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"RUNAWAY" Chapter 5 "Meeting The Belt"

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Cruelty, Discipline

Author: brokenwing

Published: 11 January 2019

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Sammi looked around the cab of the truck. She felt like she was going crazy. She could hardly sleep or let herself daydream without thinking about what Roger had done to her. She questioned if she did the right thing running away because that meant leaving her mom with him. She hadn't directly seen it but heard noises from her mom when alone with Roger behind closed doors. The noises sounded like hitting, crying and sometimes pleading.

But her mother was the grown up. She could have kicked him out or called the police. Holly didn't know what else to do. Every day she spent with him things just seemed to get worse and what was even harder with each day's passing she found she was resisting him less. Not only was she making less effort to fight him off but slowly more often she just did what he wanted.

The more often she found herself just doing what she was told the less of a human being she felt like. But it was daunting choosing whether or not to run away. While her mom wasn't the best mom she had always been there for Holly when she needed her. But she seemed in denial when it came to Roger. How could her mom not see what he was doing to her and her daughter.

Holly thought about going to the police herself but she wasn't sure her mom would admit the truth and if she sided with him she was pretty sure things would get exponentially worse. And what she felt more was the longer she was where he could use her the more of herself she surrendered to him and she felt like she was losing who she was. She didn't even feel normal when she was around her friends. She felt like an older dirty sexual slut.

So here she was somewhere on the interstate in a tractor trailer with a complete stranger and his old dog. She felt safe now then she had felt the last several weeks. She heard Joseph still snoring and wondered if he stopped driving because he was just too tired. She felt guilty that he was slumped back in the drivers chair while she was lying in his bed.

All her thoughts about Roger kept her from going back to sleep so she just sat there awhile petting the dog. Suddenly she heard Joseph snore loud and then groan and the snoring stopped, then he groaned, "Uh Shit!"

Joseph was stiff from sleeping sitting up. He couldn't help feel mad at himself for always being willing to help others to his own suffering. And once again he did it to himself. He took a look back at his sleeper and just about scared himself to death when he saw wide open eyes looking back at him.

"Hi" Sammi said with a wave of her hand.

"You're not sleeping" he replied.

"I was but woke up from a dream" she replied.

"We're at a rest stop with a rest room, probably ought to let Ol'Jack do his thing too. Need to take a bathroom break" he asked Sammi?

She nodded.

"These old rest stops aren't the cleanest. They usually have showers but I know a better truck stop down the highway where we can eat breakfast too in the morning. I wouldn't Doddle in the bathroom these rest stops can have some characters."

The idea of taking a shower sounded amazing to Sammi, it was now the fourth day since she ran away and got on the first bus. But she had no reason to distrust Joseph.

Joseph put a leash on Ol'Jack, "Why don't ya take him in with you and he'll keep you safe, and then meet me outside the bathroom and we can let him do his thing. He's not always the fastest" he added with a chuckle.

Sammi had to pull her shoes back on then the three of them crawled out of the truck and headed to the rest rooms. Joseph checked the ladies room first and there was no one in there so he sent Sammi in and Ol'Jack went with her. Joseph hurried into the men's room and did his business. He was cautious as an old guy in a military green jacket was hanging out, if not camping in the men's room.

When Joseph finished he waited for Sammi outside the ladies room, he didn't have to wait long.

Sammi stared at the shower it was so tempting to take a shower and clean up but she thought it best to trust Joseph. She met him outside the rest room the minute she exited.

The two of them walked Ol'Jack along a path besides some trees. Sammi found it funny because Joseph had been right the old dog took his time doing his business.

It felt strange being out there in the middle of the night with the old truck driver and his old dog. But she felt more at ease with them then she had the last few weeks with Roger.

Finally Ol'Jack did his business and they were headed back to the truck. Joseph had to help the dog get into the truck and assisted Sammi as well. Watching her crawl up into the cab he couldn't help notice her smooth shapely legs visible in the short gym shorts. Her bottom looked round and full and her waist tiny. He had done his best to not look at her breasts because of her youth and nice boobs were his soft spot.

He got up in the truck behind her.

"Why did we stop" she asked?

Joseph picked up his log book, "Regulations. I can only drive so many hours and then have to rest. It'll be another three hours before I can drive again."

