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Pretending to be gay with a friend

Categories True Story, First Time, Gay, Masturbation

Author: scooby69

Published: 11 January 2019

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It was a summer night, like almost all the others, and all of us had been playing kick-the-can or hide-and-seek or something like that. We had been playing for a while, and some started to leave, needing to get home. It didn't seem late, but all at once it seemed like everyone disappeared, and there was no one left. I was just about to head home myself when one of the gang, let's call him Jeff, invited me over to his house. He didn't seem to think it was that late either, so why not hang out for a while? I agreed, and we headed in to his house.

When we got in it was obvious that no one was home, as the place was pitch dark. We headed back to the family room, and since our eyes had long been accustomed to the dark, left most of the lights off. We pondered what to do, but with only two people, the options were limited. We sat and talked.

And as you can imagine, with us being two teenage guys, and our average hormone level, the discussions quickly landed on sex. Who was cute, who we liked, what we'd do to them if we could... (we were both virgins at the time, so in reality, the answer was very little...). It was fun to dream, and to work ourselves up.

I asked about the family being out, he said they had gone out for the night, and probably wouldn't be home for a while...

The talk became sparse, and there were moments of silence as we'd lose ourselves in our thoughts, thinking of what to share, or ask, or...

Out of the silence, Jeff asks me if I ever thought about what it would be like to be gay. Huh? Did I hear that right? I ask, and yeah, he admits, he's wondered about it, and what about me? Had I ever wondered about what it would be like to be gay? My curiosity was piqued, but I was definitely nervous... I mean, we were friends, but we'd never talked about anything like that... so I thought about it, and gave a nervous response... sure, maybe, just thought about it. But not really, you know? I still wasn't sure where he was heading with it, so I pushed him on the point...

He admitted that he didn't ever want to kiss a guy, and it wasn't that he was romatically interested in any guy, but sometimes when he got really horny he, just maybe, had thought about what it would be like to see another guy naked, maybe touch each other a little, stuff like that. Had I ever considered it?

Even as he was describing it to me I could feel something welling up inside me, and I could feel my horniness rising to a new llevel entirely. The was a knot in the pit of my stomach... I could literally feel my dick growing in my shorts, straining against my boxers... but I played it off lightly, say that maybe once or twice, but I never really thought much about it. Why was he asking?

I remember he took a moment before he answered. I could sense something was coming, I just didn't know what. Finally he asked if I'd like to "be gay with him for five minutes". No more, but just to see what it was like. The know in the pit of my stomach grew. The taboo-ness of it, the talk, the thoughts of touching or being touched... holy crap. I don't think I had ever been that horny... but again, I tried to pass it off, trying ti play it cool.

I asked what he was considering. Maybe we just get to see each other's dicks. If it's all good, maybe just touch each other, see what it was like. Was I up for it? My hormone level was just through the roof. I was so horny, I probably would have done whatever he suggested, yet at the same time I was nervous, scared of what might happen... it was all a mix of emotion and turn-on when I said, sure, I guess, we could try. I mean, where's the harm, right?

I asked him how he wanted to proceed. As we talked, it became obvious that as much as he was the driver in the conversation, he was just as nervous (and horny) as I was. We were both afraid to go first, not wanting for the other to back out, and leave the other unfulfilled and embarrassed... so we settled on going at the same time.

We stood, a couple feet apart from each other, and nervously started to undress. After pulling off our t-shirts, we dropped our shorts. It was immediately obvious that we were both extremely horny. Both pairs of underwear failed to mask our raging boners. It was also obvious that we enjoyed the view... and we proceeded as if on cue, removing our shorts, exposing ourselves to each other. We stood, both as if in a trance, simply staring at the other's dick. It was like we were both afraid to move, or speak, or break the spell... I couldn't believe it. Here was another's guys dick. Full hardon. It was amazing. I felt like electricity was running through my veins. He was just a little longer that I was, and a little thicker, too... but the thing I noticed most was that his head was much more pronounced than mine was...

It was then that I realized that I wanted - very much - to touch it, to feel it, to run my hands over it. I remember thinking to myself that twenty minutes ago I had never really thought about any guy's dick, and now I desparately wanted to grab this one...

I timidly stepped forward, and he did too, wanting to touch me. We never looked at each other, our gazes were locked on the other's cock, both pointing straight at the other... we stepped close, and I reached out to touch his rigid dick. He grabbed mine. We stood inches apart from each other, both looking down, watching as we touched each other and were touched, enjoying immensely both the giving of the pleasure, and the pleasure received... we rubbed each other for a time, we rubbed our dicks together, we felt each other's balls... it was new and amazing and a huge turn-on and the nervousness was going, and we were losing ourselves in horniness...

