She straddles my raging hard-on and lowers herself down upon it. She begins to ride me like she’s riding a pogo stick. I thrust up into her as best as I can. After a few upward strokes, I roll her over and begin plunging my cock into her with increased thrusts. She begins moaning and swearing. I’m getting close to Sasha-mode. She is writhing underneath me. I feel her body having wave after wave of orgasms wash through her body.


I keep thrusting hard into her. She reaches a peak yet again, “FUCK ME, HOW DO YOU MAKE ME CUM SO DAMN MUCH?” As I feel her wet wanton pussy grasping my cock and her woman juice squirting all over my thighs.

I’m still pumping my cock into her when orgasm number three arrives, “OOOOOHHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEE” She says in one long orgasmic phrase.

Her eyes are now completely glazed over. The pupils are now drifting into the back of her eyelids. And then it happened.

She goes totally limp. No breathing. No response. No conscious outward response.

Dakota slaps her across the face. She gulps a huge amount of air. Her eyes open but she is still clearly in a dream state.

“Amy, are you OK?” I ask

“Huh? What happened?” She asks me.

Dakota begins laughing, “Amy, welcome to the club. Daddy fucked you unconscious. It is one of the sexiest things to see. Apparently, only Daddy can do that. You’re now his.” She says with a bit of a chuckle and a bit of seriousness.

“Does that mean I can stay with you?” She asks a bit sheepishly.

“Hun, it doesn’t take me fucking you for you to stay with us. Clearly Dakota loves having you here. Dakota, what do you think? Is she allowed to stay with us?”

“Hell, yes Daddy! I loved playing with her in Vegas. She tastes sweet. She’s always willing to fuck and she got spit-roasted by John and Marcus and wore both of them out. She’s on my team, not that skank you had here yesterday. What was her name? Darleen? She can go away, for a long time. She wasn’t fun to play with at all. She just wanted the spotlight all to herself.” Dakota says with a bit of venom in her voice.

“Well then, we won’t invite Darleen anymore.”

I get off Amy, who still hasn’t calmed down from her intense orgasms and being fucked unconscious.

I get off the bed and head into the shower to rinse off Amy’s woman juice from my body.

As I’m getting out of the shower, both Amy and Dakota enter the bathroom. I kiss each one and head out. I put on a pair of dress shorts, one of my Columbia brand Cuban style shirts. I put my wallet, keys, and cell phone in my pockets. I open the fire box and grab another $500 noting to myself that we’re down to less than $2000 left in the box.

I hear orgasmic sounds coming from the bathroom.

I head down the hall, pouring myself a glass of pineapple juice before logging on to my laptop.

I make notes of things. I send out several quick emails. I notice that the Vegas restaurant has now moved into the number 2 spot in the whole company. I send the district manager, the restaurant General manager, and the head chef a note of congratulations.

I also send out a couple of emails to units that have fallen far down the standings. I note that they need to improve in various areas and request an action plan no later than Wednesday morning, 10am LA time.

I decide to call Dr. Ronda.

“Hey Ronda. How’s my beautiful wife doing today?” I ask.

“She’s awake. We gave her several shots and hung a bag of medicine to allow her body to wake itself up. She woke about 20 minutes ago. We’re going to feed her some soft food till after lunch then we will move her to some easy to digest things since she hasn’t eaten since your dinner three days ago. Hey, I got a call from John’s girlfriend. She says she thinks she’s pregnant and wants to come see me today to confirm. Did you know she was pregnant? She said that it may be yours, or John’s. She’s not sure.” Dr. Ronda says to me.

“Yes, I know. Please run a paternity test when it’s possible. I believe that it is John’s, but it is possible to be mine.” I say to her.

“Wow David, is there anyone you haven’t gotten pregnant yet?” She says giggling.

“Well, yes……. you.” I say smiling as I say that to her.

“If I wanted a baby, you certainly would be tops on my list of Father candidates. However, I take birth control just for that reason.” She says to me.

“Darling, please tell my gorgeous wife that I’m heading her way soon. We were going to stop for breakfast, but now I think we should just show up.” I say to the doctor.

“No, David. Go have breakfast. We have a lot of testing to do to make sure she’s going to be OK. We’ll see you when you get here. Bye for now Darling.” She says to me.

I hang up and decide to call Paula.

“Hey there Darling. How goes the limo business?” I ask.

“It’s going OK. I think I have a name for you for the Vegas limo company. Michelle Sanchez. She’s tough, she’s on top of her game, she’s bilingual, she’s willing to move to Vegas where her Mother lives. She cares for her customers as well as those she manages at Black Car. Is that what you were calling me about?” Paula asks.


“But I also wonder how you are doing?” I add.

“I’m tired, but we’re making big progress. I’ve been contacting each of our clients. They love the credit card idea as well as it being directly linked to a bank account, that way they don’t have to handle cash. Oh, and I’m supposed to let you know that the Senator and his wife have requested you and Jill.” Paula says to me.

“HA, HA, HA…. apparently, he doesn’t know that I’m now CEO of the company. He thinks that I’m still just a newbie driver. I’ll call him and his wife this week. This should be a hoot of a call.” I say laughing.

Paula thanks me for supporting her. I know she is working very hard and the numbers of Happee, Happy Limo and that of Black Car Limo show her hard work. Now, we have a name for the Vegas Limo company. If Paula recommends her, then she must be someone good and I will certainly give her a try.


When Amy and Dakota finally got done playing with each other in the bathroom, I had finished my work, sent all my emails, and made my phone calls. Now it was time to head on to breakfast. However, one small hiccup. No Fred.

I texted Fred asking if he was in the limo could he come now. If not, don’t worry we’ll see him at 11. He texted right back that he was on the way. I called the gals and told them to hurry up as Fred would be here shortly.

It took only a few minutes before two beautiful women came out to the dining room each kissing me.

“Wow! Just look at how beautiful you both look. I’ve got to be careful, otherwise I’d be dragging you both back down to the bedroom.” I say smiling.

“Daddy, you can’t drag the willing.” Dakota says to me giggling.

Amy now asks, “May I call you Daddy too? I think that’s a sexy name for you.”

“Darling, I would be honored if you did.”

“OK then DADDY…. where are we going? To the hospital to see Jill?” She asks.

“No, we’ll go have breakfast first. I spoke to Dr. Ronda who tells me Jill is out of the coma, but they have lots of tests to perform and they need time, she gave me direction for us to take our time getting there.” I say

I see Fred pull up to the house.

We head out to the car. Fred, of course, has the back door open and stands waiting for us.

“Fred, thank you for coming so soon. I appreciate it.” I say to him.

“To the hospital sir?”

“No, lets eat first then the hospital.” I reply.

Fred heads the vehicle to a breakfast place that is both cheap and delicious. It’s called “Eggs and meat”. Stupid name I thought to myself, but what the heck.

I didn’t even notice until he was pulling into the diner parking lot that we had a town car, not a limo. I ask Fred about why the town car and not a limo.

“Ms. Paula was trying to appease a pissed off Senator and used the car that was ready for you to take care of the Senator and his wife.” Fred tells me.