"Why don't you try to lie down again and get a bit more sleep" he suggested.

Sammi replied, "You're the one driving why don't you take a turn. You didn't look too comfortable in the chair."

Joseph thought about chivalry and sacrificing for women but he realized he was getting too old for that. He agreed without an argument, "Ok."

With that he crawled into the sleeper. Once he looked settled Sammi decided to throw caution to the wind and also crawled into the sleeper but on the front edge of the mattress.

The minute she was there Ol'Jack joined in and crawled in next to her but more on the floor then mattress. Sammi couldn't help but laugh and heard Joseph do the same.

With that proximity Joseph could smell the girl lying inches away from him. She definitely had a scent after days of not showering but she definitely didn't smell like a man.

Her long brown hair hung right in front of his face and he couldn't help notice her femininity.

He lost his wife a little over five years ago and other then an occasional hook up with a lot lizard Joseph had not been with a woman in quite a while. It didn't help that he knew by now Sammi wasn't a truck stop lot lizard. But he knew she was young and running from something. So he did his best to push her out of his mind.

But he couldn't help but take advantage of some of the passing head lights from oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway to light up Sanmi's shape enough for him to admire her natural feminine curves.

Only inches from her he couldn't help wonder what it'd feel like to at the least wrap his arms around her and hold her. He felt his loins stir but made himself close his eyes and try to ignore the young woman lying next to him.

Ol'Jack kept squirming around trying to push more on the edge of the mattress pushing his body against Sammi. As tiredness worked more into her being, Sammi moved back just a bit to give the dog a bit more space. The third time she inched back her hips made contact behind her. The only thing behind her was Joseph. She started to panic but reminded herself that she had pushed back into him and he wasn't like Roger.

Joseph was almost asleep when he felt a warmth push against his groin. When he opened his eyes Sammi was closer to him and obviously up against his body at hip level. He drew a long slow inhale with his nose and he could smell the feminine smell of woman's hair. He forced himself to lie there still. He couldn't drift off to sleep right away and questioned his own thoughts when he felt the young woman once again push back against him. He debated forcing his own body harder against the wall of the truck behind him but he knew he was almost against it already.

Ol'Jack's limb pushed harder against Sammi so she pushed her hips and this time even her shoulders just a tiny bit further back until most of her torso was against Joseph's.

He tried to clear his mind and focus on his breathing so he could just go to sleep. But Joseph couldn't help be reminded how nice it felt to have a woman next to him in bed. He almost let out a laugh when he felt Sammi's bare feel touch his lower leg. They were like ice, just as his wife's feet used to be. He smiled to himself and just told himself to enjoy the moment and not read anything extra into it.

Sammi managed to sleep about and hour and a half before waking feeling a man behind her. It took her a moment to realize where she was and that she was safe but doing the mental gymnastics to realize she wasn't at home in her bed, and in danger had her fully awake.

Before long she was once again thinking about what happened after the night Roger raped and took her virginity.


Holly didn't get much sleep the rest of that night but was startled when she heard her door knob rattle and open. Her entire body tensed till the moment she heard her mom's groggy voice, "I heard the two of you had a good time last night. Wish I could've been there too but I was just so exhausted from work I guess but I'm glad you and Roger are trying to get along, he really cares about you, ya know."

It only took seconds for those words to sink in before Holly felt a heat flash rush through her and actually gagged, retched and managed to grab her trash can and threw up.

"You okay honey? You sound like you're not feeling too good. I'll let Roger know to look in on you. I think he's making breakfast if you want sone. He's definitely got coffee on."

With that her mom left her room. Holly couldn't help wonder what he told her they had done. Certainly he didn't tell her they had sex?

Holly felt filthy, not just from the bit she threw up but from what he did to her. She got out of her bed, found her robe and went to her bathroom to shower.

While the water was getting warm she made the mistake of looking at herself in the mirror.

Just 24 hours ago, when she last brushed her hair and put on makeup, a fifteen year old, pretty happy high school student looked back at her in the mirror. She wondered about how to fix her hair so her girlfriends would think she looked cute and if the boys might notice and think just maybe she looked hot. She wondered if she could push the envelope on the school dress code so she might be noticed.

