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Picked up at the bank

Categories Fiction, Anal, Cheating, Hardcore

Author: luv 2 wear cotton panties

Published: 29 January 2019

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I don’t even go to my bank that often. I do most stuff online, but had to do some stuff in person so I took time out of my day off and went in not thinking that I would have the opportunity to cheat on my girlfriend. At least I did not intend to cheat on her with a BBW, who is a big difference to my go to the gym every day girl. Plus all the cardio we get fucking.

I met this large lady at the bank the most innocent way. Standing in line making small talk. Normally its not my cup of tea but there was something about her, that made me horny as hell. Her shirt said “lover” on it. It was tight, her bra could be seen it was so tight. She had on jeans and a denim jacket. She had a bob for a hair cut and natural red lips that were plump and juicy looking. She wore knee high brown boots and hand blur finger nail polish that was beginning to peel. She had what looked like little green earrings that complimented her brown eyes.

We made small, but flirty talk waiting for the line to move she was ahead of me, and had a hand full of checks to cash, She was done quickly and left the bank giving me a wink as she passed on the way out. I just shrugged it off as I did not think I would ever see or meet her again. I took a while in the bank and got everything straightened out that I needed to and left.

I did not see her at first as she was over near the corner of the building. But there she was when I left the bank looking for a light for her cigarette. She

“got a light cutie” she asked her emerald eyes highlighted by her dark curly brown hair.

“sure” I said flicking my Zippo lighting her smoke as she put it to her lips, then lighting my own as she took a deep drag and exhaled shaping her lips to a blow job shape as she licked her lips.

“you know what I hate” She asked as we smoked.

“no what” I asked both of us locked in a dangerous flirt.

“guys who think that a big girl like me can not give them the fuck of a lifetime” She exhaled through her nose and took another drag.

“their loss really” I said taking a drag “let me ask you something”

“sure stud”

“are you married?” I asked not really caring. I really didn‘t.

“Yes. I bet it does it matter, does it?” she said taking her keys out of her purse. Clearly she and I were thinking the same thing. Her mind was set and mine was too. There was some serious fucking about to happen.

“I bet your married too aren‘t you, you sexy bastard.” she smiled and finished her smoke. Threw it down and crushed it out.

“lets just say that their is a hot body waiting for me at home” I tool the last drag off mine.

“Hmmm. I guess yo want to get home to your hot body then” She started for her car. ”Too bad I have the apartment to myself. I guess I‘ll masturbate all afternoon. Since your dance card is full”

“no honey, I may have a hottie at home but I am still eager to fuck your big sexy ass” I tossed my cigarette as she turned and smiled at me.

“good follow me” She unlocked her car and tossed her purse in the front seat and looked back at me. “Stay on my ass hun I drive fast" She got in and closed the door. I walked past her car to et to mine and she rolled down the window.

“I live in an apartment just down the street, I will drive into the underground and go up to the lobby and let you in. You park on the right side of the building ain the visitors area and when I open the door you can follow me up……….. she went to roll up the window then rolled it back down “I have condoms” and she pulled away.

I followed her the 3 minutes to her low high rise apartment . She went inside down the garage ramp and a few minutes later came to the door threw it open and I walked up the path and in the building closing the door behind me as she pushed the button for the elevator. I walked up and grabbed her ass as we waited for the elevator to arrive. When we got into the elevator there were several people there already and we stood at the back of the elevator and she rubbed my dick through my pants as she hid what she was doing behind her purse. We got off on the third floor and walked quickly to the end of the hall. I waited uncomfortably as she unlocked the door and my dick was getting hard at the thought of doing this big sexy woman.

She led me into the suite and threw her purse on the floor by the door and quickly threw off her jean jacket. She moved quickly to the back of the place as I took my shoes and sock off, then tossing my jacket on the floor too.

I walked down the hall to the bedroom (noticing the wedding photo on the wall of her and her husband. She had gained a lot of weight since then) where she was naked sitting on the bed legs open, toes which were painted blue as well pointing up, her huge tits free and nipples harding under her pinching fingers. She was ready to go.

“You don‘t waste time do you sweetheart?”

“Fuck no. You have to be gone before my husband gets home in an hour.” She said as she licked a nipple.

“An hour? that is not very long”

“It is all you get”

“I don’t like to rush” I said stripping off my clothes.

“come get some” she purred watching me get naked.

I knelt in front of her and spread her legs more exposing her shaved pussy.

“my husband likes bare” she said as I pushed her back on the bed and proceeded to lick and suck and eat her pussy like it was my first meal in days. She was so wet and tasted like wild raspberries.