I laughed out loud. I had already forgotten about the Senator.

I texted Paula.

“Good Job on saving the Senator.”

She replied: He wants to hear from you, now that you’re a somebody. He also wants a credit card.

I laugh out loud showing the text to both Dakota and Amy. Amy didn’t get the joke, but Dakota certainly did.

As we get out of the car, I invite Fred to join us. He hesitantly accepts.

He certainly knows how to pick good places, certainly not by their name that’s for sure.

We get a booth. Dakota and Fred sit on one side and Amy and I on the other. A large black man approaches the table apologizing for interrupting us.

“Sir are you David Greene?” he asks.

“Yes I am. Do I know you?”

“You had me call your Director of Security, Roger Johnson.” He says.

“Um, you’re the guy from the Kraft building.” I say smiling.

“Yes sir. Roger remembered me and hired me. I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity.” He says.

“Come join us then, have some breakfast. My treat.”

“No sir, thank you, but my wife and I just finished breakfast. We’re heading to Church. I just wanted to say thank you.” Reggie says offering his hand for me to shake.

He walks back over to his wife and another couple, all of whom are dressed sharply. They get up and leave.

I see Dakota smiling at me and feel Amy’s young hand caressing my thigh. I think to myself ‘this is going to be a good day’.

We all have a great breakfast. Fred suggested for me to have one of the ‘house special omelets’ which I do and enjoy it immensely.

Breakfast really wasn’t that long, but then again how long does it take to cook eggs, bacon, and hash browns?

I had another glass of pineapple juice when Fred asks me why pineapple juice and not apple or orange juice.

Dakota pipes up to answer that question, “It makes Daddy’s cum taste sweeter.” My eyes grew bigger as I see a couple of guy heads turn hearing Dakota’s statement.

Amy began laughing at the slight shade of red that Fred’s face had turned.

Fred sat quietly after that. I just chuckled to myself.

Dakota pulls out her AMEX and pays the bill. We all head out to the car and off towards the hospital. Since it was Sunday, I expected the traffic to be light, but I was wrong. The LA Rams have a home game and traffic…. well, sucked.

The Rams were scheduled to play the Oakland Raiders, which meant to me that not only would it be horrible traffic, but half the fans would be assholes wearing silver and black.

From the interstate, I could see all the smoke from the BBQs of people tailgating before the game. I thought back to my childhood thinking how I missed some of the things that made me happy as a child. It was right then that I decided to call Mike Booker about getting tickets to an upcoming music show. This would also allow me to see him in action working behind the scenes trying to do his ‘magic’ in building the recording studio’s base of clients, which made me think of that Billy guy I met with the blonde spiked hair and British accent when I was that trainee Chauffeur with Jill.

“Hey Mike, its David Greene. I’m sorry to bother you on a Sunday, but I wanted to ask if there were any upcoming concerts that you could get me a few tickets to. I think I would like to get a couple of my hardworking people a night out.”

Mike offered a concert being held at the Staples center this coming Thursday.

He went on to tell me about the band called Menace. He railed on and on about their lead guitarist, Ddub. He used the term ‘guitar prodigy’ and compared him to Hetfield of Metallica.

“I got to see him then if you say he’s that damn good. I would like to bring 5 plus me, if that’s not too much to ask.”

“Certainly sir. By the way, how’s your wife? You all left in such a hurry that night.” Mike asks.

“She’s out of the coma this morning. We’re on the way to see her now. I’ll tell her you were asking about her.” I say thanking him for the good wishes and end the call.

Finally, we arrive at the hospital.

The three of us head inside to see Jill. I feel Amy’s hand squeeze my ass walking through the hospital corridor.

Arriving at Jill’s room, I see her face light up.

“Holy Fuck! You are gorgeous! How can that be?” I say to her loudly.

“Shut up and get over here and kiss me you fool.” She says smiling.

I see the dreaded dish of green Jell-O. I wonder to myself why do hospitals always have the suckiest tasting Jell-O on the planet?

I put my arms around Jill, hugging and holding her tightly. I kiss her long and passionately. I don’t want to let her go but she breaks from the hug asking Dakota how much of a horndog he’s been.

She quietly says that I’ve been a good boy.

She says hello to Amy, who smiled when Jill said her name.

Amy pulls up a third chair next to the bed. Dakota and Amy sit on one side of the bed and I sit on the other side.

“OK Dakota, spill it. How many times did you have to play with David while I was here? 15? 20? 50? More?” Jill asks smiling and giggling the whole time.

“No Ma’am. Not even once. David has been worried about you the whole time.”

Amy sat quietly. She didn’t know how to participate in this conversation.

“WHAT??? My David? Are you sure? That sure doesn’t sound like him, he’s the horniest guy I’ve ever met and…. I’m so happy he chose me to marry.” Jill says.

Jill turns and looks at me saying, “Who are you? And what have you done with my husband?”

I smile feeling so much better seeing my gorgeous wife laughing and joking.

“Amy, why are you here? Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing you, but I was worried that you fell off the planet since we haven’t heard or seen you since Vegas.” Jill said to her smiling.

“I came begging for a place to stay. David and Dakota said it would be OK for me to stay with you for a bit, until I find a place of my own.” She says in a defeated tone.

“What happened? I can tell something drastic happened, us women know. We have a 6th sense about this stuff.” Jill says to Amy.

“Well….my ex-boyfriend got all freaked out when he learned of what happened in Vegas. He got drunk. He balled his fist up like he was going to hit me. I picked up his softball bat and told him he was only going to get one swing and then I was going to swing. He backed down but threw me out. I didn’t know where to go, none of my friends can really help. I spent most of the night driving around not knowing what to do. I stopped at a 7-11 to get a soda when I saw David’s picture on the news and thought of you both. I just showed up at your door this morning and David let me in and told me that I was welcome to stay with you guys. I hope that is OK with you.” She says with a tremble to her voice.

I had not heard the ‘drove around all night’ part the first time she told me the story.

Dakota pipes up, “And the bastard thinks that Daddy was a predator forcing us ‘little girls’ to have sex with him. NOTHING could be further from the truth. We all love David. I hope that you’ll be OK with Amy staying with us. I think she could use some ‘family’ time.” Dakota says in a somber manner.

“Of course, she can stay….as long as she likes.” Jill says.

Amy is smiling. Dakota is smiling. Jill is smiling.

“David, did you name our house?” Jill asks me.

“Um, yeah…. I now call it ‘The Commune’. You and me, Dakota, Jennifer, maybe Diane, and now Amy. Yep, we are certainly becoming legendary, at least in our play community.” I tell her.

Jill laughs out loud, a big belly laugh. She thinks that the name is perfect. We spend most of the day chatting about several things: work, play, the Commune, the things that we found there like a BDSM room, two porn actresses, and tulip Productions photo shoot room.

We…well more specifically Dakota, told Jill that I had quit Jaxson’s Inc. last night before Melanie called ‘begging’ me to stay. We even chatted about the FBI arresting the Petrovosky brothers and my picture being on the TV every news cycle. In addition, I told Jill about how John pulled me aside last night and privately chatted with me letting me know how worried he was about me.