Neither of us said a word as felt each other, with nothing more than the sound of heavy breathing in the room. Even without words, we both learned that we both enjoyed it when we'd put our dicks right next to each other, and one of us would wrap our hand around both of our cocks simultaneously, rubbing them together as we'd massage them, a slow double handjob...

He stepped back, and I thought that maybe our time was done... but he held on to my rock-hard dick, and pulled me over... he sat on the floor, and pulled me down with him... he leaned back, and pulled my cock so that I knelt in front of him. As he laid back, he pulled me down on top of him so that our dicks rubbed on each other... it was crazy hot. We still just stared at each other's dicks, rubbing each other, our hips moving almost involuntarily as we grinded against each other. I couldn't believe how hot this was.

He was flat on his back, and he'd pulled a pillow from the couch to prop his head up, so that he could watch the goings on while we ground our dicks into each other... I was kinda in a push-up position, kneeling between his legs, with my arms straddling him and straight, so that we could both watch as our cocks rubbed against each other... I wasn't sure, but I figured he wanted to keep going like I did.

We continued this for a number of minutes, neither of us saying a word, neither wanting to stop the amazing sensation as we enjoyed each other's turgid cocks...

Suddenly there was a noise from the front of the house. We both immediately jumped, and scrambled to put on our clothes. We went to the front of the house, but couldn't figure out where the noise came from. It was obvious that we both wanted to continue, but were both nervous, and the possibility of being caught together was now prominent in our minds... so we agreed that yeah, that was crazy hot, and we'd have to get together again, and have a little more fun...

I couldn't get home fast enough. When I got home, mom was already in bed, and dad was downstairs watching TV. I went to my room, shed my clothes, and started tugging on my still hard dick. I was so horny that it didn't take more than 30 seconds and I was ready to explode... I thought about the mess, but didn't care... I jerked faster, and felt my balls contract in ecstasy... I shot all the way across my chest up on to my pillow, and continued to tug... my subsequent shots landed all across my chest and stomach, jizz flying in all directions, as I pumped my balls dry... 7, 8 shots and my sack waned, my load spent...

I lay there, lost in thought, covered in cum, considering the events of the night. I didn't know much, but I knew that I was looking forward to gettting together again.

I realized that I was so horny thinking about it all that I was hard again. I started to pull on my dick, and it responded immediately...

I ended up jerking off three times that night. (Oh, youth!) By the last time, there was practically nothing more that my balls could shoot... but I was so crazy horny that I didn't care...

As I finally drifted off to sleep, my thoughts kept wandering to ways to make all of this happen again. And soon


The next day my mind kept replaying the events of the previous evening. The nervousness, the touching, the rubbing and feeling and exploring... I felt like I had a perpetual hardon. I was horny all day. Normally, I would look forward to the gang getting together to play neighborhood games... but I realized that now I couldn't wait until *after* the games, to see if Jeff and I could get some more time to "play" ourselves...

But it was not to be. Both families were home. We talked briefly, and yes, we both wanted desperately to repeat. Just wouldn't work out this night.

We each went to our respective houses, and jerked off to relieve the tension that had built up over the day...

Same the next night. This was starting to suck. And same ending. Me alone, tugging one out to relieve the tension that had built...

But the next night, I was cautiously happy to hear that my parents had been invited to dinner. What was better yet, dinner was both later, and quite a distance away, so they wouldn't be home until late. Great, but what of sis? As it would turn out, she had a sleepover planned with her best friend. Perfect.

As usual, after dinner the gang got together, and we played our kid games. I wanted to get Jeff alone and tell him the opportunity, but didn't want to seem obvious. I was probably being paranoid, but wanted to make sure no one could have an inkling of what was going on... Finally, at one point in whatever game we were playing, we had the chance to hide together. I told him that my house was empty, and I was hoping that he planned on getting together again. He agreed, and then it just became a matter of how long until the neighborhood games would end...

From that point it seemed like an eternity, but finally one by one everyone started to head in for the night. We didn't want to be obvious, and finally everyone dispersed. Jeff headed with me inside...

It was pretty obvious that both of us were eager to get back to where we were the other night, and probably push some boundaries. But, being that this was still new to both of us, we were nervous of taking the first step. Initial conversation revolved around the hotness of the other night, and we both admitted to jerking ourselves off thinking about it, and the like. It wasn't more than three or four minutes of this and we drilled down to the desires we had for getting together... It was shortly after that we were both in just our underwear, both a little nervous, and both eager to see each other's cocks...