But it wasn't the same girl looking back at her in the mirror now. She swore she could see some of the fluids of sex, her own saliva and even maybe her own virgin blood on her face. She thought she looked older than her mother. She would have swore she aged twenty or more years and the girl looking back at her in the mirror looked like a filthy slut. She let the robe strap loose and as the robe started to open she couldn't help but gasp at the black and blue marks on her chest. She was pretty sure she hurt worse then she looked.

She looked like someone else in the mirror, like a filthy monster. For just a moment her mom's words from this morning echoed into her mind, "I heard the two of you had a good time last night."

Holly felt herself begin to cry and tried to fight it off as long as she could while she got into the shower. The moment she was under the water she let the tears flow. She felt like she couldn't get the water hot enough to wash away the filth. Even without the mirror she was stunned to see the bruises on her breasts, stomach, pelvis and thighs. She realized she was very sore all over her body. Despite her soreness she kept washing her breasts, stomach, legs and most of all between her legs over and over. No matter how much she washed between her legs it seemed like more sticky fluids and blood came out. Again and again her mom's words echoed in her mind, "I heard the two of you had a good time last night."

She kept washing and crying until she felt herself shivering because the hot water had run out and she was now taking a cold shower.

She knew she needed to try to pull herself together so she struggled to get her composure and turned off the water. She felt ashamed that she saw a bit of blood flow down the bathtub drain along with the water.

She grabbed her towel from its normal towel rod and started drying her body. She brushed her wet hair just pulling it into a ponytail with no interest or desire to blow dry it or willingness to style it. She brushed her teeth, longer then normal thinking about his hand pushing in her mouth with their body fluids. She struggled not to get back into the shower.

She returned to her room noticing the linens had been changed and the night shirt and panties she had warn last night were no where to be seen. She quickly dressed in a conservative boyshort panties and matching bra, denim shorts and a plaid button down shirt.

Reluctantly she headed to the kitchen. Roger was seated at the dining table, and her mom looked like she was ready to head out of the door to work as she finished placing what she wanted in her purse.

Roger got up from the table, walked over to the stove, put eggs and sausage from the iron skillet onto a plate and walked over to where Holly was standing by the coffee pot, put his arm around Holly's waist and said, "I fixed some breakfast."

Rachel walked to her husband gave him a quick kiss goodbye while his arm remained around her daughter's waist, "Have a great day honey" he said as she headed to and walked through the door closing and locking it behind her.

With the sound of the car starting, Roger took a firm hold of her ponytail with his other arm around her waist. He pulled hard turning her head fully back with her face looking up at the ceiling. He forcefully pushed his mouth to hers and jerked hard on her ponytail over and over until she opened her mouth for him. He shoved his tongue deep into her mouth. He kissed her more hard then passionate. She squirmed a little but with his arm around her waist and his hand holding her hair she thought better then to resist. He continued to kiss her long, hard and deep enjoying forcing a kiss on her.

After he had kissed her hard three times he kept his arm around her waist but picked up her plate carrying it over to the table. He set the plate on the table, sat on the chair himself and pulled her onto his lap. He then took a fork on the table picked up some food off her plate and put it to her mouth. She thought about resisting, but of all the things to resist, letting him feed her didn't seem the right one to get hit over.

So he did exactly that feeding her bite after bite. But after one bite he unbuttoned the top button of her plaid blouse. Two bites later and he unbuttoned another button and two bites latter a third and then finally a fourth button of her blouse was unbuttoned but the bottom two were still buttoned.

He then reached inside her shirt pushing his hand in the cup of the bra. He then worked her left breast out from the cup of the bra. He then did the same to her right breast reaching his hand into the cup and working the breast out from the cup.

Once he had them both out he tugged at the material of the bra somehow tightening it so her breasts wouldn't slip back into the bra. He then softly said, "Doesn't that feel better now?" Immediately his fingers started playing with and pulling on her nipples. The way her bra was tugged under her breasts it actually pushed them up and together.

Still on occasion he would get food on the fork and lift it to her mouth. She still reluctantly ate what he fed her. "Look how nice and hard these pretty nipples are already. You love the attention. It's very apparent." She felt ashamed as indeed her nipples were puffing and hardening and hardened even more when he first pulled one nipple into his lips and a few minutes later the other.