Jill made a couple of suggestions which I think are wonderful. Somehow the lack of real money in the firebox reminded me to tell Dakota for me to go to the bank and get some money out for the firebox. She made notes in her assistant’s book.

It was late afternoon before I realized what time it was. We all said our goodbye’s to Jill. I hugged her tightly whispering in her ear, “I can’t wait until we start trying to have a baby of our own.” I kiss her and leave.

I see Dr. Ronda in the hallway as we are leaving. I head over to her. I ask about Diane, she confirms that she is pregnant, but it is too early to determine the Father. She kisses me on the lips, squeezes my ass before sending me away. Just that little bit of contact with her makes my cock stir. Both Amy and Dakota notice immediately.

“Daddy, want to know another secret?” She says to me as we walk down the hallway corridors.

“Darleen tried to give Fred a blowjob last night. He politely declined. That’s why it took so long for her to return with him last night.” Dakota explains.

“How do you know this?” Now wondering about her skills as a personal assistant.

“She told me in the bathroom. Damn Daddy, you dated a real skank. Please don’t invite her to come play with us ever again. Please!” She says almost begging.

“Darling, you know your wish is my command. I’ll take care of it.” I say to her.

When we get outside, I pull Fred aside to inquire about Darleen’s antics. He admitted to it but was quite the gentleman about it. It dawned on me that he needs to help with training newer Chauffeurs. There are usually a select few who don’t understand the subtly of being a depended person to keep things quiet about what they see and hear.

From the back seat, I dial Paula.

“Paula, I have a great idea for you to consider. On weeks that I’m out of town, please use Fred as a trainer. He has been wonderful to me, keeping his mouth shut about all that he sees and hears and all my antics that he may or may not have been privy to. Will you consider him please, as a favor to me?” I ask of her.

“David, you need not ask, you already know I’ll do most anything you want of me. However, that is a great idea! We have some newer drivers at both locations that just don’t seem to get it. Maybe he can help them see the light.” She says in a much happier sounding voice.

“Oh, by the way, I’ll be collecting on that ‘favor’ you just offered to me, so drink up your pineapple juice. I’ll be seeing you soon, count on that.” She says before hanging up.

Not wanting anyone to hear, I text Paula to put Fred in for a 30% pay raise. I explain 15% for his service to me and another 15% for the extra duties of being a trainer. She replies with: K.

I text Jill a request for some financial information. She texts back that she has sent it to my work email.

Our ride went well. Even though we were about the right time for the football game to be ending or near completion, traffic seemed to move reasonably well.

Just before we reached the house, I changed directions with Fred asking him to take us to the Commune. He made a quick left and off we went to the new house.

Amy leaned into me, gently biting on my ear. Her hand was rubbing my cock. Dakota was being a voyeur, smiling the whole time and licking her sexy lips.

Before I turned my head back to Amy, I felt a pair of warm lips on my hard cock. I decided to just let things happen and relaxed my head on the back of the car seat. Amy was licking, sucking, and stroking my rigid member. I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her throat causing her to gag a bit.

I guess all the stress that I was under worrying about Jill, kept me wrapped tighter than a vending machine sandwich. Now, with the stress released, I felt it easy to allow my manhood to release as well…. into Amy’s waiting mouth.

“OH, FUCK AMY. I’VE FORGOTTEN HOW WELL YOU DO THAT.” I say as I shoot into her mouth. I hear her swallowing quickly trying not to allow even a drop to escape.

As my cock deflates, she cleans me up and puts my flaccid cock back into my pants. I lean over and kiss her. “Thank you darling, that was wonderful” I say to her.

We arrive at the Commune. I get out with the ladies and unlock the front door.

Amy just stands there taking in the whole view. Dakota takes her by the hand and begins her tour of the house. I step outside and alert Fred that I am supposed to be here by 9am to meet the locksmith and ADT security. He asks about TV and phone service, things that I had not considered initially.

I dialed up Spectrum TV to be here by 9am sharp. They agreed that they would be there on time. A couple of moments later, they called back asking if one of their representatives from the phone side of their company may stop by tomorrow as well. They want to get my home phone service and will beat any offer in a package deal by a percentage. I agree.

I hear Amy calling my name.

When I finally find her, she is staring at two beautiful long-legged blonds that are sunning themselves pool side with a third overly endowed woman whose chest must be triple F. I stand there with Amy just being a voyeur. The new girl waves at us. One of the blondes gets up and walks over to the glass door and knocks.

I open the door.

She begins, “I hope you don’t mind, we invited a girlfriend over to do some sunbathing with us. She works with us. One of the directors gave her a hard time because she has tan lines, which personally I think are sexy. She’s considered the best in the business doing what we do. We’ve told the producer that she needs to get in touch with you about filming here or not being able to film here.” She says to me in a seductive tone with a finger caressing my forearm and hand.

“Do you still not want us to demonstrate just how good we are at our job?” She says to me.

Amy leans into me and whispers, “I think you should take her up on the offer. It will be sexy to watch them with you.”

Dakota now has arrived and just stands next to me smiling.

“The producer guy when should I expect him?” I ask.

“Oh, its not a him, it’s a her. Allison Whitehead. We joke that she is called whitehead because she will only blow white guys.” She says giggling.

“I’m sorry, are you Desiree or Domonique?” I ask.

“You remember our names? No one ever does that on the first meeting. But, I’m Desiree. You obviously know my sister Domonique and the new girl is Ivanna Layeu. The number one blower in the industry.” She says smiling to me.

“I wanna lay you? That’s her screen name…. THAT’S FUNNY!”

“Well, actually her name is Belinda and I’m Corey and my twin is Carol. My sister is a germ-a-phobe, so she has been scrubbing the whole house with bleach. She believes that if we show you that we’re good tenants that you might allow us to stay. I just figured if we blew you occasionally that would achieve the same result.” Corey says to me.

“Corey, please call your sister and her friend over. I’d like to have a chat.”

Corey steps back out calling the other two over.

Dakota asks while Corey is summoning the girls, “Daddy, you’re not going to do them right now are you? Amy and I will be more than happy to take care of you.” She says with her pouty face on.

“No Darling. Nothing like that…. well, not right now, another time perhaps. Maybe I should call John and let him ‘step in’ for me with them.” I say chuckling.

Dakota is now laughing. Amy is laughing as well.

Corey comes back to the glass door.

“C’mon in. I’m sorry I don’t have anywhere for you ladies to sit. Furniture will get her later this week.”

Belinda asks, “Do you want us to blow you? Is that why we’re all here?”

“Actually No. I want to discuss a mutual living arrangement. That is if we can come to an agreement that makes sense for everyone.” I say with Dakota eyeballing me with a cautious look on her face.

“I saw the way you both lived the other day. I was quite taken by how neat and orderly the pool home is being kept. I’ve been thinking about what would benefit the both of you and my gang as well. Let’s try a 90-day probationary period. OK so far?” I ask seeing that they are both nervous.

All three of them smile.

“Now about paying for the living arrangements.” I say

Corey says, “Here it comes! Just how much sex and with whom do you want us to do to stay here for the 90-day probationary period?”


In unison all five women said, “WHAT?”