As we continued, we ended up agreeing that we'd try 'some new things', and that we'd agree on the boundaries before either of us 'did' anything. And the other firm agreement was that we would both 'do' whatever it was to each other. Now it just boiled down to who would go first... Then Jeff had the idea that it would probably just be easier if we were both naked. I agreed, and dropped my shorts. My dick sprang out, fully hard awaiting whatever was coming... I looked, and noticed that his eyes were locked on my dick as he dropped his shorts. And just as he had done, my eyes were staring at his rigid cock as he stood. We both paused, drunk on horniness, staring at each other's tools once again.

Discussion began as to who would go first. I don't remember exactly the conversation, but I remember that as we talked, for the most part neither of us made much eye contact, seeing that we both just stared at each other's dick...

Things progressed rapidly as it came down to a truth-or-dare kinda thing, without the truth part..

It started pretty simply with what we were already 'comfortable' with, touching each other's dick, rubbing cocks together, but progressed quickly as we both wanted to experiment on and with each other more and more...I knew how I felt, and I was pretty sure that I knew Jeff felt the same way, but I was hoping we'd get to a point where we'd push each other to where we'd jerk each other to completion before the night was over. But we were both nervous, and timid, and maybe just a little scared too..

So the dares graduated, and I remember it was my turn to dare him. Out it came, of sorts... "I dare you to give me a handjob for two minutes straight without stopping." He agreed. I stood, and he knelt in front of me (I think we were scared to lay down next to each other, we hadn't gotten that far yet...) He started tugging on my rigid cock while he knelt in front of me, and I remember the electric feeling running through my body as I looked down at him performing his work... someone else pleasuring me instead of me pleasuring myself... and then I noticed the intensity of him truly concentrating on my cock in his hand... It was obvious that he was enjoying what he was doing. That just made me hotter... I continued looking down at him doing me, and noticed that his dick was bouncing, sticking straight out down between my ankles... and the head he had on that thing... between watching him jerk me off and seeing his prick jutting out, I remember I went from feeling good to almost ready to nut in like 5 seconds... he was now mesmerized by my cock in his hand, and it was obvious that he was truly enjoying jerking me off... I didn't last ten seconds after that, and blew an incredible load...

I think he knew that it was coming, seeing my stomach tense and tremble... and after I shot my first spurt (I can't tell you where that went) he pulled me in close and let all the following spurts decorate the bottom of his chin, his neck and chest... It was like he knew how horny I was, and knew that I wouldn't be able to last the full two minutes, and was just waiting for me to erupt... It was fucking incredible... I shot rope after rope, not wanting it to stop. And as a good bud, he just kept tugging and tugging until he was sure that he couldn't feel any more spasms... I can't remember exactly how much I came, but I remember it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had to date... I looked down at him, and he had an incredible smile on his face. I think he knew what a gift he'd given, and also knew that I was going to repay him in just another minute...

And as all good partners do, I took care of him.

I couldn't wait to get down and service him. I remember not even cleaning up, or dressing. I couldn't wait to take care of him the way he took care of me. I knelt down in front of him and started pulling... we were both so fucking horny (this was all new to us) that I knew it wouldn't be long until he would erupt, and we'd both get a present...

I did my best to take care of him the way he took care of me, tugging him and urging him on to completion... while I was working his tool, I looked up at him looking down and watching me, and saw my spunk dripping down his chest. Fucking hot. I couldn't have gone limp if my mom and the pope both walked into the room right then...

I cupped his balls with my free hand, enjoying the sight of my hand sliding back and forth over his magnificent head, knowing I was giving him the pleasure that he had given me, and pushing him relentlessly toward the edge. I noticed that he was tensing up, and I could feel his balls tighten... I suspected he was close, and just a few seconds later my suspicions were confirmed, as he grunted and shot a rope of jizz straight over my right shoulder, some of it decorating me... I did as he had done, and pulled him close, aiming him so that his subsequent shots could land on me... he shot rope after rope (he could always cum more than me... I could out-distance him with my shots, as we would later find out, but for volume, he was the winner) and I couldn't believe how he just kept cumming and cumming...

By the time his orgasm subsided, he had drilled my neck and chest with 8 or 9 pulses, finally slowing to a dribble... and as he had done for me, I kept pulling on him, wanting to milk every last drop out of him...

We smiled, and both agreed that it was the most intense orgasm that we had ever had.

As we dressed, we both knew that it wasn't going to be long until we got together again, and who knows what would happen next...


If you like these stories, please let me know. I like recollecting and putting my memories down. I'll let you know some more of my adventures with Jeff.

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Pretending to be gay with a friend

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Comments (2)
Ken55 — 11 January 2019 21:28
Great story. Keep them coming
mod_man — 12 January 2019 02:35
This is good. I have been there, done that.
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