“Pussy is pussy” I said. “It just makes everything easier to lick” I stuck three fingers in her pussy and went back to tonguing her clit.

“ohm my god you have magic tongue, don’t you!” She yelled.

“Shut up you big whore" I slapped my hard dick on her pussy. “I don’t need you talking and ruining the mood" I really just wanted to screw and leave so I wasn’t going to spend time chatting. “I might actually learn your name and I don’t really care about you so lets just fuck and I’ll leave"

“Oh god yes. Lets fuck like animals"

I stood up and pulled her forward on the bed, so that she could suck my cock. She dove in eagerly. Lapping and pumping and spitting on it like it were a dry hot dog. “oh shit your lips are soo wet and hot, hot, hot.” I said. “I love your filthy mouth around my cock"

She lay back on the bed, “now stud. I need you to fuck me, fuck me like a dog in heat, and I am your bitch!”

I grabbed the rubber off the night stand and put it on as she got on her hands and knees on the bed. I knelt behind her and didn’t hesitate a s I drove my penis into her hot, wet pussy. “now slut, howl like a dog”

She began growling and panting like a bitch in heat as I pumped her vigorously. I reached forward and grabbed her hair pulling her up a bit as she stopped howling and moaned through an orgasm.

“Oh fuck. oh fuck, oh fuck I love when strangers screw me. They treat me kike the whore I feel like”

“that was good slut, you know what’s next for you” I pushed her onto her stomach on the bed panting from the second orgasm.

“no tell me, please tell me”

“THIS!” as I pulled out of her pussy the rubber well lubricated from her come that I knew this fat whore could take what I was going to next. I figured she would take it like a champ and drove my thick cock into her ass. She yelled in pain but it did not stop me as I fucked her harder and faster than before.

I slapped both hands on her fat ass and squeezed hard as she cheered me on to fuck her ass even harder. She was a complete freak. M girlfriend won‘t even have sex on her stomach because she is afraid I will stick my big dick in her ass. I wouldn‘t because I know she does not like or want anal sex.

But this big freak, I don‘t care I pounded her ass so hard the bed was moving. She came again. I grabbed her head and pushed it into the mattress and pounded her through the rest of her climax. I then released her and she raised her head and looked over her shoulder at me.

“See my sweet little whore, the best orgasms are anal ones, you like your ass full with cock pulsing and pounding you, don’t you”

“Yes, god yes” she cried as I pulled her up on all fours and stood up behind her and slid back in her ass. Grabbing her hair again I pulled hard on her and drove balls deep.

“You know bitch if I had more time I would keep going”

“No please. He‘ll be home soon. Come. Come hard. Come inside me and get the fuck out!”

I pulled on her hair again. I laughed as I knew I was close to orgasm. “You know I want him to find us. I want him to see me coming in his sexy wife‘s ass. Knowing I am bringing you such good sex.”

She began weeping as she begged me not to get her caught.

“Okay since you are begging. Like you begged me to come fuck you, I will finish.”

I pulled out and took the condom off. I then shoved my dick back into her ass.

“here it comes whore” I said as I shot a load of hot semen into her ass. “tell me how it feels slut"

She collapsed out of breath as I put on my clothes. She actually rolled over and sat up as I shook the remaining come off my dick and it landed on her stomach.

“That was fucked” she said. I did not want you to take the condom off. “Get the fuck out”

“thanks for the fuck tramp, your husband will be home soon so see ya, otherwise I’d have fucked you again twenty minutes from now.

She collapsed on the bed and looked at the clock. “you’re an asshole” She whined. Knowing hubby was due home any minute and she was still coming down from a multiple orgasm rush.

“true sweetie but I got you off good” I out my clothes on slowly as I watched her unable to move even with her husband on his way and my come in her ass.

As I walked out of the house I pushed the elevator button and as the door opened I realized her husband was getting off. He was a short chubby guy. Kind of disheveled looking. I stepped aside and he exited the elevator.

As the door closed I put my hand out and stopped the door closing and I leaned out of the elevator to see him putting the key in the door.

“hey buddy” I called to him, the key half turned in the door. He had a who me look on his face. “yes you”

“okay what do you want?” he asked tersely.

“it’s your wife”

“my wife? what about her”

“I just want to say you’re a lucky guy”

“oh yeah. Thanks I think so”

“yes buddy she is a great fuck. Never had better anal sex.” I stepped back in the car and pressed the ground button as he yelled at me.

I walked out to my car and looked up at the building and smiled at the load I had just left in a married woman’s asshole and drove away wondering how she would explain being naked, spent and laing spread eagle on the bed when he finds her.

I went home, showered, called my girlfriend.

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Picked up at the bank

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