“Please understand ladies, I have money and I have dear friends. My idea is that you two will pay me $4,000 a month in the form of a cashier’s check or money order payable to me. I will cash the check and give you ladies the money back to use on paying your college. However, no boyfriends may move in. I have ladies that live with me and I don’t want to risk their safety. You certainly can have overnight guests, they are just not allowed to move in. OK so far?” I say to them with the twins now smiling and Belinda standing there stunned.

The twins agree.

I glance at Dakota, the one that I am concerned with regarding my ‘deal’. She’s smiling now as well.

I introduce my assistant, Dakota to the ladies. I introduce Amy as a dear friend.

We talk for another half hour before I tell them that we need to be getting back to the hospital to see my wife.

All three of the ladies hug me and whisper in my ear, making future promises. I just smile and thank them for the ‘promise’.

They head back out to the pool. All three of them are squealing like teenage girls. Then it dawns on me, they may indeed still be teenagers. Something I need to find out before we have a play party and they drink alcohol getting us in trouble.

“Fred, I’m ready to go home.” I say as we are all getting in the car.

He puts the car in gear and we head back home.


When we got home Dakota announced, “Skank alert!”

Without even looking I knew it was Darleen. There she stood by the front door, arms crossed, tapping her foot, wearing a scowl.

“Hey there. What’s up?”

“Why did you lock me out of the house. I couldn’t get my purse, my overnight bag, or my cell phone. What the hell took you so long to get home? You owe me an apology. I’ve been sitting out here all afternoon.”

The blood began to boil.


She stands there stunned. Being the ass that she can be, Dakota unlocks the door, grabs Darleen’s purse, overnight bag, and cell phone and sets them down on the ground at her feet, turning around and walking back in the house closing the door behind her.

I stood there just smiling. Fred was laughing, out loud. Amy was stunned.

Darleen picked up her stuff and stomped over to her car, unlocked it and threw her stuff inside. She got in and squealed tires leaving the driveway.

I turned to Fred and said, “I didn’t know a piece of crap car like that could spin tires.”

“Racing slicks” Fred says deadpanned.

I bust out laughing. This was the perfect end to a trying weekend. I reached into my pocket and pulled out 4 $100 bills. He again tried to not take the money. I stuffed the folded bills into his shirt pocket reminding him that I need to be at the new home before 9. He said he would be out front by 7:30am at the latest.

My cell phone rang once I was inside. Oddly, it was Fred.

“Hey Fred, did I forget something in the car?”

“No sir. My nephews asked me what time are they supposed to meet Mr. Johnson at the office and should they wear a suit?” He asked.

“How about 9:30am and to wear dress slacks, dress shirt no need for a suit. Also, if they have a firearm AND a carry permit bring both. Roger may want to see their shooting skills.” I tell him thinking that I need to text Roger as soon as this call is over.

“Yes sir. I’ll tell the boys. They’ll be on time or even a bit early, military you know.” He says as we end the call.

I text Roger: Your two new security guys from the Coast Guard will be at the office at 930. Told them to wear dress pants and dress shirt, no suit. Also, to bring their firearm and carry permit.

I got a return text shortly: Thanx. Forgot they were due in tomorrow.

I sat on the edge of the couch thinking about what is planned for tomorrow.

Locksmith, ADT security company, Spectrum TV and phone, send Dakota to the bank to restock firebox, order gifts, order flowers for Jill AND Dr. Ronda, talk to Mike Booker and call buddy at Staples center about another suite for Thursday concert, have Dakota buy Menace CD, make work calls, do work emails, make sure to stay in touch with Jennifer and Diane on deal with Kraft, call Roger about Fred’s carry permit, write small rental contract for porn twins, blue prints on Commune, HVAC checkup, electrical checkup, pool servicing, get estimates on moving stuff from Jill’s house to Commune, who does lawn service at Commune, order ironwork sign for Commune, look online and buy necessary appliances, have lunch and dinner catered, call Carrabba’s to set up meal for FBI agents with check, make copy of FBI check and have it framed, have Dakota deposit check, ask Tina to help out by doing some grocery shopping and running errands.

My head began to hurt thinking about all the stuff I needed to get accomplished.

I text Paula asking what is John’s schedule the next two weeks.

She replies: M/T off, W10-9, Th9-3, F3-12, Sa 12-12, Su 12-9 same shifts for both weeks. 1-hour lunch each shift.42hrs.

I return text: Wonderful! You are a darling. When do I get to see you next?

Her reply: N-E time u want!!!

I just smile. I am thinking that after Thursday night’s concert maybe a play-night with the gang.

Although, I would love to have the move done before Jill comes home from the hospital, it may not be possible due to the sheer amount of work that needs to be done.

Both girls try to seduce me to join them, but I politely refuse. They put on their pouty faces, but I still walk away and head off to bed.

Later that evening, I get up to pee and hear the sounds of orgasmic pinnacles.

I do my business and head back to bed.

At 5am, I wake to find two warm bodies snuggled up to me. I looked at each of them. They are both so beautiful with the light from the moon shining in on their slumbering faces.

I get up and head into the bathroom for my morning ritual and a shower. I make sure I have my phone charger. I lay out dress slacks, a beige Cuban-style dress shirt, and dress shoes but put my New Balance sneakers in an overnight bag along with a pair of shorts, a couple of tee shirts, and socks. I grab the phone charger that I just pulled out and put it in the bag as well.

I walk down to the dining room and set my bag on top of my work computer. I pull my notepad off the table and put it in the bag as well.

Being alone in the shower, it only takes me about 5 minutes to shower and shampoo. I get out and dry off, wondering what the heck happened? No Dakota. No Amy.

Back in the bedroom, I see the clock now read 6:02am. I begin waking my bed partners one at a time. I kiss Dakota, who puts her arms around my neck and kisses me hard. I break from the kiss telling her it’s time to get up.

I walk around the bed and do the same with Amy. However, she is much more difficult to wake. This girl sleeps hard. After several attempts, she finally wakes.

Just to be a little devilish, I turn on the overhead light in the bedroom to ensure they are up. I head down the hall to start the morning coffee pot for the ladies.

I finalize a decision that I have thought about most of yesterday. I text Donna to give John a raise to $20/hour effective prior paycheck. Give him back pay for the difference between last check’s wages and the new wage.

It dawns on me that I don’t hear any showering. I go into the bedroom to find both of my beauties have put a pillow over their faces to hide their eyes from the overhead light. This now calls for drastic action.


Dakota sits up first.

“Dakota you get no coffee until you are ready to go. We have less than an hour before the car is here.” I tell her as she reluctantly moves her beautiful little ass out of bed and into the bathroom.

I walk over to Amy who has not moved yet. I shake her, not hard, but enough to really wake her. “WHAT?” She barks at me.

“Time to get up beautiful.”

She groans. Objecting to the idea of being awake and starting the day.

Amy kind of sleepwalks towards the bathroom. When she opens the door, I see a waft of steam roll out. She heads in and joins Dakota in the shower. I just smile thinking about Thursday nights potential for playtime.

I head back down to the dining room remembering that I need a couple of pens to go with me.