What shocked her even more at one point he took the fork he had been feeding her with and poked the prongs of the fork into her right nipple. He did this several times switching from one nipple to the other. On the second time poking it into her right nipple she protested, "Please don't!" But in response to her protest he jabbed the fork hard into the pink Areola. After doing that to one breast he jabbed the fork hard into the Areola of the other breast.

He did it twice more to each breast then asked, "What did you say?"

"Nothing" she replied. But that apparently wasn't the right answer. He again stabbed the fork into the tender Areola two more times.

"You said PLEASE" I liked that part. ""NOW SAY IT AGAIN" he shouted.

She started crying but her breasts already hurting quite a bit even through her crying she said pretty loudly, "PLEASE."

He went back to more lightly poking the prongs of the fork at her nipples first one then the other then told her, "Good girl."

His voice now shifted very soft, "Remember you belong to me. You do what I want when I want."

He then asked her a bit louder, "Have you had enough breakfast?"

She was still crying so she just shook her head yes.

He smiled and used her ponytail to pull her up off his lap, he then told her to clear the table and wash the dishes. He stayed just a foot away from her and when she was washing the dishes he told her, "Use your tits to scrub the plates and silver wear."

It was humiliating but she did what she was told. It felt so incredibly demeaning. She had never used her breasts for anything like that and made her feel so very self conscious.

When she had finished he walked her out of the kitchen but when they got to the den he stopped her behind the sofa and turned her facing the back of the sofa. He then reached around her waist and unbuttoned her jean shorts. He tugged then down just above her knees and then did the same to her panties. He quickly gave her butt cheeks a quick smack.

She then heard him unbuckle his belt, she heard the belt pull out from his pants and felt his jeans touch a couple places down the back of her legs. He placed the belt over the back of the sofa to her right, put his hand on the back of her neck and bent her over the back of the sofa her upper body supported by the sofa cushions.

Within moments she knew then felt was about to happen, once again he started raping her.

There was nothing gentle or loving about it. He simply lined up his cock and shoved it inside her as hard and deep as he could.

The first several strokes his only focus was on moving his hips and on his strokes. But she should have known he wouldn't do it that simple. Sure enough he placed a hand on the base of her back then he used her pony tail to pull her upper body back up towards him forcing her to arch her back. Once she was doing so he reached his arms around her upper body taking hold of her breasts. Immediately he began squeezing them hard from the base of the breast and then working towards the nipple while his hips kept a steady stroking motion until his fingers were pinching her nipples.

He did this a several times but then slowed his strokes. To her horror she then heard him lift the belt.

She was shocked with what he did next. He swung the belt over her shoulder from behind. The contact with her shoulder stung a little but even though the strike on her shoulder didn't hit extremely hard the belt coiling around to the front of her body seemed to accelerate and hit harder. It only took him three swings before he had the length of belt to swing measured correctly and the end of the belt would complete the swing snapping on her nipple what felt like exceptionally hard.

It only took three times before she couldn't stand it and she bent back forward over the sofa. But it only took him one swing of the belt folded in half onto her back leaving a very red welt and him commanding "Up" to get her to once again arch up.

When she did as she was told he stroked his cock three times, stopped and then swung the belt the tip once again smacked so hard on her right nipple. She let out a loud cry.

Once again he stroked his cock in and out of her pussy several times using his hand on her shoulder to arch her back fully again and then once again the belt swung over her shoulder the tip striking perfectly on her left nipple. She let out a scream.

It excited him so much he looped the belt around her throat pulled her hard back to him and fucked her as hard and fast as he could. He lost complete control and didn't realize she couldn't breath.

For a few seconds her life flashed before her eyes and she was sure she was going to die right then right there. She thought of the pet she had as a little girl, her best friends at school, her mom, her gran who she loved till she passed two years previous.

Fortunately before she passed out the belt let go and he pulled it from around her neck, pulled his cock from her body and leaned his body against the sofa.

He had an amazing orgasm. This girl was different from any woman he'd ever been with. He hoped she'd be his forever.

Exhausted he guided her up to her bathroom and ran a bath for her. When it was full enough he told her to get herself cleaned up and left the room.

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"RUNAWAY" Chapter 5 "Meeting The Belt"

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Yawns in Australian.

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