Dakota gets to the kitchen first. She’s dressed in short blue jean shorts, a comfy tee shirt and her favorite pair of leather bottom sandals.

Amy arrives only a couple of minutes later. She’s dressed as well, but she has a pair of dress shorts, a cute top, and she’s wearing her sneakers with no socks. Yet, her hair is in that towel wrap that women wear. Dakota goes back to the bathroom to get a hair dryer. I check the clock on the microwave. It reads 7:02am.

Dakota arrives back in the kitchen with a hair dryer, a brush, and a comb. All of which Amy thanks her for and gives her a quick kiss. Thankfully, Amy’s hair is relatively short. It doesn’t take long for the hair dryer, the comb, and the brush to do their magic.

I see Fred pull up to the house. It dawns on me that maybe the two gals should take Dakota’s BMW. I tell the girls my new plan only to get an eye roll from both of them.

I head out to the car. Fred closes the door behind me and off we go.

During the drive I put a call into Tina.

“Good morning my ebony beauty!” I say to her.

“Hi Daddy! Did Roger call you about me moving in with him?” she asks in a happy voice.

“Yes, he did my dear. However, I’m calling you because I need your help. Jill is still in the hospital, but I have a million things to get done. Could I entice you to come help me?” I ask hoping she will help.

“Of course, Daddy! Where do you need me……in what position? Bent over like Roger had me do last night.” She says giggling. It certainly was nice to hear her happy again.

“I’ll text you the address, put it in your GPS on your phone and meet me as soon as you can.” I say to her before hanging up.

Fred stayed on the surface streets saying that this would be faster than using the interstate.

He’s right. We arrive at the Commune at 8:40, clearly enough time to look over some work info on the laptop before service people start arriving.

I get out telling Fred that I won’t be needing him any further today. He thanks me and heads off. I curse myself for not giving him a tip.

Going inside, I figure out a way to do some work with no furniture. I head out to one of the pools and carry in this small table and drag a lounger into the house. I put everything close to a wall plug so I can keep my laptop and cell phone charged.

And, so it began. ADT was the first to arrive. I gave the service guy directions about where to put keypads, cameras, along with my ideas about alarm codes. Just as we finished our discussion, the Spectrum people arrive, followed momentarily by the Locksmith.

I told Spectrum that I wanted the very best hi-speed internet service as well as their entire TV package available in every room of the house, including the two pool houses. The three people began their assault on the house.

The locksmith guy was a good-looking guy who was physically fit. I noticed a tattoo on his arm. We chatted about it for a couple of moments before he admitted that he spent 4 years as a Marine serving two tours in Iraq. I thanked him immediately for his service to our Great Nation. I told him about my years in the restaurant business. I remembered that they used to use a lock and key system that allowed for a ‘master’ key that would open any door, but similar other keys that would only open specific doors thus keeping people out of where you didn’t want them to be. He knew exactly what I was talking about. I gave him general ideas on where to put specific locks, including both pool houses.

I called a flower shop that I knew of from my restaurant days. I ordered flowers for Jill, for Dakota, for Diane, for Amy, for Dr. Ronda, for Tina and even Jennifer. I made each one to be as large and gawdy as possible.

I opened my laptop and pulled up Lowe’s Home Improvement store to check out their pricing on appliances. I selected two sets of front-loading washer/dryers, two huge fridges with ice/water in the door, two dishwashers, a trash compactor, and a shop vac. I selected two stove/oven combinations that use gas instead of electric. I also ordered three microwaves. I put all of this on my own AMEX and set up delivery for Wednesday.

From there, I called the office only to speak to a frazzled HR person who had several new hires to process including Kim and Kay, Mark Newberg’s twin nieces. In addition, Roger had 5 new people plus the two Coast Guard guys.

Dakota and Amy arrived first. Just as they were coming through the door the ADT guy called for me. He was very concerned about my guests in the pool house as one of them apparently answered the door nude. I laughed and just said, “Actresses eh?” Which made him shake his head and walk away talking to himself.

I gave each of the gals a kiss. They had brought me a small jug of pineapple juice, which made me smile.

I gave Dakota directions to go get about $10,000 in hundreds and fifties for the fire box. I teased both ladies for stopping at Starbucks for coffee. I hand Dakota the FBI check and ask her to deposit it as well as make several copies of it to be framed. I wanted both ladies to travel together since they will be carrying a large amount of cash.

Just as they were about to leave Tina arrived. When the three ladies saw each other, the house echoed with their squeals of delight.

I went back to the laptop looking at the Jaxson’s Inc. stock. As I thought would happen, the stock was up nearly 4% already. I looked at the financial information that Jill had sent me. As I was putting together an email, my phone buzzed. It was Jennifer.

“I called my contact at Kraft letting them know we were interested in the LA building and we’re preparing an offer.” Jennifer says to me.

“They responded much more favorably than I had anticipated. They tell me that they have FIVE buildings they want to divest themselves of. They are: Atlanta, DC, Madison, Tampa, and of course LA. I asked them what pricing were they looking for. Guess what price they gave me? $165 million for the whole package. What do you want me to do?” Jennifer asks.

“Make the deal. However, they pay all transfer costs, lawyer fees, and underwriting fees. I would like the closing to be here in LA. We want ALL information about each building, all tax records, all maintenance records, all tenant leases, and any and all staff that are tied to the buildings as well as a list of all vendors along with their contracts. How soon do you think they could be ready to close? I feel the sooner the better.” I say to Jennifer.

She tells me that she will have to get back to me later with an answer.

“How’s my gal Diane doing today?” I ask.

“It depends on whom you want to answer that question. If you ask Jennifer, she’d tell you that Diane is hoping the baby is John’s. If you were to ask Sindee, she’d tell you that Diane is secretly hoping you are the Daddy.” Jennifer tells me seductively.

I call John asking for his help. He agrees and says he’ll be over shortly.

My next call is to the corporate attorneys. That call took way longer than I anticipated.

I call Carrabba’s speaking to their catering manager. He gives me a price about the catering that I want to have for the FBI. He also gives me a timetable, at least 48 hours in advance due to the tremendous amount of food that I am requesting.

I realize that I’m starving as I skipped breakfast and it was now just past noon. I summoned Tina.

“Yes Daddy, what can I do for you?” She says with that smile I saw the very first day I met her.

“I’m starving. Will you go pick me up a sandwich from Jimmy John’s? Also, text Dakota and ask what they want and be sure to order yourself something as well. Also, when you go get the food, please get me one of those accordion file folders, three frames, a box of blue ink pens, and several yellow legal pads. Also, will you pick me up something to drink?” I ask.

I tell her the sandwich that I want. She walks away texting Amy and Dakota about lunch.

I text Dakota to have security put the money in the trunk of the car and head back here to have lunch before going to the house with the money.

There’s a knock at the back-glass door. It’s Belinda. Again, I marvel at her huge chest waving her into the house.

“Why Hello Darling!” I say trying to be cute.

“Um, I have a favor to ask.” She says in a serious tone.

“What can I do for you?” I ask.

“Find me a job.” She says to me.

I’m stunned. I thought she was the ‘best blower’ in the business.

“Why are you asking me? The twins seem to think you are the best in the business.”

“Mostly because you were so nice to the C&C twins. You didn’t want, nor expect sex from them. I’m the best in our industry because I am competitive. However, I tried sending out resumes and the phone interview goes well, that is until they see me in person and their whole attitude changes to just wanting to have sex with me.” She says with her heart in her eyes.

“I’m guessing you would like to get off your knees” I say smiling to her.

“Yes, sir”

“Well then, what can you do?”

“I’m not sure. I made the mistake of moving out from my Mother when I was 16. I finished high school, but then fell in with the wrong crowd. Desperate for money, I began dancing and with the assets that I have I was approached all the time about doing porn. I finally gave in when I met Allison. She’s a beautiful person.” Belinda says to me.

“OK, that tells me a whole lot about how you got here and how Allison might be a beautiful person, but what can you do? Can you drive a limo? Can you sing? Can you be a customer service person in a call center? Have you tried to advance your education, now that you are a responsible adult?” I ask.

“I can’t sing. I love to drive but have never driven a limo. I’m good on the phones but I can’t really sell anything. I have a driver’s license, but in my financial position I can’t afford a car. If you can help me get out of this industry, I’ll pretty much do whatever you ask of me.” She says.

“Why don’t we start with the call center. The customer service people basically take reservations for the other businesses that my company owns. We have a call center in Pasadena. I will call the Director of the Call Center and tell her that I’m sending you to see her about a job. Same rules apply though, you’ll be on a 90-day probation. Do you have any issues with that so far?” I ask.

“No sir. No problems.”

“I’m sure you have a cell phone. Let me have your number and I’ll text you the address of the call center along with our Directors name.” I tell her.

In my head, I just created a huge problem for Diane. I’ll need to think on how to solve that one.

Belinda gave me her cell number and while she was standing in front of me, I text her the address and Donna’s name. I schedule her to visit Donna before 11am. She thanks me again making promises about future rewards. In my head I begin to think that maybe the C&C twins and Belinda would be good additions to the play group.

I put a call into Jill.

“Hey darling.” I say

“How goes the new place?”

“WOW! A whole lot more to do than I anticipated. But I called in some troops to help. Tina is here, Dakota and Amy are here, and I asked John to come over and help. He’s on the way.” I explain.

“Tina’s there? How is she doing?”

“Well apparently Roger is good for her. She’s got the smile back from when we first met and dated. It’s a nice thing to see again.”

“Mr. Greene…. Mr. Greene may I speak to you for a moment?” one of the servicemen says to me.

“Hun, I’ve got to go. Someone needs to speak to me.”

I turn to see it’s the Spectrum guys.

“What can I do for you?” I ask

“Sir, we came across a room with a red door that is locked that we can’t get into. Also, we have found two rooms that appear to be serious gaming rooms. We want to know how good you want the gaming experience to be?” One of them asks.

“The red door is to remain locked. No TV will be needed in that room. However, you say there are two gaming rooms? I know of one on the second floor, but where is the other?”

“This floor, next to the garage entrance. We would like to know how you want us to approach these two rooms.”

“Um, can you show me where the gaming room is down here?”

“You don’t know where things are in your own home?” The younger serviceman asks.

“I just bought the home. Because of its size and the lack of blueprints available when I put in an offer, I had to go by gut instinct. Now, please show me this room.”

I follow the two men through the maze of hallways to a large state of the art gaming room. This one was clearly better than the one upstairs. Two 95” flat screen TVs, a 15-speaker Bose sound system, a master controller for turning things on and off or changing sources, a full kitchen, a small ice machine, a dozen stylized gaming chairs. I think to myself, the heck with John, I’ll never get Jill out of here. She’ll be playing that game World of Warcraft until either her hands stop working or she passes out from exhaustion.

“Guys, here’s what I want. This to become a legendary gaming room. I want the highest speed internet access available constantly 24-7, I want everything wired into this control panel. I would like wi-fi accessibility, so the two gaming rooms can be linked together for contest weekends. And, I would like compensation from your company if I lose connection for more than 15 minutes.” I explain

“Sir, we are not authorized….” the young one begins to explain.

“Then go up the ladder at your company till you reach someone that is able to make this kind of deal.” I tell them firmly but nicely.

“Yes sir, we’ll get right on that.” The older one says.

I hear John calling for me. I go back to the living room to see him standing at the glass doors peering outside. Without even looking, I somehow know the C&C twins and Belinda are out there sunning themselves.

John is just standing, staring.

I look over to the pool area. All three ladies have swimsuits on, which makes me happy. Belinda sees us and waves. John waves back, even though I suspect the wave was intended for me.

“John here’s what I need from you. Do a complete walk of the house all three floors. Go into each room, look around, write down what type of room you think it should be. Bedroom, game room, library, office, things like that. Then take this tape and tape the paper to the door of the room. Also, write down in one long list, the types of rooms you find. This house is so huge I need some help finding things. Can you do this for me? It would be a big help. Plus, I ordered you lunch, subs from Jimmy John’s.” I say to my protégé.

“I already know that. Tina texted me and asked what sub I wanted.” He said smiling.


Dakota and Amy get to the house first. I direct them to park the car in the garage. Dakota reminds me that they don’t have a door opener for the garage. I summon John to manually open the door for the ladies.

I head out to see the C&C twins asking them how many garage remotes they have. Three they tell me. I ask for one of them. Corey gets up and retrieves it for me. I thank them and head back inside.

I call for the locksmith. I ask him if he does garage doors. He tells me he doesn’t, but he recommends a company that did his own garage door at his home. He gives me the contact information. I also inquire about putting a completely different lock on the room with the red door and giving me 4 red keys for that door. He wanted to know what I wanted to do about the room with the black door and the doors on the two pool houses.

He took me to the room with the black door. I opened it. Inside was a large regulation size pool table covered in a blue slate complete with a hanging beer logo lamp and three different sets of pool balls, one of them clear. Along one wall is the stick rack complete with a dozen nice looking sticks. There is also two old style video games Ms. Pac-Man and Galaxia. I’m really beginning to like this house more and more.

I tell the guy to key the pool houses separately, but still available for my master key to work. He knows just how to approach the houses from my direction.

Walking back to the living room, the locksmith makes a comment about all the beautiful scenery sunning themselves by the pool.

“What are you saying Marine? You’d like to do one of my tenants?” I say smiling.

“Sir, YES SIR!” He says in his old Marine voice.

“Well, you’re a good-looking guy. Go introduce yourself. They are all three college students.” I say thinking that I am now starting to sound like Julia Roberts from ‘Pretty Woman’ and acting like I’m hosting the dating game.

With Dakota’s car safely inside the garage, the two ladies bring lunch into the house. John was circling them like a shark circles a swimmer. I swear that young man can smell food a mile away.

My phone buzzes. It’s Jennifer.

“Darling, guess what. They accepted your offer. They will have their attorneys meet with you and our legal team Monday at 9am, their office in the Kraft building, top floor. They will have all the paperwork that you asked for and asked me to extend a big THANK YOU for not making this difficult.” Jennifer says to me with an obvious glee in her voice. Clearly, she is proud of what she just accomplished for the company.

“Jennifer, now your work really begins. Start deciding to move the district offices to the buildings that we are acquiring. Oh, and if you’re interested why don’t you and Diane stop by the house tonight, so I can reward the both of you for your hard work”

“Yes, Master. I’ll be there along with my protégé.” Sindee says to me seductively.

I think to myself ‘protégé’? Nice!

The locksmith guy approaches me again.

“Mr. Greene, I just wanted to thank you for sending me out to introduce myself to the three ladies at the pool. I have a dinner with Belinda. She said that you are going to help her get a job at your call center while she’s finishing her degree in college.” The gentleman says to me. I purposely avoid any reference to tulip productions or what she does for a living. I believe that is her choice to tell, or not to tell.

I spend the rest of the afternoon working on the laptop. John is checking each room and posting the paper on each door. He pops his head inside asking if I want him to do the same thing to the two pool houses. I direct him to only do the one without tenants. I also reminded him to continue being a good boyfriend to Diane and not to ‘mess around’ with the ladies. He reluctantly agrees.

I make a change in plans and call John back in.

“John, I would like you to go with Dakota back to the house. She’s carrying a lot of money in her car and I want to make sure she is safe.”

“Yes sir. May I finish my sub first or eat it on the way?” he asks.

“Hell, finish lunch first. There’s no hurry, I just want to make sure she is safe. Amy will stay here with me doing some stuff while the two of you are gone.” I tell him.

John takes his sub outside and sits by the pool to eat.

“I guess he needs some sun” I say to myself chuckling.

Dakota comes over to me and straddles my lap saying, “Daddy, Amy and I are done with lunch. We’re going to leave now to take the money back to the house.”

“No Darling. Leave Amy here with me. Take John instead. I want you to be safe with all that money in your car. Also, Jennifer and Diane are coming over to the house tonight, could you please change the sheets in the bedroom?” I ask.

“Absolutely. ANYTHING you want Daddy.” She says just before she kisses me getting up off my lap leaving me with a hard-on.

Dakota goes out to the pool and takes John by the hand, tells him what is going to happen and off they go towards the garage. As they pass by me, I toss John the garage remote.

Amy now comes over to me and straddles my lap, feeling my hard cock tenting my pants.

“Oh, I feel someone is in need of stress relief.” She says looking seductively in my eyes.

“Not until the servicemen have left.” I tell her.

“We can have them join us, if you’d like.”

“No, not now. Another time perhaps.” I say.

The Spectrum people tell me that they are done for today but will be back tomorrow about noon to finish up installing phones in each room and both pool houses. I thank them for their work and they leave.

I decide to dial up Bob and Melanie. I remember that I have to call Melanie’s phone.

“Hello Mel. It’s David”

“Hey there sexy. You know I have you programmed into my phone, so you don’t need to announce yourself when you call.” She says giggling.

“I have some good news for you and Bob. Care to put me on speakerphone so he can hear as well.”

She puts the phone on speaker.

“Hello David. Mel tells me you have good news for us.” Bob says.

“Yes, I do. We acquired the Kraft building out here in LA.” I say pausing for a moment.

“That’s GREAT news! I couldn’t be happier. Oh, and before this call goes any further, how is Jill doing?” He asks.

“She’s awake. Doctor says we can expect her to probably come home this weekend. Thank you for asking.”

Mel pipes in, “Please tell her for us that we are praying for her a speedy recovery.”

“I will. However, I’m not done with my good news. In our negotiations with Kraft it turns out that they have 5 buildings they want to sell. I’ve acquired all of them. We were offering about 50 million for just the LA building, but we got the whole parcel of 5 for $165 million. How about that?” I ask with a huge amount of pride in my voice.

“No shit? We got all 5 for 165? That’s awesome!” Bob says.

Mel pipes in again, “Guess I’ll have to reward you when I get to see you. When will that be?” She asks.

“Soon my dear. Soon, maybe late next week. The closing on the 5 buildings will be Monday morning at 9am, their office. I’ve already called our legal team and they will meet me there on Monday morning. Oh, and I have a suggestion about Tulip productions.” I say.

“You know David, I don’t think that we should be involved with that company. What do you think?” Bob says.

“I was thinking that we could sell it but allow the buyer to pay us via installments. It’s a moneymaker. I have someone in mind so when I put a deal together, I’ll let you know.” I say to him.

“Wonderful. That sounds like a good idea. I think that this company could hurt our reputation.” He responds.

“Oh, did you see how our stock closed today? You were right, it went up 11%. Keep the good news up. I’ll contact the PR group in New York to announce the Kraft Deal.” He says.

“No, let’s wait on that announcement until after the deal is done on Monday. No need to affect stock prices before we make the deal.”

“Good idea. Any more good news?” he asks.

“Yeah, Dakota is pregnant.” I say deadpanned.

“REALLY! That’s great news. She’s wanted a baby for the longest time. Please tell her from us that we hope she has a safe pregnancy and if there is anything that we can do, just let us know.” Bob says.

“I will do that. She’s very happy.” I say as we end the call.

My phone buzzes again, this time its my friend from the Staples Center.

“Hey David. I have your suite ready for Thursday night’s show with Menace. Also, your recording studio guy, Mike, has 6 tickets for you to go back stage. I’m not sure if you will get to meet their lead guitarist, Ddub but who knows. I just wanted to let you know it’s all set up.”

“Thanks, my friend. Oh, and order up another spread of food like last time please, just charge it to the same card.” I tell him.

We end the call.

By now, Tina has returned, and all the servicemen have left for the day. Amy takes my hand and leads me to the black door room with Tina following close behind.


Once I step through the doorway, Amy pushes me hard against the wall. Her mouth covers mine and our tongues intertwine. I feel her hands squeezing and caressing my cock, which now is fully erect.

Over Amy’s shoulder I see Tina undressing. Amy whispers in my ear, “Bend me over the pool table Daddy.”

I walk her backwards towards the pool table. By the time we get there, Tina is fully naked. I begin to remove Amy’s clothes as Tina is unbuckling my belt and dropping my pants to free my throbbing member.

I feel Tina’s wonderful mouth on my rock-hard cock. Her delicate hands are stroking my shaft and gently playing with my balls. She gently squeezes them giggling as my manhood is touching the back of her throat cause a small amount of gagging. My hips begin gently thrusting forward pushing my cock deeper into her saliva filled mouth. I feel her tongue lick the underside of my shaft and then swirl around the bulbous head.

Amy’s tongue is in my mouth as her hands are unbuttoning my shirt. Her young hands begin rubbing the hair on my chest as Tina continues her oral assault on my cock.

My own hands are trying desperately to remove Amy’s garments as well. In my head we must look like a hot mess, the three of us allowing lust to rage on between us.

As the last of Amy’s clothes fall to the floor, she breaks free from our entanglement walking seductively over to the pool table and bending over it standing on her tip-toes prominently displaying her ass to me.

I pull my throbbing member out of Tina’s hardworking mouth to walk over to Amy and slide my cock into her anal cavity. This forces Amy to let out a long loud moan. I begin thrusting in and out of her. On each thrust into her, her hips hit the edge of the pool table. I grasp he hips as I increase my tempo of thrusts.

Louder and louder she gets. I feel Tina’s gentle hands exploring my ass as well. She whispers in my ear, “This is so sexy watching you take another of us for your own pleasure Daddy.”

Her voice in my ear makes me push harder and deeper into Amy’s rectum.


I’m thrusting into Amy’s ass with full force, when I feel two fingers enter my own ass. This causes me to erupt into Amy.


At this point, Amy just moans in acceptance.

I keep thrusting into Amy, feeling rope after rope of cum filling her bowels.

As I feel Tina’s fingers still sliding in and out of my own ass, I keep shooting into Amy. When my own orgasm finally seems to subside, I pull out of Amy, turning and putting my still hard cock into Tina’s open and waiting mouth.

I begin my gentle thrusting into her mouth once again.

I see Amy breathing hard trying to regain her senses. As I continue to fuck Tina’s wet slobbery mouth, she again begins playing with my balls. After several minutes of fucking Tina’s wonderful mouth, Amy now joins kneeling in front of me.

Amy grasps the shaft of my manhood, removing it from Tina’s hardworking mouth only to put my still hard cock into her own mouth. I think how amazing Tina’s mouth is only to be surpassed by Amy.

Just as I’m about to release a second load into Amy’s mouth, the poolroom door opens with Dakota and John standing there smiling.

“See, I told you Amy would be having her way with Daddy.” Dakota says to John.

Without saying a thing, John drops his pants and walks over to Tina. He lifts her up and moves her over to the pool table. He lifts her up onto the slate covering. He gently puts his large cock into my delicate ebony daughter. He begins a gentle fucking. She begins moaning.

“John, please be gentle with her.” I say to him.

He continues gently fucking her.

Dakota only takes a couple of moments to get naked. She lays down on her back and slides her head underneath Amy’s wet pussy. As Dakota’s tongue begins an assault on her womanhood, Amy begins moaning loudly while my cock is in her mouth. I begin to thrust my hard cock deeper into her mouth. I hear her gagging a bit as my cock reaches the back of her mouth.

I keep thrusting into her. She puts both of her hands around my shaft squeezing it tightly. I put my hand on the back of her head and thrust myself as deep as I can get. She is really gagging hard. I feel her throat open and the head of my cock plunge down into her throat just as I begin to empty my balls once again.

She is trying to swallow as much and as fast as she can trying to catch it all. I pull out of her mouth and point my cock down towards Dakota’s sweet pussy. Just as I thrust into Dakota, I feel her womanhood grasping my cock. I hear her moan into Amy’s pussy.

“Fuck me Daddy. Oh gawd, I love you so, so much.” I hear Dakota say to me.

Amy stands up wobbly-legged to kiss me. Our tongues intertwine.

“Daddy, I now understand why Dakota loves you so much. You are such a gentle lover. I love that you allow me to call you Daddy. It is so sexy. I’m yours whenever you want me.” She says to me looking me in the eyes in a heartfelt manner.

“I love you too my Darling Amy.”

I hear Tina reaching her orgasmic peak.


Just moments later he announces his own orgasmic peak, “OH FUCK ME. TINA YOU ARE SO TIGHT, YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM SO HARD.”

I pull out of Dakota, pulling Amy’s face down to lick Dakota’s sweet cum juice off my cock.

I see John and Tina hug and kiss, quite romantically. They just sit on the ground beside the pool table. Tina snuggles her head into John’s chest.

I decide to lay next to Dakota. Amy lays on the other side of Dakota. We embrace her together. I whisper in her ear, “Darling, I do love you so damn much. You are going to make a wonderful Mother and you are so damn sexy.”

She kisses me. Amy leans in and waits for Dakota to stop kissing me for her lips to swallow my lips, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. As she is doing that, Dakota pulls me into her tightly.

Dakota asks, “Daddy, may we go home. I want to fuck in a bed.”

“Sure, thing my darling. However, we have company coming over to play tonight.”

“Who’s coming Daddy?”

“Sindee and her new protégé” I tell her, without thinking that John is in the room.

Dakota just smiles her big smile. She knows that Sindee will submit to me, no matter what I ask of her.

“Darling, would you like to assist me with my slut, Sindee?”

“Oh, may I?” She asks with a smile and a gleam in her eyes.

“Absolutely. Why don’t we stop by the porn store and get them both a collar?” I say feeling a bit devilish.

“Daddy don’t tease me! You’re making me wet just thinking about that.” Dakota says.

I lean down and take a big lick of her sweet pussy. She cums almost as soon as my tongue touches her clit.

“OH, FUCK DADDY, YOU MAKE ME CUM SO EASY.” She says breathing heavily.

I sit up and begin to put my clothes back on. John, Tina, Amy does as well. Dakota just lays there a couple minutes more trying to catch her breath.

When everyone finishes dressing, except for Dakota, I ask Tina if she could take John home and pick him up tomorrow morning and the both of them get here about 10am. She agrees, kissing John and telling him to follow her which he does.

Dakota is finally dressed. She kisses me, then turns to Amy and kisses her.

“C’mon ladies, let’s go home.”

We all head down to the living room. I collect my stuff.

Amy leans into me and says, “You make me wet just being around you Daddy. Thank you for letting me stay with you guys.” Before she kisses me passionately, forcing her tongue into my mouth.

Everyone grabs some of the stuff. I look out to the pool, but no one is there. In my head, those three will make a nice addition to our play party group and who knows, maybe the Marine locksmith might even make a good addition as well.

As we are heading to Dakota’s car in the garage, I realize that I don’t have a key for any of the new locks that were installed today. I head back to the kitchen. There on the counter, I see 40-50 keys on the counter. Included in the mass of keys are 4 red keys. I pick them up, putting them on a single key ring and put them in a drawer. I pick up what I believe to be two master keys. Going over to the front door, I open the door and put each key in the lock turning it to make sure that they work. I close the door and lock it from the inside.

I go back to the table and pick up my lap top and ensure that the glass doors are latched and head to the garage.

Dakota has the car running. I see two other cars. Both vehicles are newer cars, one a Ford Flex the other a GMC SUV. I get into Dakota’s car, Amy is in the back.

“Let’s go” I tell her.

As we are heading out, I tilt my seat all the way back. Amy starts massaging my hair, which makes me purr.

“Do you like that Daddy?” She asks.

“Oh yeah.”

Just before I drift off to sleep, I ask Dakota to call for Fred to pick me up again about 7am tomorrow.

“Amy, I’m so glad you came over to the house this morning. You’re beautiful and I’m thrilled that you’ll be living with us.” I say to her.

“Darling, will you put on that Menace CD that I asked you to buy today. I want to hear this Ddub guy. Mike says he’s some kind of guitar prodigy saying he’s as good as Hetfield from Metallica.” I say trying to fight the sleep that is overtaking me.

Indeed, becoming a Chauffeur was the single best choice I have made. But now, I’m going to be a Father once again. I love all my women, yes truly love them.

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The Chauffeur (#16) And So It Begins

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